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Tear Jerker / Clone High

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  • Litter Kills; Literally is what happens when the writers parody a cliche so hard that it does a complete 180 and becomes the saddest episode of the whole series, mainly because the episode is less about Ponce himself as much as it is watching JFK, a character we do know, be so completely broken up over his death.
    • Of course, if you personally lost a close friend at a young age, the episode will be impossible to watch.
  • At the end of the final episode, Abe throws away his opportunity to have sex with Cleopatra when he realizes that he's in love with Joan, only to find Joan in the quick freezer with JFK post-coitus. She and Abe share a heartbroken gaze as he's about to profess his love for her, only to be cut off by Scudworth freezing them where they stand with the Board of Shadowy Figures and virtually everyone else. The end.
    • Then there's the Fridge Horror of what's to become of Scudworth and Mr. B., now that they have to live with the fact that they've left dozens of people in suspended animation.
  • Every time Abe goes on about how much he loves Cleo in front of Joan.
  • To a lesser extent, Joan pretending to be a slutty airhead to trick Abe into liking her. It's kind of sad to see a character as self-respecting as her be desperate enough to act like everything she hates if it means attracting the man she loves. The ditzy laugh she puts on when she tells JFK he's so funny is heartbreaking. And it still doesn't work.
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  • The clones being expected to live up to their original incarnations is only funny because it's genuinely sad. Teens being expected to live up to the expectations of their elders is not uncommon, and these teens have to live up to some of the most important figures in written history. Gandhi in particular, whose namesake is extremely highly regarded in his home country to this day to the point that it was what got the show canceled. Even the theme song acknowledges this.
    "Why, there's so much to live up to / Expectations are so high..."

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