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  • Voltron's transformation sequence in the first teaser is reminiscent of the main transformation sequence seen in GaoGaiGar.
  • The interior of Galra ships bear more than a passing resemblance to the Covenant capital ships from Halo. The impression is only heightened by the vaulted corridors, purple colour scheme and holographic computer terminals. Also, the classic tone that plays upon opening a Covenant door can be heard in various Galra facilities when machinery and tech activates.
  • A few to Neon Genesis Evangelion:
    • The monster that Voltron fights on Balmera uses similar abilities to the Fifth Angel, and its design looks visually very similar to Jet Alone. It also resembles Vingt-Sept from DieBuster.
    • Pidge gets to do the Gendo pose.
    • Allura's combat uniform resembles a plugsuit and her helmet is reminiscent of the ones worn by Asuka and Mari during Evangelion 3.0's opening sequence.
    • The decontamination scene in Season 2 is obviously referencing the decontamination scene from Rebuild 2.0.
    • In the Season 3 episode The Journey, the scene when the Black Lion saves Shiro while he is running out of oxygen and alone in space is similar to Episode 16 of Evangelion, when the soul of Yui Ikari helps Shinji escape the Dirac Sea of the 12th angel when he is, similarly, alone and running out of oxygen.
    • Acxa's hairclips have been compared to the interface headset seen in the anime.
  • There's a few references to Tengen Toppa Gurren Lagann:
    • The blue lion is found underground, and then bursts through the earth after it's activated.
    • Allura's design with her cloudy hair and blue eyes with pink pupils seems to be based on Princess Nia.
    • When Keith first inserts his weapon into the red lion to summon Voltron's sword, he's draw in pure black and white sketch lines, similar to how the TTGL cast is drawn whenever they're using Spiral Power. This returns in the season two finale fight against Zarkon.
    • One of the Galra commanders wears armor that has marking's similar to those of the Lazengann.
    • Prorok's Robeast form is basically his face with limbs, much like the numerous Gunmen units.
    • Pidge wears sunglasses that look like Kamina and Simon's signature sunglasses in "Space Mall"
    • Shiro unlocks Voltron's ultimate weapon and uses it to take down Zarkon to save his friends before being taken out of commission. The only main difference is we don't know if Shiro died like Kamina did.
    • In "Changing of the Guard" Coran reveals to have an outfit that looks very much inspired by grown up Simon's attire. The glasses may be black and look a bit more like Kamina's but they do have small extra spikes to be halfway to Simon's new pair.
  • The production crew must really love Gainax. In episode 3 of Season 4, as Lance beings to milk the cow, the camera rotation as well as the expressions of the characters remind you all too well of Haruko's grand entrance.
    • In season 2, Coran develops the slipperies as well as a lump on his forehead, which he pushes back in again as if Hammerspace was involved - just like Naota.
  • Super Dimension Fortress Macross/Robotech:
    • A Roy Focker look alike is seen in the Galaxy Garrison cafeteria. Rick, Miriya, and Max can also be seen in the group of cadets.
    • The Galaxy Garrison uniforms resemble those of the UN Spacy.
    • One of Voltron's attacks in the pilot involves punching through a ship and shooting the mouth beam of the lion in question... in other words, it's the Daedalus Maneuver.
    • The war continuing after the main Big Bad is killed off is a reference to Robotech continuing its storyline after the big fight between the Zentraedi and the humans is over with the Zentraedi becoming accustomed to life on Earth as a result.
  • Pidge's shuttle looks very similar to an R-9, though it's unarmed.
     Season 1 
  • Shiro's scar above his nose is a reference to Manji's scar located at the same place in Blade of the Immortal.
  • Right before the cryopods rise from the floor in the first episode, we see an upside-down Minicon symbol.
  • Might not be deliberate but pause on Zarkon during the opening sequence and try NOT to see Saren.
    • Also, Zarkon's flagship bears a rather striking resemblance to a Sovereign-class Reaper. Parallels can also be drawn from Zarkon's flagship to the mothership of the Drej
  • Lance's bayard turns into a rifle that looks like it came straight out of Mass Effect.
    • Or PSO2...for that matter, Pidge's bayard looks like wire lance from that game.
    • Some people have likened her bayard to a futuristic hookshot.
  • Look at the viewing screen inside a lion's cockpit then look on the inside of Jehuty's cockpit...notice any similarities?
  • When the team enters the castle for the first time and are scanned, the sound effect for the scanner activating is unmistakably that of a Zat'nik'tel blast.
