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Don't say goodbye
I promise everything will be alright
Don't leave me, I'm sorry
I'll fix this if it costs me my life
I'm going to make this right

A type of episode that centers around a Break-Up/Make-Up Scenario: two characters suddenly start feuding with each other, either over a minor matter that gets blown out of proportion, or sometimes for seemingly no reason at all. Sometimes, another character will try to get the two feuding characters to make up by putting together some sort of crazy scheme (i.e. a Forged Message), but there is actually a 90% chance that the scheme will fail, and the feud intensifies further From Bad to Worse. In the end, the two characters will invariably put behind their silly feud to help their friends in some kind of trouble (if not that, then expect them to stop fighting because of an Enemy Mine instead). An Aesop about putting behind your troubles usually will soon follow afterward.

They might be feuding over a common love interest, or perhaps due to hometown prejudices, but sometimes the two may feud so long that, in the end, they can't remember what it was about.


Alternatively, two longtime friends get mad and breakup over some random bad event (often, a Girl of the Week can be the cause of such a conflict). Kids' shows seem to love this one, as The Power of Friendship is the backbone of their group dynamics.

This often leads to their other friends getting into an argument and/or and fight against each other, and taking sides. Much commonly, there's always a time where both sides have to reconcile and apologize to each other, which happens at the end of each episode in particular.

Sometimes a Merchant of Menace makes a few bucks by selling weapons to both sides, continuing and escalating the fight to fatten his own pockets.

If the conflict seems too reminiscent of a lovers' quarrel, Homoerotic Subtext may ensue.

Compare Achilles in His Tent. Not to be confused with episodes of the Feud.



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    Anime and Manga 
  • There was an episode of the Little Lulu anime where Tubby and Willy were feuding against each other every time they met up with each other. The reason they were feuding was because the indian chief suits that they bought at the store looked exactly alike, which was what ignited their feud in the first place. Even more insightful that the episode itself was based on a Little Lulu comic that had nearly the same plot.
  • An episode of Digimon Savers had Marcus and Agumon get into a fight which results in Agumon hiding inside Marcus' digivice for most of the episode. When Marcus is unable to defeat a BlackGarurumon that's rampaging through the city, Agumon finally comes to the rescue and everything is sorted out once again.
  • Ouran High School Host Club- The Twins Fight: Hikaru and Kaoru get into an epic argument over how they're tired of always looking alike and they drag the rest of the club with them. In this case, there is no Zany Scheme the others try to plan to get them to make up. Also, it's futher subverted, as the twins were just acting all along because they were bored!
  • Asuna and Negi do this, except Negi immediately feels really badly and keeps trying to apologize, whereas Asuna got over it quickly enough but didn't want to admit it. Not that they've been friends for long but she's probably only his second friend and the one he trusts most.
  • Fridge Logic reveals that this is practically all that happens in Conrad and Yozak's friendship after Yuri turns up in Kyou Kara Maou!.
    • The first time, it's basically Yozak being cynical and jealous and Conrad being his psychotically loyal self, but after that we get a mind-controlling mountain of hate and the... DaiShimaron thing. These two have some of the best fights in the series, all swords with no magic, but it's kind of sad. Before Yuri came they don't seem to have fought at all. If Fighting Your Friend wasn't reserved for a certain video-game situation, it'd be made for them.
    • The reason it's Fridge Logic is because, the first time Conrad threatens to kill Yozak in the anime (if he ever puts Yuri in danger again), we don't know they're lifelong best friends. Jeepers. Puts a little more depth into the face Yozak makes there.
  • Pokémon:
    • In one episode called The Bicker, The Better, Ash and May get into an argument and argue for almost all of the episode. Not only that, but Jessie and James ALSO get into a fight! But being beaten by a couple who're obsessed with love and their Nidoqueen/Nidoking combo did NOT help. In the end, though, Ash and May eventually make up.
    • This also happens to Ash and Iris in The Path That Leads To Good-bye, when they blame each other for simple things like berries being too sour or failing to catch a Dunsparce. They eventually break off their friendship and head off in opposite directions, but they soon miss each other. So at the end, after they drove off Team Rocket, they apologize to each other, and they stay as friends.
  • While Plot-Mandated Friendship Failure usually happens in many Pretty Cure series, The Movie of Futari wa Pretty Cure Splash★Star slaps a Feud Episode out of nowhere. Many fans pretty much declare the movie skippable because of it.
  • In Chapter 21 of New Game!, Aoba and Nene have a fight after Nene expresses her concerns over Aoba working too hard at her job, something that Aoba brushes off while saying that Nene is easygoing. They spend the chapter fuming and avoiding each other. They make up by the end.
  • In Girls und Panzer, this happens twice during the prequel manga, Little Army, between Miho's childhood friends. The first time, Emi insults Hitomi, angering Hitomi's long time friend Chihiro, and causing the newly-formed tankery team to break apart until Miho talks to each of them. The second time, Emi's saying that she hates Maho angers Miho to the point at which she says that she hates Emi, a gesture Miho immediately regrets, but which results in Emi giving her the cold shoulder for a while.
  • In Osomatsu-san, "Accident?" has this between Osomatsu and Choromatsu.
  • Panty & Stocking with Garterbelt: "Catfight Club", between Panty and Stocking.
  • Tamagotchi: Episode 118 is about Moriritchi and Anemoriritchi getting into a fight, causing the former to move to Lovelitchi's house. Lovelitchi and a few others try to help the two to stop fighting.

    Animated Films 
  • Lightning McQueen and Mater in Cars 2, as a result of McQueen losing due to Mater being recruited as a spy and not serving as his crew chief (Luigi later takes that role). Also that the Cloud Cuckoolander Mater embarrasses McQueen in front of his fellow racers.

