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They are the universe’s only hope.

Considering the show creators' past work, it's fair to say even this one will have these moments abound.

Warning: Per wiki policy, Spoilers Off applies to Funny Moments page. All spoilers will be unmarked.

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  • Keith, the Paladin who seems to be the most loyal to Shiro, acts as the right hand of Voltron, while Shiro is the head. Even in a literal sense, Keith is Shiro's right-hand man. Even better, both of Shiro's right hands were made by a Galran.
  • Anything Coran or Hunk says is guaranteed to be a gold mine of hilarious lines.
  • Consciously, or unconsciously, Lance usually ends up being the butt of many jokes.
  • Most of the facial and physical expressions the characters make usually bring out a laugh or two. You can find a lot of funny expressions in most episodes if you pause at the right moment.
    • Unsurprisingly, Lance and Hunk in particular get a high number of good facial expressions.
  • Whenever Hunk is describing something, cute little chibis are likely to pop up.
  • There some cameos of the creators that's slipped into the show.
  • Neil Kaplan provides the voices of many side characters like the Arusian King, the Terra shopkeeper and Laika.
  • While awesome, it's pretty funny to see Voltron carve the full moon into a crescent for the Dreamworks logo in the opening scene.
  • It seems to be accepted in the fandom that "Quiznak" is basically Altean for the f-word.


Season 1

    The Rise of Voltron 
  • There's plenty of humor to be had in the dialogue alone:
    Iverson: Can anyone tell me the mistakes these three made in the simulation?
    Cadet: The engineer puked in the main gearbox.
    Iverson: Yes. As everyone knows, vomit is not an approved lubricant for engine systems.
    • When Lance, Hunk, and Pidge are in the flight simulator, Pidge warns Lance not to fly under a narrow stone arch:
      Pidge: Look out for that overhang!
      Lance: No worries. My first year in flight school, know what they called me? They called me "The Tailor" because of how I thread the needle.
      (Lance crashes the ship)
      Computer: Simulation Failed.
      Pidge: Nice work, Tailor.
  • A student can be seen hitting his head against a wall as Lance and the others are getting scolded.
  • Lance and Hunk hiding in convenient color-coded trashcans. A trashcan that Hunk has a hard time getting out of.
  • Lance sneaking up behind Pidge, lifting off his headphones and asking, "You come up here to rock out?" causing the latter to panic before realizing it was just Lance and Hunk.
  • Hunk repeatedly trying to touch Pidge's tech, much to his swiftly building annoyance.
  • Lance immediately realizes Keith is the mysterious figure attempting to break Shiro out of quarantine. How?
    Lance: Oh, I'd recognize that mullet anywhere!
    • Where did Keith get all those explosives anyway?
  • What would have been a heartwarming reunion for Keith and Shiro (who was still unconscious) is broken by Lance walking in telling Keith that he was saving Shiro and pushes the gurney out of the way as he takes Shiro's other arm to support him.
    Lance: Nope. No, you - No, no, no. No, you don't. I'm saving Shiro.
    • Despite Lance building up on this big rivalry that he and Keith have, Keith doesn't even remember Lance.
      Keith: Who are you?
      Lance: Who am I? Uh, the name's Lance. (Beat, Lance blinks twice when Keith doesn't respond) We were in the same class at the Garrison?
      Keith: Really? Are you an engineer?
      Lance: No, I'm a pilot! We were, like, rivals! You know, Lance and Keith, neck and neck.
      Keith: Oh, wait. I remember you. You're a cargo pilot.
    • Just the way Keith slowly remembers who Lance was, like he's thinking: "Oh wait, you're that jerk."
  • Hunk asks Keith if they can all hitch a ride on his vehicle, but once Hunk gets on, the tail of the vehicle slams to the ground. Pidge asks if it is going to be big enough for all of them, and Keith replies with an annoyed, "No". Hunk later remarks, "Hey, we did all fit!"
    • Pidge, the smallest member in the group, having to hold onto the unconscious Shiro during their getaway.
      Pidge: Why am I holding this guy?!
  • During the chase sequence, Hunk notices a cliff ahead, and he, Lance and Pidge beg Keith to stop. But Keith, with a smirk on his face, only replies with "Yep" and speeds up. Cue the others screaming at the top of their lungs once they do go over the cliff.
  • Hunk rambling about decrypting the transmissions:
    Hunk: So I was going through Pidge's stuff last night and I found this! (Holds up a photo) See? It's his girlfriend.
    Pidge: Gimme that! Why were you going through my stuff?!
    Hunk: I was looking for a candy bar. So anyway, I started reading his diary...
    Pidge: WHAT?!
    • The comment about the girl in the picture being "Pidge's girlfriend" becomes even funnier once you learn that that's actually Pidge herself. And that Hunk knew it the whole time.
  • When entering the cave of the Blue Lion, the team falls down a small water fall leading to the lion. Everyone is screaming, but the camera momentarily focuses on Pidge and Hunk as they fall. Also, Shiro obviously fell sitting up, but when they hit the water, he somehow belly flops causing him to land face first.
  • Keith wonders how they would get passed the force field to the Blue Lion and Lance suggests knocking on it. It works
  • Everyone receives a vision of Voltron after awakening the Blue Lion and Hunk pretty much summarizes it.
    Hunk: Voltron's a robot! Voltron is a huge, huge, awesome robot!
  • When Hunk points out that they're currently sitting in an alien cat-ship, his face briefly shifts into a cat-like expression, complete with whiskers. It's just so random that it ends up being hilarious.
  • The Paladins riding in the Blue Lion piloted by Lance for the first time. It's actually the page image.
    • Their expressions in the next scene are pretty hilarious, too.
    • Not to mention the cut to Commander Iverson and his aide who are watching:
      Iverson: What in the Sam Hill is that?
      Aide: It appears to be a flying blue lion, sir?
    • If you listen closely you can actually still hear the group screaming from the lion.
    • If what Lance said about how Blue was on "auto-pilot" was true, that means Blue was flying around in a crazy manner all by itself, possibly trolling the Paladins or even showing off.
  • After a long delay, Hunk throws up in the lion.
    Hunk: ...So sorry.
    Pidge: (adjusting his glasses) I'm just surprised it took this long.
  • Hunk asking why they can't just hand over the Blue Lion to the Galra Empire so they would leave Earth alone. Shiro responds that there is no bargaining with the Galra and that they "won't stop until everything is dead". Lance, Pidge and Keith glare at Hunk and he sheepishly says "Oh. Nevermind, then" after a few seconds of silence.
  • Lance recklessly piloting the Blue Lion while trying to fight off a Galran warship.
    Pidge: Be careful, man! This isn't a simulator!
    Lance: Well, that's good! I always wrecked the simulator.
  • Lance trolls the team by farting. The looks on their faces are priceless.
    Keith: (Pissed) WHY?!
    Shiro and Hunk: Oh, come on, Lance!
    Pidge: Ah! Gross!
    Keith: Ugh!
  • Allura wakes up from her cyrogenic sleep and falls into Lance's arms. He's immediately smitten by the princess and proceeds to flirt with her.
    Allura: Who are you? Where am I?
    Lance: I'm Lance, and you're right here in my arms.
    • Allura comments on the unusual shape of Lance's ears upon meeting him. She thinks his round ears are hideous.
      Allura: Your... ears.
      Lance: (Glances in confusion at his ears) ...Yeah?
      Allura: (Beat) They're hideous. What's wrong with them?
      Lance: (Pissed) Nothing's wrong with them. They heard exactly what you said about them!
  • Coran meeting the Paladins for the first time, he jumps out of his cryopod to try and kick Lance but misses. The two then start to talk about the ways they would counter-attack each other.
  • Lance takes every chance he gets to pick a fight with Keith.
    Allura: How did [the Galra] find us?!
    Lance: I'm not sure, but I bet it's Keith's fault.
    Keith: Say whatever you gotta say to make yourself feel better. After getting us stuck on the other side of a wormhole!
    Lance: (Gets in Keith's face) I'LL STICK YOU IN A WORMHOLE!
    • Watch Lance's face when Shiro shoves him and Keith apart after this. He just sticks his arms out and has the most pissed off look imaginable; he looks so done despite being the one to start the argument.
  • Allura describing each of the lions attributes, and once she gets to Lance he quickly interrupts her.
    Allura: The Blue lion-
    Lance: Hold on, let me guess. Takes the most handsome, slash best pilot of the bunch? (his teeth gleam)
    Allura: (slightly annoyed but ignores Lance)...The, Yellow Lion, is caring and kind.
    • When she describes the Red Lion and assigns it to Keith, Lance looks confused and asks, "What? This guy?" Keith's confident grin is immediately replaced with one of annoyance.
  • Allura tells the others that she, unfortunately, can't find the whereabouts of the Red Lion since the castle needed some work after ten-thousand years. Coran adds onto the conversation.
    Coran: They don't call me "The Coranic" for nothing.(Beat) It's because it sounds like "mechanic". So Coranic, mechanic. It's not— It doesn't sound exactly like it. It's similar.
  • Coran explaining the mission to the two groups.
    Coran: The good news is, that according to my readings, both planets are relatively peaceful. So if you do get stuck, they could be relaxing places to live out the rest of your lives. (Beat) Well, enjoy the trip!
    Lance, Shiro and Pidge: Wait, what?
    Hunk: Guys, I did not receive the memo on this!
  • Pidge and Shiro arrive on a peaceful planet with a cute sloth-thing showing them where the Green Lion is. This is their reaction upon meeting it.
    • The sloth-creature then motions for them to follow him.
      Pidge: I...I think he wants us to get in his canoe.
      Shiro: (Shrugs) Then I guess we should go.
      (Pidge looks at him with an expression that says, "How is this not weirding you out?")
      Shiro: I've been locked up by aliens for a year. This is nothing.
  • Pidge gets relaxed on the planet and wonders if Lance and Hunk are having as good of a time as they are. Cut to Lance and Hunk screaming their heads off while being chased by Galra ships.
    Hunk: I thought Coran said that these planets were peaceful!
    Lance: Maybe "peaceful" means something else in Altean!
  • Upon finding the Yellow Lion, Lance decides to just drop Hunk down where it is. Hunk's having a meltdown and Lance is having none of it.
    Lance: Who cares? Just go get it! I'm dropping you down there.
    Hunk: Me? Down there? No. No, no, no.
    Lance: Yes, I'll cover you!
    Hunk: No, what if the Yellow Lion doesn't work? What - what if I - what if I can't get in the mine? What if I start crying? It's too late, I'm already crying!
    Lance: Sorry, no time for questions.
    • There's something amusing about the way the blue lion just spits Hunk out like a hairball and has him roll all the way to the lift.
    • Hunk grumpily talking back to Lance under his breath as he casually re-wires the lift.
      Hunk: Oh yeah, sure, just drop me off in an alien planet. That's cool, man. It's only occupied by mean purple aliens that want to kill me, but whatever. Just ignore them and go connect with a big, yellow, mechanical cat. Easy-peasy. Yeah. That all makes a ton of sense to me.
  • On the way to getting the Green Lion, Pidge nervously rambles about, among other things, possibly having too short legs to reach the pedals, or whether there will be pedals at all. During the rambling, the sloth creature guiding Pidge and Shiro to the Lion looks at Shiro questioningly. Shiro responds with a smile and a shrug as if to say, "Sorry about that."
  • When Sendak's ship arrives earlier than expected, Allura remembers that the Castle has a particle barrier, leading to this priceless exchange:
    Lance: Girl, you've already activated my part--
    Shiro: (Annoyed) LANCE.
  • Coran admits his calculations on the Galra arriving were off.
    Coran: Counting, it's more of an art than a science.
  • Lance and Hunk suggest they leave Arus with the lions they currently have to live and fight another day. Lance is all for Allura to ride in his lion and snarkily says, "One of you take the old guy". Coran is incensed that Lance just called him old.
  • This gem when Keith suggests staying on Arus:
    Lance: Here's an option: shut your quiznak.
    Coran and Allura: D:
    • Coran and Allura's facial expressions are especially funny, reacting as though Lance has just spoken the most foul word in the Altean language. Funnily enough, Coran actually said that word when he tried to attack Lance right after he woke up.
    • Keith's retort is pretty good, too.
    • Not to mention the exchange that follows:
      Lance: What do you know, Mullet?!
      Keith: We're staying!
      Lance: Leaving!
      Pidge: Staying!
      Hunk: Snake!
    • Beforehand, the group was arguing about them not having all the lions, which Hunk points out.
      Hunk: And we only have four lions!
      Pidge: Technically, only three lions.
      Hunk: (sincerely) That's right. Thank you, Pidge.
  • Hunk measuring his Paladin suit, then himself. It's never actually shown how he (or Pidge, for that matter) managed to fit.
    • A Freeze-Frame Bonus has him trying to suck in his gut to see if that would help with fitting better.
    • What's also funny is that, even though he can fit in the suit, his helmet is just that much smaller than his head, so there's an audible *POP* noise whenever he removes it.
  • The Paladins getting their Bayards.
    Lance: (Looking at Pidge's katar-styled Bayard) Aw, you got a cute little Bayard!
    (Pidge zaps Lance with the Bayard's taser ability, knocking Lance to the floor.)
    Pidge: (Smug) Yeah. It is pretty cute.
  • As they plan out how to find the Red Lion, Keith asks how he was going to do that, and the others assure him it wouldn't be hard. Lance's description sort of rubs Keith in the wrong way.
    Lance: You know how you felt that crazy energy while we were out in the desert?
    Keith: Yeah, you made fun of me for that.
    Lance: And I'm proud of that, it turns out it's exactly like that mumbo jumbo.
  • Lance having the time of his life flying Blue.
    Lance: (laughing) Yeah! This is way more fun without Hunk barfing!
    • Elsewhere, Hunk is having difficulty breaking the barrier on the Galra ship and is groaning with discomfort.
  • Allura finds out that she can communicate with the mice because their minds were connected during their ten-thousand years of sleep. Coran tries to telepathically order the mice to make him a sandwich.
  • Keith gets lost around the Galra ship. After he sees the same symbol that tells him he's back where he started, he groans in frustration saying: "You gotta be kidding me!"
  • The conversation Keith has when retrieving the Red Lion is especially hilarious.
    Keith: It's me, Keith. Your buddy. (Beat) It's me! Keith! Your- I. Am. Your. Pala-din! (Galra soldiers come in and start shooting at Keith) I'm bonding with you! Hey! Come on! We're connected!
  • When Keith says: "Good kitty. Let's roll." Since he's usually very serious and stoic, these words seem to be coming out of nowhere.
  • Sendak's ship arrives and Hunk is shocked at how fast they fixed the cannon he had wrecked earlier. He even lampshades it.
    Hunk: Man, those Galra guys repair things fast!
  • Shiro gives a Rousing Speech to his teammates about not giving up. The whole team nods in agreement, which prompts Hunk to ask the following:
    Hunk: I'm nodding. Is everybody else nodding?
    Keith, Lance, and Pidge: (Disgruntled) Yes.
  • Pidge's frustration at the Galra for shooting at the Paladins while they're trying to form Voltron for the first time.
    "This is insane! Can't they just cease fire for one minute so we can figure this out?! Is that too much to ask?!"
  • Hunk tries to form Voltron by slamming into Keith's lion and yelling "COMBINE!". Needless to say, all he succeeds in doing is pissing Keith off.
    Keith: (Annoyed) HEY!
    Hunk: Okay, that didn't work.
    • As he says this, his lion shakes its head in disappointment, almost as if Hunk made that happen to express his reaction. Or, even better, Yellow was shaking his head by himself, as if asking "Did my Paladin really think that would work?".
  • Sendak's ship is pulling the lion's towards them and Hunk is immediately falling apart.
    Hunk: I-I don't care what you say, Shiro! I'M PANICKING NOW!
  • The team is surprised that they actually formed Voltron, and Hunk's response?
    Hunk: I'm a leg!

    Some Assembly Required 
  • To create a sense of urgency, Allura pretends the Castle is under attack. Coran thinks she isn't quite selling it, so he starts screaming over the loudspeaker about how the Galra have decapitated her. Notice Allura's reaction.
    Coran: Oh, no! Allura is dead! Oh, it's horrible! Her head fell off! Wait, her severed head is trying to speak to me! What is it, Allura's head? What are your final words?
  • Allura explains to the Paladins that the alarms were to test the team on their reaction time.
    Shiro: I guess this isn't an actual attack...
    Allura: And it's a good thing it wasn't, because it took you... Coran?
    Coran: 75 degrees — oh, no, sorry, this is a meat thermometer.
  • When the team finally arrives, Lance gets there last... dressed in a bathrobe and Blue Lion slippers. This implies that they belonged to the previous Blue Paladin, and that the rest of the Paladins have robes and Lion slippers of their own.
  • After Allura chides the Paladins for failing their first test Hunk sleepily points out what he and the others have gone through before losing track and asking what day it was.
    Hunk: Hey. (yawns) You got to sleep for 10,000 years, man. Monday night, I was on Earth. Now, I've flown through space, fought some evil alien named Zarkon, eaten goo in some weird castle. That's a lot to process in, uh... I-I don't know. What day is today?
    Coran: It's the third quintant of the Spicolian movement. Hump day!
  • Pidge asks Coran and Allura about talking to the prisoners they saved. Coran's response is slightly degrading.
    Coran: Negative, Number 5! I have you ranked by height.
  • The entirety of the first time the team uses the lion shortcuts, due to Hunk falling off the zip line and then missing the tram.
    Lance: Should someone go in after him?
  • The whole sequence where the team tries to form Voltron.
    • They initially start with enthusiasm, but it slowly fades after flying for some time. Hunk wonders aloud if anybody else is still pretending to be excited. Their expressions really sell it.
      Hunk: Whoo... Am I the only one still pretending to be excited?
    • Later, upon Keith's suggestion, they try building Voltron like a cheerleader pyramid. Needless to say, it doesn't work.
      Keith: (With utmost sincerity and exasperation to Lance) You got a better idea?
    • Hunk tries to claim he was the head last time. It is instantly pointed out by Lance that the last time they combined, he shouted out "I'M A LEG!" Hunk's response to this? A very defensive "I was yelling a lot of things!"
    • The clincher is Shiro muttering the following immortal words as he gently tries to rest the Black Lion on top of a comical looking Lion pyramid:
      Shiro: Arms and legs...and I'll form the head.
    • The best part? As the scene pans out to show the Lions stacked up in a pyramid, the wind blows a cloud of dust past them as nothing happens.
  • The Paladins are still trying to figure out how to form Voltron. Allura needs to debug the weapons systems in the Castle of Lions. Cue bombardment.
    (Paladins screaming, Lions running, and Stuff Blowing Up)
    Keith: (Very close to freaking out) Allura, what are you doing?!
    Allura: (Way too happy) Running a diagnostic test on the Castle defenses and inspiring you! I believe in you, Paladins! Let fear be your guide! Form Voltron!
    • Even funnier is that, just before Allura starts blasting the place to smithereens, the Lions are happily chilling out. Yellow has settled down comfortably, Blue is outright lounging on its side (which can't be comfortable for Lance...), and even Black looks ready to call it a day. However, once they hear the incoming missiles, all of the Lions turn towards the sound and look up with a distinct air of Oh, Crap!. While it could be the Paladins turning to notice the threat, it looks much more like the Lions themselves were ready to take some time out when they noticed that their Princess was about to start shooting up the landscape...and subsequently scrambled upwards and scampered for cover.
    • Lance literally forgoes the training and decides he'd rather head back to the castle. Just as the Blue Lion looks like it was going to phase through the force field, Lance gets zapped away like a fly.
  • Coran suggests the team work out on the training deck. The Paladins all look up with Hunk asking, "There's a training deck?" in a tone screaming, "Why the heck didn't we start with the training deck?!"
  • The training sequences are full of these.
    • The first exercise has the Paladins shielding each other from "enemy fire". At least... they're supposed to be shielding each other. Pidge gets hit, a hole opens below him, and he falls in. Hunk literally swan dives into the hole below him once he gets shot. When Keith gets hit and falls into the hole, his voice cracks as he screams. Coran gives a Facepalm at the new Paladins' performance.
    • Lance has to navigate the invisible maze, and the one guiding him is Keith. Lance becomes increasingly annoyed when he keeps getting shocked. If you look closely at Keith's map, it's actually different from what Lance's actually interacting with. So this could mean Coran was trolling the Paladins and Keith thought Lance wasn't listening to him and vice versa. What's funnier is what Coran constitutes as a "slight shock", Lance got full-body electrocuted!
      Lance: (angrily) Two steps- (gets shocked) AUGH! We're switching places, right now!
    • During the flight training where they're blindfolded, Keith and Lance turn their training into another competition.
      Lance: You still going, Keith?
      Keith: You know it. You?
      Lance: Going? I'm speedin' up! (Pushes down on his controls)
      Keith: Oh, yeah? (Does the same)
      Lance: Must be getting close.
      Keith: Must be...
      Lance: You gettin' scared?
      Keith: I'M NOT SCARED! (Both crash, Lions getting stuck in sand mounds with their hind-legs pointing up into the air.)
      Keith: Ow, ow...Owww...
      Lance: I win...
  • Keith sipping from his drink-box with a bored expression when Allura scolds them for not training, almost as if he's saying, "Do something about it, then".
  • The team has to fight against the Gladiator, and Hunk is the first to be taken out. Pidge tries to go up against it only to be kicked away and bounce off Hunk, who makes a squeaky sound when Pidge lands on him. The Gladiator knocks away Lance's Bayard and smacks him in the head with its staff. It then blocks Keith's sword before turning back and proceeding to hit Lance on the head a second time.
  • The dinner scene.
    • Hunk's warning to Coran when the Paladins get handcuffed together, thus keeping Hunk from eating.
      "Coran, I want you to think about what you're doing."
    • Coran sounds ecstatic on their final bonding exercise for the day, but the others only look extremely peeved.
      "This one's a classic. You get to feed each other, like a pack of yalmors!"
    • After Shiro says that Allura should give them a break.
      Keith: Yeah! We're not some prisoners for you to toy with like... like...
      Lance: Like a bunch of toy prisoners!
      Keith: (Sincere) Yes! Thank you, Lance!
    • Just the fact that it was Keith who threw an entire bowl of food at Allura.
  • Finally motivated to work as a team and form Voltron, the Paladins try to get to their Lions, forgetting they are still handcuffed to each other and the table chairs. They fall down.
  • Once the team finally forms Voltron again:
    Allura: I told you I could get them to do it. They just needed a common enemy.
    Coran: It's true, like the old proverb says, a man can be driven to do anything if a beautiful woman is just really, really mean to him.
  • Hunk pulls Keith and Lance into a Bear Hug. While Lance eventually smiles at the gesture, Keith remains surprised and confused.

    Return of the Gladiator 
  • After their training, Lance brags that he must have kicked that alien ship about a mile, only to have Keith say that it threw them off balance and they fell. Lance immediately pushes the blame on Hunk. Shiro then scolds them and tells them to "Save the energy for fighting Zarkon," the way a parent would tell their kids to save their energy for their next sports game.
  • Shiro's reaction when Coran tries to feed him some "authentic ancient Paladin lunch".
    Coran: Open the hatch! Food Lion coming in! (Makes airplane noises)
    Shiro: No. Just... No. (Walks off)
    Coran: You don't know what you're missing!
    • Shiro is not a toddler!
    • Even funnier to viewers in the Mid-Atlantic/Southeastern United States (especially North Carolina), where "Food Lion" is the name of a major supermarket chain.
    • The other's reactions are also pretty funny.
      Hunk: Ugh, it smells disgusting!
      Coran: I know! That's how you know it's healthy!
  • Coran being personally offended that the Paladins prefer Hunk's cooking over his.
    Allura: (Watching Keith and Lance scarf down the food Hunk made) They like the Paladin Lunch.
    Coran: (Grumpily crossing his arms) I don't wanna talk about it.
  • When a local Arusian arrives, Allura says that Alteans believe in peace first, and yet when she and Coran first met Lance their first instinct was to attack him.
  • Hunk coos at how adorable Klaizap looks and Lance wonders if he could knit a sweater for the Arusian. Keith, of course, is on the defensive and says they can't trust the Arusian.
  • The Arusians put on a "dance of apology" for Allura because they treat her as the "Lion Goddess" and feel that they have displeased her. Allura says that they don't need to do that, so the leader takes this as her not liking the dance and prepares a sacrificial bonfire for his people to throw themselves onto. Allura decides to let the dance continue instead.
  • Keith hugging one of the super cuddly Arusians, and getting an extremely deep-voiced "Thank you" in response. Keith gets this look on his face like "WTF?"
  • Allura instructs the Arusians to take shelter as the monster attacks. Hunk follows suit.
    Allura: Everyone get inside, and stay down!
    Hunk: I'm on it!
    Allura: Huh?
    Keith: Not you! (Drags a whimpering Hunk by the scruff)
  • Lance saying that he's going to power-kick the monster's orb. Keith immediately reminds Lance what happened the last time he did that.
    Lance: Stop living in the past!
    • Then Lance misses the orb.
      Lance: Oh, no!
      • Even Pidge's reaction when Lance said he was going to kick the orb just screams, "Please, not again."
  • Shiro orders Pidge to fire lasers, but instead Voltron accidentally puts up the shield.
    Shiro: (Slightly panicked) No, lasers! LASERS!

