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  • Rudy with the "Dumb Dart" on his head.
    Rudy: Wow, you could fit a whole lotta cereal in this bowl.
    Snap: Am I crazy, or is Rudy getting stupider?
    Penny: Both.
    • What's Penny and Rudy's reaction to finding Snap when they are working on a project:
    Rudy and Penny: (flatly) We're doomed.
    • In contrast, the plan Craniac 3 was going to use on Rudy before resorting to the Dumb Dart:
    Craniac 3: A Smart Bomb?
    Smart Bomb: Oh, and just blow me to bits, you insensitive doof? Hah! Guess again. (zips away)
    Craniac 3: Hmph. Too smart for its own good.
  • "Penny has a pet con- I knew that girl was weird."
  • Rudy tries to beat ghosts... with a flyswatter!
    Penny and Snap (completely deadpan): A flyswatter?
    • And when it fails and they have to run for it:
    Snap: Rudy. Later, you and I are gonna have a little talk about that flyswatter thing.
  • Snap's attempts at playing the Accordion Worm in "The Wiggies".
    Snap [terribly off-key]: Accordion worm, accordion worm! Playing well is not my concern!
    • All the people that were interviewed about the wiggies and their theories.
  • When Rudy is cornered by the "Golla," he decides to draw a crossbow to fight it. When he fires it... nothing happens.
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  • From Rapsheeba's play on Rapunzel:
    Penny: What I want to know is, if the Witch can fly, how come she needs to climb Rapunzel's hair?
    Snap: Who brought you?
  • Rudy tells Snap that he and Penny are looking for a formula, and Snap brings back a giant bottle of baby formula that he took from a giant baby.
    • Reggie having erased Penny's formula so he can play hangman with his friends, and apparently "winning".
      Reggie's friend: Uhh... "C"?
      Reggie: Wrong! I win! The word was "Cow", K-O-W "Kow".
  • Mr. Wilter tells Reggie that he should pay more attention to geography, but behind him there's a map of Italy labeled France.
    • Snap sees some girls playing jump rope and tries it too, when it cuts back to him a few minutes later he somehow got himself tangled up in the rope saying that it was harder than he thought it would be.
    • Rudy sees the message Penny writes him when he's in Chalkzone that Snap is in a fight with Reggie. He asks himself where and then reads a new message from Penny saying "At school, silly."
  • Penny covering for Rudy and Sophie in "The Terrible Two and a Halfs" with an out of context puppet show.
    Penny: (doing a voice for one of the socks) But I like eggs on my sneakers! (voicing another sock) But those are MY sneakers!
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  • The end of "Super hero Snap":
    Snap: Wow I'm in charge! What could be more exciting!? (gets stepped on by a dinosaur)
  • Jack O'lantern is charging after Rudy and Snap on his banshee and is trying to kill them...but they enter Dayzone and the banshee disintegrates leaving Jack to fall out of the sky.
  • Rudy and friends save Cleopatra and lift her up in the air on their hybrid flying camel.
    Chalk Egyptians: (Completely flat) The mighty flying camel has chosen our future queen. All hail the mighty flying camel. (Cleo falls from the camel) The mighty flying camel has rejected our future queen. Boo mighty flying camel.
  • Just the fact that in "Lost in Chalk" there's a whole contest dedicated to meat fashion.
  • Doofus Rudy painting about 40 pictures of his thumb.
    • "It is my doofus destiny!"
      • Heck, the Doofi in general.
  • When the hobo tells Rudy about the Yada Yada Yeti in "That Thing You Drew" a chorus of voices says "Oh no; not the Yada Yada Yeti. It will eat you alive" in a totally flat fake surprise tone as Rudy and the hobo stare at the fourth wall.
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  • The Ax-Crazy nurse from "That Sinking Feeling" who is all too eager to free Reggie Bullnerd by sawing at his leg.
  • This bit from "Double Trouble":
    Snap: If that thing blows!
    Rudy: It'll flood all of Happy Face Valley!
    Snap: Good! Cause I can't stand those little-(sees Rudy glaring at him) Oh those poor happy face people, we have got to save them.
  • From "Madcap Snap:
    Cowboy Snip #2: Hey, partner, if'n you're looking for a fight, well, you've found one! Now DRAW!
    Rudy: Okay! (draws a cow to squish him)
  • In Disarmed Rudy, when Jacko falls in love with...a statue with a bowling ball for a head.
  • Pretty much everything Barney the Encyclocentipedia says or does after he loses his body segments and becomes a babbling moron in "The Big Blow-Up". Two very good ones are putting on Penny's glasses and saying the world has gone to pudding as well as panting like a dog after hollering "Pants!"
  • In "The Crush", we hear some female voices sing "Love at first sight" when Rudy falls for Trina. We later hear the same voices sing "Humiliation" after Trina spells out to Rudy that they can't be a couple.
  • "Brainy Bitsy"
    • The real Bitsy scares a woman away at the salon and takes her place, causing the employee attending the woman to mistake Bitsy for her and remark that she does need a makeover. Shortly afterward, Brainy Bitsy politely asks the women running from the salon if they've seen the real Bitsy, but they ignore her and continue panicking.
    • At the end of the episode, Brainy Bitsy tries to teach the sign language that Dr. Sanchez taught the real Bitsy. Brainy Bitsy ignores Snap's pleas that he can't do the gestures due to lacking certain body parts.


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