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Please put new theories at the bottom of their respective folders. Expect spoilers throughout the page, especially in the Confirmed folder.

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The mice will reappear.
  • Confirmed in promotional art.
    • Further confirmed in the actual show.

Pidge is a girl
There were rumors about Pidge actually being a girl in Reboot.
  • Confirmed. That wasn't a picture of Pidge and his girlfriend, but Pidge and her brother. And her real name is Katie Holt.

Keith is at least part Galra.
At one point he activates a piece of Galra tech (the hangar doors) despite them making a point of how they need Shiro to do this later. The Quintessence healing him wasn't just a thing that Quintessence does, but a sign of his lineage, otherwise the healing pods on the castle would do the same, as Alteans know of Quintessence as well.
  • Zarkon also noted that his fighting style was similar to that of a Galra soldier.
  • He also mentions in the beginning that 'some energy' was telling him to search. You'd think he's talking about the lions, but he's the only Paladin who said something like that so far.
    • Minor note; Lance does later say that being drawn to one's lion is pretty much how Keith described it.
  • Personally I'm not so certain the Quintessence is a valid point. Yes, the Alteans know about the stuff, but just look at the way Coran freaks out when Keith discovers such a large supply. It gives the impression that raw Quintessence is rare and difficult to obtain without resorting to morally questionable means, at best. Look at what happened to the planet that Haggar used for her Quintessence gathering experiment. To extract and gather Quintessence, something or someone has to die. Either as a willing donor or an unwilling victim. That's probably why Altean healing pods don't use it. If anything, Keith's hand being healed might point towards how Zarkon has kept himself alive for over 10,000 years.
  • Confirmed

The Galra who helps the team at the end of the first season
is part of a secret Resistance cell against Zarkon.It would make sense that even the Galra Empire would have those people who want Zarkon's evil reign to come to an end but can't do very much about it in a big way at the moment due to him ruling the empire.
  • Considering the "Keith is part Galra" theory, maybe it's his dad or some other relative.
    • Confirmed, but no revealed relation to Keith just yet.

Bonds with the lions are not mutually exclusive.
There's nothing to suggest a Lion can't have two Paladins at the same time. The only requirement seems to be that the Lion likes your personality. We know at least that the Black Lion can consider two people as its Paladin simultaneously. The main reason we don't see this with any other lion is's been 10,000 years. All other possible Paladins are dead and gone. Or, if they do somehow live, then we haven't run into them yet. The only exception to this, if there is one, would be the fickle and temperamental Red Lion. But that one has a reputation as a bit of a rebel anyways.
  • Confirmed with Keith piloting Black Lion to save Shiro in Season 2 premiere
  • Red Lion being an exception is potentially supported by the fact that Red would rather travel distances previously unheard of to rescue Keith, all so Coran doesn't have to be its temporary Paladin.

The Witch Haggar is Altean.
  • The lines on her face are reminiscent of the face markings that the other Alteans have, only extended. Most Galrans seem reliant on technology, but the Alteans have a more magical aspect to their race, similar to the magic that the druids use. Haggar is an Altean traitor who brought their magical secrets to the Galra, hence their rapid expansion. It's possible that she and Zarkon both betrayed the Alteans together, which is why he trusts her so much.
    • Confirmed as of the season 2 finale
    • Though ironically she was one of the least magical and more science focused Alteans when she was alive, so that particular argument is in retrospect invalid.
      • Historically "alchemy" is pseudoscience, in Legendary Defender "alchemy" = "magic".

The Black Bayard is still lost.
Just a minor observation, but comparing the Black Bayard seen in the opening - and the rest of them in general - the Bayard Zarkon wields seems to have a completely different aesthetic design. Perhaps the Black Bayard was lost, and the current one Zarkon uses is merely a powerful imitation, and part of Shiro's arc is recovering the original bayard.
  • Alternatively, in a twist of fate, the original Bayard was integrated into his arm and Zarkon was planning to use Shiro to obtain the Black Lion all along.
    • Confirmed. The Black Bayard is in Zarkon's possession until Shiro jacks it at the end of Season 2

The Blazing Sword is an All Your Colors Combined weapon
The Sword summoned by Keith's Red Bayard is just called a sword, the Blazing Sword will be formed when all five Bayards are used at once.
  • Alternately, as the Red Lion has fire abilities, and there are clearly more powers in each lion that they haven't unlocked yet, the Blazing Sword will be activated when Keith is more in sync with his lion.
  • As seen in the last episode, the Black Bayard has its own big-ass sword weapon form. Perhaps it unlocks the Blazing Sword by itself?
  • Confirmed as of season 2! All Bayards combined form the Blazing Sword.

Something bad will happen to Shiro in S2
Either he'll die or somehow have a Face–Heel Turn, leaving the Black Lion without a pilot, causing Keith to take his place (as hinted at by the SDCC teaser).
  • Or something bad has already happened to him and this Shiro has been an imposter all along.
  • Maybe S3.
  • Confirmed? For both season 2 and 3. Shiro makes it through most of the season, but then disappears within the last five minutes of the last episode. We then see him getting experimented on again in Season 3.

The original Paladins most likely weren't all Alteans.
As seen in the season finale, Zarkon was at one time the Black Lion's pilot and the leader of the Paladins.There will probably be stories in upcoming seasons about past Paladins and their efforts to keep the Lions out of Zarkon's hands.
  • Confirmed. They were all from different planets, and Alfor was the only Altean.

There will either be a Whole Episode Flashback, or a Time Travel plot, where the heroes will get to meet the previous Voltron pilots
And they will freak-out when they meet a non-evil version of Zarkon.

Zarkon had an Altean wife during his tenure as the Black Paladin.
  • During Zarkon's tenure as the Black Paladin when he was friends with Alfor, he fell in love with a woman from Altea, perhaps even a fellow teammate. The two were Happily Married, and had one son. Her premature death may have triggered his feud against Altea, perhaps Zarkon blaming Alfor, and all of Altea. The hybrid son the two had together was Prince Lotor.
  • Confirmed. It's Haggar.

Lotor is Zarkon's son with Haggar.
Zarkon and Haggar do seem to be close enough (as much as a standard Evil Overlord and his devoted lackey would be, anyway). This would also make him half-Altean and most likely give him white hair, which would be a reference to his design in the original GoLion.
  • His introduction leaves this open as a possibility since he has white hair and Altean-like ears.
  • Confirmed.

Haggar was a main cause toward Altea's destruction
Zarkon was a fair ruler back when Altea and its' people were alive. King Alfor and him even worked together making the Black Lion. At the time, Haggar may have held a serious grudge against King Alfor and the rest of her kind and decided to use Zarkon as a way of getting revenge. She tells Zarkon things that would make him begin to not to trust the Alteans over time. At first he doesn't believe it, but with Haggar's magic she sets things up to make it seem like King Alfor's and the Alteans are in the wrong, instigating a war the Galra win and Zarkon and the Galra ending up satisfied.
  • Confirmed. Haggar was Zarkon's wife, and prolonged exposure to Quintessence in her research slowly drove both her and her husband insane. After their experiments forced Alfor to destroy the Galran homeworld to protect their reality, Zarkon destroys Altea in retaliation.

Allura and Coran are still hiding vital information about the history of the paladins
When the paladins first get their armor and weapons, she tells Shiro that his bayard is lost with its' paladin, Zarkon. When Shiro tells Allura in 'Shiro's Escape', her body language made her guilty then she says "I wanted to protect you from the dark history of the paladins so that you would have a chance to bond with your lions on your own." PALADINS, not just one, says that Zarkon isn't the first to be evil. Allura and Coran are clearly trying to do their best at covering up the history of the paladins, but this might blow up in their faces in a future season.
  • Confirmed. Coran reveals everything in the Season 3 finale. Although the possibility of Zarkon not being the first to turn evil is firmly Jossed, as the previous paladins were the only generation prior to the current ones.

Sven will appear as a separate character
As a riff on Shiro's Backup Twin from Golion, Sven will show up somewhere down the line, perhaps looking like a Scandinavian version of Shiro. Possibly a fellow Galaxy Garrison member and pilot of Earth's reverse-engineered Vehicle Voltron, and/or a Loony Fan trying to deliberately copy him.
  • Alternately, Sven will be Shiro in disguise using some kind of mask to hide his Asian features. Perhaps brainwashed by the Earth government (a'la Neo Roanoke) into helping them with their reverse-engineered Voltron.
  • Confirmed, Sven appears as an alternate version of Shiro in "Hole In The Sky" in the Altean Empire Mirror Universe.

Voltron can gain even more weapons and abilities depending on the combination of Bayards
Building off the Blazing Sword WMG above, Voltron may have more than just the obvious five extra weapons. While Voltron clearly has one for each Bayard, it might be possible to get new and different weapons if the Paladins use anywhere from 2-4 Bayards at once, with the exact weapon depending on the color combo. The Red-Green combo weapon would be different from the Red-Blue, which is different from Red-Yellow, which is different from the Red-Black, for example. Using all five Bayards at once will unlock Voltron's ultimate weapon, be it the Blazing Sword or something else entirely.
  • I'm dubious. That's getting remarkably complicated for a five-color mecha animation.
    • For a five-color mecha animation? Yeah that does seem complex. But in-series? It would fit with Voltron being considered the greatest weapon in the universe.
  • Confirmed in Season 2. Hunk, Pidge and Keith and Lance combine to form a giant sword, and all five of the Bayards create the Flaming Sword.
  • If any doubts remained, they're completely gone as of season 7. Black Bayard plus Red Bayard equals supersized wings covered in boosters for extreme speed. And Red plus Green allows for Dual Wielding of swords.

Pidge looking for her family will be a major plot of season 3
She will get reunited with Sam and Matt but one of them will be seriously injured.
  • Played with. She doesn't find either of them in season 3, but she is shown spending more time looking for them.
    • Confirmed in Season 4, when she finally reunites with her brother.

There's going to be a command dispute in season 3
Shiro may have told Keith that he's next in line for command on two separate occasions, but it's worth noting that both times there were no other witnesses. The rest of the team has only Keith's word for it that he's in charge if something happens to Shiro.
  • The dispute doesn't seem to last too long, but Lance does react poorly at first. He specifically points out that he never heard Shiro say anything about Keith replacing him, and it was very convenient that Keith was mentioning it now that Shiro was no longer around to say otherwise. He comes around when Black Lion chooses Keith over anyone else in their group.
  • Confirmed nonetheless.

Haggar and Lotor conflict over how to rule without Zarkon will be a plot in S3
And it culminates in Lotor killing Zarkon in his comma to guarantee that Haggar has no one to turn to besides him.
  • The theory as a whole is confirmed, but the culmination of that conflict is entirely different. Rather than Lotor killing Zarkon in his coma, Haggar manages to awaken Zarkon, who promptly banishes Lotor once more in Season 4 for prioritizing his secret agenda over running the empire.

Pidge is the 'true' Pidge and the Green Lion will not change Paladins.
And even if Pidge changes Lions, there will never be any other color in the uniform except Voltron's colors. Matt, if he's ever found, will be a complete wreck and likely will need a whole lot of therapy to even function.
  • Furthermore, the writers have stated that they fought to get a girl on the team, so they're unlikely to replace her with one of her male relatives.
    • Actually, the theory is that she'd still be on the team as Blue Lion's pilot, so that wouldn't be affected. Besides, that whole claim from the writers seems like it has to be subterfuge anyways when you consider the fact that the tradition of having a female on the team is not anything new. A female being Blue Lion's replacement pilot was always part of the traditional Voltron mythos. It was the princess in both Golion and Defender of the Universe, however Allura has an entirely different role and motivation in this incarnation. Those old motivations now appear to be present in Katie instead (who is coincidentally the only female paladin). Considering how her brother Matt is already a dead-ringer for Pidge, as well as the probability of an upcoming roster change, it doesn't seem farfetched that they split the old Allura into two characters this time (sort of how they already split Arus and Altea in two different planets) and introducing Katie originally disguised as a male was actually the writers' sly way of sneaking Blue Lion's inevitable new female replacement pilot right under our noses without us noticing that this version's true incarnation of classic Pidge hadn't actually joined the team yet.
      • It seems needlessly convoluted for the Paladins to play musical chairs with the lions. If Matt were to take on a lion, wouldn't he slip into the spot opened by the exiting Paladin? Allura in the 80s series became the Blue Paladin because the Blue Paladin died.
      • Exactly. In the original series Allura was able to directly replace Sven (who didn't actually die, though his Japanese counterpart did) in Blue Lion because the Lions were simply vehicles anyone with the proper key could (and occasionally did) operate. Allura would logically be next in line to succeed Shiro in Black Lion, but they've instead established it as Keith (who operated Black Lion in the original). They also specifically established the Lions as being sentient and only allow certain individuals to pilot them. Why specifically restrict who can operate them here, when the original didn't? In addition to that, they also established Red Lion as has having a hot-headed personality, and being the most fickle to boot— if that didn't rule Allura out as Keith's direct replacement, then her being linked as the only one capable of running the Castleship certainly was. They also conveniently made a point of demonstrating that Coran couldn't pilot Red Lion either. So, who else has as hot-headed tendencies, plus a history of following in Keith's footsteps? Lance (again, like in the original). Furthermore, why even introduce a brother who looks just like Pidge in the first place? All of that would indeed be needlessly convoluted if they didn't have a specific purpose for it... like staying true to the original's pre-established mythology while mixing it up enough to still keep the viewer surprised. Setting up Katie to be this version's Blue lion replacement is the most logical explanation I can think of for all the restrictions the writers imposed on themselves here (and she even wears a purple dress in her flashback).
      • In the classic mythos Keith wasn't a Galra so the gender swap of Pidge isn't that out there. Having a brother that looks just like her isn't that strange, they're siblings, and as mentioned above the Paladins' appearance doesn't have anything to do with how the Lions choose the Paladins. Plus, again, the writers fought for a girl on the team. Moving her around and claiming this guy we haven't seen outside of flashbacks since early Episode 1 is the true Pidge is a copout that would piss off a lot of the Pidge fans. Anybody remember the Clone Saga in Spider-Man? Also, if Keith takes over Black and Lance moves to Red, and Matt were to be the new Paladin why not have Matt step into the Blue Lion instead of Green. Blue is the most accepting of new Pilots, not Green. Plus, Pidge had an episode dedicated to deepening her bond with Green, so why rip her away from the Lion that most represents her better qualities?
      • That comparison kinda feels like apples and oranges considering how that Peter Parker/Ben Reilly identity-swap was an obvious cheap forced retcon a writer used to find a way to make Spidey single again. This would be planned from the start and therefore remain organic with the story. Even if you personally don't like the idea, you shouldn't get too bent out of shape about since it's still just a theory. The writers could easily just be teasing us yet again, and end up not doing a roster change at all this time (Shiro easily could just step out of a shadow in Black Lion's cockpit and continue on as normal). Besides, come to think of it, Takashi Shirogane (Shiro) had a near identical older brother named Ryoh in Golion (presented as Sven returning in Defender of the Universe), who helped lead a resistance against the Galra and who personally killed Sincline (Lotor) in the end. Matt could easily turn out just to be this show's version of him.
  • Confirmed. Pidge is still the Green lion after 4 seasons and nothing has changed. Pidge is her brother's nickname for her.

Alternatively, Pidge won't get any kind of Girliness Upgrade
and will stay the pilot of the Green Lion Pidge doesn't seem uncomfortable at all with the way she currently looks and dresses. If she wanted to act more feminine, she would have begun to do so already. It may not be the way she was before, but it's not too crazy to say that she likes being Pidge. If anything, Matt will have a changed look when he's recovered to avoid confusion. Adding to that, even if she were to for some reason suddenly become girly despite acting like one of the guys even when her disguise is down, the Green Lion picked her based on her personality, not because it liked her haircut. It's not going to get confused because her hair grows a little. If pilots start getting switched around, Pidge and Hunk would likely stay in the same place. Keith would move to Black, Lance to Red, and Allura to Blue.
  • Confirmed.

Zarkon knows a lot, but not everything about Voltron
The Bayards are said to adapt and form a weapon that matches the personality of their wielder. Until we learn more about the previous paladins, there's absolutely nothing to suggest that the ones who used to be Zarkon's fellow paladins had the same weapons. The original Red paladin may not have had a sword, the original Green paladin may not have had a taser grappling hook, etc. Even the Black Bayard may not have the same multi-form power if Shiro manages to obtain it. For example, the Yellow Bayard of old could have given Voltron an Epic Flail while in Hunk's hands it gives Voltron a shoulder-fired laser cannon. This means that while Zarkon may know a lot about Voltron's overall abilities, he isn't fully aware of what specialty weapons Voltron can gain from the Bayards of these new paladins. Especially if...
  • Despite now using the Black and Red bayards respectively, Keith and Lance still get a sword and space rifle when using their Bayards. Keith is also still the one forming Voltron's most basic sword, despite now using the Black bayard inside the Black Lion. And whatever weapon the Blue bayard may have given Voltron while Lance wielded it, it will likely now bestow a different weapon due to the Blue bayard being in Allura's hands.
  • Confirmed. Not even King Alfor knew everything about what Voltron is capabaly of, and he built the lions himself.

Keith and Lotor will be the foils
We know that Lotor is coming and it just makes sense that he'll be Keith's foil. In a sense they will be both trying to fill the shoes of their sides' previous leader Zarkon and Shiro. Fitting as the original he was Keith's Arch-Enemy due to his obsession over Allura, which is debatable if that trait will appear in this Lotor

Lotor will be a Magnificent Bastard
By this I mean, he will employ less brute force methods like his father did and use tactics that prey on the weaknesses of the Paladins. He'll try to learn more about the personalities of the heroes he'll figure out Katie Holt's connect to the other two first and only humans to have been captured by the Galra and use her father to set up a trap. Eventually he'll make a full scale invasion of Earth.
  • At least partly confirmed? Lotor has shown some Magnificent Bastard traits so far (he easily manipulates the Galra at the gladiator match with a speech, and he does spend a lot of time observing the paladins, for example). Finding out that level of detail hasn't happened yet, though.
    • Confirmed.

Pidge was actually a pre-existing nickname
Katie just re-purposed it as an alias. Two reasons for this idea. Normally when going undercover its a good idea to choose a name that you'll respond to. But Pidge and Katie sound nothing alike, but if its based on a nickname "Pidge" would be used to hearing it anyway. The second was that in the second season opening when stranded alone Pidge still uses Pidge rather than Katie when thinking out loud.
  • Confirmed, it was Matt's nickname for her.

Shiro is The Mole
Throughout the season, we hear the team comment that it's as if the Galra know exactly where they are and some of Sendak's comments when in stasis does suggest that there's more to Shiro's arm than just being a Power Fist. A tracking device would be at the top of that list. Whether he's an Unwitting Pawn or not remains to be seen, but the picture does sort of paint itself when you factor in the circumstances behind his escape to Earth.
  • Let's not forget it was his decision-making that allowed Allura to go on the mission that led to her capture, as well as to deliver Voltron straight to Zarkon by going to save her— which Keith specifically warned against (alluding to his destined promotion to leader). Keith was also the one smart enough to ignore Coran's warning and took on Zarkon in Red Lion. If Keith hadn't kept him distracted by doing so, Zarkon would have gotten to Black Lion and all would have been lost. There's little doubt in my mind that Shiro is being manipulated by the faction of the Galra that is apparently trying to prevent Zarkon from obtaining Voltron. I suspect Lotor could be behind it all, and specifically released Shiro as part of a plot to overthrow his father.
    • Or Shiro could be Lotor. As we know nothing of Shiro's heritage, perhaps Zarkon visited Earth long ago, fathered a child with a human woman, and Shiro is a decedent, making him a valid heir to Zarkon's throne. The Galra faction against Zarkon discovered this fact during the experimentations performed on him and then recruited him to overthrow Zarkon and become their new emperor. As part of the plot, Shiro was specifically sent to get a hold of Voltron before Zarkon. Shiro's memories of all this were suppressed because it was known he'd have to share his mind with the other Paladins. Not only did Shiro return equipped with Galra technology built into his arm, but his hair is also turning white (like Lotor's... also, could that discoloration on his face be the early stages of his skin beginning to turn blue?). Combine that with theories of Shiro and Keith being long lost brothers and Keith being part Galra, and it all fits up perfectly. As descendants of the original Black Paladin, it would explain why Shiro, and later Keith (presumably) would be compatible with Black Lion. It also would be an interesting new spin on the conclusion of Golion in which Sincline (Lotor) is ultimately killed by Shirogane's (Shiro's) brother.
  • An alternative explanation is that since Zarkon used to be the Black Paladin, he's using his connection to the Black Lion to track the Paladins' location.
    • What about the scene where Commander Prorok was shown to be tracking the Paladins independently, then gave the order to capture the Lions without approval— heavily hinting at his own ulterior motives and later seemingly confirming them when the officer already shown to serve directly beneath him (Thace), sabotaged the shields allowing the Paladins to escape in the finale? While Zarkon could also be tracking via his connection with Black Lion (he later would say how he has plans that Prorok couldn't possibly comprehend), Prorok was the one who set the trap on Balmera, where the Paladins couldn't understand how they knew they were coming (which to my recollection, was the only time they actually said anything like that)— Zarkon had no involvement in that instance.
      • They also mentioned that Rolo, the bounty hunter who tried to sell the Blue Lion to Prorok in the previous episode, knew where they were heading and had likely told Prorok what they knew, and by the time Zarkon had sent the Robeast to Balmera Prorok already knew where the Paladins were.
      • Rolo's comment about hoping the Paladins succeeded in beating Zarkon seemed like a strong signal to the audience that they were supposed to really be good guys. Plus, it was Hunk who threw out the theory it was Rolo, which seemed like a heavy indication it was wrong since he never trusted him from the start and made such a big deal about being right when he did betray them. Not to mention, continuing to deal with Prorok and the Galra wouldn't seem likely to benefit them after they failed to deliver Blue Lion. The hints seemed pretty clear to me that something else was supposed to be going on with Prorok, and Thace's actions in the finale seemed to all but confirm that.
    • Confirmed. He was tracking the Black Lion. Shiro broke the tracker by strengthening his own bond with the Lion, and forcing Zarkon out.
  • Season Three brings back the possibility, with Shiro being held captive and experimented on aboard a Galra warship. The fact that he can't remember how he got there or what happened brings up the possibility of him being a Manchurian Agent.
    • Could be a clone too. He did see himself.
  • Jury's still out (but it's likely not the case) for previous seasons, but Season 5 confirms that Shiro is most definitely The Mole, albeit unknowingly, as Haggar is spying through him the same way she did with Narti in Season 4.

