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The following is a list of episode titles and plot summaries for the Cartoon Network show, Clarence, a somewhat surreal slice-of-life series centered on an optimistic, adventurous little boy whose friends with an obsessive-compulsive brainiac named Jeff and a bald, trailer-trash kid named Sumo.

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     Season 1 
  1. "Fun Dungeon Face-Off": Clarence, Sumo, and Jeff go out to eat at Rough Riders' Chicken Restaurantnote , where Sumo and Clarence plot to steal Jeff's fries, who won't let anyone touch them because he's germophobic.
  2. "Pretty Great Day with a Girl": Clarence spends the day with a tomboy named Amy Gillis.
  3. "Money Broom Wizard": Clarence, Sumo, and Jeff try to have fun at the arcade with only a dollar.
  4. "Lost in the Supermarket": While grocery shopping with his mom, Clarence wanders off, finding secrets, adventure, and raising hell.
  5. "Clarence's Millions": Sick of Ms. Baker's gold stars, which she gives to the kids in class for being good, Clarence comes up with an incentive plan to award people who don't do well: Clarence Dollars.
  6. "Clarence Gets a Girlfriend" Clarence tries to become a gentleman before his first date with a girl named Ashley.
  7. "Jeff's New Toy": Jeff invites Clarence and Sumo over to show them a new toy based on his favorite cartoon (Supreme Court Squad Extreme, a Transformers-esque robot action cartoon combined with a court procedural show) — and Clarence and Sumo end up breaking the toy after being told not to touch it.
  8. "Dinner Party": Mary (Clarence's mom) takes Clarence and her live-in boyfriend, Chad to a dinner party hosted by Breehn's social-climbing parents — and Clarence leads the kids (and Chad) on an adventure through the house.
  9. "Honk": After watching a Marx Brothers' movie (and thanks to Jeff's advice), Clarence gets an old-fashioned bike horn and uses it to communicate with others, which leads to him annoying everyone.
  10. "Dollar Hunt": Clarence holds a "dollar hunt" in his backyard, where the only kids in attendance are Blaide (a foreign kid trying to find the next bus home), Crendle (a short, wimpy kid), and Malakevin (a disturbed boy with a knowledge of famous sayings from and associated with U.S. Presidential assassinations) — and things get sticky when Clarence reveals that he buried the $20 his mom trusted him with to buy groceries for her book club meeting.
  11. "Zoo": On a field trip to the zoo, Clarence is paired with Belson (he would normally be paired with Sumo or Jeff, but both of them got sick and aren't in this episode), where the duo wander off to find the dolphin exhibit.
  12. "Rise 'n' Shine": A look at how Clarence sneaks off at 5:00am and explores the neighborhood while everyone is asleep.
  13. "Man of the House": Chad and Mary leave Clarence to watch the house while they go to a monster truck rally, but Clarence (along with Jeff and Sumo) booby-trap the house in case of invaders and Chad rushes home to get the backstage passes he forgot.
  14. "Puddle Eyes": Clarence falls asleep in a mud puddle during recess and wakes up, thinking he's gone blind. Can Jeff and Sumo help him see again in time for the school's Eye Chart Beenote ?
  15. "Dream Boat": While in detention, Sumo fills out a worksheet about goals and aspirations and decides to build a boat just so he can prove that he had a goal and set out to do it himself.
  16. "Slumber Party": Clarence is accidentally invited to Kimby's slumber party, where he bonds with the girls. Meanwhile, Jeff and Sumo are left by themselves and find that, without Clarence, they don't get along.
  17. "Nature Clarence": Joshua (the hapless clerk from "Lost in the Supermarket") takes Clarence, Jeff, Sumo, and a kid named Percy out camping to prove to his soon-to-be-ex-girlfriend that he loves nature, but Clarence's unbelievable good luck drives Josh to insanity.
  18. "Average Jeff": Jeff takes a school placement test and is shocked to find that he's grouped with the average kids and not the intellectual ones.
  19. "Lizard Day Afternoon": While Jeff is over at Belson's house waiting to play with his new video game console, Sumo and Clarence have fun with a lizard in a bottle.
  20. "The Forgotten": Clarence and a neurotic, Charlie Brown-esque kid are left behind when everyone gets picked up after school, so Clarence drags the kid with him on a walk home that gets them hopelessly lost.
  21. "Neighborhood Grill": While out eating with his mom and Chad, Clarence discovers Ms. Baker waiting for her blind date and tries (as only he can) to help her when she finds out that her blind date is a 70-year-old man also named Clarence.
