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This is a list of episodes for the Cartoon Network series Chowder, which ran from 2007-2010 with 3 seasons and 49 episodes.

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    Season One 
  • The Froggy Apple Crumple Thumpkin: Chowder, Mung, and Schnitzel attempt to create a dish through a series of wacky steps.
  • Chowder's Girlfriend: When Chowder meets Ms. Endive's apprentice Panini, she declares Chowder as her boyfriend, to Chowder's dismay.
  • Burple Nurples: Mung tries to prevent customers from buying Chowder's "Burple Nurples" after he finds out that poison was used in the recipe.
  • Schnitzel Makes a Deposit: Schnitzel has to take Chowder along with him while depositing a check at the bank.
  • Grubble Gum: Chowder attempts to keep Truffles from finding out that he bought Grubble Gum without sharing any with her.
  • The Cinnamini Monster: While on a quest to retrieve cinnamon for a recipe, Chowder, Mung, and Schnitzel are taken hostage by a "Cinnamini Monster".
  • Certifrycation Class: After Mung's Chef certificate expires, he has no choice but to take a class with Endive to try and get another. The bigger problem is that the instructor's way of cooking clashes heavily with Mung's own style.
  • Sing Beans: After Mung and Schnitzel fall asleep, the burden of watching a dish of Sing Beans while it cooks falls upon Chowder.
  • The Wrong Address: While trying to deliver a "Roast Most" to a citizen of an unfamiliar part of town, Chowder and Mung end up getting chased by a giant rat.
  • The Wrong Customer: Set during the events of "The Wrong Address", Schnitzel has to save Truffles from a blind and deaf criminal (or so everyone else thinks) while Mung and Chowder are gone, but Truffles, who believes he is a customer, criticizes him for not serving him.
  • Mahjongg Night: While Truffles and her lady friends are having a game of Mahjongg, Chowder attempts to sneak downstairs and try their Meviled Eggs. Truffle's competitive nature, however, leads her to not want their game being disturbed by anyone.
  • Stinky Love: Chowder's pet Kimchi falls in love with a putrid smelling dish that Mung made, and takes it to the top of a near, and very large building, so Mung and Schnitzel attempt to get it back.
  • The Thrice Cream Man: When Mung tries to break Chowder of his Thrice Cream addiction, he creates a man made of Thrice Cream so that Chowder will get sick of it.
  • The Flibber-Flabber Diet: Truffles thinks she has gotten fat so she puts her and everyone else on a diet of "Flibber-Flabber". The catch is, the stuff is incredible foul-tasting for everyone except Chowder.
  • Gazpacho Stands Up: Gazpacho is nervous for a stand-up comedy club he's going to be performing at, so Chowder tries to help him, but his inability to write may cause some problems.
  • A Taste of Marzipan: Mung and Endive go into an all out food war after they realize they made the same dish for the Marzipan City Street Fair.
  • The Puckerberry Overlords: Chowder must escape from his own mouth after eating a puckerberry and imploding.
  • The Elemelons: Mung traps Truffles in a cage with a group of Elemelons after they stop giving Mung their fruit juice because of her.
  • Sniffleball: Mung forces Chowder to go outside and spend some time with real people instead of his "kitchen utensil friends".
  • Mung on the Rocks: Truffles shuns Mung after he spends all day away from the kitchen and forgets about their wedding anniversary in the same day, so now it's up to Chowder to try and break Mung out of his resulting anguish and depression.
  • The Moldy Touch: Everything Chowder touches turns to mold after he lets a mold creature out from the cellar.
  • The Heavy Sleeper: Chowder accidentally puts Mung into a deep sleep, and he and Schnitzel must create a cure.
  • At Your Service: When a rare fruit comes into Endive's possession, Mung and Chowder are forced to work for her in order to receive it.
  • Chowder and Mr. Fugu: Chowder must escort a balloon named Mr. Fugu all around town, but Fugu keeps eating all the food Chowder gets for the two of them.
  • The Vacation: Mung, Chowder, and Schnitzel try to go on a vacation to the beach, but accidentally end up locking themselves inside the bathroom, and now have to deal with Chowder having a Potty Emergency (since he can't go with everyone in the room with him).
  • The Sleep Eater: Chowder discovers that he has been becoming a monster at night and eating food in his sleep, and the only cure is to go a whole night without eating anything.
  • The Bruised Bluenana: Panini takes advantage of a Bluenana Chowder bruises, and tells him that the only way to make it up is for them to become its parents while they nurture it back top health.
  • Schnitzel and the Lead Farfel: Schnitzel puts his muscles to the test after becoming a softy, and takes upon the task of lifting the largest object in Marzipan City: The Lead Farfel.
  • The Thousand Pound Cake: If Schnitzel and Chowder don't deliver a cake to the top of a giant before sunset, they will be forced to give it away for free.
  • The Rat Sandwich: Reuben the pig blackmails Mung Daal's catering company into giving him whatever he wants by threatening to report them to the health inspector for serving rats in their sandwiches (which Reuben planted himself).