Lotor will turn out to have been Good All Along.

He'll turn out to have been secretly backing the Blade of Mamora the entire time, and moreover his true motivation/plan this entire time has been to exorcise his parents. That's why he wanted the comet and the wormhole tech — he wants to reaccess the Quintessence dimension so he can somehow force the Bad Spirits out of Zarkon and Hagar. That's why he and his Quirky Miniboss Squad have been working behind the Empire's back.

... well, that, or he intends to trap them there so that he can rule the Empire on his own. So maybe not *Good* All Along, per se, but at least Less Evil.

  • Confirmed, sort of. He wasn't backing the Blade of Mamora, but he's supposedly revealed to be Good All Along as of season 5.

Prince Lotor will turn into Emperor Lotor
Well, until Zarkon fully recovers. Lotor will be acting as emperor so the Galra Empire won't fall apart. The title of Emperor of the Galra goes to Lotor's head and causes him to screw up on capturing/destroying Voltron.
  • Hasn't happened so far. He's still referred to as Prince Lotor and his father recovers enough to return to the throne midway through Season 4, and Lotor is banished once again, this time with a death sentence hanging over his head.
    • Confirmed in Season 5. despite some weird heritage rules, Lotor won the Kral Zera with Keith's help, though a fair number of Galra are none to pleased about a half-breed emperor.

Some Alteans survived and they're led by Pirate Girl Princess Romelle and her brother Bandor.
Before the Altea system was destroyed a fleet of refugees managed to escape with assistance from King Alfor. Some of the refugees were members of the royal family and eventually formed a kingdom in exile that has been running and fighting the Galra for the last ten thousand years. They are currently led by Admiral Romelle who disdains her relation to Allura as they feel abandoned by the Princess, though she finds Shiro strangely attractive, even with his "hideous ears." Bandor and Pidge/Katie will have some Ship Tease of their own.
  • The first part is Confirmed, the Second part is Jossed. Romelle and her brother Bandor are not leaders of their people, but they are descendants of Alteans who were off-world when Altea was destroyed, and went into hiding to escape Zarkon's wrath. As he began researching his mother's culture, Lotor gathered the survivors and created a colony where the Altean refugees could start over in peace.

The Shiro we see isn't the real one...
But a clone with his memories created by Haggar to infiltrate the heroes or interface with the Black Lion better. The real Shiro is dead, imprisoned, or brainwashed by Zarkon.
  • Alternatively, rather than a clone, it's really Lotor who has the shape-shifting ability from being half-Altean (but because he's only half, his real hair color is starting to show through). Lotor had been plotting to overthrow his father by finding Voltron first. After discovering the Blue Lion was on Earth (and knowing it would lead to Black Lion), he took the form of Shiro as he was known as a hero on Earth whose lead the new Paladins would be sure to follow. Lotor knew of the mind-sharing process the team would have to go through, so he had the real Shiro's memories transferred into his mind, with his own temporarily being suppressed. He previously battled the real Shiro in a gladiator match, who he ultimately killed, but lost an arm in the process. The new prosthetic arm is equipped with a tracking device that's being monitored by his followers (who were the ones responsible for helping the Paladins escape in the finale), and also has the ability to awaken his true self, when the time comes.
    • This part seems to be Jossed on both counts. Lotor hasn't said anything about it yet (and shows up in several scenes at the same time as Shiro), and he wasn't being tracked through his arm.
  • Alternatively-alternatively, the Shiro from Seasons 1-2 is the real one, but the Shiro we see in season 3 isn't the real one. There's something very fishy about his memories and how quickly he was able to return to Voltron.
    • Supporting this, his hair seems to have grown too fast in what seems to be only a month or two, his vision of himself being experimented on may not have been a hallucination, but instead seeing the real version of himself, and the Galra doing this to him refer to it as "Project Kuron," Kuron being the Japanese word for clone. His eyes also look slightly different in Seasons 3 and 4, which could just be a case of Art Shift or it could be a subtle hint of his true nature.
    • The clone theory also explains why Shiro had difficulty getting the Black Lion to respond after he rejoined the team, and why Keith had to take over as the Black Paladin in Season 3 (although Clone!Shiro does eventually retake the mantle in Season 4).
    • The part about Haggar is at least partly confirmed. It's not yet clear if she did anything to his memories, but she is spying on the Paladins through Shiro, similarly to what she did with Narti. Shiro himself also tells Lance that something seems off, which could support any number of the theories here.
      • Confirmed in Season 6 Haggar takes direct control of the Clone, while the real Shiro was trapped inside the Black Lion.

The Shiro seen in Season 3 is a clone.
This is not so much WMG as it is "the show is beating it over our heads with how unsubtly they're Foreshadowing it", but posting for posterity. Consider:
  • When he wakes up, he sees himself Strapped to an Operating Table.
  • He's referred to as "Subject" in the memories, but Shiro in Galran empire flashbacks was always referred to as "Champion." The operation is noted as "Operation Kuron," which is the Japanese pronunciation for clone.
  • Special attention is given to the migraine he has, indicating that something's really up with his mental state.
  • Another to his voice. It to the Shiro of season 1 and 2.
  • And his interactions with Keith in Seasons 3 and 4 is very OOC compared to their interactions in the first 2 seasons.

The clone's probably around as some sort of Manchurian Agent, and this is why the Black Lion rejects him offhand. It's worth noting that Lotor does not seem to know that Shiro was gone to begin with, because he doesn't confirm that the lions changed pilots until he fights them.

  • Being a clone would explain some of the Black Lion's behavior perfectly. A clone is meant to be identical to the original, so it would probably have the same bio-signals or whatever signature that allowed Black to detect him from a distance. But once Black got a good look and feel for "Shiro" up close, it was able to realize something is off. Maybe it's even fully aware that they grabbed the wrong Shiro, but of course it can't just tell the Paladins that information. Any hidden programming in the clone is probably set to trigger when he flies the Black Lion, so not activating for Shiro is Black's way of protecting everyone until they can figure out and deal with the issue. On a side note, if the team can get rid of any Manchurian Agent programming, then the Galra have pretty much just given the Paladins back their leader, since the clone seems to have most of the original's memories, along with the original's personality and skills.
    • The Manchurian Agent programming may end up activating when the Paladins are inevitably pushed to a point where the Black Lion is more or less forced to let this Shiro pilot. This Shiro could hten end up making a Heroic Sacrifice in overcoming his programming to protect his team, and thus completing a Go Lion and original Voltron Mythology Gag, as that Takashi Shirogane was later replaced by a Suspiciously Similar Substitute after his death in Go Lion, who was simply Sven returned from the space hospital in Voltron. In this case it's an inversion, with the substitute dying and their place taken by the original.
    • As of Season 4, Shiro's back in Black. Though it took begging and pleading with the Lion while everyone else was in danger to accomplish that. It seems Black has judged that, clone or not, this Shiro's heart is still in the right place. Whether this comes back to bite them all in the butt remains to be seen.
  • As an addition to this, the original Shiro was teleported to where Matt is (a seemingly leaked production still showed the two fighting alongside each other). If the team reunites with him before this clone Shiro is potentially killed off, the two may clash or cooperate when it comes to leading.
    • The part about Matt is jossed. When Pidge finally found him, he was manning a rebel spy station all by his lonesome. No Shiro to be seen.
  • An additional clue to consider: Shiro was the one to pick Naxzela as the Coalition's target in the final 2 episodes of Season 4, a planet that just so happened to have been turned into a gigantic bomb by Haggar. And when things started going wrong and the shield that would trap them on the planet began to power up, he insisted the team stay on Naxzela rather than doing as Lance suggested and getting the quiznak out of there.
    • This might be less important of a detail than it seems. Naxzela was the last in a line of planets that, if taken, would have solidified a wall of Voltron-allied planets and cut off a third of the Galra's empire. The choice was made on strategy, so in order for it not to be a coincidence, the Galra basically had to let them take every other planet and save Naxzela for last. But he does seem to be subconsciously sabotaging them, perhaps, as demonstrated by his refusal to listen to Lance. ...But then, if they hadn't stayed, Hunk wouldn't have been able to figure out everyone was in danger from the bomb...
  • In the last scene of Season 5, Haggar is revealed to be watching the Voltron Force through Shiro's eyes, just as she was through the perceptions of the blind general Lotor killed.
  • In Season 5, Shiro claims that he does not remember appearing to Lance in the Voltron mind space. Maybe that was the original Shiro calling out to him while the clone merely blacked out.
    • Confirmed in Season 6.

Shiro's arm is being used in making clones for the Galra.
This is going to be played just like in Young Justice with Arsenal. Shiro's arm is cut off and Haggar uses his arm, quintessence and a little science in creating more Shiros. If they get ahold of the real Shiro, they'll send replacements that'll help track Voltron for the taking.
  • This works very well with all the theories surrounding Project Kuron.
    • Confirmed by Season 6.

A dark version of Voltron will appear at some point.
What better way to fight against Voltron then with an Evil Knockoff? Bonus points if a brainwashed pilot is in control of it.
  • More bonus points if it's a new version of the Vehicle Voltron pitting machines against beasts. Or if it used five wolves instead of lions.
    • Now that's been revealed that Zarkon was the original Black Paladin, a fight against an evil or brainwashed Voltron is becoming a possibility.
    • Even more possible that Lotor is actively attempting to create his own dark version of Voltron.
    • Confirmed. Lotor's Sincline ships are completed in Season 6 and he combines them to fight against Voltron.

Alternatively, Lotor's ship will form the arms for another Voltron, to counter the original
Perhaps based off of the Gladiator Voltron.
  • The show seems to be headed in this direction, as Season 4 reveals that the comet has enough ore for at least 3 trans-reality ships, and the ship that will form the legs is completed midway through that season.
  • Confirmed.

Lotor's fighters will be a three-piece combiner.
The two fighters Lotor were able to build looked different from each other, and a third was planned. As part of Lotor's plans to harvest limitless inter-reality Quintessence, the third fighter will get built, and the three units will be able to combine into a single robot. Perhaps it will ally with Voltron, or perhaps Voltron will end up facing off against it. Or both.
  • Confirmed.

Season 3 will feature a full-on team of Psycho Rangers with an evil Voltron
Lotor may establish himself as different from Zarkon by trying to create what he sees as a superior version of Voltron and its paladins, rather than taking the actual Voltron for his own. Zarkon did have the Black Bayard for millennium so it wouldn't be too much of a stretch to have reverse engineered it to some level. Haggar will be responsible for creating the evil Voltron.
  • The Dark Paladins will have their own colors instead of being copies of the Paladins and will consist of at least violet, orange, and brown. Other colors may include gray, teal, burgundy, and maroon.
    • Partially confirmed. Lotor has assembled an inner circle of half-Galra women, but they aren't Psycho Rangers and the dark Voltron is still under construction.
      • Confirmed when the dark Voltron is finished in Season 6.

Lotor will have to earn his generals' trust from scratch.
At some point in Season 5, Lotor will encounter Acxa, Ezor, and Zethrid again. Given how he understood their decision to turn him in, if he has the opportunity, he'll sit down and explain why he killed Narti and appologize for making them question their faith in him. He won't be Easily Forgiven, but he'll eventually be able to regain their trust.
  • Hasn't happened in Season 5 yet, but there's still time for that to change.
    • Confirmed in Season 6. And then he loses it again three episodes later when he declares his intention to destroy the Galra.

Lotor's crush on Allura will get played differently than in the classic TV series.
In Season 5 when Lotor and Allura meet for the first time, he will become attracted to her instantly, but unlike original Lotor who was a narcissist who wanted to dominate and control Allura, forcing her to submit to him, this Lotor will act more like a gentleman and try to win her over by his actions, while still continuing his personal agenda behind her back. It will also get played with whether Allura falls for his charms, or if Lotor's game of seduction backfires and he falls in love with Allura for real.
  • Appears unlikely. He may get a bit darker towards her in future seasons, but in Season 5, there's no actual crush, and the two appear to genuinely bond over Lotor's desire to explore his Altean heritage.
    • Confirmed in Season 6. Lotor and Allura develop genuine feelings for each other, but she rejects him when she discovers that he's been using the surviving Alteans as a People Farm to harvest their quintessence.

The Galra will eventually attack Earth
Thus forcing our heroes to lead a force of humans against them before they can invade en masse. The attack will just happen to be in South Korea, allowing for a brief glimpse of Studio Mir as one of the buildings under siege.
  • Confirmed. Shots of the Season 7 trailer show the Galra attacking Garrison vehicles.

The Alliance and/or the Empire will be in even more chaos
The Paladins went from being allied with Lotor to apparently killing him over the course of a couple days, and never had the opportunity to tell anyone outside the Castle of Lions why before it was destroyed. That means a new succession, and whoever ends up in charge now could have no interest in working with the Alliance, who may not see the betrayal coming.
  • Confirmed for both in Season 7. With Lotor gone, the power vacuum was never resolved and has since devolved into Galra warlords fighting for control of individual territories. Meanwhile, the Druids initiated The Purge against the Blade of Marmora and began a brutal counterattack against Coalition forces.

The families of Lance and Hunk will appear when they return to Earth to see Pidge's father
They've been gone a long time, so they would at least try to visit them.
  • Confirmed.

Shiro will lose his Galra-tech arm and will get a replacement.
I can already see it. Team Voltron is in an intense battle (without Lions, on a Galra ship or something). Shiro gets badly hurt, and his fake arm gets totally wrecked. While he recovers in a cryopod, the rest of the team work to replace his arm using Altean tech (and some Earth tech Pidge might have on her). It would be a very heartwarming moment, as the whole team would be working together to help Shiro, and Shiro would finally be rid of the thing that branded him as "part of the Galra empire".
  • Perhaps you're unfamiliar with the original Defender of the Universe and Golion series, but Shiro's counterparts' time on the team were only temporary. With that precedent in the mythology already set, there's no reason to assume that won't be happening again here with Keith moving up to Black Lion (the Season 2 teaser trailer already heavily hinted that). So, Shiro permanently losing an arm would actually be very good explanation for an upcoming roster change.
  • Yeah, but the point of a remake is so that it's not a carbon copy of the original. We know that Shiro's missing, and Keith will most likely pilot the Black Lion, but who's to say it's permanent? Shiro's story is very different from Sven's, and it needs to be further expanded upon. Plus, it seems like something this show would do. It would be a way of saying Shiro finally caught a break and is free from the darkness holding him back. And do you really think Shiro or anyone on Team Voltron would want him to be stuck with only one arm when they have technology that can easily fix that problem?
  • If we go by the theory that his arm is actually sending information out to a bunch of Shiro-clones back in the Galra base, then it would make sense that he'd want to voluntarily remove the arm. This also ties in well with the Studio Mir leaks of him having a different arm design.
  • Confirmed. His arm isn't sending information to anyone, but he does lose the arm in Season 6, and is given a replacement upon returning to Earth in Season 7.

Acxa will pull a Heel–Face Turn.
In the latest episode, she appeared upset when Lotor calls her out on her failure. That might not be the first time.
  • While she hasn't done a full turn, she, Ezor, and Zethrid turned on Lotor after he kills Narti, intending to hand him over to Zarkon in exchange for a pardon. When his escape ruins that plan, Acxa remarks that they still have one option. That remark has the potential to lead to either the three generals infiltrating the Coalition to destroy it from within, or else decide to go all in and fight for the Coalition.
    • She and the other generals buy themselves a pardon from Zarkon and pledge their loyalty to Haggar after his death, but she saves Keith's life when he interrupts the Kral Zera, hinting that the potential is still there.
      • The Generals betraying Lotor a second time in Season 6 when he reveals that he wants to destroy the Galra adds further fuel to this.
  • Confirmed in Season 7. While Zethrid and Ezor turned to piracy and conquest like the former suggested back in Season 5, Acxa became The Atoner and started working as a part-time ally of the Coalition.

Hunk won't return to Earth, even if the others do.
When he finally retires as a Paladin of Voltron, instead of going back home Hunk will instead team up with Vrepit Sal. Using Sal's far-reaching connections from the former Galra empire, the two will open a universe-wide chain of gourmet restaurants.
  • Jossed. Hunk returns to Earth with the others. In fact, Vrepit Sal is shown moving to Earth at the end of Season 7.
    • Maybe not so jossed. The original WMG is that Hunk will open a space-restaurant after retiring as a Paladin. In season 7, he's still a Paladin. Season 8 on the other hand has Hunk leaving Earth again, and Vrepit Sal even tags along as a cook on the IGF Atlas. While there's no indication they set up a physical location, the final episode does indeed show Hunk has started an intergalactic food business with Vrepit Sal as one of his main alien partners. Shay also appears in the background wearing the same chef uniform!



Zarkon will take an interest in Keith.
Zarkon will learn Keith has been exposed to quintessence and survived and with his fighting skill will want him, he will capture him an try to turn him to his side even make him into a Galra for one purpose.... to be his son.An when the process completes he will name him Sincline.
  • Jossed.

Shiro will be dead by the end of season 1
Which will then lead to Keith inheriting the Black Lion, Lance will then move up to the Red Lion, Matt will be rescued and take over piloting Green Lion. Katie will pilot the Blue Lion in a pink uniform like Allura did in the original show, explaining away the inconsistency between the lions' colors and the Paladin uniforms.
  • Jossed; Shiro makes it through season 1 just fine. There is, however, a lot going on in his backstory that indicates big things will happen with his character in season 2.
    • Not necessarily jossed; Watch it again— his showdown with Haggar was strikingly similar to Shirogane's death scene from Golion where he was surrounded by duplicates of Honerva— only this time we see Haggar take the form of an evil Shiro with glowing eyes right before a bizarre sequence where Shiro is covered by blackness. Who's to say the Shiro who saved Keith with Black Lion wasn't a duplicate sent by Haggar to ensure Zarkon didn't get to the Black Lion first? We know there was already some kind of conspiracy going on within the Galra to help the Paladins get away, after all.
      • Even if there's nothing to that, there's still the possibility from the very start that the Shiro who returned at the beginning was an imposter and the real Shiro already died.
      • Double Jossed. He survives Season 2, but vanishes at the end of it.
      • Then it turns out that his body died in season 2, but his mind survived in the Black Lion and eventually got downloaded into a clone.

Shiro becomes Lotor
It will be revealed that Zarkon and Sendak were once Altean, but corrupted by Haggar and the druids' experiments on them using Quintessence. Similar experiments were also performed on Shiro when he was in captivity which is why he has a cybernetic arm (Lotor had cybernetic implants in Voltron: The Third Dimension), his hair is now in the process of turning white, and the discoloration over his nose is his skin's pigmentation beginning to turn blue/purple. Sendak (who also had cybernetic implants) had possession of Red Lion because he was its former Paladin. Shiro's hallucination in which Sendak taunted him about becoming a monster like them, demonstrated the inner-corruption occurring. Shiro, as we knew him, died during his showdown with Haggar which played out strikingly similar to Shirogane's death scene in Golion where he was surrounded by duplicates of Honerva. During this scene, Shiro is covered by blackness right before Haggar takes the shape of an evil duplicate of him with glowing yellow eyes. The person who went back to Black Lion and seemingly saved Keith was in fact a Mole posing as Shiro. Season 2 will begin with Keith fighting Zarkon again, winning, and recovering the Black Bayard. The Mole will be Zarkon's successor as the new leader of the Galra Empire and take on the name Lotor.
  • I've heard the odd coloring across Shiro's nose is supposed to be a scar, though personally it looks more like an odd Blush Sticker at times in my mind. It looks pinkish to me, not blue or purple. A scar would make sense considering he was made to fight in the gladiator pit.
  • Jossed as of the season 2 finale, where Haggar orders Lotor to be summoned.

