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  • Watching Tom win his first ever match in Chaotic in the first episode, "Welcome to Chaotic".
    • And then his first experience in Perim. He knows nothing of the place except for what little Sarah has explained in a couple of minutes, and yet he risks himself to try to save Mezzmar from Nauthilax, a creature that can grind Tom to pulp with ease. The fact that he helps save a creature and befriends him on just his first half hour in Perim is quite impressive.
  • Tiaane, when he pulls a Heroic Sacrifice to save a kid who he barely knows. Though he does pop up again a mere two episodes later, indicating that he somehow survived.
    • Most of the endings to intense drome battles are this, special mention goes to the battle against the final match of the battle against the Overworld player in "Shifting Sands" due to the Ironic Echo Tom gives to him while he uses Tiannes special ability, saying the same lines he said when he used it in Perim, as shown above.
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  • Tom using Bodal of all creatures to beat Tangath Toborn in "The Thing With Bodal". In fact it's equal parts unbelievable and hilarious that Bodal thinks Tom's lying to him when he tells him so.
  • The jump-dive styled move Intress pulled in the episode "Battledrome of the Sexes" in order to save Zalic.
    • Peyton beating Krystella in a battle of the sexes, as Intress.
  • Sarah, Peyton and Dractyl showing up to save Tom, Kaz, Maxxor and Frafdo in "Castle Bodrahn or Bust Pt. 2".
    Sarah: Do I always have to save the day?
  • Tom gets an crowning episode of awesome in "Maze of Menace", where he risks life and limb to help restore Maxxor's courage. He outsmarts not one but two of the Underworld's most fearsome creatures in one of the coolest fake-outs in the entire show, knowing full-well that if they figured it out too early it would not end well for him. That takes guts, and it's probably what solidified Maxxor's faith in him.
  • "Crash Course", Yokkis is a cross between this and CMOF, mostly funny.
  • Arguably any time Tom goes out of his way to help a creature in need. There's a reason why most creatures change their tune about humans after meeting him.
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  • Tom beating Codemaster Crellan is clearly seen as an enormous win both in the show itself and in the universe, given that it is established that the Code Masters are supposed to be incredibly hard to beat. Even better is when Tom sees through Crellan's Batman Gambit and realizes that he has been wasting his time fighting Cromax. The second Tom reveals he should have gone after Ariak, Crellan clearly has a major Oh, Crap! moment of clear horror, and openly admits Tom has figured out his secret. Crellan drops the gloves completely, and really goes after Tom, but despite being outnumbered, Tom still wins.
  • All of the fighting in "Chaotic Crisis", even if Kaz dreamed the whole thing.
    • Chaor spots incoming human jets and tanks and the Underworlders dispatch them with relitive ease. Then Takinom gets taken down by some tanks and Chaor cuts lose on them, devastating the human military forces.
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  • Tom and Kaz's tag-team match against Klay and Krystella in "Dual, Duel".
  • The knock-down human on human fight between Tom, Peyton, Sarah and the kids who were destroying the ultra-rare locations in "A Rare Hazard".
  • Near the end of "Chaor's Commando's Pt 1". Despite his friendship with Chaor, Kaz risking his own life by de-cloaking the Dred Tread in an effort to warn Tom, Sarah and Peyton to get away was very brave.
  • When Maxxor and Chaor go up against Aa'une they need a way to tell the diffrence between him and the shapeshifter Iparu. So what's Chaor's great idea? He calls to Iparu and jumps into the "lake of no return" knowing that Iparu would save him. Chaor's either brilliant or insane, maybe both.
    • Definitely both.
    • The moment when the newly armored Maxxor makes his Big Damn Heroes entrance. It's double awesome thanks to both Aa'une and Chaor thought they'd just seen him die moments before, when in reality, it was merely Iparu posing as him the whole time.
  • Both H'earring and Wamma claim they are nothing more than lazy cowards. But when push comes to shove, they've both shown they're more than capable in battle.
  • It was awesome watching Kaz beat Hammerdoom with the first ever Gigantroper while being forced to fight him as a human in Perim. Also counts as a CMoF.
  • All of Tom's Codemaster Matches.
    • Even the one he loses shows how good he's gotten and how much he's learned since coming to Chaotic.
    • Tom's victories over Codemasters Crellen and Hotekk were pretty sweet, even more so with the fact that Tom is the only known character on the show to beat two codemasters.
  • When Tangath Toborn single handedly prevented Glacier Plains form flooding the rest of Perim by willingly sacrificing himself in order to use the Song of Stasis mugic.
    • Tangath does it again by allowing his sword (and his one means of staying in Perim) to be destroyed in order to save Maxxor and all of Perim from a dangerous old foe.
    • In "Triple Threat", Tangath's speech to the assembled creatures. Getting them to start working together, instead of bickering amongst each other.
    Tangath: (breaks up a fight) Some of you seem to have forgotten what we're doing here. We're fighting for our homeland! Now maybe you don't care about the Overworld if your a Danian. And Mount Pillar doesn't mean anything if your from Almipiden! But the future of Perim is at stake! If we, all of us, don't pull together into a unified battle force to stop the M'arrillians, none of us will survive! I don't care what tribe you're from. I expect full cooperation from every single one of you. If you can't put aside your prejudices for the duration of this mission... leave. Now.
  • Nothing is as awesome as facing down an entire wave of melted polar ice all by yourself, casting a time-freezing spell to keep the whole world and everyone in it from being drowned, and then getting frozen inside the subsequent ice in the process. Heroic Sacrifice to end all Heroic Sacrifices...that is, until the most recent episode, wherein the power of the First Tree was drawn upon to completely obliterate Vitog, thus saving Perim again. After that, Tangath Toborn did indeed deserve to "go to a world where an old warrior like him can live to fight another day". Besides being quite the Tear Jerker, it also included a very nice Heartwarming Moment:
    Tangath Toborn, to Heptadd: Stay strong... Maxxor makes a lot of enemies.
  • Tom finally putting CoolTom in his place. After spending an entire episode listening to the guy bragging about himself, stealing his friends, almost getting him killed, and constantly insulting him by calling him "Tom 2", Tom finally snaps once Krystella and Klay make fun of him for losing his friends to this pompous jerk and challenges him to a drome match. It doesn't go well at first, with him losing the first five matches, but then he calls out the jerk and proceeds to wipe the floor with him with just his signature creature, Maxxor. For extra karma, CoolTom bragged that he had never lost five matches in a row before, but then proceeded to have just that happen to him, then lost the last match for a total of six loses in a row.
    • Tom's refusal to give up on destroying the blight in Prexxor Chasm, no matter how hopeless the situation felt after trying everything he could think of with absolutely nothing succeeding. For him to do everything in his power and risk his own life to save an entire location and creatures that he had only recently become acquainted with really shows how much of a great person he really is.
  • In the episode "Going Under", Tom's been going through a losing streak against Underworld players, so Kaz convinces him to try something different and play with an Underworld deck instead of his Overworld one. Despite initial doubts (especially by Sarah) Tom proves himself an excellent Underworld player and goes through quite the winning streak, impressing many in the process and displaying that he's an even better player than just as an Overworld deck user. Doubles as a Moment of Heartwarming when he reveals that some of his winning moves and strategies came from seeing Kaz's own battles and thus inspired by his best friend.


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