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Five robot Lions form together to create one huge robot, what's not awesome about that?

Just like any mecha show, if there are giant robots and it's in space, awesome moments are sure to be in abundance.

Warning: Per wiki policy, Spoilers Off applies to Awesome page. All spoilers will be unmarked.

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Season 1

    The Rise of Voltron 
  • Keith establishes his badassery when he single-handedly breaks Shiro out of quarantine and then flies all five future Voltron members out on his hover bike in a chase sequence.
    Lance: What are you doing, you're gonna kill us all!
    Keith: Shut up and trust me!
    • Keith gets another when he earns the Red Lion's respect by spacing a dozen Galran sentries in front of it.
  • Lance flying the Blue Lion for the first time is like a rush of adrenaline.
  • Allura demonstrates in her first appearance that she is not as delicate as she was in the previous show by knocking Lance down a peg and then rallying the team together to become the Defenders of the Universe.
  • Shiro activating his cyber arm and defeating the sentries.
  • Voltron forming for the first time and then decimating Sendak's battleship.

    Some Assembly Required 
  • Shiro being the only one who manages to connect with his Lion and flies with his eyes closed.
  • A minor moment, but Coran deserves a mention. He only had a moment to react when Keith tries to throw food goo at Allura, he manages to not only block the goo with a tablecloth, but also hits all of the Paladins with food goo in one throw.
  • Also, while the food fight is a Funny Moment, it's also the first time that the Paladins successfully work together because they actually want to. Then, they go out to their Lions and immediately form Voltron after it's over.
    • Allura even acknowledges this, and it could be seen as an awesome moment for her, too, since her Batman Gambit worked.

    Return of the Gladiator 
  • The defeat of the Ro Beast, especially the samurai-style slice as the finish.
    • The design for the Robeast deserves some credit, it's an amazing first look of what kind of enemies we can expect later on in the series.

    Fall of the Castle of Lions 
  • Lance shielding Coran from the bomb with zero hesitation.
    • The fact he caught on that the bomb drone wasn't even Rover.
  • Coran's piloting skills.
  • Shiro VS Sendak.
  • Special mention to Pidge going all John McClane on Sendak and his goons when they take the Castle of Lions.
  • Even though they're the bad guys, you have to give credit for Sendak and his troops. Not only did they create a diversion that used their destroyed troops, but they also managed to find a way into the castle by coding their bomb as Rover.

    Tears of the Balmera 
  • Even solo, Pidge still manages to defeat the Galra troop and manage to regain control of the castle by using the surroundings and raw intelligence.
  • A minor one. Lance emerges from his coma long enough to shoot Sendak, giving the team a fighting chance when they were cornered.
  • Shay pulls a Heroic Sacrifice for two people (Hunk and Coran) she just met, allowing them to escape by causing a cave in.
  • Pidge ends up being the heavy hitter against Sendak, cutting off his arm and electrocuting him.

    Taking Flight 
  • When Rolo and his gang swipe the Blue Lion and fly into an asteroid field to escape the Paladins, everyone is unable to navigate through the field, except Keith. As a result, Keith goes on a high-speed chase through the asteroids, effectively dodging everything that comes his way. Even Rolo compliments him, saying "This kid can flat-out fly." The chase ends with the Red Lion shooting out the ship's engines and clawing onto it to make sure it doesn't fall into a planet's atmosphere.
    • Points for Rolo to be able to navigate his way through an asteroid field.
  • Hunk's Techno Babble can count as this as he explains how he knew Rolo was lying to them, and purposefully sabotaging his own ship.

    Crystal Venom 
  • Keith training against the Gladiator on the Training Deck. In Episode 2, he and the other Paladins were unable to take it out, but Keith is now able to defeat a Level 2 Gladiator on his own.
    • Later, Keith is shown to be able to hold his own against Level 3 Gladiator and save both himself and Lance by ejecting it into space through the airlock.
    • It's also pretty cool to see how Keith slides for his sword and literally slips beneath the Gladiator's blade as it swung for his head.
  • For the bad guys, Sendak traumatizes Shiro so badly, the latter ejects the cryopod in a panic and he still hasn't recovered by the time his friends found him. Simply by talking about his hand.

    Collection and Extraction 
  • Allura bluffing a soldier, and then shoulder-ramming a door so hard it flies off its hinges and crushes the poor guy against the far wall of the corridor. Later, she throws Shiro, a full-grown man in armor, across the room into an escape pod with one hand.
  • Despite being very out-classed by the Druid, Keith managed to hold his own against an enemy that shot energy at him and teleported around the room.

    The Black Paladin 
  • The captured Allura facing Zarkon after seeing him for the first time in 10,000 years. She doesn't manage to come close to him, due to Haggar's Force choke-type move that subdues Allura, but this princess is pissed at him for what he did, and she is not afraid to let him know that.
    Allura: YOU MONSTER! YOU DESTROYED ALTEA! Voltron is going to put an end to your empire!
  • The ENTIRE battle sequence! Especially the team displaying immense improvement as unit when engaged as Voltron, plowing through everything with little effort. Even after Zarkon forcibly dismantles it, they still get to show off how good they are in the individual Lions when the situation truly demands it.
  • Coran attacking the fleet with the Castle of Lions.
  • Keith body-checks the Black Lion out of the way of Zarkon's tractor beam, which along with his moments below keep the Black Lion out of Zarkon's hands.
  • Keith goes one-on-one with Zarkon. Both get to shine:
    • Even though Keith loses; he lasts a surprising amount of time in arguably the most fragile Lion, his determination to keep fighting unlocks a powerful BFG on his Lion that manages to put Zarkon very briefly on the defensive, and at the end he even seems to earn a tiny modicum of respect from Zarkon who notes his fighting ability.
      • This is the moment Keith meets the one responsible for taking the man he considers a brother. It's this moment we see just how much Keith hates the Galra for what they did to Shiro, and now he's out for blood.
      Keith: This is my chance to put an end to the Galra empire! I HAVE TO TAKE IT!
      • Not to mention that, despite losing the fight itself, him occupying Zarkon so long means that he can't do something else like claiming the Black Lion or going after the rest of the team, who currently have their hands full.
    • As for Zarkon, what actually makes this his CMOA for the season is that he pins down Keith for the entirety of that fight on foot, armed only with his Bayard and is completely unscathed by the end.
  • Shiro vs. Haggar. Zarkon's trusted witch proves to be more than capable of putting Shiro in his place.