Shiro is slowly dying from events of the Season 1 finale
Shiro will ultimately die from the glowing gash he received during his showdown with Haggar.
  • For now, Jossed, since the season 2 trailer shows him alive and well.
    • The theory was "slowly" and "ulimately" will die. Definitely not yet jossed by any stretch of the imagination.
      • Definitely jossed now. He was completely healed in S 2 E 3, and seemingly vanished Ben Kenobi style at the Season 2 finale.

Lotor and Keith are one and the same
As in Keith is not half-Galra or part-Galra, but full Galra. Considering that he "fights like a Galra soldier", he has a natural aptitude with Galra technology, he is not clear on human social cues, and the Red Lion was already in Galra custody, I have a feeling he's not everything he says he is. I think he may be The Mole. A Galra prince sent on a mission disguising himself through natural shapeshifting or perhaps an alteration to his genes that allows him to do so, under orders to scout Earth and learn about them after the empire captured Shiro, Commander Holt and Matt. Under the claims he's an orphan and pretending to know nothing about the empire, he infiltrates the Garrison to learn more about human weaponry, but gets kicked out around the same time that Zarkon changes order and has him to go look for one of the lions. A while later, they send in Shiro as their sleeper agent (probably as a means to bring Zarkon the Black Lion), with Keith to guide him. When he fights Zarkon one on one, it could be he had warmed up to the team, aims to take over the throne for his own reasons or because he's giving the Paladins a reason the trust him so he can further the plan. Either way, when fought Zarkon the fear was genuine. And it may well be that he ends up switching sides.
  • Slight problem with that timeline. Keith was already on Earth before Shiro was captured by the Galra. It was established that the discipline issues that got Keith booted from flight school popped up after Shiro was reported "dead" from the Kerberos mission.
  • I'd say you're trying too hard to make that "Keith being Galra" theory work and overlooking more obvious things. Whether that theory proves true or not, you're forgetting the whole mind sharing sequence— if Keith were a spy, he would have been exposed then. A far more likely alternative would be Shiro being Lotor. If Shiro/Lotor was was raised on Earth as a human and was unaware of his lineage, it would explain why the Galra abducted the team on Kerberos in the first place (they were specifically looking for him) and he only remembers bits and pieces because they purposely suppressed his memories knowing about the mind sharing process. I say Keith was drawn to the lion carvings because he was legitimately destined to lead to the team. Shiro was the mole specifically sent to infiltrate the team possibly by the same Galra conspirators responsible for helping the Paladins escape in the finale, to ensure Black Lion stayed out of Zarkon's grasp and conveniently arrived right before Keith managed to locate the Blue Lion (was Shiro the arrival he was waiting for, or was it really Lance, Hunk, and Pidge?). Shiro has Galra tech, his hair is turning white, (and could that discoloration on his face be the early stages of his skin beginning to turn purple?). It makes far more sense to assume Lotor would be Shiro. It would follow the same tradition already established by Zarkon being the previous Black Paladin. It also fits with the whole hallucination sequence with Sendak claiming Shiro was a monster like them, which also interestingly seems to have ended with Shiro killing Sendak (Lotor was the one who essentially killed Sendak's counterpart, Yurak, in Voltron: Defender of the Universe by sentencing him to fight Voltron as a Robeast). The whole "Keith being Galra" theory, could very well still hold water if the "Shiro and Keith are brothers" theory also ends up being correct— which would sync up with the story line from Golion where Shirogane had a brother who ultimately kills Sincline at the end. Also, slightly off point, but Sincline wasn't actually full-Galra either— he was half-Altean (they never explicitly confirmed Lotor was half-Arusian/human in Defender of the Universe but still gave enough info for the viewer to easily make that guess).
  • Jossed as of Season 2. Haggar speaks of Lotor as a totally separate being that the entire Empire is aware of, ordering several soldiers to go and retrieve him after Zarkon is severely injured during the Season 2 Finale, suggesting they know exactly where he is.

Princess Allura won't pilot the blue lion.
Instead she'll pilot the black lion once something happens to Shiro.
  • Her role in this version of being a mature sage-like figure certainly does line up with the Black Lion's personality... However, the Season 2 the season trailer (as well as the events in the season itself) seems to confirm Keith will be once again be filling that role. Not to mention the whole point of the original premise was to show a coming of age story of a young girl rising to the occasion to save her people and breaking the convention that the pilots should be male. Since another female has been introduced who already fills that same role (only this time it's her brother and father she's fighting to save instead) I tend to think this version of Allura simply isn't going to become be a Paladin at all, but we'll find out soon enough.
  • It's worth noting that pink is a shade of red. (In fact, the way that men's dress shirts still come in pink is a relic of the way red and its pastel shade, pink, used to be considered too masculine a color for girls, who got to wear blue instead.) In the wake of Shiro's disappearance at the end of Season 2, it seems likely Keith will be moving up to Black and Allura will be taking over Red's reins.
    • You seem to be overlooking the fact that the Lions are linked to personality types— Allura definitely isn't a match with Red Lion's hot-headedness (which is already the most choosy of its pilots to begin with). Not to mention they've already established that only she can pilot the Castleship, which heavily complicates her ability to also pilot a Lion of any color (though, if King Alfor's A.I. is any indication, there's no reason the Castleship's arc in the story couldn't just eventually reach its end). Lance on the other hand, not only does have those personality attributes, but also has a history of following in Keith's footsteps (and of course, always traditionally piloted Red in the all previous versions anyway)... Combine that with fact that Allura wears a blue gown, has patches of blue present on her uniform, and the fact that the Blue Lion's bio on the official website describes it as "the friendliest and most accepting of new pilots", if she does still pilot a Lion in this version, it's all but guaranteed to be Blue.
      • Black Lion is said to like pilots who are calm, level-headed leader types. The sort whom people follow willingly and without question. Unless there is some major Character Development regarding how the team interacts, Keith doesn't qualify. They get along, yes, but Keith isn't someone the other three seem to "follow without question." Especially where Lance is concerned. Not to mention it just feels wrong to take Keith away from Red after they spent all of season two showing how deep their bond was. Allura, on the other hand, is more likely to have the trust and loyalty of the other four Paladins already.
    • There's another thing Allura has that could come into play of her being the Black Lion's Paladin: her ability to shapeshift. Shiro will only be on a temporary absence and while he is, Allura will shapeshift to look like him to try and pilot the Black Lion (although by that same margin, Coran could also be a temporary paladin).
    • Jossed. It's been confirmed in several season 3 trailers that Keith will pilot Black, Lance will pilot Red, Allura will pilot Blue. Just like their 80s counterparts.

Instead of an ally, the Galra that Keith rescued during his mission on the Weblum will turn out to be Lotor.
It would explain why Keith's mysterious friend wasn't particularly chatty, or why we never got to see his face. My instinct was to think it was a female Galra and a joke was being set up where a male-presenting fighter turns out to be female, but that's been done already and wouldn't warrant a prolonged mystery around the Galra's identity. If it was Lotor...that has interesting implications. As the poster above mentioned, that would mean half-Galra Keith just rescued his adopted family's worst enemy. It would also mean that reboot!Lotor is the kind of person to have some sense of honor and teamwork, making him a much more interesting and maybe dangerous villain than Zarkon, especially if he has the social skills to drive Keith's Galra identity in as a wedge between Keith and his teammates.
  • If you ask me this doesn't even qualify as a true WMG since it's without a doubt what the writers were implying. Haggar mentioning Prince Lotor at the end was a confirmation that he existed, and the fact that Galra's identity was never revealed was intended to lead us to suspect was him. Now we're to think Keith's decision to save him is the sole reason the Galra Empire won't now collapse following Zarkon's defeat as it otherwise would have if he didn't have an heir. At the very least, Keith is going to go on into the next season believing that to be the case and having to deal with the guilt even if later proves not to be the case.
    • There is no reason for Keith to believe that that Galra was Lotor, so he wouldn't experience the guilt. However, if it proves that that Galra had a hand in using the material it picked up to help the Galra recover from their last fight, then Keith might guilt over it. What we see as a set up should never be confused with what the characters see. That is why this definitely a WMG.
      • Actually, you misunderstood— I was agreeing with the theory, not debating. All I meant was the writers have something planned and definitely wanted us to suspect that was Lotor. Therefore, we can at least expect something along the lines of like Keith suspecting that and experiencing guilt (say if Lotor is wearing the same type of Galra spacesuit when they eventually meet him). I didn't mean that literal situation specifically was inevitable— the actual possibilities are endless (Heck, it could easily turn out to be Matt or even Sendak). And again, I said "If you ask me this doesn't truly qualify"— meaning just my personal interpretation of "Wild Mass Guessing"— Sure, this theory is definitely a guess, but it's highly debatable how wild it is as it's undoubtedly what the writers intended to have us to think (I wasn't debating whether the theory belonged on this page).
  • Seemingly confirmed by Dreamworks' April Fools clip which teased Lotor's reveal. In said clip (apparently actual Season 3 footage), a figure wearing the same outfit is announced to be Lotor then proceeds to remove the helmet revealing flowing long white hair, though the actual face is replaced by that of the cow from The Space Mall episode.
  • Jossed. It's not Lotor, but it's a member of his Amazon Brigade.

Alteans conquered and ruled all of known space prior the Galra War.
The Alteans were probably not unlike the Romans in how they conquered lesser civilizations using their superior technology. Further, other species probably held a grudges against Alteans for centuries before the Galra overthrew them.
  • Jossed.

Keith's focus episode in S2 will take place on a planet in the middle of a zombie apocalypse/war.
Going with the Synchronous Episodes theory above, Keith and the Red Lion will find themselves on a planet desperately holding on to civilization in the midst of a zombie outbreak/apocalypse. Keith's helping the natives will serve as Character Development, as well as giving chances for flashbacks to expand his character. And really, considering his actor and said actor's most famous role this can also serve as an Actor Allusion.
  • And Shiro will arrive on planet the planet to rescue Keith, and will get bit in the process.
    • Jossed, but that definitely would have been a cool way for Shiro to go out.

Voltron was a Galra weapon stolen by the Alteans
Zarkon isn't just the original Black Paladin. The Galra are for the most part Cat People, while the Alteans are Space Elf shape-shifters. Which seems more likely to have developed robot lions?
  • Seems unlikely. The Altean castle—the Castle of Lions—before Allura and Coran's deep sleep was already centuries old, and Allura mentions having traveled peacefully through Galra ports in her lifetime. Why would the Galrans have been so amicable to someone who lived in a castle named for their stolen weapons?
    • I just watched the first episode again, and the Galra specifically refer to "taking back Voltron", rather than "capturing" it. Also, for all we know, stealing Voltron may have been the act of war that started the conflict in the first place (perhaps after Zarkon began abusing it).
    • The only Galra who is at all catlike is Sendak, who's more along the lines of a Bat Out of Hell facewise.
    • Considering that Zarkon used to be the Black Paladin, and thus Voltron was once his to command, it could be that he still feels some ownership of Voltron, or at least the Black Lion. Also while it is a bit subjective, the Galra as a whole species don't seem to particularly favor any single image or animal. Some seem to mimic furred creatures (felines or bats) while some look...jester-like. (Haxus reminds me of NiGHTS.) Still some even seem more humanoid (Haggar in this incarnation) or reptilian, such as the officer who captured Shiro and his crew. Even Zarkon himself looks a bit more on the reptilian side to me.
  • Jossed. Season Three reveals that Alfor created Voltron personally.

Haggar is Allura's mother
This could explain why she was immune or at least resistant to Hagar's attack in the season 2 finale, as the ability to use quintessence magic may be hereditary.
  • Jossed. She's Lotor's mother.

Haggar was formerly a Paladin
If you listen to the first scene she was in, she says "Take back what's ours". Not Zarkon's, ours. She may have been a Paladin that was blindly loyal to Zarkon from the beginning.
  • Possibly Jossed, while it is still a possibility, it's more likely she said that because the is Altean.
  • Alternatively since Season Two shows that Alfor was responsible for creating the Black Lion. It is not out of the question that Haggar helped him and thinks that she has a claim on Voltron because of it.
  • Jossed. She played no role in creating Voltron, but she still feels she has a claim to it as Zarkon's wife.

Lotor is Allura's son
Given that Alteans seem to be rather long lived, there is no reason to assume Allura has had no relationships before the fall of Altea. A dalliance or even a (likely morganatic) marriage between the princess and the prior Black Paladin resulting in a son the latter kidnapped when he went rogue makes matters Yet More Personal... especially once Allura finds out that he has merely grown to adulthood rather than die millennia ago.
  • Combine this with Haggar being her mom, and Allura is in the best position to shut down any angst over Keith's possible Galra bloodlines.
  • Jossed. He's the son of Zarkon and Haggar.

Keith and Lotor are half-brothers
Considering what a huge influence on the original series Voltes V was, it wouldn't be surprising if they decided to rehash Kenichi and Heinel's character dynamic.
  • Jossed.

Allura and Lotor are half-siblings
With previews showing Lotor as half-Altean, the series won't use the dynamic from Voltes V, but instead the dynamic of Richter and Erika from Daimos, with Keith in the role of Kazuya.

Alfor was the original Yellow Paladin
We see him wearing yellow armor with cyan highlights in flashbacks, though it does look a bit different.
  • Alternatively, he was the Red Paladin. When Coran attempted to pilot the Red Lion one time, he specifically stated that he was following in Alfor's footsteps.
    • Coran could simply have been referring to Alfor being a Paladin in general, rather than flying the Red Lion specifically.
  • Jossed. Season Three explicitly confirms that Alfor was the Red Paladin.

In a surprise twist, Pidge becomes Blue/Pink Paladin instead of Allura; Matt becomes the new Green Paladin
The Season 3 teaser trailer depicts Blue Lion taking damage and spiraling out of control. This will occur when either Coran or Allura attempt to take over as the new pilot and run into trouble— leaving Blue Lion incapacitated and having to undergo repairs. Being the team's mechanic, Pidge will be required to work on those repairs. During this time, the team will finally find Pidge's missing brother Matt. Due to being a blood-relative, Matt will turn out to be compatible with Green Lion as well and will have to fill-in for Pidge while she rushes to finish the work on Blue Lion (in the other trailer, the person appearing to be Pidge in Green Lion alongside Hunk in Yellow Lion and Keith in Black, is in fact Matt). When the repairs are complete, Pidge will reunite with the team in Blue Lion (which the official website describes as being "the friendliest and most accepting of new pilots") wearing Allura's pink suit, since Matt is already wearing the green one. Voltron will be formed and the battle will be won. After this, the new lineup will continue this way.
  • Jossed. Allura becomes the Blue Paladin.

The Galra Keith rescued is both Lotor and his mom
Lotor may be Transgender, or perhaps they and, by extension, possibly all Galra are Hermaphrodites. Or maybe she simply has the title "Prince" for some convoluted court etiquette reason and/or was Raised as the Opposite Gender like Oscar in The Rose of Versailles. Perhaps running away to Earth and having a child was an act of rebellion against Zarkon for forcing her to live a lie for political reasons.
  • This is jossed, that same Galra is Lotor's Dragon.

There will be a Lion vs. Lion fight in Season 3.
It's over due and since Shiro is gone the team is ripe for a brawl between members. Prime candidates are Keith vs. Lance or Keith vs. Pidge. The former will be over Keith's leadership of Team Voltron now that Shiro is gone. and the latter will be over Keith insisting that they go after a clue to find Shiro over finding Matt and Pidge's dad.
  • Pilotless Red Lion vs Pilotless Black Lion. Winner keeps Keith as its Paladin, loser is forced to find someone new.
  • Jossed — while there is tension about reshuffling, it doesn't come to this.

The Galra in the Weblum was Matt
We know Matt was rescued by rebels, but not where he is now or what he might be doing. Matt also likely wouldn't recognize Keith or Hunk, since they don't seem to have attended the Galaxy Garrison at the same time. Matt's mission was to take a stealth fighter to obtain scaultrite for the rebels, wearing Galra armor and an obscuring helmet (which is dual-purpose since humans certainly can't breathe in space) so he won't be recognized as an escaped slave if he runs into real Galra. But his mission went awry and his ship got stuck in the weblum's belly until Keith came along. Now sure, Keith isn't blatantly Galra at a glance, but would Matt know "This is one of Voltron's paladins!" upon seeing him? Most likely he would just think "I don't know who's side he's on, except "not Zarkon's" but he doesn't seem to be too friendly. Maybe if we cross paths under better circumstances, I can get his story." and then focuses on his much-delayed scaultrite retrieval mission. When he finally gets back to the other rebels, he will probably have a facepalm-worthy moment when he realizes he just met two Paladins of Voltron and didn't even say a word to them.
  • Jossed, Weblum Galra is Acxa, part of Lotor's inner circle.

Shiro's Age
There are some who claim he's in his early 20s and there are sources that say he's still a teen. So which is it? Both. Shiro spent around 1 Earth year as a prisoner of the Galra. A technologically advanced empire with spacefaring abilities that humanity can currently only dream of. The effects of relativity would have slowed down his body's aging process, so while he may chronologically be around 21 going on 22 (according to the date on Earth) he can still be physically 19 going on 20.

There were more than five Paladins of old.
Building off the above, it would make sense that the original five Paladins eventually began training their successors. Apprentice-Paladins, if you will. Fighting evil isn't exactly the safest job in the universe, and it would be kind of stupid if the bad guys won because they took down a lone Paladin, leaving one lion unable to fight. There is something to lend support to this idea, too. 10,000 years ago, Allura wanted to grab the lions and sic Voltron on Zarkon when he was attacking their planet. But since Zarkon was the Black Paladin of that era, forming Voltron wouldn't even have been an option, unless there was someone else who could operate the Black Lion and take the place of its usual Paladin.
  • It could be possible that Allura was one of those chosen successors, but the Paladins eventually fled (as mentioned in S2) before these new Paladins had a chance to bond with the lions. There is, however, little evidence that supports Allura has had any Paladin training, though she does seem to have knowledge of Paladin training, since she helped train the current Paladins and seemed to have a good idea of how the lions worked.
    • If Allura was a possible successor to a Paladin but never got a chance to bond with her Lion before Zarkon attacked and Alfor put her in cryo, that would help explain how she knows so much about the Lions and Paladin training. And now with Shiro gone MIA, they need at least one new Paladin for season three. (Regardless of if they shuffle who pilots what Lion or not.)
  • Jossed in Season 3. The original Paladins only numbered five.

After reuniting with Matt, Pidge will go through an image crisis.
The whole point of her alias was to find her family, and after its purpose is fulfilled, she contemplates turning back into Katie Holt. It also serves as an allegory for the uncomfortableness of growing up, unless puberty actually is a factor in a Getting Crap Past the Radar way.
  • Jossed. She found Matt and nothing has changed. Pidge turns out to be her brother's nickname for her, so there's really nothing for her to "turn back into". All she did was modify records for entry into the Garrison, not her entire personality.

Lotor is just one in a long line of potential heirs to the Galra throne
Barring death or loss of Quintessence, Zarkon's basically immortal. Still, he may have decided that having an heir or two is just good policy. So, every generation or so, he has a kid who is raised to take command should Zarkon is ever indisposed- or a few kids, in case Zarkon has to eliminate one to maintain discipline. Somewhere in the Galra empire, there are some elderly military officers who never got the chance to prove themselves worthy of Zarkon's blood, and who may even resent their little brother Lotor's sudden ascension.

Matt is rescued and becomes the new Green Lion pilot
It's already established that Matt, looks exactly like Pidge when he's wearing glasses. The glasses Katie wears as Pidge will turn out to actually be Matt's, and will be returned to him. We also find out that "Pidge" was in fact Matt's childhood nickname. When is Shiro gone, Keith takes his place piloting Black Lion, Lance moves up to Red Lion, and Green Lion no longer recognizes Katie as its pilot without the glasses and because she'll have dropped the Pidge persona and let her hair grow back out. Matt is forced to be the new Green Lion pilot. Katie then becomes the new Blue Lion pilot and her childhood nickname is revealed to have been "Fala", which is what she'll be known as from this point forward.
  • And when he's found he will reveal a shocking truth about Shiro (really an imposter or traitor), that will lead to his leaving team and opening a new slot in the first place.
    • Glasses are not a character trait. Hair is not a character trait. The Lions don't choose their Paladins based on appearance, they choose them based on matching personalities. Katie wouldn't stop being the person that Green Lion chose just because she stopped wearing her glasses (which she doesn't wear while piloting anyway) or let her hair grow out again.
    • Yeah at this point it seems pretty clear that Pidge is Pidge. The female Pidge we all know in this iteration is meant to be just another version of the old Pidge, not a copycat or a stand-in. Matt Holt isn't going to appear and take Pidge's lion, name, or role in the team. Not plausible. He may be a part of the team but he won't be Pidge.
  • Very firmly jossed in Season 4. Matt fights as an active member of the Coalition and basically moves into the castle, but the most interaction he has with the Green Lion is when Pidge needs him to be her co-pilot (because she can't pilot the Green Lion and maintain the cloaking ability for Voltron as a whole at the same time).

