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This is the recap page for ChalkZone, the 15th entry in the Nicktoons franchise. Originally a series of shorts on Oh Yeah! Cartoons, it eventually became its own series and ran from 2002 - 2005 (with a brief revival in 2008) for a total of 39 episodes over 4 seasons (although some mistakenly lump the first 2 seasons together due to their brevity).

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    The Original Shorts 
These are the shorts that aired on Nickelodeon's Oh Yeah! Cartoons during the late 90s.

  1. ChalkZone: 8-year old Rudy Tabootie finds a magic piece of chalk that takes him to the world of ChalkZone,a place where erased chalk drawings live on as actual living beings. There, he meets the two latest arrivals: his own creation, Snap, and a monster caricature of school bully Reggie Bullnerd.
  2. The Amazin’ River: Rudy and Snap travel down the Amazin’ River and encounter all sorts of things, including a cyclops who guards the Magic Chalk Mines.
  3. Rudy’s Date: Rudy brings his best friend, Penny Sanchez, into ChalkZone for the first time, but a jealous Snap thinks they're dating.
  4. Snap Out of Water: Snap ends up in the real world.
  5. Secret Passages: Rudy and Penny need to retrieve something important from school, so they go to ChalkZone for a shortcut
  6. Chalk Dad: Rudy's dad doesn't like his son's drawings, so Rudy escapes to ChalkZone, only to have his Chalk Dad order him around.
  7. Chalk Rain: Chalk rain is a phenomenon where chalk drawings washed away by rain fall down in ChalkZone as rain droplets before reforming. A mysteriously massive one occurs one day, and now a huge dragon is terrorizing ChalkZone. Can Rudy subdue the dragon and save the day?
  8. Rapunzel: Rudy, Penny, and Snap go to see Queen Rapsheebah’s musical play on Rapunzel, only to see it go astray.

    Season 1 

  1. Rudy's First Adventure / Rudy's Story: Snap recounts the story of how the now 10-year old Rudy first discovered ChalkZone note  / Penny is the new student in Rudy’s class and she’s interested in hearing Rudy’s story about his adventure with Snap in the Mumbo Jumbo Jungle.
  2. Snapmobile / Rudy's Date / Future Zone: Snap wants to go to the car convention, but he won’t be let in without a vehicle of his own / Rudy brings Penny into ChalkZone for the first time, and Snap thinks she’s his girlfriend note  / A robot zoner named Craniac wants to take Rudy’s magic chalk for himself.
  3. The Wiggies / Rapunzel / Hair to Stay: Hair-eating creatures from ChalkZone called wiggies escape into the real world / Rudy, Penny, and Snap go to see Queen Rapsheebah’s musical play on Rapunzel note  / Snap gets a pet mustache.
  4. French Fry Falls / Gift Adrift: Rudy, Penny, and Snap encounter the guardian of the Magic Chalk Mines, Biclops, who tells them the story of how he and Rudy first met note  / Rudy hides his father’s secret birthday present – a vacuum cleaner – in ChalkZone, but things go awry.
  5. Snap Out of Water / Rudus Tabootus / Two Left Feet: Snap ends up in the real worldnote  / Rudy and Snap visit Chalk Ancient Rome / Snap goes to a square dance, but a pair of left feet are ruining the dance for everyone.
  6. The Skrawl / Pie Day / Secret Passages: Malformed zoner Skrawl seeks revenge on the one who created him — Rudy! / When Snap finds out that Pie Day has been delayed by an angry mob, he decides to help the bakers out / Rudy and Penny need to retrieve something important from school, so they go to ChalkZone for a shortcut note .

    Season 2 

  1. Hole in the Wall / The Terrible Two-and-a-halfs / Super Hero Snap: Rudy and Penny visit an old, about-to-be-demolished school to retrieve something important; however their ChalkZone portal is discovered by greedy businessman, Vinnie Raton / Rudy’s little cousin Soph comes over and she ends up in ChalkZone / Snap meets the superhero zoner Generic Man, who mistakes Snap for an actual superhero.
  2. Disappearing Act / Portable Portal/ Snap on Tour: Reggie’s “magic tricks” bite him back when Rudy tricks him into thinking he (Reggie) has turned him (Rudy) into an eraser / Rudy got a new portable chalkboard and the school has a new art instructor: Mrs. Tweeder, who discourages imagination / Snap gives a tour of ChalkZone to some newly erased drawings.
  3. Waste Mountain / Madcap Snap / What's My Line?: Rudy throws some cheeseburger smoothies meant for the dumpster into ChalkZone, putting the Magic Chalk Mines in danger / Rudy’s popular Madcap Snap comic books result in dozens of Snap clones causing chaos in ChalkZone / Snap tells Blocky about the wonders of lines.
  4. Pop Goes the Balloon / Snap Builds His Dream House / Fireplug Ballet: Rudy, Penny, and Snap go to see the annual Valentine’s Balloon migration, but Rudy accidentally pops the balloon with his parents in it / Snap gets Rudy to build him his dream house, but his demands become increasingly ridiculous / Snap and Queen Rapsheebah go to see the Fireplug Ballet.
  5. The Heist / Battle of the Hands / Chocolate Brunch: Renowned wrestler Thor Throat comes to Plainsville to celebrate their big name change to Plainville with them, but Penny thinks he’s up to something / Rudy and Snap find a forbidden chamber in the Magic Chalk Mines that contains sinister red chalk / Snap and Blocky find some Easter eggs that hatch into chocolate rabbits.
  6. The Smooch / Power Play: Rudy, Penny, and Snap visit the Ha-Ha-Mas to see the rare Smooch Bird / Rudy cheats on his science project by making a ChalkZone invention to bring; however, the machine attracts the attention of the scientist Dr. Von Doctor.
  7. Pumpkin Love / Chip of Fools / Irresistible: Rudy’s "Jill-O-Lantern" becomes the love interest of the Halloween zoner Jacko (voice of Tim Curry) note  / Snap has a strange encounter after eating too many cookies / Snap’s new perfume works too well.
  8. Chalk Queen / Cleo's Secret / Snap's Wishy Washout: Skrawl captures Penny and convinces her to be his future co-ruler of ChalkZone / Rudy and Penny visit Chalk Ancient Egypt to learn the mystery of Cleopatra’s obelisk / Snap gets a shooting star that grants him three wishes.