Season 2

    Across the Universe 
  • Allura doing her best to find a way out of the void she and Coran are stuck in and trying to keep her temper with a younger Coran through each cycle.
  • Keith cutting a makeshift board out of the rock and using the geysers on the planet to help propel himself across the huge chasm that his jetpack alone wouldn't have been able to fly over.
  • Keith gets to momentarily pilot the Black Lion in order to save Shiro.
  • Pidge creates a satellite out of the junk floating around in the nebula and manages to have the Castle of Lions hone onto the Green Lion's location. It only goes to show how much of a genius she is.

    The Depths 
  • Lance and the mermaid rebels working together to grab the queen and take down the guards.
  • The mermaid rebels assisting Lance by shooting pufferfishes to stun the guards to throwing star-fishes like literal throwing stars and pinning their targets to the rock.
  • Lance gets an awesome upgrade to the Blue Lion that sends out shockwaves that could topple caves.
    • What's even better, his Lion gets a boost in speed and power when it's in its own element.

    Shiro's Escape 
  • Ulaz manages to out-maneuver the Paladins with some impressive parkour, and all without even drawing his blade.
    • He even mentions that he could have killed them all if he wanted to. With skills like that, he's not lying.
  • Pidge and Keith communicating with only a look in order to stop Ulaz.
  • Allura shoving Ulaz into a wall and holding him there with one arm. Remember, Ulaz is a lot bigger than her, he's wearing full armor, and he is skilled enough to take out four of the Paladins. And Allura comes in and restrains him with no effort.
  • Ulaz showing the others his base that's hidden in a pocket dimension. That's not something you find out in space every day.
  • Voltron temporarily stuns the Robeast by shoving its shield into its mouth and then pushing towards the nearest crystal where it would explode.

    Greening the Cube 
  • The Olkari show that they could create mechanical materials out of the earth and demonstrate by turning a fruit on a tree into a mech suit.
    Lance: Whoa…
    Keith': Uh, can I get one of those?
  • Keith calling out Lubos on sacrificing his people to save his own skin and declaring, "You're no king."
  • Pidge and the Green Lion get a boost in their abilities: a laser cannon that causes plants to sprout from wherever it hits.

    Eye of the Storm 
  • The team working together to take down Galra Fighters using their droids and tech in the castle.
  • Just as Zarkon looks like he would pull Voltron apart once more, the Castle of Lions makes a comeback and shoots at his base, causing him and the Druids to break their connection.
  • The Paladins being replacement crystals so the ship could jump through a wormhole. But... they pay the price by getting shocked with energy.

    The Ark of Taujeer 
  • Red flying out of its hangar to retrieve Keith who was too far away to get a connection with.
  • Voltron gets a gigantic saber sword that can cut a Galra fleet ship down the middle when only four Paladins use their Bayards! Imagine what all five could do...
  • In order to save the Taujeers, Voltron has to lift the ark up on will-power alone.

    Space Mall 
  • In a move worthy of Galleon and Gai, the Black Lion interrupts a psychic battle between Shiro and Zarkon. It does so by landing next to the pair of them and blowing spirit-Zarkon all the way back to his own body.
    Shiro: No one commands the Black Lion!
    • Not to mention, while Zarkon does overpower Shiro eventually, the fact that Shiro manages to hold his own for a little while in a dimension that Zarkon is very familiar with, it is pretty impressive.
  • Hunk creating a delicious meal out of ingredients he's never seen or tasted before and improvising out of what he has.
  • Coran bargaining with the Unilu storekeeper. You can tell he's in his own element.

    The Blade of Mamora 
  • Keith managing to hold his own against the Marmorans despite being out-matched and out-numbered. Every time he got back up and continued to fight.
    • Even though it was a hologram of Shiro, he said that Keith had lasted longer than anyone during the trials. And based on what Coran was saying, Keith had spent almost ten hours fighting those guys.
  • Thace manages to lie to Haggar about letting Voltron go. He lied to Haggar, and she claimed that she could be able to tell if he was lying! Or, it could be that Haggar actually knew Thace was lying and pretended not to so she could wait for him to slip up.
  • The Red Lion attacking the base in response to what was happening to Keith. Never mess with a Lion's Paladin.
  • Keith was willing to give up his knife if it meant the Marmorans would help Team Voltron in their fight with Zarkon.
    • He ends up awakening his knife's powers and it turns into a blade, because Galra blood runs through his veins.

    The Belly of the Weblum 
  • Keith notices the Galra mark on the stranger and immediately takes their gun from them.
    • Although Keith turned their own gun against them, the stranger still shot down three enemies for him with great accuracy.
  • Keith and the Galra working together to fight off dozens of the bacteria blobs.
  • Hunk figuring out how to make the Weblum actually produce the scaultrite and going out to distract it so Keith can get the crystals.

