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  • In "Shopping Spree", Mung, Chowder and Shnitzel go to a mall and spend all of the money in Truffle's money box while she is ill. Not only can they not afford all the stuff they bought, but they can't afford the animation and are consequently reduced to live-action footage of the four main Voice Actors: Dwight Schultz, Nicky Jones, John DiMaggio and Tara Strong in a recording studio. So what do they do to make money? They have a car wash.
  • Turn on captions while "The Blackout" is on and pay attention to what the weirdos say.
    Large Female Weirdo: I like pirates and movies and movies about pirates.
    Bird Man Weirdo: I suggest a firm, long-term investment in butter. Butter is...
    • The big-headed weirdo looks like Bill from King of the Hill.
  • In "The Party Cruise", Mung tries to excite Chowder on a fishing trip by telling him a story:
    Mung: Did I ever tell you of the time I went on my thousand-day fishing trip?
    Chowder: How many days?
    Mung: A thousand.
    Chowder: OH GOSH.
  • "Look Mung, I'm an Arborian!"
  • Everything involving the Marzipan PD.
  • The tail end of the bluenana episode was pretty hilarious...
    Baby Bluenana: (Cough) Mother..? Is that... you? Take me away from these horrible people!
    The mother then proceeds to call Panini and Chowder monsters and runs away crying as everyone still has a WTF? face on them.
  • "Pepper spray? That sounds delicious! (gets sprayed in the face) I WAS WRONG! I WAS HORRIBLY HORRIBLY WRONG!"
    • The entire pepper spray scene.
      • Later followed by "The Thousand Pound Cake" where a large bird claws Schnitzel's face for throwing Chowder's harmonica and (accidentally) hitting him on the head with it.
        Bird: How do ya like them apples?
        Chowder: I like apples. (starts getting clawed) AHH! BUT THESE APPLES ARE TERRIBLE!!!
  • This exchange from the Marmalade episode:
    Panini: Chowder, get over here.
    Chowder: But...can't I have more than one friend who's a girl?
    Panini: No. Don't test me, Chowder.
    Chowder: ...What flavor lip gloss are you wearing?
    Panini: Smackdown. Now get over here.
    Chowder: Uh, I think I'd rather stay with Strawbarbleberry...
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  • "Hey Mung! I'm gonna make you pee your pants!"
  • Mung on the Meaches: "They broke my spirit, and every bone in my body... They even ate my hair!"
    • When Chowder and Schnitzel are dressed as a mariachi band, the soldier meaches are not impressed and chase them out, and Chowder yells, "¡NO ME GUSTA!" Even funnier is that they tried the mariachi band, along with dressing as ghosts and then girl scouts. And Schnitzel went along with each and every plan as if they had a chance of working.
    • And when they finally get caught, Mung tries to give some help from the car:
      Mung Daal: No! Don't let them tear your arms off! That only makes them angry!
      Mung Daal: I've got to do something! (turns on the car radio and singing the opening of the show)
    • During what appears to be Chowder and Schnitzel's final moments, Chowder seems about to make a Platonic Declaration of Love:
      Chowder: Schnitzel, since it looks like this is the end for us, I just want to say... I used your apron to try unclogging my toilet.
      Schnitzel: RADDA!
      Chowder: Yeah, it just made it even more clogged...
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    • Mung saves the day in the end and sustains many injuries as a result.
      "Thank you, Chowder, for giving me to the courage to foolishly face my entirely rational fears."
    • Schnitzel, on the other hand, is reduced to a head set on a footstool, much to his irritation.
      Mung: Aw, quit whining. You get tomorrow off.
  • After Mung gives up trying to build a schmingerbread house he says "Knishmas is ruined, and it's all Schnitzel's fault."
  • The "At Your Service" episode, especially the part where Endive tells Panini to "put on some Celine" as Mung and Chowder rid Endive's pool of bugs.
    • Oh, GOD, that song in the background makes the whole scene ten times funnier.
  • Mung's failed attempt to save Truffles during a flood.
    "This isn't supposed to sink! It's MADE OUT OF FISH!"
  • When Panini makes Chowder hold her hand in "Banned from the Stand". Panini's reaction seals it:
    Chowder: IT— BURRRRNS!!!
    Panini: Let's go. Look everyone, we're holding hands! *~n_n~*
    • Hell, everything that Gazpacho does in that episode is too funny for words.
