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"Asami, do you know Korra likes Mako?"



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  • At San Diego Comic-Con 2011, the crew presented pictures of the metalbending police officers and arrives at Lin Beifong:
    Michael Dante DiMartino: And then, so, Toph's uh... this is Toph's daughter. Chief Beifong... And she's uh, she's the Chief of Police of Republic City and uh, in charge of all those Metalbenders.
    Crowd: Who's the father!?
    Mike: I don't know what you're yelling but we gotta keep moving.
  • The goofy faces from the first series make their triumphant return. Aang taught Tenzin well.
  • Know that "bender" is British slang for a gay man (probably why the British version of A:tLA is called Avatar: The Legend of Aang instead). Now listen to everything the Equalists say about "bender oppression". Try to keep a straight face.
  • Bryan Konietzko's response to Episode 4 being leaked on the internet.
  • For that matter the picture he made in response to a particularly infamous animation error that made it into episode 6 and ended up being reused in episode 9.
  • In response to a particular "brutal war in the fandom" (hinted to be related to Mako), Bryan had this to say on Tumblr
    Bryan: Let's all just pretend I drew a really funny comic about that and posted it just now. And we laughed. And it brought us joy. And the fandom hugged it out.
  • Steve Blum of all people telling Amon jokes at a con! Part of what makes this hilarious / awesome is how Steve just smiles and nods at the beginning, and then implies that he is aware of Comedy Amon.
  • Bryan's use of a certain meme to announce the additional Korra seasons.
  • Steve Blum and Dee Bradley Baker showing up at Comic Con 2012. They weren't part of the panel, but showed up anyway in the audience. They revealed themselves by briefly heckling the co-creators about their characters' deaths.
    Dimartino: We loved you guys. Sorry we blew up the boat.
  • Bryan requested on his Tumblr that someone animate Mako doing the dance portrayed in this video. The chorus for that song roughly translates to "Why am I like this?" The fandom had the same question about Mako in the first season.
  • Bryan Konietzko dressed up as the Carrot Spirit.
  • Janet Varney tried to publicize a kickstarter project that is something different from this show, and how does she do it? By showing a crazy version of herself who actually thinks that she's Korra.
  • To some, the fact that airbending badass convict Zaheer is voiced by Henry Rollins, better known as Mad Stan from Batman Beyond, especially when one remembers all of the "Korra is Batman" jokes from way back when all we had was one teaser image of the series.
  • As sad as the ending of Book 3's finale was, which depicted Korra shedding a tear out of grief, Bryan Konietzko ruins the moment by posting the hilariously simplistic storyboard of the scene on his tumblr.
    • Keep in mind the date: it was for the very last shot of book three, but he was so confident in its incomprehensibility outside of context that he was OK with posting it two months before book two's premiere, making the board in question a bizarre sort of fourteen-month Brick Joke.
  • In case you were wondering where Prince Wu got his moves...
  • PJ Byrne gets the last laugh - literally!
  • Several months after Korra production ended, Bryan posted to his tumblr complaining that he still can't stop drawing Korra.

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