In season 3 Shiro will be revealed to be trapped in Zarkon's body.
Wishing not to reveal his condition to Keith and the others. He'll go into hiding and conceal his whereabouts so they can continue the mission to free the universe.
  • Or The opposite will happen— "Shiro" will return at some point, try to subvert the team from within, "I Know You're in There Somewhere" Fight ensues.
    • Jossed, for the first one anyway. While there is eveidence that there is something off about Shiro's return to the black lion (brainwashing or a clone are the most prominent theories), Zarkon awakens from his coma in Season 4 with no adverse affects or signs of body swapping.

Altea as a society was actually a Crapsaccharine World.
Usually when a long-dead civilization is shown to have been perfect in their golden age, the more likelihood that it wasn't all just shiny and good. And we're being told what Altean civilization was like through rather biased angles (Allura and Coran). So here's a guess on what Altea was like.
  • As Coran implied in "Rise of Voltron", when he commented that our five protagonists weren't the "best and brightest the universe has to offer"'; it's likely that because Altea had the most advanced technology, their people thought of themselves as the best and brightest in the universe and thus looked down on everyone else.
  • Zarkon was indeed Altean; but during a mission gone wrong, Zarkon became locked in his current reptilian form. This caused him to be shunned by the rest of Altea and even his fellow paladins, all because he didn't fit their idea of perfection and was thought of less than Altean and wrong in the natural sense. Thus, he pulled a Then Let Me Be Evil; Zarkon gathered his own forces, killed the other paladins and decimated Altea as revenge. Then to 'spare' other species of being shunned, he decided to conquer the rest of the universe under a Social Darwinist logic.
  • This could be great way to add more dimension to both Zarkon, Allura and even fill in the blanks of Altea's past.
    • Jossed so far for the main reality, but the alternate reality Altean Empire certainly qualifies as a Crapsaccharine World.

The mysterious new "ally" seen in the full Season 2 trailer will turn out to be Lotor.
Think about it. While separated from the others due to the events of the first season cliffhanger, Shiro ends up teaming with this awesome new buddy... who turns out to be the son of his worst enemy! Oh, the drama.
  • Jossed. The new "ally" turned out to be a Galra named Ulaz, who originally helped Shiro escape during the Season 1 events and later dies during Season 2. Prince Lotor was mentioned at the end of the last episode of Season 2, definitely alive.

The first scene of Voltron against a massive alien force will be accompanied by a new track from JAM Project
And it will make Voltron look ten times as awesome as it would otherwise.
  • Jossed.

Voltron will be able to change who forms the head.
Similar to Voltron Force.
  • This is joked about in one episode when Hunk asks to form the head, but hasn't happened as of the end of the first season.
    • Yet, in the glimpse we got of Voltron during the Wondercon '17 sneak peak, something about his form seems strangley off.. or changed, at least.
      • Jossed. The difference in his form at the Wondercon '17 sneak peak turns out to have been the result of a camera angle making it look like Voltron was missing a a wing.

Pidge will get a minor Girliness Upgrade
Now that Katie doesn't have to maintain her disguise, she'll simply revert back to her pre-Pidge look. It'll also help prevent any audience confusion between Pidge and her brother if they eventually meet again, since they look almost identical.
  • The main change Katie made was cutting off her long hair. Since hair keeps growing, all she has to do is not get it cut to return to her pre-Pidge look. Though depending on how many barber shops can be found outside of Earth, she may not have much choice...
    • Also, assuming they follow the same precedent of losing Shiro (moving Keith up to Black Lion, and Lance to Red), Matt will likely take over piloting Green Lion as it will no longer accept Katie out of the "Pidge" persona. Katie will then take over piloting Blue Lion (the friendliest and most accepting of new pilots according to the official website) and wear a new a pink uniform that better fits her female body-shape.
      • Pidge is literally 14 and seems to prefer baggy clothes, why on earth would she stop wearing armor?
      • I'm not sure why you chose to mention her age as part of your argument, because you essentially answered your own question by doing so. She's 14— puberty. Besides, who says her new suit wouldn't also be armored?
      • If the Paladin suits fit both big guy Hunk and the short fourteen-year-old, they can probably magically resize to fit anybody.
      • True, but if the Black suit is lost with Shiro, they'll have to create a new one and won't necessarily be able to reproduce the same resizing technology.
      • Even if she did take over as Blue's pilot, she could easily wear Lance's suit instead of getting a pink one. And besides, why does it have to be pink? If you haven't noticed, the characters are Color-Coded for Your Convenience. And Pidge's color is green, while Allura's is pink.
      • A lion can't just stop accepting its Paladin. Pidge formed a powerful bond with Green and the fact that he is really a she doesn't change that. I mean, Red didn't reject Keith after The Reveal that he's Galra, so I doubt Green will reject Pidge just because she's a girl. Same goes for Lance. He can't just switch from Blue to Red just to fill the role of Red's pilot.
      • They haven't established that a lion's bond is exclusive or permanent. What they have established is they choose their pilots based on personality types. If Matt is a better fit, then it's perfectly reasonable that Green Lion could abandon Pidge for him. I could easily picture a scenario where Pidge is temporarily absent and Matt has to fill in, during which a new bond is formed and Green will no longer accept Pidge. Also, Lance's personality definitely could fit with the traits Allura described for Red Lion (let's also not forget that Red Lion didn't accept Keith right away at first). Not to mention that they've already thrown in a few subtle hints that could be interpreted as allusions to a connection between Lance and Red Lion (like when Allura tells the group Keith will pilot Red Lion and Lance says "What? This guy?" and again when Keith says "I've got fire power!" Lance says "Hey, I want that!"). They also went out of their way to mention in Blue Lion's bio on the official website that it's "the friendliest and most accepting of new pilots"— there's no way that's not significant (especially considering how Allura conveniently skipped over Blue Lion's description after Lance interrupted her).
      • Matt won't be a better fit. As Allura said, the Green Lion is inquisitive and daring. If anything, Matt will be too traumatized from his imprisonment to even want to fight the Galra. Besides, who said Pidge would let her brother, whom the team just saved, put himself at risk piloting her lion in the middle of an intergalactic war? Also, Pidge was able to form a deeper connection with her lion, and since Green still accepted her after her gender reveal, it won't reject her.
  • Jossed. She stays the same and still pilots the green lion. Her alias is a nickname her brother used for her.

Thace is Keith's father.
Keith is subtly implied to be at least a little non-human, best exemplified when he bypasses Galra biometrics effortlessly (apparently) without shape-shifting like Alteans do, further implying that he may be part Galra. Thus, Thace who saves the Paladins in the finale has a personal connection with the Paladins - as Keith's father. Though Keith was said to have been orphaned at a young age, it could also be likely that his (most-likely) human birth mother died, and while his Galra father was off fighting Zarkon's rule, he decided to leave his son with the Garrison in order to protect him from the galactic calamity. Now that Keith has come into his own as a Paladin, his father now wants to reconnect with him and combine their efforts to overthrow Zarkon and his regime.
  • And Thace's real name will turn out to be Hazar, the conflicted anti-villain from the Vehicle Voltron eps. Absent the awkward 'Zarkon is a vassal of the Drules' connection, Galra is all one empire in this case.
    • Jossed
      • Not technically jossed— we never got the full story about his father and mother. They only implied his mother was Galra and his father was human, they didn't confirm it. And they could still later elaborate more on Thace's past and establish that he was Keith's father (and even that his real name was Hazar...), of course it's highly unlikely since he clearly wasn't aware of it, making it an amazing coincidence.
  • Whomever Keith's Galra parent was, they left their Marmora blade on Earth with their human family. Thace still has his blade. Sure he could have gotten a replacement, but I got the impression the blades are made of rare materials and the Marmorans... Well, the Marmorans seem like the sort of group that would be like "You LOST your special blade!? IDIOT! Go retrieve it before someone loyal to Zarkon finds it!" rather than "Oh, you lost your special blade? That's too bad. Here, have another!"
  • In other words, between Keith clearly recognizing his dad and Thace still having his blade, it's safe to say that this theory is Jossed.
    • Any lingering doubt is squashed when Keith's Galra mother is introduced in Season 5, and flashbacks in Season 6 clearly show his father as human.

Shiro will be recaptured by the Galra in S2 and Brainwashed.
The trailer and crew comments from NYCC imply that something very bad happens to Shiro while the team is separated, but that doesn't necessarily have to mean he's dead. Near the end of the trailer there is a long and rather ominous shot of Shiro walking inside what seems to the inside of a spaceship, and considering the purple-tinted lighting it's not unlikely to be a Galra ship. He'll be MIA as the Black Paladin as a result, and when the team reunite, Keith will temporarily take up the mantle while the team all go together on a mission to find him. (Unrelated bonus: Allura will replace him as the Red Paladin during this time; she can't really be a Paladin permanently since she's the only one who can command the castle, but temporarily filling in is another story).
  • Jossed. Season 3 and beyond is an entirely different can of worms.

Haggar wants to use Lotor as a pawn to control the kingdom.
Up until now, Haggar's seemed to be completely loyal to Zarkon, although she has already been shown to exercise a great influence over him, but a younger and probably more rash Prince Lotor would be much easier for her to manipulate than a seasoned military commander. Lotor will technically be on the throne, but everyone will know who's really in charge.
  • Jossed. Her loyalty to Zarkon and influence over him are because she's his wife, and she has no desire to manipulate him. She only tries to keep Lotor in line so that the empire doesn't fall apart because Lotor is too busy pursuing his secret agenda to actually rule.

Keith will not become the Black Paladin
Okay, so it's tradition for Keith to take the Black Lion and there's been plenty of teases, with Keith temporarily using it to protect a wounded Shiro, and Shiro telling him on multiple occasions "I want you to be my successor." However! Keith had to appeal to Black Lion, telling it he needs help to save Shiro, before it responded to him. It is possible that Black was letting Keith be its temporary pilot. But it's just as likely that Black Lion was responding on its own to Shiro being in danger once its systems came back online. We saw both Black and Green Lions save Shiro and Pidge in the first season, with no pilots. And for much of season two, we see Red Lion flying, pilotless, to Keith's aid when he's in a pinch. In one episode, Red even goes berzerk and tries to maul the Blade of Marmora's hidden base because it senses Keith in danger within. For all we know, Keith's timing of talking to Black and hopping into the cockpit was coincidence.

And then there's the other tease we get. It doesn't matter what Shiro wants. Ultimately the next Black Paladin will be chosen by the Black Lion and no one else. As Allura said in the first season, the bond between Lion and Paladin is not something that can be forced. So if Black decides that Keith isn't really its type, there's little that can be done to change that. And there are signs that Keith may not be Black's type. Black Lion is said to favor those who are natural leaders and remain calm under pressure. The sort of personality whom others willingly follow without question. Keith's well-established fiery nature means he doesn't fit this mould at all. Not without radical Character Development at least. And given his interactions with the other three Paladins, he does not seem like the sort they would "follow without question" at this point in time. They've all butted heads and gotten along on various occasions, with Lance being the biggest hurdle to Keith's potential leadership.

But aside from the fact that Black Lion has the final say over who gets to pilot him, we can't overlook Red Lion's role in all this. Red is established as the most temperamental of all the Lions. It won't let just anyone be its Paladin. It wouldn't even accept Keith right away when they first met. Even if Black did accept Keith, that brings a new problem of who to take command of the Red Lion. Sure, the Red Lion traditionally belongs to Lance and Lance has even shown a little lion-envy on occasion, but like with Black, it doesn't matter what Lance wants if Red rejects him. To top it off, Red spent most of season two showing how awesome and deep its bond with Keith has become, as mentioned above. It went into attack mode and tried to melt/rip apart the Marmora base to protect Keith. And it came to rescue a stranded Keith and Allura, from distances previously thought impossible for a Paladin and Lion to reach one another. Why would the writers spend so much time showing the deep bond of Red and Keith if they're just going to rip it all away come season three? One also has to wonder, with the whole Paladin/Lion bond thing, if Red Lion would even allow Black Lion to try and take Keith as a new Paladin. The Lions are sentient in this series. They could have an unspoken rule among themselves. Something like "No Paladin-stealing. If you need a new one, go get your own!" which would mean that Black wouldn't even consider Keith as a possible replacement. Tradition has its work cut out for it if Keith is to switch Lions.

  • The writers have clearly intentionally been attempting to mislead us with numerous hints leading multiple directions to throw us off while following enough other precedents from the originals to keep us guessing. When you consider how Word of God has confirmed the beginning Season 2 of was written to be the finale of Season 1, therefore indicating we were supposed to go into Season 2 having already seen Keith Pilot Black Lion and Shiro looking likely to die from the wound he got in a showdown with the witch (exact same way Takashi Shirogane was killed in Golion) the intended result would have been a Bait-and-Switch where Shiro would recover and continue on in Season 2. Since the ideal time to kill off Shiro, if they going to do so without letting the fans get too attached, was the start of Season 2. Since that window has closed, and considering how Pidge is already the female on the team and how Allura is needed to pilot the Castleship this time around, I'd say there's about a 51% likelihood a roster change won't be occurring this time around, with the other 49% split between either the various other theories already on here or something else altogether.
    • Allura isn't needed to fly the Castleship, only to power the wormholes. When she's captured toward the end of season one, Coran has no trouble managing to fly the ship on his own, including defences and weapons systems. (He's waited 10,000 years for that moment!) The only thing he couldn't do without her was power the wormholes. Technically this means that Allura could fly any of the Lions (depending on which chooses to bond with her, of course) just fine. The only trouble would be occasionally rushing back to the Castleship if the group needs a quick wormhole exit.
  • Jossed. Keith became the Black Paladin in Season 3. Although he stepped down from the team in Season 4 to train with the Blade of Marmora.

Keith's mom is in the Red Lion.
Perhaps the Lions can act in a similar manner to Evangelion Units. Which, if my rather limited knowledge is correct, steals the soul of a person and uses that as a power source. It would explain the Red Lion's overprotective nature towards Keith, and could've occurred while it was captured by the Galra.
  • Bonus points for the Red Lion appearing in Keith's hallucinations in The Blade of Marmora, right after Keith's dad mentioned that she would be home soon.
    • Jossed. Word of God confirms that the Red Lion is male, so even if a dead person's soul were stored inside the Red Lion, it wouldn't be Keith's mom.

Matt Holt is working for the Galra willingly.
And is helping the Galra conquer planets in exchange for rule over Earth. A torn Katie will hate him for this but may not be able to kill him.
  • Jossed. Pidge finds that another rebel group broke him out, and they're reunited in Season 4.
  • Alternatively, it'll be Sam Holt (their father) working for them. We've neither seen or heard about him (aside from Katie's flashback) since the very beginning as he was suspiciously absent from the gladiator pit Shiro and Matt were part of. Perhaps he'll be made into a Robeast and the Paladins will have no choice but to destroy him.
    • Both firmly jossed. Despite Sam being forced to work at a research facility, neither of the missing Holts were working for the Galra willingly.

If the Paladin roster does change to match the original show...
Expect the first transformation sequence to match the original, right down to the original theme and Keith doing all his original's dialogue. And right after the battle ends, the other Paladins mock him relentlessly fot it all.
Lance: So... are you going to chant like that all the time now?
Keith: What do you mean?
Lance: Seriously? (mockingly) "Form Feet and legs! Form arms and body!" That isn't ringing any bells for you?
Keith (embarrassed): Uhhhh... well, I-
Pidge: How is it that Lance and I form Voltron's body when your Lion makes up the torso to begin with?
Allura: Half of that doesn't even apply to Voltron- that's the startup sequence for the Castle! Come to think about it, Black Lion also forms part of Voltron's legs too, so how come you only claim to form the head?
Hunk: No, no, I see where he's coming from. I mean, okay sure, the Black Lion contributes a lot to Voltron, but it's not like Keith can just flip a switch and everything shifts to "Voltron Mode" or anything like that. He has to wait until we dock first, so the only thing he can actually make on his own is the head.
  • Jossed, this doesn't happen, sadly enough.

Samuel Holt is a Truly Single Parent
Both Matt and Pidge are clones of him. Their mother is never shown or mentioned and all three of them look almost identical. This would also explain Pidge's various health problems, resulting from Clone Degeneration and/or bad recessive genes due to both her X chromosomes being identical copies.
  • Jossed. We get a very brief glimpse of Mrs. Holt during flashbacks to Katie's life, prior to joining the Galaxy Garrison. One is a conversation mostly between Samuel and Katie during a family dinner, and the other is when Mrs. Holt and Katie first see the news report about the Kerberos mission being lost.

When Sam and Shiro reunite, Sam will find that there's something a little off about Shiro.
When they are catching up with one another about what happened when they were captured by the Galra, some parts of the story that Shiro says won't add up with what Sam remembers, which he'll take note of.
  • Jossed. Lance is the one who notices something is off, rather than Sam.

Lotor will use his Altean shapeshifting abilities to confuse the paladins.
  • Jossed. According to Season 5, shapeshifting, like magic, is an ability that only certain Alteans can access.
    • Still Jossed, but also either the retcon was itself retconned, or Lotor was talking out of his ass as shown by both the Alteans he "saved" and by Coran in season 7.

Nyma is going to betray Rolo and Voltron to Lotor.
By the look of her face in the season 4 trailer, she doesn't seem too happy that Rolo is shaking hands with Hunk and is becoming an ally of Voltron. Rolo is more sympathetic than her. In their debut, Rolo actually felt sorrow for "the Voltron fellows". Nyma was the one that felt no remorse for the paladins when her group stole the Blue Lion from Lance, so she might not have the best of feelings for the paladins after all this time.
  • It didn't happen in the season at all, and it should be noted that immediately after the scene of the guys shaking hands, she's smiling at Pidge's antics like the others. It seems the only reason she wasn't grinning was because it was a relatively serious situation, not malice or resentment.
    • Firmly jossed when she fights alongside the coalition in Season 5.

The Galra that Keith rescued turns out to be his mother.
Only an episode before, we learned that Keith knows who his father is—but his mother was supposedly "coming" with the approaching Galra. And then Keith abruptly meets a mysterious female Galra? Seems a bit suspicious if you ask me...
  • There was no way to know whether that Galra is female. It's possible that the Galra was male, since some of the Galra, which was depicted in the same previous episode you mentioned, had slightly more curved armor around their chest, which suggests they were female. However, the Galra might be his mother, just as it might be Lotor, or someone else who will become relevant in S3.
    • Not confirmed yet, but promo art for season three reveals that the mystery Galra's custom outfit is the uniform of Lotor's all-female Quirky Miniboss Squad. This seems to confirm that the Galra is female. Whether it's Keith's mother remains to be seen.
      • Firmly jossed. He meets his mother in Season 5.

If a new paladin is needed...
There's a high chance that it could be a completely original character, or a previously introduced character who seemed mostly inconsequential. The team seem to have focused on subverting expectations from previous series (eg. Pidge and Keith) and what's the greatest way to shake it up than add an original character? The problem arising from that would be how to introduce said character without the audience feeling cheated.
  • Jossed. After the events of Season 2, the show changes to the original 1980s configuration.

Sendak is dead.
In episode nine, his Breaking Speech drove Shiro into cracking the glass in his pod. He was then ejected into vacuum. The cracks would be enough to cause decompression, which would be fatal within a few minutes. Not to mention the pod was disconnected from the systems that kept it working in the first place, so life support would only take you so far. It was offscreen, but Sendak is definitely dead for good.
  • On the other hand, the pod's Magitek. So who knows.
    • Firmly Jossed by the trailer for Season 5.
    • But true as of the end of Season 7.

Sam Holt is the lead scientist for Operation Kuron.
One of the biggest mysteries surrounding Operation Kuron and the clone Shiro theory is whether the project is being carried out by Haggar or Lotor. Another factor to consider is how convenient it is that the project name is also the Japanese word for clone. But consider: Who do we know that is:
  • From Earth?
  • Knows Shiro is Japanese?
  • Hasn't been seen outside of flashbacks since the pilot?
  • Judging by his comments about how his life's work involves discovering alien life, plus the other two spots of the standard Garrison pilot-engineer-comm spec trio being filled by Shiro and Matt, is both a biologist and an engineer?
None other than Commander Samuel Holt. And depending on whether or not he's working with the Galra willingly, the decision to name a project after an Earth word may have been a deliberate clue in the hopes that Team Voltron, after learning about the project, would make the connection and come rescue him.
  • This appears to be Jossed by Season 5. Sam was one of a number of scientifically-minded prisoners being forced to work in a lab. Since Sam never mentions anything in the entire season about it, it's safe to say that if he did have a hand in it, he did so without knowing what he was working on.

