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  • The solution Penny came up with to save Chalkzone in "Taffy" while in the real world: By drawing out the location of the town the taffy was attacking, and extending the ocean to where the taffy was.
  • Skrawl's entrance with his Villain Song.
  • Some of the music videos qualify such as "I'm Back and Bluer Than Ever" and "All the Way to the Top".
  • Rudy and the inhabitants of Chalkzone giving Ms. Tweezer a mental breakdown in "Portable Portal".
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  • Rudy and Penny evading the laser triggers in "Power Play".
  • Rudy and Snap flying on a broomstick away from Jack-O-Lantern on a banshee as he proclaims that he's gonna get them.
    • Jack's song.
  • Penny faking a Face–Heel Turn to get the magic chalk away from Skrawl in "Chalk Queen".
  • Rudy outsmarting a tyrant king with his story in "Legend of the Golden Worms", leading him to overthrow the king and kill his slurper.
    Rudy: You see, this story has a surprise ending. While the king was busy laughing, the princess was disarming his poodles and reinforcing her frog. Now you've got no spine slurper, you've got no weapons, you've got nothing!
  • "Double Trouble" is a Crowning Episode of Awesome. Skrawl and Crainiac team up and successfully create a robot double of Rudy and plan to use it to destroy the Magic Chalkmine. The robot and Rudy face off in the end in an epic battle where it appears Rudy is killed and the Magic Chalkmine is destroyed. Only for it to turn out that Rudy drew a fake mine to distract the robot. The robot survives however and goes on to attack again... but Penny uses the remote they made for the robot to take control and send it after Skrawl and Crainiac.
    • Rule of thumb for this episode: Any time the screen gets tinted red, expect awesome.
  • Rudy learning Reggie Bullnerd's embarrassing full name in "Teacher's Lounge," and using it to blackmail him into confessing his framing of him earlier. Considering this was Reggie's last appearance before the show ended, it's safe to assume he has never bothered Rudy again because of this (see Fridge Brilliance).
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  • The Big Blow Up. ALL OF IT.

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