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     The First Wormhole 
  • S 1 E 1: who opened the wormhole for the Blue Lion and the fledgling Team Voltron to escape the Galra cruiser pursuing them?
    • There's a WMG that posits each Lion might have had a 'battery' of Altean energy to allow them to generate a single wormhole to return to Arus when, or if, the Lions found potential replacement Paladins.

     Pidge Hiding Her Sex 
  • This isn't imperial China. There would be medical exams, the cadets would have to share showers, she probably had at least one roommate. Someone would've seen her naked.
    • The academy does not seem to have open dorms, so inserting medical records and making sure Gunderson never gets a roommate seems possible for a skilled enough hacker. Showers, admittedly, need a lot more creativity or stealth skills.
    • Alternatively, Pidge could've just passed herself as an actual trans boy so she wouldn't have to worry about being found out.
    • How the hell did she deal with her period there?
      • Pills, or posing as (pre-op) transgender boy.
      • Alternatively, if she's thin enough, she just won't go into her period. This is an actual phenomenon that occurs in Real Life, mostly to athletes without enough body fat, but it's not unheard of in other women.

     Chairs in Voltron 
  • So where do they sit when they form Voltron? It seems like being in his fist or foot would be a bad time. But they clearly don't share a control room Power Rangers style.
    • Word of God says that they sit in the head of the lions when they transform.

     Fighter Pilots 
  • If Earthians never met aliens yet, why would they need fighter pilots for space travel? Who are they gonna fight?
    • Space Pirates?
    • I got the impression that the fighter pilot thing was a brand new program, started after the Kerberos expedition disappeared. It's heavily implied that the Garrison higher ups knew that aliens were the reason for the expedition going missing, and started training fighter pilots since they had proof that hostile life was out there. The fact that Lance only got into the program because Keith was kicked out, and the small size of the class gave me the impression it was a brand new program with a handful of the best students brought in at first for a test. Not to mention that apparently the cadets train by running simulation rescue missions on Kerberos.

     Kerberos' cover up 
  • Why was the disappearance of Shiro and the Holts covered up?
    • As Pidge or rather, Katie found out, the entire incident involving the Kerberos mission was classified under the Galaxy Patrol's jurisdiction, and covered up as all three having died by "pilot error." The question is, why? Considering humanity can travel across their solar system, albeit with a long period of time compared to the technology of Galra and the Lions, and Sendak's ship literally comes up to just outside Earth's orbit with no alarms ringing (not to mention ignoring Shiro's cries of oncoming trouble), have they secretly encountered Galra before? Theoretically one could say it was to prevent a potential societal panic (and we don't know how peaceful or troubled Earth is globally), but the excessive cover-up involving the incident is troubling.
    • As stated above, Earth does appear to be training pilots for space defense. It's certainly possible they know something is out there, and they don't want to panic anyone.
    • Season 2 confirms that Galra have interacted with Humans before.
    • Also, Shiro and the Holts' conversation at the beginning implies that even if the higher-ups at the Galaxy Garrison know about aliens, it's not exactly public knowledge. So, yes, I'd be inclined to agree with the "preventing societal panic" idea.
      • Confirmed in season 7.

     Voltron age issue 
  • If Voltron is 10,000 years old or more, why is it so powerful and unstoppable?
    • For that matter, all Altean technology. The first episode has the 10,000 year old castle go toe-to-toe with a battleship and the shields hold for a good while until Voltron kills it. Yeah, yeah, Altean technology is magic infused but c'mon, in 10,000 years no one ever figured out either A) Better technology or B) How to make their own combining mech? The transformation sequence seems to show Voltron is as advanced as a modular connector with simple threads holding it all together.
    • Of course, it is just a show, I really should just relax.
    • Just a theory, but Voltron (and its individual parts) seem to be imbued with the Altean's ability to shapeshift. The bayards are empathic weapons that shift to whatever the wielder needs or wants, and the cats themselves reveal new weapons and abilities as their pilots need. It's entirely possible that Voltron's power lies in its ability to change and adapt, not in the fact that it's a combining mech. Sure, the Galra could probably design their own Voltron-esque mech, and perhaps they did earlier, but without whatever magitech that actually fuels the whole thing, it's just an imitation and not something that could go toe-to-toe with Voltron.
    • Actual Altean Technology has been matched and in places exceeded by the empire but Voltron is stated to be "Beyond Science", It's explicitly not just making their own combing mecha. (If it's a created being at all Voltron wasn't in the original continuity after all.)
    • Season 2 shows that at least one Lion was made from a special meteor. It may be a result of the building materials being of unobtainable rarity.
    • With what we've learned from season 2, it's likely that Voltron was born of both Galran and Altean magic and science. With the entire Altean race wiped out, the ability to create the Altean aspects is lost as well. (Yes, Haggar is Altean, but she doesn't have the right kind of magic.)
    • Also, in regards to the castle: for what it's worth, the system does seem to be a bit rusty at first, and Coran and Allura have to get it back in working condition, so it's not a complete Ass Pull. After that... well, they've got time to make improvements on it, I guess.
    • In the season 2 climax, Voltron takes a direct hit from Haggar's weapon. The one that can suck all Quintessence out of an ENTIRE PLANET in just a few ticks and turn it into a lifeless husk. Not only is Voltron NOT depleted of all power by this weapon, the Paladins within are also protected from the worst of the blast. The only thing Haggar manages to do is knock Voltron's systems (including the Paladins' consciousness) offline for a few moments. Not too shabby for a 10,000 year old relic.
    • It is possible that was just a fast and sloppy version of the spell. She was pressed for time if she was gonna help Zarkon.
    • Except the beam was designed to drain, like a vacuum designed to suck up Quintessence. It wasn't a blaster cannon that needed to charge before firing. She was shown perfecting the spell in Season 1. Perfecting it. She's no longer figuring out how it works or how much mystic mojo she needs to channel. She's at the point of cast'n'blast. Also, the spell did have an effect on the Paladins inside Voltron, and for a moment looked like they might actually have died. Being inside Voltron wasn't enough to protect them from that, so you can't really say the spell didn't do damage.
    • Season 3 explains why Voltron is so powerful: The Lions were made from a special ore that is able to cross alternate realities. Its incredible compositional strength is implied to be a result of, or what allows it to travel to, alternate realities- since all other materials passing through the trans-reality portals tend to get vaporized. A large part of combat is simply being able to outlast your opponent and adapt to new factors, so Voltron's staggering compositional strength and adaptability (probably due to the ore being quintessence-infused or something similar) have allowed it to become nigh-unstoppable in terms of combat proficiency. The only things ever shown to have any real damaging effect on it are quintessence-draining attacks and Lotor's ships made from the same ore, thus supporting this explanation.

