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This is a recap page for Courage the Cowardly Dog. The series ran from 1999 to 2002, with a total of 4 seasons and 52 episodes. Beware of many unmarked spoilers. There are a few episodes whose titles were too long to fit on a page.
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    Pilot short 

    Season 1 
  1. "A Night At The Katz Motel" / "Cajun Granny Stew": Courage spends the night at a spider-infested motel; A sneaky fox wants Muriel for his secret recipe
  2. "The Shadow Of Courage" / "Dr. Le Quack Amnesia Specialist": The farm is haunted by the mischievous living shadow of a deceased millionaire; When Muriel gets amnesia, the "specialist" Courage hires to cure her turns out to be a con artist looking to rob the Bagges blind
  3. "Courage Meets Bigfoot" / "Hothead": Courage has a run-in with an infamous monster, only to discover he's not all bad; Eustace gets strange powers from an experimental cure for baldness
  4. "The Demon in the Matress" / "Freaky Fred": Muriel gets possessed by a demon living in her new mattress; Courage spends an unsettling day with Muriel's crazy barber nephew
  5. "Night of the Weremole" / "Mother's Day": Muriel is transformed into a mole monster; Eustace drags Courage along on a visit to his mother
  6. 'The Duck Brothers' / 'Shirley the Medium': A pair of alien ducks use Muriel as a puppet in their scheme; Eustace hires a medium to contact his brother's ghost so he can find a family treasure
  7. "King Ramses' Curse" / "The Clutching Foot": When Eustace finds an ancient Egyptian tablet, the farm is beset by a series of plagues; A weird disease turns Eustace into a criminally-inclined foot monster
  8. 'The Hunchback of Nowhere' / 'The Gods Must Be Goosey': Courage befriends a lonely hunchback who takes up residence on the farm, but Eustace isn't happy about their new guest; A god-like goose tries to win Muriel's affections
  9. 'Queen of the Black Puddle' / 'Everyone Wants to Direct': Eustace finds himself seduced by a mysterious water spirit; A zombie director wants to make a movie with Eustace and Muriel, but Courage discovers his real motives
  10. "The Snowman Cometh" / "The Precious Wonderful Adorable Loveable Duckling": An Arctic vacation sees Courage crossing paths with a living snowman who wants to steal the "non-melting gene" from Eustace and Muriel; A baby duckling bonds with Eustace, but proves to be incredibly jealous and tries to get rid of Muriel
  11. 'Heads of Beef' / 'Klub Katz': Courage is suspicious about the owner of a diner Eustace stops at for dinner; Courage and his family wash up on an island resort run by Katz, who has sinister plans for his new guests
  12. 'The Revenge of the Chicken from Outer Space' / 'Journey to the Center of Nowhere': Courage does battle with an old foe from the pilot episode, who (literally) wants Courage's head; A drought causes Muriel's crop of eggplants to come to life and plot revolution
  13. 'Little Muriel' / 'The Great Fusilli': A freak tornado turns Muriel into a rowdy toddler who drives Courage up the wall; A mysterious puppeteer tries to make Eustace and Muriel part of his act

