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Mung:"Think of something dry!"
Chowder:"Like Shnitzel's sense of humour?"
Mung:"No that's too dry."
Chowder and Mung Daal on Schnitzel's sense of humour

Mung:"Chowder, life is like food, and sometimes we bite off more life than we can chew. Next thing you know, you're barfing life all over the place! The beds, the walls, the priceless carpet; and who do you think has to clean up all that life?"
Mung:"That's right,"
Schnitzel (offscreen):"Aw Radda!"
Mung:"Yes life can be a real mess, so keep a bucket nearby."
Chowder:"I'm...going to bed now,"
Mung:"Yes, go to bed Chowder... I'M SERIOUS ABOUT THAT BUCKET!"
Mung Daal to Chowder on life, Season 1 episode 13

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