Lotor was banished to the far corners of the universe
The reason we haven't seen the prince yet is because he was a Dragon with an Agenda and was caught attempting to overthrow Zarkon. For this he was banished. But now that Zarkon is in a coma the crown prince has to come back.
  • Alternately, he's been away because he's a Sheltered Aristocrat. Having grown up never expecting to take his father's place as king. He'll have lived a life sheltered from the everyday trivialities like having to work for a living. He'll be good-looking and charming (and know how to use that to his advantage), while also being an irresponsible adventure seeker. Meaning he exiled himself out of boredom.
  • Partially confirmed? Lotor is a Dragon with an Agenda, and Zarkon ends up exiling him again, specifically because of that, at the end of Season 4. It's entirely plausible that his first banishment was for something similar.
  • Jossed. Season 5 reveals that he was banished for being pragmatic with his quintessence harvesting and defying his father's orders to destroy a planet when he isn't striping all it's quintessence at once and leaving it to die.

Allura does know who Lotor is, but not by "Lotor".
Going back to The Legend Begins, Haggar's name was originally Honerva, like in Golion. Zarkon's planet was Daibaazal, like Zarkon's name in Golion. Lotor could've gone by a different name and maybe even a different appearance when he was born, given the name Sincline. When he was exiled, he changed his appearance in order to get rid of some of his parent's traits.
  • Jossed. Season 5 reveals that he was born after the destruction of Altea.

The Weblum Galra is Keith's mom
They have a more generally feminine body form than most Galra, and their face is covered, and they're totally silent, cutting off the other ways their gender could be identified. They were introduced in the midst of an arc about Keith's Galra mother. And there's no reason to obscure their identity if it's somebody we haven't met yet, nor much opportunity for it to be a known Galra, leaving obscuring their gender as the most likely reason for their silence and facelessness.
  • The Weblum Galra was revealed to be Acxa, part of Lotor's inner circle. Wehther or not she's his mother has yet to be revealed.
    • Jossed. His mother is Krolia, a Blade of Marmora agent introduced in Season 5.

Acxa is Keith's mom
Given the appearance of the half-breed Galra, it's a pretty safe bet to assume that Keith is no more than 1/4 Galra. We don't know how long lived Acxa is, but given the history we've seen it's not surprising to assume that Galra are long lived, so Acxa could be older than she looks. Her features are close enough to human, that if Keith inherited his skin tone and his ears from his dad, than that would be enough to make him human.
  • Jossed. His mother is a completely different character.

Pidge is a transgender girl
Before epsiode 6 of season 1, Pidge is assumed to be, and disguising as, male. The scene during which she reveals her true gender to her team is framed very similarly to a "coming-out" scene, with important care taken to confirm her gender and her friends' support of her. Additionally, as a character, Pidge was male in all previous incarnations of Voltron and was changed as an intentional move on the creators to diversify the cast.

From a Watsonian perspective, within canon there are also many signs that point to Pidge being trans.

  • She still is mistaken for male by strangers
  • There is a throwaway joke in Season 2 where she has difficulty deciding which bathroom to pick
  • Her family consistently reaffirms her identity by using her name "Katie" very often.
    • The showrunners and Pidge's VA have repeatedly Jossed this theory at conventions, stating there is no merit to it.
  • I grew up in the '80s where it was relatively easy to tell who was what gender by physical appearance: girls had long hair and wore earrings. The norms changed, they changed. Sure the aliens my have some out of date ideas about human gender norms, but other than that, Katie "Pidge" Holt has owned being female and even Coran says "gentle lady". She pretended to be Matt to get into the Garrison after being banned and that's it.

If the medieval themed episode is a gaming session, Lotor will be the GM
In a picture from the upcoming Season 6, all five paladins are in medieval outfits, with Lotor nowhere to be seen.
  • Jossed. It is indeed a gaming session, but a preview clip establishes that Coran is the GM, while Lotor is busy dealing with some of his obligations as emperor.

Zarkon will disguise himself as a human at some point after recovering and/or have his brain transplanted into a human body
As a nod to the Memetic Mutation surrounding an early, misprinted cast list that had Zarkon playing Neil Kaplan rather than the other way around.
  • Seems to be pretty strongly Jossed as of Season 5. Zarkon is dead, and the disguise never happened.

Shiro has been kidnapped
During the last episode of season 2, Shiro uses that alternate plane place to steal the Black Bayard. Before Zarkon was critically injured, he used said plane to capture Shiro, probably as a means of Taking You with Me, but ended up on life support and Shiro back in the empire's custody instead.
  • ...Probably confirmed? While it's still unclear if Zarkon had anything to do with it, Shiro is back in Galra custody in Season 3. Though given the implications of "Project Kuron," it remains to be seen if that was the Shiro who escaped, or simply a Shiro.
    • Jossed. The Shiro in Seasons 3-6 is a clone. The real Shiro's body was disintegrated by Zarkon's attack, and his spirit merged with the Black Lion.

Shiro is brainwashed.
His year in space he was captured by Zarkon who's using him to find Voltron.
  • Seems to be partially confirmed in episodes 9 and 11, although this plot hook is left for Season 2.
  • Or whoever is behind the conspiracy inside the Galra that allowed the Paladins to escape in the finale (Lotor?) is using him to keep Voltron out of Zarkon's grasp. It certainly would make sense as Shiro conveniently made it back to Black Lion just before Zarkon did, and the shields were dropped immediately after.
    • Jossed.
  • Season Three adds some doubt to that. Since he can't remember how he went from the Black Lion to being experimented on by the Galra again, he might still be a Manchurian Agent for some faction within the Galra Empire.
    • Firmly Jossed by Season 6 The Shiro seen in Season Three was a clone sent to infiltrate the team, and the real Shiro was trapped inside the Black Lion.

Clone!Shiro will attempt suicide after he finds out he's a clone
  • He has Shiro's memories and his own affection for the team. The idea the whole reason for his existence is to hurt or kill them will horrify him and he will try to ensure that he can never hurt them.
    • Alternately he'll take it upon himself to rescue the real Shiro in a suicide mission.
      • Jossed. Clone!Shiro is reduced to an Empty Shell after an intense battle with Keith that destroyed the cloning facility. And since the real Shiro was trapped in the astral plane, Allura uses Altean magic to transfer the real Shiro's consciousness into the clone body.

The ship Lotor had made from the comet will be an addition/upgrade for Voltron
The ship is unusual in design, almost looking like a pair of arms, is made from the same kind of material the lions are (and keeping it out of enemy hands would be ideal), and requires at least two pilots. Shiro is currently without a lion and Matt could well join the team. The conclusion is pretty obvious.
  • Season 4 may have jossed this. Acxa reveals in the third episode of Season 4 that the comet is large enough for them to make a total of three ships out of it. The first ship seaon in Season 3 appear to be the arms of a Dark Voltron, while the second ship developed in Season 4 is the legs.

Zarkon will use a combining robeast to fight Voltron
Building on the previous theories Zarkon will probably use the comet to create 5 ships that will combine to form a giant mech, or use an alternate world's Voltron. This Evil Voltron may be based on the dracotron, the predator robeast from force, or just an evil Voltron.
  • Jossed. Zarkon dies before he gets to use the comet, but Lotor manages to finish the third ship and combine them to create his own mech.

Keith is not only at-least part Galra, but also the last descendant of the Galra royal family.
A preview for Season 2 mentions his Dagger is actually an alien-artifact, as it was recognized by an alien ally.

My Theory is that it bears the Galran royal seal and is a heirloom brought along with the Blue Lion by his family. Thace will turn out to belong to a Resistance of royal loyal's and will reveal Keiths heritage. The Endgame for the Paladins will become reinstating Keith as ruler of the Galra Empire, to end their conquest, since the empire is most likely to big to fall otherwise.

  • The thing about the dagger being connected to royalty is Jossed, but it's still possible his mother is part of the royal family. The finale may involve him and Allura becoming an Official Couple and uniting the Altean and Galra royal lines.
  • Jossed. There is no real royal family of the Galra. Lotor was Prince because he was son of the Emperor, but when his father died, half a dozen officials with no blood ties to Zarkon made their own play for the throne, and had any of them completed the Kral Zera, they would have legally been the Emperor, and Lotor would have been nobody.

Lotor, after joining the Coalition, will recruit Keith to Team Hybrid, then forgive Acxa her turning on him, and re-recruit her. The three of them will pilot Lotor's meteor ships.
The ships are unlikely to be a dropped plotline, and with Keith no longer a Paladin... It might take all of season 5 to bring Acxa back around, but she seemed conflicted about her betrayal.
  • Jossed. The ships are completed, Keith becomes a Paladin again, and Lotor pulls a Face–Heel Turn. To add insult to injury, his generals betray him again right after he convinced them to split from Haggar.

Lotor is actually a clone in a long line of clones.
Haggar creates a new clone when the one before has outlived his usefulness, transferring memories and personality between the previous clone to the next. Leaving "Lotor" completely in the dark about his true nature, making him a more a disposable weapon than an actual "son" in the eye's of Haggar and Zarkon.
  • Jossed.

Instead of Allura, Prince Lotor will develop a crush on Pidge
This will cause obvious complications because of Pidge's conflicting feelings about Lotor
  • Jossed. Lotor and Allura develop a mutual attraction to each other.

The Galaxy Garrison is in New Mexico, specifically in the former site of Black Mesa
Of course it's after the fallout from the nuke is cleared and the Combine was defeated.
  • Jossed. Fans on Tumblr have compared the maps Keith showed the time in the pilot episode to real world maps of the US, and discovered that the Garrison is located in Arizona, with the Blue Lion specifically hidden underneath the grand canyon.

Romelle is Allura in another alternate universe.
It was for Sven, so why not?
  • Jossed. Romelle is an entirely separate character.

The clone will survive but become Shiro's 'twin brother' with the name 'Sven'; Shiro returns to being Black Paladin (Keith and Lance return to Red and Blue) while 'Sven' becomes the new Mission Control alongside Coran.
  • Adding on with this, Allura will stay a paladin via one of two ways.
    • Somehow, the comet material will be used to create a sixth lion; the Pink/White Lion. It'll become additional armor/weapons for Voltron, allowing it to form a sort of Super Mode; much like how a Megazord from Power Rangers would do the same with the addition of the Sixth Ranger's Zord.
      • It looks like Lotor may have already turned the comet into some sort of fighter ship, albeit a very interestingly-shaped one. Still, we've already seen two comets made from this stuff. They might be crazy-rare, but we can't rule out the possibility of another comet showing up and providing the raw materials for new Lions or other special ships.
      • It's still possible even with the original comet. Season 4 reveals that the comet is large enough and has enough ore for Lotor to have at least three ships made from it, and the third one hasn't been built yet.
    • Since Sven has already appeared as the alternate reality version of Shiro, the clone might instead take the name 'Ryou', after Shiro's twin brother from Go Lion.
  • Jossed. The clone is rendered brain dead, so the Real Shiro's spirit is transferred into the clone body.

Surviving Alteans
Alteans that survived the planet's destruction are a key member-state of a rebel Alliance, the same one that freed Matt Holt. Moreover, Allura and Romelle are NOT cousins in this continuity, and instead the latter is a descendant of someone Allura knew 10,000 years ago. Their rivalry will eventually fade as Allura proves herself worthy, and the two will end up good friends with a lot of Les Yay, leading to the two becoming a popular ship, and will quickly become Ship Mates with Klance for Obvious Reasons.
  • So far mostly Jossed. The surviving Alteans aren't introduced until well after The Alliance is formed. The part about Romelle and Allura not being cousins in this continuity is confirmed, however.

A conflict with Earth's government will play an important role in a future season.
For all that we only spend a little time on Earth in the first episode and a flashback later on, its government seems to be afflicted with the sort of incipient paranoia and stupidity you usually see in anime shows (for example, Robotech/Macross), for the sake of providing a good setting for conflict with Our Heroes. Apart from the Academy commandant, they even call the audience's attention to a specific character—the silver-haired woman officer at Shiro's crashed ship—even though she's only seen in that one shot and never again in the rest of Season 1. Could be a potential Early-Bird Cameo. (It seems premature to make a Chekhov's Gunman entry for her, but I'd keep the slot warm for when Season 2 comes around.)

Hence, it seems likely at some point some or all of Voltron Paladins will end up back on Earth (perhaps as a result of falling out of the destabilized wormhole at the end of Season 1) and come into conflict with the Earth government, with the silver-haired officer as The Dragon. This might even lead to the chance for Allura to go undercover via shape-shifting into her eighties form, as suggested below.

  • Well, the Paladins do decide to head back to Earth at the end of Season 6, and Pidge's dad had gone back earlier to deliver the news of what was going on to the Galaxy Garrison... so who knows where that could go. It's considerably later than what you had hoped, but you may just be onto something here.
  • Jossed. While Sam Holt does come into conflict with Admiral Sanda, the leader of the Galaxy Garrison, over the knowledge that Galra are about to attack, the conflict is resolved when the citizens/governments of Earth decide to help the Garrison in creating defences against the Galra. By the time the Paladins arrive on Earth, there are no governments left, as Sendak has conquered Earth, and only the Galaxy Garrison remains standing.

Pidge is e-mailing her mom on a regular basis

Because she just would. Whether her mom gets them or not is up for grabs, especially if she mentions finding Matt.

  • Jossed in Season 7. Colleen and Samuel Holt have had no contact with their children for three years. Pidge is a very naughty girl.

The series finale with involve a Mass Effect 3-style fight to take back Earth from Zarkon and the Galra
The Blue Lion being on Earth would have gotten the Galra's attention, and sooner or later they'll figure out that the Paladins all hail from said planet.So in an attempt to break their spirit, Zarkon launches a full-scale invasion of Earth; but the Paladins are forced to free the rest of the galaxy before they can save their home planet.Once they do so, they gather every ally they can and take back the Earth, culminating in a final battle between Voltron and Zarkon's Evil Knockoff Voltron.
  • Jossed. Zarkon is killed in Season 5, and Sendak's invasion of Earth is thwarted by the end of season 7.

Shiro will be about to retake control of his body only to be killed and have his arm stolen by Lotor
Lotor fulfills his ambitions to take over the empire and gets rid of his two biggest enemies at a stroke.
  • Jossed

Shiro will lose his Galra-tech arm and not get a replacement.
It seems obvious that the thing is either a homing beacon or has some other nasty surprise so it will be destroyed. Since so many people from AtLA and LoK work on this, Shiro will not get a new arm and have to deal with his disability for the rest of the show.
  • That seems very unlikely considering he needs two arms to pilot the Black Lion.
    • Jossed. He loses his Galra-tech arm in Season 6, and gets a new, Earth-tech design in Season 7.

The Galaxy Garrison will try to take command of the Voltron Force
In the Postscript Season of the original show, when the Garrison finally reconnected with the Voltron Force, instead of sending lower ranked soldiers to take up the slack so that one unit didn't have to do anything, they sent a senior officer to micromanage them. In this universe, they might even have a point from their own perspective - the Paladins currently consist of four AWOL cadets and a stateless woman with no formal military training. Even if the high command gets through their heads that swapping out pilots is not a casual exercise, so they can't replace the Paladins, they're going to want a trusted senior officer in charge. Hopefully a competent one this time.
  • Jossed. While the Voltron force does defer to the Garrison in matters relating to intelligence on the state of Earth and Sendak's conquest of it, there are no attempts to swap out pilots or put a trusted senior officer in charge.

The Ship that Acxa piloted in S 3 E 6 is part of Albegas
  • Jossed. It's part of Sincline, Lotor's attempt to create an Evil Coutnerpart of Voltron.

Shiro will return, only to be killed by Prince Lotor
Who then takes his bionic arm and attaches it to himself as a trophy, as a nod to the hideous Cyborg version of Lotor from The Third Dimension.
  • Given the strong implications and foreshadowing that the Shiro seen in Seasons 3 and 4 is a clone and Lotor offering an Enemy Mine with the Voltron Coalition at the end of Season 4, it's entirely possible that Lotor may be the one to discover this and kill the clone, destroying his tenuous alliance with Team Voltron.
    • Jossed, Shiro (while under Mind Control) actually rescues Lotor from the Paladins when they learn of his various crimes.

Acxa, Zethrid, and Ezor will become mercenaries
Now that they've lost their trust for Lotor for good, turned on Haggar, and been enemies of Team Voltron, the three will have to do something to survive.
  • Jossed. Zethrid and Ezor follow Zethrid's suggestion from S 5 E 6 and stake out their own territory amid the empire's power vacuum, while Acxa pulls a Heel–Face Turn and joins the Coalition.

The Blade of Marmora will have been Evil All Along
Keith seems to want what's best for the universe, but the members of the Blade of Mamora were perfectly willing to kill Lotor at the Kral Zera. While it is understandable why the Blades would not want another Galran emperor, and Lotor did start out opposed to the Paladins and the Blade, they seem to be operating on auto-pilot right now.
  • Wouldn't that undermine the "not all Galra are bad" thing?
    • Firmly Jossed by this point.

The destroyed planet Hunk and Keith passed in 'The Belly of the Weblum' is the original destroyed Galra planet.
Bits and pieces of the now-dead planet look a lot like the planet at its peak. Then Keith comments that he has a feeling that the planet died unnaturally. This could be because the planet was one of the first to have its quintessence drained from it, courtesy of Haggar.
  • Partially jossed? Season 3 gives us the details of Daibaazal being destroyed. Alfor did it to seal off the quintessence portal and stop all of the creatures from invading, so the planet itself didn't get its quintessence drained. That said, that planet still could be Daibaazal.
    • Jossed. The present-day ruins of Daibazaal are shown in Season 4, and they look nothing like the planet seen in 'The Belly of the Weblum'. That doesn't rule out those planets being victims of Quintessence draining.


    Future Plot Details 

The series will end with a battle on a universal scale!
Given the set-ups we got in seasons 3 and 4, this is the obvious conclusion and here's how it's gonna go down. Lotor will join team Voltron and somehow get his transreality comet back (getting his generals' loyalty back in the process or killing them). He will then finish the third ship he had planned, which will look like a head and combine with the other two to form Lotron. The dark interdimensional creatures that the original paladins fought will come back in S5, enabling Haggar and Zarkon to form a mecha strong enough to beat Voltron. During this battle, Voltron and Lotron will combine into Arc Voltron, strong enough to punch Zarkon to the end of spacetime. Haggar will merge with the dark creatures and escape to the rift between realities. There, they will gather as much quintessence as they can. Team Voltron will follow them, to find that Haggar is now piloting a galaxy-sized mecha made of dark magic. Fighting a losing battle, even with Arc Voltron and Allura's magic, the paladins realize that from the rift, they have access to all realities. Arc Voltron sends out a signal that summons the transreality comets from all realities and merges with them, becoming Super Galaxy Voltron, large enough to battle the dark magic mecha on even ground. At this point, it's revealed that the dark creatures are the opposite of the transreality comets. They exist beyond all realities and their ultimate goal is to absorb all realities and all energy into themselves. The comets come from the rift between realities and only through their power can the realities be kept separate, which is the only sustainable state for them because otherwise the massive amounts of quintessence in the rift would devastate the multiverse and make it completely inhospitable. Super Galaxy Voltron and the dark magic mecha both keep absorbing quintessence and grow larger still, achieving their final forms. Voltron becomes Tengen Toppa Voltron, mostly made out of quintessence and as large as a universe; the dark magic mecha becomes just as big (this works because physics are different in the rift and things can move faster than light). In this final battle, the dark magic mecha is defeated and Voltron is now the Legendary Defender; not of the world or even the universe, but of all universes.

The cadets from Voltron Force or thinly veiled parodies of the trio will appear in one episode as villains and receive a curb-stomping.
Fans will cheer.
  • Alternately, the cadets will be a trio of Earth kids that assist the Voltron Paladins while they're hiding on Earth from the Galaxy Garrison. They'll have to pilot the Black, Blue and Green Lions to get them to their Paladins, foreshadowing their future as Paladins after the time-frame of the show and redeeming them in (some of) the fandom.

The Academy Commandant was not happy with the cover-up/slander concerning the fate of the Kerebos Mission either
  • Obviously, he cannot let the daughter of that mission's commander get away with breaking into his office to use his access to the classified network to find the truth. However barring her from the installation is rather mild compared to... well he probably could not get away with shooting young Ms. Holt out of hand but he could justify holding her incommunicado in 'Club Fed' level conditions. Any suspicions 'Pidge Gundarsson' aroused during 'his' enrollment/infiltration, such as nobody on the medical staff recalling giving the twerp the physicals that are on record, would of course be brought to his attention. He in turn would never get around to investigating or ordering an investigation of the much shorter dead ringer for Matt Holt because he had more important things to deal with.
  • Once the Paladins return to Earth, if the government and Galaxy Garrison prove clueless, hostile, or both; he will prove a useful Reverse Mole.
    • While it never got to these levels, he was certainly more receptive to the plans of Samuel Holt, Shiro, and the paladins than Admiral Sanda was and fought bravely against Sendak.

Allura's mother is still alive and will become relevant in the future.
  • There's been a huge focus on Allura and Alfor's relationship, but no mention of her mother, which seems conspicuous. She could just have died before the war with the Galra (especially since, looking at AtLA and LoK, Studio Mir LOVES dead mothers), or she could still be alive and kicking somewhere.