    Asian Animation 
  • Happy Heroes: Episode 10 of Season 7 is a variation on the trope. Nearly everyone in the city is fighting with each other for no apparent reason... because Big M. has set up a machine that causes rival ambassadors Wang and Miao to have their negative feelings projected onto others whenever they're quarreling, so the problem lies in the Supermen getting them to stop arguing so that everyone else will stop too.
  • The Lamput episode "The Split" is about unintentional injuries sustained while chasing after Lamput causing the docs to get into a fight and separate. Lamput goes to get them to reunite, but not without difficulty since the docs just ignore each other. In the end, the annoyances caused by Lamput is enough to get Fat Doc and Slim Doc to get back together and go to catch him once more.
  • In Pleasant Goat and Big Big Wolf: Joys of Seasons episode 30, Tibbie and Jonie get into an argument over who should pretend to be the mother of Tibbie's toy doll. The argument ends with the toy doll breaking, which makes Tibbie sad and causes her to tell Jonie she doesn't want to play with her anymore. Weslie, Paddi, and Sparky decide to come up with a plan to bring them back together.

    Comic Books 
  • Asterix and the Roman Agent: Caesar sends an agent, Tortuous Convolvulus, to the Gaulish village. He is a natural troublemaker who can cause dissension and stir up fights between anyone, and soon nearly the entire village is feuding. Even Asterix and Obelix get angry at each other... for about four panels.
  • This was a major plot point in Archie Comics' Sonic the Hedgehog between Sonic and Tails: Sonic had started going out with Fiona Fox, unaware the young hero had a major crush on her since falling in love with her robotic double way back when. Sonic's constant talk about her just made things worse even after she pulled a Face–Heel Turn and partnered up with Scourge the Hedgehog. It finally boiled over when Tails decided to help his recently-returned parents in trying to change the government while Sonic sided with the royalty.

    Fan Works 
  • In One Year, this happens between two of Yu Narukami's old friends, the athletic Kaoru and the studious Kenji, who have very different skillsets and ideas on whether their success is due to talent or hard work. Tensions between them come to a head after Kaoru is removed from the team, resulting in a heated argument and their not speaking to each other for a week.

  • Entire sections of Harry Potter novels consist of Harry, Ron and Hermione getting mad at each other. These escalate until in the seventh book, Ron leaves entirely for a number of chapters.
  • The conflict between Herald Dirk and Herald Kris is a major plot point in the first Heralds of Valdemar trilogy. Plays out interestingly, first, because it was deliberately provoked by a scheming Evil Chancellor, and secondly, because the two friends were much more closely bonded than he had anticipated and were able to overcome their differences.
  • In the Rainbow Magic series, Juliet the Valentine Fairy's book is like this; Rachel and Kirsty are compelled to argue for almost all of it, only patching things up with the return of the magic candy box.
  • The Berenstain Bears: "Get In A Fight" deals with Brother and Sister getting into a bitter argument with each other.

