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  • Banned Episode: "Straight Illin", an episode that had only premiered once in the US note , and has not seen any reruns since then, after mass outcry over the incredibly gross and disturbing nature of the episode, which involves Clarence eating 500 deviled eggs which have been left out in the sun, getting extremely sick, being sent to school anyways, and then breaking into the school air conditioning system, thus sickening the entire schoolnote . Good news for people who did like that episode (or can tolerate watching it without getting sick): since the entire series of Clarence is on HBO Max, this episode is included.
    • "Neighborhood Grill" was temporarily banned from airing on Cartoon Network's Latin American channel due to its casual depiction of a gay male couple. When the episode finally aired on CN Latin America, the scene of Miss Baker thinking a handsome man who just came in the restaurant is her date, only to find out that he's waiting for another man was cut, making one wonder why a banning (be it temporary or permanent) was even needed.
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  • Banned in China: The show itself got banned in Kenya in 2017 as part of that country's effort to ban American children's cartoons that depict alternative sexualities (homosexuality, mostly). Steven Universe and The Loud House are other series that have been banned for similar reasons.
  • Creator Breakdown: One of the most notable and played-out in recent animation history. Basically, the reason Skyler Page got kicked off the show was due to his sexual assault of female crew members and worsening bipolar disorder that escalated into psychotic episodes that created a hostile work environment. This, along with the fact that Page was basically expendable when it came to making the show (only coming up with the concept and voicing Clarence) didn't help his case, meaning that the show went on without him.
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  • Crossdressing Voices: Skyler Page note  and Damien Haas who both voiced Amy Shtuzger.
  • The Danza: Carlos Alazraqui voiced Sensei Carlos in "Karate Mom".
  • Defictionalization: You can get a real Farting Cactus shirt.
  • Descended Creator: Skyler Page himself voiced Clarence until his termination. His second voice actor is Spencer Rothbell, the show's head writer who, according to other staff members, actually had far more creative contribution than Page did.
    • Katie Crown, who does a variety of voices on the show, is also on the writing staff.
  • Executive Meddling: Originally, the gay couple from "Neighborhood Grill" were supposed go have an onscreen kiss on the lips, but Cartoon Network objected and asked to tone it down to them kissing on the cheeks to avoid any complaints coming from most of the over-exaggerated Moral Guardians.
  • God Does Not Own This World: Despite Skyler Page creating the premise of the show and voicing the main character, he didn't have much involvement in the creative process. Because of this, the show kept going without Page's involvement.
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  • Image Source: Bad Bedroom, Bad Life
  • Missing Episode: As much goes to what Executive Meddling had already explained for this. The premiere of "Neighborhood Grill" was postponed by over a year in Latin America and Brazil (it premiered on January 11, 2016), no doubt due to the gay couple that appears in the episode. When the episode finally premiered, the entire scene with the man coming in the restaurant, Ms. Baker thinking he's her date, and the revelation that the man is gay was unsurprisingly cut, given CNLA's Animation Age Ghetto content censoring to avoid any complaints.
  • Out of Order: "Belson's Sleepover" was meant to be the debut of the titular character to the cast, but instead aired after "Neighborhood Grill"
    • "Sumo Goes West" was meant to air before "Valentimes", as Sumo is already at West Aberdale in "Valentimes". Though "Sumo Goes West" was released online first.
  • Prop Recycling: Quite a few episodes' title cards use the same basic prop of Clarence's stomach, with only the scenery and a few additions around him changing.
  • Queer Character, Queer Actor: Jeff's mothers are voiced by actual lesbians, Tig Notaro and Lea DeLaria
  • Short Run in Peru:
    • The episode "Karate Mom" had aired in Asia and Australia about a month before it aired in the U.S. in a June.
    • The short, "Beach Blast" was added to the Middle Eastern Cartoon Network YouTube channel, about four months before the U.S. ever got it in April.
      • Then other shorts like "Doodle Battle" and "Lonely Lonnie", aired in Latin American and the Turkish CN YouTube channel.
    • The US broadcast of the last fourteen episodes were pushed so far back (coming out nearly a year after the lion's share of the same season's first half) they'd aired in multiple other countries months earlier. note 
  • Screwed by the Network: Much like the rest of the CN shows, it seemed to get this treatment, thanks in part to the usual excessive Teen Titans Go! and The Amazing World of Gumball reruns. The series was not mentioned nor renewed by CN for its upfront for 2017-2018. The exact reasons for this are unknown, but is speculated that the series was unable to fully distance itself or recover from the incident caused by Skyler Page's actions.
