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Mr. Reese is Clarence's biological father
They look kinda similar, and Mr. Reese is nicer to Clarence than he is to the other students, which could mean that on some level he knows that Clarence is his son.

Jeff is a reincarnation of SpongeBob SquarePants
They both are adorkable characters with square-shaped heads, plus they are both germophobes.
  • But Spongebob is extremely socially inappropriate at times and rather.... dimwitted compared to Jeff.
  • Sumo would be a lot closer, both being voiced by Tom Kenny—think SpongeBob with a sore throat.

Clarence, Jeff, and Sumo are reincarnations of Ed, Edd n Eddy, respectively
They all have similar personality traits to Ed, Edd, and Eddy. In some aspects, some of the Eds' more poor traits have been improved on, like they are subconsciously trying to relive life better than the first time.

  • Clarence is Ed, but finds his love of monsters too much, so he moved to loving "everything"
  • Jeff is Double D, but tries to be smarter to avoid the his old antics
  • Sumo is Eddy, but gave up on scamming and now lives a care-free, wild life. He also tried to get his old hair style back thanks to Clarence/Ed.

  • If the other kids are also reliving their lives in the Clarence universe...
    • Tinia is Sarah, who likes picking on Ed so much, she decided to pick on Clarence and other people. She maybe either lying about not knowing why she likes this or she gained amnesia during the reincarnation.
    • Crendle or Percy is Jimmy, both staying true to their cowardly ways
    • Belson is Kevin, and like Sarah, likes tormenting the Eds so much, he picks on Clarence, Jeff and Sumo
    • Amy Gillis is Nazz, who continues to be the nice and rad girl she was meant to be
    • Gilben in Plank, because of their blank faces and oddness
    • Julien is probably Jonny, who tries not to do crazy things like hanging with a plank of wood. Also they look similar.
    • Kimby, Courtlin and Melessica are the Kanker Sisters, who gave up trying to get the Eds and just try to reinvent themselves. Or amnesia.
      • Kimby is May because of the long hair
      • Melessica is Marie because of the crush Jeff/Double D
      • Courtlin is Lee because of the big hair
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    • One of Sumo's brothers is Eddy's older brother, who continues picking on Sumo, since he's Eddy
      • Joshua could also be Eddy's Brother. Sumo is shown to have a strong hatred of him, and the Mutilation Conga that plagues him is punishment for actions from his past life.
    • Amy Gillis could also be Kevin, because they both ride bikes, have red headwear and are red heads. Kevin tries to be nicer to the Eds since his reincarnation. If he gained amnesia like Sarah, could you imagine who shocked he would be when he realize he became a girl.
    • Blaide is Rolf since he could be foreign.

Clarence has autism
Considering the fact that Skyler Page himself is bipolar, this is all but confirmed.
  • How in the hell does that make it even close to confirmed. Skyler barely has anything to do with the creative process of the show and won't have any at all once season 2 roles around. Plus having autism and being bipolar are... different to say the least. I've met children just like Clarence so unless one of the writer's who actually, you know, write the show confirm Clarence has a disorder this is as good as jossed. On the other hand one could make an argument that Jeff has some sort of disorder, but again unless it's confirmed it's as good as jossed.
  • He might have asperger's syndrome.
    • Do you have anything to back this up? Has he done anything over the course of the series to indicate this? Or are we just playing “Name A Disorder" until we find one that sticks.

    • I doubt he has any form of autism or that he's bipolar but I think he might have a mild case of mental retardation.

Guyler is a cousin, or even an identical twin, of Ferb
He basically looks like Ferb wearing a turtleneck over his mouth. Just look how similar they are; large nose, long neck, right down to being silent.

Clarence's new voice actor will be...
  • Pendleton Ward. Lumpy Space Princess sounds almost EXACTLY like Clarence. All Ward has to do is modify the voice to suit Clarence you'll hardly be able to tell the difference.
    • Cool! Then the show will be running for quite a while.
  • Jossed. Clarence new voice actor is Spencer Rothbell, the show's head writer.

Some parts of "Average Jeff" were exaggerated in Jeff's mind
The crayon kids weren't really as chaotic as they were shown to be and the quill kids weren't really learning about Greek philosophers.

"Pilot Expansion" was made as a filler episode after Skyler Page's Creator Breakdown
There was going to be another episode, but since they were working on it in July 2014, they switched to a last minute plan-B episode, which was "Pilot Expansion".

Clarence's biological father will be revealed in the future
The episode will reveal why he isn't with Clarence and his mother. In addition, it will tell how Chad came into their lives.
  • Possibly Damien

Clarence is a Time Lord.
Well someone had to say it.
  • Why?