    Live-Action TV 
  • The Addams Family:
    • In "Morticia & Gomez vs Fester & Grandmama", they have a feud because Morticia and Gomez believe that Uncle Fester and Grandmama are spoiling the kids.
    • In "The Winning of Morticia Addams", Uncle Fester tries to make Gomez and Morticia fight for their own good, and even enlists Grandmama, Lurch, and Thing. They mess with a chess game in progress and try to convince each person that the other is cheating and Fester claims Morticia called Zen Yogi (which Gomez highly enjoys) quackery. None of it works.
  • In Boy Meets World, Cory and Shawn go through this in the episode "It's Not You, It's Me..." after Shawn accuses Cory of leaving him behind because Cory wants to apply for a higher level college than Shawn can get into.
  • Buffyverse:
    • The team on Angel splits up for part of one season (actually, they split up several times), with Angel firing the rest of the crew because they're worried he's getting too evil.
      • This trope also takes up a large part of season 4.
    • Meanwhile, Buffy temporarily loses her friends a few times, although it's always made clear that it could never be permanent. The worst of these was in the seventh season.
      • Invoked by Spike in "The Yoko Factor" between Giles and the Power Trio, though it doesn't take much episode.
      • "Triangle" has Xander's best friend (Willow) and his girlfriend (Anya) feud because they are both worried that the other will hurt him.
  • The 1952-04-24 episode of George Burns and Gracie Allen's TV program revolved around a feud between George and his old friend Jack Benny, after Jack stole one of George's jokes during a performance.
  • Community had an episode in which an argument between Heterosexual Life-Partners Troy and Abed escalated into a campus-wide Civil War.
  • Degrassi: The Next Generation seems to like this trope:
    • Happened a couple of times with Emma and Manny in season 3. First in "U Got The Look" when Manny gets her infamous makeover and starts flirting with JT while she is interested in another guy. Emma tells Manny she's leading JT on. Manny then tells Emma to either mind her own business or stop talking to her. They make up pretty quickly after this, but their bigger fight comes later that season in "Against All Odds" when Emma doesn't approve of Manny helping Craig cheat on Ashley. They don't talk to each other for what appears to be several months in-universe. Things between the two are finally patched up when Emma helps Manny out with her pregnancy. They also got into some arguments where they temporarily stopped speaking to each other in seasons 4, 5, and 6. However, these fights didn't last for too long.
    • This also happened several times with Jimmy and Spinner throughout the series. The worst was when Jimmy stopped talking to Spinner for the rest of season 4 and a good portion of season 5 after finding out he was responsible for Rick shooting him.
    • Anya ended her friendship with Holly J after realizing she was sick of being treated like dirt. While the two do eventually reconcile, they never quite go back to being best friends (Fiona is Holly J's current best friend).
  • Doctor Who: In "Father's Day", Rose and the Doctor have a fight about how Rose just destroyed the time stream, and he steams out, threatening to leave her. He can't, since it turns out the TARDIS is just a police-box for once, but he later says he wouldn't have left her.
  • Friends has "The One With The Morning After", in which Ross and Rachel's quarrel results in their break-up. Meanwhile, their four friends are trapped in Monica's room and are unable to leave due to the argument taking place.
  • The episode "Get the Message" of Ghostwriter featured one of these—when Mr. Fernandez, Alex and Gaby's father, inadvertently spirals out of control while driving and crashes into Lenni's father's music equipment, the families begin to feud; things only get worse when Tina, who would in most cases be a neutral party, is interviewed about the accident and says that she felt frightened by Mr. Fernandez's crazy driving. To compound the issue, resident Jerkass Calvin deliberately plays up the team's anger at each other to try to determine the secret they've been hiding. The trouble is that Ghostwriter apparently lives on The Power of Friendship, and the team's feud is slowly killing him. It takes Jamal and Rob (the latter offering a Big "SHUT UP!") to reconcile the team, save Ghostwriter, and solve a local art heist.
  • Nate and Chuck on Gossip Girl when Nate finds out Chuck had sex with Blair. They sort of make up by the end of the season, but soon have another falling out and their friendship has never really been shown to recover.
    • Serena and Blair do this dance at least once per season.
  • House and Wilson, after the death of Wilson's girlfriend.
  • Ted and Barney on How I Met Your Mother after Barney slept with Robin.
  • iCarly: Carly and Sam's quarrel episodes.
    • iSaw Him First, where they fight over a hot guy, complete with sabotage and tricks. The actual conflict is resolved by the guy, who gets sick of their competitiveness, and then falls down an elevator shaft, and after they resolve not to fight over a guy anymore.
    • iDon't Want To Fight, where Carly gives Sam a handmade iCarly t-shirt (possibly the first ever made, but it's important to Carly), and Sam trades it for concert tickets.
    • iQuit iCarly is probably the worst fight between them, when Sam pissed off Carly by not showing up or taking things seriously, Sam runs off and refuses to go back to her. It ends with the girls nearly falling off the side of a building after Sam rashly jumps out onto a window cleaners platform to get a good camera shot.
    • iKiss is the first example for Freddie splitting with the girls, as he quit the show because Sam revealed he hadn't kissed a girl. I'm sure you wouldn't be shocked to find out they ended up sharing a First Kiss with each other at the end to fix it.
    • iHire An Idiot threatens this with Freddie and Carly, over the girls (although it's only Carly who Freddie gets mad at) hiring the titular idiot Cort, Freddie threatens to quit unless they fire Cort, then ends up hiring his own hot dumb intern before they resolve the situation and Freddie's reveals a gambit that his intern has been Obfuscating Stupidity so she can do a sociology project and make Carly jealous.
  • The Office had the episode "The Lover", in which Pam and Michael fought after Michael started dating Pam's mom. The issue took several episodes to be resolved finally ending with Pam slapping Michael in the face and then proceeding to ask "Are you okay?"
  • Dan and Casey of Sports Night do this after Dan, feeling picked-on by the rest of the team, embarrasses Casey on-air. It doesn't last very long, luckily, since their friendship is one of the most rewarding things about the show.
  • Starsky & Hutch has the appropriately named "Starsky vs. Hutch," in which Hutch sleeps with Starsky's girlfriend, causing him to be furious and upset for most of the episode. By the tag, they seem to have made up offscreen.
  • Supernatural:
    • One "Rashomon"-Style episode ("Tall Tales") dealt with the brothers fighting, which, as Sam pointed out, was understandable for two guys who spend all their time cooped up in a car together. Bobby was not amused.
    • Early Season 5 episode Free To Be You And Me sees the Winchesters split up and go their own ways, as they're having apparently irreconcilable differences. It only lasts a few episodes.

    Puppet Shows 
  • Bear in the Big Blue House: In "Love is All You Need", Tutter and Ojo get into a feud when Tutter accidentally breaks Ojo's toy airplane after trying to ride it. The two make up near the end.
  • In the The Book of Pooh episode, "A Wood Divided", Rabbit and Tigger get into a feud with each other when they run into each other at the footbridge, ruining the former's prized tomato and the latter's tail-bouncing record.
  • Happens several times in Sesame Street.
    • In one episode, Telly calls Baby Bear a "show-off" because Baby Bear's parrot Ralphie is The Ace, whereas his own hamster Chuckie Sue either can't or won't do a selection of things. This leads to a brief feud.
    • In one episode, this happens between Joey and Davy the monkeys because Joey ate one of Davy's bananas.
    • Any episode featuring Rocco will have an argument between Zoe and Elmo on whether a rock can be a pet.
    • In Episode 4914, Rosita and Zoe accidentally knock down Big Bird's block tower while playing ball. This causes Big Bird to think that Snuffy knocked it down without giving him a chance to explain what really happened. Alan teaches Snuffy to stand up for himself and Nina teaches Big Bird to listen to Snuffy so they can apologize.