    Need of pilots 
  • Why exactly do the Lions even need pilots again?
    • The Lions seem capable of independent movement without a pilot. The Red Lion snatches Keith from space before he's even been in the cockpit for the first time. Black and Green lions leap in independently to save Shiro and Pidge. Lance says in the first episode that the Blue Lion is really the one doing the piloting and it's not really him, he's just along for the ride. All of them seem to choose when to put up their own shields. If these giant super strong robot kitties can do all this on their own, why do they even need pilots?
    • Pilots seem to help when dealing with things beyond basic movement such as weapons or combining.
    • Basically this. It seems like the lions can move on their own, but the pilots are helpful for combat, general directions, and the like.
    • For the same reason why horses need riders.
    • From what we've seen with two seasons now, it seems more like the Lions aren't super-intelligent. The movements we see them do on their own could be described as "instinctive." Actions such as Black and Green protecting their Paladins, Red attempting to demolish the Blade of Marmora's base upon sensing Keith in danger, and Blue returning to the Castle upon finding a group of five suitable to be Paladins. The Lions can act and react, but we have yet to see evidence that they can utilize complex strategies and tactics, or form Voltron, without the aid of Paladins.
    • It could also be that the pilots provide the heart and drive. The lions are essentially creatures of unlimited power that don't know what to do with it. The paladins provide the moral compass to direct all that power, and the ultimate manifestation of that power requires a committee of five to reach a unanimous decision. It may even be revealed that each lion represents different personality types or thoughts that is designed to come together as a failsafe to ensure all the power isn't governed by one way of thinking. And each lion doesn't just test for that personality match but for the will to fight for that belief.
    • The Lions being Emphatic Weapons does not necessarily make them intelligent.
      • Season 7 seams to confirm this. Without a link to a paladin, a lion may be useless or no more able than an animal. The paladins can completely link their mind with a lion and pilot them remotely, leaving their bodies asleep and vulnerable. This may mean that in "normal" mode, a smaller piece of the paladin's consciousness is what's always been animating them and explain why they've been able to find them in deep space.

    Pidge hiding her sex 2 
  • How did anyone not find Pidge out? She just cut her hair and put on glasses. Not only did this not make a significant change to her face, which all the Galaxy Garrison guards were supposed to be on the lookout for, it made her look nigh-identical to a high profile missing person.
    • One pet theory is that Iverson is actively covering for the kid nosing around, since he lacks the clearance or technical skills to find enough evidence to break matters open himself.
    • Studies have actually shown that donning or removing glasses can alter one's appearance well enough to fool people who don't know you very well. So that might fool the average GG guard, though it probably should not fool the officer to put Katie on the no-access list.

  • How does Pidge deal with her period in space? Like I don't think she bought any pads or tampons with her.
    • The same way normal, not-stuck-in-space teenage girls do? Frankly, Pidge could probably invent her own way. She can build an intergalactic communicator out of literal space trash; the fact that she forgot to stop at CVS before leaving Earth isn't going to be a huge problem.
    • Yeah, she could probably figure out how to make something similar enough to pads/tampons to work. Though this does leave the question of where she'd get materials for it, it would be possible once she actually got some stuff.
    • If the reproductive systems of human and Altean females are similar enough, she might already have access to everything she needs.
    • Considering how close Alteans at least look to humans, this wouldn't surprise me either.
    • Menstrual cup, perhaps? These are slowly becoming more popular in real life, since many find them to be more comfortable and they eliminate the need to constantly buy tampons or pads. They'd be a good choice for someone who'd be away from a drugstore for a long time.
    • Some birth control methods can slow, reduce, or even stop periods altogether in some individuals. It's not out of the question that in a space-faring future, new methods have been found that might be even more effective to accommodate female pilots that might not have access to such items out in space.

     Lions as "cats" 
  • Why does everyone default to "lion" to describe the cats?
    • None of them have anything close to looking like a mane, making them look more like panthers than lion(esse)s. Obviously the Galra and Alteans would use "lions" because that's just what they called them, and you could argue that "lion" was the word Keith got from all his digging, but nobody questions calling them lions, and then there's that one Garrison officer that called it a lion...
    • The original Voltron and ever other adaption after that called them lions; whether or not they look like them is up for debate but they can't not call them lions now.
    • Lionesses don't have manes in the first place, a fair number of male lions don't either, and the roar does sound more like a lion than anything else. Also, the headshape is more lion than panther (or, more scientifically accurate, black leopard). It just makes sense. And when something is called a lion for 10.000 years in universe and 30 plus out, changing the name is just...weird.
    • My question is, how did an alien species know about an animal that didn't even really exist 10,000 years ago?
    • Apparently, lions have actually existed for at least that long, or at least animals similar to them. Why the Alteans named the cats after an Earth species is a perfectly good question, though. A handful of Altean animals are given throwaway mentions, so wouldn't an Altean equivalent to lions exist? I suppose I'm just thinking too hard, but still...
    • How about a reverse theory then? What if 'lion' is actually Altean/Galran/universe commonspeak and humans just adapted it from whoever brought the Blue Lion to Earth? I mean the time between the 8th millenium BC and 7th millenium BC was the rise of domestication and agriculture. What if this was influenced by someone who already knew the game? I mean, we all know that at least one Galra mixed with the human race at some point.
    • Whatever Translator Microbes the aliens use auto-translates from "Altean large cat" to "lion". Just like Allura refers to the mice as "mice".
    • This is probably most likely. The WORD lion certainly didn't exist 10,000 years ago on earth.
    • Maybe they're lionesses. Vehicles are usually referred to with feminine pronouns after all.
    • One of Lotor's generals in season 3 likes to call the lions "Kitties."
    • Clearly, there are some extremely similar species in this universe. Whether this is parallel evolution or due to seeding is unknown, but we have a cat, mice, and a teleporting space wolf, none of which originated from Earth. Also, Galrans can apparently have children with variety of other species.

     Meat Thermometer 
  • 75 degrees! No, wait... Other than the Rule of Funny, why does a vegan carry a meat thermometer on his person?
    • Who said he was vegan?
    • Rule of Funny. I don't recall the show stating that Coran is vegetarian, but even if he is, it was just done for a quick gag, anyway.
    • OP here. I inferred vegan since the only food available on the Castle was shown to be the food goo, which looks decidedly plant based. Could easily be wrong, of course.
    • Ah, good point. There could have been more meat dishes available back on Altea (we do see some of the aliens eating meat in Space Mall, after all), though I guess we don't know that for sure. Either way, you're right that the thermometer seems kind of useless on the ship itself.
    • Ever seen space food for real astronauts? It's often powdered and dehydrated stuff. Perhaps carrying fresh food ready-to-eat for a crew (and KEEPING it fresh) is a challenge even for advanced civilizations. Altean food goo is likely designed to be nutritionally rich and easy to store for very long time periods, at the cost of being rather bland when it comes to flavor and texture. It's never mentioned that the castle needs supplies like food, so we can probably assume the green goo has been in the castle for 10,000 years and still edible. (Perhaps it was in a dehydrated form?) Other foods like we see Hunk cooking up were likely obtained from Arus and the Arusians while the ship was being prepared for launch, or one of the other planets the castle has visited recently.