    Gazpacho: No! You have tried to gain fruit through deception! Your BANISHMENT!
    Gazpacho: (whispering) The hurts us all.
    Gazpacho: YOU'RE BANNED!!!!
    Hippo: I was just looking for the bathroom!
    Hippo: I am banned from the bathroom?
    Gazpacho: Every bathroom.
    Hippo: NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!!!!!!!!!
  • When Chowder is trying to get Mung Dal to taste what he made.
    Chowder: Please?
    Mung Dal: No, Chowder.
    Chowder (somehow now a woman): (seductively) Pretty please?
    Mung Dal: WHAT THE!?
  • In the episode where Endive thinks she killed Mung, she imagines herself in the West Pole. Her line truly captures what one would think if they ever went to such a place.
    Ms. Endive (imagining herself in the West Pole): OH MY GOSH! IT'S COLD HERE!
  • "Tofu Town Showdown":
    It was back when Tofu Town looked very much like 1960's Tokyo.

    His greatest enemies were the Anime Hair-wearing Teriyaki Triads!
    • The leader of the Teriyaki Triads speaks in a hysterically bad dub voice.
  • The beginning of "Weekend at Schnitzel's", where after several seconds of them doing nothing Chowder blurts out "This is boring, you're boring, life's boring, and this episode is boring!"
  • The episode where they're making the singing beans, and Mung adds a huge gold clock on a chain, 'For Flava'. That is quite possibly the smartest joke ever made on a children's show.
  • At the end of the episode "Brain Grub":
    Mung Daal: It's a long story.
    Chowder: Does it have pirates in it?
  • The normally hard-to-understand Schnitzel talking so that the audience understands him complete with Lampshade Hanging.
    Schnitzel: Yeah, I'm so the audience can understand me! Yo! My name's Schnitzel! ALL RIGHT!!!
    Chowder: Nah...doesn't work for us.
    Schnitzel: (falls over) Radda, radda, radda...
  • The "please" scene from "Burple Nurples":
    Chowder: (making puppy dog eyes) Please? Please?
    Mung Daal: Chowder, I just don't think you're ready yet.
    Chowder: Please?
    Mung Daal: No, Chowder.
    Chowder: Puh-lease?
    Mung Daal: NO.
    Chowder: Pleeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee...
    Mung Daal: Chowder!
    Chowder: ...eeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee...
    Mung Daal: Really now, you can't keep that up forever.
    Chowder: ...eeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee - yesIcan - eeeeeeeeeee...
    Mung Daal: You're not going to change my mind.
    Chowder: ...eeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee - butmissEndiveletPaninidoit - eeeeeeeeeeee...
    Mung Daal: (under his breath) Endive. (normal voice) If that battle-axe thinks her apprentice is ready, I'm sure my apprentice is more than ready. Chowder, get ready to cook!
    Chowder: ...eeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee - Woohoo! - eeeeeeeeeeeee...
    Mung Daal: (exasperated) You can stop now.
    Chowder: (still making the puppy dog face) ...eeeeeeee - I-wish-I-could-but-I'm-stuck - eeeee...
    • (You can view it here)
    • Hell, that entire episode is nothing but back-to-back hilarity.
      Chowder: *while dealing with Mung in disguise, bluntly* ...ugly ladies hafta pay.
  • This gem from "Endive's Dirty Secret", when she catches Mung taking photo's.
    Mung: Hey, guys, I wonder what Endive'll say when she finds out we've captured her dirty secret on film! (Unaware that Endive is angrily staring down at him)
    Chowder & Schnitzel: Humina, humina, humina, humina, humina!
    Mung: What, take more pictures? (See's Endive's eye through the camera) Schnitzel, this zoom lense is great!
    Endive: MUUUUUUUUNG!!!! (Mung looks up and realizes he's screwed)
    Mung: He-he-he-he-he...
    Endive GIVE!!!! ME!!!! THAT!!!! CAMERA!!!!
  • The scene in "The Apprentice Scouts" when Gazpacho yells at Ceviche for throwing up.
    "There's no time for barfing! You've got a badge to earn! What do you think, we're just gonna sit in the bushes and barf all day? Fat chance, pal! FAT CHANCE!"
  • The scene in the episode "The Heist" where Schnitzel, in a desperate attempt to keep Endive unaware there are Sugar Sapphires under her house, kisses her. The people's Reactive Continuous Scream was gold!