    Video Games 
  • Persona 3 FES chapter "The Answer" has the ex-SEES team have a falling out over the Key of Time, specifically whether they should use it to continue living in the present or to go back to the past so they can see the Main Character again. The group splits into four factions- those who want to go back to the past (Yukari and Mitsuru), those who want to return to the present (Akihiko and Ken), those who don't want any solution that isn't agreed upon by the group (Junpei and Koromaru), and an undecided group (Aigis, Metis and Fuuka). They finally get back together after fighting one another for each others Key fragments, then discovering that they still have one more enemy to defeat.
  • In Disney Princess: Enchanted Journey, in the first chapter of Snow White's world, the Bogs taking color from the land has made the Dwarfs unable to work as a team.
  • Kingdom Hearts: The first game in the franchise had two of these:
    • Sora and Donald get into a fight when they approach the Deep Jungle world as Donald lies to Sora about finding Riku there when in reality, Donald was manipulating Sora into finding King Mickey. Sora gets hurt by this and causes the Gummi ship to crash in Deep Jungle where they get separated. They eventually meet up but vow to not speak to each other and end their friendship. However, they get distracted from further feuding through their decision to help Tarzan and Jane stop Clayton from hunting and killing gorillas. Sora and Donald reconcile later on just before Sora seals the Deep Jungle keyhole.
    • In the same game, Sora and Riku's friendship is severely jeopardized after Riku starts falling into darkness. It starts to get worse in the Monstro world and then in Neverland when Riku starts siding with Maleficent's council of villains. Their friendship bitterly ends when Sora reaches Hollow Bastion after Riku confiscates Sora's Keyblade. It is revealed that Riku was manipulated and eventually possessed by Ansem, Seeker of Darkness and after Ansem's defeat, Riku reverts back to normal. Sora and Riku fully reconcile in the sequel.
  • In the Red Side of Anarchy Reigns, Jack and Leo debate about what to do with Maximillian after defeating him in either side, which extends into their brawl.
    Leo: You aren't killing Max, Cayman!
    Jack: You can't sugarcoat this shit! Maximillian's a symbol of a rotten system in a rotten city!
    Leo: Does killing him make it any better? If you want to make things right, how about bringing him to justice? Enough of this revenge crap, Jack! You want him to take responsiblity for your daughter's death? Help us bring him in!
    Jack: Milvallen's shining light of justice doesn't reach this far! And I'm not afraid to take my revenge!
    Leo: You think vengeance is gonna make Stela happy?! You think this is what she wants?! You know it's not, Jack!
    Jack: What gives you the right to tell me what to do?! What even gives you the right to say her name?! Maybe you forgot, but you're the ones who killed her!
  • In Tomodachi Life, it's very common to once in a while see a couple Miis fight if they are friends, dating, or married. Cheer one up with a toy or the right food, and they'll try and patch things up. If they fail, they'll hit a Heroic BSoD and throw a bunch of pity parties at the cafe until you clear up their sadness meter.
    • Sometimes, in extreme cases, they will have a heated feud to the point which they will be engulfed in roaring flames, their response will be delayed when you tap their thought bubble, and they'll deny the fight was their fault and refuse to apologize. A third Mii can step in and attempt to reconcile the two if you scan the building for the right one. Not as likely to resolve a heated feud as a normal one, but it all depends on the quality of the friendship/relationship.
  • In Final Fantasy XV, Chapter 10 is this. Noctis falls into a deep depression after the death of his fiancée, Lunafreya, in the previous chapter, and Gladio, who'd always had little tolerance for complaining, loses his temper with Noct, calling him out for sulking when Ignis, having been blinded, is worse off than Noct is. As the group explores a dungeon together in search of the tomb within, tensions are running high- the group's banter is gone and they sit together in awkward silence if they camp out. Finally, Ignis calls the others out on their bickering, and the group mends fences.
  • Ratchet & Clank
    • The first Ratchet & Clank game has a similar feud to the one Sora and Donald experienced. In this case, after Captain Qwark betrays them on Umbris, Ratchet spends a good portion of the game taking his anger out on Clank for being too naïve, ending their friendship. Clank is forced to manipulate Ratchet into stopping Drek, while Ratchet is threatening to kill Clank for trying to keep him from going after Qwark. After Qwark's defeat, Ratchet and Clank reconcile when the consequences of their feud catch up in the form of a destroyed city.
    • Ratchet & Clank Future: Tools of Destruction has a brief one when Ratchet refuses to believe that Clank has been aided by the Zoni. They almost have a fight while flying to Zordoom Prison before Qwark interrupts them. Ratchet eventually realizes he's been a fool to his friend during their brief separation on Reapor, and the next time Clank brings up information that the Zoni told him, Ratchet believes him.

    Web Video 
  • In the SuperMarioLogan episode, "The School Project!", Bowser Junior gets into a feud with Cody after the latter accidentally breaks his toy helicopter, as Junior insists that Cody did it on purpose. When Jackie Chu catches them fighting in class, he makes both of them work on a solar system project together as punishment. Junior also tries to use Joseph as a proxy.
    • This, however, is considered to be the worst possible example of this trope, as Junior idiotically calls out Cody (despite the latter apologizing IMMEDIATELY) and threatens to end his friendship with Joseph unless he takes Junior's side. As the video goes on, Cody gets more and more tortured to the point where Junior smashes up his project, causing all three of them to fail. At the end, Cody is forced to swallow his pride and apologize again, and Junior never gets punished for his actions. The moral: Sometimes you have to succumb to your enemy just to get conflicts over with.