    Fall of the Castle of Lions 
  • The Arusians made a play about Voltron defeating the gladiator, consisting of two stacks of Arusians fighting each other. At the end, the wrong stack falls over, and the king pointedly says that Voltron won. They quickly correct themselves. Allura, meanwhile, still finds this all very awkward and has trouble finding something to say about the play without being insulting.
  • Lance tries out a team cheer, which Keith doesn't seem to get.
    Lance: I say "Vol", you say "Tron"! Vol!
    Keith: Uh... Voltron?
    Lance: No. No, no, no, no. The cheer includes the instructions. I say "Vol" and you say...
    Keith: (Beat) ...Vol-tron?
    Lance: (Resigned) ...We'll work on it.
  • Lance's reaction to drinking the Nunville, he looks like he's having a spasm mixed with a heart attack. Bonus points for the expressions he makes when you pause the video at certain intervals.
    • Coran tells him Nunville is "the nectar of the gods" and Lance claims it tastes like hot dog water and feet. The Altean notes that it also makes a wonderful hair tonic and sprinkles some on his mustache that begins to grow. Lance turns away and throws up.
  • A Funny Background Event occurs when Shiro is discussing his concerns about the Castle defenses with Coran. After Lance drinks the Nunville, he completely shuts down. Keith and Hunk begin hovering over him, and the former lightly pokes Lance, who then subsequently falls over with no reaction whatsoever. Rather than try to assist their unconscious friend, Hunk and Keith just hover over him in slight curiosity.
  • Coran goes to talk to Shiro, who asks whether or not it was okay to let their guards down and let the Arusians in. Coran notes that the Arusians wouldn't hurt anything... much, as a couple of Arusians who were swinging from a tray crash into the walls.
  • As Allura speaks highly and proudly of the Paladins to the mice, saying how "The fate of the universe is on their shoulders", Keith and Hunk are seen fooling around with the food, making the Arusians laugh. Allura's expression afterwards just screams, "Oh, good grief. The fate of the universe is on their shoulders."
  • Allura's mice tell her secrets about the Paladins... in pantomime. Chulatt puffs up Platt's cheeks, Allura asks "Hunk tried to eat what?" and laughs in amusement. Chulatt then messes up its hair to look like Lance and plays with its tail like it's a sword while also standing on Chuchule's head. Allura shrugs and comments, "That seems like Lance", and then Chulatt makes a really cute face.
    Allura: Pidge is a WHAT?!
    • Pidge casually grabs a floating tray to drop food into his bag and then snatches a stick from an Arusian to pick his ear. He smells it and turns in disgust, even Allura looks unsure if the mice were telling her the truth.
  • When Allura tries to get Pidge to confess his secret, he instead rambles off a list of random personal qualities.
    Pidge: Well, I like peanut butter. And I like peanut butter cookies. But I hate peanuts. They're so dry! Also, I sweat a lot. I mean, in general. Unrelated to the peanuts.
    • The expressions Allura makes while she's trying to get Pidge to open up, like her exaggerated conspiratorial winking.
      Allura: If there's anything you ever want to talk about. (Beat) Anything.
  • While it's a bit sad hearing Lance talk about his home-sickness with Coran, when the two talk about rain, it gets a little funny.
    Coran: Rain?
    Lance: Yeah. It's water that falls from the sky.
    Coran: Oh, we had that on Altea. Only it wasn't water, more like rocks. Razor sharp and boiling hot. (Chuckles fondly) Oh, they could knock a hole right in your head.
    Lance: Sounds fun.
    Coran: (sighs happily) Yeah.
  • Coran dives into one of the mine shafts of the Balmera with Hunk screaming for dear life. He continues to scream the further down they go, only to stop after a few seconds and asks Coran how deep this cave went. They end up hitting a steel beam that Coran had failed to notice.

    Tears of the Balmera 
  • Allura trying to tell Pidge what keys to hit to shut down the engine but gets cut off. Pidge is getting desperate and when she can't contact Allura she looks down at her Bayard, grits her teeth and says "Whatever" as she slams it into the panel. It ends up taking out the engine.
  • This exchange Hunk and Coran have when they meet Rax and Shay.
    Coran: Wait, please! We need your help. If the Galra find us, they'll kill us.
    Hunk: Or torture us.
    Coran: Or keep us as some sort of creepy pet to play with how they please.
    • Beforehand, Hunk pulls up his Bayard and nervously says, "Stay back, I don't know how to use this thing!"
  • Lance and Hunk looking at their positions on the paper posted on the wall. Lance is excited he's made it as a fighter pilot and makes synth beat noises as he does a little dance.
    Lance: Hasta la later, Keith!
  • Pidge first meeting Lance and Hunk, she completely ignores Lance when she spots Iverson. As he passes, the three of them salute, but Pidge uses the wrong arm.
    • Lance tries to figure out how to bond with Pidge. She's just side-eyes him.
      Lance: Hellooo? Pizza? Girls? Astronauts??
  • Hunk and Coran are enjoying a delicious meal that Shay's grandmother made for them. Shay tells the two that it also contains "Cave-root for the skin. Cave bugs for the soul". Hunk and Coran look disgusted. Coran tries to remain polite and thanks the grandmother for "the bugs". This causes her to smile and pour him some more food, he quietly tells her that it was a bit too much.
  • Their infiltration of the Balmera Mining Facility includes an awful Paper-Thin Disguise.
    Hunk: I can't believe I'm the legs again. I'm the one who took down the guard. I should get to be the head!
    Coran: Shh! Legs don't talk!
  • Coran's disastrous attempt to lift the giant crystal by himself results in an X-ray close-up of his spine snapping in half.
    Coran: (Groaning) I think I'm broken.
    • He tries to sound intimidating when ordering the sentries for their guns and badges but ends up falling over in pain. Hunk meekly surrenders.
  • Out of all the things Coran could be angry about in their cell, he huffs in wonder at how the sentries saw through their disguise.

    Taking Flight 
  • While the others group around Lance's cryopod in worry, Pidge can be seen leaning on the pod and pressing her nose against the glass.
  • Allura and Coran argue with the others about the relevance an Altean "tick" compared to a human "second". Pidge and Coran pull out personal clocks to compare. Hunk treats it like a race.
    Hunk: Yes! I think we're winning!
    Keith: Winning what? The intergalactic time-measuring competition?
    Hunk: Yes.
  • At first, Hunk is irritated that Lance interrupted the "ticks vs. seconds" contest. Then, he suddenly realizes that Lance is okay and glomps him in excitement.
  • Everyone's expressions when Lance's first reaction to seeing Allura again is to flirt with her.
    Allura: We can tell you all about while you get something to eat. Are you able to walk?
    Lance: Talking? Eating? Are you asking me out on a date? (Allura grumpily crosses her arms as if thinking, "Why do I even bother?")
    Pidge: Yep, there he is.
    Shiro: Yep, he's okay.
    Keith: (Crosses his arms and grumpily looks away) Classic...
  • Lance and Keith worked together to take down Sendak, but when Lance is brought back up to speed he claims he doesn't remember what Keith felt was the most important part:
    Keith: I punched Sendak!
    Lance: Yeah, apparently after I emerged from a coma and shot his arm off.
    Keith: We had a bonding moment! I cradled you in my arms!
    Lance: Nope. Don't remember. Didn't happen.
    • The way Keith's voice cracks makes it sound even funnier.
  • Pidge finally comes clean to the team... and gets totally sidetracked in the process.
    "Just so there are no secrets between us... I can't 'man up'. I'm a girl. Uh - I mean, I can 'man up' because that's just a figure of speech, I don't actually have to be a man to 'man up', I just have to be tough... but what I'm saying-"
  • Lance's reaction when Pidge reveals her true gender is hilarious. His voice cracks so much.
    Lance: Wha..?! YOU'RE A GIRL?! HOW?!
    • Plus, his facial expression in the background while Pidge is making the above confession.
    • Even though Coran had figured it out along with everyone else who wasn't Lance, his response is still amusing:
      Coran: Wait, we were supposed to think you were a boy?
  • Poor Lance who is still trying to catch up with all that's happened shakes his head rapidly when Pidge says to "launch this castle ship!"
    Lance: Wait, what?? Pidge is a girl, and the castle's a ship?? How long have I been out?
  • Hunk wondering if they should do a PSA for the Galra to turn themselves in, only to drop the idea and ask, "No. Blasting right?" Keith gently tells Hunk to calm down before responding with, "And yes. Blasting." This was accompanied by a finger gun.
  • After being teased about the "girlfriend" in her photo, Pidge ragging on Hunk about wanting to save Shay is pretty priceless.
    Shiro: It's our first rescue mission. He's excited.
    Pidge: Excited to see his new giiiiirlfrieeeeend.
    Hunk: Ah! She's not my girlfriend! She's just a rock that I met and I admire very much.
  • When they first decide to check out the distress signal, Lance compares them to space cops and asks Coran if the ship has a siren. Coran suggests they could record Lance imitating a siren and broadcast that sound effect. Lance begins to make a very strange noise, only to be immediately and forcibly silenced by Shiro.
    Lance: (Bad siren imitation) Bwerrru-
    Shiro: (Turns around and puts a hand over Lance's mouth) Nope. Not doing that.
  • Upon tracking the distress signal, the source turns out to be an alien man, woman, and robot. First we get a shot of Lance ogling Nyma, as expected. Then we get a shot of Pidge ogling the robot.
  • Pidge messing around with Beezer in the background. What really sells it is how Pidge is laughing like crazy as she rides Beezer around, while it runs back and forth like it wants her to get off of it. They eventually do some poses together.
  • As Allura assures Rolo that they won't be alone in fighting against the Galra Empire with the Paladins of Voltron at their side, the camera gets a close up on Shiro's helmet and it sparkles for a brief moment. Rolo sighs, obviously not impressed, and side-glances to see Lance flirting with Nyma and Pidge messing with Beezer. He makes a face as if wondering, "These guys are the Defenders of the Universe?" followed by a flat "okay..."
  • Lance trying to describe what Voltron is to Rolo and Nyma who don't seem to know what it was.
    Voltron? Five robot lions that combine into this big robot... guy?
  • Lances continues to try and impress Nyma like flexing his muscles and winking at her. Shiro slaps him on the back, but otherwise looks on in annoyance.
    • Lance looks like he's in utter bliss when Nyma holds onto him as they go down the glider to the cockpit of the Blue Lion. There is a point where Lance lets Nyma sit on the control seat while he sits on her lap.
    • Even better, at first Lance was reluctant to actually fly off in Blue. Then, Nyma baits him by saying maybe Keith would take her for a flight. Naturally, Lance proceeds to completely fall for it, rambling about how he could make an exception while he hits the control panels with his feet.
  • Lance's reaction after Nyma handcuffs him to a tree.
  • Rolo comments that he felt sorry for the Paladins, noting that they seemed like nice people. Nyma refutes this statement saying that if he felt sorry, he could turn himself in. Stealing from Zarkon carries a life sentence. Rolo's face looks nervous for a split second before panning out to their ship and him muttering: "They didn't seem that nice..."
  • Lance manages to get his helmet and alerts his friends that the Blue Lion was stolen. When asked where Rolo and Nyma went, Lance tiredly responds, "Uh... space?"
  • Everyone's deflated faces as Hunk rails on and on about Nyma and Rolo deceiving them and the reasons to his suspicions.
    Hunk: Uh, I never trusted those guys, right from the beginning! I mean, oh, at first it was just like a feeling in my gut, you know, but when I was replacing that pipe, the pipe was cracked, but none of the hardware around it was damaged.
    Keith: Okay, we get it!
    Hunk: I mean if the thermal pipe is cracked, then, obviously, hello, the entire assembly should be totally roasted.
    Keith: Okay! We get it!
    Hunk: We should've had to replace the entire undercarriage of that reactor. So, right then, I was, like, positive. Foul play.
    Everyone else: OKAY, WE GET IT!
  • When Keith tells Lance he got his lion back, he pretends not to hear his pleas to help unchain him.
    Keith: Haha! Hey, Lance! I got your lion back.
    Lance: Thank you, Keith. Now, can you come and unchain me?
    Keith: What's that? I, uh, y-you're cutting out, I can't--I can't hear you!
    Lance: Oh, come on! I thought we bonded! Keith? Buddy? My man?

    Return to the Balmera 
  • As the crew approach the Balmera, they discuss their plan of attack, which winds up turning into a comparison of proper laser noises.
    Lance: So what's the plan? We go in there and just- pow, pow, pow! (Sticks his fingers out with each "pow") And free the prisoners?
    Keith: What was that noise?
    Lance: Laser guns.
    Hunk: No, Lance, I think you mean- (Kneels and sticks his arm out with each shot) BGHOW! BGHOW! BGHOW! ("Charges up" with both arms) BGHOW!
    Lance: That sounds like fireworks.
    Pidge: Technically, they're more like- (Mimics holding a gun and recoils with each shot) Ba-choo! Ba-choo! Ba-choo!
    Shiro: Okay, enough with the bad sounds effects. (Beat)... Besides, it's more like- Blam! Blam! Blam! (Poses with each shot)
    Keith: What?!
    Pidge: You're crazy.
    Lance: No way!
    Hunk: Uh, wrong.
    Allura: (Trying to maintain composure) Paladins, focus.
    • Keith's superbly unimpressed look at Lance and Hunk's laser noises; he's clearly internally judging both of them. Then Allura just looks straight-up confused when Pidge joins in. Not to mention Keith's reaction to Shiro's "Blam! Blam! Blam!" thing, almost as if he's wondering if he's the Only Sane Man on Team Voltron.
    • Hunk's Imagine Spot of the plan to draw out the Galra involves cartoony lion-heads beating up cartoony Galran heads in a Big Ball of Violence before the Lion heads regroup on Balmera...and promptly give big, cheesy grins. Seeing super-serious Black and cantankerous Red with a cutesy Cheshire Cat Grin and Twinkle Smile sound effects is weirdly cute.
  • Allura shows them a tool they could use to detect if there were Galras left below called "Biothermal Life Indicator Point Technology", Pidge gives the princess her two cents.
    Pidge: (excitedly leaning forward and adjusting her glasses) Oh, BLIP tech! (glances at Allura who looks confused) It's an acronym?
  • Lance asks if the Balmerans would throw them a parade after they're saved in their honor. Keith lightly chides him and says that their mission was to free the Balmerans from the Galra's cruelty. Lance tries to explain why he'd like a parade before he's cut off by the force of his lion propelling forward.
  • Just as Keith plans on storming the Galra troops, Lance pulls him back by the scruff of his armor. Keith is not happy.
    • He then asks Lance if he has a better idea on how to take them out. His reaction when Lance actually comes up with a really good idea. The smug grin on Lance's face just makes it even better.
  • Lance and Keith infiltrate the control room. Once Keith cuts an opening in the ceiling, Lance uses that to fall down on top of a sentry. Their banter as they're about to drop down makes them sound Like an Old Married Couple.
    Lance: (Whispering) No, no. It's over here.
    Keith: (Whispering) I know what I'm doing.
  • Lance and Keith are pinned down by some sentries. Lance comes up with a plan for Keith to ambush them and gives him nonverbal instructions. Keith doesn't get it, but instead comes up with the same plan on his own and gets into position. The look on Lance's face afterwards is priceless.
  • To distract the sentries, Lance waves his arms around and taunts them, while they momentarily stare in confusion.
    Lance: Na, na, na, na, boo-boo! (The sentries Sweat Drop before shooting at Lance)
  • After Lance asks for Allura to help them, she relays that the castle was under heavy fire so she would need the Paladins help. Everyone ends up ignoring Lance's woes.
    Lance: This is it, we're gonna die in here. I can say bye-bye to that parade...
    Shiro: ... Get it together, guys. Allura, we'll get there as soon as we can.
    Lance: (pouts at being ignored)
  • Allura alerting the Paladins to hurry to their aid and asks if they heard her. Lance responds but gets a little off-track.
    Lance: Shay's pressing her hand to a wall which apparently sends vibrations to the other rock people, who vibrate back or something? Hand talking? I guess the answer to your question is, "Yes, we copy".
  • This scene right here:
    Shiro: Guys, did everyone make it to their lions in time?
    Lance: Come on, Shiro, who do you think you're dealing with? A bunch of amateurs-? (Everyone but Lance avoids a metal obstacle)
    Shiro: (Smirking) Do you really want me to answer that?
    Lance: (Disgruntled) No...

  • Hunk's reaction to seeing the Robeast's cage appearing.
    Hunk: Please tell me there's not a giant monster in there! Please tell me it's empty! Or full of space candy. One of those two. Either one is fine.
    Lance: I don't think it's a pinata, Hunk.
    • The Robeast begins to fire at them.
      Hunk: That's not candy!!
  • Voltron has to hold up its shield in order to keep the onslaught of beams from damaging the Balmera. Lance has a bit of an argument with Keith.
    Lance: We can't hold out!
    Pidge: My lions weakening! If the shield sustains structural damage, we're done for!
    Keith: Pidge is right!
    Lance: Oh, Pidge is right! I'm the one who said we can't hold out!
  • Shiro instructing everyone on maneuvering around the monster.
    Shiro: Everyone, evasive maneuvers! It can't shoot us all at once! (The Robeast starts shooting multiple lasers at the Lions) Okay, it can do that too!
  • Hunk tries to assure Shay that they would be able to defeat the Galra and save her planet. He then turns to Keith and tries to have him assure her as well. Keith's response didn't help at all.
    Keith: (Beat) Can we?
  • Coran slowly beginning to panic as the Drazil begins to weaken the castle's shield.
    Coran: Princess! The ship is being torn apart!!
  • Hunk's first attempt at using his Bayard to form a weapon for Voltron fails miserably.
    Hunk: Form Thingy! (Inserts Bayard into the weapon slot) It didn't work.
    Shiro: Because we didn't form Voltron yet.
    Hunk: Oh, right. Yeah, I know.
  • Hunk petting and talking to the Balmera like it's a puppy.
    Hunk: Oh, who's a good Balmera? You are. Who ate the big monster? You did. Yes, you did. Yes, you did!
    Keith: (Exasperated) Dude. What are you doing?
    Hunk: What? It's alive. And it wuvs my scwatches!
    (Keith pinches the bridge of his nose.)

    Crystal Venom 
  • Coran talks about how they'll extract Sendak's memories and store them into the ship to gain valuable information about the Galra.
    Lance: When I go, I want all the stuff in my head stored in a giant ship.
    Keith: The amount of information in your brain could be stored in a paper airplane.
    Lance: Oh, yeah?! Well, the amount of information you have, Keith, could be...
    Keith: Yeah?
    Lance: Uh... It's less than what I have!
    Hunk: Oh, good one, Lance!
    (Lance smirks while Keith rolls his eyes. Shiro sighs in exasperation at their antics.)
    • When Pidge appears, the glass from the pod warps her face, making it appear like the size of a balloon.
  • As the Paladins wait for the memories to be extracted, Hunk ends up falling asleep whilst standing before eventually falling down.
    • Lance gets so bored that he leans into Shiro's personal space, so much so that it looks like he's trying to inspect something on the Black Paladins face.
    • Lance does a shoulder stand while cycling his legs in the air.
  • Coran decides to recharge and repair the Castle systems.
    Lance: Okay, well, while you guys do that, I think I'm gonna get my chill on. Maybe kick back with a lemonade or space juice. Somethin'.
    Coran: Hold on there, space juice. You're going to come and help me.
    Lance: What? Why? Why me?
    Coran: Because you're the last one here and because your activity isn't very important.
    Lance: Wait, did I say, "chill with a good lemonade"? I meant I gotta do homework.
    Coran: No. Too late.
    Lance: (Disgruntled) Fine.
  • The fight Pidge and Hunk have with the food goo dispenser, and especially how seriously they take it. Hunk even salutes.
    • After they subdue the hose, and take in the commissary covered with food goo.
      Pidge: Leave it for Coran?
      (Hunk nods silently)
      (Both walk off whistling nonchalantly)
  • Pidge happily telling Hunk that with the crystal she would be able to extract more information from Galra technology than ever before. However, she realizes he's not looking and then asks if he was paying attention, he honestly tells her he wasn't. He explains that he's pretty jumpy from what happened with the food goo, adding that if they couldn't trust food, they were lost as a culture.
  • In zero gravity, Pidge tries to reach for the crystal and fails.
    Pidge: (groaning as she tries to reach) Gah! CURSE MY SHORT ARMS!
    Hunk: Ugh, I hate those little things! Alright, forget it, Pidge. I'm going to swim towards you. Just hang on! (Hunk swings his arms and legs as though swimming, but gives up when he goes nowhere) That's it! I'm all out of moves. (Stomach growls) Oh, I'm hungry again. I hope some food goo comes out of these walls.
  • Coran frees Lance from the cyropod and the Paladin angrily tells Coran off for rambling on about boot-camp and not noticing. Coran's question is pretty funny.
    Coran: You sure you didn't just fall in? No judgment, it happens.
  • Coran's response when Lance tells him he thinks the Castle is haunted. Lance's look to Coran's explanation basically reads: Do you even hear yourself?
    Coran: The ship might seem like a fantastical, magical creature to you, but it's really just a big embodiment of advanced supernatural technology that cannot be explained by science alone. (Beat) Well, that does make it seem a bit haunted, doesn't it?
  • The cryopod Lance was trapped in suddenly descends into the floor, and his reaction perfectly matches the kind you would have after watching a scary movie by yourself and hearing a noise. He runs away, letting out a fantastically high-pitched screech.
  • Lance shrieking throughout this episode while terrifying is undeniably hilarious.
    Lance: I need help! 'Cause if you don't get me outta here right now, I'm gonna get sucked out into space!
    Door Monitor: Doors opening.
    Lance: (running for purchase) I'M GETTING SUCKED OUT INTO SPACE!
  • Keith and Lance's reactions when they realize the Castle is trying to kill them.
    Keith: What were you doing out there?!
    Lance: Who was that guy?!
    Keith: He was trying to kill me!
    Lance: Well, is he the Castle?! Because that's who's trying to kill me!
    (Both come to a realization and run away screaming)
  • When Pidge instructs Hunk to kick her towards the control panel so she can deactivate the zero gravity, her plan seems to be working until she gains too much momentum and bounces off the wall, then the floor.
  • The others regroup but end up arguing over who had the most traumatic experience.
    Lance: How can you guys be taking a nap while this Castle is trying to kill us?
    Hunk: Taking a nap? We've been floating around in Zero G! You know how scary that is?!
    Lance: That's not scary, that's fun! I was almost ejected into space!
    Hunk: Well I got attacked by killer food, and that's the most horrifying thing you can imagine! The stuff of nightmares! It'll haunt me to my grave!
    Keith: Well, I had a robot trying to kill me!
  • Lance declares to Coran he doesn't care what he says and that the ship has gone "apples and bananas".

    Collection and Extraction 
  • Lance's fantasy of when they finally beat Zarkon. Note how Alura is a hairsbreadth from giving Lance a full-on Leg Cling.
    Lance: Once we learn all his weaknesses, we can drive up to his front door and challenge him to a fight. Winner gets the universe.
  • Everyone's reactions when Shiro nonchalantly agrees to let Allura come along with them.
    Shiro: Fine, suit up.
  • Shiro getting a Galra's attention at the base by saying: "Psst, hey!"
  • Hunk begins to talk about a joke a teacher told him at the Garrison and Lance is groaning over the whole thing.
    Hunk: Do you guys remember when we studied algorithms at the Garrison, and Mr.York told us that joke about the ghost learning symbolic logic and innumerably infinite sets?
    Lance: Boring!
    Hunk: (Bashfully) Right, yeah, totally, it was boring. Anyway, the joke goes-
    Lance: Ugggh!!
  • When a docking ship almost blows their cover, Hunk gets on the video feed and uses a robot as a puppet to mime his way through the docking procedures. The Galra on the other ship is noticeably unnerved but goes along with it.
    Lance: Nice job, Hunk!
    Hunk: Thanks. (Hi-fives him with the robot arm)
  • Lance, Pidge and Hunk literally start splitting the screen between each other when Allura shows that she has a chameleon-like ability that allows her to change her appearance. They immediately start asking her questions to which she answers with mild amusement.
    • The looks on the Paladins' faces when Allura shifts her height and skin color is plenty amusing, especially when you look closely at Shiro's reaction.
  • Shiro tells Allura that he can't let her sneak onto a Galra ship to get intel by herself and she argues that she does not need his permission. The other Paladins slowly turn to Shiro, almost as if they're saying, "She kinda has a point, you know."
  • In order to sneak Shiro on board, Allura stuffs him into a carrier full of deactivated sentries. His expression just screams "I hate this. Why did I agree to this?".
  • Keith notices the Druids bringing in a container and wonders what it is. Hunk theorizes it's sporks. Keith and Lance both look at Hunk, confused and unconvinced. He justifies it by saying the Galra are an advanced race, one that should realize that it's pointless to have two forms of silverware when one will do. Amusingly, in episode two during the food-fight, a look at the silverware in the Castle of Lions reveals that the Alteans, another advanced race, do use sporks instead of two separate implements.
  • When Keith decides to follow a Druid and see what they're working on, Lance tells him not to go. Keith just calmly ignores his repeated directions and walks right out the door. Afterward, we get a shot of Lance and Pidge looking at each other.
    Lance: (Confident) I think I told him.
    Pidge: You are a paragon of leadership, Lance.
  • Hunk figures out how to use the wires to make the sentry they're interrogating smack itself. He immediately starts playing Stop Hitting Yourself with it, much to Pidge's annoyance.
    Pidge: Stop torturing it, Hunk.
    Hunk: I'm sorry, I just... I need something to keep me busy, y'know, so I'm not worried about Keith getting caught, or Shiro and Allura getting blasted by robot things, or someone finding us here, like, right now- (Begins frantically making the sentry smack itself)
    Pidge: (Takes the wires away from him) Stop it, Hunk! I think we can teach it to help us. Would you like to help us, Mr. Robot?
    (Robot shakes its head so fast it becomes a blur)
    Pidge: Whoops.
  • Lance asks Hunk and Pidge if Allura ever talks about him when he's not around.
    Hunk: Oh, yeah, all the time.
    Lance: Really?
    Hunk: Yeah, yeah. She's all like (Perfectly mimics Allura's accent) "Ooh, Lance! He looks so fine. I'm all atwitter." Then, she turns red and she makes me swear not to tell anyone.
    Lance: (Big dopey grin) I knew it!
    (Cue Pidge smacking Lance in the face with the robot arm.)
    Pidge: (Sarcastic) Whoops.
  • While downloading the ship's memory banks, Allura has to pull a Bavarian Fire Drill to get a nosy guard to back off.
    Guard: Where's Chief Information Officer Plytox?
    Allura: Uh, he's in there. (To Shiro) Say hello, Plyrox.
    Shiro: Uh... (Deepens his voice slightly) It's "Plytox"!
    Allura: Oh, sorry. (Turns to guard) See?
    Guard: Oh. Vrepit sa, sir! (Whispers reassuringly to Allura) I get his name wrong all the time, too.
    • A minute or so later, he's back - to ask if he can get transferred to their unit because he's bored of guarding a station where nothing happens.
      Allura: (Warming to her role) Hmmm, let's see... what's your bloodthirstiness on a scale of 1 to 5? 1 being "No thanks, I'm full," and 5 being "Unquenchable"?
      Guard: If I'm being honest... probably a 3?
      Allura: We can work on that.
  • After Shiro and Allura are discovered by the Galra ship's computer, and the Galra soldier from above calls for reinforcements.
    Shiro: I think we're in trouble.
    Allura: YA THINK?!
  • The look of complete shock on the normally cool Shiro's face after seeing Allura smash a steel door down so hard the Galra soldier's helmet leaves a dent in the wall where he got hit.
    Allura: What?
  • Allura gets a Galra rifle while she and Shiro escape the ship. When they encounter enemies, she fires it... and takes out a sentry behind her.
    Shiro: I thought you said you traveled around the galaxy. I mean, you fly a spaceship. How could you possibly not know how to hold this correctly? (Takes the gun from her and puts it back the right position)
    Allura: I'm tense! This is a tense situation!
    • Shiro continues looking at her in disbelief as they run down the hallway.
  • When the Druid catches Keith trying to steal a canister of Quintessence, it calmly picks up the canister and replaces it on a passing cart, almost as if it's saying, "Okay, I've met my quota today, I can take a break to whup your ass."