     How does one weapon liberate a galaxy? 
  • Voltron is only one weapon, which means that by definition it can only be in one place at a time. Six, if they split the Lions and the Castle and have them operate independently. But space is big. Really, really, big. The Galrans have a lot more than just six bases of operations. Even if Voltron can utterly dominate the defenses of whatever system it goes to, Zarkon has more than enough ships and troops to just retake whatever worlds the Paladins liberate the moment they leave. If Allura can't find a way to raise troops capable of holding the territory Voltron takes, all Zarkon needs to do to defeat them is let them run rampant until they run out of gas.
    • Besides the fact that Voltron is the most effective, and perhaps only weapon to combat certain threats, it provides a nice rallying point for the races of the galaxy. Morale is very important in any war, and the return of Voltron could give people the push they need to resist the Galra empire.
    • It also allows them to overcome a single military force, which is something they couldn't do before. This allows them to gain allies and forces, albeit not openly. Also, as shown by season 2, it allows them to perform a precision strike to take the head of the snake.
    • As shown in the first season finale, Voltron is able to destroy entire fleets of Galra warships without breaking a sweat, and that's with undertrained, underequipped pilots. At it's peak, Voltron could have been used to dominate the entire universe on its own, if used for evil (which is Zarkon's plan, after all).
    • Being made of a material that can cross realities into alternate worlds probably helps. Combined with ancient Altean alchemy and engineering, and the result is five lions that seem to have minor Reality Warper powers.
    • Also, Season 3 shows us right away that other planets were starting to rally around Voltron once they heard that Zarkon had been defeated. So both the morale and military success points made above, basically.
    • Season 4 takes it even farther, with Voltron gathering a coalition force large enough to execute a strategic strike that enables them to liberate an entire third of the Galra Empire in one fell swoop.

     Allura's capture 
  • How was Allura captured? I don't know what the alloy used on that base was made from, but between the things she did to it and the fact Shiro was there, those Galra troops should've been running from them.
    • She was grossly outnumbered. Also, she doesn't seem to have the same amount of combat training as the paladins, since most of her work is Mission Control. At one point or another she must have been tired of fighting against an entire station of armed guards(and a Druid). She might also thought she would be outnumbered one way or another and surrendered and waited for the Paladins to launch a rescue mission like she knew they would.
    • I'm fairly sure her hope was that they don't attempt a rescue. But on the topic of being outnumbered, would a dozen or so Galra be much of a threat against someone with her strength? What's the average strength for a Galra? It seems like she and Shiro had time to deal with a handful of grunts since they were right outside of the escape ship.
    • No matter how strong Allura was, she essentially sent Shiro out with her only method of escape. If there were other emergency pods on the ship she didn't have any way of accessing them. Short of defeating everyone and singlehandedly taking over the ship, Allura really had no way out.
    • Just rewatched season 1. The Galra ship was getting ready to enter hyperspeed for deep space travel, and Allura said they wouldn't be able to launch an escape pod while the ship was in hyperspeed. I got the impression it's like jumping out of the bed of a truck: If the truck's not moving or going very slow, you're fine. If the truck is cruising at highway speeds, you're gonna have a bad time.
    • Then why send Shiro ahead? They weren't so outmatched that they couldn't hold the soldiers off long enough to escape. Or she could've just picked Shiro up and leapt to the escape pod.
    • Well, they probably had at least a dozen sentries chasing after them, who were capable of forcing open that door. I assume she worried that some of them would follow them out onto the escape pod. While I'm sure she and Shiro could handle a couple of them easily enough, she didn't have much time to think — the sentries were right there and they only had a few seconds before the escape pod ejected. Allura probably figured there wouldn't be enough time for her and Shiro to hold them off and get to the pod in time, so she just tossed him out so at least one of them could escape.
    • Also, Shiro is the one piloting the Black Lion. No Black Paladin, no Voltron. At least without Allura, the Paladins could continue to use Voltron to fight. And when reunited with the others, Shiro said she threw him into the pod to "save the information." The Galra intel they gathered was probably downloaded into Shiro's arm, and if he'd been captured then that defeated the entire purpose of sneaking onto the Galra ship to begin with.

     Resistance against Galra 
  • Except for Voltron, why is there no other space-faring civilization in the universe trying to stop the Galra? And even if there was, how could they have all been defeated by the Galra so easily after so many millennia? The universe is really, really big.
    • The Galra is the biggest civilization in space, for what it seems. They also have access to the Druids, which have magic powers beyond what is imaginable, meaning they are a constant Outside-Context Problem, capable of creating weapons and forms of attack planets no one else can and that are completely unpredictable.
    • Season 2 reveals that there is a resistance to the Galra, but they value caution above all else due to their small numbers and will only strike when victory is certain.
    • Seasons 3 and 4 show us there is at least one other group of rebel fighters besides the Blade of Marmora. They rescued Matt, and Pidge found him working for them, spying on Galra communications.

     How much of the universe has the Galra occupied? 
  • For what we see that where ever our heroes go in the universe, The Galra are there! It's like they have absolute control of the whole universe under Zarkon's rule. But in the episode "Taking Flight", it is said that there are planets that have not yet been conquered by the Galra.
    • Could there still be any surviving civilizations still at war with the Galra since Voltron's absence?
    • I'd say "most, but not all," probably. From what we see, it certainly sounds like the Galra have conquered quite a bit of the known universe. However, the universe is also really flipping big, so it makes sense that there'd be a few planets left that they haven't gotten to yet.

     Cow's fate 
  • What happened to the free cow?
    • ...steak?
    • I don't think any of the Paladins have the heart to kill the cow. It's probably living in some place inside the castle like a greenhouse where it has access to a food source.
    • According to Keaton's twitter, the cow is fine.
    • So, in the back providing milk then?
    • How would it do that? Like all mammals, cows only make milk when they need to nurse their young. No calves, no milk. So unless that was a pregnant cow or the crew finds a bull...
    • I suspect it falls under "Rule of Funny" with regards to the cow always being able to provide milk..but the lactation period of a Holstein, which is apparently the breed of cow it is, is just under a year. How much time has passed in universe? Also Hostein's can produce just under 3000 gallons of milk per lactation period. 3000 gallons divided by 7 people, plus 4 mice, is a lot of milk per individual.
    • Maybe they left it with the Olkari after picking up the giant teludav. Those folks enjoy nature, and their planet has a nice forest full of green stuff for the cow to eat.
    • Season 4 shows us that not only is the cow still around, she's providing milk for the crew. I guess we could handwave it if, say, she had just recently given birth, and depending on how much time has passed between seasons.