Kimby has autism
Think about it. She's hangs around with her little friend group because she's socially awkward and doesn't understand social norms. Courtlin and Melessica understands her and became best friends. This also explains how awkward she was when Clarence tried to be her friend. Kimby doesn't talk much probably to hide her speech impediment and she was stuttering a little in Slumber Party. Kimby strokes her hair because that's her stereotypical movement like rocking back and forth and finally she restricted interests are probably dolls or something girly since her room is filled with so many feminine things.

Kimby, Courtlin, Melessica, Amy, Ashley and Chelsea will be more included in the show as it goes on
On a website, I saw that they had character traits and it explained Clarence's opinion on girls. So why would the characters be seen as supporting characters when really they are minor. Maybe the show has a more complex plot and they will gradually become more important to the show. That would also explain why clips from the episode, Slumber Party were shown so early.

Breehn is a failed Delightful Child
When Father was making more Delightful Children, Breehn was one of the ones that wasn't evil, but just a good kid who respected his parents. He still possessed traits such as blue eyes, taking school seriously and wearing fancy clothes.

Jeff's red-headed mother is Mike Mazinsky all grown up.

Courtlin is the sassy one of Kimby's group
We know that Kimby is the shy but fun girly one and Melessica is the smart and shy one. So what if Courtlin is the sassy, protective, cool one?
  • Jossed: [1] She's confident, but not sassy according to Spencer Rothbell.

Joshua will soon become the Big Bad of the show
Joshua will soon come to blame Clarence and his friends for all the injuries he has suffered through their shenanigans (once he's had enough of them). Possibly foreshadowed in Nature and Neighborhood Grill; in the former he is envious of Clarence's good luck, and in the latter he seems intimidated of him due to flashbacks of their last excursion.
  • In "Water Park", it comes to the point where he actively chases Clarence in rage and even jumps out a water slide to catch him.
  • Ultimately Jossed. Joshua’s prominence, especially as an antagonist, deteriorates as the show went on. Balance is now the most openly antagonistic character in the show, far surpassing Joshua or Belson.

Sumo and Chelsea will become a couple
They already shared a kissed in Too Gross for Comfort

Goldfish Follies took place before Rise and Shine
In Rise and Shine, Clarence had a goldfish and in Goldfish Follies, Clarence gets a goldfish? This just makes sense.

Clarence's real father is...
Larry (The other Clarence) from Neighborhood Grill. Clarence's (the main character) name is actually Clarence Jr. Larry used to date Mary but left her before her pregnancy. Thus, she named Clarence after her previous boyfriend. Makes sense because Larry's looking for a new date. Look at both their body shapes. They're basically the same, mostly at the cheeks! - LWB
  • In "Hurrican Dillis", we hear Mary's former husband was named Damian (possibly Clarence's birth father, but nobody can be sure yet).
    • Alternatively, Clarence's father is Chad. While he is technically Mary's boyfriend...let's just say an incident occurred... and the two would vow never to speak of it to anyone.
      • Probably jossed. One time, Clarence says he used to have a dad, didn't for a time, but now he has Chad and that's fine. Chad just seems to come a while after Damian at least.

Clarence has a progressive mental disorder

There will be an episode where Clarence learns a curse word and keeps using it
Being a pretty accurate Slice of Life cartoon, this seems inevitable.

Aberdale Elementary is a school for kids with learning differences

Clarence and Over the Garden Wall live in the same universe
The animation between these two shows look very similar. Wirt and Greg also make a small cameo in "Lil Buddy". Some have brought up the fact that the neighborhood from OTGW seems quite identical to the one Clarence resides in.

Gilben is psychic and possibly an alien
That's how he can move/hit things without moving and talk without actually talking.

Balance is a little person
He's sounds too old to be a kid considering his voice.

Walt and Tiffany emotionally abuse Breehn
In the episode Dinner Party, when Clarence noticed the attic door and asked Breehn if they could go up there, Tiffany glares coldy at Breehn. It's a serious contrast to how she acts in front of the guests. Also Breehn flinches. They seem to care more about their house and money than their own son.

"Bucky and the Howl" is a metaphor for being gay
Sumo doesn't want anyone to find out he's participating in a very stereotypically gay hobby in fear others will look down on him. Clarence and Jeff trying out are metaphors for experimenting, and Clarence being in the play means that he found out about his sexuality, while Jeff chickinning out means he doesn't swing that way.

EJ is not Jeff's biological mother, but his biological father
She's transgender. Sue is Jeff's biological mother. His appearance seems like a combination of the two (EJ's head shape, Sue's body shape, etc.) rather than one or the other.

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