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Nightmare Fuel / ChalkZone

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Thought this was a case of Hypnotize the Princess? Think again!

As charming and wacky as it is, this show has more scares than you can count.

  • Snap, Penny and Rudy singing to a giant, sentient piece of cake as they devour her, little by little.
  • A chalk-targeting vacuum that sucks up about 99% of Chalkzone before it's stopped.
    Penny: Rudy, those chalk chunks are falling into an infinite abyss, which means they'll be falling forever. I'd find that fascinating if I wasn't so terrified.
  • In "Howdy Rudy", the titular character (a sentient Rudy chalk puppet) is about to return to Chalkzone when a dog that he has befriended arrives, and begins to lick him in happiness. You can guess what happens next.
    • Luckily, he ends up surviving due to being created in Chalkzone.
  • Rudy being forced to have a dirty diaper put around his head.
  • The Red Chalk full stop. unlike regular Magic Chalk, everything drawn with it is pure evil! And to make matters worse, it has a will and mind of its own! You don't use it, it uses you! And once you pick it up you will not be able to put it down. It will not let you! Your only hope would be to make it back to the real world where the chalk has no power, assuming it doesn't stop or kill you first!
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  • The Spine Slurper. It is said to literally slurp out someone's spine. We even see a victim of this working for a cruel king, though thankfully we don't see any live slurpings.
  • The Wiggies. Frog-like creatures that eat hair, rendering people and animals (both real and chalk) bald. Now this wouldn't be so bad, but then they escape into the real world after Rudy accidentally forgets to close the portal. And to make matters worse, the fire department is called in to spray them.
  • "Chip Of Fools" was surprisingly kind of terrifying. Complete with Body Horror, Snap being Strapped to an Operating Table, and it was all just a dream.
  • The deformed impostor versions of Snap, a.k.a. Snips, were also very unsettling.
  • Penny as the Chalk Queen made a particularly scary villain.
  • In "Disarmed Rudy," Jack O' Lantern basically kidnaps Rudy, Snap, and Rapsheeba, and threatens to bury them alive if Rudy doesn't make him a bride. To make matters worse, Rudy's dominant hand is injured and he can't draw with it.
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  • Supposedly, there was at one point plans for an episode where Scrawl teamed up with a human who had turned into a Zoner... which opens up a barrel of implications about how Chalkzone works. If a human stays in Chalkzone for more than a day they turn into a chalk drawing themselves and thus can no longer leave. Chalkzone is a damn Fisher Kingdom. You stay too long, your physical properties change without your consent and you'll be unable to return to your original reality. Water is suddenly a death sentence, you will outlive all of your loved ones by centuries, you will never see the real sun again unless someone on the other side opens a portal and you manage to find it. You are now CHALK.
  • Miss Tweezer from "Portable Portal." When Rudy refuses to go along with her "real is good, unreal is ungood" drilling, she straps him into a dentist-like chair and makes with the brainwashing until he gives the right answer — "whatever you say." From the technique to the vocabulary ("ungood"), the situation differs from Winston's torture in 1984 only in its length and intensity
  • In "Rudy's Date", Reggie takes two kids outside and tells them they're going to play "actual hangman".
  • The titular "Purple Haze", in that it is basically antimatter: despite being a chalk creation, it dissolves anything chalk it touches. And it's moving towards Chalk Earth.
    • Penny and Snap wind up at Comictopia while Rudy goes off to try and fight the haze, where they learn that it's from a comic book called "The Haze That Ate New Jersey". Realizing that the comic's creator, Ronnie Lox, had drawn the haze on the convention's chalkboard, the two rush off to try and find him to figure out how to defeat it. However, in their rush, they wind up cutting through a "Water Wars" booth, where upon the two wind up accidentally wandering into the middle of a water gun fight... meaning that, for all intents and purposes, we see Snap almost get shot to deathnote .
      • To make things worse, the two people running the booth don't realize the significance of Snap screaming in pain and telling them to stop, and keep firing. If it wasn't for Penny getting in front of Snap when she did, he could have straight up died.
    • It's glossed over, but it's revealed during the climax that how the haze was defeated in "The Haze That Ate New Jersey" was that, well, it ate all of New Jersey.
  • "Tiny Pirate Problem": You'd think a fleet of tiny pirates wouldn't cause that much trouble... and you'd be wrong. The pirates very swiftly board the ship and take everyone captive, just to get a treasure map that they do not have. In fact, at one point Rudy is forced into a sword duel with the pirate captain... but since he isn't given the opportunity to draw a sword, Rudy is forced to duel with the chalk, which is quickly whittled down until knocked into the ocean.
  • "The Smudges" introduces Chalkzone's answer to ghosts: smudged chalk drawings that haven't been properly erased. And the two smudges in particular, the ones haunting Queen Rapsheeba's new home? They were drawn by Mr. Wilter as a kid... and then wallpapered over.


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