    Western Animation 
  • SpongeBob SquarePants:
    • The first one happens in "Naughty Nautical Neighbors". Squidward gets SpongeBob and Patrick to stop being friends by sending them each his own makeshift bubblegrams. Once Squidward realizes what he did when both ex-friends want him to be his friend, he comes up with a plan to get them to be friends again.
      • As the series progresses, SpongeBob and Patrick have more of these in episodes such as "The Fry Cook Games", "New Student Starfish", and "The Battle Of Bikini Bottom". It becomes much more common the more both are Flanderized.
    • Squidward and Mr. Krabs get into one in "Can You Spare A Dime". Mr. Krabs accuses Squidward of stealing his dime and after an argument, Squidward quits working at the Krusty Krab. After Mr. Krabs realizes that his dime was inside his pocket the whole time, he and Squidward reconcile...until Mr. Krabs assumes he put the dime inside his pocket.
    • In a rare case, SpongeBob and Squidward get into this in "Employee of the Month" where SpongeBob and Squidward become rivalrous in competing for the employee of the month awards, something that SpongeBob has won 26 times and Squidward has never won. SpongeBob simply got paranoid and Squidward, as usual, was angered by his antics and basically wanted the award as revenge.
  • Rugrats:
    • "Family Feud" was about a feud between Stu & Didi and Betty & Howard over a game of charades. The babies' attempts to end the feud only make it worse.
    • "Farewell, My Friend", formerly the Trope Namer (with Tommy and Chuckie). What makes the feuds between the Pickles and the DeVilles so much different than between Tommy and Chuckie is that the former is fueled by pettiness (which leads to Chaz, Chuckie's dad, calling them out on said pettiness) while the latter is fueled due to actual hurt feelings.
    • Tommy and Chuckie then get into another one in "The Odd Couple" as they begin complaining about how each other does everything over the course of the episode. They do make up near the end.
    • Tommy and Chuckie have yet another feud in "Opposites Attract", when Tommy wants to climb rocks, Chuckie wants to pick dandelions, and neither one wants to do the other's activity. During this time, they meet two kids with personalities similar to theirs; a girl named Samantha, and a boy named Freddie.
  • An episode of A Pup Named Scooby-Doo had Shaggy and Scooby refusing to speak to each other throughout the episode, which hindered the gang's attempts at solving a mystery involving a giant monster hamburger.
  • There was also an episode of Dragon Tales where Max and Ord began fighting with each other about which color to use for the castles they were making whilst pretending to be kings. Eventually, they begin lamenting about how they're going to stop fighting. In the end, they solve the problem by combining their preferred colors to make one big castle.
  • My Little Pony: Friendship Is Magic has several episodes like this:
    • In "Look Before You Sleep", Rarity and Applejack end up caught in the rain after an argument, and the two end up taking shelter at the home of Twilight Sparkle, where their flaring tempers put a damper on Twilight's first slumber party.
    • In "Fall-Weather Friends", Applejack and Rainbow Dash start getting overly competitive, trying to see which is the more athletic pony, which leads to them trying to beat the other at the Running of the Leaves.
    • In "Sisterhooves Social" Rarity and her little sister Sweetie Belle are the center of the conflict, combining this with The Glorious War of Sisterly Rivalry.
    • In "PPOV (Pony Point of View)" Rarity, Pinkie Pie, and Applejack become angry with each other because of a boating trip gone wrong and they explain what happened to Twilight "Rashomon"-Style.
    • In "The Mean Six", all of the ponies are at each others' throats for most of the episode because they meet the mean clones of themselves created by Chrysalis, and mistake them for the real deal and believe they're behaving horribly toward each other out of nowhere. In addition, they never even realize the clones are not their actual friends.
  • The very first episode of Teen Titans has this between Robin and Cyborg.
  • In The Problem Solverz episode "Breakfast Warz", Alfe and Roba fight over who gets the new science officer position, and Horace has to keep mediating between them because "fighting is never the answer."
  • Recess, "The Break-Up": None of the five kids he hangs out with likes TJ anymore because he won't pick just one person to write his essay on his best friend about, wishing to just write about all of them. While most examples of the trope have all sides mad at each other, TJ's not mad, he's just confused ("I have several friends, and I lose them all because I have several friends?").
  • Adventures from the Book of Virtues has several episodes like this. Here are a few examples:
    • "Responsibility", of course.
    • In "Self-Discipline", Zach has an argument with his mother for not buying a video game and letting him get an allowance.
    • In "Respect", Annie and Zach were angry at Jake, the junkyard man who let them find parts of his go-kart.
    • In "Generosity", Zach and Annie get into a heated argument with each other over which name to choose for their picnic campaign. They're just being generous, according to Plato.
    • In "Patience", Annie loses her patience with a younger classmate during a school contest.
    • In "Honesty" (1998), Zach is mad at Annie for not letting him pay her fifteen dollars, so they argue for a while until Annie decides to write a trustworthy letter to him.
    • At the beginning of "Integrity" (1998), Zach lies in the class by telling them his dad's Egyptian replica of a school report he's taking, which makes Annie so furious at him.
  • Hey Arnold!, "Part-Time Friends" (with Arnold and Gerald: Gerald has been made the temporary boss at a flower shop, and has been bossing Arnold around) and "Best Friends" (with Rhonda and Nadine: Rhonda loves fashion, Nadine loves bugs, they're picked together for a group project, but don't like the other girl's interest). There is also an episode where Arnold and Gerald team up for a talent show, but have no idea what their act will be. They quarrel, go their separate ways, and meet up with two adult role models (lounge singer Dino Spumoni and his ex-songwriter.) Neither adult is good at music by themselves and Arnold and Gerald make up by combining Dino's melody with the songwriter's lyrics as their talent show entry. This also inspires Dino and his partner to resume working together.
