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  • "Josh Gets Shredded" has Josh seeing his newborn baby girl Candice for the first time while saying he couldn't wait to play with his daughter and they're going to have so much fun together. Throughout the five years of Candice's life shows that Josh is nothing but a great father who truly enjoys having fun playing and being with his daughter, who also shares this thought.
  • In "Birthdaze", Josh and Emily go through a bunch of birthday activity challenges in Birthday World to rescue Candice and the parent's kids. When Josh and Emily are given a particular trial regarding what Candice's favorite birthday activity and the two realize that her favorite activity is any that she does with her parents. Then the two hear Candice's true birthday wish and she reveal she just wants to have fun with her parents. Josh and Emily apologizes to Candice for acting selfish and focuses on her. In the end, she got her wish with her playing in the bouncy castle with them.

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