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Nightmare Fuel / Clone High

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  • Manson ripping his own chest open.
    • And the face he pulls while breathing fire and howling the words "You will diiiiiiiIIEEEE!
  • Also, Poncey finally dying by DROWNING IN HIS OWN BLOOD.
  • Abe constantly slicing his mouth open in the Snowflake Day special.
  • Nostradamus's attempt at asking Helen of Troy to the prom... by bursting out of a horse's chest and holding up a horse fetus which actually asks her for him.
    • Winston Churchill's promposal involves an active helicopter, Marie Antoinette, and Anne Boleyn. You do the math.
  • Marie Curie is a sweet girl and a great dancer, but she is hideously deformed from the radiation damage to her genetic structure. Her head is wider than the rest of her body.
  • Geshie the Mascot's guts and organs falling out when Gandhi pulls on his zipper.
    • Geshie after his true mouth is revealed.
  • Gandhi getting eaten by a live action cat during his Mushroom Samba.


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