  • This happens once in Generation O!, with Chad and Molly. In the episode in question, "Girls Rule, Boys Drool", Molly makes a song called "Girls Rule, Boys Drool" after she gets angry at her brother Buzz. As revenge, Buzz posts the song behind her back and Chadd hears it, damaging their friendship.
  • The Weekenders, "Taking Sides" (with Tino and Carver: Carver has just called Tino a wuss because Tino didn't like Carver's attempt at an off-the-wall, literally, poolshot... well, it meant the diff between winning and losing the game, so Tino had a good reason. They decide to make up after realizing that people were starting to argue on their behalf, and ultimately win in a rematch).
  • All Grown Up!, "It's Cupid Stupid" (with Tommy and Chuckie, and Kimi and Susie: the side effect of a Love Triangle or two).
  • South Park had several episodes with Stan and Kyle akin to the fights Carly and Sam had:
  • Kim Possible, with Kim and Ron having major tiffs on a few separate occasions.
  • The Simpsons explored this with Bart and Milhouse, more than once. The first was the over-a-girl variety in "Bart's Friend Falls in Love".
  • Danny Phantom where this has happened to Danny with both his friends at least once.
  • The Road to El Dorado, in which Tulio and Miguel break up because Tulio falls in love with local girl Chel. They get better.
  • Barbie & The Diamond Castle, where Alexa and Liana part ways when Alexa wants to stay at an opulent mansion that has been given to them and Liana wants to continue to the Diamond Castle and save the world.
  • The Replacements: Riley and Tasumi over a dress that neither of them owned. This small fight escalates into a full blown wrestling match.
  • Pepper Ann, Milo and Nicky did this a couple of times, their biggest fight was in the flashback episode. They got better though.
  • On an episode of The Adventures of Jimmy Neutron: Boy Genius appropriately titled The Feud, Jimmy and Carl's dads have a petty feud about a lost weed wacker and they threaten their respective kids' friendship.
    Mr. Wheezer: From now on the Wheezers and the Neutrons are sworn nemesiseses!
    Jimmy: I believe you mean "nemeses."
    Hugh: Don't correct our enemies.
  • Adventure Time:
    • "Videomakers" has Finn and Jake decide to make their own movie for their movie club, but start to argue more and more fiercely over whether to make an action movie or a romantic comedy. Beemo helps resolve things by editing the footage they captured into a montage reminding Finn and Jake of their friendship.
    • They get into another fight in "Who Would Win?", only this time with physical violence.
  • Thomas the Tank Engine:
    • In the episode "Thomas, Percy, and the Coal", Thomas and Percy had a fall out after Thomas accuses Percy for intentionally allowing him to get covered in coal, even though Percy laughed at him. But then Thomas got back at Percy, laughing at him when he, too, fell into the coal. At the end, they reconciled and make sure they will be careful in dealing with the coal. The Railway Series, however, takes this further where the two quarreled throughout 4 stories until at the end of "Drip Tank".
    • Bill and Ben had one with the turntable incident in "One Good Turn".
    • In "Twin Trouble", Donald and Douglas get into a fall out after an accident with Trevor's cart of hay. They have another feud in "Love Me Tender", when they can't agree on which snow-covered lines to clear, resulting in Douglas' tender coupling breaking, and another in "Emily in the Middle", where they argue about each other whilst delivering a train of pipes with Emily.
  • A mild example occurs in the Mr. Bogus episode "Hipster Tripster", between Tommy and Bogus, due to the latter's shenanigans.
  • Jackie Chan Adventures: Uncle and Tohru once went through this during a Season 4 episode, hindering their efforts in reclaiming the mask of Tarakudo's second-in-command.
  • 6teen: In "Fish and Make Up", this happens between Nikki and Caitlin. They only get back together in the end at the funeral of Jude's pet goldfish.
  • Happens several times in Arthur. Done most often with Arthur and Buster or Francine and Muffy:
    • "Locked in the Library!": Francine is mad at Arthur over an insult and they aren't happy to be paired up for an assignment. When the library closes with them still in it, they have to team up to escape.
    • "Arthur and the True Francine": Muffy cheats on Francine's test and gets Francine in trouble, causing her not to accept Muffy's apologies.
    • "Poor Muffy": Muffy is allergic to her new carpet and has to stay with Francine while it's removed. She cannot stand such things as eating leftovers, considering them to be lower class, and insults Francine in the process. Francine doesn't take this well.
    • "My Club Rules": Arthur and his friends can't agree on the rules of their club, so each create their own club. The clubs become so ridiculous that only the club's creator is even interested in them, and they all reunite under D.W.
    • "The Big Blow-Up": Francine and Brain get mad at each other over a soccer game. Because they're the best players on the team, Arthur and Buster try to make them friends again.
    • "Francine Redecorates": Francine and her sister Catherine share a room, but not decorative tastes. Catherine moves out to the living room, but Francine doesn't like how empty her room now feels, so they move back together.
    • "How the Cookie Crumbles": A selfish decision by Muffy to take credit for a recipe she made with her friends backfires when they don't want to talk to her anymore.
    • "Buster's Growing Grudge": Binky tells a joke that Buster told him, and Buster is outraged and can't stop complaining about Binky.
    • "Mom and Dad Have a Great Big Fight": Subverted. Arthur and D.W. overhear their parents arguing and fear that they will be either sent to an orphanage or have to live by themselves. It turns out that they just spilled some milk and had to go clean it up.
    • "Arthur's Snow Biz": Arthur and Buster's snow shoveling partnership doesn't work very well, so they compete for customers at increasingly low prices. Eventually, they realize that what they're doing is ridiculous and stop.
    • "Opposites Distract": Arthur gets a leak in his roof and has to study with Buster. Arthur is annoyed by Buster's dirty habits while Buster is annoyed by Arthur's cleanliness. When the doorknob to Buster's room comes off, they have to settle their differences.
    • "Kidonia": Arthur, Buster, Brain, and Francine create a country together. But when each starts abusing the rules, they all have to go back to living normally.
    • "The Feud": Arthur and Buster argue over a video game, and the entire school starts taking sides with their argument.
