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Radar / Voltron: Legendary Defender

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Even though this is a show for kids, there are plenty of jokes that will likely cause older viewers to Double Take.

Season One
  • When Hunk asks Lance to keep the ship from being so bumpy, Lance responds that he's just getting a feel for the stick.
  • Lance yelling "Holy crow!" could easily be replaced with "Holy crap!"
  • Lance telling Keith to "Here's an option, shut your quiznak!" causing Coran and Allura to act like Lance had just used the worst curse word in the Altean language. Doesn't help that most of the fandom generally agrees that quiznak is basically the f-word in Altean.
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  • Allura saying that she has a particle barrier for the castle that she can activate. Lance then proceeds to use that line to try and flirt with her.
  • Hunk and Coran trying to get the Balmerans to help them, fearing of what the Galra would do to them if they were caught. Hunk fears torture while Coran's fear is more... imaginative.
    Coran: Wait, please! We need your help. If the Galra find us, they'll kill us.
    Hunk: Or torture us.
    Coran: Or keep us as some sort of creepy pet to play with how they please.
  • After Nyma cuffs Lance to a tree, he starts to say, "Whoa. Uh, this is kinda-"
Season Two
  • Lance and Hunk are given a show supposedly by a mermaid's silhouette behind a red curtain swaying seductively. But when the curtains open, it's just two octopuses on top of each other.
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  • Keith is staring closely at his Marmoran knife in his room, but when he hears Coran coming, he immediately stuffs the knife under his pillow just as the Altean opens to the door.
  • Lance and Keith climbing up the elevator shaft to get to the pool. Doesn't help that when we go back to them, we hear the two of them grunting while Keith's bare leg is shown trying to stretch out towards the walls.
    • They then start to argue about one person shoving too hard, while the other wasn't shoving hard enough.
Season Three
  • Alfor suggesting to Zarkon that some "discipline erosion" would do him good. Later in that episode, Zarkon meets Honerva who he eventually marries.
Season Four
  • For literally the entirety of the episode, Coran is on a drug that is caused by a brain-worm alien feeding him thoughts.
Season Five
  • While Allura "helps" Lance with his training, she stands behind him as he's holding his sword and she tells him, "If you're going to control a sword this powerful-" as she sweeps his legs out from under him. As she said that, Lance seems to perk up in confusion.
Season Six
  • Nunvil seems to be Altea's version of alcohol, since Coran uses his Pop-pop's ten-thousand year-old flask of aged nunvil as part of his bomb mixture.
Season Seven

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