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Funny moments in Avatar: The Last Airbender.

Avatar Extras
  • Even the "Avatar Extras" have their moments of hilarity. In "The Drill", there is a brief scene in pitch darkness. During this scene, a box pops up that says "This was the easiest scene in the episode to animate."
  • "Bitter Work": "'Like A Rock' was a song by Bob Seger. It was in a lot of commercials. Aang doesn't watch commercials. He's kind of busy."
  • Another good one is when the Gaang has found that all the information in the spirit library concerning the Fire Nation has long since been destroyed.
    "Firebenders fight dirty. Earthbenders fight with dirt."
  • "...But don't worry, Zuko won't turn into a bug."
  • "Look at me! I'm Admiral Zhao!"
    Fact: Aang is not Admiral Zhao.
    Fact: Earthbenders love to be covered in dirt. ... But firebenders don't love to be covered in fire.
  • From "The Cave of Two Lovers", right after Aang and Katara's kiss... or was it?:
    "What happens in the Cave of Two Lovers stays in the Cave of Two Lovers!"
  • From Aang and Zuko's first fight in episode 2.
    Aang and Zuko actually have more in common than they know. For one, they're both bald, if you don't count Zuko's firebender ponytail.
  • After King Bumi welcomes the Gaang to "old people camp."
  • The final message of the Avatar Extras version of the series gives a nod to the Ship-to-Ship Combat and a Take That! to the Zutara ship as Aang and Katara share a kiss.
    Kataang wins!


  • The chibi-style bonus story in The Lost Adventures, where under the guidance of Avatar Kyoshi, Aang and Azula pick out teams for a game of dodgeball. Azula gets last pick of Zuko or Mai. She goes for Mai. Zuko angrily asks what he's supposed to do. Kyoshi's reply? "You're the ball!"
  • Sokka's attempts at adjusting Earth King Kuei's pet bear Bosco to a life in the wild (also from The Lost Adventures), causing him more and more frustration with every attempt.
    Sokka: In order to defend one's territory, you've got to sound really ferocious. So give me your most frightening roar.
    King Kuei: Um, Bosco doesn't roar, but he's a lovely whistler.
  • First CMOF of the interquel:
    Katara: (Hugs Aang) I just hate seeing you get like that, sweetie.
    Sokka: Um, Aang? Katara? You're giving me the oogies over here!
    Katara: Aargh! I am so sick of hearing about your stupid "oogies," Sokka! I don't even know what that means!
    Toph: I can explain. Give me your hand.
    Katara: (Gives Toph her hand)
    Toph: Gaaah... (Licks Katara's hand)
    Katara: !
    Distant Reaction Shot: OOGIE!
    • Best part is how Toph apparently has Gene Simmons' tongue. Slides it riiight up Katara's ring finger.
  • Toph fires her first blind joke of the interquel;
    Toph: Hey, wanna know what fireworks are like for me? Close your eyes.
    (Sokka does so)
    Toph: (leans close to Sokka's ear) BOOOOM!
    Sokka: AAAH!

Every Episode

  • Aang crashing his Air Scooter into the statue with an "OOOOOF!" during every episode's intro trailer.
    • The opening never changes and always includes Katara's line of "He's got a lot to learn before he's ready to save anyone." This has caused a meme of responding to that with Oh, Crap! when the finale roles around.


  • Any of the Foamy Mouth Guy's appearances.
  • In the animated short "School Time Shipping", Katara ends up with... The Blue Spirit. Zuko's reaction is hilarious.
  • The strange noise Momo makes whenever he eats and now he does it when he performs!
  • Any time Sokka tries to get Aang to man-up.
    Sokka: (to Aang) Don't answer to 'Twinkletoes'! It's not manly!
  • "So, can I borrow Momo for a week?"
  • Any Funny Background Moment with Sokka in all 3 books would qualify, which is where most accidents happen to him.
  • Book Four: Air Chapter One: Forbidden Love. Listen to those shippers scream.
  • And finally, "MY CABBAGES!"
    • After several repetitions of this, he starts to have his usual reaction, then stops with an "Ah, screw it" demeanor.
  • The In Memoriam dedication to Dante DiMartino in the series finale causing confusion amongst the fandom. While Dante DiMartino is indeed the father of the creator, Micheal Dante DiMartino, many fans believed that Micheal DiMartino, himself, is dead.
  • On the DVDs, watch the audio commentary to "Day of Black Sun Part 1." You won't be able to keep yourself from laughing.
    • A lot of the DVD commentaries are pretty funny. There was an oddly prophetic comment from the end of the commentary for "The Ember Island Players" concerning Sokka's last line and the movie.
    • From the same episode, Jack DeSena shares a story about his college roommates, who were huge fans of the show but somehow had no idea that he was the voice of Sokka.
  • In response to a positivity caption meme from "Sokka's Master" of Sokka's painting reading "Your self-worth doesn't depend on productivity and it's okay to just exist sometimes.", Giancarlo Volpe replied with "I love this message but I'm torn because I remember busting my ass directing this episode.".
  • During a panel with Dante Basco Zuko and Grey DeLisle, a fan asks one final question to the pair: “What would happen if Zuko and Azula went on a life-changing adventure together?” Before Dante can respond, Grey quickly replies, “I’d get pregnant.” Cue uproarious laughter from the audience and Grey while Dante sits in stunned, horrified silence. After Grey presses him to give an answer, he finally responds, “I don’t know. Probably not incest pregnancy.” Watch here in storyboard form.