  • CatDog had the episode "War of the CatDog" where they fight over a trophy.
  • The VeggieTales in the House episode "Bob and Larry: Gettin' Angry" focused on Bob and Larry getting angry with each other after an incident in which Larry accidentally messes up the checkers game that Bob and Petunia were playing. Petunia reminds the two friends that "you shouldn't let the sun go down on your anger", but unfortunately, they take out of context the true meaning of the verse and stay up late staying angry with each other.
  • Time Squad: While Larry and Tuddrussel are constantly flighting through the first season, the episode "Hate and Let Hate" brings this to a head when they are selfishly involved in their senseless fighting so much that the two adults accidentally leave Otto behind in the past, and continue to not notice for days.
  • The Flintstones has had several episodes where Fred and Barney feud and forbid their wives from "fraternizing with the enemy".
  • In one episode of Ella the Elephant, the island is hosting a soap box derby, and Frankie and Ella decide to work together on their kart. However, Frankie doesn't listen to any of Ella's design ideas, only using his own, causing her to quit the team. Frankie later reconciles with Ella by taking a third option.
  • Steven Universe:
  • Goldie & Bear has "Pig Trouble," with the three little pigs. Twigs gets upset at Brix for borrowing her wheelbarrow and leaving it out in the rain and Brix correspondingly gets mad at her fuming at him. Then Baley gets mad when their fighting accidentally ruins his roast beef.
  • Total Drama:
    • "The Sucky Outdoors", in the first series, has contestants Katie and Sadie fighting with each other after they get separated from their team and get lost in the woods. They vow to split up when they get back to camp but this does not really happen as they reconcile after being forced to spend the night in a bear cave. Despite having repaired their friendship, they cause their team to lose the challenge and as a result, they are forcefully separated from each other after Katie gets eliminated.
    • "Mutiny on the Soundstage" which is part one of the finale of "Action" has Chris and Chef Hatchet's friendship put in severe jeopardy after Chef gets fed up with the way Chris mistreats him. The last straw came for Chef when Chris neglects to give Chef his paycheck and Chef wishes to leave the show. They vow to switch roles as host and chef for the episode and their feuding constantly distracts them from helping out Duncan and Beth with their challenge that would decide who out of the two of them would win the million dollars. Chris and Chef reconcile after some counseling from Beth.
  • Clarence has Jeff and Sumo, who are Clarence's best friends, terminate their friendship with each other after getting into a huge fight over the production of their stop motion film. However, they continue to hang out with Clarence individually, which makes Clarence weary and tired and he schemes to get Jeff and Sumo back together. His plans include anonymously inviting Jeff and Sumo to a candlelit spaghetti dinner with each other and when this fails, Clarence handcuffs Sumo to himself and drags him to Jeff, which drives Sumo crazy. Jeff and Sumo forget about their feud and reconcile after seeing a hilarious moment involving Clarence.
  • Super Noobs:
    • "A Noob Divided Cannot Noob" has aliens Memnock and Zenblock bitterly end their friendship after they get into a nasty fight over their nighttime habits and they both move out of their Earth house and into the houses of the Noobs. Their night habits start to exhaust the Noobs. After cooking up several insane schemes and tactics to get Memnock and Zenblock to reconcile and be friends again, which all failed, the Noobs eventually realize that Memnock and Zenblock moved out and ended their friendship in the first place because they were both too uncomfortable with living in their own house together as roommates due to the small space of the house and the fact that they were both large aliens, whose size, combined with their different hobbies and interests, caused them to get heavily stressed out with living together as they showed such stress when they initially bought the house and eventually they reached their breaking point. The noobs decide to expand the house which includes a new personal bedroom for Zen to help with his sleepwalking and a kitchen for Mem where he would enjoy his cooking without having to deal with the small spaces. Memnock and Zenblock reconcile after they start to feel comfortable with living in their house again as a result of the expansion.
    • "The Noob Cave" features the Noobs getting into a fight of their own after they have a disagreement over what their newfound superhero lair should look like.
  • Timon & Pumbaa has the titular characters Timon and Pumbaa getting into several feuds with each other in multiple episodes with one of them featuring them vowing to split up after Timon forgets to get Pumbaa a gift to celebrate "Bestest Best Friend Day" with him. Apparently, their philosophy of "Hakuna Matata" does not protect them from bickering with each other.
    • Their bickering is not exclusive in their own series as an episode of House of Mouse had Timon and Pumbaa split up again after having a disagreement on whether their talent act should include stand up comedy or magic tricks. They reconcile after Timon decides to protect Pumbaa from being humiliated onstage.
  • An episode of the TV adoption of George and Martha has Oscar and Wilde vowing to not speak to each other after having a falling out during their barbecue party over a plate of swordfish that Wilde cooked. George and Martha try to get them back together but their plans backfire and result in George and Martha having a feud of their own, resulting in Oscar and Wilde blaming themselves for the feud and they end up being friends again when they try to get George and Martha back together, which they succeed in.
  • Gargoyles:
    • In the episode "Turf", the younger gargoyles, Broadway, Brooklyn, and Lexington all fight with each other over the affection of Angela, the only female member of the Manhattan Clan, which all three of the younger gargoyles are members of. They all continue to bickers with each other until Angela berates all three of them for their childishness and directs their priority on their mission to fight crime. They all apologize to Angela for their behavior. In later episodes, Broadway manages to win over Angela's heart.
  • The Loud House:
    • In "Intern For The Worse", this happens when Lincoln and Clyde get internships at Flip's Food & Fuel, and quickly end up competing with each other.