The Paladins will return to Earth to find it's already been invaded by Zarkon's forces
Zarkon's not an idiot. He knows where his forces picked up Shiro, and one of his ships saw the Blue Lion leaving Earth. If he starts getting frustrated with Voltron escaping his control, he knows there's one place he can go to get some leverage on the Paladins. They'll return to Earth to find the entire planet under the Empire's boot heel, with whatever's left of the Galaxy Garrison driven underground as a hopelessly outclassed resistance force.
  • And while they're on this shattered Earth fighting to free it from the Galra, we'll meet Nanny— Katie Holt's childhood babysitter who won't approve of her being a Paladin and will give her a hard time over it.
    • That last part is Jossed. The VLD incarnation of Nanny is introduced in Season 6 as Lotor's governess Dayak.
  • Zarkon had nothing to do with it, but a Galra fleet does invade Earth in Season 7.

Shiro's missing arm will be used to make a personal clone for Zarkon.
Think about it. Shiro was The Champion in his captured days. Even Zarkon was impressed by Shiro's abilities. What if the plan was to take Shiro's arm and use it to make a clone of Shiro that would do Zarkon's bidding and capture Voltron? Only Zarkon's Shiro clone would be called Sven and have his own power, like quintessence borrowed from Haggar.
  • Other than the use of the name Sven, Season 3 and 4 have been hitting viewers over the head with hints that the Shiro seen in those seasons is not the real one, so this is still possible in some form.

Matt Holt will pull off a heroic sacrifice at some point
Probably to save Pidge. This will lead Pidge into a serious crisis period and maybe even be unable to pilot the Green Lion for a while.

One of the episodes will be a Whole Plot Reference of The Thing (1982)

We will meet alien cultures that are greatly admired by Shiro and Keith and are plot-important.
There's been a pattern among some of the more prominent alien civilizations we've seen so far in the show. Hunk clicked with Shay and the Balmerans. Pidge respects and admires the Olkari. Lance was enamored with the Mermaids. Each of these civilizations also reflects the Paladin's associated element. Lance and the Mermaids are connected to water, Pidge and the Olkari have ties to nature, and Hunk and the Balmerans are solid as earth. With this logic, we will eventually find a fire-connected civilization that makes a strong impression with Keith, and (assuming he's still around for another season or more) a bird-like or heavily flight-oriented civilization that Shiro takes a shine to. Bonus points if the sky-people are also known for their deep-space navigation abilities or something similar. Another part of the pattern, at least two of the civilizations we've already seen have been visited more than once. The Balmerans have shown up three times and the Olkari twice. The Mermaid queen said something about letting her people reconnect with the universe, so we could easily run into them again. Likewise, the fire-people and the sky-people will also show up again after their initial befriending of the Voltron Paladins. But they probably won't all be introduced/revisited in the same season.

The Voltron Coalition is going to blow up in the Paladin's faces when the universe finds out that Keith is part Galra.
Paying attention to the reactions of the Piugians upon seeing Kolivan and the Blade of Mamora, then when they are discussing Voltron and what the Galra had done to them. They weren't happy at the thought of having more Galra (good or bad) on their planet. Now imagine how them and the part of the universe that was conquered by the Galra will feel should Keith have his alien identity exposed.
  • Keith is openly a member of the Blade of Marmora, so he's doing a piss poor job if he's trying to hide that he has Galra blood. How can he be exposed if he isn't keeping it secret? And if the Coalition is willing to work with full blooded Galra, it's unlikely that they'll decide to disband the Coalition or go to war with one another because one person on their side is part Galra. Hell, they don't even object much to the presence of Lotor.
    • Despite the reactions of the Puigians, the Coalition as a whole seems to be perfectly fine working with the Blade of Marmora, or at the very least the various members decided to put aside their reluctance to avoid escalating the situation into the We ARE Struggling Together trope.

Lance will be next to leave the team (or at least seriously contemplate doing so) when they return to Earth.
Season 6 saw Lance at his lowest ebb yet. He feels totally superfluous, lacking the specializations of the others. The "Garrison Trio" is clearly not a thing any more since "Team Punk" clearly excludes him, making him even more isolated than even Keith (who at least had Shiro to comfort him and take him seriously). Any gains he makes are quickly undermined: he's now adept at transforming his Bayard, but doesn't seem to regard that as a big deal, and his capabilities as a leader/second-in-command are undermined first by Keith's departure then by [[Fake!Shiro's]] hostility. He's lost Blue (or at least seems to have) to Allura, who he sees as a far superior Paladin, and doesn't quite seem to have bonded with Red on the same level. Now his lovestruck Allura-angst has been dialed up to eleven, his conversation with the space mice suggests that he's growing tired of being the constant butt of everyone's jokes and having little to no moral support from the others, and he feels personally responsible Shiro's extended suffering. Since the real Shiro is back, he might take the opportunity to get back to Earth, hand Red back to Keith, and head back to the family and planet that he missed so much. Unless Shiro can't pilot any more for some reason, Lance probably won't see any point in sticking around if he's so useless...and, from a plot perspective, you don't keep kicking a character when they're down unless you're going somewhere with it. The resulting fallout may lead to us finally being told what the Blue Paladin's qualities are, and just why Lance was chosen.
  • Additionally, Lance has always been "just behind" Keith in terms of the actions he takes (fighter pilot, right leg to Keith's right arm, second-in-command, team loner) so he might continue to follow in Keith's footsteps and leave the team.

Honerva will go on a quest for Atonement
Her husband is dead, her son considers refuses her return to her original form. She may even ally with the Voltron paladins briefly. Given what she's done as Haggar over the past 10,000 years, she has a lot to atone for and may result in a Redemption Equals Death situation.

Alternatively, she will take over the Altean colony
,She was shown watching through Shiro's eyes as Romelle explained about the surviving Alteans. So if a redemption arc is not in the cards for Honerva, it's likely she may fly off to the Quantum abyss and tell them of Lotor's assumed death at the hands of Voltron (assuming the generals tell her or she finds out through other means) before recruiting them to help with her planets. When Coran and Allura arrive with Romelle, they'll find Alteans who view them as murderous tyrants for killing their savior.
  • An Altean-powered Mecha shows up out of nowhere at the end of Season 7, following the reveal that the Colony Alteans and Honerva herself have been Chekhov M.I.A. since the end of Season 6. The Mecha's abilities are repeatedly compared to the Komar, which was Haggar's invention, and with the knowledge she got from Oriande, Honerva is the only person besides the mirror universe Alteans capable of building that thing.
    • Likely confirmed since the NYCC 2018 poster showed her with the colonial Alteans.

One of Lotor's Generals will become the next ruler of the empire
With Lotor out of the picture (for now), even if the Paladins defeat Sendak and Honerva, unless someone with Galra blood takes the throne, the empire is going to go through yet another Succession Crisis like when Zarkon died, only this time it will likely be even worse, what with Sendak's Renegade Splinter Faction already running around targeting everyone who supported Lotor. In order to resolve it and ensure the empire is dismantled peacefully, someone needs to take the throne. Since Keith and Krolia are unlikely to leave Team Voltron after all that time absent, and Kolivan will likely be seen as a Puppet King for Voltron since the Blade of Marmora's existence appears to be common knowledge as of Season 4 (the order makes no effort to conceal their involvement with the Coalition), it would fall then to Lotor's generals to take power for themselves. Most likely Acxa, because of her as-yet-unexplained connection to Keith, and the fact that she's been proven to be the unofficial leader of Lotor's generals whenever they're on their own. It would also make her "No one is replacing Lotor" line Hilarious in Hindsight.
  • Acxa officially pulling a Heel–Face Turn in Season 7 lends support to this theory, especially since the ambiguous fates of Zethrid and Ezor in Season 7 means that she's the only one of Lotor's generals confirmed to still be alive.

The Altean Empire from the Mirror Universe will be the final Big Bad
Courtesy of Lotor, and his dimension-hopping mecha. Lotor, Altean supremacist, will find himself in the mirror universe. The quintessence effect will drive the Altean leadership mad just like Lotor, and they'll launch an attack on Voltron's universe to bring it to order. Team Voltron and the Galra empire will be forced into an Enemy Mine situation to save the day.

Adam is still alive
His ship doesn't explode on-screen, and when the Galra cruiser fires on him, we get a shot of his reaction, and then cut to his com going offline at Garrison HQ. Since his "death" was off-screen and no indication that any of the bodies were recovered, it's entirely possible for Adam to have survived, either from ejecting at the last second, or his ship was damaged and crashed. After destroying Adam's fighter group, Sendak's next action was to destroy Earth's communication satellites and cut the Garrison off from the rest of the world, meaning that if he did survive, the Garrison wouldn't know until he showed up in person.

Other than that, when the lions are shown crashing back to Earth after the Altean mecha self-destructs, three of the lions simply crash with nobody around to witness. The only shots with people in them for that scene are Hunk's family looking at the Yellow Lion lying in the desert, and a clearly male Unknown Character standing next to a Garrison cruiser while gazing up at the Black Lion as it falls through the atmosphere. This character, if you look closely has the same hair and eye color as Adam. There's nothing that definitively confirms that it's him, but Shiro and Hunk were the ones who had the most backstory flashbacks in Season 7, and even though Shiro isn't piloting the Black Lion, he's still thematically associated with it. So who else but Adam would be important enough to be given a reaction shot alongside Hunk's family when none of the other lion shots have people in them?

Two years passed between the initial invasion and Voltron's arrival, so what happened to Adam in the interrim is anyone's guess. He could have been captured and taken to a work camp on the opposite side of the continent from the Garrison HQ. Or he could have joined up with the rebel cell nearest to his crash site.

Alternatively, since the mystery man was seen next to a Garrison rover, he could have gone to one of the other Garrison bases in the US, since Veronica's battle reports indicate that there's one on the east coast, and a Freeze-Frame Bonus in the pilot puts the main headquarters in Arizona.

The "Space Goddess" of GoLion is the mastermind behind the creation of all versions of Voltron
The "Space Goddess" began sending out the trans-reality comets to various realities in the ancient past. Knowing that they were the key element that would eventually result in the creation of the "Defender of the Universe".

To build on this, it's likely that the "Lion Goddess" revered by the Arusians in Season 1 is Legendary Defender's incarnation of GoLion's "Space Goddess". While the focus at the time was on Allura telling the Arusians that she was not a goddess, we get no proof that the Goddess doesn't exist. It's possible that the Lion Goddess is the voice Allura hears in Oriande after passing the White Lion's test. In addition, a Freeze-Frame Bonus reveals that the trans-reality comets originated in Oriande. Combine that with Oriande's guardian spirit being a lion, and it appears very likely that the comets were deliberately sent out into the universe by the Lion Goddess.

  • Alternately and additionally, from what we saw in the post-credit scene of "The End is the Beginning", Allura became the "Space Goddess".

Post-Season 7, Galaxy Garrison and the Coalition will merge as the Galaxy Alliance.
Possibly. The end of Season 7 shows several aliens from the Coalition migrating to Earth, so it's entirely possible that while Olkarion is the Coalition's capital, Earth will play a significantly important role in the alliance.
  • Preview images and footage of Season 8 supports this, showing aliens from the Coalition serving aboard the Atlas in Garrison uniforms.

Amalgamus from The Third Dimension will appear in Season 8.

Haggar plans to revive Zarkon in Season 8.
She's hasn't shown up in Season 7, not since Team Voltron and Lotor had disappeared. So she's gotta be bidding her time for something.

The Altean girl is Larmina or just a sort of stand-in to be used the concept of Allura having a ward
She is a teen by Altean standards, so she Allura will develop a pseudo niece-aunt relationship despite having no biological relationship.

Lotor will come back with a Redemption Equals Death scene

Despite what the show wants us to believe, we know he's not dead. After he gets out of the Quintessance field, he'll find both colonies empty and know exactly who did it. In a moment of "it's been nice flying with you", he'll save Team Voltron by killing Honerva, but he will die as well.

The Altean girl is the show's version of Prince Avok.
While the initial impressions of Romelle's backstory in Legendary Defender is that Bandor is a Composite Character of both of her brothers from the original series. Given that Romelle is a bit of an Unreliable Narrator (regardless of whether people think she's evil, the visuals of her flashbacks don't quite match her narration. Avok's absence could be because, like Pidge, the modern version of the character has been flipped from male to female.

Rolo either was killed in action or captured during the time skip
Well, it's because he was strangely absent from the NYCC 2018 poster and didn't appear in the final scene of season 7 in which the Coalition arrive on Earth.

The Lions are off to another Solar System to help those who need them now that the Milky Way is safe.
I Mean, where else could they be going? Maybe it was written to keep it open for a sequel series?

    Team Voltron Theories 

Lance will die this time
Look, it says on the official site that the Blue Lion is the one that most easily accepts new pilots and this time around Shiro is piloting the Black Lion.
  • Most likely Jossed. Lance is just fine, and has bonded even more with the Blue Lion.

Lance will learn humility.
It's pretty obvious what his Character Development would be. He'll either work through his Inferiority Superiority Complex (assuming that he has some kind of confidence issue) or get a Break the Haughty moment when he'll finally learn how to apologize.
  • He has (briefly) discussed his confidence issues with Keith, and Lance seems to have gotten a bit more mature in general, which Allura acknowledges in Season 5. This seems pretty likely; he just needs to discuss his issues with the rest of the Paladins to fully fix things.

He and Allura are the last of their kind. Their homeworld was destroyed 10,000 years ago, and the one responsible for it somehow still lives. He and Allura are both surprised when they first learn Zarkon didn't die while they were Alteran Popscicles. On top of that, they have to fight this war with five aliens stuck far from their home planet, that don't always get along and have yet to unlock the full potential of their lions. All of his silly antics are Coran's way of trying to boost morale by adding humor to a situation. He is more than capable of dropping the act when the situation demands seriousness such as the Balmera's plight at the hands of the Galra.
  • This seems to be canon, or at least close to it. We know he's a capable mechanic by the way he handles various issues around the ship, and he gets several Big Damn Heroes moments. Coran is definitely smarter than he seems; the real question is whether he's more along the lines of a Genius Ditz or Obfuscating Stupidity.
  • I think it's more like Coran is trying to act normally instead of giving into grief- and normal!Coran is a Genius Ditz. Whether he's at the Space Mall trying to negotiate with "pirates", fixing the Teladuv lenses before they all die, or trying to get the Red Lion to accept him as a pilot, Coran is a mix of goofy and genius. If he was just playing up his buffoonery we'd see less of it when he's away from the rest of the crew.

The pilots are either Coordinators or Innovators.
They're all exceptionally young and gifted individuals in their respective fields, they've all adapted exceptionally well to deep space travel, mastered their units which they have an emphatic bond with and take all these new concepts in stride.
  • How about it turns out they're Newtypes?

The mice are native Alteans and original Paladins.
There are four mice of different colors. What if they are actually former Paladins from Altea, who mastered shapeshifting so good they turned into mice, while escaping from Galra, and lost their memories because of long sleep?
  • Though, if this were the case, Allura should be able to tell whether or not they are actually animals through her mental link. Usually people who knew their native or birth language will speak that language in their heads until they lose the ability use that language, and since the mice can communicate with each other pretty well I doubt they have lost their ability to communicate using Altean words. Allura doesn't seem to react as if they are mentally-speaking Altean, but she can understand them. That said, there is one instance where the mice have told her they intended to put on a 'show' and she understood them perfectly, plus the news about Pidge during the first season. There is a lot of evidence supporting this theory, but it could just be really intelligent mice. I just have a had time believing Allura wouldn't recognize them right away as Alteans through the mental link.
  • The Paladin part at least is Jossed.

Allura will drop the 'Princess' title by series' end.
Either she will come to terms with the death of her father and declare herself Queen, or she will come to terms with the destruction of Altea (along with how her House's rule is a half-remembered legend among a scattered diaspora at best) and drop the royal titles altogether in favor of a more functional title like Grand Admiral.
  • Well she can’t be a princess on account of being dead.

Shiro's arm had a shock collar function that he permanently overpowered in Episode 1
It seems highly unlikely that the Galra would give such a powerful weapon to a prisoner and just blindly trust that he'd never use it against them, so it seems highly probable, especially given what happens with it near the end of the first episode, that the arm has (or rather, had) a shock collar function. This Tumblr post (which is where I first came across the the idea) explains it in detail and with screencaps from the first episode.
  • Definitely a strong theory, but I couldn't help but get the impression from the finale's events which appeared to reveal a rogue faction of Galra aiding the Paladins, that they were telling us that Shiro was being watched over and being assisted from within all along. I'm thinking Shiro was freed and sent on a mission to find Voltron all in an effort to help them overthrow Zarkon (now partially confirmed). With that in mind, I tend to think they were monitoring him the whole time via the arm and just activated the weapon capabilities for him when they saw he needed it. Let's not forget, it practically appeared to activated itself without him knowing how he was even doing it. Not to mention, there's really no reason I can see for them not to be straight forward about it if he was indeed overriding a shock-collar function.

Keith will become the Black Paladin, but only temporarily.
Alluding to the theories above, Shiro will temporarily be unable to serve as Black Paladin (death, capture, etc.) and Keith is forced to take over and the rest follow suit (Lance moves up to red, Allura going blue); but this 'new' combo isn't as powerful because Keith and Lance's bond with the Black and Red lions aren't as strong compared to their original bonds to the Red and Blue lions. Thus at some point, Shiro will come back and Keith will return to being the Red Paladin.
  • He does pilot the Black Lion to protect a wounded Shiro from the local wildlife when they crashed into a planet at the start of Season Two. And then went right back to flying Red.
  • Jossed... for now. Black not only accepts Keith, but rejects Shiro when he comes back.
  • And then comes up again during Season 4. With Shiro back, Keith feels unworthy of being leader of Voltron, and Shiro's susiciously out-of-character behavior results in him constantly second-guessing himself and doubting his decisions. This results in Keith taking a leave of absence to train with the Blade of Mamora full time. He may still end up as the Black Paladin again later on, but for now, Shiro's back in the pilot seat.
  • In season 6, Shiro is revealed to be a clone controlled by Haggar, so Keith takes back the Black Lion. whether the original Shiro is even fit to pilot is sort of up in the air right now.

Katie is trying to look like her brother.
In the flashback, Katie is not shown wearing glasses, indicating she doesn't need them. However, Pidge wears what appears to be Matt's glasses even after the reveal, she cuts her hair exactly like his, and her baggy clothes may also be things her brother left behind, since we never see him out of uniform. She's trying to look like him, maybe subconsciously, to fill the void he left. This would explain her current tomboyish tendencies vs the more groomed Katie we see in the flashbacks.
  • Well, Season 4 does confirm that the glasses were Matt's. The haircut seems to be mostly to help her pass for a boy, but it's certainly possible with that in mind that she specifically got her new clothes out of Matt's closet.

Keith is Filipino on his father's side
If the above is true, it would be a nice touch, considering Voltes' status as an adopted cultural icon there.

Shiro will return at some point as one of the pilots of Gladiator Voltron
It would fit the name, since he was a gladiator in the Galra's slave pits. Perhaps with Samuel piloting the blue robot and Matt, either disguised as a woman or actually turned into one by the Galra's twisted experiments a'la Lord Dilandau, piloting the red.

Lance is at least part-Altean.
There's a still-unexplained moment early on in the very first episode whereupon a wormhole appears out of nowhere, leading the newly-formed team to safety and Blue "home" to the Castle of Lions...inside of which Coran and Allura are still in stasis. The show states by S2 that only Allura can power and open a wormhole... Which begs the question: Who opened that first wormhole for the Blue Lion to escape through? Regardless of their heritage, it certainly wouldn't be Haggar. The Occam's Razor answer might be "[Altean] characters we haven't yet met," but this is the WMG page, so...

Much like human-looking part-Galra Keith, in the Voltron universe, others on Earth might have space alien blood in them too...more specifically, it's possible that Lance is part-Altean. In the first part of the two-episodes-in-one S1EP1, Lance is set up as the focal character who winds up a Spanner in the Works, and if VLD had been part of a regular broadcast, and S1EP1 split into traditional episodes, he might've even been seen as a Decoy Protagonist. During the entire episode, though, after they come across the room holding Allura and Coran, the focus is explicitly on him as their pods rise up out of the Castle, and it's him who stands closest, rushing out to catch Allura. Not long after, he starts one of his and Keith's first arguments, muttering "I bet it's Keith's fault [that the Galra have found them]" (a nod to a plot point in S2, which was initially envisioned part of a whole season with S1), to which Keith angrily responds it's Lance's fault that they wound up stuck on the other side of a wormhole, and Lance yells back, "I'll stick you in a wormhole!" Considering the unspoken and implied hints throughout S1 regarding Keith's background (aside from Zarkon's blunt "You fight like a Galra soldier."), all these moments could work as subtle hints towards Lance having Altean heritage.

Now, after he catches Allura, she points out that his human-shaped ears are "hideous," which he takes offense to, and unlike how she recognizes Haggar to be Altean due to their ears, doesn't assume anything of the like of Lance... But as mentioned above, Keith doesn't have any noticeable characteristics that give away his Galran heritage, and much like the Alteans, Lance at the very least has blue eyes, if not the purple speckles in his pupils...