  • In "Some Assembly Required", Coran makes a remark about what day it is, especially saying "Hump Day!", a reference to the Hump Day (Wednesday) Camel from GEICO.
  • The Gladiator's orb launcher works a lot like Link's Dominion Rod.
  • The Castle of Lion's launch from Planet Arus resembles that of the Spear of Adun departing Aiur for the first time.
  • A subtle one to Futurama in Coran's reaction to Lance getting frozen in a cryo-pod: "You sure you didn't just trip and fall in? No judgement, it happens."
  • The rouge training robot chasing Keith slamming its sword through the door and its face eerily gleaming through the opening looks similar to the iconic scene from The Shining.
  • The quintessence being drawn from a planet by Zarkon in "Taking Flight" looks rather appropriately like the Lifestream.
  • In the background of the S1E5 academy wall, a list of faculty offices includes one for one of the artists on the show Ryu, K (Kihyun Ryu).
     Season 2 
  • The briefly younger Coran flexing his muscles for way too long may remind some folks of Armstrong. It's the mustache that sells it. The Bishie Sparkles also helps.
  • Many fans felt a creepy familiar connection of "Here all are safe and warm" to "There is no war in Ba Sing Se".
  • In "Greening the Cube" Coran tells the team (who are doing repairs on the castle) to "loosen the blaxoms on the samoflange."
  • The title "Greening the Cube" is itself a reference to the film Gleaming the Cube.
  • Keith and Lance climbing up the elevator shaft is done similarly to Kuzco and Patcha from The Emperor's New Groove.
  • Zarkon's mech looks remarkably similar to the Epyon Gundam, having a similar color scheme, jagged, demonic-looking wings and a Whip Sword. Comparisons might also be drawn to Anubis, which shares its free-floating bladed wings, requires the heroes to learn how to teleport in order to defeat it, and has a pilot driven mad by long exposure to a powerful and possibly-sentient substance.
    • Additionally, its performs the famous Char Kick.
    • Speaking of Gundam, Pidge's shirt from her civilian outfit looks like the one worn by J.J. Sexton in Mobile Suit Gundam Thunderbolt.
    • Trugg and Ladnok have notable resemblance to Gundam Wing characters Lucrezia Noin and Sally Po, respectively.
  • Slav, with his over the top Bollywood Nerd accent and obsession with "quantum realities", appears to be a caricature of famous New Age pseudoscience guru Deepak Chopra.
  • Coran's "superhero" suit when he's about to drive the Red Lion makes him look like Casshern.
  • Keith being part Galra harkens back to another classic Combining Mecha anime, namely Voltes V, which featured a similar plot twist involving the red guy (and his brothers).
  • In "Space Mall":
    • Hunk's cooking sequence at Vrepit Sal's seems to be shoutout to Food Wars!. Hunk even wears his headband the same way that Yukihira does when cooking.
    • The shady Unilu knife salesman is a pretty obvious reference to Vince Offer. Even better once you learn he actually is voiced by Vince Offer.
    • Varkon, the Galran security guard, is basically Paul Blart: Mall Cop IN SPACE!.
    • Mercury Gameflux II Power Glove that gives the player infinite lives is a reference to the NES Power Glove. The console itself is unmistakably the classic Playstation.
    • The Space Pirate outfits that the Paladins wear are obvious nods towards popular anime like Gurren Laggan, Trigun and Dragon Ball Z:
    • The alien that sold the Earth video games is a stereotypical "little green man" alien, while his 51 hat references area 51. He even has a cow in the back he calls Kaltenecker, which people believe aliens abduct.
    • The female bearded dish washing employee at Vrepit Sal's who talks to Hunk in her sole scene has a similar hair and skin colour as Papa Smurf with her hair styled like Yubaba.
  • The Weblum in The Belly of the Weblum is similar to the Ohm of Nausicaä of the Valley of the Wind. They're even animated similarly.
  • There are a few shout outs to Star Trek:
    • Shiro asks Coran to "Open hailing frequencies" in The Blade of Mamora
    • In Greening the Cube, the Cube - with it's ability to learn attacks, heal rapidly, as well as it's shape and Oh, Crap! factor - is most definitely a shout out to the Borg cube.
    • In Bloodlines, Pidge, Hunk and Lance reprogram their robot handler to be more fun and get into all kinds of shenanigans in Galra HQ. It ends when their robot handler insists on being duct taped to the front of a Robeast Coffin and being launched into space. Lance sends him off, the Coffin creating a brilliant purple trail behind it, while the Instrumental Version of Amazing Grace plays, straight out of Spock's Funeral in "Star Trek II: Wrath of Khan", including the Paladins and the Galra guards who have been chasing them during their antics giving a military salute to their honored friend.