  • Chowder Loses his Hat: Chestnut finds Chowder's hat and uses it as his new house, and the only way to get it back is to trade around a bunch of items in Marzipan City for the people that want them.
  • Brain Grub: Mung uses a new food in order to increase Chowder's intelligence, but things get out of hand, and Chowder just might destroy the entire show! Literally!
  • Schnitzel Quits: A 30 Minute Special. Schnitzel's request for a raise is declined, so he moves away to work at Endive's kitchen. While Chowder and company struggle to cook in his absence, Endive tries to put the moves on Schnitzel.
  • The Broken Part: Mung makes the mistake of sending Chowder to buy a new part for the broken feetsa-making machine, and Chowder must earn back the money that Mung gave him after he gets distracted and spends it all.
  • The Meach Harvest: Mung sends Chowder and Schnitzel to retrieve a food that he is too scared to do on his own due to it ruining his life in the past.
  • Banned From the Stand: After he and Mung get into a fight, Gazpacho bans everybody from his fruit stand, including himself, and Mung must find a way to make it up to him.
  • Creme Puff Hands: After an accident leaves Chowder with giant, creme filled hands, he ends up becoming a town hero, but this gives him the impression that the bigger the better, so he quickly turns from hero to insane.
  • The Apprentice Games: A 30 Minute Special. Mung and Chowder participate in the Apprentice Games after Mung bribes Chowder with the ultimate Thrice-Cream flavor. This means that Chowder and Gorgonzola must team up together, but the two both end up gettin kicked out due to losing several events, and must reclaim their dignity.

    Season Two 
  • The Arborians: The kitchen gets infested with a race of party trees called Arborians (who all sound and act like stereotypical Russians, Turks, or Armenians), and it's up to Chowder, Mung, and Schnitzel to get them out.
  • The Garage Sale: Mung tries to sell old stuff that's cluttered up the kitchen, but Chowder doesn't want to see them go, so he begins eating them to save them.
  • Panini for President: After the president of the apprentice's society leaves, Panini declares herself the next president, but Gorgonzola nominates Chowder, because nobody would vote for him- Gorgonzola- and he can have complete control over Chowder.
  • Chowder's Babysitter: After Gazpacho thinks that he and Chowder have both died during a game of hide-and-seek, they must flush themselves down the biggest toilet to ascend to the great beyond: Endive's.
  • The Fire Breather: Chowder can no longer open his mouth without burning down the kitchen after eating a group of special hot peppers, and is forced to leave the kitchen and live among dragons.
  • The Flying Flinger Lingons: Chowder leaves the kitchen to join a traveling circus group called the Flying Flinger Lingons.
  • Hey, Hey It's Knishmas!note  When Chowder is worried he won't receive his Knishmas present, Mung swallows his pride and buys a gingerbread house that Knish Kringle will like from Endive, since the ones he makes never turn out good.
  • Chowder's Catering Company: Chowder gathers a group of vermon to start his own secret catering company with. However, these vermon eventually attempt to kill his friends.
  • The Catch Phrase: Chowder's admiration for a celebrity chef with a cool catchphrase has Mung annoyed, so he tries to come up with a catchphrase of his own.
  • The Hot Date: Sergent Hoagie has a hot date that he will be late for unless he resolves a recent case between Mung and Endive, fast!
  • Shopping Spree: While Truffles is sick, Mung, Schnitzel, and Chowder "accidentally" break a machine so that they can go to the store and find a replacement part, but end up spending so much that they blow the animation budget. Can the voice actors (John DiMaggio, Tara Strong, Nicky Jones, and Dwight Schultz) make enough money to save the show?
  • The Party Cruise: Mung tries to take Chowder and Schnitzel fishing, and end up having to put up with Reuben and his party boat.
  • Won-Tomb Bombs: Mung's old cooking master retells Mung's greatest failure in a giant thought bubble to Marzipan City, so Mung and Chowder venture inside the bubble to change the past.
  • The Big Hat Biddies: Truffles wants to join the Big Hat Biddies, so while she tries impressing them, Mung, Schnitzel, and Chowder cook a feast.
  • The Deadly Maze: Mung's former apprentice, Gumbo (voiced by Richard Kind), seeks revenge on Mung, so he starts by trapping Chowder in a maze to get rid of him, but ends up trapping himself as well.
  • Kid Schnitzel: When Schnitzel gets fed up with his responsibilities and Chowder's carelessness, he acts younger so that he won't be given as much responsibility.
  • Gazpacho Fights Back: Gazpacho seeks Chowder's aid when an intimidating woman scares him into supplying her with free fruit.
  • The B.L.T.'s: In order for Chowder to continue cooking with Mung, he must pass his Basic Learning Test, which causes Mung to be nervous.
  • The Trouble With Truffles: After Truffles is given a new voice, everything becomes so calm, that Mung, Schnitzel, and Chowder are able to get away with anything.