    The Black Paladin 
  • The fact that Hunk's idea to save Allura was to head slam the Yellow Lion in the area where she was being held is pretty funny when you look back at it.
    • Lance looking at the yellow Lion's behind sticking out from the ship.
      Lance: Looks like we gotta cover Hunk's butt!
  • Hunk's worried voice as he asks where "the scary lady" (Haggar) was after shooting at her. Allura calls for him, causing him to regain his senses and follows her.
  • Pidge wonders how the solar-shield to Zarkon's base suddenly went down and Hunk irritably yells, "Who cares? Wormhole!"

Season 2

    Across the Universe 
  • While Allura and Coran are trapped in the wormhole, they pass through a black void. When we see them again, Coran suddenly looks younger, and even the mice have changed into space squirrels!
    Coran: Why are you looking at me like that? Do I have a boogie stuck in my mustache again?
    • Coran continues to get younger and younger, but what's hilarious is how he retains a mustache, even as a child. And Allura actually lampshades it. Rhys Darby's children even provided the voices for the child and toddler Coran!
    • The second time they hit the void, Coran's personality is one similar to Lance's, and he flamboyantly flexes his muscles assuring Allura they aren't going to smack into the void.
    • About the third time they hit, Coran is a brooding teenager who talks back to Allura, which she does not appreciate. He tells her off by saying she doesn't know what he's going through and grumpily declares that he'd be at his control area. Then he begins blasting opera music.
      Allura: Coran, turn that down! Our lives are at stake!
      Coran: I can only express myself through music!
      Allura: (Super pissed) CORAN, if you don't turn that down, I swear, I'll turn this Castle around and-
      Coran: And what?! We're just gonna run into this void that's coming up here! I HATE EVERYBODY!
      • Just look at how fast the mice (as snails) are trying to get off of Allura. She's literally smoking with anger and frustration!
    • As a toddler he throws a tantrum by stomping on control panel, pulling at Allura's ear and even biting her arm.
    • She ends up just going with the flow once Coran becomes a baby.
    • Coran's mustache apparently started on his head as a baby. What's also funny is Allura's annoyed expression when Baby Coran yells, "Poopies!"
    • Allura manages to get the location of the Green Lion and creates a wormhole to go through and escape the time-loop. Once the Castle is out, Allura can be seen bridal carrying an adult Coran.
      Coran: (Wakes up and looks at Allura) Mum?
      Allura: (Immediately drops Coran)
    • The mice's evolution is very confusing, going from squirrels to hippo-looking animals to snails and even huge sentient balls of dust. By the time Coran's a baby, the mice are just a flock of birds. And just like with Coran, Allura rolls with it.
  • When Shiro finally gets a connection to Keith and he says with relief: "Shiro, you made it," Shiro gives a long-winded reply.
    Shiro: It takes more than a glowing alien wound, a fall from the upper-atmosphere, and crashing into a hard-pan surface at what I'm guessing is about 25 meters per second squared to get rid of me. (Beat) How are you?
    • Just the total nonchalance in his voice when he asks, "How are you?", as if he isn't stuck in his current situation.
    • Also, Keith naturally gets concerned when Shiro mentions his wound. However, Shiro quickly tries to brush him off. While it's a serious conversation, it still manages to be funny, because Shiro still sounds inappropriately casual about the whole thing.
  • In order to stay calm, Pidge tells herself to just stay put.
    Okay, Pidge, stay calm. You know what they say: "When you get lost in space, the best thing to do is to stay put and wait for people to find you".
  • Pidge recreates her team out of the materials floating around and even acts out the personalities of Team Voltron in a very accurate nutshell.
    Pidge: (As Keith) My name is Keith. I'm so emo. (As herself) Shiro, you're our leader, what should we do? (As Shiro) We'll get through this if we work together! We're a team! (As Lance) Look at me, I'm Lance! Hey, is that a cute girl over there? (As Hunk) Ugh, I don't feel good. The smell of this place makes me wanna barf! (As Allura) Paladins, please! We must defeat Zarkon! (As Coran) Blah, blah, blah! Crazy words, mustache!
    • What makes this even funnier is how detailed Pidge made most of the models. Then there's ones like Lance and Hunk, which looks like she just threw together whatever was nearby.
  • Pidge is so happy to see her Lion working again she quickly tries to fly towards it, only to get her foot wrapped in a wire, trips in the air and then falls.
  • Keith barely makes it over the ravine and when Shiro asks what happens Keith quietly replies, "Minor delay" as he's seen hanging by his Bayard's handle.
  • Shiro's uncharacteristically dark humor when talking about his wound.
    Keith: How's your wound?
    Shiro: My wound's great. It's getting bigger all the time.
    (Keith stares at him, unamused.)
    Shiro: Just trying to lighten the mood.

    The Depths 
  • After crashing on the ice planet, Hunk throws up. Lance exasperatedly asks "You just threw up, didn't you?". Hunk defensively states that Lance would throw up too if he "got sucked out of a wormhole at light speed, then crash-landed on an ice planet and ended up underwater". Lance reminds him that that is exactly what happened to him, and Hunk sheepishly replies, "Oh, right."
  • Lance asks Hunk if his lion's working and Hunk replies his lion is, "dead in the water". Lance groans at the pun and tells Hunk not to make the situation any worse. The way Hunk smiles when he says it implies that he knew it was a bad joke and he's still proud of himself for saying it.
  • Hunk expresses surprise that they managed to hit a planet since according to Pidge, space is 90% empty. Lance decides this means that Pidge's science is wrong.
  • Hunk tries to get in contact with the others and tells them it's coming from "Hunk and Lance of the Yellow and Blue Lions". Lance grumpily points out that the others know what color their lions are and Hunk gingerly laughs saying he always forgets.
  • Lance trying to chase the mermaid while piloting the Blue Lion makes it look like the lion's chasing its tail.
    • You can just imagine the first thought anyone had when Florona appeared was: "Mermaids!"
  • Hunk advises Lance to stay put and look for the others, but he soon cuts himself off when he sees Lance swimming in front of the Yellow Lion.
    Hunk: And... you're outside your lion, great.
  • Lance attempts to coax Hunk out of his lion for the main reason of seeing the mermaid. He's literally giddy with excitement.
  • When the mergaurds appear, Lance and Hunk immediately hide behind Florona.
  • Hunk tells Lance that they really shouldn't stay and had to be looking for the others with Lance reasoning that the Queen could help them. However, he then adds that if it also means he gets to meet the future "Mrs. Blue Lion" that was fine with him. He grins and his teeth shine at this reason.
  • Lance tries to be courteous and bow to Queen Luxia but just floats up in the water. Hunk casually grabs Lance's ankle and pulls him back down.
  • Hunk asks Queen Luxia if her castle was also a ship, but then says not to tell him while he grins excitedly.
  • There's a silhouette of an octopus dancer behind a red curtain and Lance begins to get excited. That immediately vanishes when the screens rise and it's just two octopuses stacked together.
  • Lance muttering in his sleep: "I don't need pants, I'm a mermaid".
  • The rebels try to sneak the Paladins out. They have no problems with Lance, but due to Hunk's size, he can't fit through the hole they made for their escape.
  • When Lance gets rescued by the mermaid rebels he's tied up and blindfolded, and what does he ask?
    Lance: Why am I blindfolded? Is this a game? (gasps) I like games. (A puffer-fish blows in his face and he snaps out of his hypnosis) Wait, where am I? Why am I blindfolded? Is this a game?! I hate games!
  • The mermaids introduce themselves as "Plaxum", "Blumfump" and "Swirn". Lance wonders if those were their names or if they were putting a spell on him.
  • Blumfump is voiced by "Weird Al" Yankovic. You don't even need to go into detail. Cuz, you know... Weird Al Yankovic.
    • His drawings to explain the situation to Lance look like a child drew them. When Lance remembers the dancing octopus, Blumfump says he hadn't finished his picture on that part yet.
  • Even though the jellyfish helps block out the Queen's hypnosis, it stings Lance's face so much it looks like a swollen mess. He then has to wear the jellyfish like a hat.
  • The mermaids lay out their plan to Lance using rocks as the props and Lance plays with them, pretending one is Plaxum asking him for a kiss.
    Lance: Then, I'll be a hero.(High voice) "Oh, Lance, you're so handsome!" (Normal voice) "And modest." (High voice) "Oh, thank you for saving us. Can I kiss you?" (Normal voice) "Maybe just a little." (Kissing noises)
    Blumfump: Well, now, you're just making a tree kiss a turtle.
    Lance: That's a turtle? But there's an actual turtle right here.
    Blumfump: We needed the turtle to play the wall.
  • The mermaids ask if Lance would be able to pretend he's still under the Queen's control so he could get past the guards and into his lion. Lance responds that he once skipped two weeks of the third grade due to a stomachache he didn't have.
  • Lance tries to lie his way past the guards in order to get to his lion, but gets captured almost immediately.
    "Hello, mer-guards! Isn't everything just so safe and warm here? Anyway, I'm off to my lion- Oh, come on!"
  • As Lance is being chased by the guards he grabs a coral in the shape of a disk and tosses it at them. Since they're underwater, it quickly floats down to the floor instead of going towards the enemies.
  • Upon being freed from the mind control and being told that he'd been trying to kill Lance, Hunk's response is a nonchalant "sorry, my bad."
  • Lance takes the time to gloat while the Baku is momentarily trapped. Emphasis on momentarily.
    Lance: Haha! Now the hunter becomes— OH NO, HE'S FREE!
  • Blumfump asking Queen Luxia if she had ever heard of 'electricity'.
  • After the mermaid Plaxum kisses Lance's cheek in gratitude, he wipes it off when she turns away (because she was still wearing the jellyfish). However, once she takes it off and reveals that she's actually very beautiful, Lance obviously drools. Hunk's reaction is basically "not this again".

    Shiro's Escape 

  • Coran calling Pidge #5 note . Pidge does not appreciate this.
  • Coran becomes something like a sports commentator as he watches the intruder evade all of the Paladins. Lance yells that his commentary isn't helping.
    • Pidge manages to hook onto the intruder. However, it ends up backfiring on her.
      Pidge: I got him! (He pulls on the hook and drags Pidge) I don't got him!
    • Ulaz passes by where Hunk is and he blindly starts shooting in that direction, nearly hitting Pidge who's being pulled behind. She yells at him in frustration and he quickly apologizes. Coran, playing announcer, says that "Hunk failed the team, everyone!" Hunk yells at him in offense.
    • It's Keith's turn to try and take down Ulaz and he tries attacking head-on with his sword. Coran commentates saying, "A swing and a miss! Another swing and a miss!"
  • Everyone's wondering if the Galra scrambled Shiro's memory and Hunk tries to find a different reason, but everything he comes up with is exactly what Shiro has.
    Hunk: Oh, come on, that would be so evil. Which... of course they are. But they'd have to come up with some molecular level storage unit, which... his hand... does have. But to be linked up to memory, it would need a direct pathway to his brain which... Yeah.
  • Pidge's eyes turn into stars as she says she's going on Ulaz's ship to see how they made the space pocket.
  • Allura states she'll stay behind and Lance declares he'll also stay to protect the princess. Allura gives him an annoyed look.
  • While most of the Robeasts designs are fairly intimidating, it's a little funny how Prorok's Robeast looks just like him. Specifically, it looks like Prorok's head (complete with Big Ol' Eyebrows) and two stubby little arms, thrusters for propulsion and nothing else. It's the derpiest-looking Robeast ever.

    Greening the Cube 

  • Coran tells the Paladins what parts to use in order to stabilize the Castle, but the Paladins have no idea what part he's referring to. Allura attempts to help, but her words are just as confusing as Coran's.
  • Pidge becoming visibly emotional over how beautiful and intricate the technology for the Castle is. The awe in her voice really sells it.
    Pidge: It's... beautiful.
    Lance: It's not a sunset, Pidge.
  • If you liked the goop fight from season 1, you'll love the "squishy asteroid fight" from this episode.
    • What makes the beginning of that scene funnier is how it seems like Lance was actually aiming at Shiro and lied about aiming for Keith to cover it up.
    • Also, Lance using Hunk as a shield for a good portion of the scene. Naturally, Hunk has the most asteroid slime on him afterwards.
    • While all of this goes on, Pidge completely ignores them and focuses on the "squishy asteroids".
  • The Paladins have to get themselves to the decontamination area to clean off. Hilarity ensues.
    • Keith is not amused by the whole process and has his arms crossed grumpily throughout the entire thing.
    • As they get blow-dried, Hunk, Shiro and Keith are standing perfectly fine, while Lance has to use Hunk as a shield, and Pidge literally gets blown away. And rather than try to help her, Keith simply watches her struggle with zero concern. Shiro also takes off his helmet and looks like he's enjoying the wind blowing on his face.
  • Coran enters Keith's room and asks if he'd seen one of the mice, Platt who took something of his. We never find out what it was.
  • Lance walks out of his room on Keith when he tries to discuss the Blue Lion with Coran. However, he doesn't walk out in normal clothes, he comes out all set up for his beauty regime.
    • Lance takes Keith's questions as a sign that he wants Blue as well as Red and states he (Lance) and Blue are very happy together like a jealous and overprotective boyfriend. Just the way Lance keeps cutting Keith off when he tries to explain the reason why he's asking about Blue.
      Lance: Ah! Bah-bah-bah-bah! The Blue Lion's with me. And we're very happy together! Very happy!
  • As Pidge tells the team what she decoded from the spore, she says she found the "Spores-code" and giggles to herself. Pidge then continues to ramble on about Alan Turing and Keith has to snap her out of it to get back to the point.
  • Coran brings out an echo cube he received as a gift from the Olkari and Pidge immediately starts to fawn over it.
  • Pidge is so excited to get onto a planet with such renowned engineers, but once she's told the signal was coming from the forest and not the city, she's immediately bummed. Pretty ironic, considering her Lion is connected to nature.
    Pidge: Why doesn't anyone ever send a distress signal come from a cool place? I hate the outdoors! Nothing but sunburn and poison oak.
    • Keith looks around the planet smiling as he notes: "I like it out here. It's quiet". His expression immediately shifts into surprise as he looks out his window to see a volley of arrows shooting his lion.
  • Once they meet the Olkari, Pidge once again starts Squeeing over their gear.
    • Ryner manages to makes a giant mecha out of fruit from a tree, and Keith, of all people, asks if he can have one.
  • Hunk can be seen licking one of the headbands used to control the mechas.
  • The team goes to save King Lubos and hears him wailing in pain. Once they find the room he's in they enter and find Lubos... watching an alien soap opera. Shiro's expression sells just how confused he is.
  • Lubos asks if they were the jesters he requested and Lance is unsure of what to say.
    "Um.... We're here to like, rescue you?"
  • Everyone's reactions when Keith takes the king hostage.
    Keith: Okay, we're walking outta here! Anyone tries to stop us, and Lubos gets it!
    Shiro: (Very startled) Whoa! K-Keith!
    Lance: That came outta nowhere!
  • When going against the cubes, Voltron's beams don't work and Shiro orders Hunk to fire his cannon. Pidge tries to tell them not to but is ignored. Once their shot is fired back at them, Pidge angrily tells the others she had tried to warn them and explains that the cubes are similar to Coran's echo cubes.
  • Lance tries to freeze one of the cubes, but it fires back and engulfs the Blue Lion's head in ice.
    Lance: Oh, no! So cold! So cold!
  • Keith thinking about how everything is connected to each other, from the ship, to the stars, to the Olkari and to the Galra. Hunk lightly teases him and everyone laughs as Keith crosses his arms.
    Hunk: Uh, oh. I think Keith just blew his own mind.
  • The Olkari have given Coran more cubes. When it's Hunk's turn, he decides to make a fart noise. Shiro is very unimpressed by this but the others still laugh.
  • The cubes continue to repeat everything Coran says, especially when the Galra Empire shows up.

    Eye of the Storm 
  • Shiro, Keith and Lance send out their defense drones to fire at the Galra Fighters that are chasing them. Pidge tells Lance there's one at 12 o'clock and he gets ready to fire, only to be pushed away by Keith's drone.
    Lance: Hey!
    Keith: Sorry! Gotta be quick!
    Lance: (Hits Keith's drone) How's that for quick?!
    Keith: (Angry) You...
    (The drones begin rapidly banging against each other as if they were butting heads.)
    Shiro: Knock it off, you two! Stay in your zones!
    Lance: Yeah, Keith!
    • While maybe not meant to be funny, the design of the Paladins' defense drones look pretty similar to Roombas.
  • Coran slips and hits a wall due to getting a case of the "Slipperies" while leaving an outline of sweat. He denies this by saying it's an old person virus and he's young. Well... youngish.
    • Not only does Coran look extremely shiny, Allura explains that the Slipperies also cause someone to excrete extremely slick fluids. Everyone immediately jumps back in disgust. To make matters worse, wherever Coran stands, he creates a puddle of sweat.
    • Pidge runs off-screen to puke. Which becomes even funnier when you remember that Pidge claimed to sweat a lot herself back in the first season.
    • Coran tries to leave, only to continually walk in place because of the puddle he makes. He eventually slips and slides out the door, yelling "Quiznak!" When he disappears down the hall, a small glimmer of light is shown. The Paladins show no concern whatsoever.
  • Despite Coran doing his best to fix the ship, the others are still extremely disgusted as he continues to sweat everywhere.
  • Keith and Lance are both exhausted and decide to head to the pool, so of course, some lines have to be drawn.
    Keith: (Tired) Look, you stay on one side of the pool, and I'll stay on the other, and we'll be far, far away from each other. Very... far... away.
    • The way Keith has his towel draped over his head and keeps it there throughout the whole scene. It's actually kinda cute, and he seems dead-set on keeping it on his head.
    • The power and lights suddenly go out in the elevator and nothing can be seen except their eyes bulging out in the dark. They blink in confusion but in the end, just glare at each other and sigh in annoyance.
  • Hunk has just finished baking a batch of "cookies", and Pidge holds up a container with directions written in Altean. She asks if he's sure what he made was food. Hunk grumpily tests one out and we see an x-ray of his teeth breaking. He then pops around the room hitting the walls in pain and goes back to Pidge saying he may have overcooked them (with his lips covering his teeth).
    • If you look closely at Hunk's apron, the design looks a bit like Allura's face.
  • Back to Lance and Keith:
    • The first thing shown is Keith's foot trying to reach the wall. When the scene pans out, Lance and Keith are apparently climbing up the shaft with their backs pressed against each other and using their feet to climb, The Emperor's New Groove style.
      Keith: It's right, then left. You're off.
      Lance: You're off! And shoving too hard!
      Keith: You're not shoving hard enough!
    • They notice an opening and give each other conspiratorial looks.
    • When they go down, Keith looks just slightly annoyed with hands behind his head keeping his towel in place, while Lance is screaming as they continue their descent.
    • After falling through the ceiling, it looks like they're about to hit the water... but instead fall straight to the floor. The pool is actually on the ceiling.
      Lance: What the heck?!
      Keith: Ugh, stupid Altean pools.
  • Pidge decides to learn Altean. The program tells her "safety off" and shows a cute bear creature with the word "Klanmuirl". However, whenever she pronounces the word wrong, the creature in front of her gets more aggressive before changing into a monster. When she manages to pronounce the word correctly, it reverts back and vanishes, only to reappear with a more complicated word and deadlier looking monster.
    Monitor: Xznly Squiwl.
    Pidge: (Both scared and exhausted) Oh, quiznak.
  • As the Galra attack the ship, Lance and Keith get swallowed by the pool water and brought up towards the ceiling. The expressions of surprise on their faces are pretty hilarious. They're only there for a split second before gravity pulls them back down to the floor.
  • Lance asking how Zarkon keeps finding them. His expression just says how tired he is of this.
    "They found us again? How is that possible?! Is that possible?! That doesn't seem possible!"
  • Coran finally admitting that he has a case of the Slipperies. Everyone's reactions just say, "Really, right now?"
    • Pidge goes down to Coran so she can do whatever she can to help, from diverting power, sliding him over to the other keyboard and wiping his sweat. The latter she's not entirely pleased about as she hastily wipes his head with her sleeve while groaning in disgust.
  • Lance and Keith's look of confusion and surprise when they loose their controls for their fighter droids.
    Keith: I got you covered! (his controls vanish) I- uh, don't got you!
    • Pidge explains that they were depleting the energy to "non-essential" systems of the ship in order to power up for the wormhole jump. Lance angrily stands up and argues, "Shooting bad guys is pretty essential!"
  • After the team escapes, Shiro tells everyone to stay alert, as Zarkon might find them again soon. Then we see Hunk, sound asleep in his chair, snoring loudly with a snot bubble coming out of his nose.
    Hunk: (Snot bubble pops, startling Hunk awake) OH, MAN! AH, what's goin' on?! What're you guys doing, what're you lookin' at?
    Keith: (Deadpan) You woke yourself up snoring.
    Hunk: (Embarrassed) My bad.
  • Coran getting the hang of the Slipperies and figure skating all over the place.
    Shiro: Coran, any good news?
    Coran: Actually, there is a bit of good news,I'm finally getting used to these Slipperies! My mucus glands are working at an incredible rate!
    Shiro: (Beat) Any good news about the teleduv?
  • Coran sprinkles in more Altean phrases for the team.
    "We're missing several scaultrite lens-stones! They've shattered! Gone! Don't exist! Sloven-day-ho! (Beat) That's Altean for "gone"."
  • Hunk getting pissed when Pidge says that he was making "terrible cookies" out of the stuff that contained elements of scaultrite.
  • Coran explains that using the cookies as lenses might work, but it requires several people, actually, physically holding them. The Paladins glance at each other with "SHIT, he means us" expressions.
  • The positions the Paladins have to take in order for the wormhole jump to work.
    • Hunk sounding really pleased with himself when he says that his cookies finally have a use, followed by Coran's instructions and Lance beginning to panic.
      Hunk: It just warms my heart that people are enjoying my cookies.
      Coran: Ok. Now, nobody move if you want to live.
      Lance: (Ship jerks) I think I moved! I THINK I MOVED!
      Coran: Well, then move back to where you think you were!
  • Hunk asks Coran how dangerous doing this is.
    Coran: (Lights dim) Honestly, this is the most dangerous thing I've ever seen, or heard of. But since we're probably going to die anyway - WHAT THE HECK, LET'S GIVE IT A SHOT! Good luck, gentlemen. And gentlelady. It's been a pleasure. (Beat) Don't touch the lasers!
    • The Oh, Crap! face Hunk has the moment he realizes there's a chance of them dying.
  • Lance voices everyone's thoughts.
    Lance: We're gonna die! We're gonna die! We're gonna diiiiiie!!
    Pidge: Hold tight, Lance!
  • Lance lets out a high pitch screech as the lasers fire at them, but immediately looks confused when nothing happens. Coran's reaction to the failed jump: "IT'S NOT WORKING!"
  • Coran looks like he's going super-saiyan in order to clean the last lens. Made even funnier by the over-dramatic slow-mo for it. Right after he cleans the last of the lenses he immediately squeezes between a few on the wall just as the lasers hit.
    • The shimmy he does in order to cover himself with the slipperies.
  • Allura goes to congratulate the team only to find them all roasted with smoke rising from their bodies. Lance proceeds to fall from the ceiling. It's a miracle that they were even able to hold their contorted positions while getting hit by lasers.
    • What sells the scene is how you can hear them all quietly groaning in shock and pain, along with their bulging, blank eyes.

    The Ark of Taujeer 
  • Pidge's "Galra Finder".
    Lance: Cool! (beat) What is it again?
    Hunk: It's a Galra finder?
    Pidge: Well, "finder" suggests that it locates the Galra, whereas it would be more accurate to say that my model predicts their likeliest- (the others blink in confusion) Fine. It's a Galra finder.
    • Later when they land on Taujeer Lance notes that Pidge's "fancy Galra finder" didn't work and rubs it in her face. She looks at him annoyed. But then they're told that the Galra's did show up and Pidge grins triumphantly. It's Lance's turn to grumble in annoyance.
  • Keith decides that it would be best to leave the Castle to test his theory that Zarkon is using him to track the team. Unfortunately, Allura's had the same idea. Keith finds her trying to get into one of the pods and calls her out. It causes her to jolt in surprise and him to casually catch her bridal-style. She immediately jumps out of his arms and claims she wasn't doing anything.
  • Everyone notices Allura and Keith are now missing.
    Lance: Wait a minute? Keith and Allura? In the middle of the night? You don't think they're... sittin' in a tree?
    • Shiro tells Coran to contact the pod. Lance is immediately supportive of that order.
  • Keith tries to assure the group that if Zarkon does find them, he'd be able to fly himself and Allura to safety. However, when he notes that he could also use Pidge's booster fuel that was supposed to make the ship explode, Coran's tone in his voice just screams, "You have got to be kidding me".
    Coran: That thing's still on there?
  • The other four Paladins reach Taujeer and find the native Taujeerians (who are TARDIGRADE ALIENS) trapped on the dying planet after the Galra stole their supplies, including most of the engines for the ark they were going to use to get off-planet.
    Shiro: You're not stranded anymore. We will save your people.
    Baujal: I believe you, for I have heard many legends of the valor of Voltron. Five brave Paladins dedicated to this...wait, wait. I count only four of you. Are you not Voltron?
    Lance: Uh...almost?
    Baujal: Where is the fifth Paladin?
    Shiro: He's not here, but we can still help you.
    Baujal: I would feel more comfortable with all five Paladins.
    Shiro: Duly noted. Pidge, Hunk, take a look at the ark and see what we're dealing with.
  • Morvok fantasizes how he would be greatly rewarded if he captured Voltron successfully and wonders if Zarkon would allow him to sit by his side during gladiator matches.
    Morvok: This is going far better than I anticipated. We could actually capture Voltron! I could get transferred back to the hub. And they said I wasn't good enough to be in the hub.(gasps) Maybe Zarkon will invite me to sit in his box at the gladiator matches! The ultimate honor!
  • While it's pretty terrifying, it's still funny what happens to the pod. Just because the adjustments Pidge made to the pods worked once it doesn't mean it will miraculously work a second time. Just as Coran noted, after Keith presses the button, the pod he and Allura were in exploded.
  • Due to Keith not being there, no one can fly the Red Lion and that means no Voltron. So Coran decides to go to the Lion and be accepted as the temporary Red Paladin. However, the Red Lion leaves and Coran stretches a bit, hoping the lion will come back. It actually flew out to get Keith, but it's still amusing to think it flat-out rejected Coran and rudely left to find its Paladin.
    • What adds to the scene is the whole speech Coran gives to the Red Lion.
      Oh, Red Lion, I am unworthy to be your Paladin, but since you have chosen to bestow this honor upon me, Coran Hieronymus Wimbleton Smythe, I humbly accept.
    • Of particular note is the moment he makes the decision. There's a pause, then he makes a dramatic turn, his face stern and dignified with resolve. Cut to what's basically a superhero costume. He even has a cape.
  • Keith tells everyone he and Allura are all right and Lance asks if Allura's with him. It's too obvious how jealous Lance is.
    Lance: Is the princess with you?
    Keith: Yes.
    Lance: Like, with you, with you, or...?
  • After Voltron uses its new powered-up sword to destroy the Galra ship's ion cannon, preventing the Galra from using it to destroy the Ark.
    Galra Soldier: Sir, our weapon systems are knocked out completely. Should we retreat?
    Commander Morvok: NEVER! Aim the ship at the ark! We will take it down ourselves. To die for the Galra Empire is the greatest honor imaginable. Vrepit sa!
    Galra Soldiers: (Grim) Vrepit sa.
    Commander Morvok: (Side-eyes the sentry standing next to him) Prepare my escape pod.

