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This is the Recap page for Class of 3000, a short-lived Cartoon Network series created by Andre 3000 that ran from 2006 to 2008 with 28 episodes over 2 seasons. It centers on a Cool Teacher and retired celebrity Sunny Bridges (voiced by Andre 3000) and the adventures of his quirky music class.

Season 1:

  1. "Home Part 1": World renowned musician Sunny Bridges quits music on stage and goes into hiding. Meanwhile in Atlanta, Georgia, his biggest fan Lil' D and his classmates, Madison, Eddie, Kim, Kam, Philly Phil, and Tamika are in need of a new music teacher at Westley School of Performing Arts.
  2. "Home Part 2": Lil' D unexpectedly encounters Sunny Bridges in a pawn shop and tries to convince him to become his class' music teacher. However, Sunny Bridges is weary of the whole business. Now, it's up to Lil' D and his friends to bring Sunny Bridges' passion back so he will agree to be their new teacher.
  3. 'Peanuts Get Yer Peanuts': On Sunny's first day as music teacher, he teaches his students to apply imagination to their music and is informed that he will head the annual Peanut Pageant. But because Principal Luna is having him do paperwork, Sunny has the class manage everything, leading to chaos when they apply their lesson without harmony.
  4. 'Funky Monkey': The class are eager to get roles in the upper class' musical play on King Kong with Lil' D desiring the open drummer spot. Although they don't get their wishes, Lil' D does find a gorilla with percussion talents at the zoo and brings it in to earn himself his desired spot.
  5. "The Hunt For Red Blobtober": The class go on a treasure hunt after they find a map from Sunny Bridges' high school years when he was member of what they believe to be a band of pirates called the Funkaneers. What they find instead is a mutant blob of sloppy joe and toxic waste Sunny and his band locked away years ago.
  6. "Eddie's Money": Eddie invites the rest of the class to his birthday party where Sunny gives him a strange compass which he says will lead Eddie to his real gift. So, Lil' D and Eddie head out to downtown Atlanta where Eddie, a kid gets everything he wanted and more, sees a side of life that Sunny had being teaching through the blues.
  7. 'The Devil And Li'l D': At the Westley Career Fair, Lil' D signs a contract with a strange recording company called Soulstack Records, which is headed by a man called "Big D". Under the contract, Lil' D quickly becomes a complete sellout and losing his musical soul. Now, it's up to Sunny to try get it back.
  8. 'Brotha From The Third Rock': Phily Phil heads to space to prove that aliens are real, but his rocket ends up crashing on Earth. His odd appearance and dazed state cause a bumbling secret government agency to capture him under belief he is an alien, so Phil's classmates and Sunny head out to save him.
  9. "Westley Side Story": Sunny's rival from Eastley School of Performing Arts, T-Top Tolier, challenges Sunny to play against him and his class the Fulton County Region Two Rockettes. A vengeful Sunny begins to put all his effort into having his class work as a team, but Kim and Kam will need to get their sibling rivalry out of the way.
  10. 'Love Is In The Hair... Net': Principal Luna asks Sunny to write him a love song dedicated to the gravelly-voiced lunchlady Ms. Squattenchowder. However, Madison (who found some of Sunny's drafts) gets the wrong idea and thinks Sunny is the one in love, so she sets him up on a blind date.
  11. "Am I Blue?": An accident with Phil Phil's latest invention during the First Year Spring Pageant turns everybody but Eddie blue. It quickly results in the class (except Eddie) becoming immensely popular, which they pride upon their new band gimmick and indulge in. Meanwhile, Eddie and Sunny practice for the upcoming All Schools Pageant.
  12. "Prank Yankers": Tamika becomes a member of the school council where she quickly befriends the two most popular girls in school. However, their love for pranks soon gets Tamika suspended when they frame her for stealing the school's chalk. So, the class try to catch the popular girls in their next prank - stealing Sunny's magic chalk.
  13. "Mini Mentors": Sunny is known for his ability to stay cool in any situation, but when he is asked to write a dedication song to his tough mentor Heotis "Bullfrog" Suggs, he begins to shrink from the stress in his belief that Bullyfrog was never proud of him. So, the class try to patch things up for Sunny and Bullfrog.