    • In "Brawl In The Family", this happens when Lori and Leni buy the same dress, and they get into a fight that quickly spirals out of control.
    • "Be Stella My Heart" is this between Lincoln and his four friends when they mistakenly believe Stella has a crush on one of them, but can't figure out whom. It leads to feelings of jealousy, competition, and eventually a big brawl for her affection between the five.
    • Lori, Luna, and Luan get into a feud in "Deep Cuts", when each of their favorite clubs (Sports, Music, and Theater) get cut from their school due to budget cuts. The three compromise and start a fundraiser when their feud causes damage to the school that results in every club being cut.
  • Milly, Molly has the title characters feud over what to dress up as for their cubby in the episode "Cubby House".
  • Kappa Mikey has several.
    • "Easy Come Easy Gonard": Gonard and Mikey have a falling out. Mitsuki has them make up later.
    • "Script Assassin": Guano quits in tears after Ozu revises his script without telling him, and they make up on a talk show.
    • The side story of "Mitsuki Vanishes" involves Yes Man quitting.
  • Martha Speaks has several of these.
    • In "Ice Scream", Truman reveals that he's never tried ice cream because he's convinced he wouldn't like it. This leads to a feud between him and Alice. Alice wants him to try some ice cream because he's "prejudiced" if he believes he dislikes it before trying it, however, Truman refuses to as he believes that it would be "giving in to peer pressure".
    • In "The Best in Show", Helen enters Martha for a dog show and Carolina enters Francois. This leads to a feud over whose dog is "best" after Carolina insults Martha.
    • In "No Dogs Allowed", Carolina and Tiffany have a feud over who will be voted president of their club, and Helen is the unfortunate one who must decide which one to vote for.
  • Rocko's Modern Life: In "Speaking Terms", Rocko and Heffer have a falling out due to Heffer forgetting Rocko's birthday which Rocko overreacted to, and the two end up on a talk show where they explain the events "Rashomon"-Style (Rocko demonizing Heffer into a hulking monster, Heffer demonizing Rocko as an ungrateful rat). It takes a calling-out from Heffer's adoptive mom (much to Heffer's embarrassment) to convince the two to repair their friendship.
  • Ready Jet Go! has "Treehouse Space Station", where the kids fight over who gets to use the treehouse for whatever reason. Sean wants to use the treehouse to look at the ISS, Sydney wants to use the treehouse to draw her Commander Cressida comics, and Jet wants to use the treehouse to do an experiment with a plant. Mindy tries to create a schedule for each of them to use the treehouse, but then they realize that they were lonely without their friends around. Later, they learn from Face 9000 that the scientists working at the International Space Station are cramped too, but they get along with each other and share ideas despite that. The kids realized they were being selfish and make up at the end of the episode.
    • In the episode, "Which Moon is Best?", Sean wants to be the first person to walk on a specific Moon. For the rest of the episode, Jet's parents argue over which moon Sean should walk on: Enceladus or Europa. They even have an argument in song. Luckily, they discover that both Enceladus and Europa are good moons in their own right.
  • Totally Spies! actually has quite a few:
    • "Abductions" has this between Sam and Clover over a role in a School Play.
    • "It's How You Play The Game" has this between all three main girls over having the same crush.
    • "Planet Of The Hunks" has this between Clover and Sam & Alex between the latter two reading Clover's diary and her borrowing their clothes.
    • "Evil Bouquets Are So Passe" has between Sam and Clover over a boy.
  • In the Theodore Tugboat episode, "Theodore in the Middle", George and Emily have a feud when George makes an official complaint of Emily for her constant lateness to the morning work meeting. As the title implies, they use Theodore as a proxy to make their displeasure towards one another known.
  • In the The Adventures of Super Mario Bros. 3 episode, "Oh, Brother!", Mario and Luigi have a feud when a two-week-long rainstorm leads to Luigi destroying Mario's favorite record. It is later revealed that the rainstorm is caused by Kooky's power shower invention, and when he and King Koopa capture and hypnotize Mario into fixing it for them, it's up to Luigi to save him.
  • In the Wow! Wow! Wubbzy! episode "Wubbzy in the Middle", Widget and Walden get angry, argue and turn against each other after an accident with the books and her newest invention the Handy Helper 3000. Wubbzy tries to get them back together, but when he ends up floating away with two blue and white polka-dotted balloons, only Widget and Walden must rescue him.
  • In the Let's Go Luna! episode "Pulling Strings", Andy and Carmen have an argument over what they want to do in Delhi, India (the former wants to check out Indian art while the latter wants to listen to Indian music), bringing the kids' day of exploration to a halt. Leo and Luna decide to put together a Kathputli puppet show in an attempt to stop their feud, the idea being that since it combines art and music, it should be enjoyable for both of them, allowing them to make up over it.
  • In "Cricket's Forever Friend" from Butterbean's Cafe, Cricket and her best friend Dottie Hudson are both highly upset after learning that Dottie is apparently moving away. They decide to have one last big day of fun together. At first, things seem to be going well, but then everything goes wrong when they get into a spat because Cricket doesn't want to share her icing bag. Dottie runs off in a huff and Cricket is sad that she'll never see her again, but Butterbean suggests making her a card to make up with her. She does so and they go to her house to deliver it, only to find that she's apparently already moved away. Luckily, it turns out that she had only moved around the corner of her old house. Dottie returns to the cafe with a card that she had made for Cricket, and they make up.
  • Baloo and Louie get into a feud in the TaleSpin episode, "For a Fuel Dollars More", when Rebecca gets the idea to run an airborne gas station called "Baloo's Lube N' Lunch". She sets the station up near Louie's nightclub, causing Baloo and Louie to become business rivals and one each other up. After an argument causes them to fall out of the sky, Baloo and Louie form an alliance to get Baloo's Lube N' Lunch shut down.


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