    • Mung licking one of the Sugar Sapphires causes his head to briefly turn into that of Bubbles.
  • The ending of "Schnitzel Makes a Deposit", where Chowder tells Schnitzel he forgot to put his own money in his account, meaning they have to go through the line again. Schnitzel's head shatters.
  • Nothing compares to the episode where Chowder writes on the screen, and his marker scribblings stay on the corner of the screen for the next several scenes, obscuring much of the action.
    Gazpacho: Stop, I can fix it! (Cut to a birds-eye view shot of the market) Not from there, get closer! (medium shot of his stall and Chowder) Closer... (medium shot of Gazpacho) Okay. (Cleans it off.) There.
    Chowder: What about that one? (points at the Cartoon Network logo in the corner of the screen)
    Gazpacho: (taps on the logo) Eh, that one doesn't come off. I tried.
  • Chowder's many attempts to ward off Panini in "Chowder's Girlfriend". Especially the one where he dons a moustache as a disguise.
    Chowder (wearing a fake moustache): Why hello Panini. I have a message for you from Chowder. Who I am not.
    Panini: Uh huh.
    Chowder: Chowder has moved far away and can not be your boyfriend.
    Panini: Where did he move to?
    Chowder: Uh, down the street to the next city.
    Panini: Yes?
    Chowder (deadpan): He's dead. Chowder's dead.
    Panini: Want a cookie Chowder?
    Chowder: Would I!- Aw man!
  • Comedy Gold! Relationship Comedy!
    Chowder and Gazpacho: ...
    • When Schnitzel goes up to the mic to tell his jokes, he starts, sees Mung, Chowder, and Truffles, and runs through the brick wall.
  • From "Panini for President":
    Chowder: I'm not listening to Gorgonzola. I was just hanging around with him all day because he was giving me food. He's ma' friend.
    Panini: Gorgonzola is not your friend. He's, like, a villain or something.
    Gorgonzola: (dressed as the Phantom of the Opera): How's it going Mr. President?
    Chowder: Ah! A villain!
    Cop: A villain you say!?
    Gorgonzola: You'll never take me alive, copper! (runs away)
  • A lot of "Paint the Town".
    • "Look at me, I'm Crazy Box Head Man!"
    • Chowder dancing out his frustrations, complete with a puppet of Chowder doing some wacky dances to what can only be described as Arabian jazz while, at least initially, wearing Michael Jackson's outfit from the "Smooth Criminal" video.
  • In "My Big Fat Stinky Wedding" Chowder has to sneak into Kimchi's wedding located inside an alligator. When you think that he would use a wrench to knock out Identical Stranger Porridge, he instead trades the wrench for Porridge's glasses. Porridge even wears the wrench in place of his glasses and plays the violin poorly as a result. Chowder then places the glasses on the gator's eyes and uses the altered perspective to somehow enter the gator's nose.
  • This conversation.
    Endive: Panini, silence the fat one!
    Gazpacho: But I didn't say nothin'!
    Endive: Not you. The fat, purple bunny cat kid.
    Purple Bunny Cat Kid: I didn't say nothin'.
    Ms. Endive: (holding up Chowder) This one! Silence this one!
  • The first minute of "The Toots" pretty much acknowledges three things: the show's need of made-up items, the show's name, and the basic formula of Chowder eating the Food of the Episode (the Tooten Fruit).
    Chowder: So what are we making today?
    Mung: Oh, just some bread.
    Chowder: But that doesn't sound like a fantastically whimsical Marzipanian dish at all!
    Mung: Good point. Let me find something made-up to put in it. (pulls out the Tooten Fruit) Here.
    Chowder: Oooooooh, what is it?
    Mung: It is a Tooten Fruit. They're full of gas and when they expand, they make the bread rise, just like yeast.
    Chowder: Oh. But why don't we just use yeast?
    Mung: Because this is Chowder!
    Chowder: But I'm Chowder.
    Mung: Right.
    Chowder: So, now what?
    Mung: Well, I should tell you not to eat it.
    Chowder: And I eat it anyway. Right?
    Mung: Yep. Here. (Puts the Tooten Fruit on the table, before turning around) Now I'll turn around, and pretend to be oblivious.
  • The song in the Christmas Episode.
    Chowder: And now the roof goes on and nothing can go wrong. (gingerbread house falls) OH NO IT ALL WENT WRONG!
