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The following is an episode list for the show Close Enough (which, originally was going to be on TBS, but moved to the new streaming service HBO Max). Created by J.G. Quintel of Regular Show fame, this series centers on a millennial couple with a daughter trying to shake off their 20-something irresponsibility and be adults while their friends (a community college teacher and his young, Asian Airhead ex-wife who does social media influencing and lives off her rich parents) try to be adults in their own way.


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    Season 1 
  1. "Quilty Pleasures": Josh and Emily, a young married couple living with their Amicably Divorced buddies (Alex and Bridgette), try to make a quilt for their preschool-aged daughter's family tree project and must contend with a gang of British orphans who live in the slums of the fashion district.
  2. "The Perfect House": Emily goes house-hunting to escape living in her cramped apartment, and ends up trapped in a sitcom reality when she meets a goofy single father and an adorable black child actress.
  3. "Logan's Run'd": To prove that they can still party, Josh, Emily, Alex, and Bridgette go to a nightclub where anyone over 30 gets sacrificed.
  4. "Room Parents": Josh inadvertently volunteers to be a room parent at Candice's school and unwittingly gets seduced by a murderous female con artist.
  5. "Skate Dad": Josh tries to bond with Candice by teaching her how to skateboard.
  6. "100% No Stress Day": To help with her stress, Bridgette introduces Emily to the joys of smoking marijuana. Meanwhile, Alex and Josh go shopping for ham and run afoul of ham thieves and male stripper clowns.
  7. "Prank War": Josh tries to start a prank war, which lands Emily and Bridgette in jail.
  8. "Cool Moms": Emily makes friends with an impossibly cool mother and her daughter. Meanwhile, Alex, Josh, and Randy go on a road trip to find Randy's mother, Pearle.
  9. "Robot Tutor": Josh and Emily's beach trip gets postponed when Candice's teacher tells them she needs to do better in school. Meanwhile, Alex and Bridgette go on the beach trip Josh and Emily were supposed to go on to try their hand at divorce sex.
  10. "Golden Gamer": Josh tries to finish the video game that killed his career back when he was a free-wheeling video game developer with dreams of hitting the big time. Meanwhile, Alex tries to find a way to get his community college class to respect him.
  11. "So Long Boys": A pregnancy scare prompts Josh to get a vasectomy, while Alex discovers that he may be the father of two break-dancing teens.
  12. "Clap Like This": Josh tries to hide the fact that his new video game deal fell through. Meanwhile, Bridgette is financially cut off from her wealthy mother and gets a job at a Forever 21-style clothing store that's home to mannequin party animals.
  13. "First Date": Josh and Emily try to recreate their first date.
  14. "Snailin' It": Emily's new fedora gives her the power to manipulate time and get things done quickly, but the more she uses it, the faster she ages.
  15. "The Canine Guy": In this, the season one finale and the show's first 22-minute episode, Josh and Alex's friendship hits a rough patch after Josh befriends a talking dog.

    Season 2 
  1. "Josh Gets Shredded": Fearing that he is getting too weak to play with Candice, Josh becomes a body builder.
  2. "Meet the Frackers": Randy meets his birth parents and discovers that they are wealthy frackers.
  3. "Sauceface": Candice and her friends begin to sell banned hot sauce packets at their school.
  4. "Houseguest From Hell": Emily's old "friend" Becca begins to crash at the apartment, whose whiny and selfish behavior annoys everyone. Things get worse when she reveals that she is pregnant and that the father is a demon from Hell.
  5. "Joint Break": Pearle takes water aerobics classes when she learns that a hip replacement surgery is not covered by her insurance and ends up embroiled in a gang of criminal elders.
  6. "Cyber Matrix": Alex gets a new cell phone that quite literally sucks him in.
  7. "Haunted Couch": Josh and Alex find a haunted couch and Bridgette begins a romantic relationship with the spirit residing within.
  8. "Man Up": In this parody of Die Hard, Josh bails on his family during a staged alien invasion. In order to become more "manly", Pearle decides to train him and his skills are put to the test when terrorists holds everyone hostage during a holiday party.
  9. "Handy": Realizing that he is not handy with anything, Randy goes out to sea to become a competent handyman.
  10. "Birthdaze": Tired of attending children's parties, Josh and Emily make their own "adults only" party during Candice's birthday party. Things take a turn when the party's magician magically makes all the kids disappear.
  11. "Time Hooch": Alex and Josh go on an adventure through time to make sure that he and Bridgette never divorce.
  12. "World's Greatest Teacher": Mr. Campbell enters a rivalry with the new female teacher River Lake.
  13. "Where'd You Go, Bridgette?": Pearle helps Bridgette end her phone addiction. Meanwhile, Josh, Emily, and Alex begin to believe that Bridgette has been kidnapped.
  14. "The Erotic Awakening of A. P. LaPearle": Alex has Pearle pose as the author of his erotic viking literature after the publisher claims that women are more comfortable if a female wrote erotic literature rather than a male.
  15. "Men Rock!": Emily and Bridgette discover that their band has fans in a foreign country. In the form of an Eastern European dictator.
  16. "Secret Horse": In this Vignette Episode, everyone has an encounter with a horse that changes their lives.


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