    Escape from Beta Traz 
  • The Blue Lion's new ability is a sonic scanner.
    • Lance gets his moment to shine by shooting at a section of the warden's arm so he would release Slav, just as the doors to the prison were slowly closing. Shiro praises Lance and notes that he's glad they brought their sharpshooter.
  • Pidge gets to display more of her hacking abilities, simultaneously helping Shiro and Lance sneak around Beta Traz while also combing through data files for any information on Matt.
    • Her illusions get another comeback as she uses one to distract the Warden and her actual self jumps onto his neck in an attempt to pull off the injectors.
  • Even with no Bayard Shiro opts to use his environment to his advantage, jumping off stacked crates that are laying around the hangar and pushing a barrel with his weight to crush a guard.
  • Points for the Warden who single-handedly catches Shiro's punch (with his mech hand) with one of his hands, and the force is so great it blows the Black Paladin back.
  • Slav momentarily overcomes his crippling fears in order to open the airlock of the prison to help him and the Paladins escape.

    Stayin' Alive 
  • Allura returns to the Balmera for an even bigger crystal, it's just plain awesome to see the Balmerans working with the princess again.
  • Keith telling Hunk how to out-maneuver the Robeast's blasts. Even though Hunk was close to panicking, Keith manages to keep his cool.
  • Pidge's Lion gets to use its new weapon again to shoot at the Robeast's chest and stun it with vines.
  • The first time Team Voltron fought this particular Robeast, they were on the ropes for the entire episode. It took unlocking a new power to even incapacitate it, and they only won because the Balmeira stepped in to save them. The second fight, while not easy, shows how far the team has come. They fight Drazil in the open of space, instead of hiding inside the planet. They quickly come up with a plan to neutralize Drazil's new crystal shields and upgraded laser cannon. They only form Voltron at the very end, to land the finishing blow — stabbing right through Drazil's nigh-invulnerable crystal shields.

    Best Laid Plans 
  • The Black Lion manages to hold its own against an entire Galra fleet. It only goes to show that Black deserves its spot as the leader of the Lions.
  • Keith takes out one of the Druids by throwing his knife which changes into a sword and stabs the Druid through the chest. Granted, for most of the fight he had Thace for back-up, but compared to the last time Keith faced the Druids, he definitely has gotten stronger.
  • Keith and Thace holding their own against Haggar and a swarm of sentries.

  • Cree Summer shines in this episode just by uttering one single word several times:
  • There's no denying how awesome it is that Zarkon gets his own Robeast that can go toe-to-toe with Voltron.
  • Upon seeing Allura sacrifice herself and the castle to give the group more time, Shiro begins to rally the other Paladins for one final fight. Each respond that they weren't out of the fight yet, and Lance's line is pretty bad-ass, "Let's go down swinging."
  • While trying to take down Zarkon, Allura, Kolivan and Antok go off to fight Haggar and her Druids. Which means flying through an active battlefield in nothing but their spacesuits.
  • The choreography for the Mamorans and Allura going against the Druids is amazing. The way they also fly around on the platforms feels reminiscent to a video-game battling multiple enemies at once.
    • Allura going up against the Druids with nothing but a staff which she wields with dangerous ease.
    • Allura is hit by Haggar's magic, but she actually absorbs the energy and uses it to destroy the area around her.
  • The Black Lion upgrades to wings as it flies towards Zarkon.
  • Shiro manages to sever Zarkon's connection with the Black Lion and gets his Bayard.
    • When Shiro activates his Bayard with the others, Voltron FORMS THE GODDAMN BLAZING SWORD! Plus THIS SHOT because now we know shit's going down.
  • Haggar's one order to the soldiers that are still with her.

Season 3

    Changing of the Guard 
  • Lance, Hunk and the Blade of Marmora working alongside each other to save a planet infested by Galras. Lance and Hunk take to the skies while the Blade fights the enemies down on the ground.
    • You can see how Hunk and Lance's skills have improved as they shoot down ships and easily avoid shots.
    • Hunk realizing that since they can't get a clean shot at the defense turret, he can just burrow through the rock pillar and attack it from behind.
    • Hunk and Lance are the two Paladins who frequently get grief from the others about their piloting skills. However, here we see Hunk flip Yellow into a backwards somersault to smash a sentry that was "tailgating" him. You get a real sense of Yellow's power and durability as he does so. Meanwhile, Lance pulls off a beautiful bit of maneuvering in Blue, running up the face of a cliff when chased, backward-somersaulting to get behind the sentry on his tail, and righting himself with their enemy in their sights, turning the tables on his pursuer as he does so.
  • As Haggar leaves Zarkon's chambers, Throk arrives and tells her that another planet is beginning to rebel against the empire. She just responds that Lotor has arrived and Throk asks why he wasn't at Zarkon's bedside. It's pretty impressive to hear Haggar put Throk in his place.
    Haggar: Zarkon needs no one at his bedside, least of all you.
  • The first time we meet Ezor is catching her eavesdropping on Haggar and Throk's conversation before smirking to herself and vanishing into the background.
  • Lotor's first appearance shows him taking on a beast at least three times his size and simply disarming him. Even his Dramatic Unmask is pretty awesome.
  • Lotor versus Throk, during their battle he even manages to break the general's sword. He's definitely someone you do not want to be messing with.
    • Just the fact that Lotor's generals are not only half-breeds like him, and female, he chose them specifically for their skills.
      • The fight also showcase's a good bit of Lotor's character, through Trial by Combat. He's shown to be very tactical and calm. He knew that Throk couldn't back down from the challenge or else he'd be branded a coward. While most of his moves are evasive he does it to keep all of his cards hidden to assess his enemy before dealing the finishing blow. Despite Throk being a high commanding officer for Zarkon, Lotor not only outmaneuvers and outsmarts him, he doesn't even break a sweat!
  • Just Lotor's speech, it's impressive enough that the entire audience in the arena stands up to salute to him and pledge their allegiance.
    • This only makes his true motives all the more impressive when he talks to his generals in private. He knows how to pander to his audience: it turns out after Throk pledges his loyalty to Lotor, he meets up with his generals and tells one of them to throw Throk onto one of the ice planets and leave him to rot. He also notes how easily manipulated the public was. Lotor, you Magnificent Bastard.