    Space Mall 
  • Allura tries to charm Coran into letting her go shopping with the others because she wanted something sparkly. She's obviously grumpy when Coran says no.
  • Lance calls shotgun when they go to the ship and Hunk tells him it wasn't fair. Later it's shown Hunk, Pidge, and Keith in the back while Lance rubs in how amazing the front seat is with Coran. Guess Coran does play favorites.
  • Coran's disguises for the team. Looks like he forgot how much things change in ten-thousand years. The team immediately ditches the clothes once Coran leaves. Even funnier, it's because of those disguises that Varkon even thought the team was dangerous.
  • Varkon the Mall Cop and how seriously he takes his job.
  • Apparently there's merchandise of Zarkon in this universe, including posters. This means that Zarkon, at some point, was doing beefcake poses for the camera in between planetary conquest.
  • Hunk asking a couple of aliens passing by if there's a One Hour lens store around.
  • The alien dealer who was advertising the knives asks the onlookers if they ever had to get away from a rock monster, but also had to go to a picnic. What's better is that he's voiced by Vince Offer, who was well known for being the promoter of Shamwow and Slapchop.
  • Keith fighting for his knife back by grabbing the alien's wrist and moving it to parry his attacks.
  • Allura declares that after they defeat Zarkon she's taking the mice on the road to perform.
  • Pidge has a "Which Restroom" Dilemma, as each bathroom is only labeled with an ambiguous symbol, and the only person she sees using them is a gender-ambiguous giant slug person. Eventually, she gives up and mutters that she'll just hold it. Later on, Hunk runs by, looking for a place to hide, and also panics over which bathroom to take... then Keith casually strolls out of one of the bathrooms like it's nothing.
  • Pidge finds Lance at a store that sells Earth stuff (manned by a human-sized Grey dressed like MC Hammer) and tells him that they have half an hour to meet up with the others before getting distracted and geeking out over an original copy of a game, along with a power glove that gives infinite lives if you touch the index and pinky finger together. Since they don't have the money, she and Lance decide to go into the fountain to fish for coins. They're one coin short just as a child tosses his coin into the fountain. Lance jumps out and catches it with his teeth. Cue the dolphin sound effects.
    • Before grabbing the last coin, Pidge looks like she's using Lance as a Pokemon and he runs with his arms out like Naruto.
    • Hunk and Keith run past where Lance and Pidge were, telling them that security was on their tail. They look to see Varkon and immediately follow, but as they hastily run away, they accidentally knock over the shopkeeper.
  • Coran trying to get information from an Unilu teen girl who has no idea what his codes mean. He even tries to bribe her with Altean money, and she asks if the picture is supposed to be him. He yells that it's King Grogery the Infirm and angrily storms off saying he'd find the swap shop himself. The Unilu girl just grumbles and says, "Ugh. I'm so outta this dump".
  • Hunk's side plot involves him getting stuck working at the food court called Vrepit Sal's, taking on the role of cook after the robot fries. He takes his first order.
    "Okay, now watch this! (beat) I can't read this..."
    • The food he makes is so good that it attracts customers. Now he's giving the alien he's working for orders ala Gordon Ramsay.
      Hunk: I said "over-medium"! Over-medium, you rube! (Holds a plate of meat in Sal's face) Does this look over-medium to you?!
      Sal: Uh, no, Chef.
      Hunk: Then let's get it right, huh? If it ain't perfect, it ain't comin' outta this kitchen, people!
    • Varkon sees the line and drives past, asking what is going on and telling everyone that it is a fire hazard.
    • Vrepit Sal's name if you've been paying attention. Vrepit sa is a Galran salute.
    • How little Vrepit Sal cares about customer service, or anything else. Handing over a plate of foul-looking slop to a clearly disappointed customer, he simply says "Sustenance provided. Ingest." Later, when Hunk provides his first improved plate of food to an alien, Vrepit Sal complains that Hunk made her face crack. Hunk has to explain to Sal that she's smiling, and it's what people do when they're happy.
  • As Lance tells everyone to get onto Kaltenecker, Hunk incredulously asks Lance, "Did you buy a cow?" Pidge points out that it was actually free with purchase of the video game.
  • Coran haggling with the store clerk for the teludav lenses. Some of their deals sound funny at first, but after a few ticks it turns into some pretty outlandish stuff.
    Coran: How much do you want?
    Store Owner: How much have you got?
    Coran: Oh, I have a handful of pocket lint.
    Store Owner: I'll take your firstborn child.
    Coran: I might be able to throw in a used handkerchief.
    Store Owner: I could accept your left foot.
    Coran: I'd be willing to sing you a song!
    Store Owner: You become my butler for one year!
    Coran: Two Altean Crown Bills!
    Store Owner: Five Valuvium Ingots!
    Coran: Oh, would you accept an IOU?
    Store Owner: Of course, I'll just need some collateral. Maybe ten Valuvium Ingots!
    Coran: Or how about this?! One Olkari flying cube!
    Store Owner: You've got a deal!
    • Before the haggling, the store owner believed the scaultrite lenses were "antique glass table toppers". Coran replies that they were "pretty ugly" as he prepares to haggle for them.
  • After leaving the shop Coran looks up to see the Paladins in the middle of their getaway.
  • Varkon can't leave the mall and Lance decides to taunt him, not noticing the overhang up ahead. The result is obvious. Varkon takes it as a victory.
  • Lance (with a bandage on his head) brings the cow onto the Castle of Lions. Even Shiro is confused at what he was seeing. Its name is Kaltenecker, and it came free with purchase from an alien who sells Earth stuff... who is big-eyed and grey... And wears a hat with the number 51 on it...
    • What's even more hilarious is how Kaltenecker can be used as a vehicle for transportation. And the fact that it is clearly female but Lance assumes it's male.
    • How did they get the cow onto the pod? Judging from their trip there, the back isn't that spacious and Kaltenecker would have taken up a lot of room.
    • The first name shown in the credits of the episode is, "Line Producer: Benjamin Kaltenecker". Hmm...
    • The best part is, the alien gave the cow to Lance and Pidge, saying it was "free with purchase". Considering he doesn't sell much at his store, he was probably giving them the cow because he wanted to get rid of it.
    • Shiro's response to seeing Kaltenecker:
    Shiro: Is that a cow?
    Lance: Mmhm. His name is Kaltenecker.
    Kaltenecker: Moo
    Shiro: *WTF face*
  • After everyone arrives back at the Castle, the mice apparently did Allura's hair.
  • Pidge gets excited to play the game she and Lance bought. But then they notice there's no outlet and no TV in the Castle... Her eye twitches as the realization comes crashing down on her, and her screams of agony can be heard from outside the ship.

    The Blade of Marmora 
  • When they spot the base, Hunk worriedly asks if the base was surrounded by a black hole. Coran tells him no, but then cheerfully adds that it was surrounded by two black holes.
  • Lance mockingly mimics Keith's words when he tells them to be focused as they approach the Blade of Marmora's base.
  • Lance hopes Shiro would take him to the base, but Shiro chooses Keith instead. Lance's reasoning as to why Keith shouldn't go?
    Lance: Keith's a hothead! He's probably gonna shoot first and ask questions later! And they're not gonna be able to answer his questions BECAUSE THEY'LL BE DEAD!
    • Then it shows Lance right in Shiro's face, making a huge pout. Shiro is silent for a few good seconds before he calmly pushes him away and explains why Keith is the better option.
    • What sells the moment are the slight changes in Keith's expression. He looks utterly unimpressed during most of Lance's tirade, but there's a point at which point his eyes dart away as if to reluctantly concede Lance's point.
    • At one point, Keith glances at the audience (or, at the angle, he was standing, probably at Shiro) with a look saying, "Can you believe this guy?"
  • After Keith figures out how to get pass the fighters, he sounds almost nonchalant about it, even though he got beaten up so bad he could barely walk.
    Keith: Guess I really wasn't supposed to go through that door.
  • The others are waiting nervously back on the ship, and Hunk asks how long it would take before they could even attempt to go near the Marmoran's base. They have trouble converting the time until Lance correctly answers.
    Lance: I wasn't born yester-quintant!
    • When Hunk makes another attempt at the time conversion he glances at Lance to see if he was right. Lance looks back in confusion and asks, "You lookin' at me?"

    The Belly of the Weblum 
  • Lance explaining the whole plan to everyone. Just typing it doesn't do the scene justice. He even grabs the screen at one point and looks like he's addressing the audience with a huge grin on his face.
    • What's funny was that Hunk was apparently asleep through the entire session and no one had attempted to wake him up.
  • Lance asks Allura for a good-luck kiss, and Coran just holds up Platt for him. The tired look of understanding Coran and Allura give each other when Lance requests the kiss just says, "He deserves it."The next shot shows Lance wiping his mouth. What makes it funnier is how Platt doesn't even seem to mind.
  • Hunk notes at how he always has the worst jobs that usually involve Galra occupying the area. He gives Keith a side-glance after he finishes his list.
    Hunk: But I always get the worst jobs. Go to a Galra-occupied planet to get my lion. Go to a Galra-occupied Balmera to get a crystal. Go into the belly of a beast with the only Galra alien team member.
    Keith: (Ticked) I'm not an alien.
  • Getting angry at Hunk asking about him, Keith tells him to stop and adds that it's bad enough that Allura hates him now. Hunk tries to be reassuring but fails miserably.
    Hunk: Allura doesn't hate you. You just need to give her time to accept the fact that you're Galra, the race that destroyed all her people. (Beat) Yeah, she might hate you a little bit.
  • Keith and Hunk decide to watch the instruction video Coran gave them. Young Coran makes a comeback, which is something the two aren't used to, Hunk even takes a moment to point at how amusing it is.
    • Unfortunately, his video cuts off at random points about the dangers of the Weblum, but the information he gives doesn't calm Keith or Hunk down. They both give the most hilarious Oh, Crap! faces.
    • Rule No. 1: "Stay away from its face". Which would be great, except the video cuts out whenever Coran says it and only relays the information when Hunk has driven the Yellow Lion right in front of its face. Hunk even lampshades they already failed the first step.
    • There's a stuffed version of the Weblum to add onto the instructional video. When Coran discusses how to find its blind spot, the Weblum cutely says, "If I can't see ya, I can't kill ya!"
  • Keith tries to calm Hunk down and encourage him. However, Hunk is so terrified of being in the Weblum that he doesn't listen. It's obvious that pep-talking isn't his strongest suit.
  • Keith makes a joke.
    Keith: Good, I gotta be able to count on you. Besides, no one knows an explosive digestive tract like you.
    Hunk: (Does a head tilt and shakes his head in amazement) Wait, wait, wait. Did you just make a joke? Seriously, that was a joke, wasn't it? You're saying I throw up a lot. I get it. It's funny. I do. Wow, Galra Keith is way funnier than regular Keith.
  • Strange small creatures appear in the weblum, to Hunk and Keith's surprise. Keith is on guard, but Hunk thinks they might be friendly bacteria.
    Hunk: They seem friendly! Maybe they're good bacteria. (The bacteria latch onto him and attempt to start digesting Hunk's armor) They're tickling me. (giggles) Haha, wait that's not tickling- that's hot acid! AH! OH! (tosses the bacteria off himself) THEY WANNA KILL US! THEY WANNA KILL US!
  • After the Weblum Galra grapples for their blaster from Keith, they fire at three of the bacteria coming his way and hits all of them. Keith lowers his shield and talks to the Weblum Galra in awe.
    Keith: I, guess you can keep your weapon.
  • Hunk asking Keith whether or not he knew the Weblum Galra, to Keith's annoyance.
  • Hunk proudly declares that he was going to get farted out of the Weblum.
  • Hunk tries to get the Weblum's attention, but it decides to ignore him. After he rams his lion into its face, it prepares to fire its laser at him in defense. He feels triumphant as this means Keith would get the scaultrite... then he remembers that the beam is aimed at him.
    Hunk: Oh, yes! Oh, no!
  • At the end Hunk notes this to Keith.
    Hunk: I think turning Galra has made you a better human.
    Keith: (Annoyed) UGH! I DIDN'T JUST TURN GALRA!

    Escape from Beta Traz 
  • The title of the episode itself. It sounds similar to Alcatraz, the military prison.
  • Lance and Pidge have an argument and poor Shiro winces at the yelling over the comm channel.
    Pidge: Be careful, you've only got one shot.
    Lance: Don't worry, Pidge. I'm an excellent shot.
    Pidge: (Incredulous) You are?
    Lance: Yes! That's my thing!
    Pidge: SINCE WHEN?!
  • Lance makes a list of who he thinks could be held in the prison, including a space ninja and someone with magical powers.
    • Apparently, Lance's Bayard can also shoot out sparkles.
    • Upon finding that the Beta Traz has two cells, Shiro decides that they'll just have to check on both to find Slav.
      Lance: Dibs on the closer one! (Pidge and Shiro glare at him) What? My legs are tired.
  • There's a guard down the hall and Lance asks Shiro how they are going to get past him. Shiro simply charges in and decimates them.
    Lance: (peeps out from corner) Good teamwork on that one.
  • Pidge's face when she sees video feed of the warden playing with his pet.
  • The Running Gag of Lance asking the Yupper questions and it replying with a "Yup".
    • When Lance first meets Laika, he squeaks in horror and his voice cracks as he asks if Laika was Slav.
      • In an interview, when asked about Laika, Mitch Iverson admitted the main reason they created her was because they just really wanted a dog on the show.
  • Lance and Shiro both report to Pidge that they got Slav, causing a lot of confusion among the group.
    Lance: No, I have Slav! Wait. (turns to Laika) Tell me the truth. Are you Slav?
    Laika: Yup.
  • Shiro is doing his best to keep his temper and protect Slav, but the zany alien is so paranoid about everything it's easy to tell how much Shiro wants to make him shut up. His face also shows that he's wondering how this is the genius technician the Mamorans need in order for their plan to work.
    • He tries to convince Slav that even with the Blade of Marmora and the Olkari on their side, without him they had no chance of winning. Slav's response?
      Slav: (turning one of his palms up and shrugging his shoulder) Mmh?
  • Shiro finally gets Slav on board and here's why.
    Shiro: I can have you on the Blue Lion and gone in no time, but we must hurry.
    Slav: Why didn't you say so? Blue light has a frequency between 606 to 608 terahertz.
    Shiro: (Beat) What, is that gonna jam their scanners or something?
    Slav: No, that's just my lucky range of terahertz. Let's go!
    • Shiro's first attempt to leave with Slav is halted by the fact that Slav needed to make his blankets just right. When Shiro startles him Slav simply grumbles, "Aww, now I gotta start over!"
  • Shiro is stopped by Slav in front of a puddle. The alien goes on to say there's a reality where he never learned to swim and drowned. Shiro's getting increasingly frustrated and you can tell simply by the tone of his voice.
    Shiro: It's a tiny puddle, you'll be fine.
    Slav: There's a twelve-percent chance that I could slip! There are even realities in which I drown, because in those realities, I never learned to swim!
    Shiro: (slightly exasperated) What about this reality? Did you learn to swim in this one?
    Slav: I can't remember! There are infinite possibilities!
    Shiro: IT'S A TINY PUDDLE!
    • Slav begins to mime drowning and Shiro's anger is clearly visible.
      Slav: I-I can already feel myself not being able to breathe. My lungs are filling with water...
    • He ends up carrying Slav, but of course, they get stopped again because Slav was afraid to step on the cracks in the floor.
      Slav: You're so strong, it must be because of that robot arm of yours. But doesn't it bother you that you only have one? AAAAH!
      Shiro: Oh, what? WHAT?
      Slav: Well, look at all those cracks! I can't step on those!
      Shiro: I was carrying you!
    • Even funnier is Slav's explanation, that his mother's back will break. Shiro is shocked that Slav knows the human superstition, only for Slav to Techno Babble that stepping on a crack will cause an alternative dimension version of his mom's back to break. Shiro's eye twitches in response.
    • The, when Shiro askes if there's a route without cracks they could take:
      Slav: Well, sure, we could go out the scree duct, but, you know, it's all full of scree. Ugh! There's the vlaxenator, but you can hear the water dripping in there.
      Shiro: And you're worried about drowning.
      Slav: Now, you're getting it!
  • Lance telling Laika that he has nicknamed The Blade of Marmora, "Marmorites".
  • As they wait for a new route from Pidge, Slav is still too afraid to move, so Shiro "politely" offers to cover his eyes and carry him across with the most pained smile. Slav replies that he'll know, causing Shiro to desperately decide they'll just give it a try. The next shot is Shiro's silhouette slowly creeping over the alien who screams and gets a Galra sentry's attention. Shiro quickly punches the robot out before angrily turning back to Slav.
    Shiro: No screaming.
    Slav: I was screaming?
    • The best part is, Shiro doesn't even need to activate weapon mode in his arm to take out the sentry. He is that pissed off.
      • The Afterbuzz TV panel noted that this was probably the one time Shiro has ever regretted saving someone.
  • Lance quickly shoots the warden and proceeds to run away from him screaming.
  • Pidge's hacking sign is literally an icon of her face.
  • Pidge shooting at the warden with sticky goo, "Stick around!" She proceeds to nudge the Galra sentry's head with her elbow to see if it got her pun. A puff of smoke rises from its visor. A group of Galra sentries then enter and Pidge's wide-eyed scared face is hilarious as she quietly mutters, "Uh oh".
  • Shiro takes out the sentries in zero gravity and Slav is delighted.
    Slav: That robot arm is fantastic, now imagine if you had two! Our chances of survival will go up three-hundred percent from "totally doomed", to "highly unlikely!"
  • Lance catches up to Shiro holding Laika, who Slav recognizes as the warden's pet Yupper. Lance asks Laika in confusion if she's an animal and she replies: "Yup."
    Slav: Oh, I see where the confusion was for you.
  • As the warden appears and injects himself with a serum, Slav is seen briefly trembling in fear behind Shiro before dashing away and leaving a cloud of dust behind.
  • Shiro gets hit by the warden and lands near Slav who isn't really helping the situation.
    Slav: See what I was saying about those robot arms?
  • After saving Slav Shiro compliments Lance and says he's glad they brought their sharpshooter, Lance grins and mimics Laika's voice as he says, "Yup". In the background, you can see Pidge catching Slav and ricocheting backwards due to the force of impact.
  • Slav slides into the screen, breaking an intimate moment between Shiro and Pidge after they discover that Matt had been rescued by rebels some time ago. You can tell how annoyed this makes Pidge.

    Stayin' Alive 
  • One can't simply see the title of this episode and not think of a particular song that shares a similar name.
  • As Thace prepares to hack into the system, he slips out a drive from under the nail of his thumb. He literally has a thumb-drive!
  • Allura is playing a game with the mice and is having a lot of fun. She notes after she guesses the right answer that Hunk was right in that playing these kinds of games do pass the time.
  • Allura gets a insight on the strange foods of the Balmerans. Before she leaves, Shay's grandmother gives her a dish called "Sticker Cups" for the "skylings". Allura is very disgusted, but hides it and kindly thanks the grandmother saying the Paladins would enjoy it immensely.
  • The first we see of Keith and Hunk is right after Keith yells at Hunk that he didn't "just turn Galra". Hunk is then seen staring intently at Keith with a glint in his eye.
    Keith: (Annoyed) Are you trying to see if my skin is purple?
    Hunk: Noooooooo.
  • Shiro gets so fed up with Slav's paranoia, complaints and talking about different realities that his face turns red and he finally loses it.
    Shiro: What's the problem?! We're traveling by teludav, so just count your hair follicles, or fluff a pillow, or whatever you need to do to make sure we survive the wormhole trip, in this reality!
    • Made even better by Pidge and Lance's shocked expression afterwards. Clearly, they were not expecting Shiro to blow up like that.
    • Slav afterwards tries to meekly correct his outburst.
      Slav: I was just going to point out that the teladuv is a very efficient form of travel...
  • The Robeast on the Balmera is back, and the Paladins have no idea how to defeat it with only the Yellow and Blue Lions. Lance's suggestion doesn't help.
    "Well, maybe we can form the legs and kick it?" (Everyone looks at Lance with disbelief)
  • Hunk is scared that he has to hold off the Robeast alone, and Pidge reminds him that he has Keith. Hunk replies, "Yeah, but he's in here with me!" Keith gives him an annoyed side-glance.
  • Shiro asks Slav to help Allura with the particle barrier and he agrees... followed by a long pause of silence. Shiro asks "Now?" in annoyance and Slav says, "Oh, in this reality! Got it!" He starts walking towards the door before turning around in a panic and heading for the controls.
    • Watch Allura's facial expression when Slav starts running around to help. She's clearly just as confused as the Paladins were that they have to rely on this guy for now.
  • Keith instructs Hunk on what maneuvers to use to avoid the Robeast's blast. Hunk tells him to "Quit back-lion driving!". Keith's expression after Hunk chides him just says: "Hey, I'm just trying to keep us alive."
  • Hunk asks Keith what he's going to do and Keith replies he's going to jump out and jet-pack back to the Castle. Hunk laughs, thinking it's a joke until he hears the doors close and asks, "Wait, serious?"
  • After defeating the Robeast the scene switches over to Slav lazily typing at the controls and pointing out how the Castle has some useless technology.
    Slav: Why is there a grand entrance on the 40th floor? And what's with all the ziplines? You have hover technology.
    Allura: (Cross-Popping Veins) Well, you know what? Ziplines were quite fashionable 10,000 years ago.
  • Hunk teaching Coran to fist bump, and then instructing him to "blow it up". Coran immediately gets defensive and tells Hunk that it took forever for them to build the teludav.
  • It seems the general consensus among the group (even for Allura) is that Slav is pretty annoying, and they're doing their best to put up with him. Shiro, Pidge and Lance's reactions in the back pretty much sums up their experience with Slav.
    Slav: (Hitting the teludav with a rock) I've made some improvements to your design. This will increase our chances of survival in this reality 205 percent.
    Coran: (Blinks in confusion and turns to the others) Is this guy a little...?
    Shiro: Yes.
    Pidge: No doubt.
    Lance: Not, a, fan.
    • Coran yells at him to stop hitting the teludav, which pans out to show smoke rising from where Slav is after a small explosion.
      Slav: Ow.
  • Pidge asks what her friends are thinking about.
    Shiro: Zarkon.
    Hunk: Calzones.
    (Everyone stares at Hunk.)
    Hunk: I mean, aw, heck, yeah, I'm thinking about calzones, okay? I mean, does it always have to be about Zarkon? He's a bad guy. We're trying to defeat him. I get it. I'm hungry.
  • The fact that Hunk still thinks being attacked by food in "Crystal Venom" is the scariest thing that has happened to him.
  • Lance teases Keith about trying to fight the Arusian, Klaizap.
    Lance: Yeah. Keith tried to beat him up even though he's the size of a peanut.
    Keith: (Defensive) He was their bravest warrior!

    Best Laid Plans 
  • As the team goes over the plan to beat Zarkon, Shiro explains how they will upload a virus which will shut down all technology on Zarkon's ship, rendering it immobile. Pidge then comments, "And then, he'll be a sitting du-flax." When she notices everyone staring at her in confusion, she explains that a du-flax is basically the Altean version of a duck, as it's a creature with a beak and webbed feet.
  • Coran grabs the hologram of the wormhole, throws it over a hologram of Zarkon's base and then throws it across the room like a frisbee. It shakes the room as it crashes against the wall to the Paladins' surprise.
  • Slav running around his control area like mad trying to keep the energy to his machine running.
  • Keith's weapon for this mission is a gun, and it's pretty funny to see how poor his aim is when Galra sentries begin to swarm the control room.
  • Thace's Heroic Sacrifice, otherwise a very dramatic moment, is hilariously ruined for sharp-eared viewers when one of the Mecha-Mooks he dispatches lets out a quiet Wilhelm Scream.
  • While we've seen the Red Lion start up and find Keith on its own a couple of times before, this may be the first time that Big Red pops up behind Keith with a massive Adorkable look on its face like it's saying "We can goe nowz?"

  • Like Prorok, it's a bit funny how Zarkon's armor form looks just like himself.
  • Allura recovers from the blast they took from Zarkon, and Coran reports that the Castle has no more power because of it. Slav can then be heard grunting and prying open the doors to the control room while meekly asking, "Did we win yet?"
  • Once Coran and Slav get the Castle back online, Slav reassures everyone that he's okay. Lance says what all the other Paladins were probably thinking.

Season 3

    Changing of the Guard 
  • Coran's pep talk with Allura.
    Coran: Remember, Princess, 70 percent of diplomacy is appearance. Then 29 percent is manners, decorum, formalities, and chit-chat. It's really only one percent, uh...
    Allura: (tiredly) Serious business about fighting for the freedom of the universe?
    Coran: Yes. That. Oh, and I forgot about hors d'oeuvres. Oh, that's at least two percent. So, I'll have to recalculate...
  • Hunk literally backs up into a group of flyers that were on his tail.
    Yeah, and I'm about to teach this sentry a lesson about tailgating!
  • Lance taking selfie with a group of Pugian girls, he even does some poses with them.
  • As Pidge scans through the video feed she had of Matt, she wonders if the people who saved him were "fashion pirates".
    • Coran saying he used to be quite a fashion pirate in his day and trained his bogwaggle-cape to sing his theme song whenever he entered a room. Pidge who's not exactly finding his stories helpful ignores him, and Coran can be seen meekly climbing down from the table.
  • Allura trying to convince the alliance that these are the Paladins of Voltron, as it pans to the Paladins... not looking like quite the "Defenders of the Universe" they claim to be.
  • Kolivan tells the Coalition that the Galra have expanded their empire so far out they could continue to rule for another ten-thousand years. One of the representatives is shaking in fear with a spoon in his hand. Lance whispers to Pidge, who looks equally unsettled:
    Lance: Not the way I would have started the pep talk, but.... okay.
  • After Keith angrily storms out of the meeting, Hunk breaks the awkward silence by offering a plate of pigs in a blanket and pizza rolls. The Pugian leader says he would like a pizza roll.
    • Just the fact that Hunk, despite his cooking skills, basically uses junk food as his examples of earth culture can be pretty funny.
  • There's a seat behind Throk that seems suspiciously empty. When Lotor and his generals reveal themselves, her teammates flashily remove their cloaks, while Ezor looks like she materialized in the empty seat out of thin air.
    • Throk's look of confusion and surprise when Lotor points his sword at him and calls him out for trying to conspire towards the throne.