Season 2:

  1. "Too Cool for School": Fed up with their same old boring teachers, Kim begins to use Sunny's cellphone to hire celebrities as replacements, hoping that what worked with Sunny would work with them. However, none of the celebrities are any good at their new jobs and the paparazzi is flooding the school, to which Sunny responds to by retiring to the farm.
  2. "Nothin' to It but to Do It": Because Principal Luna is forcing him to join the rest of the teachers on a stress-relieving weekend vacation, Sunny gets his class to do some house chores for him - feed the fish, water the plants, and wash his clothes. None of those tasks are as easy as they sound when it comes to Sunny's mansion though.
  3. "Free Philly": Phily Phil's classmates become fed up with the constant disasters created by his inventions and gadgets, so he transfers to Magnet Institute of Science and Technology where his passion for science and gizmos fits right in. Meanwhile, Principal Luna tries to find something that he can upstage Sunny at.
  4. Tamika and the Beast: Lil' D's victory at a drumming competition means he'll have to play against the hulking and intimidating drumming champion "The Beast", who everyone but a lovestruck Tamika perceives a vicious brute. When Lil' D's drum set is mysteriously damaged multiple times, everybody begins to suspect it's The Beast.
  5. "Safety Last": After an incident involving an angry Renaissance fair attacking Westley, Eddie's safety-minded parents begin to interfere with their son's life at school. It becomes more problematic when they meddle with Sunny's Rapunzel musical, convincing Eddie that the best thing for everybody would be to lock himself away in a lonely tower.
  6. "Study Buddies": Lil' D and Sunny team up to study for a history test that both of them failed at. They must pass their second chance if the class is to go to the Happy Splash Water Park and beat the overwhelming heat wave. Meanwhile, the heat is starting to drive Kam (who was born without sweat glands) mad.
  7. "The Cure"
  8. "The Class of 3000 Christmas Special Part 1": When Eddie invites Santa Claus himself over to spend time with Tamika, Lil' D finds out that he's on the naughty list, and thus won't be able to get a video game console he wants. The only person not happy about seeing Santa is Sunny though, so Lil' D decides to find out what Sunny's grudge against Santa is.
  9. "The Class of 3000 Christmas Special Part 2": Santa Claus decides to make up to Sunny by inviting him to be his head elf for Christmas. On their way to the North Pole though, Santa's reindeer-less sleigh crashes from the weight of Lil' D's bribe of giant sack of cookies. Now, the class has to head to the North Pole to rescue Santa, Sunny, and Christmas.
  10. "Big Robot on Campus": Phily Phil builds a robot named B.R.O.C. (Baddest Robot on Campus) that is programmed to act popular, hoping that the robot's success with the popular kids will rub off on him. However, B.R.O.C.'s attitude ends up turning against Phily Phil. Meanwhile, Sunny is trying to make the 1910s popular with kids in honour of the school's 101st anniversary.
  11. "Take a Hike!": Madison and Tamika get lost in the woods when Sunny takes the class out for a hike to find a cave with great acoustics. Now Tamika not only has to find the way back home, but also has to put up with Madison's extremely nonchalant behavior towards their situation. Meanwhile, Sunny is trying everything he can to ready a search party.
  12. "You ain't Seen Nothin' Yeti"
  13. "Vote Sunny": The class host a campaign to nominate Sunny for the Atlanta Teacher of the Year Awards. They're successful in their endeavors, thanks to their teamwork, but Sunny is only allowed to bring one student to the award ceremony at the risk of being disqualified. So, the class all begin competing for his favor.
  14. "Kam Inc."
  15. "Two to Tango"

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