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See-and-Say: The pig goes "Wank"! The cow goes "Shazoo"!
Stewie: It most certainly does not!
See-and-Say: The rooster goes "Dickeridee"!
Stewie: Where? Where does the rooster say that?
See-and-Say: The monkey goes "Macack"!
Stewie: No, no, no! It does not!
See-and-Say: The elephant goes "Thwoamp"!
Stewie: Yeah, kinda.

In fiction, animals make a lot of sound. With some animals such as dogs, cats or cows, the sound is very familiar (and often represented as a Written Sound Effect). With some animals, their real sound is not very well-known, but there is a Stock Sound Effect that represents them in media (such as the characteristic screech of the Red-Tailed Hawk used for any sort of bird of prey, or chimpanzee chatter used for any kind of monkey). Occasionally an animal that is normally mute will be given some sound for threatening effect (for example, sharks letting out a growl as they open their jaws). Even though the latter sounds are not realistic, they are so commonly used that we don't even notice them.


Sometimes though, the creators just throw any - real or perceived - realism and make up a sound for the animal in the name of Rule of Funny. Either they have no idea what sound the animal makes and just come up with something silly, or they intentionally give the animal a different sound that the audience expects for comedic effect as a form of Vocal Dissonance. Occasionally the animals will straight up Pokémon Speak, or let out the Signature Roar of a famous movie monster (as a literal Shout-Out). Another possible Shout-Out is the animal singing the theme tune of a famous work - such as a "Jaws" Attack Parody where the famous "dun-DUN'' music directly coming from the shark itself. Often, a big sound will come out of a small creature. Sometimes, the justification is that the animal is "speaking a foreign language".


Subtrope of Noisy Nature. Compare Animal Talk, when animals sounds like humans due to Translation Convention (which is usually not Played for Laughs). Compare Sound Defect, where other unlikely sounds are deliberately used nonsensically.


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     Anime and Manga  

  • One Piece:
    • In the Waters Seven arc, Chimney's pet rabbit Gonbe meows because he thinks he's a cat.
    • In the Enies Lobby arc, Usopp finds himself face to face with a rooster as he's trying desperately to sneak up to an enemy and snatch the key he needs. Usopp is worrying himself silly that the rooster will crow and awaken his opponent, only for it to tweet. This doesn't wake anybody, but Usopp yelling out in surprise at the wrong sound does.

     Film - Animated  


     Film Live Action  

  • George of the Jungle: In the original Jay Ward cartoon series, the titular Idiot Hero has a pet elephant named Shep. The live-action film goes one step beyond and ups the silliness by making Shep run, bark and pant like a dog.
  • Ms. Velma's Most Incredibly Magnificent Christmas Week, an absolutely bizarre Christmas Special made in the 70's, shows the animals in Jesus's manger having the following conversation:
    Racoon: I'm the Racoon! Arf Arf!
    Cow: I'm a cow! Mooo
    Bull: I'm the Bull! Bleugh!
  • In Frogs, when Crockett starts hallucinating that his trophy animal heads are making noises, one large taxidermy-preserved freshwater fish makes dolphin sounds.


  • A popular French joke says that ants "cro-ondent", which comes from an untranslatable Portmanteau Pun of the words fourmi ("ant") and micro-ondes ("microwave"). The best approximation in English would be "crowave", but then the joke would be Lost in Translation.


  • The children's book Duckcat is about a cat and a duck who pretend to be each other (the cat swims in the lily pond, the duck pretends to hate swimming, etc) and they also make each other's noises.

     Live-Action Television  

  • In this scene from Whose Line Is It Anyway?, two men play two cops, while two women provide the sound effects they make. At one point, one of them suggests they should make animal sounds to distract their opponents. One of them makes duck sounds - "quack quack". The other makes elephant sounds - also "quack quack".


  • "The Fox (What Does The Fox Say)" by Ylvis, the singer wonders what do foxes sound like. They come up with several humorous suggestions such as "Wap-pa-pa-pa-pa-pa-pow" and "Hattee-hattee-hatte-ho".
  • According to Li'l Deuce Deuce's ditty Beep Beep I'm A Sheep, sheep go "beep beep." And further, cows go "meow meow." It's a subset of Refuge in Audacity in songwriting: As Long As It Rhymes.

     Video Games  

     Western Animation  

  • Looney Tunes:
  • In one Cutaway Gag of Family Guy, Stewie plays with an European See-and-Say. He gets baffled by the unconventional sounds that, according to the toy, the animals make. See the page quote for details. Unlike most Cutaway Gags, this is actually referenced in a later scene. As Stewie and Brian use a Time Machine and end up in an unfamiliar place, Stewie, correctly, deduces that they must be in Europe from a cow saying "Shazoo".
  • In the Peppa Pig episode Granny and Grandpa's Attic, Mummy Pig finds a vinyl record of a novelty song she used to listen to when she was a child, "Birdy Birdy Woof Woof", all about this trope.
    The birds go, "Woof" and the dogs go, "Tweet",
    Woof, tweet, woof, tweet, woof, woof, woof!
    The sheep go, "Moo" and the cows go, "Baa",
    Moo, baa, woof, tweet,
    Woof, baa, moo, tweet,
    Woof, woof, woof!
  • In an episode of The Penguins of Madagascar, a giant lobster roars like the Tyrannosaurus rex in Jurassic Park.
  • Hero: 108: "Deer Castle" features deer and the Deer King who sound nothing like actual deer. As the matter of fact, the sounds they make are those of a horse.
  • In Spongebob Squarepants, snails, including Gary, Spongebob's pet snail, meow like a cat. Meanwhile, worms bark like dogs.
  • Invoked in an episode of Teen Titans Go!: after every sound in the world disappears, the Titans find themselves tasked to recreate the sounds with their voices, resulting in stuff like dolphins saying "Booyah" in Cyborg's voice, Starfire's pet Silkie sounding like Starfire doing a Fat Albert impression and a giant monster meowing because Starfire had no fitting sound examples in her mind.
  • In the Tom and Jerry short The Milky Waif, Jerry the mouse, upon seeing Tom spanking his adopted child Nibbles, goes into Papa Wolf mode, and produces a lion-like roar before giving Tom an epic thrashing.
  • Played with in Quaqquao. The main character is a duckling that in every episode meets a different animal, and at the end of every episode he now makes the same sound as that animal. Then his father comes up and teaches him to quack again.


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