    Red Paladin 
  • The Generals jump off of Lotor's ship and while Narti, Ezor and Acxa land gently on the ground, Zethrid simply takes the impact.
  • When Narti faces off against the soldiers on the roof-top, she throws one off and he gives a Wilhelm Scream.
  • Ezor playfully pulls the Puig's leaders cheeks and tells him, "Smile, we're a team now."
  • Pidge listing off everyone's qualities.
    Pidge: Keith's the loner. I'm the brain. Hunk's the nice one. Allura's the decision-maker. Coran's the wise old guy. And Lance is the goofball.
    Lance: Yeah, totally right...exactly. Wait a minute! I'm not a goofball! I'm like the cool ninja sharpshooter!
    Keith: (scoffs) Are you joking?
  • The Paladins try to see who the Black Lion will take, and the process for some is hilarious. As they wonder who should go first, this leads into Coran saying he's thinking of a number between one and fifty. He then declares that Allura would go first, Pidge second, and then others. Lance asks why they weren't given a chance to guess, and Coran answers that he already knew the number. Lance sighs and tells Allura to just go.
    • Pidge is too short to see over the dashboard and wonders if she could readjust the seat. She ends up sitting on her helmet and proudly declares "Alright. Now, I'll form the head!" Just as she reaches for the controls, she realizes she can't stretch far enough and after a few moments spent struggling, she gives up.
      • This becomes Hilarious in Hindsight when you recall Pidge's rambling from all the way back in the first episode, when she and Shiro were trying to find the Green Lion. One of the things Pidge was stressing over was the possibility she might be "unable to reach the pedals" of her Lion.
      • There's also the line from Crystal Venom where she complains about having short arms, which also becomes Hilarious in Hindsight here.
    • Hunk barely stays in for a minute and Coran told him that he said he wanted to form the head. Hunk said that he wanted to form the head as the Yellow Lion. Coran frowns at Hunk until he goes back in to try again.
      Hunk: Pidge, go right! Lance, go left! Keith, make me a sandwich, stat! Yes, you heard me! I'm the leader now, dangit!
      Coran: (not amused) Alright, you're not the one. Out of the Lion.
    • Lance gives it a go, and about a half an hour later is sitting on his helmet with a pout saying, "It's useless, the Black Lion hates all of us!"
  • When discussing finding a new Paladin for Red, Lance suggests for some "alien diversity" and chooses the mermaids. Hunk grumbles that Lance just wanted to see the mermaids again, which he admits to.
    • Gets kind of fridge funny after the season finale, where we learn that all of the original Paladins were of different alien species. Even if it's not for the right reason, he's not exactly wrong.
  • Zethrid can be seen playing with Cova and waving a piece of meat at the cat. When she's not looking, he swipes at the treat and begins to eat it.
  • Lance is annoyed and anxious that Blue has erected its particle barrier and won't accept him. Nothing he does works.
    Lance: It's me, Lancey-Lance!
    • He crawls up to his Lion and apologizes for wanting to pilot Black, calling it a "phase". He eyes Blue and gives his flirting another go.
      Lance: Hey, Blue, you know what? I gotta say, that's a great color on you. (Beat) Oh! Are you from outer space? Because your body is out of this world! (Beat) Argh!! Jeez, that's like my best line...
  • It's kind of funny how Ezor refers to the Lions as "kitties".
  • Zethrid grumbles when Lotor tells her to just graze the Black Lion, and only after the castle of lions showed up does he allow her to fire with everything they had. Her mood immediately lightens and she's more than happy to go through with that order.
  • Allura tells Lance to take the Red Lion, since it seems to be calling for him but Lance refuses. He claims that Keith probably trained Red to bite his head off.
  • Lance's first time piloting Red, and he scuffs Lotor's ship causing Keith to tell him off.
    Keith: Hey, be careful with Red!
    Lance: (turning around in Red) Oh, fly your own Lion, Keith! (runs into Galra ships) AGH! I Meant to Do That!
    • Even funnier is seeing Red — the sleekest, most graceful Lion, the one that gives off an intimidating, no-nonsense aura — go somersaulting backwards through space like a Looney Tunes character as Green turns to watch. Poor Red must feel that Lance's Comic Relief role is contagious.
  • Allura's reaction when they now know Zarkon had a son.
    Allura: That is... deeply disturbing.

    The Hunted 
  • Hunk complaining about how bad the group was because of the swap, and Allura asks if he was referring to her specifically. He hastily tries to assure her he wasn't pointing fingers at just her.
  • Lance not grasping the controls of the Red Lion and its speed.
    Lance: (floating across the screen) Seriously, does this thing have brakes?!
  • Allura getting frustrated over the Blue Lion not working with her.
    Allura: What's wrong with you, Lion? Do as I command! Move!
    Pidge: Maybe someone should suggest to Allura that flying the Lion is different from flying the castle.
    Lance: Hey, I already told her yelling at her Lion won't work! Didn't go over well, she yelled at me too!
    Hunk: Yeah, count me out. She scares me when she's under pressure...
    Allura: (slightly irritated) I can hear you.
    Lance, Pidge and Hunk: Agh!
  • Pidge asks for a plan and Keith flies past telling everyone to stay out of his way. Lance dryly responds, "Great. Great leadership."
  • As they fly through Thaseryx, Lance looks away thinking they made it through the worst of it before facing forward and screaming loudly when he realized he was about to hit an incoming rock.
  • Ezor realizing that the Paladins would be effectively blind on Thaseryx due to the gas and magnetic pull, before catching herself and turning to Narti adding, "No offense, Narti." She turns to Ezor's direction as if saying, "None taken".
  • Zethrid growling on the ship, telling Lotor to stop toying with the Paladins and "bring the pain!" Her crew mates look at her with slight annoyance.
    • Zethrid's voice actress called the move, "Angry twerking."
  • Hunk panicking in his seat.
    Hunk: We need to get out of here. We've been led into a trap. The tables have turned. He's flipped the script. The hunters have become the hunted!
    Lance: Hunk, shouting taglines is getting us nowhere!
    Hunk: (Hunk falls over in his seat with his foot sticking up in the air and twitching)
  • As all the Lions are looking around, Yellow comically slips in from the corner of the screen.
  • Allura is still having trouble with Blue, and figures she should start thinking like Lance. This leads to her trying to flirt with it.
    Allura: Think, what would Lance do? (breathes in) Hey there, Blue Lion. You know, you're really activating my particle barrier right now... hehe. (silence and Allura hangs her head in disappointment)
    • Complete with her attempting to make an over-the-top flirty expression. She even looks just a little disappointed when her attempt didn't work out.
  • Hunk passing the time by asking Pidge what kind of food she wouldn't mind eating forever in their predicament.
  • The team lightly poking fun at Lance for being the dumb one. Even Keith joins in for a moment.
    Allura: I just had to get into a Lance-like mindset and stop thinking so much.
    Lance: Yeah, think like Lance. Wait, a minute. You calling me dumb??
    Allura: No, I'm calling you a natural.
    Hunk: Naturally dumb.
    Pidge: Yeah, he was born with it.
    Keith: Look, I'm glad we're all making fun of Lance.
  • After the season's first formation of Voltron, Allura can't help echoing Hunk's initial comment "Hunk, I'm a leg!"
    • He even comments on how cool being a leg is.

    Hole in the Sky 
  • Looks like Slav's ramblings about alternate realities turned out to be an actual thing.
  • Sven. Yes, Sven.
    • Later in the episode, after he takes a laser blast meant for Lance.
      Lance: Sven! Are you okay? You saved my life!
      Sven: (Smiling) I'll be fine. Just get me to Space Hospital.
    • One has to wonder if Josh Keaton had a major blast voicing Sven who's basically Shiro with a heavy accent.
      • If the tweet he posted when a fan asked about it is to be believed, he was mostly terrified at the idea of doing a Funetik Aksent. He also said that nobody in the booth was able to keep a straight face whenever he voiced Sven.
      • What really makes it gold is that Josh apparently didn't know he had to do the Sven voice until the night before he recorded it, and he ends the tweet by apologizing to any Scandinavians. And then the comments section is full of people laughing about how great it turned out, even an actual Scandinavian.
  • The fact that an alternate reality of Shiro, is working with Slav, one of the things that just hits his Berserk Button is likely to be funny to anyone.
    • Not to mention, this Slav is more serious and less Super OCD... and yet, still gets in a few funny moments, such as yelling the line mentioned below. The sheer contrast between the two Slavs is worth a few laughs on its own.
  • Everyone's confused reactions on seeing and hearing Sven.
    Hunk: What the heck is happening right now? Did everyone get amnesia and wake up with weird accents?
  • Lance trying to convince Slav and Sven that they know each other.
    Lance: Of course we do! You're Shiro, our leader, Paladin of the Black Lion? And you're Slav, I rescued you from a space prison. You're also slightly crazy!
    • Lance says that one of Slav's quirks was talking a lot about alternate realities.
      Sven: Oh, that's him. (nods towards Slav) (Slav side-eyes him)
  • Zethrid being mildly disappointed that Voltron didn't explode when it hit the rip between realities.
    Zethrid: I was personally hoping to see some more fireworks when it hit that energy swirl. I guess all of the previous attempts to get it out were just more enjoyable to watch. (quickly) For me, not for your pilots.
  • Ezor asks what would happen if Voltron couldn't escape the other dimension, which leads to Acxa correcting her and saying it was another reality. Ezor grumbles and asks her question again in a more sarcastic tone, bending over and frowning towards Acxa. She acts like a little sister who hates being corrected.
    Ezor: What if Voltron isn't able to escape the other dimension?
    Acxa: (gently) It's another reality, Ezor.
    Ezor: (dropping her head and putting her hands on her waist) Ugh! What if they aren't able to escape the other reality?
  • In this reality there isn't a Blade of Marmora, instead we have the Guns of Gamora.
  • Coran argues with the mice.
    Coran: How could I have stopped her? You know how she is! (Mice squeak) (Beat) I can't understand anything that you're saying, but I'll assume by your tone that that was an insult.
  • Lance asks how Slav and Sven knew they were on their side, as Slav begins to explain his calculations Lance immediately cuts him off.
    Lance: You know what? Never mind.
    • Before that Sven pushes off the grate in the wall to reveal themselves, but what he says is what sells the moment.
      Sven: Yoo-hoo! Up here!
  • Sven telling everyone to dogpile the nearest Altean sentry, and they do it without hesitation.
  • While Sven does sacrifice himself to save Lance, the overly-dramatic pause after it can be pretty hilarious and count as Narm Charm.
  • Lance's reaction to Alternate Reality Slav opening the airlock to space their enemies, yet again.
    Lance: Does he do this in every reality!? (clings to the ship to avoid being sucked out himself)
  • Alternate Reality Slav gleefully sabotaging the wires to stop the Altean ship from following Voltron.

    The Journey 
  • Shiro wakes up... with long hair.
    • What makes this a bit funnier is how his appearance looks almost similar to Bucky, a character he's already been compared to lots of times beforehand.
  • Even when Shiro finds a pool of water and stops to get a drink, his peace is immediately ruined when a creature living in the water rises up to attack him. Shiro can never seem to catch a break.
  • One of the aliens, Remdax, who captured Shiro wonders if they should eat him.
    • Later, when Shiro tries to escape, Remdax exasperatedly says, "I told you we should've eaten him!"
  • Any fan of Steven Universe will get a real kick out of how the smaller alien Myrkarla has the voice of Lars.
  • Throughout the episode the two rebels are constantly arguing with each other Like an Old Married Couple.
    Vakala: Input your password.
    Remdax: Right... What's my password again?
    Vakala: (exasperated) I don't know! It's your password!
  • Shiro takes cover as Remdax continuously fires at his direction, but not actually hitting him. Vakala gets annoyed, telling him off for missing and demanding he gives him the gun. They begin to struggle over it as the large one yelled saying it was his.
  • Remdax offers Shiro food and apologizes for cuffing him. Shiro thanks him and also apologizes for throwing his friend's gun at his face. Remdax shrugs and admits that it wasn't the first time it happened nor would it be the last.
  • Remdax wonders if Shiro was going to make it and Vakala claims he hopes so. Then Remdax asks Vakala if he knew that Shiro took their only ship. Vakala's reaction says it all.
  • The end of the episode shows Vakala and Remdax slurping up a bowl of noodles and soup, and sighing in content.

    Tailing a Comet 
  • Lance getting a scope on the guards and shouting out in surprise when Keith starts to take them out without waiting.
    Lance: Hey Keith, I had them!
  • Shiro's new haircut and outfit can count as this since it's so jarring from his previous looks.
  • Keith looking at Lance after Hunk and Pidge have their little Techno Babble, Lance shrugs and says that he has no idea what the two were talking about.
  • Hunk pressing the calibrations repeatedly to no avail and doing what most people would in his situation. He hits the machine and then it starts working.
  • Throk's annoyance that Lotor's Generals were invading his post.
    Throk: This may be the worst post in the Galra Empire. But it's my post! Victory or death!
  • How Zethrid just wants to crush everything and Acxa has to remind her to stick to the plan.
  • The Paladins are about to leave when the doors slide open to reveal Lotor's Generals who were attempting to return to their ship. Just that one moment when they're all realizing who they're facing is pretty funny.
    • Pidge's and Lance's expression is the epitome of Oh, Crap!.
  • Keith, who's the most focused when it comes to fighting, is completely caught off guard when Lance saves him by shooting down Ezor's knives. In fact, he even takes a moment to smile at Lance, not noticing Acxa running past him until it was too late while Ezor engages him in hand-to-hand combat.
  • Ezor's look of surprise when Keith's Bayard teleports from one hand to the other.
  • As Hunk manages to grab Narti from behind, her tail slips around his throat and easily lifts him up.
    Hunk: Argh! Pidge, a little help?!
  • Lance gets kicked away by Acxa and lands with his bottom sticking up in the air.
    • Keith tells them that it would be best to retreat and Lance mutters with a thumbs-up, "good idea." As they retreat, Allura pulls Lance up by the scruff.

    The Legend Begins 
  • Alfor makes a heroic entrance by cutting a hole through the ceiling... only to notice afterwards that he was completely surrounded.
    Alfor: (Sweat Drop) ...Oh, dear.
  • Blaytz flirting with a Galra servant (or at the very least, being sociable) and Zarkon clearing his throat as if he's been through this plenty of times. Blaytz's reaction is similar to a kid being told off by their parent.
  • Alfor and the other Paladins having a meal together and laughing over their antics.
    Alfor: I was handling myself!
    Gyrgan: You mean, wetting yourself? (Trigel and Blaytz spit out their drinks in laughter)
    • Coran can be seen standing behind Alfor and leaning his head onto the seat to keep from toppling over with laughter.
  • Zarkon being surprised by Cova, who Honerva notes is of their reality.
    • Also counts as heartwarming for how bashful Zarkon is around Honerva and immediately flees the scene after their short introduction.
      Honerva: He didn't stay long.
    • If you look closely at Alfor's face, he looks so smug watching his friend flee from Honerva, and no doubt knows that Zarkon likes her.
  • Baby Allura being gifted a Galra war helmet, that is both adorable and humorous as it slightly tilts off her head.
    • What makes this a little funnier is how the helmet looks similar to the one Lotor wore in the '80s.
  • Blaytz whooping with glee as they fly their Lions for the first time. Guess that's one trait the Blue Paladins share.
  • Gyrgan proudly asking: "Am I a leg?"

Season 4

    Code of Honor 
  • While discussing their next move, Lance cuts the conversation short and declares that they should work some more on their lion's routines because he didn't want a repeat of what Hunk had done. Hunk quietly averts his eyes and claims that he thought his lion had more room.
  • One of the aliens in the stands is holding up a drawing of Shiro, with Bishie Sparkles on the side.
  • Lance whooping with glee at the stadium during one of their performances.
    "They're lovin' us! Razzle-dazzle!"
  • Coran realizing during his speech that since there weren't five lions, he couldn't call for the sword pose. He ends up hurriedly trying to describe what Voltron looks like and trying to cover up for the fact that they only have four of the five lions.
  • Kolivan telling Keith that in their mission that had to get in and out unseen, and then it shows Keith hiding behind a container setting a bomb while a rain of lasers is firing in his direction.

  • Hunk asks Pidge if she could get him some more Futo beans while she's out, and Lance's face looks horrified as he says no more beans for Hunk.
  • Matt bragging that he got in the Garrison with his brains. Or it could have been his good-looks or big muscles.
  • The Unilu dealer Pidge meets is prepared to turn on her because of her Galra video feed, and she's more annoyed than surprised.
    "Really? This is how we're doing this? All I want is the information."
    • She later pulls a container from behind the Unilu and slams it to the back of his head, knocking him out.
      "(Sighs) Had to do it the hard way."
  • Pidge's exasperated sigh when Matt decodes their dad's message which says that their bedtime is still at ten, even when he's in space.
  • Pidge's smug look as she tells Matt that she's one of the Paladins of Voltron.
  • As the bounty hunter confronts them, the two siblings tell the other to stand back before grinning.
  • Apparently, the Holt's victory cheer is Tesla.
  • Before leaving on the Kerberos mission, Matt gives Pidge his glasses to her surprise. He says that he got his eyes fixed by the Garrison and asks if he looks cool, to which Pidge replies with a flat "no".
    • Pidge, an untrained teenager at the time, is able to knock her brother flat with a simple shove. Even if it was just because she caught him off-guard, it's still funny.

    Black Site 
  • Coran comes with new refugees, but they're so large he can barely squeeze past them to get out. Once he does, they all run over him, and then he belatedly tells them where to go to get settled.
  • Matt's hilariously over the top Love at First Sight reaction to meeting Allura, accompanied by a Crush Filter. As well as Lance's equally hilarious reaction (a Death Glare accompanied by a Scare Chord) to seeing that he has a romantic rival.
    Matt: (Gasps) WHOA! Oh, my goodness! (laughing) YOU ARE SO BEAUTIFUL! It is my honor to meet you, princess.
    • What's even more hilarious is how the scene changes to give Matt a dramatic anime close-up of his face.
    • And even better is how Lance can still be seen pouting off to the side when Pidge drags Matt off to look at the castle ship.
  • Pidge giving a tour to her brother, with lots of excitement, and then she shows him Katlenecker, immediately stopping the cheerful music and pointing the animal out so matter-of-factly.
    Pidge: And this is our cow.
    • What's even funnier is that while Matt wants to ask questions, Pidge grabs his arm and quickly pulls him to the next area.
    • Matt trying food goo for the first time.
      Matt: Hey, this is pretty, goo-d.
    • In her room, she also apparently kept the trash models of her friends that she made in season 2 and managed to sneak two of the cute caterpillars on board.
  • Hunk gives Matt and Pidge celebratory milkshakes, and comments that the Alteans apparently don't get brain freezes. Three small chibis of Allura, Coran, and Lance appear, while the Alteans sip all of their milkshakes in one go with no effect, Lance is covered in ice with a brain freeze.
  • Matt compliments Pidge's Galra finder and is proud of her color-coding everything.
    Matt: This is a pretty sweet algorithm for locating Galra targets within a statistically acceptable margin of error. And I loved that you color-coded it, because what are we, animals? (both laughing)
    Hunk: (off to the side) Ugh, you two are definitely related.
  • As Hunk talks with Matt and Pidge, he casually throws his food to try and get it in his mouth, but ends up having it bounce off his face.
  • Matt tells Hunk and Pidge that, by combining his info with Pidge's Galra-Finder, they could have "the best anti-Galra intelligence mining operation in this, or any other reality." Hunk's reply?
    Hunk: This one time, we went to another reality. It was pretty lame.
    Matt: Wait, you what? (points at Pidge) You were in a different reality?
    Pidge: (grins smugly and swipes his hard drive) No big deal.
  • Apparently, the Paladins finally got the Game Console they bought in Season 2 working. The process involves a huge amount of machines all plugged into one another, making various old generation computer start-up and even an internet dial-up tone, before finally outputting to the display.
    • Also the way Lance's voice pitches in volume when he tells Coran he couldn't help them now because of the video game is likely to resonate with a lot of gamers who have been in that situation.
  • After he sighs and goes off to help the Alteans get their milkshakes, Allura and Coran pump their fists up in victory.
  • Allura and Coran don't understand that Kaltenecker isn't sapient, nor do they realize how exactly she "made" the milkshakes that they enjoyed so much. So when Lance milks her, they're so shocked and horrified that they turn monochrome.
    • Their expression really sells the scene as Lance offers them their cups of milk they slowly back away from Lance and promptly leave the room. They won't be seeing anything with milk the same way ever again.
      Lance: It's so thick, it's almost like a milkshake right now! (the Alteans slide out of the room) It's not your fault Kaltenecker, you're a beautiful girl, and this is very natural.
    • They're not actually shown just leaving the room - they both slide around, still with those same expressions. And you can hear the "bankrupt" slide-whistle from Wheel of Fortune in the background!
    • Their Face Fault is also incredibly over-the-top.
  • Lotor acting like he's devastated that his father doesn't need him anymore can be pretty funny.
  • After Lotor returns, Ezor turns to him and asks in a somewhat concerned tone, "Did you get fired?"
  • As the Paladins go to check out the area where all the Galras were headed, they find out its Galra on Galra fighting, again! Hunk even lampshades the empire's animosity towards itself.
    Hunk: Those guys just don't like each other!

    The Voltron Show! 
  • All of Coran's publicity stunts to hype up Voltron are absolutely hysterical.
  • Shiro decides that they should probably do something to gain more support for the coalition, Coran asks if that meant more Voltron shows and Lance is delighted at this.
    Lance: Alright, razzle-dazzle! (Beat) For the war effort, of course.
  • Coran gives everyone a script for the occupants of the hospital, and some of the Paladins are quick to point out the ridiculousness of it.
    Pidge: This isn't factually accurate!
    Coran: This is the Legend of Voltron, not the documentary of Voltron.
  • He gives Allura Keith's role, and her face of disgust says it all.
    Coran: Besides, playing Keith is easy. Just act really moody.
    Allura: (mimics a grumpy Keith perfectly)
  • Shiro's lines saying that he would save the princess with his bare hand. He glances off to the side as if to ask, "Did you really write that down, Coran?"
    • Lance is the only one taking his role in stride, but he pauses to read the instructions on his script.
      Lance: And me, Lance! (looks at script) "Holds Bayard dashingly"- oh! (whips out Bayard)
    • As the performance ends, Coran comes out wearing a wig and imitating Allura, but when they look out, all of their audience members have left. What makes this a little funnier is how he plays Allura as a Damsel in Distress.
  • The way they all say their lines is so forced and awkward you can't help but laugh. This persists throughout all of their performances.
  • After their performance bombed, Lance tells Coran they should get back to the exciting aspects of their shows, like the lasers and bombs. Coran sighs in defeat.
    Coran: I was hoping to expand our horizons.
  • He meets the Unilu swap shop owner from the space mall, and of course they have another bargaining.
    Store owner: The price is 12,000 Gac!
    Coran: ...Would you take a used left shoe?
    Store owner: I'll accept the yellow Voltron Bayard.
    Coran: How about thirteen nose-hairs?
    Store owner: I'll take your left arm, plated in luxite!
    Coran: A firm handshake and a pat on the back, then?
    Store owner: I get to ride on your shoulders for one decafeeb!
    Coran: Well, how about I give you six hundred gac and don't tell the staff you're running an unlicensed swap shop in an intergalactic hospital?!
    Store owner: DEAL!
  • The Swathian leader is understandably frustrated that the Paladins didn't show up yesterday when it was the one day of the year that their planet had clear skies. However, he keeps hammering that fact into Lance's slowly growing annoyance.
    Swathian Leader: That's a Swathian Meerakeet. It appears every day of the year except one, and guess which day?
    Lance: Okay, we get it!
    Swathian Leader: Clear Day!
    Lance: Ugggh!
  • We get an inside view of Coran's room, where he kept his outfit from the Ark of Taujeer and even has cute slippers.
  • Once the worm pill takes effect on Coran he starts talking funny... well, funnier than usual.
  • After all of their failures Coran takes them to the Space Mall for a performance.
    Pidge: It's official, we've reached rock bottom.
    • Coran convinces the Paladins that the Space Mall would be the perfect place to gather more people for the Coalition via rhyming.
      Hunk: Well, it rhymes, so it's gotta be true.
  • The Paladins do poses throughout their routines, and you can practically hear the Power Rangers theme playing in the background.
    • Coran suggestions range from: yelling their lines, to flipping onto stage and striking poses.
  • Bii-Boh-Bi, that is all.
  • Team Voltron takes on Zarkon... On Ice! If you look closely at the Bii-Boh actors for Zarkon, there are actually three of them.
    • Instead of actual Voltron, everyone has something like a cardboard box with the Lion's faces on them for the performance. And they're stacked almost like a cheerleader pyramid.
      Hunk: Does anybody feel kinda stupid right now?
      Lance: Shut up, Hunk! They're loving us.
    • The cheerleader pyramid gets even funnier if you see it as a Call-Back to the Paladins doing that completely seriously when they were first trying to form Voltron.
  • Coran assigning everyone specific character traits and suggests to Allura (referring to her as Keith) that her catchphrase could be something like a howl. Allura growls in frustration and Coran says that they'll work on it. When he declares Shiro will be the hero, everyone but Lance looks extremely unsure of this.
    • During Hunk's performance, just as he's about to walk down the ramp, two Bii-Boh's hold another Bii-Boh between them. It basically acts like a rope that causes Hunk to trip and fall over.
    • Shiro suggests to Coran that on their next performance he can give a speech on how they're trying to unite on the front for the coalition. However, Coran shoots him down saying since he's the hero, he doesn't need to say anything and his muscles spoke louder than words. What he tells Shiro to do afterwards is likely to have many laughing for many different reasons.
      Coran: Now put on this super tight shirt and get out there!
    • Pidge comes to Coran and tells him that she didn't like using made-up science terms and asks if that would just confuse the audience. Coran brushes away her concerns, justifying that the audience would be confused if she used the real words anyway.
  • Allura continuing her spot-on impressions of Keith as she crosses her arms during a performance and frowns.
  • Lance comes down from the Red Lion doing a rope dance.
    Coran: (Growls as the Red Lion) Your grrrreat, Loverboy Lance!
    Lance: Oh, ho ho, thanks, Red! (grins with a small sparkle)
  • Allura admitting that Coran's idea was working, and Coran says, "Well, thank you, Keith! I like to keep you in character."
    • Coran yelling at Bii-Boh-Bi for walking in on him when he's talking with the Talent. Bii-Boh-Bi leaves with his head down in dejection.
  • The scene where Coran blows up on the Paladins sounds like it's commentating/poking fun at the story of Legendary Defender thus far.
    Coran: Get rid of the whole lot of you! Replace you with new Paladins! And the show will be better than ever before! (door closes, but then quickly reopens) Except for you, Shiro. I'll never get rid of you. You're our most popular character. BUT THE REST OF YOU WILL NEVER WORK IN SHOW BUSINESS AGAIN!! (doors close)
    Lance: ... Wait, you're the most popular character? (Everyone sighs)
  • Lance admitting after Bii-Boh-Bi leaves that he has no idea what the alien was saying.
  • Coran returns to Swathia in order to get the Meerakeet onto the castle in a way that's reminiscent to the famous T-Rex scene from Jurassic World.
  • Apparently Varkon is now on board with supporting team Voltron. He can be seen squeeing whilst hugging a Hunk and Pidge figure.
  • Voltron comes down and talks in a deep hammy voice.
    Voltron: I am here, to defend the universe. (Merakeet appears) What was that?
  • Coran comes in with a Swatheon Meerakeet, but the Paladins think it's some special effects.
    Pidge: Wow, Bii-Boh-Bi has really upped his effects game.
    Bii-Boh-Bi: (in his box looking on in confusion) ...Bii-Boh?
  • "Help me, Bii-Boh-Bi, you're my only hope."
    • Bii-Boh-Bi pulls out the bug, inflates his head like a bat and proceeds to hit the bug out of the box. He then cheerfully gives Coran a thumbs-up.
  • Even after Coran warns them that he monster was real Hunk is still confused.
    Hunk: Wait, that's not just really great special effects?
  • Hunk congratulating Allura, but calling her "Keith". Needless to say, she's not amused.
  • Bii-Boh-Bi meets the team at the end of the episode and Coran yells at him for interrupting him talking to the talent, Bii-Boh-Bi droops his head down again and sighs in defeat.