  • Acxa's hair is styled like Princess Azula. Unsurprisingly, considering that several people who have been involved in this show have also been involved in both Avatar shows.
  • Zethrid's hair is styled like Ragyo Kiryuin. To others, her hair is styled like the Shi'ar race. Doubles as a Hilarious in Hindsight, as Ragyo's voice actress Laura Post would voice one of the female generals under Zarkon in the season 4 finale.
  • The warden of Beta Traz has an apparatus that pumps two vials of fluid into his bloodstream that causes him to grow huge and berserk, exactly like Bane's Venom drip.
  • From the same episode, Laika the Yupper is very reminiscent of Wendigomon.
    • The name Laika is, in fact, almost certainly a reference to Laika the dog, the first living thing to ever be put into orbit.
     Season 3 
  • The parallel universe Altean Empire keeps its subjects in line through what is essentially Nerve Stapling.
  • In the alternate reality, instead of the Blade of Marmora there's a resistance group called the Guns of Gamora, possibly a nod towards the Guardians of the Galaxy character.
  • Tumblr has noticed that the Altean Scientist in Hole in the Sky has a distinct resemblance to Shou Tucker.
  • As Shiro pilots the ice rebels' freighter in The Journey, the show goes through a momentary Art Shift reminiscent of 80s mecha OVA series, such as Mobile Suit Gundam 0083: Stardust Memory. His pilot suit and helmet is also reminiscent of the kind worn by various Gundam protagonists.
    • As Shiro steals a Galra fighter, he fires on the sentries as he pilots out of the hanger. The scene is visually almost identical to Anakin using a Naboo fighter as it flies out of the hanger in The Phantom Menace .
  • Long-haired and bearded Shiro. Now who does he remind me of? That, or people have noted his appearance is even closer to Bucky Barnes.
     Season 4 
     Season 5 
  • Lotor's first scene in season 5 in which he is in a glass cell has been likened to a similar scene involving Loki (which Lotor has been compared to) in The Avengers (2012).
  • Keith's mother Krolia's hair is styled like Ryuko Matoi.
    • If you look closely, Krolia's purple eyes have white pupils, a nod to Ragyo Kiryuin's maroon eyes having white pupils.
  • When Hunk, Pidge, and Lance launch the Party-Bot, strapped to a Robeast Coffin, into space, an instrumental version of Amazing Grace can be heard as they watch the ion trail - an obvious reference to the burial scene of Spock in Star Trek II: The Wrath of Khan.
  • When Allura and Lotor enter the temples final test, some people point out how the scenery of a blue sky and reflective flooring look similar to the first opening song of Tokyo Ghoul or other anime openings.
     Season 6 
  • Dayak shows notable resemblance to Yzma, or even Maleficient.
  • Krolia attempting to name her child Yurak, is a shout-out to Sendaks' GoLion name.
  • The Monsters and Mana episode is one huge shout-out to Dungeons and Dragons and other High Fantasy Works:
    • Hunk's character wants to undo a spell that turned everyone in his village but him into stone. He even flies on his staff the same way.
      • His backstory is also very similar to Conan the Adventurer, a cartoon adaptation made in 1992. The evil wizard Wrath-Amon turned everyone in Conan's village to stone, and he is questing to find a cure while using his father's special sword to stop the invasion of the Serpentmen.
    • Shiro's character's first appearance looks similar to Aragorn's first appearance in The Lord of the Rings: The Fellowship of the Ring.
    • Pidge smashing up pots to look for money is a shout out to a lot of video games.
    • Also the way the scenes change to incorporate the RPG style of games as well as first-person shooters.
    • Some people think that Lance referring to the others as Clod-walkers was referring to Peridot's favorite word.
    • The levitation spell Hunk uses causes chickens to fly out, allowing the characters to hold onto them while they flap them to safety sounds like the Cucoo's from Zelda, and Word of God confirms this.
    • The spell "Embiggen" that Hunk uses, is a reference towards Kamala Khan's ability to enlarge or stretch her limbs.
    • Hunk later takes an arrow to the knee, a common line guards say in The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim .
    • When the group is fighting off a hoard of bats, one person noted how Allura, Hunk and Pidge's poses looks similar to the scene of Tidus and Yuna from Final Fantasy X and the US box art poses of Noctis and his group in Final Fantasy XV.
