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Headscratchers for Clarence.

  • Why didn't they have Tom Kenny re-record Sumo's lines in the "Pilot Expansion" episode? The slight difference in certain character designs makes the whole episode a bit strange to watch as part of the normal series, but that can be forgiven since re-animating the episode would be time-consuming and expensive for something not very necessary. But the inconsistency with Sumo's voice (Jason Marsden) is bothersome and would've been much easier to remedy. This goes double when you consider the fact that they added an extra scene in which Sumo speaks a single line with the Tom Kenny voice.
  • So, are the characters wearing socks on their feet, or are they just stylized shoes?
    • They're mostly stylized shoes, that just to happen to look like socks. However, as for the titular character, it is implied the he mostly doesn't wear shoes.
  • In the episode "Plane Excited", Clarence enters the cockpit of an airliner in flight WITHOUT any sort of resistance from the pilots or the air marshall. No passenger has been allowed to do so since 9/11. How was it Clarence was granted access without an air marshall arresting him? Could it be that 9/11 never occurred in the world of Clarence? Or are the pilots just very lax?
    • Maybe an alternate universe?
  • Why is Belson still rich after "Company Man"?
    • If I'm not mistaken, it's not uncommon for any funds that someone obtained to be diverted over to a spouse and child in any event they get in trouble or their accounts are frozen, in which case, Mrs. Noles was probably given control of the accounts after her husband's arrest.

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