    Begin the Blitz 
  • Rolo and Hunk make amends while Pidge is off to the side frowning at the bounty hunters. Beezer leans out from behind Rolo and looks up at Pidge. She glares at the robot until it droops its ears and eye sadly like a puppy and then Pidge finally gives in, tearfully hugging Beezer and declaring that she couldn't stay mad at him.
  • As Allura talks to Pidge about the information they collected, Matt can be seen smiling bashfully and blushing as he waves at her.
  • Pidge and Hunk getting ready to infiltrate the ship. As Pidge calmly counts down their time, Hunk is trying not to panic.
    Pidge: Counting down in five ticks... four... three... two... one...
    Hunk: (Talking over her) No pressure. Just the entire coalition rests on us disabling this Galra comm channel.
  • Pidge tries tackling the Galra officer, but he falls backwards, causing her to hit the floor with swirly eyes as a result.
    • Hunk elbow-drops the officer, followed by a slow-mo.
  • The three commanders on the planet watch their ship fall down and Voltron landing near them, with dust rising around it. While it gives them a Death Glare, two of the commanders immediately flee while one looks up in fear before gingerly bunny-hopping away.
  • It's easy to imagine anyone's reaction when Lotor dislocates his shoulders to free himself from his handcuffs.
    • A lot of people on staff and even A.J. admitted that they cringed and screamed during that scene. Thank Lauren for that.

    A New Defender 
  • After Hunk identifies the soil on Naxzela as heximite, Lance asks what heximite was because "some people fell asleep during chemistry".

Season 5

    The Prisoner 
  • As they invade the sentry factory, Shiro orders the group to not touch the sides.
    Hunk: Don't touch the sides. Don't touch the sides. Don't touch the sides. Don't touch the sides. (Yellow Lion slams into a corner and lava begins to pour out, causing him to run into Pidge)
    Pidge: Hunk!
    Hunk: I may have knicked the sides, a little bit. (smiles bashfully)
  • Many fans joked that Lotor's cryopod chamber looked extremely similar to Loki's prison in The Avengers movie.
  • Lance suggesting to Allura to write things on her hand, since they don't expect her to be perfect or memorize everything.
    Lance: I do it all the... (glances at gloved hand) uh, time.
  • Nyma looking back and forth between the Holt siblings going off on a Techno Babble and you can tell she has no idea what either of them were talking about.
  • Matt is saved by Beezer when his jetpack fails to go and can be seen still gripping onto the robot once they've reached solid ground.
    Nyma: You can let go of him now.
    Matt: (whimpering) I'd rather not.
  • Rolo tries to sneak around before immediately walking into a prisoner, and as his eyes slowly travel upwards, he smiles nervously.
    • After Nyma grabs the prisoner and tries to quiet him, the rest of the group looks up to see them. Nyma looks down and let's go of the scientist, grinning bashfully.
  • One of the prisoners telling them that a "scary lady" told them to stay inside if they didn't want to get hurt.

    Blood Duel 
  • Lotor suggests an alliance between him and Allura as Galra and Altean. This is something Lance visibly and verbally objects to, especially since it almost sounds like Lotor is proposing an Arranged Marriage.
    Lance: How about we don't imagine that?!
  • Pidge momentarily reunites with Sam before the two of them scream once they realize that the ship was spiraling downwards. Their bug-eyed expression is truly hilarious.
    • Pidge telling her dad to grab the controls as Acxa wrestles her in the air.
  • After Sam manages to save the ship, he's frozen in position before rigidly collapsing back on the chair.
  • There's something mildly amusing about watching the generals being slammed into each other, especially the close up of Zethrid's face when Matt hits her across the cheek with his staff. This is also made a little funnier when Sam pulls up the ship, causing all three of the Galra women who were previously floating to slamming into the doors due to the force.

  • Ezor complaining about their imprisonment after Zarkon's death and she sounds so offended that the Emperor just upped and died on them.
    Ezor: We tried to help Emperor Zarkon, wasn't our fault he got killed.
    • Acxa is then seen laying on her back with her feet propped up on the wall with her ankles crossed like she's taking a break instead of waiting for their possible death sentence. Zethrid growls that the next person to come through that door would "Get a face full of fists!"
  • Coran apparently ate an eel that was still growling in his stomach.
  • Some of the Olkari are seen posing for a picture.
  • Allura teasing Lance.
    Allura: Thank you, Lance. Speaking with you actually made me feel better.
    Lance: (Pretending to be offended) What do you mean, "actually"?
    • She then "helps" Lance after finding his Bayard turn into an Altean broadsword.
      Allura: Oh, and Lance. (Stands behind him and positions his arms) If you're going to try to control a sword this powerful... (trips Lance) You're going to need to work on your stance.
    • You can see Lance perking up nervously when Allura mentions his "sword".

    Kral Zera 
  • Keith's brilliant idea to sneak the Blades in? Hide inside the carrier boxes. This could be a nod towards "Collection and Extraction'' when Allura stuffed Shiro in a container filled with broken sentries.
  • Pidge admitting that she likes Janka and she thinks because of his amazing supply chain lines he uses color-coding.
  • How was Lotor going to get to the Kral Zera without bringing up a fight?
    Lotor: I'll be bringing Voltron.
    Hunk: ...Yeah, because Voltron never gets into fights.
  • What's funny is how the voice of the Archivist is played by Michael Bell who voiced Lance in the 80's Voltron.
  • Pidge and Hunk argue over modulating, with her telling him to double it, while he says single works fine. As her Dad passes by, Pidge asks for his opinion, and Sam suggests a double modulation.
    Pidge: Ah, ha! I told you! (Hunk grumbles)
    Hunk: (later) Not as weird as double modulating!
    • And apparently, arguing over modulations was how Sam and his wife met. The expression Pidge and Hunk give each other just makes Sam's comment even more hilarious.
  • Commander Gnov telling Quatermaster Janka to stay away from the throne since it was for real fighters, and Janka snarks back. When Haggar appears with Sendak, he whispers to her that maybe they should put their differences aside and work together. Gnov isn't amused.
    Gnov: Why would I side with the weak?

  • Lance trying to brush his tears off and claiming that it was due to space dust.
    • As Sam bids his children a tearful farewell, Hunk can be seen leaning on Lance while Coran hugs him with tears streaming down all of their faces.
      Hunk: There... There is a lot of space dust in here.
      Coran: (wailing) IT'S FILTHY!
  • Shiro asking if he could compare the information on the Galra territories to what they have and Coran's surprised reaction.
    Coran: You're going to share our information with the Galra? Well, I'd never thought I'd see the quiznaking quintant!
  • Lotor and Allura walk off together, and Lance tries to follow, only to be stopped by a droid's arm. Even after Lance tries to resist being pushed back, he finally gives.
    • The droid doesn't understand the meaning of "fun", and Pidge thinks about rewiring him. Hunk excitedly throws his helmet in the air and it hits a droid standing behind them.
  • While the conversation between Truq and Landock is intense, it's immediately broken by one of Landock's guards giving a Wilhelm Scream.
  • Krolia's first words to Keith: You're late.
    • Also her expression when she catches Keith sneaking around. She is obviously not impressed and probably wondering, "What kind of newby did you send to retrieve me, Kolivan?"
  • Pidge and Hunk reprogram the Galra sentry.
    Pidge: All rewired for optimal all fun performance.
    • Pidge and Hunk give a victory cheer.
      Hunk and Pidge: (in unison while giving each other a high five) Yeah! Team Punk does it again!
    • This becomes a little funnier because the name the two call themselves is definitely a Portmanteau Couple Name shippers for them use.
  • When booting the droid, it makes the noise of an old computer when starting up. After the droid finally wakes up it knocks Pidge on the head as it sits up leaving a huge bump on her forehead. She doesn't mind one bit.
    Droid: You dumb-dumbs got any non-lethal semi-combustible diversionary devices?
    Lance: What?
    Pidge: (Beat) I think he's... LOOKING FOR FIRECRACKERS!
    Hunk: (smugly) Oh, it worked.
  • After they blow up a bag of goo, they all whoop in glee.
  • Just the entire episode is the trio goofing off with the droid. Along with the Running Gag of two guards chasing after them.
    • Pidge takes pictures of the three while they pose.
      Pidge: Hold that pose, the camera loves you baby!
      • When the guards come by, the droid is the first one to run for it.
    • Looking closely at one of the photos reveals that the three ended up playing dress-up, ending up with Pidge in Haggar's cloak, Lance in a Druid's outfit, and Hunk in Zarkon's armor after Zarkon was killed less than an episode ago.
    • They then play golf using broken sentry parts.
    • Finally, they grab the two guards and use them to ram into each other at very high speeds. Lance has a mad look in his eyes before they crash, and he ends up with a black eye and bandage on his forehead. After the crash, Pidge looks like she's praying while Hunk winces at the damage, and the droid is in the background laughing.
      Sentry: Just so there are no hard feelings, I made you this.
      Lance: So worth it.
      • Before crashing, Lance yelled out "Razzle Dazzle!"
    • The guard's pursuit of them ended after Hunk made them all popsicles. Cue all six standing around, looking satisfied.
  • They strap the droid onto a Robeast coffin, and he says that he's "always wanted to see the stars".
    Lance: Aaaand, now you will. (Hits the button to eject the ship)
    • "We've been over this already. Let's light this candle. Whoooooo."
    • "Later pala-dudes. Wheeeeeee." (Amazing Grace plays in the background)
      Pidge: That's the most beautiful thing I've ever seen...
      Lance: He's... my hero.
      • Word of God confirms that this was supposed to be an homage to Wrath of Khan.
    • The Paladins cry tears of joy and salute the droid as his ship leaves behind a luminescent trail. Even the guards who chased them are crying.
      • Hunk asking whether or not Lotor would be okay with them using a Robeast cage, Pidge shrugs.
  • Keith's realization of who Krolia is unfortunately gets cut by the end credits.
    Keith: You're my...? (Ending theme plays)

    White Lion 
  • The group come across a white hole.
    Hunk: Yeah! Take that, theoretical physicists!
  • Lotor mutters the ancient poem to himself, and Lance overhears.
    Lance: Is that like a song you're writing? 'Cause it sucks.
    • Hunk even brings this up.
      Hunk: We're navigating by cave poetry now?
  • As Lance sits around worrying about Allura's safety, he starts confusing Pidge, Hunk and Coran's conversations like they were responding to him.
    Pidge: Anything?
    Hunk: No.
    Lance: What's happening? What do you think they're doing now?
    Pidge: Now?
    Lance: Yes.
    Coran: No.
    Lance: Wait, what?
    Pidge: (getting annoyed) We're not talking to you, Lance. Is this doing anything?
    Lance: You think she's alright? I mean, will they be able to get back?
    Hunk: I don't think so.
    Lance: You don't?
    Pidge: He's not talking to you!
    Lance: Well, excuse me for being concerned!
    Pidge: Coran, try to fire the charges.
    Lance: It's just nerve-wracking, waiting for Allura to get back.
    Coran: I'm afraid they're dead.
    Lance: WHAT?!
    Pidge: Shiro! Can you take Lance, please?!
  • The way Lance's face scrunches up as his eyes turn to Shiro after Pidge tells him to take Lance away.
  • Ezor claims that she's bored and Zethrid wishes they could conquer more territory for themselves. Ezor then wonders if they could replace Lotor as emperor. Acxa argues saying no one is replacing Lotor and they should wait for Haggar's next instructions.
    Ezor: ...(turns to Zethrid) You wanna go throw things at the crew?
    Zethrid: (perking up) Yes!
    • The worried look the two guards at the controls give to each other when Ezor asks if they'd be able to replace Lotor. It's like they were thinking, "Oh no, they might start throwing stuff at us soon."
    • Acxa's unamused face as if she's thinking, "Am I the only one taking anything around here seriously?" or "I'm surrounded by idiots."

Season 6

    Omega Shield 
  • Lotor's face when he realizes that Dayak, his former governess came to greet him.
    Dayak: Lotor.
    Lotor: (face dropping) Oh, no.
  • Lance then proceeds to tease Lotor about his "nanny" when Dayak says she raised him from a child to a man and will get to see his ascension to the throne.
    Lance: Wait, she raised you as a child? Aw, is this your nanny?
    Lotor: (blushing) Governess.
    • Lotor's face after Dayak says that almost seems like he's thinking, "Please don't embarrass me in front of my colleagues."
  • What sells Hunk onto getting some Galra history lessons from Dayak? He'll finally get to learn what "Vrepit Sa" means!
  • Hunk's lessons on Galra culture with Dayak mainly consist of making him hold heavy weights while hitting him as she lectures him on the history of the Galra.
  • Hunk bails on the lessons to join the group and Dayak declares a battle to the death for dishonoring her.
    • He asks the group if the old Galra was serious about dueling him to the death for her honor.
      Pidge: If you ask Lotor nicely, maybe he'll have her exiled.
  • Lance asking if there was a tutorial for putting the plates back together, and Hunk's words don't help.
    Lance: That's not a tutorial!

    Razor's Edge 
  • The episode begins where Bloodlines left off, with Keith asking if Krolia was his mother. When she confirms this but says that they don't have time to delve further into her past at the moment, Keith says what the viewers are probably thinking.
    Keith: What? You drop a bomb like this and tell me you'll explain later?
  • Krolia attempting to name a baby Keith "Yorak" before her partner suggests Keith instead.
    • Just his small reaction to the name Krolia wanted for Keith says, "I love you, but let's not."
  • Allura and Lotor look like they were just about to kiss, before Pidge and Hunk show up, asking why the engineers weren't called over to help. Allura immediately jumps away from Lotor when the two come in.
    • Lance also asks why he wasn't called over and slips on the table and tries to catch a wrench in the air before it falls to the floor.
  • Lotor notes that the ship they were making works differently than what the engineers would be used to.
    Pidge and Hunk: (Beat) Magic.
  • Noticing how distracted Lance is, Pidge picks up a round object and flicks over to Lance so it hits his head. He turns around to see Hunk doing another wonderful impression of Allura.
    Hunk: Oh Lance, could you stop daydreaming about me and test the connection?
    Lance: Ha, ha. Not funny. And I'm not daydreaming about you. (Beat) I mean her!
  • Pidge and Hunk being the best of friends to Lance by teasing him and telling him that Lotor and Allura are probably getting together right now and may even get married. Hunk notes that their kids will probably have long white flowing hair. The Imagine Spot the two create is worth viewing of Lotor dipping Allura while she blushes happily.
    • Even better when you see Pidge dipping Hunk! Pidge acts out Lotor's voice and Hunk does his spot on Allura impression while they pose, that's commitment.
  • As Lance tries to mope alone, the mice come along and Plachu looks like they're attempting to crawl into Lance's mouth, to his disgust.
    Lance: What are you doing!? Leave me alone!
  • The fact that Keith, who's labeled the lone wolf of the group adopts a wolf.
  • Keith attempts to play fetch with the wolf-like creature he befriends but it looks at him in confusion and he drops his head sadly.
    • One time when Keith returns to camp, the Time Wolf happily teleports onto him, pouncing onto Keith and pushing him to the ground.

    Monsters and Mana 
  • The fact that if you abbreviate this the way DnD is, Monsters and Mana reads as MnM.
  • Hunk attempts to cast a lightning spell, but it only ends up fizzing the giant's hair. He and Pidge smile nervously before the two are next seen running for their lives and screaming.
    Pidge: If you're the only remaining hope for your village, they're doomed!
    Hunk: I'm a healer, not a fighter!
  • Hunk complains about going into a dark and muddy swamp and Pidge tells him to stop being a baby and added that he needs to go if he even wants to save his village from petrification.
    Hunk: I mean, they're not like going anywhere.
  • All of the Creator Cameo's you can find when Pidge and Hunk first enter the inn. Lauren noted that Steve Ahn put a lot of effort into including just about everyone on the staff in the background.
  • At the inn, the two have no money, so it cuts to 8-bit video game graphics where Pidge is smashing up pots to look for some cash. She comes across a broom and Keith's knife before finding a coin. Hunk even lampshades this.
    Hunk: What are you doing?
    Pidge: Looking for coins.
    • What's better? The coin has Alfor's face on it.
  • Coran's character is a huge, buff waitress who still has his mustache, we later find out he ends up being the bad guy the whole time.
  • Hunk is unsure about adventuring into the caverns and suggests that maybe the villagers like being turned to stone. It takes a punch in the arm from Pidge for him to sadly change his mind.
  • Shiro giving his whole teary backstory for his character, but cut to Pidge and Hunk leaving the inn and Hunk saying how boring Shiro was.
    Shiro: (after wiping away his tears) Hey! Where are you guys going?!
    Hunk: Totally sounds like you're too busy to help us with this wizard though.
    Pidge: Good luck with the leviathan.
    • Also when Shiro recounts the death of his mentor, to show he's dead, his eyes turn to X's. After a few seconds, he comes back to tell him that fighting the leviathan will teach him all he needs to know before officially passing away. Shiro let's out a dramatic Big "NO!".
    • Shiro chases after the two, but when he catches up he has to catch his breath due to his heavy armor tiring him out. Hunk and Pidge move to leave, but he asks them to wait.
  • Shiro spends the entire episode in character, speaking with a ridiculously dramatic "hero" voice. Even when he gets hurt, he responds with an over-theatrical "AARGH!"
    • The fact that Shiro is so boring that he uses his own name and Paladin job as his class and character for the game, and he doesn't want to change it.
  • Shiro gets killed off by Platt.
    Shiro: (outside the game) Did I really die in the game?
    Coran: Yes.
  • Shiro insists on always playing a Paladin, much to Coran's frustration.
    Shiro: I don't know what's more fulfilling than being a paladin.
  • Lance asking what's so fun about a game that requires a book and Coran suggests he reads it.
    • Lance thinking that a twenty-sided die has to be huge to have twenty sides and doesn't believe Pidge claiming it's normal sized until Coran holds it up.
      Lance: Oh.
    • The showrunners talk about how that was a story taken from Mitch Iverson, who tried to teach a friend DnD, but he couldn't fathom how a die can have twenty-sides and thought it would have to be huge.
  • Lance claims that Monsters and Mana was a nerd game, despite jacking Killbot Phantasm, an RPG fantasy game from Pidge back in season 4. He also becomes quickly invested in his character.
  • Allura's character jumps from a tree but ends up taking fall damage. She mutters a small "ow" after landing.
  • Lance introducing himself as "Pike" and he's supposed to be a thief, but he's too loud, especially when he give his Evil Laugh.
    Lance: I'm not a thief! I'm a ninja assassin. A silent killer. (vanishes in a puff of smoke) My victims never know I'm coming, because I don't say a word. They look around, don't see anything, so they drop their guard. But what they don't realize- (vanishes) is that I'm lurking in the shadows, silently watching! Nyahahahahahahahahahahahahahahaha! (''continues laughing’’)
    Shiro: Yeah, you're very quiet.
    • Lance's character is a thief and part cat. Guess this makes him a cat-burglar.
  • Before they enter the dungeon, Hunk asks if anyone remembered to bring a torch.
    Shiro: I really think my character would have remembered to bring a torch.
    Coran: Oh yeah? Then why don't you check your inventory there? (Beat) Oh, no torches, eh? Then I guess you forgot to bring them.
    Everyone: (Groans)
  • Pidge wonders how they get passed the wall and Lance asks, "Maybe you just have to knock?" And it works (at least in regards to revealing the puzzle).
  • Lance asks what happens if he doesn't roll a high enough number to turn off the traps. Coran sounds extremely gleeful when he breaks the news.
    Lance: (worried) And if I don't roll high enough?
    Coran: (giggles) You activate the trap!
    • Lance doesn't roll high enough and activates the trap.
      Lance: Aw, man!
  • Hunk uses a levitation spell that's just chickens flapping their wings while the characters hold onto them. Cucoo's anyone?
    • Word of God confirmed in a Let's Voltron interview the day Season 6 aired that originally, the Paladins were just going to float, but Joaquin said, "Come on, you got to put in the chickens from Zelda!"
  • The ecstatic look on the group's when they finally find the treasure room after all the hell they've been put through.
  • Shiro picks up the blazing sword and is quickly killed off by Coran.
    Shiro: Hey guys, check this- AAAAAAAAAAAAAAGGGHHHHHH!
    Pidge: Aaaaaah! (Beat) Ooh, he dropped a rare item.
    • The fact that even in a game, Shiro still doesn't get a break from being the universe's punching bag!
      • Hunk's item was a bowl that would never run out of food, but what he says next is gold, "Our days of vandalizing innkeepers vases' are over!"
  • Shiro reappears as Shiro's twin brother Jiro, who's very much a Large Ham.
    Shiro: I'm Shiro's twin brother, Jiro! Here to complete Shiro's quest!
    Pidge: A Paladin again?
    • This become funnier when you remember in GoLion Ryou was Shiro's Backup Twin.
    • Even better when there was already the Alternate Universe Shiro, Sven, so this was the second reference to Shiro having a Backup Twin.
  • Hunk took an arrow to the knee.
  • Hunk turns Pidge into a giant using the "Embiggen" spell and she has the most gleeful murderous look in her eyes when she realizes what's going on.
    • Her voice even gets 10x deeper after her size changes.
      • She behaved in a perfectly cromulent way.
  • Shiro tries to think of the game as a way for all of them to bond.
    Lance: Stop trying to ruin our fun with learning!
  • The group have a Huddle Shot when trying to figure out how to take out Coran. He tries to lean in and listen, but Hunk tells him he's cast "secret" so he can't be eavesdropping. When he asks if everyone's ready, they're all wearing huge shit-eating grins.
  • Hunk and Pidge figure out how to fix the engine and both run off after some Techno Babble.
    Lance: Somehow I understand the fantasy words more than the science ones.
  • After everyone leaves, Coran asks if Shiro and Lance want to play another round, the two agree and what's Shiro's decision for his character in this round?
    Shiro: (Beat) I wanna be a Paladin again.
    Lance and Coran: (Face Fault)
    Shiro: What?
  • According to Word of God, if Keith played the game he'd likely have chosen to play as either a Barbarian, or a half-elf ranger.
  • The dungeon the team tackles is referred to, multiple times, as a "Tomb of Horrors." Anyone who gets the Shout-Out knows exactly how Corran prefers to play.

    The Colony 
  • As Lotor and Allura go to harvest quintessence, Coran complains about Pidge's math because of how stressed he is about the whole situation.
    Coran: Well, It is hard to argue with math. Believe me, I tried.
    • Lance then brings up a good point of how Zarkon became corrupted after going through the quintessence, that Coran immediately latches on to.
    Coran: Lance makes a fine point! Take that, math!
  • Keith is back, but Lance is a bit confused due to time working differently for him in the Quantum Abyss.
    Lance: Does he look bigger to you guys? He's bigger, right? No?
    • Then when Keith sets foot back onto the castle, Lance doesn't let him off the hook.
    Lance: Wait, how do we know you're the real Keith and not his bigger, cooler, grizzled older brother?
    Keith: I don't have time for this, Lance!
    Lance: Hey, everybody, Keith's back!
  • Keith introduces Krolia to Shiro, and Lance is still wrapping his head around the whole situation.
    Lance: WHAT?! Okay, this is nuts. You come back with your Galra mom, a wolf, and an Altean?!

    The Black Paladins 
  • After Shiro helps deliver Lotor to Haggar, Zethrid takes Lotor and tells Shiro that she can do the rest from here. Cue the awkward silence between Ezor and Shiro as she looks back and forth before approaching the stock still Shiro with curiosity.
    Ezor: ...Uh, is it broken? (begins to poke Shiro's face)
  • Honerva's somewhat annoyed expression when Acxa fires on her and then she immediately teleports out of the room before the blast even touches her.
  • Acxa shoots at Haggar, but she disappears to Ezor's confusion.
    Ezor: Did you just kill her?!
    • Lotor promising to explain everything to them but they needed to get the ships and leave now. And they just immediately roll with it.
      Ezor: (Beat) Um, sure?
      Zethrid: We're good.
  • A bit of Black Comedy, but after Keith tells the team to propel him through the rapidly closing wormhole that Shiro went through, he ends up on the other side alone, flying towards a very large amount of Galra cruisers. The wide-eyed look on his face screams, "Okay. Not my smartest move."

