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  • Mung and Chowder enduring Endive's torture for the mood fruit in "At Your Service". They just would not break.
  • Truffles spent an entire episode wanting to join a prestigious club for Marzipan's old ladies called The Big Hat Biddies, only for Mung and Chowder to screw everything up. However, after the leader insults their cooking and makes Mung cry in remorse, Truffles gets truly pissed off and kicks the club out in epic fashion.
    Truffles: You know what? You can take your ugly old hat, and give it to some other ugly old woman that wants to be in your ugly old club. (throws her hat on the floor, which one of the members tries to pick up)
    Leader: No!
    Truffles: And if I ever hear you say anything mean again about my husband, his apprentice, or his cooking, so help me, I will hunt you down, rip your arms off, and poke you with them till you beg for mercy! NOW GET OUT! AND BY THE WAY, MY NAME IS TRUFFLES!!!
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  • Chowder's taming of the eponymous Froggy Apple Crumple Thumpkin in the pilot by taking a bite out of its thumb.

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