     The Blue Lion's Choice 
  • This is a fairly common fandom speculation, and is a good bet for a future plot point, but still...why did the Blue Lion ignore Keith? Keith's seen the markings in the cave before, and he's hailed as the prodigy of the group, but the markings only respond to Lance. Much of the All There in the Manual information likes to subtly poke fun at Lance via the comment that the Blue Lion is "friendly and accepting..." i.e. it's not especially picky about its new pilot. (Admittedly, Yellow and Green seem relatively well-disposed towards newcomers too, with only Black and Red demanding some sort of trial-by-fire before accepting their pilots.) But if Blue genuinely wasn't bothered about the psychology of its had Keith right there. As The Herald, was it holding out until it had a selection of pilots for the other four (perhaps sensing that Lance was the jack-of-all-trades that was less likely to be found acceptable by the others)? Or is it all one big Red Herring, and Lance does have a "special something" that made him the only one that Blue would take on as its pilot?
    • Because it and Lance are both the Jack-of-All-Stats. Whether or not it assumed he wouldn't fit as well to the others, it probably latched onto him for that reason. That probably is Lance's "special thing" and he just doesn't realize it yet, though hopefully Season 3 will expand on this more.
    • The Lions have similar personalities to their owners. Keith is a good person, but 'friendly and accepting' he is not. And narrative-wise, the Lion repeatedly ignoring Keith in favour of Lance is a direct spit in the face of Iverson's claim that Lance is merely Keith's runner-up.
    • OP here - those are good points, and it's just occurred to me that we saw that Blue apparently has a sense of humor, as well as being a bit of a show-off (its maiden flight in the pilot episode looks like it was showing off to its new paladin and trolling its passengers, if Lance is being truthful when he says he isn't steering). The puzzle is that all the other paladins have a mental/spiritual quality that is essential to building an effective team: charisma/authority (Black), intelligence/curiosity (Green), good instincts/passion (Red) and loyalty/stability (Yellow). That's in addition to their more physical qualities (all-round talent, stealth/strategy, speed and strength, respectively). Lance being "the sociable one" or "the back-up Swiss-army knife" feels like a consolation prize at best. The gap in the "team qualities" list would perhaps suggest that he is The Heart of some sort, but he (and his individual relationships beyond his "rivalry" with Keith) are so often Out of Focus that Allura seems like a better bet for that title. There are interviews suggesting that as one of Voltron's legs, his is a support role, but it's not elaborated on beyond that.
    • Well, Lance is fairly close with Hunk, he at least says that Shiro is "[his] hero" in the pilot, and he seems to be on decent terms with Pidge. That combined with his and Blue's apparent similarities leads me to believe that the idea of him being The Heart has some merit. Allura also specifically states that the Yellow Lion has a supporting role, which probably holds true for Blue as well (and would fit in well with what we can pull together for Lance at the moment).
    • I think Lance and Hunk are supposed to be The Heart in different ways. Hunk is loyal and stable but tends to panic and get anxious easily, and the rest of the team is too serious sometimes, so Lance's optimism and sense of humor are necessary to keep the morale up.
    • As for Keith: Season 3 confirms that Red's "role" is both a literal and metaphorical right hand to Voltron, so perhaps Blue could sense that Keith would be a good second to Shiro? Also, Allura becoming the blue paladin in Season 3 backs up the idea of Blue being the most accepting lion, too. To be more specific: Lance wouldn't fit as well anywhere else, and Allura's the least experienced when it comes to piloting the lions, so taking on whatever paladin would need it the most seems to be Blue's role.
    • But again: that makes no sense when you consider Voltron is war machine. Why waste a slot just to give someone a coming-of-age-story confidence boost? Okay, maybe Blue's options were limited in the second go-round, but she had her pick of several planets with the first generation. Was Blaytz a "weak link" too? From a storytelling point of view, that only reinforces Lance's insecurities (and, to a lesser extent, Allura's, although she's being billed as the "prodigy Paladin" by the show) — "Blue took him because no-one else wanted him, then got shot of him to take on a new project" isn't a particularly uplifting message.
    • Blue chooses pilots who are, in fact, vital to their teams, but may not see it. Lance is a strong all-rounder, covering for every teammate at once (Sharpshooter to Keith's sword, optimist in Hunk's jitters, ease in comparison to Allura's seriousness, and groundedness to Pidge's mania). Allura is a focal point and vital link for the entire team as well. The main thing Blue encourages is growing into who you already are, and seeing how you fit with your team.
      • After watching Season 8, specifically the episode where they encounter the souls of the former Paladins trapped within Honerva's mind, I've personally come to the conclusion that the Blue Lion seeks a Paladin with Hidden Depths.

     Allura- Magical Girl Warrior? 
  • So, um, am I the only one a bit confused by what happened in her battle with Haggar? Is everyone else too busy with the reveal that Haggar is Altean? You all saw how Allura turned into a reddish-pink glowstick as Haggar tried zapping her. What the hell was that all about? She took a blast in season 1, too (when she tried rushing at Zarkon) and she was hurt by the blast that time. What changed, and what exactly does it mean!?
    • The answer, at least for now, is that it's just Season 3 foreshadowing. That said, Season 1 also set up new powers for Allura in the last couple of episodes, so it's not too surprising that they'd introduce something new here. My best guess for now is that Allura had simply built up a resistance to Haggar's magic, or that it's possibly some kind of residual Altean magic of her own.
    • Given that Haggar seemed shocked/terrified on seeing Allura do that, it's almost certainly forshadowing a future power. I wouldn't be surprised if Allura turns out to be a super-powerful magic-user herself.
    • We also have to recognize that Allura has been using her magic abilities a lot over the last season. Growing the crystals again shows the same progression that the final battle is meant to show for Voltron. The entire team hasn't just gotten better; they have achieved an entire new level. Allura may have achieve a strength that will unlock new abilities for her to discover or even start training from programs in the castle.

     Video Games in Space 
  • Okay so nothing in the castle ship is, by default, equipped to handle what are presumably the old Yellow-Red-White video and audio cables of an Earth video game system. But with all the high-tech stuff around, why can't Pidge just build a monitor with a compatible input? (The Olkari surely have the resources even if the ship does not)
    • The "actual" explanation is probably that the game just existed to be a comedic Yank the Dog's Chain. In-universe, Space Mall happens right before a bunch of important stuff like The Blade of Marmora and the ensuing plans to defeat Zarkon, so Pidge simply may not have had time to build one or didn't think to ask.
    • And Season 4 shows that they eventually got the game system to work. So the "Pidge just needed some more time to make something" idea is looking pretty likely.

     Abduction of the Kerberos Explorers 
  • This is an ongoing plot point. While on the Kerberos expedition, Shiro and the Holts were found by the Galra and kept them imprisoned for a year. But for what purpose? They kept Shiro for experimentation, but what do they have in use for the Holts?
    • Matt was being forced into gladiator matches before he got injured. Aside from that, probably just slave labor or information about Earth. It's not like the Galra need a reason to be evil.
    • Considering we've seen nothing of Sam since his disappearance, it's entirely possible that the Galra are using him for some kind of experimenting, too, especially since he apparently wasn't even considered for the gladiator matches. That or perhaps some kind of labor camp, most likely.
    • Season 5 reveals that Sam was sent to a research facility to aid in Galra R&D after it was learned he was a scientist.

     Iverson and Pidge 
  • How didn't Iverson realize who "Pidge Gunderson" was the very second he saw "him" for first time? Pidge looks like Matt Holt's clone and Katie Holt broke into the Garrison several times until she was banned. How didn't Iverson connect the dots?
    • Perhaps he just considered Pidge coming back, and under a male identity no less, to be such Refuge in Audacity that he overlooked the idea / was in denial?