    All Good Things 
  • Coran telling Allura to type in a sequence, but she's not listening because she's trying to get over the feelings she had for Lotor and his betrayal. Coran then wonders if the reason why Allura can't her him is because his mic was on mute and asks about it.
    • Also, Hunk swinging Coran around on just a piece of rope. He even lampshades that they needed better safety measures.
  • Zethrid's reason for going back to Lotor's side?
  • Coran crawling through the vents and looking down a particular shaft. You can hear him thinking, "Welp, alright then."
    • Cut to a shot of the shaft where you hear Coran bouncing around and crying out in pain.
  • Coran finding the nunville, being disgusted at first due to its age, and then stopping to admit that, yep, that sounds like his pop-pop, is hilarious on its own.
  • Krolia asking Coran if blowing up the engine was a good idea, he admits that it wasn't, but it was the only plan they had.
  • The whole sequence of Coran setting off a bomb to reactivate the castle, and one of the ingredients was a 10,000 year old vial of nunvil.
    • Krolia's reaction deserves mentioning here, as her stunned response to the engine coming back online is the first time we've heard her express an emotion beyond "stern" or "heartfelt".
  • Coran get slammed against the doors, and when they open, they leave a clean outline of the Altean amongst the explosion.
  • Zethrid wonders why Lotor is trying to placate the Paladins, and Ezor says what everyone else is probably thinking.
    Ezor: I stopped trying to figure out Lotor's master plan long ago. Too complicated.
  • While what Lotor says is incredibly unnerving, you can't deny that the faces Ezor and Acxa make are hilarious.
  • Once Lotor forms Sincline after ejecting his generals, Hunk is ever the optimist.
    Hunk: Well, good news, it's four to one.
  • There's something amusing about the Black Lion flying in front of Sincline's face before zooming away, almost like a hit and run.

    Defenders of All Universes 
  • It's an incredibly sad moment when the Paladins have to sacrifice the castle to close the holes, so the Paladins run around grabbing all of their important items. Pidge grabs a few of her tech items while the space worms follow her, Hunk stocks up as much food as possible, Krolia floats in Shiro's body for Keith, Allura fetches the mice along with a holographic photo of her parents, and Lance? Lance is straining to get Kaltenecker into not Red, but Blue. Which means he either gave up and moved Kaltenecker to Red or Allura caught him doing this and told him to put Kaltenecker in his own lion.
  • Romelle's startled reaction when Green lets out a mighty roar while standing directly behind her and Krolia, with the latter not even flinching.
  • Some fans poked fun of the final shot of the season where all of the Paladins are standing together, looking triumphantly onward as they decide they're going back to Earth. However, Shiro isn't in the shot, and the last we saw he was leaning on to Keith after having his spirit was transferred into Kuron's body, meaning he's lying down on the floor, just out view of the entire group. Even the staff find this funny.

Season 7

    A Little Adventure 
  • Shiro introducing himself and says that if the students want to be part of the Garrison, they'd have to take a test. They react accordingly. He then adds that the test is playing a video game, causing them to fall back into their excitement.
  • The small Failure Montage of the students, especially the ones who looked close to attempting to wreck the machine out of anger, with Shiro rushing to try to stop him.
    • James can be seeing blushing at a girl who had failed during the simulation.
  • Keith piloting the simulation and one kid yells, "The emo kid's doing it!" Keith slowly gains a small crowd behind him as they watch.
    • James refusing to believe that Keith beat his level and thinks that the game had to be broken.
  • While frustrating to hear that the teacher has so little faith in Keith, it's hilarious for the scene to cut to Keith's video game showing a "Fail" with him missing from the seat and Shiro turning around to see his car revving up and then speeding away.
    Keith: I don't get it. I steal your car, and you respond by helping me out?
    • Hilarious in Hindsight, when during the Blade of Marmora trials Keith tells Shiro that he never stole the knife and asks if he trusts him.
  • Romelle is so confused at how the Paladins are so calm after what probably happened merely a few hours ago, and doesn't understand how they were just "simply moving on".
    Hunk: Hey, I've been saying that the whole time, but these guys like to move on.
    • The expressions of the others even seem to acknowledge this, like, "Yeah, we've been through hell, but it's happened so much that we're just going with the flow."
  • Coran licking a leaf and saying, "Yup, a yalmor definitely sprayed here." He then does a yalmor call.
  • Pidge and the others stumble on a pack of yalmors.
    Pidge: I think it's cute. You know, in a creepy, hideous sort of way, like you, Lance.
    Lance: (angrily fumes)
  • Coran trying to intimidate a yalmor leading to a slightly concerned Romelle.
    Romelle: Are all ancient Alteans like this?
    Pidge: Well we only know two.
  • Coran jumps into Hunks arms, causing him to stumble backwards and accidentally shoving Lance back, with his butt getting stabbed by a nearby thorn. While he falls in front of a snail-like creature and tries to be friendly, the warped view of Lance that the creature sees is pretty hilarious.
    • The groups eyes bulge out in shock when they get sprayed by the creature.
  • Romelle saying "Quizak" and Pidge has to correct her saying that it was pronounced "Quiznak". Romelle continues to use her term.
  • The way the group has to run from things that normally would have been small to them, and screaming as objects as simple as leaves are about to crush them.
    Lance: We're not running fast enough!
    Pidge: Run at an angle!
    Lance: How can I run at an—?! (watches Pidge) Oh!
  • Hunk growing increasingly fond of Romelle because she thinks similarly to him.
    Romelle: Adventures are not fun!
    Hunk: THANK YOU! That's what I'm always saying!
    • He even lampshades it.
    Romelle: (After Coran says they need to lure a yalmor to them) Lure a yalmor? To us? Like this?
    Hunk: (happily sliding towards her) I mean, it's like I think it, and you say it!
  • Keith being bored in the simulator and purposefully runs into Lance's ship. When he gets called out, Keith replies, "Sorry, just testing my controls. Stick's loose." What's even more hilarious is that you can see him smirking when he intentionally bumps out of the formation before getting scolded.
    • He later performs an uninstructed dive, causing the rest of his classmates to yell at him.
  • James trying to throw barbs at Keith with varying results.
    James: (muttering angrily) Thanks a lot.
    Keith: My pleasure.
  • When James starts to push Keith's buttons, the look on Hunk's face as he waits for the inevitable fistfight just screams "Oh, Crap! This Is Gonna Suck."
  • Shiro calling himself an "old timer", when Keith asks what his bracelet was supposed to do. The Reveal of his muscular degenerative disease ultimately makes this a "Funny Aneurysm" Moment, though.
  • The group end up using Hunk as bait to lure a yalmor. Coran's reasoning? Hunk is the biggest and the loudest.
  • The team surfing across the yalmor's body, and it's so over the top and unnecessary that it brings out a giggle or two.
  • Everyone grows back to normal size, but end up falling to the ground in a dog pile while Coran gracefully lands on top, with poor Romelle being pinned at the bottom.
    Romelle: Quiznak...
    Lance: My back...
  • Keith and a recovered Shiro's expression when Lance tries to recount their adventures with the yalmor.

    The Road Home 
  • The group talk about things they can't wait to see on Earth, and Pidge says she wants to see her mom, dad and dog. However, when she realizes how angry her mom would likely be after running away, she worriedly wonders if she was going to be grounded.
    • Hilariously, when this worry proves justified, Colleen says that she grounded Pidge for thinking it was acceptable to run off into space without telling her mother; as several fans have pointed out, this implies that Colleen would have been fine with the whole thing if Pidge had asked permission.
  • Coran calculates the time required for the group to reach Earth in the Lions, via "finger counting". His answer of 150,000 years ETA leaves everyone shocked, with Lance's soul actually leaving his body. Pidge corrects Coran that the ETA is actually 1.5 Earth years, and Lance's soul returns happily, while Coran sheepishly notes that he "didn't carry the three."
  • Lance explaining what elephants are to the Alteans giving us this gem from Allura: "Earth seems so strange".
  • To figure out the passengers, Hunk suggests they draw straws. Allura takes this literally and complains that she's terrible at drawing. Coran reminisces when a baby Allura tried drawing her grandmother and it went terribly.
    • Lance is seen literally pushing that image of Allura way in the next scene.
  • Lance takes it upon himself to decide the traveling arrangements for the trip to Earth now that they're stuck with only the Lions for transportation. Everyone ends up horribly mismatched, which leads to a hugely relatable road-trip-esque scene:
    • Coran is very eager to dive into learning how to pass time during road trips as part of Earth's culture, starting with the I Spy game (featuring the Altean alphabet). So eager, in fact, that when Keith and Shiro express confusion about that part, he even offers to teach them by singing the alphabet akin to a preschool teacher. Theirs and Krolia's reactions run the gamut from "What the quiznak are you trying to say?!" to "Okay, can you just NOT?!" You can even see Shiro thinking, "I regret ever opening my mouth."
      • Keith and Krolia's eyes widening in fear as Coran gets ready to conduct his song.
      • Halfway through the song Romelle joins in and starts singing along, much to everyone's exacerbation.
    • Allura winds up with Keith's pet wolf but has a pretty short fuse about dealing with his... dog-like antics. Keith just reacts like a put-upon pet owner to her predicament, especially when she finally loses her temper about him tearing up the Blue Lion's mechanics.
      Allura: Wonderful. Now everything's covered in wolf drool!
      Keith: (tiredly) Oh yeah, uh, he's uh, super drooly.
    • Even Lance ends up regretting his chosen passenger arrangements for each Lion when Romelle starts constantly bombarding him with questions about certain controls in the Red Lion (which rapidly goes from claims of taking over in case of emergencies like Lance tripping when using the bathroom or breaking his leg to generally nonsensical reasons) and messing with his stuff.
      Romelle: Ooooh, this looks shiny! Oh, can I touch this thing over here? Oh, and what about this?
      Lance: (unamused and getting steam blown in his face) Urgh! What did you touch? (Later with goop covering his body and falling onto his helmet) You've gotta be kidding me!
    • Hunk immediately hits it off with the mice, even eagerly taking "mice selfies" to show to the others. This... doesn't help their moods. At all.
    • And then, amidst the cacophony, everyone realizes Pidge has just been on her own playing video games this whole time, and stick her with all the offending passengers. What makes it better is that Allura, Hunk, Lance and Keith all seem to have a lightbulb going off in their heads when they made that decision.
    • During the subsequent battle with the Galra Pirates, the wolf takes it upon himself to finally fix the seating arrangements... in the middle of the fight. Coran's expression in particular is hilarious and Allura is confused when she sees that Romelle in her Lion now.
  • As Coran follows Krolia in an attempt to help her, Keith moves the ship so it swings to the side, causing Coran to be flung into a closet with the door closing right behind him. He's quiet for a few moments before gingerly asking Krolia for help or if anyone heard him.
  • Pidge's reaction to the wolf suddenly vanishing, especially after she tells him that if he had a plan she could really use it right now.
  • The Galra pilot's eyes widening in fear when the wolf growls over him and slowly leans in closer.

    The Way Forward 
  • Lance leaning on the prison cell walls and when Keith asks what he's doing, he claims to be trying to find a secret passage. Keith tries to dissuade him saying he's seen too many movies. He attempts to kick the wall which only resulted in pain and tries to repeat the same thing on another wall. Krolia grumpily asks if someone could shut him up and Lance immediately stops with a whimper.
  • They belatedly realize that Coran isn't with the group, and while they're glad there's a spark of hope for their escape... no one is really pleased at the thought that Coran could be their savior.
    Pidge: (looking at Lance) I will help you look for that passage.
    • Even Krolia and can't help but look a little put-off by that thought.
  • Coran doing his own narration (of his 42 chapter of a real memoir called "The True Tales of a Humble Hero") as he tries to escape the closet. When the mice run into him, he screams in fright but then tries to cover it up by saying it was supposed to scare them, and not because he was terrified.
  • As he and the mice spot a nearby foot soldier, Coran tells the mice a plan of action, but they simply ignore Coran and do their own thing.
  • The team meet Ezor and Zethrid again, and Hunk tries to get on their good side, saying how glad he was to see that they weren't dead.
  • Ezor asking how in the world the team got out of the void alive if Lotor was dead, leading to this hilarious line from Hunk.
    Hunk: Because... of the power of teamwork?
    • Allura and Pidge's reactions to Hunk are basically, "Really? That's how you decide to explain it?"
  • A couple of pirates are talking amongst each other, and one of them is talking about how a store was giving away free kalteneckers.
  • The Running Gag of the pirates recognizing Blofar's scarf and Coran trying (and failing) to come up with a convincing lie.
  • Acxa is looking over at the guards and when she turns around her face comes extremely close to Coran's. Out of all the situations she's been in, this was the one that caused her to flip out the most and quickly give herself an arms distance away from the Altean.
  • Coran running into a particularly large pirate who he sees and tries to say he's covering his shift for him. He deadpans by saying that his shift just started.
  • The fact that the space mice took down the Galra guarding the Paladins' cell, right after Krolia tells everyone to rush the guard the second the door opens again.
  • Lance and Keith helping Coran up, and Coran mistakes Lance for Allura.
    • This line, "Let's go get our hayards and belmets."
  • Two pirates are looking at the Paladins items that they took, and one tries to put on Hunk's helmet, that just sits on top of his head. He asks for his friends opinion and he replies "kind of dumb". The other one wonders how the weapon works and his friend just says he can't wait for it to stab him in the face.
    • Then Coran ruins their stealth by screaming for the pirates to unhand their gear, causing Lance and Pidge having to pull him out of sight and holding him back.
  • Ezor mocking Axca's feelings for Keith.
    Ezor: Oh look, Acxa, it's your favorite Paladin!
    Zethrid: So do you guys actually know each other?
    Ezor: Yeah, don't you remember how she never wanted to kill him?
    Zethrid: Aww, I guess it is true love.
    Keith:(Beat) Can't we just fight?!
  • Krolia grabbing one of the space pirates' jet packs and ripping one off, causing him to spiral around in space.

    The Feud 
  • Lance's expression when Bob tells the group that if they lose the game, they'd have to stay at the studio for eternity.
  • After Bob's Voice of the Legion when he says the Paladins must play his game with an evil undertone and falls back to his cheery self, Keith gives a small nod while everyone else furiously nods out of pure fright.
  • Lance's horrible guessing of what Keith's drawing, to the point where Keith snaps his pen in anger.
    • Followed shortly by a new pen reappearing out of thin air for Keith, much to his surprise and confusion.
  • The team's reactions to the opposing team, but especially Allura who makes an expression that seems to be saying, "Oh no, my ex!"
  • Fake Zarkon saying, "Hello, Bob", and Fake Lotor pouting.
  • Bob starts to flirt with Fake Haggar, and this actually causes her to blush.
  • After Zarkon correctly guesses Haggar, a mortified Keith angrily looks up from his table to Lance and mutters, "Windy... cave?"
    • As the Galra team celebrates their victory, Fake Zarkon tries to get a high-five from his wife, but when she doesn't he nervously looks away.
  • Hunk basically sums up the entire episode: "This is really bizarre."
  • When Fake Zarkon snaps at Fake Lotor not to yell at Fake Haggar, Lotor's response is to sulk for a moment...then turn around and smack Fake Morvok, who protests that he didn't even do anything. Even Zarkon doesn't bother to reprimand Lotor for this.
  • Lance's guessing game where he has to figure out the names of the people he's met over the course of their adventures. Just like with Pictionary, he fails spectacularly.
    • The biggest troll move for the game? Just as the pictures stop on a face that Lance recognizes, it immediately changes to someone else just as he's about to give his answer.
      Lance: Quiznak! Can you guys stop changing it at the last second?!
      • For Antok, he glances at Keith who's gesturing to his knife and thinks his name was "Blade-y"? For Rolo, his team spells out with their arms, "ROLO" and when he admits "I got nothing" they angrily spell "KILL".
  • After Lance correctly guesses the last name, meaning he won't get fed to a giant monster, the audience boos in disappointment, only for Bob to offhandedly comment, "They are savages."
  • The odd victory dance Lotor and Morvok do when Lance continues to fail at the game.
  • After the Galra team loses, Morvok tries to say that they all had a wonderful time on the show despite how short it was and Haggar angrily leans over and hisses at him to shut up.
  • Bii-Boh-Bi is apparently the star of a famous stick-com called "Bii-Boh Me".
  • The Garflater game, where Bii-Boh-Bi gives "hints" to a certain phrase that Lance has to guess. Problem is, Bii-Boh-Bi's vocabulary is limited to "bii" and "boh", making it impossible to tell what he's trying to say. In order, the answers were "Bii", "Bii-bii", "Bii", "Boh-Bii-Boh", and "Bii".
    • When Lance "incorrectly" guesses the final answer and gets dunked into a goo tank, Bob tells him that the correct answer was "bi". Lance then shrieks, "I SAID THAT!"
  • After the commercial break, Lance notes that the goo tank he got dunked in was nice and warm, and it feels like he's getting exfoliated. Bob tells him that eventually the goo will eat through his skin, and Lance's eyes widen in fear.
    • When Pidge attacks Bob and they're all put back behind their stands, Lance looks down at himself in confusion and pats himself to make sure he's really there.
  • When asked who the smartest person on the team was, everyone points to Pidge and she just raises her hand.
  • Keith's reason for choosing Lance to be set free?
    Keith: I just don't want to be stuck here for eternity with Lance.
    Lance: Aw, thanks man. (Beat) Wait, what?!
  • Before the show ends, Bob throws out this random PSA.
    Bob: From all of us here at Garfle Warfle Snick, please have your klanmurls, spade or neutered! Good night!
  • All of the commercial breaks, from the Terra owner trying to sell his wares and saying there'd be a free Kaltenecker in it, Vrepit Sal's restaurant, and finally the mermaids with the selling point being, "Feel so safe and warm, you'll want to stay forever!"
  • After the Paladins wake up and realize the gameshow wasn't a dream Keith and the others unanimously agree that Bob was a jerk.

    The Ruins 
  • Krolia and Keith waking up the group for a morning exercise routine, much to everyone's annoyance.
    • Pidge quietly mutters in her sleep how it was possible that she got a 99 on the test even when she did all of the extra credit. When she wakes up, she sighs in relief that it was all just a dream.
    • Romelle can be seen nearly leaning off of her bed, clutching her pillow and one of her legs stretched onto the wall. Coran clears up his mustache by licking his fingers and twisting it.
    • Allura agrees with Lance, curling up with the mice and asking if they could just sleep in for another fifteen dobashes.
  • Shiro tells the others that doing routines is what got him through captivity as well as being stuck in the Black lion.
    Lance: (grumpy and tired) I guess that does make you an expert on killing time.
  • Krolia created her own battle simulation that's impossible to beat, and claims in a somewhat happy tone that she wanted to see how far each of them could get. Lance grumbles, "Like mother, like son".
    • Hunk is the first to fall out, but he doesn't really care. Keith then tries to give orders to everyone else, but is hit and fails the simulation.
      Keith: (Hears the beep indicating failure) What?!
      Krolia: (Looking somewhat disappointed) Keith, you're out.
  • Hunk using the wolf to deliver food to everyone, and when he tells Keith that they should name the wolf, he refuses. The others settle on Kosmo, much to his annoyance.
    Keith: We're not calling him Kosmo.
    Hunk: Aw, come on, Keith. We gotta call him something.
    Keith: I figure when he's ready, he'll tell me his name.
    Lance: (Unwrapping his food) So Kosmo. Got it.
    • Keith continues to refuse calling the wolf Kosmo for the rest of the season.
  • Lance at first immensely enjoys Hunk's food, until he starts explaining where all of the ingredients came from, causing Lance to spit it all up onto his tray and tells Hunk he'd rather eat his food and not know where it originated.
  • Pidge finds a signal that after much excitement turns out to just be a Bih-Bo-Bii show, which first seems to be a sitcom that even has a set modeled after the Seinfeld apartment, but then goes into severe Mood Whiplash when someone dies with a Skyward Scream. Coran is deeply into both versions.
  • Romelle looking around the den and muttering that it was disgusting. When Macidus says that it had been his home for the past two years, Romelle quickly back peddles.
    Romelle: Oh!... 'Disgusting' is Altean for 'lovely.' You don't speak Altean, do you?

    The Journey Within 
  • Shiro getting this zing at Lance.
    Shiro: Well, I’m sorry, Lance, but I guess having my consciousness transplanted from the infinity of Voltron’s inner Quintessence into the dead body of an evil clone of myself has left me a little out of sorts for the past few weeks.
  • Pidge trying to explain dark matter, giving Hunk the opportunity to make a pun.
  • Lance doing nothing to cheer up the group's mood after being blasted out into space.
    Lance: Don't worry, Hunk. Something will be along to kill us any minute now. (Beat) Any minute. (Beat) Aaaaaany minute now.
    • Earlier he talks about how something was bound to happen because something's always out to kill them.
  • The somewhat funny transition of the group going from floating and grabbing onto whatever part of them that they could to linking arms with their backs to each other is a bit funny.
  • The group sounding off in order to keep themselves sane, but Hunk isn't really into it.
    Hunk: (After Allura signs off) (Beat) I'm hiding.
  • When Lance says he's seeing lights, Hunk says, "Told you Lance would go crazy first."
  • Romelle asks Lance if something had tried to kill them.
    Lance: You know it.

    The Last Stand: Part 1 
  • Colleen and Sam reuniting. Except Colleen hugs her husband so tight that you can hear his spine cracking.
    Sam: The Galra didn't kill me, but your hug might!
  • If you listen closely to Sam's ringtone, it's the main theme for Legendary Defender.
  • This becomes a little funnier in hindsight when Sam and Colleen use the footage the Paladins made for their families back on Earth to prove to the world that what they were talking about was real. Hunk tells Sam that he cried in his and claims for his video, "That's mom's eyes only". Well, his mom, and the entire world got to see it.
  • A little blink and you'll miss it moment, but if you look closely the background you can see Mako.

    The Last Stand: Part 2 
  • Veronica giving valid points to Griffin on why she should be coming along, causing Rizavi to quickly warm up to her, especially when Veronica says that Rizavi was a better driver than the rest of the team.
    Rizavi: I like her.
    Veronica: Oh, and shotgun.
    Rizavi: I really like her.

    Know Your Enemy 
  • As the Paladins leave the Lions on Saturn and head to Earth, Allura wonders if Kaltenecker and the mice will be okay. As she's saying this, Kaltenecker is contentedly chewing on hay, and the mice are having the time of their lives, as usual.
  • Keith tells Lance "Don't miss" the shots he takes at the enemies while Keith is acting as a distraction. What makes it funny is that he does it with an expression and tone that suggests that Lance would miss his shots on purpose.
  • Iverson petting Kosmo who takes a liking to him. Coran then warns Iverson to be careful or Kosmo could teleport him to a different universe, causing the commander to become slightly panicked.
  • Keith walking in on a frustrated Hunk and awkwardly trying to make conversation.
    Keith: If there's anything on your mind-
    Hunk: (Slamming a rag onto the table) This situation stinks! It's just- I can't believe we finally get back to Earth and it's taken over by Galra!
    Keith: ...I guess there is something on your mind.
  • While it's mostly sweet, there's something hilarious about Pidge being small enough to full body hug her mother with ease.

    Heart of the Lion 
  • Griffin watches Keith and Pidge vanish along with Kosmo and Allura plainly tells him that Kosmo was a cosmic wolf.
    Griffin: (impressed) I got to get me one of those.
  • Veronica noticing Lance looking at Allura and teases her brother.
    Veronica: She's pretty.
    Lance: (immediately flustered) I don't know what you're talking about!
  • Pidge does hand-signals for Keith, and while it does take him a moment to really process what's she's suggesting, he gives her a thumbs up and teleports away with Kosmo.
  • Pidge's hologram distracting the guards by making noises and doing a pelvic thrust dance.
  • There's something amusing about seeing Allura grab some nearby rubble and toss it over their barrier to try and hit the droids. While it's understandable seeing as how her whip wouldn't be much help, it's still a pretty funny moment. What's even better is that one of them gives a Wilhelm Scream when hit.
  • Veronica again sees the growing spark between Lance and Allura, taking another moment to tease Lance who again denies it.
    Veronica: (Cat Smile) Looks like she likes you back.
    • Earlier when she sees Allura walking up to their vehicle she leans over curiously before pretending to not see anything and slides out of view.
    • And Lance again gets flustered and tries to deny it. Poorly.
  • Hunk trying to make some small talk with Kinkade.
    Hunk: So, uh... You excited about this mission?
    Kinkade: Hm.
    Hunk: Yeah. Totally. I feel the same.
    • What's funny is how the only person he really talked to was Lance.

    Trial by Fire 
  • Shiro, glad to see the Lions flying, tells the Paladins that they were now going to attack Sendak's ship, causing Pidge to quickly tell him to not shoot because while they could now telepathically control the Lions, their bodies were still on the ship.

    Lions' Pride: Part 1 
  • As Griffin starts giving out orders to his group, Rizavi literally flies off towards the danger without waiting for him to finish.
    Kinkade: And, she's already engaging.
  • Griffin orders Leifsdottir to give him a status on the situation, and she proceeds to tell him about the weather. He snaps that he meant assessing the battle.
    • Later when he asks her for a battle strategy and gives him a simple response, he admits to expecting her to say some convoluted mathematical strategy.
  • The icon of Sam is a cute icon of his head that giggles and tilts back and forth on his screen. Like father, like daughter.
  • Sam warning Shiro that he may have to hack into his brain in order to get to the crystal. Shiro quietly snarks that this wouldn't be the first time it's happened.

    Lions' Pride: Part 2 
  • There's just something so amusing how Atlas just towers over Voltron — the most powerful weapon in the universe — and the Altean-piloted mech.
  • Seeing all the different aliens we've met on our journey coming to Earth, like Vrepit Sal looking at the produce, and Veronica shaking Slav's many hands.
    • Also, the fact that apparently the Balmera is now literally orbiting around Earth can cause a lot of unintended laughs.
    • Speaking of Sal, he's still got the bearded alien with him.