But to assume that Lance is an Altean capable of powering and opening wormholes like Allura would be to assume he's aware of his ability to do so, since whenever Allura creates a wormhole, we're shown that it takes concentration and energy on her part (and causes a soft glow to appear upon her—as the Blue Lion's inner lighting is the same color, however, that could explain why it's not noticeable on Lance). That'd throw a lot of his dialogue and actions in S1EP1 into question; for example, "Blue wants us to go through there," which, if it's assumed he consciously opened the wormhole, would mean he's omitting part of the truth. It'd also raise the question of if he wasn't a simple Spanner in the Works, and thus whether he's offended about his ears being pointed out for another reason...

  • The problem with this theory is that not just any Altean can open the wormhole. In season 1 when Allura is captured, the ship is only able to jump to Zarkon's base because they have enough of her energy still lingering in the system. But once they use that energy? Coran, an Altean, is unable to power a wormhole without her. It suggests something unique to the royal bloodline allows them to power wormholes. Or maybe just female Alteans. Or those born with certain mystical abilities that Coran lacks. If it is only royal Alteans that can power wormholes, that may have some Unfortunate Implications for Lance's romance attempts. On the other hand, Blue Lion could simply have been given a battery that stored enough Altean energy to generate exactly one wormhole once it found five potential new Paladins.
    • The wormholes are very likely an Altean royalty thing, as a couple of other things Allura does (for example, the Balmera rejuvenation ceremony) are stated to be possible/easier thanks to her royal lineage. On the other hand, since Lance lack the pointy Altean ears, as mentioned above, if he is Altean it's probably far enough back that it wouldn't be too awkward for him to get a crush on Allura.
  • It's possible that, if Lance is part-Altean, he opened the wormhole by accident. That could explain why he thinks Blue did it. Though, he does seem to know who his family is, as shown by the picture in the memory simulator thing that the paladins do early on, unlike Keith (whose Galra parent was conveniently the one he has little to no memories of), so, again, it'd have to be fairly far back for him.

Keith is less than 1/2 Galra
Okay, so we've been introduced to Lotor and his generals, all of whom are confirmed as being half-Galra, half-something else. (Half-Altean in Lotor's case.) All of these half-breed characters show traits of the Galra heritage in one way or another, be it in the form of coloring or some part of anatomy such as Zethrid's ears. Compare to Keith. Keith is a guy who spent his life growing up among humans and no one ever seemed to suspect something was off about him. He was accepted into a military space flight academy as a fighter pilot, something that almost certainly would include wellness exams and other tests to make sure he was physically fit to deal with the physical stresses of being a pilot. And apparently nothing in his anatomy sent up any major red flags the whole time he was there. The poor guy didn't even have a clue something was off about his origins until he first saw Ulaz carrying a blade with the same symbol as his family knife. Keith may have enough Galra in him to activate Galran biometrics and awaken the Mamoran blade, but most likely it's less than half since it doesn't alter his physical appearance.
  • Yeah, even then, being half something else still caused some noticeable differences in some of them, such as Lotor getting pointy Altean ears, and Ezor is bright pink/orange and yellow. They do have clear Galra traits, but their other species still show up somehow in them. So it's pretty safe to say that the same would apply to aliens breeding with humans, too; Keith would probably be purple-skinned, for example, if he was as much as half-Galra. I feel like much less than 1/8 would be less likely to "count" as close enough to use Galra tech, but around 1/8 or 1/4 sounds like a good guess.
    • This is also only taking into account the external appearance of hybrid genetics. Not only does Keith look fully human on the outside, there's also nothing on the inside that would set off alarm bells for a military-grade health exam. No odd lumps that turn out to be vestigial poison glands or anything else freaky like that. Perhaps Galran bio-metrics simply scan for a certain DNA sequence unique to Galrans, which would allow Keith to be more human as long as he retains that one gene.
      • Supported by the fact that his mother Krolia appears to be a half-Galra herself.
      • Keep in mind that these same medical exams apparently couldn't tell a boy from a girl.

The Holt family has Olkari blood
As the series has now shown that not only is interspecies breeding possible, it's also apparently common. While both Hunk and Pidge are tech geniuses, Pidge seems like she's a natural at it by building functional equipment out of junk and was the one who activated a fruit mecha. This happened because just as Keith is part Galra, Pidge is part Olkari.
  • The Olkari leader even commented on Pidge's natural tech abilities herself, and Pidge seems to feel a special connection to the Olkari after that. Both of those seem like nice little touches that could imply this, though it'd probably be fairly far back.
  • Also, this would make Sam and Matt's interest in meeting aliens kind of Heartwarming in Hindsight.

Keith has somekind of glamour hiding his true appearance.
Keith's mother used some type of cloaking technology or druid magic that he doesn't know about to disguise his true half-galran form and at somepoint the glamour will be removed.

Shiro is half Swedish / half Japanese

I believe it was stated somewhere that all characters in voltron are mixed race. Given that Shiro has a scandinavian name and accent in an alternate reality it isn't a far stretch to think one of his parents was a Swede. With his surname being japanese it was possibly his father who was the Japanese one.

Basically Mr. Shirogane visited Sweden once and ran into Miss Holgersson. Romance blossomed and soon they married and had a son, naming him Takashi Sven Shirogane.

  • "Sven" was possibly raised by a single mother, which would explain his accent.

The Black Lion only accepts pilots who have Galra blood or have a strong connection to the Galra
Of the three paladins that Black has had so far, all three have a strong connection to the Galra. Zarkon is obvious, as he's the Galra Emperor. Shiro was the champion of the Galra Empire's arena, and also has a Galra-tech replacement arm. Keith is part Galra (we're not sure yet how much Galra blood he has, but he obviously has enough). The reason that Black wouldn't accept Allura or any of the others is because they didn't have a strong enough connection to the Galra.

Pidge has (high functioning) autism
This post was inspired by this video: [1]. As someone with Asperger's, this video resonated with me because of the way Pidge going on tangents without necessarily recognizing she's boring people. She also occasionally blurts out something without recognizing it's offensive until after she said it. Furthermore, Pidge's interest in technology could be construed as a special interested common with people on the autism spectrum. Here are some links that I think can go into further detail than I ever could: [2][3]

Explaining Shiro's actions in season 5
Season 5 reveals that Haggar is using him to spy on Team Voltron, and it's made to look like she's been influencing his decisions to aid Lotor. But what if instead, Shiro is subconsciously aware of what's happening, and is trying to go against her. Haggar didn't want Lotor on the throne, so Shiro making sure of it goes against her plans. Giving Lotor the Black Bayard ensured Zarkon's death, another thing Haggar didn't want. Shiro is fighting Haggar from the inside, and isn't even consciously aware that he's doing it.

Keith's father is James Hawkins
Since Keith's father looks very similar to the character from the Vehicle Force series.

Krolia is half-Altean

During his fight with Kuron!Shiro, Keith's eyes become Galra cat-eyes at certain points in the fight. Keith inherited Altean shapeshifting from Krolia. Galran genes do seem to be recessive to human genes though, so he wasn't subconsciously using it to look human.

Human genes dominate over alien genes
Somewhat mentioned above, but going into a bit more detail... When different kinds of aliens breed, the kid is usually a mostly-even blend of the parents and looks like a mix of both alien species. (Once again, see Lotor and his generals.) Humans and aliens, on the other hand? You'll still have some alien genetics, hence how Keith is able to activate Galra tech, but appearance-wise most human traits win out, which is why Keith still looks almost entirely human.

Allura has Divine Parentage
Related to the above theory that the Lion Goddess revered by the Arusians is this show's version of the "Space Goddess" from GoLion, is the possibility that she is also Allura's mother.Consider:
  • When Klaizap is convinced that Allura is the Lion Goddess, he does not question why Allura looks different from the carving, implying that the goddess can take A Form You Are Comfortable With. Added to that is the Strong Family Resemblance between Allura and her mother, when all of the other characters avert the trope with their own parents. Meaning if her mother is indeed the actual Lion Goddess, the Arusians assumed Allura was a goddess because of her resemblance to her mother.
  • The Arusians associate the castle with the Lion Goddess, despite the fact that the only lion around was the Black Lion, and the only way the Arusians could have known the castle had anything to do with lions would be if they'd gone inside, which would have woken Allura and Coran up early.
  • Allura's mother has only appeared twice. Once shortly after Allura's birth, and once at the banquet before the comet lands on Daibazaal. And isn't it convenient that the comet just happened to crash land near five people with the right attributes to become the first Paladins, on a planet when four of them wouldn't normally be there? Also of note is that none of the other future Paladins have spouses at the table, but Alfor's wife is still included in a place of importance.
  • Additionally, Allura's mother is The Voiceless, and if the Lion Goddess is the same entity that speaks to Allura at Oriande, then she is conveniently The Voice.
  • Allura's mother remains a case of No Name Given, and the audience still doesn't know what happened to her. She was clearly alive in Allura's childhood, going by a comment Allura made about her in Crystal Venom. But between that time and the destruction of Altea there's no mention of her fate.
    • A tie-in book reveals that Allura's mother is Queen Melinor, but her fate remains unclear.
  • Allura mentions piloting the castle for over half her life. But this would suggest that someone else piloted it before her. With Alfor serving as the Red Paladin and Coran unable to operate the Teludav, it's likely that Allura's mother filled the same role on the Castle of Lions that Allura herself did in Seasons 1-2.
  • The powers that Allura gained from Oriande are implied to far outstrip what Alfor could do, as evidenced by the fact that Allura has been able to bring Shiro Back from the Dead, while her father couldn't bring back Zarkon and Honerva.
  • Since we haven't seen anyone else pass Oriande's final trial onscreen, there's no way to tell if The Voice in Oriande says "There's no need for you to kneel here, you are home" to everyone, or it was specifically intended for Allura. If it is indeed the Lion Goddess, it's noteworthy that she would tell Allura not to kneel.
  • Allura's crown, which her mother is seen wearing in The Legend Begins, is shaped like the V on Voltron's chest, and is repeated on both of their dresses. Notably, Allura's mother is seen wearing that symbol before the lions are created.
  • Allura's mom wears a similar pink and white color scheme as her daughter. While fans joke that with pink being a mourning color on Altea, Allura's mom was probably the Altean equivalent of a goth, Pink and white are also heavily associated with Oriande: The White Lion, the White Hole, the pink skies...
  • When Haggar senses "Altean energy" in the pilot, she and Zarkon immediately act as if it's a given that it's Allura, never once acknowledging that she isn't the only Altean, and Haggar didn't appear to be able to sense other Alteans this way because she couldn't track Lotor this way and never found the Altean Colony, even though some of them clearly possessed high enough natural energy reserves that she should have been able to sense them.

All of the above points to Allura's mother being a goddess in Altean form, and the reason that Allura's Altean Alchemy continues to grown more powerful and allow her to pull off greater and greater feats is because she's unconsciously learning how to use the gifts she inherited from her mother.

As of the season 8 finale, Allura is not dead, and the lions have gone off to rescue her.
And once they find her they'll bring her back to reunite with the other Paladins.

    Future/Other/Evil Versions of Voltron 

Other types of Voltron will appear.
Like Vehicle Voltron, Gladiator Voltron and Stealth Voltron.

Vehicle Voltron will appear in Season 2, but will be a hybrid of it and Gladiator Voltron
  • Sadly, no. But there's room for Season 3.
    • Still Jossed as of Season 6, sadly. But, hey, they're going back to Earth next season, so... maybe the paladins will end up meeting someone working on Vehicle Voltron at the Garrison?

Namely, it will have three pilots, a Hot Blooded psychopath, an ex-con, and Pidge's brother

  • This Troper fully supports this theory, if only because he loves him some Getter Robo.
  • Jossed. Not only did it never show up, the showrunners admitted to never having heard of Vehicle Voltron.

The crowd of cadets in the first episode will be the pilots of Vehicle Voltron.
At some point Galaxy Garrison will capture a damaged Voltron and study it, eventually creating Vehicle Voltron to defend Earth. The Voltron Paladins and Allura aren't thrilled with this, but will agree to train the new pilots since they need allies. The fact that Lance, Hunk and Pidge were their classmates will make things even more awkward since they're remembered as the "Simulation Crashers" and fugitives for "kidnapping" Shiro. The leader of the Vehicle Voltron Force will be the attractive woman that Lance saw in the first episode for even more complications.
  • Jossed. While there are four Garrison cadets and one officer who are set up as potential pilots of Vehicle Voltron, none of them were part of the crowd in the first episode.

Galaxy Garrison will make several Voltron knockoffs before creating the actual Vehicle Voltron
The Garrison, having no idea that the Paladins are in fact the good guys, begin researching their own counter-mecha to battle the Defender of the Universe and the Galra. The first, a Prototron, is composed of 15 vehicles, but when sent into battle, proves to be an unwieldy mess to combine, much less operate. After that machine is trashed, the men in the back decide to go with a new approach, a three piece combiner that can switch configurations ala Gladiator Voltron and Getter Robo. Cue Voltron fight.
  • Alternately ProtoV-Voltron forms just fine, but without synchronization technology...and Voltron promptly takes it school for that very reason...

Vehicle Voltron will be renamed EXperimental Vehicle or something along those lines
Since the series has plenty of references to the original Japanese version of Golion it wouldn't be surprising to have plenty of references to Dairugger XV as well.

Voltron will receive a Midseason Upgrade at some point
It's 10,000 years old and already has trouble keeping up with modern Galra tech, even with its Bayard weapons activated. This new form would, of course, involve adding the active camo Pidge added to the Green Lion to the rest of them, and perhaps the ability to combine in different configurations.
  • Close! No new forms have been shown yet, but Pidge does get the cloaking to work for all of Voltron in Season 4.
    • Jossed. No upgrade of any sort appears in the show, although Voltron combines with the Atlas for the final battle.


    Galra Empire/Lotor's Crew Theories 
Haggar is a Dragon-in-Chief.
Consider how she seems to make all Zarkon's decisions for him and how Zarkon is a former paladin who still has a connection to the Black Lion, even though it has a new pilot. Speaking of the Black Lion, Shiro's amnesia might also be a result of a secret plan connecting the two somehow.
  • She does fill this role from time to time, but most of the other parts of this theory are Jossed. Shiro's amnesia is the result of suffering a concusion during his escape from captivity, and the reason she makes so many of Zarkon's decision for him is because she's his wife.

A form of Castle Galra will be introduced.
Castle Galra will be revealed as a planet-sized warship and will be hinted at later in the second season.
  • No mention of Castle Galra thus far as of season 4, and Zarkon's central command center seems to fill the same function.

None of the Galra Druids are actually Galra
.With the revelation that Haggar is Altean, the thought occurred that we haven't seen anything to prove that ANY of the Druids are Galra, have we? We do see their hands, and their fingers look distinctly more slender than those of the Galra we see.
  • Or they might be some other race we haven't discovered yet. I get the feeling they are actually gaseous creatures who are in the form of a humanoid, since we only see black in their cloak where their neck should be.
  • It would make a lot of sense for them to all be Altean like Haggar.
  • At least partially Jossed. In Season 7 we see a Druid without his mask and he appears to be Galra. It's plausible that other Druids might not be Galra.

Lotor's Stalker with a Crush tendencies will be turned Up to Eleven, as a parody of Korra's less popular relationships.
Syndication rules ensured that Voltron , unlike the original Golion was unable to fully translate Sincline's (Lotor's) stalkerish tendencies or his reasoning for doing so (His Oedipus Complex and desire to essentially rape Fala). However, here his tendencies will be out in full force, not only to cement why the audience shouldn't like him, but also to parody some of the more poorly written romances in past shows they worked on.
  • So far Jossed. He does get a few scenes with Allura in Season 5 that could be seen as Ship Tease, but Lotor hasn't been creepy about it yet.

Haggar was going to turn Shiro into a Robeast
She laments in the Season 1 Finale that Shiro could have been "their best weapon" and other gladiators were turned into Robeasts. It wouldn't be that far of a stretch to think that was the fate that awaited Shiro if Ulaz hadn't broken him out.

Lotor will focus on high technology and science vs. magic
To juxapose his approach from his father's, Lotor will not use druids and magic from Haggar (which leads to her resentment of him). Instead, he will rely on technological advances, more advanced Robeasts, and other forms of scientific warfare against the Paladins. Part of this will include a desire to create a weapon superior to Voltron, rather than taking it for himself like Zarkon wanted to.
  • Jossed. Lotor outright admits the Galra Empire is dependent on Quintessence. He also seems honest about extracting only as much as can be replenished.

Zethrid will become obsessed with fighting Allura again.
As shown in "Tailing the Comet", Zethrid considers Allura a Worthy Opponent. There'll might be an episode where Allura ends up in the Gladiator Games forced to fight for her life against Zethrid.

Throk is going to be a Robeast for Lotor.
Seems to be that way as at the end of "Tailing A Comet".
  • That doesn't appear to be the case as of Season 4. Haggar is still interrogating him and Lotor doesn't appear to have any interest in having more Robeasts made.

Ezor is only 1/4 Galra
Or possibly less. Throk specifically says that Lotor's generals are "half-breeds at best," implying that at least one of them could be less than half Galra. Also, Ezor looks the most different from the others — they all have the usual blue/purple Galra skin, at least, while she's multi-colored and has the head-tentacle and the gliding wing flaps. Granted, one or more of the others could be less than half, too, but she still stands out the most.

Lotor was angry at Acxa for failing her mission and for being trapped in the Weblum.
Lotor does not take losses very well, as seen in the end of Tailing a Comet when he tells her how disappointed she is and coldly orders her back to the ship. Lotor was probably even more angry at Acxa for almost costing her life, her mission and for almost costing Lotor's own goals.

Lotor is trans.
He was the only (ostensible) male in his Amazon Brigade. It's wouldn't be entirely surprising if he turned out be less unique than that, among them.

The cat is the one behind it all.
During the flashback episode, it's noted that Honerva's cat was the first to fall ill from exposure to the dimensional rift, but it got better. Honerva mentioned that it "told her" things, driving her down the path of madness and into a Face–Heel Turn. The rift creatures seem to have an agenda, and seem quite able to influence people. Though this is speculation, it is possible Haggar wasn't looking through the "eyes" of Lotor's minion; she was looking through the cat's eyes; why else would she give her 10,000-year-old cat to one of Lotor's henchmen if not to give herself someone on the inside?
  • The second half of this seems highly likely. Narti used Cova to see in the first place; why would Haggar use her to "see" when she could've used one of the other three? (This does bring up the question of why she didn't just do that sooner, but it explains the latter part of Season 4 well enough, at least.)

Acxa is part Drule

Drule have not been introduced, but Acxa's greyish-blue skin/fur is the closest we've come to the Drule of DotU.

Lotor was harvesting the Quintessence of the Alteans from the Colony as part of a Leonine Contract with Haggar
For someone who was supposedly one of the last four Alteans alive (or part-Alteans in her sons's case), Haggar seems strangely nonplussed to learn through Operation Kuron of the existence of a fifth, from a Colony with thousands more. Unless she already knew about the colony's existence all along. In addition, despite hating Zarkon, Lotor still acknowledges him as his father, yet clearly refuses to do so with Haggar. Given that Haggar demonstrated in 'The Rise of Voltron'' that she has the ability to sense the energy signatures of sufficiently powerful magical Alteans like Allura. It's not out of the question then that while none of the Alteans on the colony are as powerful as Allura, enough Alteans of low-to-moderate power levels would generate enough energy to attract her notice.

Lotor expressed in 'White Lion' that the destruction of that first mining colony was what prompted him to study his Altean heritage, which lead him to finding the surviving Alteans. With that experience behind him, Lotor would know that if Zarkon ever found out that there were more Alteans still alive, he would wipe them out. So when Haggar finds the Colony, they cut a deal. He gives her the Colony's magically inclined Alteans, and in return, she keeps its existence a secret from Zarkon.

The definition of what it meant to be "Pure Galra" is different from what it was 10,000 years ago...
]A few viewers on tumblr have noted that the present-day Galra are all varied in appearance, while the Galra of the past were more uniformly reptilian, and that present-day Galra have similar traits to the original Paladins such as nose shapes, ear shapes, facial markings, pupil shape, white eyes, horns, fur, and head extensions.

Going by Sendak's comments, Blaytz, Gurgan, and Trigel's people all surrendered after their leaders were killed, as only Altea resisted to the point of destruction. In the early days with Daibazaal destroyed, the Galra population would have been dispersed among the other four planets of the solar system, and the native inhabitants would have been absorbed into the empire following their surrender.

While Zarkon was focused on stabilizing the newly conquered territory, the four races mingled until they were genetically indistinguishable from each other, and by the time Zarkon began expanding the empire beyond its existing territory, the four species were functionally one race. In order to motivate his subjects without alienating them, Zarkon likely moved the goalpost on what it meant to be pure Galra in order to justify his conquest of the universe, placing all of his subjects under the cultural identity of being Galra, while everyone they conquered from that point forward was not-Galra.

