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  • Keith can be seeing checking out Rolo as he fixes his ship in "Taking Flight".
  • Season 4 shows that some of Coran's most important possessions are a photo of himself with King Alfor as well as a huge poster of Alfor on the wall right across from his bed.
    • In the Coalition handbook, Lance tells Coran about how people would make "Celebrity names" out of two peoples names, and uses Coran and Alfor as an example. Coran tries it out and likes it.
  • Blaytz (the original Blue Paladin) is seen very clearly hitting on a male Galra servant. It's very faint, but the servant can be seen blushing.
    • Word of God later confirms that Blaytz was indeed flirting with the male servant, and they specifically wanted to make that Galra male after someone suggested they make them female.
  • Outside the show itself, some of the artists who work on the show have drawn explicitly shippy fanart between characters of the same gender on their accounts.
  • Issue #3 of the comics opens with Lance imagining himself as a heroic savior with a princess clinging to him. At the end of the issue, it's Pidge who ends up the closest to living Lance's fantasy — she gets the most praise and attention from Princess Malocoti, and the last page centers on Pidge as the new hero of the upcoming challenge, with everyone standing around her and Malocoti putting her hands on her shoulders. Lance objects to Pidge taking over the narration, saying, "Stealing the princess is one thing, but you can't have my scroll!"
  • The DavDabHau, a Proud Warrior Race featured in Vol. 2 of the comics, greatly value size and strength; the sisters Kalar and Kuvyr choose Hunk to pledge themselves maritally to because he is the largest of the Paladins. In issue #4, they witness Allura yelling and are impressed.
    Kuvyr: The battle princess is most impressive!
    Kalar: Your size and aggression please us.
    Kuvyr: For a moment, she was even bigger than Hunk.
    Kalar: Hmmm—
  • During "Clear Day" Keith and Hunk spend time together in the alien equivalent of a Tunnel of Love.
  • Veronica and Acxa have a couple of friendship moments in Season 8 where the former is trying to make the latter comfortable aboard the Atlas. It could just be Veronica's big sister instincts kicking in, but considering how supportive she was of Lance's Interspecies Romance...

  • In general, a lot of their earlier pre-character development interactions as "rivals" is interpreted by some fans as Belligerent Sexual Tension for Foe Yay Shipping.
  • The "bonding moment" where Keith goes over to Lance, taking his hand and asking if he was okay. Lance smiles and weakly says, "We did it. We are a good team." Keith smiles back. Keith is flabbergasted when Lance denies any recollection that the two of them had a bonding moment.
    Keith We had a bonding moment! I cradled you in my arms!
  • In Season 2, Keith and Lance end up half naked in a dark elevator. The scene cuts away, and when it comes back, we are given the sight of Keith's foot up in the air and the two heavily grunting... before panning out to reveal the two are climbing the elevator shaft back to back.
    • In one of the group posters that revolved around season 2, Lance can be seen winking down at Keith, both still wearing their swimsuits.
  • When fighting against Lotor's generals for the first time, Ezor throws her knives at Keith who has no time to dodge, but Lance manages to shoot the knives out of the air and tell Keith, "I got you, buddy!" Keith, who's usually extremely focused in battle stops to give Lance a fond smile and is so distracted he doesn't move until Acxa is running right in front of him to take out Lance. This gives Ezor time to sneak up on Keith and put him in an armbar.
  • In Season 7, an all-powerful alien has kidnapped the crew in a game show and threatens to keep them there forever except one, who is voted on by the rest. Keith and Lance vote for each other. While Keith's vote is used to set up a punchline at Lance's expense, Lance's vote is sincere.
  • In season 8, while they were discussing the reason why they still had to finish this war, Keith and Lance share a sweet heartwarming talk up on the Black Lion watching the sun set.