    Season 3 

  1. Draw and Let Draw / The Towering Wilter / Snapsheebah: Rudy’s attempts to make others’ chalk drawings safer for ChalkZone go wrong / Rudy and Snap go to retrieve a message made by Mr. Wilter to prove the teacher that he made a mistake to the class / Snap unwittingly ends up in Queen Rapsheebah’s latest play.
  2. Taffy / Follow the Bouncing Bag / Nighty Note: Rudy, Penny, and Snap need to find a solution to stop a landslide of living taffy / Vinnie tries to get a hold on Rudy’s portable chalkboard and finds himself on a wild ride / Snap can’t get any sleep, thanks to some living musical notes upstairs.
  3. Lost in Chalk / Asleep at the Chalk / If You Can't Beat 'Em, Eat 'Em: It’s Snap’s birthday, so when Rudy has to help his dad at the annual meat fair, he leaves a line for him and Penny to get back to Snap, but the line gets destroyed leaving the two at risk of being late and lost for both events / Rudy decides to spend all night in ChalkZone / Snap meets a burger that is literally begging to be eaten
  4. Water Water Everywhere / RV Having Fun Yet? / The Doofi: Rudy accidentally opens a portal to ChalkZone’s Wait N’ Sea, and when Plainville’s adults come to deal with the mystery leak, the water makes them act childish / Snap gets an RV that unwillingly brings him on a wild vacation / Reggie’s chalk drawings mocking Rudy and Penny as doofuses ("doofi" according to Penny) get erased into ChalkZone, and their stupidity causes trouble.
  5. That Thing You Drew / That Sinking Feeling / Insect Aside: Rudy wants the comic book artist Drew Yourface to come for his school’s weekly assembly, but on the day of the assembly, Drew’s gone missing / Reggie gets his foot stuck in a hole to ChalkZone, and Snap decides to have some fun with it / Snap and Queen Rapsheebah go to a nightclub for insects called the Larva Lounge.
  6. Let's Twister Again / Legend of the Golden Worms / Beanie Boys to Men: Rudy, Penny, and Snap try to find a solution to the dozens of tornadoes appearing in ChalkZone / Rudy must tell a story to entertain King Grimm / Snap hosts a TV show where he spies on the training facility for Skrawl's minions the Beanie Boys.
  7. Double Trouble: Skrawl and Craniac get their hands a robot erased into ChalkZone by Rudy and Penny, and they turn the robot into a duplicate of Rudy to try destroy the Magic Chalk Mines.
  8. Mother Tongue / Going Eyeballistic / The Ballad of Toe Fu: A trip to a ChalkZone nightclub leaves Penny unable to speak coherently before an important speech contest / Rudy tells Penny about how he and Snap were fooled by the seeds of eyeball bushes / Snap tells some Chalk Scouts about the legendary Toe Fu.
  9. Indecent Exposure / My Big Fat Chalk Wedding / Rap-A-Present: News reporter Terri O’Bouffant tries to kidnap Snap to prove ChalkZone’s existence / Rudy is forced into marriage by a chalk family recently erased by a girl with a crush on him / Snap searches for a present to impress Queen Rapsheebah on their date.
  10. Skrawl's Brain / The Big Loo / Duck Snap Duck: Skrawl constructs a giant brain to hypnotize all of ChalkZone / Rudy and Penny head down to the sewers of ChalkZone when Snap flushes himself down a toilet tree, and gets kidnapped by locals / Snap helps a one-legged duck gets his missing limb back.
  11. The Big Blow Up: In ChalkZone’s Made-For-TV movie, Rudy accidentally unleashes the deadly disease known as Balloonemia, which causes zoners to swell until they explode, from an ancient temple in the Mumbo Jumbo Jungle. The only person who knows the cure is the recluse Barney the Encyclocentipedia (voice of Malcolm McDowell), who refuses to share his vast repertoires of ChalkZone lore with anyone. Can Rudy, Penny, and Snap save ChalkZone before it’s too late?
  12. The Smudges / Tiny Pirate Problem / Curse of the Werefrog: Queen Rapsheebah calls Rudy, Penny, and Snap over to help her deal with Smudges, partially erased chalk drawings unable to fully enter ChalkZone / Rudy, Penny, and Snap help a sea captain deal with a literal tiny pirate problem / Snap becomes a werefrog.
  13. Howdy Rudy / Attack of the Rudosaurus / The Really Big Talent Search: Rudy creates a living puppet for the school talent show / Rudy and Snap sneak into Dino-Might Park / Snap needs to find an actor to replace Biclops for a monster movie.
  14. When Santas Collide: In the show's Christmas Episode, Rudy decides to skip out on his family's annual Christmas tradition to spend Christmas Eve in ChalkZone, where they celebrate Christ-Hanukkah-Mas and have eight Santas. However, an accident causes a collision between the sleds of the Santas, so now Rudy to fix the holidays for both ChalkZone and his home.

