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Despite premiering around the time that Cartoon Network was trying to phase out their animated programming with live-action shows while what little animated shows they had lacked the edge and audacity that most cable and network TV cartoons from the 1990s into the early 2000s had, this show still has some funny and dodgy moments that prove that, even when Cartoon Network was at its lowest, their radar system still being completely incapable of catching dubious content.


  • In the episode The Flying Flinger Lingons when Chowder runs off to join the Lingons, Mung shouts at him "You don't have the ballsuit!" while dragging him out.
  • This exchange from the finale:
    Adult!Chowder: But seriously, no more babies, okay?
    Adult!Panini: Okaaaay, I'll stop.
    • This comes after Panini has fifty babies with Chowder. With 20 in one day.
    Adult!Panini: Yes, I did!
  • In one episode, Gazpacho said that a monster's mother wears combat boots (which is after he sees the monster getting mad and says it isn't a bad thing and that his mother also wears them all the time). Saying someone mother wears Army boots comes from World War I stories of women either stealing boots from the corpses of soldiers or sleeping with soldiers so they can get footwear as they were too poor to buy them. In layman's terms, Gazpacho just called a monster's mom a whore (or a grave-robber).
  • One of the dishes listed in the cookbook that appears in the beginning of every episode was "Fumunda Cheese Crisps".note  Somebody apparently caught that, because in the middle of the first season the name was replaced by a more child-friendly "Shwish Cheese Crisps".
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  • There's an episode where Chowder wants to ride Mung's Dice-cycle, and yes, it is shortened the way you shorten the word "bicycle" to "bike".
  • Chowder eats a fruit that's so sour, he folds into himself. Mung Daal ties a string bean to his tail before he disappears completely, so they can try to pull him out. Then Mung refers to the vortex as the pucker hole. Right after the scene, the narrator tooth says "Now I know what you're thinking, well stop it and pay attention to the story! Sickos."
  • Toward the end of "The Lollistops", Chowder and Gazpacho are arrested by the Tooth Police. As they are surrounded one yells out "Freeze! Prepare for a cavity search!"
  • The European Spanish dub of "The Thrice Cream Man" has Truffles say that she feels sexy.
  • In the Hungarian dubbed version, they got away with saying "You're shit!" (as in, "You suck!") in one episode.
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  • The episode with the bird lady stealing from Gazpacho has a lampshaded one. The lady starts laying dozens of eggs and Chowder responds, "I thought this was a kids' show!"


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