  • From "Schnitzel Quits" after Schnitzel goes to work for Endive...
    Panini: What's his favorite food? What's his favorite color? What's his favorite cartoon? I bet it's Chowder!
  • From "The Hot Date":
    Mung Daal: Yeah, sometimes I got to beat the ladies off with a stick! (Scene cuts to Mung literally beating Truffles off with a stick) Back, woman! Back, I said!
  • From "Chowder Loses His Hat", we get the universe evidently trolling the poor kid:
    Chowder: *after trying to toss his hat onto Kimchi and missing, throwing it out the window* ...maybe it'll blow back?
    (beat) the wind carries the hat back to the tower...
    Chowder: YES!
    ...and then the hat gets boomeranged back out to the city
    Chowder: NOOOOOOOOO!
  • Almost all of "The Dinner Theater" counts. Every scene with Gazpacho in particular is pure gold.
  • Ceviche responds to the... drama Chowder starts by saying "Why can't we just do a musical? Nobody dies in musicals." This is quite literally the biggest lie ever told.
  • Every single thing Chestnut says or does, but one of the best is him fighting Shnitzel in his debut episode.
  • "End the show now!"
  • Gazpacho, normally a Large Ham Nervous Wreck, has an almost stoic reaction to being crushed by the giant Grubble Gum ball.
    Gazpacho: You thinking about becoming a ninja?
    Pig: Uh-huh.
    Gazpacho: You got the moves?
    Pig: Uh-huh.
    Gazpacho: The charisma?
    Pig: Uh-huh.
    Gazpacho: You with me?
    Chowder: HI GAZPACHO!
    Gazpacho: (beat) I Regret Nothing.
    (the grubble gum ball lands on him)
  • In "Big Ball", Truffles commandeers one of the teams as coach in a bid to get the game to finally end. After a football-style huddle, she calls "Break!" and the team spontaneously shatters like pottery. "Yes, yes, very funny. I hate this show."
    • In the same episode, Mung gets Chowder to not participate by pointing to a bench and saying it has a cold, asking Chowder to keep it warm. Later Chowder returns, happily and obliviously proclaiming the bench is nice and warm; cut to a brief shot of the Bench on fire. Heal It with Fire taken quite literally.
    • To stack the humour, when we cut back Chowder is now shirtless—when Mung ask what happened, Chowder replies he got hungry during the Cutaway.
    • When Truffles finally manages to end the game, the stadium is revealed to have been on the back of a lawyer-friendly version of Bowser, who throws the stadium in a giant trash can.
  • In "The Thrice Cream Man", Mung Daal's moment of Metaphorgotten:
    Mung: You see, Chowder, food is like life. And sometimes, we bite off more life than we can chew. next thing you know, you're barfing life all over the place: the beds, the walls, the priceless carpet. And who do you think has to clean up all that life?
    Chowder: (visibly ill) Shnitzel?
    Mung: That's right.
    Shnitzel: (offscreen) Aw, radda!
  • Much of "The Flibber-Flabber Diet". Highlights include:
    Random lady: MY BABY!!
    • Truffles' reaction to peanut butter.
    • After Truffles claims that Mung fattened her up, Mung announces that he, Chowder, and Schnitzel (all of whom are pretty chubby) are the picture of health.
    • "The winner gets... um... TO WIN! AND THAT IS ENOUGH!"
    • "HOORAY for crazy schemes!"
    • Every time Truffles spits the flibber-flabber in Mung's face, culminating in...
    (Gilligan Cut to Truffles spitting flibber-flabber in Mung's face)
    Mung: Okay, NOW I've had enough.
    • Then...
    Mung: I've got an idea!
    (Gilligan Cut to Truffles spitting flibber-flabber in Mung's face)
    Mung: I've got another idea.
  • "I like songs about mustard."
  • The Vacation, which features Chowder, Mung and Schnitzel Locked in the Bathroom:
    • Mung says that Chowder (who's starting to swell up from holding his pee) needs to find a way to use the toilet without being alone, otherwise they'll... drown.
      Chowder: ...Gross!
    • After Chowder's efforts at pretending to be alone fail, Mung offers a temporary solution until they can think of a way out:
      Mung: You need to distract your bladder! Think of something... dry!
      Chowder: Like Schnitzel's sense of humor?
      Mung: No, that's too dry.


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