    Red Paladin 
  • Lotor's generals get one by single-handily retaking the planet Voltron freed the episode prior. All while given the orders to take prisoners and kill no one.
    • Ezor has flaps underneath her arms that she can stretch out when free-falling and slow her descent greatly.
    • Acxa while acting as the leader, quickly responds to be fired at, hitting all of her enemies and quickly stabbing blades into the ground that erects a shield around her captives.
    • Narti is blind, but sees through her cat Cova, which allows her to find the civilians on the roof and quickly taking them out.
    • Zethrid takes on a creature twice her size and throws it aside with relative ease.
  • Ezor finger wagging the Puig leader with a triumphant smirk on her face.
  • The Black Lion chooses Keith as its new paladin and gives a loud roar once it reactivates.
  • Prince Lotor gets just kicking the rears of every single one of the paladins, using their weaknesses against them, and essentially channeling Grand Admiral Thrawn!
    • This includes, twice, recognizing when to GTFO.
    • Also knowing how to exploit the paladins' kindness towards others as Narti possesses the leader of Puig's to send out a distress message to Allura and the others.
  • Just watching Lance being able to pilot Red and visibly having the time of his life.
  • Coran providing some aid from the castle, shooting at Lotor's ship when he found an opening.
  • Allura flying out to aid the others while piloting the Blue Lion.
  • Keith ends the episode saying, "You wanted me to lead Voltron? This is how I lead."

  • Lotor continuing to exploit the Lion-swap and turning the Lions against each other. He even manages to out-pilot them and use his surroundings to his advantage!
  • Can count as heartwarming, while Lance and Keith had their rivalry for the past few seasons, Lance continues to push those feelings aside in order to keep the team together.
  • Allura gets being the only paladin to successfully land a HIT on Lotor.
    • She also manages to connect with Blue, use the ice beam and sonic scanner all in the same episode when it took Lance two seasons to unlock both of those powers separately.
  • After 3 Episodes…they finally reform Voltron, and proceed to devastate Lotor's fleet in one shot.

    Hole in the Sky 
  • Lotor's strategy for the Paladins. If they manage to retrieve the comet from the alternate reality the Galra can swoop in and take it for themselves. However, if the paladins get stuck on the other side of the portal, then there would be no Voltron to save the universe. He smugly notes that no matter what happens, it's a win-win situation for the Galras.
    • Sure enough? Option A it is...and it works PERFECTLY.
  • Sven is a total badass. Taking a hit from Keith's sword to his helmet only to spin around and kick Keith in the process, while also tossing his broken gun at Lance hitting him square in the face.
    • Pidge gets the upper hand by using her hook-shot to hit Sven in the face and breaking his helmet. Also if you look closely, her Bayard has gotten a slight upgrade to its design.
  • Slav laughing confidently as Hira's troops get ready to fire on them, much to Lance's confusion.
    Lance: Why are you laughing?
    Slav: Because this is the reality where everything works out fine! (The bombs he and Sven set up earlier explode) Just in time.
    • Allura also has a good line for Hira.
    Hira: You're no empress of mine.
    Allura: And you're no Altean!
  • Allura's Bayard takes the form of a whip made of light that she uses almost as efficiently as her staff. You can hear the impact Hira has when Allura slams her to the floor.
  • Slav being a badass in this reality, opening the airlock to get rid of the Altean guards that were chasing them and help the paladins escape.

    The Journey 
  • Shiro escaping from Galra captivity for the second time.
  • He manages to grab the gun as his ship starts leaning over the cliff to free himself, and jumps out just as it begins to fall.
  • While traveling the wilderness, he uses his robotic hand to cauterize a wound in his leg, with no pain medication. If the scream was any indication, it was painful as fuck, but he did it without flinching. Remember this is the same hand we previously saw him using to try and melt/weld a metal door shut back in Season 1! Balls of steel on that one.
  • While he wasn't going to hurt his captors, Shiro calmly walking towards them while easily taking off the clamp to his Galra arm shows he's not messing around.
  • The plan the aliens help Shiro come up with in order for him to get back onto the Galra ship and nab his own cruiser works almost perfectly.
  • The Black Lion sensing Shiro and finding him alongside Keith.

    Tailing a Comet 
  • Lance shooting down the Galra sentries using his new sniper rifle. He even watches Allura who's becoming adept at using her whip Bayard.
    Lance: (grinning in admiration) Well that was awesome!
    • Even Hunk's Bayard looks different, not as bulky as its previous design but still packing quite a punch.
  • The Generals just basically taking over the base containing the teladuv Lotor needed and using Throk.
  • Lotor's generals fighting the paladins is also a sight to see. They've proven time and time again that despite their small numbers they're still incredibly dangerous.
    • Keith has a small rematch with Acxa. He tries to slash her with his blade, but she blocks it with her gun.
    • Ezor throws a knife at Keith and Lance manages to shoot it down. Ezor even manages to out-maneuver and grapple Keith, effectively putting him in an arm-bar.
      • Keith gets the upper hand by escaping Ezors arm-bar after she pins him and gives him a smug smirk. He responds by dematerializing his Bayard from the arm she has pinned and re-materialize it in his free arm so he can counterattack and force her to let go.
    • Allura manages to hold her own against Zethrid, wrapping her whip around the Galra's gun and uses her Altean strength to pull the large general towards her. Even Zethrid is impressed.
      Zethrid: It's been a long time since I've faced a worthy opponent. I'm going to enjoy crushing you.
    • Hunk and Pidge team up to take on Narti, who quickly slips passed them by hitting and tripping them with her tail. Even when Hunk manages to grab her from behind, she simply wraps her tail around his throat and lifts him up in the air with ease.
  • The generals ship is superimposing and moves almost as smoothly as Voltron. What's even more impressive is that it's only Acxa and Narti who are piloting while Lotor gives them orders.
    • Their ship even has enough power to shoot an ion beam at the castle and easily break the particle barrier in just one hit.
  • Keith faking out Lotor's Generals, by making Voltron dodge the second it looked like the ion beam would hit them, and hits the teladuv the cargo ship instead.

