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  • Clarence In both ways. Fans either think that he's an adorable and funny Cloudcuckoolander while detractors find his actions not funny at all and tire of his over-exaggerated Karma Houdini status. Some also wished that he wasn't mandatorily crammed in every episode (especially when having episodes involving other characters.) His characterization received more flak as he was Flanderized into a mindless troublemaker who sometimes puts others in harm's way. The episode "Dare Day" is a close example to this, where he and Sumo almost killed each other over a bunch of dares.
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  • Fans love Jeff for being an adorkable, cute character with common sense and humor to boot. Others hate him due to his (often over dramatic and frankly uncalled for) freak outs and for both his creepy opinions of girls and his view in his social ranking, especially when he trying to be so-called over-the-top. "Average Jeff" pushed him even further into this territory as from that point on, he became the subject of Flanderization, to where his sole purpose was trying to be better than his friends in terms of intelligence and being selfishly self-motivated.
  • Sumo has fans to where they considered him as the Only Sane Man, who is at least more favorable than his two friends, with his behavior having the excuse of his living standards and trying to get attention as he has a lot of siblings. Others find him near-unappealing and can be turned off by his rather raspy voice or his troublemaking, especially with Clarence.
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  • Belson has fans that find him funny for being the Comically Serious and believe that he is a harmless Jerkass Woobie and Butt-Monkey. His detractors hate him for being an over-exaggerated rich Faux Affably Evil Spoiled Brat who deserves his Butt-Monkey status and those who see him as the Clarence version of Eric Cartman but not funny or favorable at all.

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