Season 8

    Launch Date 
  • The season opens up with Pidge watching the 80's Voltron show, which apparently somebody made in-universe. She looks over to her dog after watching a scene with "Pidge" helping with Voltron in a fight.
    Pidge: I don't really sound like that, do I Bae-Bae?
    • Later, Hunk is discussing the show with Lance and he notes all the differences, like Coran being so serious, then diplomatically noting that Allura is "different", and Keith being friendly.
  • Romelle helping Allura telling Pidge about her date with Lance.
    Romelle: She has a date with pointy-chin!
  • Pidge flipping out on her mom because apparently, she did ground her daughter because she thought "running away from home and gallivanting off into space without her mother's permission is an acceptable activity for a fifteen year old."
    • She and her mother both sport evil grins, glowing eyes and distorted voices as they argue.
  • The reason Colleen lets Pidge go with them? She knows how much her daughter hates shopping for clothing.
  • Nadia likes shopping because it calms her. Like skydiving.
  • Bex pulling off their best 80's Pidge gremlin voice.
    • Pidge even ends up wearing the 80's gear to get more into character.
  • While trying out clothes, Allura just happens to end up in her 80's casual wear.
  • Coran tells Lance no one knows Allura better than him... except the mice, who have a telepathic connection with her. He thinks that's cheating a bit.
    • Coran going Papa Wolf on Lance when he tells him he's going on a date with Allura. He points out Lance didn't ask her primary guardian for permission to date her. Him.
      Coran: (shoving Lance out of his room) Now, count to zingor, then knock!
      Lance: But Allura already said-! (doors close)
  • Lance reopens the door and Coran managed to renovate his entire room in like, 3 seconds!
  • Lance's "Altean" outfit is enough to throw Keith out of whack when he sees it. He assures Lance that if Allura's willing to go out with him, it's because she likes him.
    Keith: The annoying, stupid, earth version of you.
    • Said outfit includes: a bucket over Lance's head, a frying pan and ladle on a belt across his waist, flat-bottomed pans on his shoulders, bandages on his legs, two capes, and frankfurters across his neck. It has to be seen to be believed.
  • Lance's brother tells Allura that it took her coming over to allow Lance to finally graduate to the "adult table". Cut to a view of Lance's sister Rachel glaring at Lance while sitting at a smaller table with her niece and nephew.
  • Veronica suggests to Lance that he put in a good word for her to that "long-haired friend" of his, cue a Rapid-Fire "No!" from her brother.
    • He then rants offscreen why Keith wouldn't be a viable option for a good couple of minutes before Veronica laughs and says that she was just joking.
  • When Lance fails to ask Allura out, as she's walking away, Hunk quickly grabs Lance on the head, spins him around, and kicks him towards Allura. Lance ends up shooting past her.

  • Many people think that Lotor based his armor off of Kova.

    A Prisoner's Dilemma 
  • Keith warns the Galra commander to lower his weapons, only for him to open fire on Voltron and the coalition.
    Lance: Well, that didn't take long!
  • Lance and Hunk getting a view of the superweapon and quite understandably try to slip as quietly as possible. But when Pidge contacts them, causing some noise, the superweapon charges at the two with Lance screaming as the screen cuts back to Pidge.

    Battle Scars 
  • A weblum makes a reappearance, which Hunk points out to Keith.
    Hunk: Keith, we went in one!
    Keith: (with a disgusted look) How could I forget?
  • Hunk and Keith trying to remember the rhyme Coran's video used to tell them what to avoid on the Weblum. However, all they do is end up annoying Allura.
    Keith: No, no! It was, "If you don't want to be dead, stay away from its head!"
    Allura: We don't have time to listen to your rhymes!
    Hunk: Haha! You just-.
    • The video didn't even have Coran do a rhyme.
  • Hunk tries to contact Coran and ask how to stop a Weblum. Just like in that same episode, Coran's video feed begins to get staticky and Hunk can do nothing to stop it.

    The Grudge 
  • A lot of laughs comes from Acxa who is Comically Serious for a lot of the episode. While the others are trying to be friendly, she just comes off as incredibly morbid.
  • Iverson gets in a few funny moments after him being shown as an incredibly serious character for the past seasons. When he explains how it's getting harder to move his arm, Veronica thinks its from his previous story about saving his dog, but he corrects her.
    Iverson: No. It's because I'm old and fat.
  • When Acxa describes how Galra view combat, Ina points out how the mood of the table has become awkward. After Nadia shoves her with her shoulder, Ina tries to amend this by saying... it's likely due to Acxa's Galra lineage?
    Ina: (beat) Yep. Definitely... awkward.
    • Kinkade's reaction is his eyes bugging out while he drops his food from his spoon. Later on, he's seen trying to slowly slide under the table.
    • James gives up face-palming and just faceplants into his food tray.
  • While looking at the drone that was sent after them, Hunk makes note of the code.
    Hunk: Will you look at that. It's single modulated not double modulated, huh?
    Pidge: Oh, shut up, Hunk!
  • Allura tries to find out where they are on the planet, she stares at a few trees.
    Allura: (beat) Okay, I'm lost.
  • As Lance tells the others how he figured out where the lions were located, Hunk calls him a genius.
    Pidge: Well... let's not get ahead of ourselves.
  • The log that distracted the bounty hunter has Pidge's hacker sign on it.

    Day Forty-Seven 
  • Kinkade's reasons for why he purposefully doesn't talk that much.
  • Nadia trying to make Kinkade's documentary more exciting.
  • Slav can't read earth numbers, so when he changes the gravity, he asks Kinkade to push him towards the control panel. However, that sends them all crashing up onto the ceiling.
    Slav: Oh no... Directly on a crack!
    Kinkade: Huh, weird.
  • The dog picking up the still-recording camera and ferrying it around the ship. Twice.
  • Kinkade being excited about yeast, and even did a video project for it in school, which Rizavi found boring.
  • Kinkade has the polite sense to cover up the camera and turn it away as Lance and Allura lean in for a kiss, but Rizavi is saddened that he was taking their "love shot" away.
  • Nadia is interviewing Kolivan about a recent mission, and he's giving it in the most deadpan 'mission report' tone of voice. So she asks him to tell it like he's saying it to a friend int he mess hall and he complies... retelling it in the very same deadpan tone as before.
  • In a meta, Take That! sort of way to Found Footage Films, the characters drop the camera every time things on the Atlas get super dangerous (and thus, super interesting), so that we never see exactly what the Atlas is fighting. Because the only available cameraman (the dog) doesn't really grasp things like shot composition and pointing the camera at the action.

    Clear Day 
  • Shiro getting the brunt of the alien leader's rant.
  • Pidge, Lance and Hunk zipping off after getting their tokens.
    Pidge: Oh, well... I'd better go check out the arcade, to make sure it's safe. (zips off)
    Lance: Me too! (zips off)
    Hunk: Me three! (zips off)
  • The alien leader telling Shiro he shouldn't do the arm-wrestling competition.
    Shiro: Why's that? Is that because of my arm?
    Alien Leader: Hahaha! No, arm wrestling is for the young and strong. You're old, like me! Those kids would break you in half, mechanical arm or not.
    Shiro: (glaring punching his fist after a pause) Is it too late to sign up?
  • Keith asking a couple of alien kids if they've seen anyone suspicious.
    Alien: Yeah, there was a guy who asked us if we saw anyone suspicious.
    Keith: Okay, that's a start. Did you get a good look at- (beat) It's me, isn't it?
  • Keith and Hunk go on the tunnel ride, and while Keith scowls, Hunk is enjoying the ride and the Clear Day song. However, when the ride breaks down and they're stuck, Keith sports a wide-eyed expression and sounds on the verge of panicking.
    Keith: (whimpering) I wanna get outta here.
    • Then the ride later turns back on.
      Keith: (Sighing) Finally. (the ride breaks down again and cue a beat from Keith) THAT'S IT! (slashes the safety bar) I'M GETTING OUT OF HERE! You coming?
      Hunk: Can we come back when the ride gets fixed? I wanna see how it ends!
  • The Unilu mall girl is working the prize stand and when Pidge realizes she doesn't have enough tickets to get Allura the helmet, the Unilu girl offers Pidge a shovel.
    Unilu Girl: Well, in that case, you can get one of these shovels, and use it to dig your way out of the hole you find yourself in.
  • James and Kinkade are at a shooting gallery, and when James wins, he kisses his prize and smugly smiles at Kinkade, the designated sharpshooter.
  • Pidge using large pleading doe eyes to get her dad to give her some tokens. Sam reluctantly gives in. However, Colleen tells Pidge she has to earn them, through a family picture.
    Pidge: I'll take the picture, but I pick the costume!
    Colleen: I get to add one accessory, and you have to smile!
    Pidge: Half-smile!
    Colleen: ...You got yourself a deal.
    • Sam watching the whole fiasco tells you he's been through this before.

    The End is the Beginning 
  • The Galras asked Keith to be their new emperor, but when Lance says that Keith obviously turned that offer down, he answers yes.
    Lance: (shrugging his arms) Classic Keith.


    Issue 1 
  • The first issue begins with Voltron fighting a giant monster with Hunk yelling, "This was supposed to be a training exercise!"
  • Coran tells Allura she has to rest up and she denies this by saying she isn't feeling ill. When the Paladins get ready to go, Lance says the one thing she'd be missing was him, causing Allura to mutter that she feels ill now.
    • The mice's individual reactions are pretty funny. Chulatt is rolling on the mattress laughing, Plachu is covering its face while turning away, and Platt looks just as annoyed as Allura.
  • In the motion comic, the Black Lion can be seen nodding its head in agreement to Lance's comment about heaven being their next stop if they enter the bar as a customer is being punched through the wall of the building.
  • Coran noting that the place looks like it had just refurbished.
  • Kythylian Mu saying the current Paladins seemed "kinda scrawny" and looks down at Pidge. She immediately gets angry.
  • The team arrive on a planet and manage to slay the monster there, but it turns out that the monster was actually the guardian.

    Issue 2 
  • Lance saying it was Keith's fault for killing the planet's guardian. Keith angrily replies that it was Lance's fault.
    • Also this bit when they're fighting another monster. Lance actually has a witty comeback.
      Keith: Lance, watch your foot!
      Lance: You watch your mouth! I know what I'm doing!
      (The monster grabs Voltron and slams it to the ground.)
      Keith: Good job, Lance.
      Lance: That one's on Hunk.
    • Hunk apologizes and claims he's too hungry to focus. Pidge goes on a long winded speech about how fasting had positive health benefits and adds, "Your body is modulating hormones to enhance your senses, thus making you a better hunter". Hunk grumbles in annoyance that his body was making him more aware of how hungry he was.
  • Hunk's plan to distract the monster? Cooking it a meal. Even Keith agrees with Lance that it doesn't seem like a good idea.
  • The Paladins' weary "are you kidding me" looks when they finally get the village leader to tell them about the pearl and he reveals he doesn't know where it is but he knows who does know, a princess being held captive who they'll have to rescue.

    Issue 3 
  • This one is narrated by Lance. The text boxes are stylized as medieval scrolls as if describing the story of a great hero. It opens with an imaginary scene of Lance posing in front of a dragon while a princess does a Leg Cling on him. Not to mention the way Lance describes the other Paladins.
    Pidge, the elfin genius. To be honest, Lance understood little of what she said, but it seemed to be generally helpful in some mathematical way.
    There was Shiro, his right hand man. The muscle. Maybe a little over serious, but a trustworthy companion nonetheless.
    Hunk, the loveable oaf. Quick with a hug and a snack, good with a wrench and a song.
    And Keith. The other one.
  • Allura, still recovering from healing the Balmera during "Rebirth", is forced to stay at the Castle and rest. The first thing we see her doing in this issue is riding around in what's basically a futuristic rolly-chair. Her reaction when the Paladins catch her playing around is priceless.
    • The motion comic makes this scene better by playing cheerful music in the background. The second Allura's alerted to the Paladin's presence the music immediately dies out and she quickly fixes her hair.
  • The Paladins tell Allura the whole situation about having to "beat a monster and save a princess", and Allura offers to help.
    Lance: Don't sweat it, Allura. I already saved one beautiful alien princess. Doing it again shouldn't be a problem.
    Allura: (Pissed) WHAT?! YOU?! SAVED ME?! WHEN I GET TO THAT PLANET, YOU ARE GOING TO HAVE TO RESCUE MY FOOT FROM— (Curse Cut Short as she begins coughing)
    • Then right after:
    Lance: You just go back to bed and dream of my return.
    Lance: I know—
    Keith: Lance! Would you just zip it?!
    Textbox: Jealousy, thy name is Keith.
  • How did Lance figure out the serpent was actually the princess they were looking for? The screeching she was making at the Paladins was similar to the yelling expression Allura makes towards Lance. He remarked that it wasn't the first time a princess yelled at him.
  • While the scroll talks about how he heroically fought the monster and was definitely not running around screaming like a coward, the scene happening outside the text is the exact opposite.
  • Pidge uses her invisibility cloaking to catch the witch off guard, causing this interaction with Lance.
    Lance: Nice going, Pidge! I see you got the signals I sent about you using the Green Lion's cloaking while I distracted her!
    Pidge: You mean the screaming? Yeah, I picked up on that.
    • Earlier when he was looking for Pidge, his voice cracks as he panics.
      Lance: Looks like it's just you and me, Pidge. (looks around but doesn't see Pidge) Pidge? Pidge?!
  • Princess Malocoti tells the Paladins that they'll need to depend on "the bravest and most clever of you all" — cue Lance sparkling and looking smug in the background — Pidge.
  • Malocoti praises Pidge for sneaking up on the sorceress "while using Lance's panicking and screaming as a distraction."
  • Pidge takes over the narration at the end and Lance objects, telling Pidge that while she can take the princess, she won't take his scroll.

    Issue 4 
  • While it's terrifying to see the Paladins ganging up on Pidge, they make some pretty funny expressions when she beats them down.
  • The sphinx asks the Paladins who is the most knowledgeable among them. Their response?
    Lance: Her.
    Hunk: The green one.
    Keith: The short one.
    Shiro: That's Pidge.
    Pidge: Me.
  • After the Sphinx poses its riddle ("What can be totally broken apart and yet reform stronger than ever?"), Pidge answers "Voltron", which the Sphinx rejects, saying the answer was hope. The Paladins proceed to argue with the Sphinx, rightfully pointing out that the question is vague enough that the answer could be any of a multitude of things.
    Pidge: But Voltron is applicable! And very relevant!
    Sphinx: I'm sorry, but the answer was hope. And now I will never tell you where the pearl is!
    Hunk: I mean, like a lot of things could have been the answer if you think about it. Like love.
    Keith: I've heard of people breaking swords and then smelting them even stronger.
    Lance: My heart is stronger than ever, despite it being broken many times.
    Keith: Isn't that love, like Hunk said?
    Lance: Oh, be quiet before I break you and see if you reform stronger.
  • Pidge telling Lance to try and kick the Sphinx. Lance whoops in glee as Voltron attempts to swipe at the monster with its leg.

    Issue 5 
  • The Paladins return to pay up Coran's debt only to find out that the whole thing was a ruse for them to train.


    Voltron Vlogs 
  • Coran starts off the vlogs with how to keep calm during the face of battle. A clip from "Rebirth" shows him having a meltdown as Drazil weakens the castle's defenses.
    Coran: I was being attacked by a giant monster with laser eyes on its arms! Anyone would panic a little.
    • He goes onto talk about preserving memories, but makes note of some he wished never happened as it replays a clip from "The Ark of Taujeer" where the Red Lion rudely leaves him in order to search for Keith.
      Coran: ... I still think that Lion ran away because of the outfit.
  • Keith starts his vlog awkwardly introducing himself and groans in frustration when he repeats himself. He talks about how realizing he's half-Galran probably affected his life, and goes over moments such as Hunk asking him questions about his lineage and Lance trying to connect via team chant.
    Keith: I still don't understand why I wouldn't just say "Voltron". It's- it's so much faster! One person says it, right? Done. I say "Voltron" and then the chant is over! It doesn't have to be complicated!
  • Allura in her vlog noting that she wasn't exactly hopeful towards the new Paladins that the Lions chose at the beginning.
    • In fact, she thought the Lions were broken because of how poorly the Paladins worked together at the start.
  • Lance enthusiastically beginning his vlog and saying that he was going to share some of the most important memories of space history... "and they include me".
    • Cut to the scene where Lance meets Allura for the first time and her grabbing him by the ear.
      Lance: Yeah, I always had, such a way with women.
    • Lance talks dreamily about Allura before realizing he was still being recorded and tries to cover it up.
      Lance: Yeah, she's great. (realizes he said that out loud) I mean, she probably thinks I'm great, and strong, and-and pretty. I mean, not pretty-pretty, I mean han-! (sighs and leans towards the computer monitor) Is there, is there a, computer is there a delete button on here??
    • During the scene of "Taking Flight" after Nyma handcuffs him, Lance's words are cut off by a Record Needle Scratch.
    • The final scene shows him accidentally kissing Platt.
      Lance: ...For the record, that mouse kissed me, and it was strictly planetonic! (Beat) Am I using that word right?
  • Pidge notes that compared to technology she wasn't used to being with other people. Cut to the scene where she stuns Lance with her Bayard for the first time.
    • She adds that space provided them a way to blend friendship with technology as she talks about Rover.
      Pidge: We were like two genetically modified peas in a pod. I should know, I reprogrammed it to be that way.
    • While adding that Rover was probably her closest friend before meeting the Paladins, the scene cuts away to Pidge talking to the statues of trash that she made of her friends in season 2.
    • Pidge happily saying that everyone in the castle accepted her for who she was, but then adds that Lance was probably more ignorance than acceptance when he found out she was a girl.
    • She ends her vlog as Matt notifies her that he reached the final level of Killbot Phantasm 1 and quickly scurries off camera to find out how he did it.
      • If you compare Pidge's vlog to the others, the lenses are actually zoomed in on her because she's the shortest in her group.
  • Hunk begins his vlog by saying if you wanted to survive space exploration, stay home.
    • He again talks about how the food goo turned on him during "Crystal Venom". He even adds how even the things you love turn on you.
      Hunk: (Crossing his arms and frowning deeply) I've never felt so betrayed in my life.
    • He asks the viewers to guess how well his mission in the belly of the weblum went, and a clip of the germs latching onto him plays.
    • He adds that even if you think you made an ally, you're probably wrong. Cue the clip of Lance calling his friends after being handcuffed by Nyma.

  • When Anime News Network reported on the cast list, it had the error of King Zarkon as Neil Kaplan. Cue jokes that the Big Bad has faked his death and decided to live on Earth by making his living impersonating a known voice actor.
  • Many fans joke that all the screaming Jeremy Shada did on Adventure Time paid off with all of the screaming he does as Lance.
  • On the Let's Voltron podcast, Neil Kaplan sang "I'm a little Teapot" in Zarkon's voice.
  • Zarkon sings "One Way or Another" for the Afterbuzz TV Voltron panel, after they use the music for "Eye of the Storm" and jokingly said they would want Neil Kaplan to sing it.
  • Bex recalls in Let's Voltron that they had to keep Pidge's gender a secret and to refer to her with male pronouns. Before the cast interview Joaquin reviewed this with her and the others to make sure they don't slip. The first to slip up was Joaquin who referred to Pidge with female pronouns. He quickly saved himself by saying he thought Pidge as "she" because Bex was a girl.
  • Jeremy Shada admits in the Let's Voltron Podcast that when Rhys Darby (Coran's voice actor) couldn't make their recording sessions, he would read Darby's lines. In Coran's voice. Bex Taylor-Klaus claims that it's such a good impression that whenever he does it, she thinks Rhys Darby has come to do his lines.
  • When asked how Lance would react to his popularity in the fandom, Jeremy laughs and replies that Lance would "eat it all up".
  • Tyler Labine was asked on Let's Voltron by a fan whether or not Hunk likes to dance, his response? "If you like to eat you like to dance, Hunk shakes it hard."
  • In Shiro's birthday stream, Josh Keaton actually cut his hair to look like Shiro's and dyed a section of it white.
  • Some of the promotional images for Voltron are downright hilarious.
  • During one of the first cons the group shared together, they all took a group photo that Josh used as his Twitter header. However, when someone asked if he had photoshopped a picture of Steven into the group, Josh replied, "I don't know what you're talking about".
    • Steven being absent because of his busy work schedule has become a bit of a running joke amongst the group. From doing a vine where they're calling out their colors and holding up a picture of Steven, to AJ saying that Steven was a yeun-icorn.
  • This drawing of Allura wearing Keith, Hunk and Lance's clothes while doing a spot-on impression of the Paladins. Keith and Lance are not amused. Meanwhile, Hunk is too distracted by the donuts Allura's eating to get mad.
  • For season 2, in response to a fan who said they were going to put a "do not disturb" sign on their door when season 2 came out, Dreamworks actually created a Voltron door hanger that reads: "Leave me the Quiznak alone!"
  • At NYCC, when asked about a fun fact on Pidge, it was said that she was a "hoarder". Someone asked for a fun fact about Keith and the reply was: "Keith is secretly happy... deep...deep... inside."
    • Even funnier, Pidge being a hoarder was later actually implied in the show by how messy her room is in Season 4.
  • For the inside comic cover, there's this adorable image of the Paladins baking food. In the front is Hunk, with a pretty, highly-detailed cake that Coran is staring at in awe. Then, there's Lance, with some cute lion cookies. In the back, Allura's holding a plate of macaroons... And next to her, is Shiro frowning with a plate full of charred lumps.
  • Pidge was drawn into the Dreamworks fishing boy logo for the Lunar New Year.
  • Wondercon had some great moments, especially since it was hosted on the day of April Fools.
    • A fan asked about Lance's skin routine and it's revealed that the first mask he used was from fresh food goo. The second was fermented.
    • The writers said that if Shiro had gone to the Space Mall with the others, his entire sub-plot would be him trying to find parking. They added that Lance would have parked in a handicap zone. Lauren chided Lance for that and Jeremy replied, "It was the closest spot!"
    • The reveal of Prince Lotor. To say the fans who were at the con were livid would be a great understatement.
  • The official Voltron Twitter released some egg decorations for Easter.
  • The official handbook is full of these.
    • Lance writes in Keith's character page how he has a really bad mullet, to which Keith angrily writes back, "Enough with my hair already!"
    • There's a shout-out to the fans where Hunk writes "Space Dad" under Shiro's name on his character page.
    • Allura calls Kaltnecker a "milkshake-maker".
    • Lance writes on Lotor's character page and demanding answers to what shampoo he was using.
      If anyone is going to win the award for best hair in the universe, it�s me. Oh, it is ON, Lotor. It. Is. On.
  • In an interview, Joaquin and Lauren had a funny story for figuring out names for Lotor's generals. After finding three other names besides Narti, the people at Studio Mir noted that names were "old ladies names backwards". Lauren said she was furious that she didn't notice that the names of Lotor's generals were Rose, Dorothy and Sophia written backwards.
    • Joaquin added since the two of them were 80's fans, this was like a double punch to them.
  • For Sven's voice, Lauren kept forgetting to tell Josh about his role. So when he got the script the night before the recording he spent hours trying to learn a Scandinavian accent. When he came in, the two producers had to calm him down and say that the accent was supposed to be bad.
  • After Sven's famous, "Yoo-hoo", some people on the staff (namely Lauren and Josh) have it set as their ringtone.
    • There were those who pointed out to Josh that Sven's "Yoo-hoo" sounded eerily similar to a certain man in Arrendelle who tells Anna he's having a "Big Summer Blowout". Josh admits that he never made the connection until later because his kids had watched that movie so to death and he pushed it to the back of his mind.
  • On Lets Voltron, AJ was allowed to say a certain line or phrase in Lotor's voice, and he chose the Malibu barbie scene from Addams Family Values.
  • At the 2017 NYCC, Lauren's statement about Lotor is unintentionally hilarious, especially when it's a reference to one of Dreamworks most popular film, Shrek.
    • Afterwards, fans made edits of onions with Lotor's face on it. Even Neil once said in a Lets Voltron Podcast that Lotor was "the lord of the onion rings".
    • Many fans laughed when AJ, Josh, Kimberly, Joaquin and Lauren got stuck in an elevator when going to the panel, saying it reminded them of Lance and Keith's elevator moment in "Eye of the Storm".
  • Allura says that Pink is a colour her people wear in reverence to their fallen. Flashbacks show her Mother wore pink all the time, leading us to conclude she must have been the Altean equivalent of a "Goth".
  • Kimberly Brooks was asked on Afterbuzz if Allura would ever try milkshakes again and she says that Allura has been too traumatized to even consider it.
  • The picture used for Keith's birthday has him look incredibly confused and worried as he's presented his cake.
  • In a promotional picture featuring most of the characters introduced in the series all marching forward together. A pre-Face–Heel Turn Zarkon can be seen being swarmed by cats, much to his discomfort. Alfor is off to the side holding more cats and looking incredibly smug.
    • Shiro can be seen lying down in the snow (referencing "The Journey") looking completely done as one of the alien girls looks down at him in concern.
    • Many of the previous posters have something funny hidden in them if you look closely enough.
  • In a special Let's Voltron Podcast called "Shironanigans", Josh says that Shiro would at first be happy with the nickname "Space Dad" before becoming baffled when he realizes the Paladins actually think he's like a dad.
    Josh: You guys really think of me as a dad? I'm not like the cool, older brother figure??
  • The Dreamworks channel has even made a video called "Shiro's Best Space Dad Moments".
    "Fighter", "Hero", "Dad?*" (Record Needle Scratch) "unofficial*"
  • For Josh Keaton's birthday, he and the others made a video of the one of the biggest things the entire fandom begged for: a musical episode. With the cast reacting in character. He also points out that Shiro has a new scar.
  • In an Afterbuzz interview, Joaquin and Lauren joke that Lotor is like a Daywalking Vampire.
  • The fact that many fans had theorized and speculated that Keith's mother would appear on the show, and Krolia's voice actress, Ana Gasteyer posted on her instagram account standing next to Steven Yeun that she was voicing Keith's mother. The funniest part? That post was made in 2016.
  • When hinting out spoilers for season 6, one article writer Shamus Kelley said that some cosplayers will have to change their wigs.
  • The Voltron social media sites can usually be seem like they're trolling the fans.
    • One of the IG posts links to the Youtube channel for a clip from "The Colony", titled: "Kiss Lotor Good-bye".
  • At their last panel at NYCC 2018, Jeremy said that they had a group chat when they were watching season 7 and Bex's reaction to Atlas was, "Atlas is THICC!!"
    • Also during that panel was something called the "Voltron Scratch Tape", when the producers, writers and artists read the character's lines when the voice actors couldn't come in. It has to be listened to to be believed.
    • Steven Yeun liked Steve Ahn saying "Okay, geez, calm down" so much he asked if he could have that as a ring tone.
  • For the scratch takes, the one character everyone in the staff fought to have the honor of voicing, was Bi-Boh-Bii.
  • Season 8 of Voltron: Legendary Defender and Spider-Man: Into the Spider-Verse, which were released on the same day, mind you, feature both Big Bads having the same goal: To search for an Alternate Universe where their deceased families are still alive and reunite with them. Coincidence? I THINK NOT!!


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