    Season 2 
  1. "The Magic Tree of Nowhere" / "Robot Randy": Eustace grows jealous of a magical tree that can seemingly provide anything; An alien robot takes over the farm, but Courage discovers his heart's not into the whole "interplanetary conquest" thing
  2. 'The Curse of Shirley' / 'Courage in the Big Stinkin' City': Shirley curses Eustace with a personal rainstorm that won't let up until he learns to be selfless and giving; A cockroach named Bushwick blackmails Courage into helping him deliver a package
  3. "Family Business" / "1,000 Years of Courage": A befuddled burglar mistakes Courage, Eustace, and Muriel for his own family; The Bagges are sent into a far future ruled by sentient bananas
  4. 'Courage Meets the Mummy' / 'Invisible Muriel': Courage and his family help an Aztec mummy get some closure; Muriel is kidnapped by the military after finding a necklace that makes her invisible
  5. 'Human Habitrail' / 'Mission to the Sun': Doc Gerbil kidnaps Eustace and Muriel to use as test subjects for his inventions; Courage and his family must fly to the sun to prevent it from going out, but a mischievous germ threatens the mission
  6. 'Courage the Fly' / 'Katz Kandy': Courage must stop a falling satellite from crashing into the farmhouse despite being trapped in the body of a fly; Katz kidnaps Muriel to discover the secret of her award-winning candies
  7. 'Nowhere TV' / 'Mega Muriel the Magnificent': Le Quack uses television to hypnotize Eustace and Muriel into becoming his accomplices; Courage's snarky computer decides to show him real bravery by possessing Muriel and becoming a daredevil
  8. 'Bad Hair Day' / 'Forbidden Hat of Gold': Muriel is kidnapped to be used as a test subject by a wig maker; A quest to find a cursed golden hat leads to Eustace butting heads with a group of monks
  9. 'Serpent of Evil River' / 'The Transplant: Courage and his family are shanghaied into a quest to catch a river monster; A prehistoric bone transplant turns Eustace into a kangaroo monster
  10. 'Car Broke, Phone Yes' / 'Cowboy Courage': A strange visitor turns out to be an alien who steals Muriel's kindness; Courage imagines himself as a Wild West sheriff taking on an undead outlaw
  11. 'Evil Weevil' / 'McPhearson Phantom': Eustace and Muriel's insectoid manservant turns out to be preying on his new masters; A ghost with a grudge against Muriel tries to drive a wedge between her and Eustace with a series of cruel pranks
  12. 'The House of Discontent' / 'The Sand Whale Strikes': Eustace butts heads with a harvest spirit who mocks his pitiful attempts at farming; Courage gets caught up in a dispute between a sand whale and Eustace's mother
  13. 'The Tower of Dr. Zalost': A mad scientist threatens Nowhere with cursed cannon-balls that make people depressed

    Season 3 
  1. 'Muriel Meets her Match' / 'Courage Vs. Mecha Courage': Muriel's new friend is actually a criminal plotting to frame her for a big robbery; Courage finds himself seemingly outmatched by inventor Di Lung's robot dog
  2. 'Campsite of Terror' / 'Record Deal': A pair of rowdy raccoon cubs kidnap Muriel; Eustace finds a record possessed by his favorite musician, Velvet Vic
  3. 'Stormy Weather' / 'The Sandman Sleeps': A storm goddess mistakes Courage for her lost dog, and Courage must find her real pet before her dispute with Muriel gets too out of hand; Courage must help the Sandman with his insomnia so Muriel can get a good night's sleep again
  4. 'Hard Drive Courage' / 'The Ride of the Valkyries': Courage must enter the Computer when it gets infected with a virus and accidentally sucks Muriel into cyberspace; While on a Scandinavian vacation, Muriel gets caught up in a feud between a band of Valkyries and a troop of trolls
  5. 'Scuba Scuba Doo' / 'Conway the Contaminationist': Courage must protect the home of some friendly coral-dwelling creatures from Eustace's greedy mother; A filth-loving man takes over the farm and tricks Eustace and Muriel into making it more to his liking
  6. "Katz Under the Sea" / "Curtain of Cruelty": Courage and Muriel take a submarine cruise, but Courage discovers that Katz is planning to sabotage the trip; A mysterious wave of energy makes nearly everyone in Nowhere cruel and selfish, and Courage tries to get to the bottom of things
  7. 'Feast of the Bullfrogs' / 'Tulip's Worm': A band of frogs take over the farm and try to make it their new home; Courage is sent on his strangest adventure yet when two living teddy bears show up on the farm looking for a giant worm
  8. 'So In Louvre Are We Two' / 'Night of the Scarecrow': Courage and his family discover the art in the Louvre museum comes to life at night; A living scarecrow vows to become Muriel's bodyguard after she saves his life
  9. 'Mondo Magic' / 'Watch the Birdies': Muriel becomes the target of a sinister magician with a monstrous secret; Courage and Muriel are forced to baby-sit for a talking vulture
  10. "Fishy Business" / "Angry Nasty People": A school of fish missionaries try to make Eustace and Muriel more "civilized"; A shady director makes Eustace the star of a reality TV show showcasing his meanness
  11. 'Dome of Doom' / 'Snowman's Revenge': Eustace signs up the farm to be the site of an experimental bio-dome, one that turns out to be infested with monstrous man-eating plants; The living Snowman returns, and makes the Bagges' farm his new home with the help of a freeze ray
  12. 'The Quilt Club' / 'Swindlin' Wind': Muriel becomes obsessed with proving herself a master quilter, which is playing right into the hands of a pair of sinister twins; When Eustace cheats Shirley at a swap meet, she puts a curse on him and Muriel that causes them to compulsively cheat and trick eat other
  13. 'King of Flan' / 'Courage Under the Volcano': Courage investigates when everyone in Nowhere becomes obsessed with a new brand of flan; Courage tries to save Muriel from being sacrificed to a volcano god