    The Legend Begins 
  • When all of the former paladins show up to save Alfor after he recklessly goes ahead of them. It's impressive to see how powerful they were in their time.
  • As Honerva watches the monster break out of the particle barrier the Black Lion flies overhead. After recovering from the shock she looks up at the Lion in awe.
  • Unlike the current paladins, the old ones formed Voltron the day they got their Lions and bonded with them.
    • Gyrgan making the Yellow Lion do a drill dive to try and pierce the monster.
  • For one of their experiments, Alfor saw that one drop of quintessence kept a machine running without any drop in speed for an entire year.
  • The first formation of Voltron, with Alfor getting a psychic message from the Red Lion of what to do, followed by easily taking out the dark matter creature. The team goes on to become the legend across the galaxy that we've heard so much about.
  • You have to give Haggar some credit for being able to bring her husband Zarkon back from the dead.

Season 4

    Code of Honor 
  • The opening sequence of the episode, where Kolivan leads two Blade of Marmora members on an infiltration mission. The mission goes wrong, but they manage to fight their way out. And then it turns out that one of the other two Blades is Keith.
    • What they gained from the mission was that for some reason the Galras were harvesting a new form of quintessence.
  • Shiro returning to his place as the Black Lion's pilot.
    Shiro: You trusted me before... Now trust me again.

  • Pidge gaining the upper hand on the Unliu dealer by kicking out the table from under him, shooting out her Bayard's hook by grabbing onto a container behind the alien and then bringing it forward to smack him behind his head, effectively knocking him out.
    Pidge: (sighing) Had to do it the hard way.
  • As the Galra are blasting at the rebel's base and the Green Lion. Pidge hook-shots her way up to her Lion and jetpacks into its mouth. The second a blast looks like it's about to hit her, the Green Lion closes its jaws.
  • Doubles as heartwarming, but after thirty-two episodes, Pidge finally finds her brother. The fact that they immediately work together to take down a bounty hunter searching for him only adds to the awesomeness.
  • Matt using his staff to conduct the electricity from the panels to the bounty hunters whips.
    • The Holts team up to deliver a double punch to the bounty hunter to finish him off.

    Black Site 
  • At some point between Space Mall and the previous episode, Pidge managed to figure out a way to make the game console she and Lance bought back in Season 2 work with Altean technology. Doubles as a Funny Moment as it pans over the massive amount of switches, cables, and adapters required to actually make it work.
  • Zarkon is back on the throne with a huge upgrade to his armor. While his face is now covered, he's still plenty intimidating.
  • Lotor's comet ship is 60% done, which is probably the reason why he was missing for so many months. Acxa even reports that they have enough to Make a third piece of the ship.
  • Haggar manages to use Narti to spy on Lotor, which goes to show how powerful she is compared to the rest of the cast.
  • Lotor tells his guards to load up the rest of the Sincline ships. Lotor has finally gotten his anti-Voltron set up.

    The Voltron Show! 
  • Coran luring the giant monster in a scene that clearly serves as a shout-out to Jurassic World.
  • It was confirmed in the Let's Voltron podcast, that the voice for Voltron was Fred Tatasciore.
  • Voltron grabbing the Merakeet by the tail and swinging it away from the audience.
  • The Merakeet was pretty difficult to take down, and it even managed to sustain a blow from Voltron that would have usually fell a Robeast!
  • It's played for laughs, but Lance's rope/pole dancing skills definitely deserve some recognition.

    Begin the Blitz 
  • Rolo and Nyma make a return to join up with the rebels.
  • Voltron's arrival on Planet Naxzela:
    • It begins with three Galra officers staring as the pieces of a Galra battleship slowly rain down from the cloudy skies. Then Voltron lands, and proceeds to fight an entire planet at once.
    • We normally see Voltron stacked up against Galra cruisers or Robeasts. This time, we see how humongous this Humongous Mecha is compared to a rank-and-file Galra soldier is, and the kind of Mook Horror Show Voltron showing up represents.
  • Keith and the Blade of Marmora capturing the Zaiforge cannon on Senfama.
  • Allura neutralizing the invisible mines with the Blue Lion's freeze ray.
  • Acxa's Pre Ass Kicking One Liner, "For Narti".
  • Keith's fighting skills have definitely improved as he quickly takes out a group of Galras on his own. He then takes control of the cannon and fires it at the one where the rebels were.
  • Lotor escaping after his generals' betrayal by dislocating his own shoulders.

    A New Defender 
  • After Lotor's Generals appearance, it's pretty cool to see more female Galra generals in the Empire.
  • The fact that Naxzela's literally a bomb planet just waiting to blow up.
  • Lotor flies into a sun, and the fact that he gritted his teeth through it all while Zarkon was forced to fall back says a lot.
  • Allura using her Altean magic to power up Voltron enough for them to escape Naxzela's gravity.
  • Keith is about to sacrifice himself in an attempt to destroy the shields around Haggar's new weapon when who should come to the rescue and save the day but Prince Lotor!