  22. "Belson's Sleepover": Belson once again has a sleep over, but this time, he included a prize for who ever can make it through the night without getting pranked. Meanwhile, Jeff plays psychiatrist to Belson's mother.
  23. "Too Gross for Comfort": Clarence welcomes Chelsea into the boys' tree-house, which angers Sumo, Emilio, and Dustin, so they try to gross her out so she leaves.
  24. "Pilot Expansion": Skyler Page's original pitch pilot for the show gets turned into a flashback in this episode that sees Jeff, Clarence, and Sumo as old men in the distant future trying to remember how they first became friends.
  25. "Patients": Clarence desperately tries to be good so he can get candy while waiting for his mom to get her carpal tunnel checked, but a manipulative little girl makes it difficult.
  26. "Rough Riders Elementary": Clarence's favorite chicken restaurant (Rough Riders Chicken) sponsors the school so they can get money for much-needed educational supplies and better school lunches, but the restaurant's influence brainwashes everyone to becoming employees.
  27. "Nothing Ventured": Chad teams up with Sumo's dad (Mr. Sumozski) to invent something so they can make money. Meanwhile, Sumo and Clarence collect crickets to sell — and accidentally expose an Italian restaurant's lapse in kitchen hygiene.
  28. "Bedside Manners": Clarence visits Belson in the hospital, who is laid up in a body cast after allegedly getting hit by a car on his bike.
  29. "Jeff Wins": Clarence and Jeff's mothers, E.J. and Sue Randall, help Jeff overcome his fear of losing during a cook-off.
  30. "Suspended": Sumo and Clarence are suspended from school for playing a prank on Ms. Baker and discover that life outside of school is a better teacher.
  31. "Turtle Hats": Thanks to a strange text on her cell phone, Ms. Baker assigns her class a weekend project involving "turtle hats," with everyone in class trying to figure out the meaning.
  32. "Goose Chase": Clarence feeds birds at the park until a greedy goose begins stalking him.
  33. "Goldfish Follies": In this homage to the wacky, rubber-hosed Fleischer Studios cartoons of the 1920s and '30snote , Clarence struggles to get his new goldfish home to a fresh tank of water.
  34. "Chimney": A parody of Lassie in which Clarence, Sumo, and Jeff befriend a wild dog and when Jeff gets stuck in a well, Sumo and Clarence try to get the dog to go for help.
  35. "Straight Illin'": Clarence becomes violently ill after eating 500 sun-baked deviled eggs as part of a schoolyard dare and unknowingly infects everyone in school.
  36. "Dust Buddies": Belson's mother tries to discipline her bratty son by sending their maid to clean Clarence's house while Belson has to do all the housework himself.
  37. "Hurricane Dilliss": Clarence's grandmother (voiced by Maria Bamford, a stand-up comedian and current Woman of 1000 Voices on Adventure Time) comes over and proves to be just as nutty as her grandson.
  38. "Hoofin' It": Clarence rescues a pig sent to compete in the Aberdale Greased Pig Race.
  39. "Detention": After finding out that Mr. Reese falls asleep after having a donut, Clarence turns detention into the coolest place in school.
  40. "Hairence": Clarence helps out at his mother's hair salon for the summer, where they must deal with a snooty, obese woman on a Rascal scooter who only comes in for a shampooing.
  41. "Lil Buddy": Clarence's life spirals out of control after he gets in trouble for playing with his "Lil Buddy" doll.
  42. "Chalmers Santiago": Clarence must deliver mail to his neighbor, the extremely reclusive "Chalmers Santiago".
  43. "Tuckered Boys": The boys sleep over at Jeff's house in order to see a meteor shower.
  44. "Water Park": The trio head to Squirty's Moist Mountain Water Park, where Clarence finds out the truth about his idol Squirty.
  45. "Where the Wild Chads Are": Chad and Clarence go camping.
  46. "Breehn Ho!": The boys play the board game "Thirty Days & Seven Seas", but conflict arises when it turns out Jeff invited Breehn along.
  47. "The Big Petey Pizza Problem": Jeff is having a birthday party at Petey's Bowlerama & Pizza, but worries that his party will be ruined when it turns out that Gilben is having a party at the same place.
  48. "The Break Up": An argument between Jeff and Sumo causes the two to vow to never speak to each other again, and Clarence must find a way to get the two to once again become friends.
  49. "In Dreams": Clarence explores the dreamscape of his mind.
  50. "Balance": When a strange kid named Balance starts intimidating everyone, Clarence and Belson set out to expose the truth about him.
  51. "Spooky Boo": After Clarence leads Chelsea and Jeff through his homemade haunted house, Chelsea suggests they go to the high school's haunted house for some real scares.

