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This show is in love with this trope.

  • During the scene in "Clarence Gets a Girlfriend" where the three main kids are looking for advice in Jeff's computer, Sumo is suddenly drawn rather rough and sketchy, as well as a loud screech heard in the background when he speaks.
  • Toward the end of "Belson's Sleepover" Clarence says one line in a completely different, more adult sounding voice for no apparent reason.
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  • The scene in "Dinner Party" where Clarence thinks fiberglass insulation is cotton candy and burns his hand with it. It comes out of nowhere, is completely different from the overall tone of the show, and is over in a few seconds after Jeff runs his hand under water.
  • "Hit the pinata! Hit the pinata!".
  • "Pilot Expansion", which is just the original pitch pilot of Clarence sandwiched between framing devices of Jeff, Clarence, and Sumo as old men in the future trying to tell the story of how they met (it played out as if it could be the final episode of the series, considering that it premiered around the time Skyler Page was fired and a lot of people were concerned about whether or not it would go on without him). And, for reasons known only to the writers, it ends with a shout-out to The Jetsons.
  • "Rough Riders Elementary" has Aberdale Elementary get a sponsorship from Rough Riders Chicken. The fast food chain slowly takes over the school and brainwashes everyone but Clarence by feeding them a new sauce. Eventually, the school is turned into a fast food restaurant with the students as mindless employees. And then it turns out that Rough Riders Chicken is a cult that is trying to convert students into members. And then things go completely off the rails. Luckily, it all turns out to be a story Clarence made up for his report. Yep.
    • While this was quite the Bizarro Episode, one scene especially stands out. When Clarence opens a door, he finds Ms. Baker dressed as a southern belle pouring cinnamon ranch sauce into a kiddie pool with Mr. Reese wading in it while dressed as a chicken. Clarence doesn't say anything about it and nothing comes of it.
  • "Jeff Wins" has Clarence randomly breaking into the musical number Uptight as You, singing in an adult's voice, complete with Sumo playing piano and showgirls that show up out of nowhere, as well as a cutaway to Jeff's moms where they somehow hear it. It's left entirely unclear afterwards whose fantasy it was and the plot moves on as if it never happened.
  • In "Suspended", the boiler room part was super random. What really makes it random was how unrealistically big the boiler was, the fact it was far down below the school, the multiple-choice pipe quiz, and its overall existence. It basically felt like an episode of Regular Show.
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  • The second half of "Tuckered Boys" arguably rivals "Rough Riders Elementary" in terms of BLAM.
  • At the end of "Chimney", the dog talks to Joshua in a robotic voice, which may or may not have just been in Joshua's head.
  • The end of "Game Show" has the Jerkass host falling into a pool, washing off his makeup and hair. He's really some sort of skeletal goblin thing- he flees the scene yelling "DON'T LOOK AT ME!"
  • Near the end of "Zoo", Ms. Baker randomly brings up that her having to go back for Clarence and Belson somehow ruined her plans to move to "Caaalifooornia...", and then her mind wanders off thinking about it before Belson snaps her back to reality. Bizarrely enough, this is paid off in "Clarence's Stormy Sleepover".