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Heartwarming / Clone High

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There is an underlying sweetness to this Cult Classic that's made it so endearing to it's dedicated fanbase.

  • As absurd as the image is of a robot butler frequently offering helpful life advice to a clone of Joan of Arc, Joan and Mr. Buttlertron's relationship is genuinely heartfelt (all to make the joke funnier, of course). In their first interaction, Joan even gives him a big hug.
  • JFK telling Joan in the finale that he actually does like her when she's herself.
    • And then Abe ditching Cleo to find Joan and tell her that he loves her back.
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    • Scudworth reconciling with John Stamos.
  • Despite it's best efforts at irreverence, "Litter Kills: Literally" is widely agreed to be the only episode of the show that's genuinely emotional, turning a satire of the Tonight, Someone Dies trope into a sincere Very Special Episode about grief.
    • Joan kissing Abe on the forehead when she sees how frustrated he is. For once, she's not trying to get her to notice her feelings for him, she's just comforting her friend.
    • Abe sitting with and comforting an emotionally exhausted JFK on the thinking dock. And while it's probably the more irreverent joke in the whole show, JFK sounds like he means it when he says "I'm a Kennedy! I'm not accustomed to tragedy!"
  • Abe's kitschy "love coupon book," which he gifts Cleo with in the "Snowflake Day" episode, is basically the cutest thing ever.
  • Cleo's brief crisis of conscience when she learns that Joan never had a mom. After the initial Overly Long Gag of Cleo being shocked about it, she decided to take Joan under her wing and give her a makeover.

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