  • Out of all of the characters on the show, Shiro and Keith show the most physical intimacy and concern towards each other's well-being compared to the other characters, including those with explicit Ship Tease. They also embrace several times, such as towards the end of Season 2 and when Keith goes off to join the Blades of Marmora.
  • The rescue scene from the pilot had a bit more of this, as after Keith takes Shiro off the table and has him in his arms, the camera very quizzically lingers on an unconscious Shiro and his briefly visible lips, while Keith's eyes sparkle with tears.
  • In a blink-and-you'll-miss-it moment during the first episode, Shiro changes from his captive outfit into his regular clothes. The only place the group has visited thus far is the house Keith has been staying in. Fridge Logic leaves little options as to just where Shiro got his clothing, assuming it's not simply a production mistake.
    • It's revealed that they actually belonged to Keith's deceased father. In other words, they're probably some of the last few reminders Keith has of his father that he's held onto for years, and he's willing to give them to Shiro.
  • Season 2 starts with Keith and Shiro stranded on a hostile alien planet alone. Keith spends the entire episode being concerned about Shiro's well-being. Shiro, too, showed more of his vulnerable/honest side when the two of them were alone than when he was with anyone else in the team. Fans noted that the way they talked to each other seemed very tender.
    Keith: If it wasn't for you, my life would have been a lot different.
  • The Blade of Marmora's trial brings out one's biggest hopes and fears. It's revealed that Shiro is Keith's biggest hope and Shiro leaving is Keith's biggest fear. As said by Kolivan, at that moment, Keith "desperately wants to see [Shiro]."
    • When the vision of Shiro starts to walk away from Keith, Keith rapidly tries to give up everything he had been fighting for at that moment just so Shiro wouldn't abandon him.
  • Whenever Shiro is in danger, Keith immediately drops everything and goes to his aid. In Season 3 Keith talks to Shiro and as he leaves Shiro asks, "How many times are you going to have to save me before this is all over?"
    Keith: (smiling) As many times as it takes.
  • Keith barely makes an appearance in season 5. One of the episodes in which he starred is the Kral Zera episode where him and the Blade of Marmora were planting bombs to interfere with the ceremony. When Shiro arrived in the scene though he immediately switched focus and scrambled to disable the bombs they've placed.
  • In fact, despite Keith's insistence to Pidge and Allura in the past that the universe/mission is bigger than any individual, he's always chosen Shiro over the task at hand whenever given the choice.
  • Taken Up to Eleven in season 6. When the clone Shiro betrays the team and Keith goes after him, in spite of every breaking speech "Shiro" throws at him, Keith never once stops pleading with him to come back home all the while looking back on their past together and wearing an extremely heartbroken expression. This eventually culminates in an actual Anguished Declaration of Love that seems to briefly get through to him and very nearly results in Keith pulling a Together in Death. Granted, Keith does refer to Shiro as his brother right beforehand, but it doesn't diminish the homoerotic vibes.
  • Season 6 ends on Allura reviving Shiro by transferring his soul from the Black Lion into the unconscious body of his clone. Upon waking up he tells Keith "you found me" and Keith cradles him as Shiro leans into his arms.
  • The first episode of Season 7 focuses on the relationship between Shiro and Keith as told through dreamed flashbacks while Shiro is in a coma. Towards the end Shiro remembers the moment his ex-boyfriend Adam chose to leave him, followed by Keith declaring the opposite and begging Shiro not to leave him. The episode closes on Shiro telling Keith of how he saved him, and Keith pulls him closer for a brief but tense moment that looks like an Almost Kiss before hugging him.

  • After Coran proudly announces that Shiro would be "Shiro the Hero" for the show and poses his arm, Lance looks extremely excited.
  • Shiro gets very close to Lance over the course of season 5, emotionally confiding in him over his trauma and choosing to contact him in the mindscape.
  • There's this gem between them from the comics, even if it's most likely a casual and friendly joke:
    Shiro: Lance... if anything happens, it's been an honor flying with you. You're the only thing cooler than space.
    Lance: I know.

  • When Allura is told by the mice that Pidge is a girl she decides to try and get Pidge to come clean to her. Her interactions were probably intended to be friendly and inviting but they also come across as rather flirty.
  • In "Red Paladin", when Pidge lists of each of the group's qualities she calls Allura the "decision maker" and the camera cuts to the princess blushing at this.

  • Episode 3 of season 7 has several moments that lean towards them being a couple. Zehtrid promising to always take care of Ezor. This. The way Ezor says she trusts Zethrid and then Zethrid saying "that's my girl".
  • On the special group poster at NYCC 2018, Ezor and Zethrid are seen sitting close together, with Ezor affectionately leaning her head against Zethrid, both wearing warm smiles on their faces.
  • Zethrid goes on a roaring rampage of revenge against the Paladins after Ezor leaves her offscreen sometime after season 7. Bonus points for her screaming "you took away my Ezor" while fighting Keith.


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