     One Zarkon Limit? 
  • After 10,000 years, why does everyone immediately jump to the idea that it's the same Zarkon they fought before? Logically speaking, it would make more sense for Zarkon to have become a title, like Caesar did.
    • Explained in Season 3: over-exposure to quintessence prolongs the lifespan, and Zarkon was shown being dosed with it. Since Alfor and the others knew this, they likely passed the information to Coran and Allura.
    • I'm not sure Coran and Allura did know. At least not right away. All the way back in season 1, when Shiro tells them he was held prisoner by Zarkon, Allura's reaction is more along the lines of "What!? How can this be!?" If she knew about the prolonged lifespan, I'd have expected something more to the effect of "I didn't realize it (quintessence) could sustain him for this long." Coran, though, might have figured it out when in the penultimate episode of season 1, it was discovered that the Galra were collecting quintessence on such a massive scale.
    • Considering Coran was the one who (technically) narrated the flashback episode, it's likely he knew. As for Allura, you could say it's more ambiguous, but it's not a complete stretch for her to have figured it out, either.

     Possessed by Eldritch Abominations? 
  • I keep seeing a number of people talking about how Zarkon and Honerva didn't just come back wrong, they woke up possessed by some creature from an alternate universe. (Presumably something from that quintessence-filled world.) So uh, did I miss something? Or see a completely different episode somehow? Yeah, they woke up with funky glowing eyes after they died, but you know what else glows? Quintessence. Everything I saw looked like a combination of quintessence overdose and waking up from death. (If that doesn't leave your head a little scrambled, I don't know what will.) Nothing suggested to me that Demonic Possession was in play. I'd love if someone could point out what other signs they showed of being "possessed" that I missed.
    • Aside from their personalities changing from obsessed and somewhat aggressive to outright evil, there isn't any kind of direct evidence. There was that small glowing energy blob in the glass container that was malevolent and attacked everyone when it broke free, and the things that Voltron fought, that are clues that Zarkon and Hagar may be more than just the people they were before they "died"... mot to mention the fact that Hagar apparently lost her memories of her life from before she "died," even the fact that she was Zarkon's wife. Quintessence hasn't shown any signs of being evil by itself, it was only the things from the other universe that were shown to be blatantly evil... so some kind of possession isn't out of the question.

     Paladin swapping and the Training Wheels Lion 
  • Blue continues to baffle. Rather than assigning Blue a real characteristic, Word of God basically said that she was the Lion that took on a project - a Paladin that lacked confidence in themselves. That seems bizarre for a war machine. Why have a "training wheels" Lion (Afterbuzz TV explicitly called her the Voltron equivalent of starting in the mail room) when Voltron deals with life or death situations? People seem quick to say that Lance has permanently lost his bond with Blue (while assuming that Red would take Keith back), suggesting that he "graduated"...but he's more insecure than ever now, and he hasn't adopted the characteristics that Red prefers, so has Blue blundered (or just suddenly stopped caring about Lance) or were the Lions coordinating with each other to deal with an emergency situation that they hoped was temporary? And if they did, why did Red wait until the last minute to summon Lance?
    • I think Blue's characteristic is Balance. She takes a pilot who acts as a supporter to the rest of the team, acting (much like a leg) as a support for the team. Take Lance, who is, in many ways, able to offset the rest of his team's traits in some way (Keith is a swordsman, Lance a shooter. Pidge is manic and prone to flights of fancy, while Lance is laid-back and grounded. Hunk is panicky and pessimistic, while Lance is a positive optimist. Shiro is grounded and focused, while Lance is adaptive and aware of the situation.) It takes a pilot who is a vital linchpin to the team, and guides them to fill that role.
    • Furthermore if Blue's pilot is a weak link that she tries to build confidence in, doesn't that mean that she's guaranteed to lose her pilot once they gain confidence? Would that make Lance a spare tire rather than a seventh wheel?
    • I doubt it. The only reason Blue rejected Lance is that 1) Allura needed her more, and 2) Lance had grown into his role by that point, and was ready to step up. Think of it as a company forcing a promotion on someone because they need to take the role. Had the team composition not changed, Lance would likely have stayed Blue's pilot.
    • This makes Blue and Red equally baffling, honestly. Apart from the fact that Lance spent just as much, if not more, time doubting himself this season, Allura seemed to get the hang of Blue fairly quickly. Wouldn't it have made sense for her to "graduate" on up to Red, and for Blue to take Lance back? Especially since Lance didn't have an on-screen epiphany moment for Red like Allura did for Blue. Especially since the bonds with the lions have been played up so much, Lance and Red make little sense in general.
    • I think that, by the time the shakeup happens, the Lions themselves have observed what their pilots are. Blue and Red both realize that Lance is perfectly suited to be the "right hand" of the team (the perfect fit for the second-in-command role, and a strong fighter), while Allura is more suited for the role of supporting the team. Lance is stronger than he even realizes, and Blue knew that she couldn't help him grow anymore.
    • I think maybe the Blue Lion chooses people who have a good dynamic with other members of Voltron? It's unfair to call Blue the beginners lion because we've only seen two people pilot her. I think she chooses people who have a strong connection with all the other members of Voltron. If you think about it, Lance is the only one who has any sort of relationship with the other four when the show starts. He's classmates with Hunk and Pidge, has a rivalry with Keith, and knows about Shiro. Allura is the only one out of the possible paladins who had significant scenes with the other paladins. Before Allura wasn't able to become a paladin since Blue was on Earth and she wasn't compatible with the Black Lion, but since new roles need to be filled Allura is now in the running. Both Allura and Lance are also really good at reading other people's emotions and being able to comfort others.
    • After watching Season 8, specifically the episode where they encounter the souls of the former Paladins trapped within Honerva's mind, I've personally come to the conclusion that the Blue Lion seeks a Paladin with Hidden Depths.

     Dangerous Altean Language Teaching Program 
  • In Eye Of The Storm Pidge elects to use a program to learn Altean Language, the computer then stated "safety off" followed by holograms of alien animals threatening her life with each incorrect pronunciation attempt. Here are my questions: 1) Was this a glitch or did someone Altean design the program this way!? 2)If they did program it this way then why in the holy mother of quiznak!? Were Altean children more hard of learning than a Neanderthal on crack!? Was the designer sick in the head!? I just hope Allura didn't go through this when she was a kid!
    • I guess it's possible the Alteans figured out some kind of magic to make their holograms capable of physically interacting with people, but I assumed that the "safety off" thing was more just... them scaring Pidge. Had the safety stayed on, they probably would have just sat there. Pidge may or may not have assumed that they could actually hurt her because she was freaked out, but it's more likely that dark Rule of Funny was in effect.

