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  • "Double Trouble" had a scene where Rudy was knocked out, and almost killed. Snap runs up to him and asks desperately if he's okay, almost on the verge of crying.
    Rudy: * awakens* What do you want me to say? * both smile* .
  • The ending of the Big Blow Up movie where Penny gives Rudy a big hug when she sees he's okay.
    • Barney the Encyclocentipedia learning that his friend King Mumbo Jumbo is still alive also counts.
  • In "Mother Tongue", Penny has been forced to speak in random gibberish by the title character, on the day she has to give an important speech. When she first attempts to say her speech, she runs off the set. The next time we see her, she's crying over her soon-to-be failure. Then, her mother comes along and tells her that wither she succeeds, fails, or withdraws, she will always love her.
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  • When Rudy first meets Blocky, he gives him a loving hug. He later does the same thing when he sees him again in Skrawl's debut episode.
  • Penny is explaining physics to Rudy and Snap in her debut episode and Rudy sighs and says he loves it when she talks like that.
    • Penny giving hugs to Snap and Rudy saying she loves them.
  • Even after trying to hurt him, Rudy helps Cyclops and gives him a second eye, making him Biclops.
    • Little Rudy is so adorable himself.
  • Rudy's little cousin Sophie finally impresses him when she makes a swing to save herself.
  • Rudy and Snap hugging in "Madcap Snap".
  • Rudy and friends getting his chalk parents back together with their ukulele song in the valentines episode.
  • Rudy and Penny reaffirming their friendship in "Power play".
  • After Doofus Rudy and Doofus Penny start flirting with each other, we get this:
    Penny: (nervously) Remember they're nothing like us.
    Rudy: Yeah, you really are a genius.
    Penny: And you have genuine artistic talent. (Both blush)
  • In "Two Left Feet", Blocky asks Snap to square dance with him. Snap states that he doesn't get any special treatment just because he is Rudy's first drawing, but he quickly changes his mind.
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  • The music video Let's Go Wandering is pretty sweet on its own (and/or a great big Tear Jerker), but a Freeze-Frame Bonus shows that one of the Zoners waving goodbye to the ChalkZone gang is Skrawl.
  • The beginning of Poison Pen Letter is one if you think about it. See Fridge Brilliance for more details.
  • The music video segment "Golden Thumb". Especially at the end where Rudy pulls Penny and Snap in for a big hug.


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