     Season 2 
  1. "The Interrogation": Mr. Reese's car gets smeared with spaghetti sauce and he teams up with Clarence to find out who did it.
  2. "Lost Playground": Because Camden gets injured, Ms. Shoop determines that their playground isn't safe.
  3. "Bird Boy Man": Sumo adopts a roadrunner.
  4. "Freedom Cactus": Clarence makes a comic book about a farting cactus and it becomes a hit.
  5. "Plane Excited": Chad has to face his phobia of airplanes.
  6. "Escape from Beyond the Cosmic": Clarence and Jeff play a real-life version of a broken video game.
  7. "Ren Faire": Clarence, Mary, and Chad go to a renaissance fair.
  8. "Time Crimes": After getting a new watch, Clarence believes that he can control time.
  9. "Saturday School": Because they deface school property, Clarence, Jeff, and Sumo get sent to Saturday School.
  10. "Attack the Block Party": Clarence and Jeff believe some teenagers are aliens and try to find out more.
  11. "Field Trippin'": After a horrible mixup, Clarence gets on a bus going to West Aberdare Elementary rather than one to Aberdare Elementary.
  12. "Ice Cream Hunt": Larry takes Clarence out for ice cream.
  13. "Company Man": Clarence wanders into an office and meets Belson's father working as the boss.
  14. "Stump Brothers": Sumo and his brother Tanner have a feud.
  15. "The Tails of Mardrynia": Percy cries because an animal world that he read about in a book doesn't actually exist, so Clarence gets all the animals from the story and shows them to him.
  16. "Clarence Wendle and the Eye of Coogan": Ms. Baker tries out a new strategy to encourage Clarence, Jeff, Nathan, Malessica, Amy Shutzger, and Belson to learn.
  17. "Sneaky Peeky": Jeff makes a trailer for an upcoming Robofrog movie.
  18. "Game Show":
  19. "Mystery Girl":
  20. "Skater Sumo":
  21. "The Substitute":
  22. "Classroom":
  23. "Dullence":
  24. "Jeff's Secret": Clarence discovers that Jeff has an extra toe and Jeff begs Clarence to keep his secret, but Clarence is tempted to tell the school.
  25. "SpaceRace":
  26. "Plant Daddies":
  27. "Bucky and the Howl":
  28. "WormBin":
  29. "Clarence and Sumo's Rexcellent Adventure"
  30. "Birthday":
  31. "Tree of Life":
  32. "Capture The Flag":
  33. "Cloris":
  34. "Fishing Trip":
  35. "Belson's Backpack":
  36. "Motel":
  37. "Merry Moochmas":
  38. "Pizza Hero":

     Season 3 

  1. "Beauford T. Pusser": Inspired by the short Every Child, a stray cat causes trouble as it's passed from kid to kid.
  2. "Have a Ball": Percy invites Gilben over to show him his ball collection.
  3. "Big Boy": Clarence wants others to notice he's become "more mature".


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