     Lotor's Age 
  • How old is Lotor supposed to be? The more I think about it, the more it confuses me. He's not shown at all in the flashback episode (despite the fact that a baby Allura is), and Coran and Allura didn't seem to know about him in the first two seasons (because thinking that defeating Zarkon would take out the Galra empire just wouldn't make sense if they knew he had a son). But on the other hand, Haggar / Honerva doesn't act particularly maternal towards him or like she even knows he's her son, which wouldn't make sense if he was born after the stuff with the previous paladins. And on the other other hand, we know that Quintessence can prolong the life span, so it's feasible that he could be ~10,000 years old, but Zarkon and Haggar were both shown to have gone nuts from over exposure to it. Now, there may have been some official source on the matter that I just missed, but he's still a bit odd no matter how you look at him. Perhaps I should just stop thinking so hard, but still.
    • One entry on the WMG page claims that Word of God says Lotor is almost as old as Zarkon and Haggar, but I have no idea of the source.
    • As far as Haggar not acting maternal goes, it may be she doesn't care. What Quintessence did to her resembles an addiction, and it's not surprising that an addiction could change her personality. Nothing matters but feeding the addiction. Haggar seems only to care about Quintessence and Zarkon from what we've seen.
    • Having watched Season 5, it confirms that Haggar was unaware. Apparently she didn't get back all of her old memories right away. So that answers that part.
    • It's still confusing as since neither Zarkon or Haggar care about anything except getting more quintessence, and certainly don't seem fond of Lotor at all, why keep him alive? Is it just a case of him being in proximity to them or perhaps Honerva's research affected him in the womb? Did he age over 10,000 years until his current physical age or did he age normally and then just stop in his early 20's?
    • Flashbacks in Season 6 appear to indicate the latter.

     Alternate Universe vs Another Dimension 
  • In the season 3 episode "Hole in the Sky", when Ezor says "what if Voltron is unable to escape the other dimension?", Acxa corrects her by saying "it's another reality, Ezor," then Ezor sighs and reluctantly repeats the same question but with the word "reality" in it. So what was that all about? What's the big difference between dimensions and universes? I know there are 2 separate articles in this site, but most people always use the terms either way for any reality.
    • From the articles, it sounds more like dimensions are technically how you'd get between universes, while other realities would be the actual places. While a lot of people don't really care about the difference, which Ezor's reaction could be acknowledging, Acxa might just be the type to get on specific details like that.
    • As words, "Dimension," and, "Reality," aren't interchangeable, unlike what a lot of people might suggest. Dimension as a word refers to the physical dimensions (length, width, length), while reality is the space of existence that we measure things in terms of those dimensions. Acxa correcting her is both the character being pedantic, and the writers poking fun at the people that get pedantic about this in sci-fi, since by correcting Ezor, it's made clear that everyone knew what she was talking about, and that correction was unnecessary.

     Lotor's Family? 
  • So upon watching Season 4, the relationship between Lotor and Haggar still doesn't make sense to me. He specifically refers to his mother as Honerva, instead of Haggar, at one point. Meanwhile, she doesn't directly acknowledge the fact that she's his mother, either, despite having learned that she and Zarkon were married. So... does this mean that Lotor is unaware that Honerva became Haggar, and/or she still doesn't remember that she's his mom for some reason, or is it just meant to imply that they simply don't care?
    • He might be aware, but the woman Honerva used to be is a far cry from the woman Haggar is now. Calling his mother by her former name might mean he feels his real mother died 10,000 years ago.
    • In season 5's finale, Allura suggests the possibility that Honerva and Haggar might be the same person, but he angrily refutes the suggestion, which implies he doesn't know.
    • Alternatively, he might be looking at it From a Certain Point of View: Honerva was his mother and a brilliant alchemist who died when he was a kid; Haggar is the undead witch who is driving her body around like a possessed zombie committing abominations. His anger and tone suggest that he knows the truth but refuses to accept it.
    • And having watched Season 5 now, I'm inclined to lean towards this idea. Lotor's anger at Allura's suggestion sounded a lot like denial to me too, so even if he's not 100% sure yet, Lotor probably at least suspects it.
    • As Haggar has slowly regained some of her memories as Honerva, or at least pre-Universal Domination Haggar, why didn't she tell Lotor she was his mother at the Kral Zera? Clearly she's regained some of her affection for him. Clearly she knows the name Honerva, does she not realize it's hers?

     Zaiforge Cannons and Naxzela 
  • The Season 4 finale has a serious case of Sci-Fi Writers Have No Sense of Scale. Beware of unmarked spoilers. Firstly, the two Zaiforge Cannons are in different solar systems but one of them is able to shoot the other in real time. Even if we assume that they are "hyperspace weapons" where the blast travels faster than light speed, there would still be some kind of travel time involved for the blast from one cannon to travel the dozens or hundreds of light years to get to the other cannon. Secondly, as Naxzela is about to explode, they state that the explosion will be big enough to destroy multiple solar systems. That's a supernova-level explosion, and a normal size planet just doesn't have enough mass to create an explosion that big, even if the entire planet is Made of Explodium.
    • No idea for the cannons, but as for Naxzela, it could just be that those solar systems all happen to be unusually small? It's a bit of a Contrived Coincidence, but it's the only thing I can think of that makes sense.
    • Wasn't some of Haggar's witchcraft involved? We can't exactly test what happens to an explosive reaction when magic is added to the equation. It might be she had some sort of amplifier in effect.
    • Watch the Zaiforge beam carefully, the speed is shown to increase several times. You can tell when the beam is getting faster. As to how an already fired weapon increases its speed, it would have to be magic. Both the Alteans and Galra use magitek, and after experimenting for 10,000 years, Galra tech is a lot more advanced.

     Voltron's Shield and the Green Lion 
  • Why isn't the shield on the back of the Green Lion part of Voltron's shield when Pidge forms it? Sure, it gives Green some additional rear armor, allowing Pidge to tank when Hunk can't.
    • When they're all in Voltron and Pidge forms the shield, the shield on the shoulder is released and grows to form a shield the size of Voltron along with extra cover with the blue holograms.
    • The shield is formed from the Black Lion's wings, the black shield on the Green Lion stays put.
  • As of season 7, the black shield raises to become an additional laser cannon for Voltron.

     Emperor Pro Tem / Galran Emperor Heritage Rules and the Kral Zera 

  • This is really confusing. Lotor was the Emperor Pro Tem and royal heir, yet Haggar said she could not participate in the Kral Zera because she is Altean. Lotor is half-Altean, and not only competed in the Kral Zera, he won. Who enforces these rules when there's a power void? Also, he's the son of the former emperor, so Galran ascension rules are really weird as he was supposed to automatically be disqualified. Of course a fair number of Galran warlords are angry that Lotor is now emperor and are vying for their own territory.
    • It's possible that because he still had Galra blood in his veins, he was an exception to that rule since the Kral Zera was for Galrans. There could have been half-Galra leaders there as well. Despite him being Zarkon's heir, it appears that it doesn't get him free access to the throne, and per Galra rules, ascension seems to be focused on who's the strongest and it doesn't matter if you were the former emperor/empress' offspring. If you can't beat the other Galra generals to the throne, then your lineage is pointless. The reason Haggar couldn't participate is because she's a full-blooded Altean, thus why she sent Lotor's generals to get her Sendak to play her puppet. The Archivist seemed to be the one who enforces these rules, although given most of his job was just to stand to the side and wait to see who lit the pyre.

     Galran Biology: Feet 

  • We see a large number of Galra wearing split toed boots (called Tabi in Japan), and have yet to see a galra barefoot. Do Galrans have two toed feet or just prefer wearing split-toed shoes?
    • Considering the number of Galrans we see wearing shoes like that, I'm leaning towards the idea of their feet actually being like that. Though of course we'll actually have to see one barefoot to know for sure.
      • The druid Keith fights in Season 7, has "normal" five toed feet. Maybe Galrans just prefer tabi, even though we see plenty in boots too.