  • The Dinner Theater: A 30 Minute Episode. During a dinner theater, Chowder gets confused between the murder mystery happening on stage, and believes that it's happening in real life.
  • Big Ball note : Mung is catering a special sports event, which breaks out an argument between him and Truffles about the rules of the game.
  • The Brain Freeze: After Chowder's brain freezes, he must embark on a subliminal adventure to retrieve the coat of Flazpacho and get unfrozen in reality.
  • The Snail Car: When Mung seeks a new car, Chowder defends their current one, Escargo, and challenges Mung to a race with his new one.
  • The Lollistops: After learning that you receive a lollistop after every dentist appointment, Chowder knocks out all his teeth, but realizing what he's done, he seeks new ones.
  • Endive's Dirty Secret: After Mung finds an embarrassing photo of Endive, Mung and the rest of Marzipan City eventually blackmail her into letting them use her pool.
  • Big Food: While on a camping trip, Chowder seeks to prove the existence of Big Food, the food equivalent to Bigfoot.
  • Paint the Town: Chowder peels off the canvas of the cartoon, and finds that he can paint his own town behind it.
  • The Blackout: Chowder and Gorgonzola must avoid the freaks that come out during a blackout while they try to solve the problem.
  • The Dice Cycle: After Chowder breaks Mung's Dice Cycle, Gazpacho tells him to blame it on Ceviche.
  • The Chain Recipe: After refusing to make a chain recipe, Mung gets cursed for one hundred years.
  • The Garden: Chowder begins to garden with Chowder, much to Mung's dismay, and his loyalties between the two are torn.
  • Sheboodles: Ms. Endive cooks a man-dish, but speeds up the process, and ends up with a blob who looks ugly on the outside, but is nice on the inside.
  • Gazpacho Moves In: After Gazpacho argues with his mother, he decides to move into the catering company, and quickly becomes a pain.
  • My Big Fat Stinky Wedding: Kimchi returns to the swamp where he came from for his wedding, but Chowder is accused of kidnapping Kimchi while there.
  • Apprentice Appreciation Day: Mung and Endive challenge themselves to make better apprentice parties than the other.
  • The Grape Worm: Chowder makes friends with a rude parasite (voiced by Bobby Moynihan) that has moved into his stomach, and alienates him from his friends.
  • A Faire to Remember: Panini is jealous when Chowder starts to hang out with a girl called Marmalade at the faire.
  • Tofu-Town Showdown: In this homage to kung-fu movies and all things shonen anime, Chowder discovers Schnitzel's past as a samurai bodyguard.

    Season Three 
  • Hands on a Big Mixer: Mung enters him, Chowder, and Schnitzel into a contest where the last person to have their hand on a big mixer wins it.
  • The Spookiest House in Marzapan: Chowder is scared to make a delivery to a an old house across the street.
  • The Poultry Geist: Problems spring up after a chicken ghost possesses Chowder.
  • The Blast Raz: Mung and Schnitzel have to endure Chowder's singing while they make a very dangerous, explosive delivery.
  • The Belgian Waffle Slobber-Barker: While Mung is trying to make a guard dog for the kitchen, Chowder adds an extra ingrediant so that its loyalty is to no one.
  • The Apprentice Scouts: Gazpacho is scared that the teachers of his apprentice scouts are going to remove their apprentices from his troop if he doesn't shape up.
  • A Little Bit of Pizzazz: Mung, Chowder, Schnitzel, and Truffles all end up in the wrong bodies after a cooking accident.
  • The Birthday Suits: While on their way to cater a costume party, Mung, Schnitzel, Chowder, and Truffle's costumes shrink so much that they tear off, and they must deliver the dish in their underwear. note 
  • The Heist: After Mung discovers an entire mine of sugar sapphires under Endive's kitchen, he attempts to get them out without her noticing.
  • The Prank: After a prank Endive pulls supposedly ends up with Mung's death, Endive runs from the law.
  • Old Man Thyme: Chowder is determined not to grow old like Mung and Truffles, and attempts to sabotage Old Man Thyme, an innocent man with an unfortunate last name.
  • Chowder's Magazine: When Chowder begins making a magazine that features the most important person in the kitchen on the front, Mung, Truffles, and Schnitzel battle for the position.
  • Weekend at Schnitzel's: While Mung and Truffles are out of town, Schnitzel is forced to watch Chowder in their absence.
  • Taste Buds: After an accident leaves Mung unable to taste, Chowder must be his taste buds, which proves problematic due to Chowder's love of everything.
  • Gazpacho!: After Gazpacho's mother goes missing, Gazpacho teams up with his ninja hating friend in an action packed adventure to find her.
  • The Toots: After he eats a Tootin' Fruit, Chowder's flatulence becomes a music sensation, and Gorgonzola takes the helm.
  • Chowder Grows Upnote . After singing about how he'll never grow up and holding the same note for 20 years, Chowder finds that he's grown taller, but hasn't matured and is getting too old to be Mung Daal's apprentice, so Chowder must find an apprentice of his own.


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