    • Both of these could be just generic references, but Lance getting an invisibility cloak seems to be a nod towards Harry Potter and when he uses a Ninja Log to save himself and Hunk feels like a nod to Naruto.
    • Many fans think that Pidge's gloves of transmutation look similar to the Infinity gauntlet.
    • The party lineup and some of the outfits are extremely similar to the party and outfits Record of Lodoss War. In an Afterbuzz interview, the executives talked about showing this to Mitch Iverson to give him an idea for how they wanted the episode to go.
    • The dungeon the heroes tackle is referred to, multiple times, as a "Tomb of Horrors."
  • The true purpose of Operation Kuron - to use "Shiro" as a Manchuriant Agent mole, spying on the heroes directly through his eyes, exploiting one of the paladins' closeness to him, and forcibly hijacking his mind and overwriting it with a more sadistic personality, is similar to Cyber Newtypes and their Expies, in particular Anew Returner from Mobile Suit Gundam 00.
  • The fight between Keith and "Shiro" has obvious nods to the climactic fight in Captain America: The Winter Soldier, which Joaquim Dos Santos is a professed fan of. It even has some parallels to Obi-Wan and Anakin's duel in Revenge of the Sith right down to the victorious hero cutting off his friend's arm. It's really driven home when the one who doesn't want to fight tells the other how they were like a brother to them and that they loved them.
  • The Sincline ships that Lotor and his generals fly combine in a similar fashion to the Elements from Genesis of Aquarion.
  • The appearance of the Quintessence Field is reminiscent of the Quantum Ethereal Plane that appears whenever the 00 Raiser activates.
     Season 7 
  • Romelle's twintails look similar to Usagi, and in "The Ruins", the way she sleeps also looks similar to the titular characters.
  • The Sword Drag that Macidus does is stated to be either a Halloween, or Freddy Kreuger reference.
  • During Colleen and Sam's live feed to the world, if you look closely in the background, you can spot Mako watching one of the screens.
  • The IGF-Atlas is an overt reference to the SDF-1 Macross, from the name, design of the Mission Control, and the fact that it's actually a Transforming Mecha.
    • The whole plot itself of the Earth joining with alien races to rebuild after a failed invasion that leaves most of the planet in ruins also borrows heavily from Macross.
  • A massive hidden flagship that supports a custom mecha being Earth's last hope is a reference to Gurren Lagann as it can transform into a mecha without that feature being present before . The transforming scenes even look similar.
  • The spacesuits Shiro and the Garrison pilots wear in the final act are very similar to the pilot suits worn by Celestial Being members in Mobile Suit Gundam 00.
  • Shiro's new prosthetic is a reference to the Floating Limbs used by Blood and Shaker from Star Gladiator as confirmed by Word of God.
  • The Feud! is a Shout-Out to many game shows, including Family Feud, Pictionary, and The Price Is Right. Bob is a reference to one of the most famous hosts, Bob Barker. At the end of every episode he would remind his viewers to please spay or neuter their cats.
  • Veronica heavily resembles Ritsuko Akagi with darker skin and hair. What's more, during a briefing on maintaining supplies, Samuel Holt makes the famous Gendo Pose.
  • The way the Altean pilot is sitting in the mech and supposedly controlling it, looks similar to how the pilots of the EVA pilot their mech.

     Season 8 
  • All of the first episode is a huge shout-out to the original 80's Voltron, from Allura and Pidge dressing up similarly to their 1980s counterparts, and the 80's Voltron actually exists in the VLD-universe!
  • Team Voltron's new outfits look similar to the uniform the characters from Macross wore.
  • Honerva produces a drill like weapon from her shards that resemble the way drills are used in Tengen Toppa Gurren Lagann
  • The mech in last few episodes resemble that of the mech in the anime Captain Earth
  • The end scene to the series with Shiro is most likely a nod toThe Legend of Korra .
  • Honerva's plan to destroy all realities in order to create a perfect one can be a nod to Crisis on Infinite Earths.
  • In the prize booth Pidge visits on Clear Day, toys based off of the Metal Gear Rex and some Valkyrie Fighters can be seen.
  • The first date of Allura and Lance draws a lot of parallels with the first date of Hikaru/Rick and Minmay from SDF Macross.
    • For instance the color coding and outfits of the characters.
    • Or how a small robot approached them to take a picture.
    • Said picture is also similar.
  • In the final scene right before the credits, some characters can be seen, wearing outfits similar to those of Gundam.

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