     Blue Lion's True Specialty 

  • While Allura was about to describe the Blue Lion's Specialty and what pilot it needs, Lance interrupts her and claims that it "takes the most handsome/best pilot of the bunch". Unfortunately, Allura didn't even correct Lance or tell him not to Interrupt (which she should've) she just continued discussing without telling the specialty of the Blue Lion in her words. All the lions specialties are told except the Blue Lion's and what Lance said was just plain pointless. Sadly, we may never know what the true specialty of the Blue lion really is. So why did Allura skip to the Yellow Lion and not correct Lance?
    • It's possible that given what she's known about Lance thus far, he's a huge flirt who definitely wants to make himself look good in front of Allura, and this is something the princess has no time, nor the patience for (she also obviously doesn't reciprocate his growing crush on her). While Sendak wasn't heading to Arus right that second, she probably didn't want to waste time in correcting Lance and just moved on to Hunk since it seemed obvious that Lance wasn't going to listen to her. Many have come to speculate that the Blue Lion's specialties are that the pilot is a jack-of-all-trades, someone who can fit any given situation, like water. This is shown with Lance's bayard having the most outward change compared to everyone else, going from a gun, to sniper rifle, to a sword.
    • After watching Season 8, specifically the episode where they encounter the souls of the former Paladins trapped within Honerva's mind, I've personally come to the conclusion that the Blue Lion seeks a Paladin with Hidden Depths.

     What was Lotor thinking? 
  • He may have a Freudian Excuse in that his father was a genocidal overlord and his mother for all intents and purposes was dead, but surely Lotor would have realized something was wrong in experimenting on his mother's people? They had all survived a horrific genocide. How else did he think Allura was going to react when she found out?
    • Charm + "The Greater Good" + Raging Egomania.
    • Also, considering the implication that he was exposed to Quintessence during his mother's pregnancy, it's possible that it ended up messing with his head a bit. Lotor could genuinely believe his Well-Intentioned Extremist rhetoric.
    • Don't forget that this got revealed in one of the worst possible ways. Every other Altean in the sanctuary saw Lotor as a savior. Presumably once he had a stable source of quintessence, he would reveal their existence to Allura (with some rhetoric about safety to explain why he kept them secret until now), then blow up the "second colony" and blame it on whatever enemy he wanted to point everyone at.

     Monsters and Mana: Altean Tabletop Role Playing Games & "Earthling" Fantasy Races 

  • Monsters and Mana is very clearly a stripped down, Altean version of Dungeons & Dragons. Fair enough. Alteans thought of the same fantasy creatures as Earthlings did? Pidge plays a dwarf, I assume Allura's character is an elf as Alteans are already Space Elves. Then there's Lance and his cat/wolf thing. The series does establish that Alteans knew where Earth is 10,000 years ago. Perhaps Hunk and Pidge already played tabletop role playing games on Earth? Perhaps this lends support to the idea that humans are descended from Alteans? Supposing Hunk and Pidge were just going by what they know from Earth, why does Monsters and Mana have rules for it?
    • Well, as for Lance's character, as you said, he doesn't directly resemble a cat or a wolf specifically. Maybe there's an animal on Altea that looked ambiguous like that? Dwarfism is also an actual condition that can make people be smaller than "normal," so maybe the Altean equivalent is based off that and Pidge simply assumed it meant "dwarf" like the "Earth fantasy race" or something. Not really sure about the rest, but those two can be slightly hand waved, at least.
    • I had thought about the possibility of Pidge playing a dwarf being a subtle suggestion that she's meant to be a proportional little person, probably 4'9" or 4'10" if so. Quite aware of dwarfism, I know a couple little people myself.
    • I had meant that in Altea, fantasy dwarfs are the same thing as literal dwarfs, since that was what the original headscratcher looked to be about. The meta reason very much could be another slight jab at number five, though.

     Shiro and the Black Lion (Season 6 spoiler) 

  • If Shiro's spirit was within the Black Lion all along, why did the Black Lion ever allow the Shiro clone to pilot it for so long? Even if the clone was a sleeper agent, surely the Lion would've known something was wrong.
    • No doubt the lion could sense the clone had good intentions, when not under Haggar's control.
    • This, plus I'm assuming that Shiro could possibly communicate with Black somewhat? It's a little WMGish, but maybe when the clone begged Black to let him pilot it, the actual Shiro convinced Black that the clone was just trying to help.
    • The moment when Black finally lets the clone take the controls is when the clone is begging, near tears, while listening to the sound of the other Paladins and their allies getting completely torn apart by the enemy. Hearing their team and the coalition being slaughtered like that, how could Black and Shiro's spirit refuse?

     Shiro and Hunk's families 
  • Part in-universe and part out-of-universe headscratcher here, I guess, but have we heard anything about Shiro and Hunk's relatives yet? Pidge's whole thing in earlier seasons was finding her dad and brother, and now they've both shown up in person; we see a picture of Lance's family early on, he implies he's something of a momma's boy, and he mentions a few siblings by name later on; and we've learned pretty much everything important about Keith's family by now. But as far as I know, there's been nothing in-universe about Shiro and Hunk's families apart from one throwaway comment by Hunk early on. I guess with Season 7 having the Paladins return to Earth, there's a chance we could see something there, but it's still odd that these two would have such conspicuously underdeveloped backstories compared to everyone else.
    • Given that Shiro's been replaced by a clone for half the show and that it's confirmed we'll see at least one flashback to his life on Earth in Season 7, it seems like it's just been an issue of timing—there wasn't really a natural point in the story explore his past before now. As for Hunk, he's always received the least narrative focus out of the paladins, so his backstory probably was put on the back burner in favor of more plot-relevant material.

    Allura and Zarkon's status 

  • Allura deliberately withholding that Zarkon was the former Black Paladin. There is seemingly no reason for her to keep this information between herself and Coran, and it's this very lack of information that causes Shiro to almost lose the Black Lion in the Season 1 finale. Considering that the Lions have a pseudo-spiritual bond with their pilots, it should've been obvious that the Black Lion would have a conflict of interest when Zarkon was present. If Shiro had known this beforehand, he might have been able to mentally prepare. Furthermore, Voltron was going to have to face Zarkon eventually, so it's not like this is something she could keep to herself forever. What was she thinking??
    • If he had gone by a different name and maybe looked a little different (he seems to have at least one scar on his face) before his Face–Heel Turn, Allura may not have known Zarkon was the former Black Paladin until she stood face-to-face with him as his prisoner. She may have believed the former Black Paladin was killed by Zarkon, not that he became Zarkon. She doesn't consider the Black Lion conflict in the flashback where she urges her father to fight with Voltron rather than hide the Lions. Her father may have known (or at least suspected it) but we certainly didn't see him tell her before putting her in the cryopod.
    • Another possibility is the fact that Zarkon is using a new technology that Allura hasn't even dreamed of. She never even considered the possibility that Zarkon could attempt to steal Black Lion from Shiro. Note she even found the idea that Red Lion could detect Keith when he was out of the lion to be impossible.
    • In the second season, Allura admits that she was afraid knowing this would interfere with Shiro bonding with the Black Lion. She had good reason to believe that Shiro bonding as strongly as possible was the best defense against Zarkon taking the Black Lion back, even if she was incorrect.