    • The show was once one of the most adored shows on CN's UK feed, even outnumbering Teen Titans Go! in terms of reruns on a given week in late 2015. However, its final known rerun on the feed was on August 13, 2017. The only time it's aired since then are on special occasions (Christmas 2017 and the NEW NEW NEW NEW Friday premiere block).
    • In February 2018, most of the reruns had completely disappeared as the network blatantly ignored the existence of the show, with no information on whether the new episodes will arrive after it aired in other countries. Around late May, however, it was announced that the remaining episodes of the series would be aired with promotion in June, where three marathons on Sundays dedicated to this show and Craig of the Creek would be hold.
  • Talking to Himself: Katie Crown voices quite a few of the adult women on this show, and her characters have talked to each other a few times (Ms. Shoop and Ms. Baker conversing over lunch in "Turtle Hats", for instance).
  • The Other Darrin:
    • With Skyler Page fired following his sexual harassment accusations and deteriorating mental stability, head writer Spencer Rothbell has stepped in as the new voice of Clarence for the second half of the series' first season. Rothbell's first episodes as the voice of Clarence (in short bits) were "The Forgotten" (the episode where Clarence and a neurotic, Charlie Brown-esque kid walk home after being left behind at school), "Patients" (the episode where Clarence tries to be good in a doctor's office waiting room so he can get candy), and "Bedside Manners" (the episode where Clarence visits Belson in the hospital). Starting with "Goldfish Follies" (the 11-minute long homage to Fleischer Studios' rubber-hosed cartoons from the 1920s and 1930s centered on Clarence getting a pet goldfish and trying to get it home as quickly as possible), Rothbell voiced Clarence full-time. Luckily, there's no detectable differences in Page and Rothbell's performances, making the transition much smoother.
    • Page was also the original voice for Mr. Reese, Nathan, Amy, and Larry. Spencer Rothbell voiced Mr. Reese in the episode "Straight Illin" and Donovan Patton (of Blue's Clues fame) took over the voice of Mr. Reese the character starting in "Detention". Damien Haas took over the voice of Amy and Nathan starting in "Straight Illin" and "Detention" and Rothbell took over the voice of Larry starting in "Ice Cream Hunt".
    • Dave Wittenberg voiced Breehn's dad Walt in the episode "Dinner Party". However, he was voiced by Tom Kenny in the episode "Clarence's Stormy Sleepover Episode 6: Flood Brothers".
    • Jason Marsden voiced Sumo and Belson in the pilot. In the series, he was replaced by Tom Kenny and Roger Craig Smith respectively.
    • Randall is voiced by Jon Heder in "Rise 'n' Shine". In "Godlfish Follies" he was voiced by Roger Craig Smith.
  • The Wiki Rule: Clarence Wiki.
  • What Could Have Been: In the "Man of the House" episode, originally had ideas for three different daydreams:
    • Clarence's daydream, had one with Clarence and his friends playing cards with their heads on the dog's body.
    • Jeff's daydream was about him cleaning up the living room while having to tie Sumo and Clarence on the couch instead of in the closet.
    • Sumo's was a adult version of himself with his friends as infants, with Belson appearing only as a spider, where it end with Sumo tossing a spear upon the spider Belson, therefore killing him off-screen.
    • During the RebelTaxi podcast, voice actor Spencer Rothbell was interviewed and went through the series's upcoming episodes and original episode ideas that had never came into fruition:
    • Originally there was going be a non-canon crossover with the main character from Uncle Grandpa, where a tornado would twist though Aberdale until the end of the episode, where Uncle Grandpa would have appeared and revealed himself to be the tornado.
    • There was also originally going to be a episode where Clarence dies by falling from the tree and becomes a ghost to jokingly haunt everyone in Aberdale.
    • The unreleased episode, "College", was originally going to be made, but it was subsequently replaced by the 22 minute episode "Capture The Flag".
  • Written by Cast Member: Quite a few episodes note  were written by Katie Crown, VA of Mary, Ms. Baker, and quite a few other female characters.

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