Season 5

    The Prisoner 
  • Pidge dodging the flyers using Green, even catching the cargo ship Rolo was flying by flipping upside down and catching them through the opening in Green's chest.
  • Rolo, Nyma, Matt and Beezer dropping from the sky and preparing to infiltrate the base.

    Blood Duel 
  • Lotor Vs. Zarkon. And Lotor wins.
    • And also, without the other paladins knowing he uses the black Bayard that Shiro gave him. It takes on the form of all of the Bayards Zarkon used during "Black Paladin".
    • It's a crowning moment of Acting for AJ LoCascio and Neil Kaplan as Lotor and Zarkon, respectively, as well; every part of their bitter, broken relationship is hashed out here, both actors going completely for broke as the words they spit are just as violent as the blows they trade.
  • Shiro, Matt and Pidge fighting the generals in order to save Sam. At one point, they all start fighting in zero-gravity!

  • While the implications are terrifying, the fact that Haggar, a super-powerful magical Altean basically takes down a group of assassins with her bare hands, and shifts herself to looking like one of them in order to get close enough to the commander to kill him just says how much of a badass she is.
  • As Lance gets pressured during his training, the scene begins to slow and his Bayard shifts from a sniper rifle into an Altean broadsword. Even Alura is impressed, stating it's a sign of "something we've all known for quite some time: you have greatness in you." She goes on to tell him that the sword is just like one her father used to wield.
    • She also advises him to work on his stance by knocking him on his ass. Crosses over into funny, but also one of this Alura's moments of cementing her Action Girl cred.
  • Sam, Matt and Reyner hacking into the plants and reversing the virus that was not only overrunning the planet, but also incapacitating Voltron. Heck, the plant virus gets one for incapacitating Voltron!
  • Lance taking out the Robeast by slamming his Bayard into the switch and shooting a beam through it.

    Kral Zera 
  • At the Kral Zera, anyone can be crowned as the new emperor or empress.
  • While a blood-bath always seemed imminent, it's still plenty enjoyable to watch all of these strong Galra commanders have a go at each other in order to claim the throne.
  • The fact that Sendak according to Haggar, has been alive for over a millennium.
  • Lotor knows that while he may not be the strongest there, or that he was the one who killed his father, one of the reasons he gives to why he should become the emperor? He was the only one who returned the Black Lion to the Galras.
    • Also, his entrance is no doubt one of the best things in the episode.
      "Your true emperor has arrived!"
  • Lotor duels Sendak on the steps of the ceremonial grounds.
    "My first act as emperor will be to reunite you with my late father!"
  • Acxa shoots Gnov's sword away so Keith can take her out.
  • As the rest of the Galras fight amongst themselves, Lotor is seen walking up the steps and lights the torch, signifying himself as the new emperor of the Galra. The shot then pans out to show not only the remaining soldiers bowing to him, but also Voltron standing in the background.

  • Pidge and Hunk reprogramming their escort droid to be on their side. While it's not the first time they've done something like this, it's still impressive to see these tech geniuses at work.
    Hunk and Pidge: Yeah! Team Punk does it again!
  • Allura reestablishing a connection to the stone that shows a map leading to Olderion.
  • After so much theorizing and speculation, we finally get to see Keith's mom, Krolia, and she's just as badass as many have hoped she'd be.
  • Krolia pulling a Batman Gambit on Trugg. In order for her and Keith to safely get off the planet, she offers up the code on the condition she and Keith would be able leave; knowing that if they try to unlock it without her, the place will self-destruct, and if they do honor the conditions, the superweapon will kill all of them and eventually die of starvation.

    White Lion 
  • Lotor has Altean markings on his cheeks that glow, and when Allura returns, so does she. He tells them that these are the "Marks of the Chosen".
  • Just the gorgeous scenery used for Oriande. One look is breath-taking.
  • According to Josh, the hilarious back and forth between Lance, Pidge, Hunk and Coran was done with all of the actors present with no editing.
  • Allura manages to pass the White Lion's Secret Test of Character by offering up her life to it and refusing to fight. Unfortunately, Lotor doesn't figure it out.

Season 6

  • The music for this season definitely deserves some recognition. In particular, the 80's synth-sounding music playing in the background while Shiro and Pidge are trying to restore power to the shields in the first episode and the music that plays over the montage of Keith and Krolia's time on the Quantum Abyss beast's back. Special shout-out goes to the music in the Monsters and Mana episode, which captured the feeling of 8-bit and RP games as a whole perfectly.
  • The animation. Holy CRAP, the animation. The animators have REALLY stepped up their game this season. Just watch the fight between Shiro and Keith. It's amazing.

    Omega Shield 
  • When the two Galra in charge of the shield facility are arguing at gunpoint over the senior officer's decision to side with Lotor and work with Voltron, Hunk puts his training with Dayak to good use and gives the two commanders a scathing lecture reminding them what it means to be Galra.
  • Allura using her newfound abilities to heal Lance.
    • Just before then, Allura and Lance effortlessly working together to fix the shield, and Lance diving in to save Allura with no hesitation at all.

    Razor's Edge 
  • Despite taking a hit from a Galra scout (who declared him dead), Keith's dad manages to detonate the bombs he placed on the remaining ship trying to flee earth.
    • The way Krolia's Tranquil Fury sets in when she thinks the scouts have killed her partner. She doesn't even hesitate when she throws her knife and takes the guy next to her out as quick as possible.
  • Keith and Krolia stumble across a hidden sanctuary and also meet a familiar character: Romelle.