    Season 4 
  1. 'A Beaver's Tale' / 'The Nutcracker': An overzealous beaver causes all of Nowhere to be flooded; During a trip to the dump, Courage must use a nutcracker doll to save Muriel from some ballet-loving rats
  2. 'Rumpledkiltskin' / 'Housecalls': Courage must save Muriel from a funny little man who's rather sensitive about his name; Courage helps out a lonely scientist who's tried of his jealous living house driving away his neighbors
  3. 'Le Quack Balloon' / 'Windmill Vandals': Muriel signs up for a bungee-jumping adventure that turns out to be another of Le Quack's scams; When the farm's old windmill conks out, it attracts a band of ghostly barbarians
  4. 'The Uncommon Cold' / 'Farmer Hunter Farmer Hunted': Muriel's sudden sickness turns out to be a cry for help from some enslaved slugs; Eustace tries to prove himself a great hunter, but ends up butting heads with a fed-up deer buck
  5. 'Bride of the Swamp Monster' / 'Goat Pain': A lovesick swamp monster mistakes Muriel for his long-lost love; Courage must help a cranky goat clean up a magical hot spring
  6. 'Muriel Blows Up' / 'Profiles in Courage': An experimental carrot turns Muriel into a giant; A silhouette artist's pictures of Eustace and Muriel come to life and threaten to take over their lives
  7. "The Mask": Courage must help rescue the friend of a surly masked stranger who comes to visit the farm
  8. 'Squatting Tiger, Hidden Dog' / 'Muted Muriel': Courage has a martial-arts adventure when he has to rescue Muriel from having her bones stolen by an evil empress; Muriel gives Eustace the silent treatment, and Shirley comes up with a rather extreme way to get her to talk again
  9. 'Aqua Farmer' / 'Food of the Dragon': Eustace forms a rivalry with a performing dolphin at a local sea park; Courage has to save his family from a grumpy dragon who can't fly
  10. 'The Last of the Starmakers' / 'Son of the Chicken from Outer Space': Courage has to save a star-making squid and her babies from the military; The three-headed son of Courage's oldest foe seeks revenge for his father
  11. "Courageous Cure" / Ball of Revenge": Multi-limbed aliens seek Eustace and Muriel's help in curing a strange disease; Eustace teams up with some of Courage's old foes to best him in a brutal game of dodgeball
  12. 'Cabaret Courage' / 'Wrath of the Librarian': A trip to "Hollowood" leads Courage to encounter a showbiz-hating monster; When Courage fails to return a library book on time, Eustace and Muriel are turned into the book's main charcters until Courage can pay the late fees
  13. "Remembrance Of Courage Past" / "Perfect": Courage starts having flashbacks to the day he was separated from his parents; Courage is haunted by a ghostly teacher who scolds him for not being "perfect"

    CGI short 


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