    Season 4 

  1. Purple Haze / No Place Like Home / Disaster Park: Rudy and Penny are visiting a comic convention, but a mysterious chalk-eating haze threatens ChalkZone, and it seems to be connected to the convention / The entirety of ChalkZone is abducted by aliens, and Rudy and Penny have to save everyone / Snap, Blocky, and their pet mustache go to a theme park on natural disasters.
  2. Do the Twitch / Day of the Living Mall / Bulky Blocky: To compete in the school dance, Rudy uses a newly erased machine that causes uncontrollable dancing / A city council debate on constructing a mall results in a monster mall being erased into ChalkZone and Rudy has to stop it from eating up the place / Snap trains Blocky to become strong enough to challenge a bully.
  3. School of Destruction / Family Von Snap / Knight Plight: Rudy and Snap sneak off to see a rock concert that Rudy’s been forbidden from going to/ Snap learns of his family history / A trio of knights make Snap come on their quest to find the Holy Grail.
  4. Disarmed Rudy / Poison Pen Letter / The Label Police: Rudy has broken his drawing hand (he won’t say how) and Jacko returns to demand that Rudy make him a new wife / Rudy has to prevent a spiteful piece of mail he wrote from being sent or he won’t get invited to a party / Snap is arrested by the Label Police and organizes a breakout.
  5. The Crush / Gift of Good Intentions / Snapshots 2: Wild ChalkZone!: Rudy develops a crush on Queen Rapsheebah’s creator / Rudy creates a gift box that always gives the perfect gift / Snap hosts a TV show that gives viewers a look at ChalkZone’s wildlife.

The episodes listed below are from the brief 2008 revival, which intended to air the remaining finished episodes.

  1. The Quicksand Man / Vampire Cannibals of New York / Killer Breath: ChalkZone find itself under terror from its newest denizen: the nightmare-creating Quicksand Man / Rudy and Snap go to Chalk New York to deal with some vampire cannibals / Snap, Doofus Penny, and Doofus Rudy accidentally create a killer plant with bad breath
  2. Reggie the Red / Vincent Van NoGo / The Further Adventures of Super Hero Snap: Reggie gets his hand on the red chalk from its last appearance / Rudy, Penny, and Snap meet the unpleasable artist Vincent Van NoGo / Snap decides to be an actual superhero with Blocky as his sidekick.
  3. Mellow Drama Falls / Journey to the Center of the Yeti / The White Board / Doofus Penny: In this homage to silent era movies, Rudy, Penny, and Snap visit the silent era part of ChalkZone and encounter a Dastardly Whiplash / Snap tries to get a closer look at the Yeti of Mount Yadda-Yadda / Rudy, Penny, Snap, and Blocky visit the WhiteBoardZone and things get weirder from there / Doofus Penny shows Snap around her lab.
  4. Brainy Bitsy / Teacher's Lounge / 2:40: Rudy and Penny meet an intelligent orangutan zoner who wants to free her creator - an orangutan that Penny’s mother is keeping for study / Rudy and Snap search for a recently erased caricature of Mr. Wilter whom Rudy was accused of drawing / Snap and Queen Rapsheebah get dragged into a spy mission.
  5. The Day ChalkZone Stood Still / BullSnap / Mine Alone: Rudy and Penny go to ChalkZone to celebrate New Year’s Eve, but time’s all frozen up! / Snap gets his body swapped with that of a bull’s in a teleporter accident / Biclops gets Snap to protect the Magic Chalk Mines while he’s away.
  6. Snap vs. BooRat / Calling Dr. Memory / Snapsody in Blue: Vinnie and Terri create a creature called BooRat to steal Rudy’s magic chalk / Snap forgets an important number and tries to get it back / Snap and Queen Rapsheebah are asked to deal with a singing blue sun.


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