    Future Antagonists 

Dracotron will appear as a Monster of the Week
And it will be defeated easily and mocked at how stupid it looks.

Sometime in Season 2 or 3, Voltron will fight an expy of Combattler V, Voltes V or Daimos.
Fans of the three Robot Romance Trilogy shows are stereotyped as looking down at Voltron as an inferior copy. This would be a cheeky Shout-Out and a way to have a Robeast capable of fighting Voltron on an even keel.
  • Hasn't happened in Seasons 2, 3, or 4, but the show is still halfway through its 78 episode order, so there's still time.
    • Jossed. Voltron ultimately fights seven Robeasts during the series run, and none of them resemble the robots of the Robot Romance Trilogy.

Emperor Zeppo will be the True Final Boss and a Dimension Lord
  • Most of the major villains of prior Voltron series have been introduced, even Viceory Throk (or rather, Throk) as seen in Season 3. Everyone except Zeppo. In keeping with the radical re-designs of characters, Zeppo will be a Dimension Lord or some sort of Eldritch Abomination capable of controlling an entire empire through fear.
    • With the discovery of an alternate dimension where the Quintessence seems to originate from, as well as malevolent monsters, it could be theorized that is the dimension Zeppo originated from.

Zeppo is using the Quintessence to control Zarkon and Haggar
With the revalation both Zarkon and Haggar were corrupted by the Quintessence, it will be revealed that they are being controlled through it by Zeppo. This revelation will likely set up the final arc of the show.

Dracotron will make an appearance
likely rather then obsess over getting voltron like his father Lotor will see it as an old relic believing they could make there own better one, thus creating the dragons, it may be brought out for a single fight in a season final or be a recurring foe, in which case it likely continues to upgrades itself as they gain more knowledge of voltron, and possibly salvaging the robeasts to upgrade itself, it may even be a robeast itself, created by transforming a recovered Sendak, or even Zarkon himself. the vehicle and gladiator voltrons might also appear, possibly created by humans, or alien allys inspired by voltron and attempting to replicate it.
  • more likely now that multiverse is confirmed, as Dracotron originally came from an alternate reality, it will either be the Alt-Alteans version of voltron made after seeing what the real deal can do, or be made of the commit taken from that universe, with the commit ship just being the first of 5.

Lotor will assemble a team that'll consist of villains from earlier Voltron works

    Relationships Theories 

There will be a Love Triangle between Allura, Keith and Lance but it won't go anywhere
Instead she will hook up with Asami Sato
  • Or Keith and Lance will hook up with each other.
  • Or Keith will realize he has feelings for Allura, but he'll think that she and Shiro have feelings for each other. And he'll keep away from Allura out of respect for Shiro.
    • Shiro is an openly gay man so that's impossible.

They'll pull another Korrasami, just genderbent
We'll get an unexpected male/male pairing at some point toward the end of the series—it will be developing right under our noses.
  • Or writers will decide to be more obvious this time and we'll have Keith and Lance as official gay couple.
  • Funny enough, most of the production crew already ship Shiro and Keith much like they did Korra and Asami. It's possible.
    • I think Sheith is pretty much Jossed after Keith told Shiro he was like a brother to him. But there's still a possibility for Klance.
    • Sadly, with all the controversy surrounding Sheith, this probably won't be possible without rabid fans throwing a tantrum.
    • Considering the controversial things the more hardcore shippers of Klance have done I really doubt they will happen. Also the creators said that while shipping and headcanons are fine and they encourage fans to do it, Keith and Lance are not going to be a couple. Go to 3:46.

Lotor won't be obsessed with Allura.
At least not in a And Now You Must Marry Me way.
  • Heading in this direction so far, as the only interaction they've had has been in dogfights and never face to face, with the closes thing being Lotor considering her a Worthy Opponent.
  • As of Season 5 there's no crush (at least in the creepy way); instead there appears to be mutual admiration for each other, bonding over their Altean heritage, and a lot of Ship Tease.

Lotor and Allura will be the Official Couple.
As of season 5 there's been a lot of Ship Tease, Lotor's claims of being Good All Along are (so far) genuine, and the two surprisingly work well together.
  • Their plot will parallel the romance between Lotor's parents, especially with their desire to bring peace through unlimited Quintessence - but unlike them, Lotor and Allura will realize they're going too far before it's too late. Lotor in particular will make this decision once he discovers and/or accepts that Honerva and Haggar are one of the same (and seeing what overexposure to Quintessence can do to someone.
  • Lotor will admit his feelings first but, unlike his 80s counterpart, he thinks that Allura will never feel the same way and accepts that. Allura is uncertain at first but eventually returns his feelings.
  • Jossed. They developed feelings for each other, but once Allura learned more about Lotor's true colors, things went downhill really fast.

Keith and Allura will be the Official Couple, with Shiro (or Ryou) and Romelle as the Beta Couple.
Keith and Allura have been an item in every incarnation of Voltron so it would only make sense for them to get together again. Lauren Montgomery also seems quite fond of Romelle, who was Sven's love interest and eventual wife. Even if either pairing does not become official, the romance between the two couples will be implied or teased.
  • That's debatable. Farla's feelings for Kogane were unrequited in Golion and that largely carried over into season 1 of DotU. Granted, the completely original second season awkwardly, and completely out of the blue, had them talk about getting married at one point, but those episodes were somewhat disputable as canon.
    • No, the entry said Voltron. Golion does not count. All pieces of Voltron media have depicted Keith and Allura as romantically linked in some way.
  • Romelle has been introduced as of Season 6, but while such a dynamic could be made possible in future seasons (though she didn't even really talk to Shiro when she appeared), Keith and Allura haven't gotten anything resembling a Ship Tease, at least not the way the show suggests some things, and it might be kind of awkward to throw that in after several seasons of them not showing an interest in each other.
  • Shiro/Romelle is now sunk with the confirmation that Shiro is gay. Although now that we have alternate realities, it is completely possible for Romelle to end up with Sven himself after all.
  • Word of God has confirmed that Keith/Allura had Ship Tease moments in the series as a Shout-Out to previous iterations of the series where they were the Official Couple but in VLD they are not.
  • Allura ends up in a relationship with Lance but it doesn't last because she dies. The only Official Couple of the series is Shiro and Curtis, who get married in the final episode.

Keith and Acxa are half-siblings, and their mother is Merla
Acxa looks a lot like Merla, and also like Keith.
  • Keith's mom is definitely not Merla (as confirmed by Season 5), but the possibility of Keith and Acxa being siblings is still there.
    • Krolia does have some resemblance to Acxa, particularly similar eye shape and eyelashes.
  • Jossed. Joshua Hamilton has confirmed in a Let's Voltron podcast that Acxa are Keith are not related.

Honerva's maternal love will redeem Lotor
After the events of the Season Six finale, Lotor is now definitely Drunk with Power and on his way to be the Big Bad of Season Seven, while his mother seems to have purged herself of her Quintessance taint. In The Black Paladins Honerva tries to reconnect with Lotor briefly, before he verbally spits in her face and she loses her temper. Over the course of Season Seven, like Lotor she will attempt to forge a new, more peaceful path for the Galra Empire while trying to recapture Lotor and make him understand that she and Zarkon were in the same position as Lotor is now, drunk on the power of Quintessance. Only when he understands this and that she still loves him will Lotor be able to accept her as his true mother.

Shiro and Romelle
The pair will become close. While recovering from his recent trauma at Haggar's hands, Romelle will offer compassion and understanding while Shiro deals with his feelings of guilt over the actions of his clone and his perceived failures. Which will lead to a variation of the Florence Nightingale Effect.
  • While it is entirely possible for Shiro and Romelle to become close friends there is no chance of a romance happening since Shiro is gay.

Shiro and Adam will get back together
After the introduction of Shiro's New Old Flame in footage screened at San Diego Comic Con 2018, Word of God explained that while they weren't engaged at the time Shiro left for Kerberos, they were on their way to that point. And since Shiro's significant other is slated to appear when the Paladins return to Earth, it would make sense if the two of them reconciled (since their relationship ended in an argument).

Keith will get together with Acxa and Lance with Allura, mirroring the friendship Alfor and Zarkon had
This show is all about parallels, and with Allura slowly coming around to Lance and Acxa potentially attracted to Keith, the two pairs getting together would serve as a rather striking parallel to Alfor and Zarkon, heads of the Alteans and Galra respectively, while reflecting a rivalry that has turned into a friendship.

Leifsdottir is related to Pidge

A cousin, perhaps? Math genius, literal minded most of the time.

Matt will be Shiro's Second Love
If Adam is truly dead, Matt will help Shiro grieve and come to terms with the loss of his ex-alomost-fiance, and in the process they'll fall for each other.

    Multiverse Theories 

The original GoLion/Voltron universe will appear.
Now that The Multiverse is confirmed as part of Voltron's origins and we actually saw a version of Sven in the Altean Empire universe, it's not impossible for VLD to do what Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles (2012) did and show the original show as one of the alternate realities. If so, expect much lampshading about the new lineup of the team matching the old and Keith having the same hairstyle in both universes.
  • There might even be a big final battle with multiple Voltrons fighting side-by-side like the one near the end of the Turtles Forever movie.

This is not the last we will see of the Alternate Altean Empire.
Voltron may have gotten the comet away from them, but they forgot to pick up the sample they cut off.

The Quintessence crater was tied to the evil Altean reality
Zarkon is still a well-intentioned extremist, just for the wrong reasons. He saw what the Alteans of the other reality had done to his people, and was willingly possessed by the dark quintessence there. Destroying Altea was part revenge, and part trying to stop our reality from becoming like the one he had seen.
  • It's early on in Season 1, but Zarkon has a line that could support this.

Lotor will find himself in the Altean Empire reality.
The blast didn't kill him but sent him to this reality. He comes to view the Empire as exactly as he envisioned the Alteans should be. He'll become their leader, and lead them to conquer his home universe.
  • Makes sense, considering that the Paladins didn't stick around long enough to actually see if he died. Plus, it does seem a tad suspicious that the writers would introduce the Altean Empire and just leave it hanging there... It sounds way too perfect as an excuse to tie both things together.

Romelle is from an Alternate Reality and she was right about Lotor, just her Lotor, not ours

We all know alternate realities exist in this Voltron. Kolivan and the Blade of Marmora never found Romelle's colony. That's no surprise. Point 1. Alternate realities are canon., Point 2. The temporal abyss distorts time. Romelle is likely from the Evil Altean Empire Reality from a time period where the Galra were still active, and *her* Lotor did do those things. Unfortunately, she got *our* Lotor murdered.

The silver-haired officer is an Early-Bird Cameo of a time-traveled/shapeshifted Princess Allura.

And she's running interference behind the scenes a la Quantum Leap to make sure the other pilots can get away with Shiro. I had thought that seemed like a bit of a stretch even for a Wild Mass Guess, but I took a couple of screencaps comparing her with a later shot from episode 1 of Allura with her hair back in a bun, and the similarities are suggestive. It's hard to tell whether the faces are identical but for skin color, given the constraints of anime-style character design, but it could be the same. The hairstyles seem remarkably similar—they have the same bang shape, it's just that Allura's bangs continue back around behind her head while the officer's cut off. And silver isn't a hair color commonly seen among humans. Also, Lance was immediately attracted to both of them at first sight.

Whether Dragon or secret Allura, one thing's for sure—the writers had to have a reason for explicitly calling our attention to that blink-and-you-missed-her officer woman. In animation, where everything has to be drawn in intentionally, nothing happens by accident.

  • This seems extremely sketchy considering it's almost entirely based on the assertion that she has silver hair, despite the fact that she's only ever seen through a green filter making the color impossible to determine. Also, if they could achieve time travel, why wouldn't they go back 10,000+ years and prevent the whole Zarkon situation in the first place? If it is some kind of Chekhov's Gunman, considering the time and location of her appearance, it seems more logical to conclude she'd be a spy infiltrating the Garrison who arrived on the same ship with Shiro.
    • And yet, given the way the filter affects the rest of the colors, her hair could well be silver. And no other character in the show has that precise distinctive bang shape. By Occam's Razor, it has to be Allura somehow. It doesn't make sense for there to be a different character with those precise similarities that the writers specifically wanted to make sure we noticed, though she was only on-screen for about two seconds. In any event, we'll find out soon enough.
    • Invoking Occam's Razor makes it being Allura even less likely, since at this point in the story she's in cryosleep in the Castle of Lions. It's more likely that she's a character that will become important in season 2. If you were really using the razor her existence may just be a joke to show Lance's personality more.
      • That actually was supported by the claim that she had time-traveled— the implication being that she came from the future in which she had already been revived and met the Paladins. As flimsy as the theory feels to me, the logic to the time-travel premise being proposed here does indeed back it up.
      • The fact that the first episode of season two involves a "temporal rift" and a time loop seems to back up the idea that time travel is possible in the Voltron universe.
  • Alternately, she could be a red herring. Or meant to show off Lance's personality and attraction to the ladies. Hunk kept trying to redirect them to the kitchen during that sequence after all. (Yes I'm going to be the wet blanket here.)
    • Yeah, it was most likely Lance being Lance. She doesn't really get that much attention, so it was probably just there to establish his flirty nature.
    • In the episode itself, Lance's reaction was thrown in to make sure viewers noticed to that woman—even though she only got about three seconds on camera, and has never been seen since. It really feels like the writers were making sure viewers noticed her, because they planned to do something with her later.
  • There's the fact that her voice is very similar to Allura's.
    • Her voice? What voice? She was only on screen for a few seconds. We never heard her talk.
      • Watch Rise of Voltron again, she only speaks one sentence, but she does speak.
      • The girl you're thinking of was one of the cadets outside the simulator, who had brown hair, not silver.
Allura will use her shapeshifting abilities to take her 80s form at some point
Would make a nice Mythology Gag.
  • The most likely example when going undercover on Earth with the Paladins who are all wanted fugitives after helping Shiro escape. She'll also try to drop the accent and sound close to DOTU Allura. At least one of the pilots (probably Lance) will comment that he misses the original one.

Humans are descendants of ancient Alteans.
Humans are offshoots/creations of Alteans. Some took refuge on Earth far away from Zarkon's empire and interbred with humanity. These Alteans became the inhabitants of Atlantis. The Voltron Paladins are humans with higher concentrations of Altean DNA, which allows them to 'hear' the Lions. That being said, Lions can still reject prospect pilots if they choose to. Which is why Keith could 'hear' the Blue Lion despite it not being his lion.

It seems clear that when King Alfor sent the Lions away, at least one was programmed to return should it encounter a group with the potential to be new Paladins. To help the transition, Blue Lion could have carried a stash of Translator Microbes, likely in the form of nanobots, and the group was 'infected' when they all climbed in the cockpit and got whisked off to Arus. Of course, it's not a perfect system. The Translator Microbes only seem to work for spoken language and not written words, and there are some words that don't seem to translate well at all. Quiznak. It's also possible the other three Lions carried their own sets of Translator Microbes as well, in case five beings from a different planet ended up discovering the Green Lion or the Yellow Lion. It's certainly not beyond the realm of possibility for Altean technology.

In the same vein, Zarkon and the Galra have also spread Translator Microbes around the universe. Because it's easier to get the enslaved people to obey you when they understand what you're ordering them to do. It beats having to pantomime the actions to a confused slave, and potentially shooting an otherwise-useful slave in frustration. Or wasting resources forcefully invading a planet that was trying to surrender.

  • This would make a lot of sense; it definitely explains away the Fridge Logic between being able to speak but not read certain languages. I'd lean more towards the idea of the Translator Microbes being a part of the castle or the paladin suits, but being a part of the lions would make sense, too.
    • It can't be from the suits. No one would have been able to understand Allura and Coran prior to getting their suits if that was the source. (Granted, Shiro might have had Translator Microbes from the Galra, but that doesn't account for the other four Paladins.) What we see is that all five are able to understand spoken Altean as soon as Allura starts making comments about Lance's ears. Being infected inside Blue Lion would give the Translator Microbes time to take effect. Though it's not impossible they got the microbes when the castle ship scanned them and registered their identities upon entering, either.
      • Good point. The idea of the suits having Translator Microbes isn't necessarily jossed, but there would still have to be at least one other source for them.
  • It seems likely that the aliens actually are speaking English. Rise of Voltron has a galra cruiser right by Earth, plus these societies are even more advanced than Earth in whatever century it's supposed to be. It would also explain why Coran has to explain some Altean words. As the castle ship knew where Earth was, it's likely that the identity scan triggered something in Allura and Coran that said "speak English". Regarding the Galra, not being able to speak your slaves' language may mean wasting an otherwise useful laborer under a language barrier misunderstanding.
    • Coran having to explain some Altean words could just be a case that certain concepts don't have a perfect 1:1 translation in English, necessitating an explanation for what they mean. Sloven-day-ho could have a very specific context and use to it that Coran simply condensed into "gone" so the humans would get the point.

The alien under indentured servitude at Vrepit Sal's just happened to have an unusually short lifespan
It seems pretty hard to swallow that Vrepit Sal Would Hurt a Child for such a long time as the length of a human timespan in ways that wouldn't attract attention.
  • Or maybe it's just that Rule of Funny is in effect? This show has an awful lot of silly one-off gags.
  • Alternatively, the alien could be a Phoenix-type of alien, with short lifespans before combustion and reformation, and is just exaggerating to make fun of Hunk. Sure, it's a long shot, comes completely out of left field, but we really know nothing about this alien.

Alteans will turn out to have a fairly open minded society where Everyone Is Bi

The Voltron picture on Puig is the spirit of GoLion before the fall.
The Voltron depicted on the stone does look an awful like the Voltron in the original anime.

Unilu are a race of brain leach creatures.
When Coran uses that "mind enhancing" pill, he begins talking almost exactly like the Unilu shop keeper. The Unilu is in fact the brain leach parasite itself. Physical similarities between the two non-worm Unilu we've seen is just the preference for a certain species. But really, they'll take anyone and turn them into a being obsessed with striking the big time in some way.

If Lotor had played Monsters and Mana, he would have been a Bard or a Paladin

The bard because he sees himself telling Altea's story, the Paladin because he sees himself as a savior.

At least some of the Paladins were consulted for ideas on the Voltron show in-universe
Take how Lotor was in the anime as opposed to here. How does one get a charismatic Well-Intentioned Extremist whose honorable courtship of Allura was honestly welcomed until his secret crimes were exposed end up depicted as a Large Ham conqueror who boasts about how evil he is whose relationship with Allura was being an obsessive Stalker with a Crush who planned to throw her into Go-Go Enslavement? Someone was deliberately smearing his characterization when the studio made the script.

Bandor only died because he escaped

In season 8, we do see the flashback of Lotor working with the planet. Had Bandor not escaped, Lotor could have recharged his quintessence and kept him alive.

Lotor's spirit was trapped in Sincline

In Season 2, Shiro's body was destroyed, but his spirit was preserved in the Black Lion. In a similar way, Lotor's physical body died, but Allura's attack fused his essence with his mech. This would explain why he didn't kill her on Oriande despite having a clear shot, and also how he was able to contact her through the rift entity. He was trying to help her take down Honerva because while Honerva was exploiting and controlling Sincline, Lotor couldn't pass on to the afterlife.

Transformation actually is a free action

But the Paladins don't know that. Voltron actually is transported to a kind of pocket dimension where time stands still while it forms, so doing so from a non-Voltron perspective is instantaneous. But the Paladins perceive that it takes them a minute or more to form Voltron, leading them to believe, in a crucial battle, that they have to distract the enemy before they can spend the time to form Voltron. Note that Voltron is formed in several other time-critical instances, and the length of time the transformation sequence takes never results in unpleasant consequences there.



The Japanese dub will receive at least one Remake Cameo from an alumni of GoLion
Mostly as a Shout-Out to the original series's origins as an edited version of the series and all of the original voices behind the pilots are still alive and surprisingly more famous since GoLion aired including Masako Nozawa (aka freaking Goku) as Pidge.

There will be a crossover with Trollhunters at some point down the line.
It makes sense due to them both being produced by DreamWorks for Netflix. Presumably it'll be a couple of years (considering as of this writing Trollhunters season 2 hasn't even started yet), but the Castle of Lions will likely be traveling somewhere, only for the portal to somehow lead them to the Earth of Trollhunters, where it turns out to be interference from a plan of Gunmar or his subordinates. The Paladins and Trollhunters must work together to stop the plot and get the Paladins back to their home universe. Does that sound epic or what?

Voltron will appear in a Super Robot Wars game.
And every single female in the game will be hit on by, and subsequently shoot down Lance.
  • They'll also meet the Golion team, and Shorty (Golion's version of Pidge) will be confused that he's the only one whose counterpart is a girl.
    • Jossed. Three Super Robot Wars games came out during the run of the series, and none of them featured Voltron.

Professor Willow from Pokémon GO is Shiro's Father
Or twin, think about it, he does look like him. And if they were in both universes, I think that Willow was probably his dad. They have similar faces and hair after all.

Scut Farkus is part Galran
Yes, the bully from A Christmas Story was the first time we've seen a part Galra. Adult Ralphie says it himself, Scut Farkus had yellow eyes.


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