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Tear Jerker / ChalkZone

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"Rudy...Bucko...Speak to me!!!"

  • Rudy has been hit with a Disney Death three times.
    • In Double Trouble (pictured), where Robot Rudy knocks him against a wall, where the hard rocks could have given him head trauma.
    • In The Big Blow-Up, where Rudy pulls a Heroic Sacrifice by sealing himself in a temple.
    Penny: Goodbye, Rudy....*cries*
  • Penny crying in "Mother Tongue." How would you feel if you could speak nothing but gibberish—right before a speech contest, no less?!
  • The revelation in Chalk Queen that Penny has supposedly pulled a Face–Heel Turn on Rudy and Snap. No Hypnotize the Princess, no Evil Twin, nothing. They are both taken quite by surprise, and it hits Rudy particularly hard.
  • In a meta example, the song "Time to Go Home" was loaded with End-of-Series Awareness (the episode it aired with was the last episode in production, however five episodes premiered after it).
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  • Whenever King Mumbo Jumbo's supposed death is brought up in "The Big Blow-Up", Barney the Encyclocentipedia cries. Fortunately, it turns out that King Mumbo Jumbo is still alive.

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