    Monsters and Mana 
  • All of the shout-outs found throughout this episode, and special props goes to the scenes where it cuts to 8-bit graphics or gives big nods towards the different genres of video games.
  • Pidge subverts the tired joke that female dwarves have beards, assuming her character is female.
  • The Paladins' plan to defeat Coran's character, especially since they came up with it on the fly and managed to work in some items that Hunk and Pidge had just picked up.

    The Colony 
  • Bandor in his withered state managed to free himself, steal a ship and contact his sister, telling her she was right about Lotor before dying in her arms.
    • He also invents a device to communicate with Romelle, because he knows how upset she is about him leaving. Sure, it doesn't work until right before he comes back, but it's still impressive that he made that just for her.
  • Despite the fact that Allura and Lotor had just recently showed their mutual affection towards the other once Romelle tells Allura what he has done to the Alteans she gets furious immediately, grabs Lotor's arm, and slams him to the floor.

    The Black Paladins 
  • As the fight between clone Shiro and Keith begins, you can tell that everyone who is working on the show poured all of their energy into drawing out these scenes that are terrifying as they are breathtaking.
  • Keith's "I Know You're in There Somewhere" Fight with Shiro. Even more awesomely, the fact that several Freeze-Frame Bonus shots reveal that he's gone partially Galra.
    • He even manages to summon the black Bayard, using that and his Marmoran blade to Dual Wield and cut off Shiro's Galra arm.
    • Since Keith's Bayard has always been a sword, and since he earned a second sword as a Blade of Marmora, we've been waiting for him to use both at the same time. They waited until precisely the right moment to give it us.
  • Keith in general after he gets back into the Black Lion, being more assertive, in-control, and far less reckless than he was in season 3 when the Black Lion first chose him to replace Shiro.

    All Good Things 
  • The Sincline ships and Voltron finally come head to head, and it's so awesome to see the ships trying to outdo the other.
  • Coran creating a makeshift bomb out of 10,000 year-old nunville that he found in his pop-pop's toolbox.
  • Lotor forming Sincline.
    Lotor: This, ends, now.
  • Keith getting help from Shiro in the astral plane to help him get back to his friends.

    Defenders of All Universes 
  • The battle between Voltron and Lotor, especially when both of them enter the quintessence field. The constant flying and clashing of blades and giant machines, combined with the smooth animation and impressive choreography, makes it a final battle between two titans.
  • The fact that Lotor can hop in and out of realities, thanks to Allura.
  • Inside the Quintessence field, Voltron displays a number of new abilities, such as laser eyes, a blade beam, and the ability to launch the Green Lion's head. It's a taste of the true power of Voltron, and a demonstration of how powerful the Paladins are becoming.
  • Allura bringing Shiro's spirit back into his new body, which causes his hair to completely turn white.
  • The Lion Chorus (a Call-Back to The Rise of Voltron) upon Shiro's resurrection sends a tingle up the spine. Looks like Black is happy to see his boy in one piece.
  • The final line of the season:
    Keith: (smiling) We're going home.

Season 7

    A Little Adventure 
  • Keith managing to outfly even James, who was considered the best student of their class with relative ease. He only fails because he leaves the machine in order to steal Shiro's car.
  • Shiro racing Keith around the same area back in the very first episode of the series where Keith outflew all of the Garrison vehicles chasing them. He even manages to pull up the same way Shiro does, something he said was to be a very difficult maneuver.
  • Everyone working together to lure a yalmor towards them.
  • Coran and the others surfing on the back of the yalmor (although Romelle does slip).

    The Road Home 
  • Keith telling Lance to fall behind close off the cave entrance, adding that since Red was the fastest, he'd have no problem catching up with them. Lance trusts him and the plan is somewhat successful.
  • Krolia fighting a Galra pirate on top of Black. Even better, she's using her knife again.
  • Romelle helping Allura by kicking a Galra pirate back and then tearing off a piece of the ship that was keeping the Blue Lion's jaw from opening.
  • When the Yellow Lion wipes out while fleeing the Galra pirate fighters, Hunk exits the Lion's mouth with a flying somersault, lands on his feet, draws his Bayard, and proceeds to gun the fighters down, all without missing a beat. He even unlocks a new setting on his Bayard, allowing it to launch small turrets that could operate autonomously.
  • Keith's wolf Kosmo using it teleporting abilities to not only rearrange the passengers for the Lions but also distracting the Galra fighters chasing Pidge and Lance.

    The Way Forward 
  • Ezor and Zethrid have become warlord space pirates in their three years, and are almost as dangerous as when they were with Lotor.
  • Acxa returns to help free the paladins.
  • Coran using the Altean chameleon ability to try and blend in with the others after he lost his helmet. It's just nice to see this skill used again since after a few seasons, it seems like a forgotten trait.
    • Even Allura uses this skill briefly to take out the large Galra who Coran was trying to beat, and she takes him out in one punch.
  • Keith trusting Lance enough to lead the others safely out of the ship. He could have told this to Shiro, his mom, or Allura, but no, he asks for Lance do it.
  • The fight between Ezor, Zethrid, Keith and Acxa. The choreography is amazing and you can see each person's style of fighting.

    The Feud 
  • Keith managing to draw some decent pictures that the others could recognize after a few seconds, especially when he was put under pressure.
  • Instead of trying to win the mini-golf game, Pidge uses her knowledge of geometry and physics to smash the camera and take Bob down with a ricocheting golf ball.
    • Bob wasn't terrified of Pidge even after she pins him to the floor. He actually looks impressed by what Pidge did.

    The Ruins 
  • The entirety of Keith and Kosmo's fight with Macidus, with both sides employing Teleport Spam to gain an advantage and Keith holding his own against the same Druid who gave him so much trouble in Season 1. This is especially impressive considering that Macidus completely demolished Hunk, Pidge, Lance and Allura in under 20 seconds when they attempted to join in the fight and had previously killed multiple Blades.
    • The end of the fight deserves special attention. When Macidus teleports after wiping out the other Paladins Keith closes his eyes, apparently senses where Macidus is teleporting and throws his blade to impale the Druid.

    The Journey Within 
  • When all the Paladins are fooled by an illusion of planet Earth. Hunk sees through the deception and saves the others by shooting at it.

    The Last Stand: Part 1 
  • Colleen being just as stubborn as her daughter when Admiral Sanda tells her that she can't be allowed in the Garrison and that she doesn't have the clearance. She argues that she wouldn't be going anywhere and since she's staying, Sanda is going to get her the clearance.
    • Later on, when she tells Sam that they should tell the world of what the Garrison is really up to, as well as the fact that the Garrison, courtesy of Sanda, was lying to the public. Despite the negative repercussions, Colleen is willing to do anything to see her children again.
  • Sam chewing out Admiral Sanda for her poor leadership skills and refusal to tell the world about the Galra.
    Samuel Holt: You held me at the Garrison against my will. You lied about my death. You wanna control every situation. But face it, you can't. The world needed to know this, and now that they do it will be better for us. Right now, the world needs a leader that's not afraid to face facts and you're not it.
    Admiral Sanda: And you think you are?
    Samuel Holt: Yes.

    The Last Stand: Part 2 
  • The MFE fighters working together to help store food in a hidden shelter.
    • Veronica tags along, pointing out that she actually knows how to navigate the tunnels.
  • While everyone else is retreating, Veronica attempts to pull a Heroic Sacrifice as she takes out a gatling gun and uses it to buy the MFE fighters some time, and her weapon doing more damage than theirs.
  • Veronica is later seen to be alright as she returns to the Garrison with her family and finding a small group of rebels who helped her survive the cave in.

    Know Your Enemy 
  • Despite Keith's snarky "Don't miss" comment, Lance quickly taking out all of the small drones in rapid succession. Even shooting down one that was near Hunk and Pidge, just when his gun was barely recharging.

    Heart of the Lion 
  • The Lions were stationed close to Saturn in a previous episode, and the Paladins needed the Lions to destroy Sendak's weapons on Earth. Cue the Paladins (except Lance who was interrupted) connecting with their Lions across a vast distance, and summoning them to Earth. Except for the Red Lion...
  • Lance, while injured, protects his sister from a few Galra sentries, and even tries to shoot down a Galra fighter ship that is flying straight at them. When his weapon is ineffective, and with the fighter ship about to crash into them, Lance quietly accepts that he's going to die, but in a CMOA, the Red Lion takes out the fighter ship from above by landing on it, looks at Lance, and then lets out a triumphant roar.

    Trial By Fire 
  • The Paladins, while imprisoned, manage to not only connect with their Lions but also end up flying their Lions as if they were in the Lions. For all intents and purposes, they become the Lions.
  • Admiral Sanda, after her earlier betrayal of Earth, helps save the Paladins by taking out a couple of Galra sentries and holding off Hefta, who were going to kill the Paladins.

    Lions' Pride: Part 1 
  • Shiro and Sendak's final battle, taking place on the hull of Sendak's command ship as it plummets towards Earth. The two of them use their cybernetic arms as their primary weapons, with Sendak's doing even more damage to his ship. After the ship crashes, both survive, but Shiro is hurt badly, while Sendak is still on his feet and is preparing to kill Shiro, only for the Black Lion to show up, and Keith to jettison from its mouth and taking Sendak out for good with a single stroke of his Bayard.

    Lions' Pride: Part 2 
  • The Atlas going full Macross and transforming into a giant robot that dwarfs even Voltron. Made even more awesome by the fact that the Atlas wasn't even designed to transform; Shiro wills it to happen by interfacing with the infinite mass crystal (and this is after the previous episode had already put him through the wringer both physically and mentally).
  • With the combination of Lance and Pidge's Bayards, Voltron manages to manifest dual swords.

Season 8

    Knights of Light: Part 2 
  • The fact that Zarkon gets the chance to call upon Voltron's Flaming Sword, if only once.
    Zarkon: Form Blazing Sword!

    The End is the Beginning 
  • Just the fact that the team managed to save not just a planet, galaxy or universe, but all of reality. Including every universe to ever exist.
  • After a Time Skip resulting a "Where Are They Now?" Epilogue, the Paladins gather on the restored Altea to remember Allura and their time together, and celebrate a new era of peace and prosperity they have ushered in for the universe. That night, the Paladins awake, summoned by their Lions, who roar them a farewell before leaving for a distant part of the universe… perhaps, to await a day Voltron may be needed once again. But for now, the mightiest weapon in the universe can rest, for its work is done.


  • The next Japanese GoLion release will be Netflix Japan's release of Voltron: Legendary Defender. The series was so successful, Japan isn't making their own reboot, it's accepting Netflix's.
  • The crew each picking their own episode of the original Voltron to release on Netflix, complete with introduction.
  • This promotional image for Voltron with all the Lions lined up.
  • There was a release of a 360° video where you can view the cockpit of the Blue Lion, the hangar where the Lions stay and a VR game to be released later in 2017.
  • The utterly casual reveal at Comic-Con 2018 that Shiro is gay, and Season 7 would feature a flashback with his boyfriend Adam. After The Legend of Korra was infamously unable to make Korra and Asami's romance clear onscreen, the crew gets to do it here.
    • Goes a step further in the series finale episode The End is the Beginning, where Shiro shares an on-screen kiss at his wedding with his husband.
  • The fact that (aside from a few unresolved plot points) this is the first animated Voltron series to end with a conclusive finale.


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