    Pidge and the Garrison 
  • How on Earth did Pidge pull off a Sweet Polly Oliver at a military academy? There are pre-entrance medical exams & blood tests, not to mention urine tests, PT, open showers...
    • One possible scenario...
      Recruiter: Ms. Gunderson, do you have an allergies that we shou—
      Pidge: Actually I identify as a male, sir.
      Recruiter: (sigh) Aright... duly noted.
    • There's a theory that Pidge is a trans girl, and essentially, well, went back into the closet for those exact reasons. There really was no reason for her to pass herself as a boy as we do see female cadets, but trans exclusion is still a thing. Being considered female seems important to Pidge, not to mention she looked extremely reluctant to cut her hair. And her admitting to her friends that she's actually a girl comes off a lot like coming out.
    • Well, there is the fact that the faculty had straight-up banned Pidge's female identity from ever setting foot on school grounds again. And if she went back as another girl it might have been easier for them to figure it out... Perhaps because of the very difficulties involved in pulling off a Sweet Polly Oliver, the staff are less likely to suspect that Pidge is really Katie.
    • Not to mention would nobody at the academy look at Pidge and think that maybe he looked a little bit too much like Matt Holt? Someone that went missing on a well known tragedy? Even Pidge's own friends thought her family photo was a picture of her and her "girlfriend" because of the strong family resemblance to her brother.
    • Pidge is shown to be a capable hacker, it's a bit of a stretch but it's not impossible to imagine that said person is perhaps just skilled enough to make up an identity with all the tracks properly covered.
    • There's also the idea that the Garrison staff would never think that a little girl could pull off something like this. They wouldn't expect it.
    • Alternatively Pidge was registered at the Galaxy Garrison as a girl. When Lance and Hunk are going to grab Pidge to sneak out and practice being a team they have to go to a separate dorm. Lance is just that big of an idiot to not realize Pidge is a girl.
    • Or alternatively, no one cared about checking. Either it was assumed only males signed up, or Pidge was just a given name with very little physical data recorded. After all, Pidge was registered as a communications officer, not a field agent. The requirements are likely only to pass intelligence exams and basic background checks which for a hacker would be pretty easy to fake.
    • We do see a few other girls in the first episode, though. That aside, it does make sense that there might be fewer or less strict physical checks for communications officers. It would make things less of a stretch that way.
    • It's a scifi academy. They probably use hackable Auto Doc tech heavily, the team doesn't seem too surprised by or distrustful of the castle pod's abilities to heal Lance. If not, manipulating the system to get herself overlooked by some overworked school nurse would be easy enough. The real question is how an entire schoolboard thought Pidge Gunderson was an actual name.
    • There are girls present at the Garrison in episode 1. Meaning all Pidge had to do was hack in a working background check and lay low.
    • Pidge could have easily either faked the paperwork, hacked the medical equipment (being as far in the future as it is, do they still need physical exams?), or taken the place of someone else. She could have had the real Pidge Gunderson fill out the enlistment form, show up for the physical, and provided all the identification necessary. After that, it would just be a matter of putting her picture in place of his. As for open showers, a lot of first and second year military academy cadets try to go into the showers with swim trunks if they're particularly modest. being that she doesn't have too much up top to hide currently, she could get away with it pretty easily as long as no one tried to prank her in the shower. Or she could sponge bathe herself in the sink in her barrack.
    • Apart from the fact that Season 4 shows that Pidge was already a nickname the Holts (or at least Matt) used, a Pidge body double sounds a bit... extreme. She probably just made up the last name and then faked herself some paperwork. Also, since the cadets seem to have separate rooms, the idea of her just washing up in her room makes sense.
    • Echoing from Headscratchers, I'd say from the flashback in Season 1 that at least Iverson does know Pidge is Katie. When he tells her she's using the wrong arm to salute, the way his eye falls on her suggests he knows. As the headscratcher says, he sees it as so ridiculous that she signed up as a male that he doesn't tell anyone.

    Keith and the Garrison 

  • Forget Pidge passing as a girl, the real question is how did Keith pass as a normal human with his Galra genes?
    • Well, at least currently, we don't know exactly how much Galra blood Keith has. If it's, say, 2-3 generations back, it might be "good enough" to activate Galra tech while still not showing obvious outward traits. There's also a somewhat popular fan theory floating around tumblr that hypothesizes Keith can shapeshift between human and Galra forms, based on the fact that his hand turns purple when he's hit with quintessence and then we don't get a direct shot of him when Haggar hits Voltron with the Quintessence blast in the Season 2 finale, though that leaves a few questions of how aware of this he is.
    • Small problem: Keith's hand was burned in the next-to-last episode of Season 1 by the Druid's lightning. The Quintessence healed it back to normal human skin. And the blast Haggar used in the Season 2 finale was a weapon designed to drain Quintessence. She was trying to suck Voltron and the Paladins dry, not blast them with some uber Quintessence cannon.
    • With the extra information we know from Season 3 and Lotor's generals, it's pretty safe to say that Keith must be no more than 1/4th Galra. If his mother is a half-Galra similar to Acxa, then all he really needs is to inherit his father's skin tone and ears to look human.
    • Yeah, pretty much this. We don't know how far back the Galra genes are, just that Keith's Galra enough to "count" for their tech. It's pretty likely that it's further back then we all assumed at first.
    • Sadly have to toss the idea out the window. Galra Military accepts only pure-blooded Galra. Keith's mother, Krolia who debuted in the 5th episode "Bloodlines" of S5, is a mole in the Galra Military. That would be only acceptable if she were a pure-blood which we see her in a officer suit. It would be impossible for her to be in this situation if she were half-Galra. That or maybe the Blades of Marmora managed to fool the medical checks...dunno.
  • Well, why wouldn't he be able to? Galra seem to have the same basic needs and functions as humans, and Keith looks normal, so the Garrison had nothing to be suspicious about. Remember, the Kerberos team were the first humans from the Garrison to ever encounter aliens. The Garrison ha literally no reason to suspect that Keith was anything other than human. I mean, can you think of a modern military force that does DNA checks on all its members?
    • Following up on that: Unless Keith showed or reported some sort of medical condition, there would be no reason for the Garrison to look closely at Keith's DNA. They're the military, not medical scientists. Keith didn't know he had non-human DNA until Season 2 (and no idea of how much until Season 6). He would've personally given no sign to the Garrison that they needed to look closer at him. They'd need his DNA for ID purposes and nothing else.


  • How the quiznak is Kalternecker able to provide the crew with fresh milk?! It's basic biology for all Earth mammals. No baby means no milk. So unless the crew encountered a bull off-screen (or a male from a biologically-compatible alien species) there shouldn't be any milk!
    • They synthesize food. They have advanced medical tech. They have scanners. They can synthesize cow hormones to induce lactation.
    • Milking period is about 10 month for a cow. It could have been recently taken, in which case if it were already lactating they would have milk for several months at the least.

    Resurrection via Murder 

  • This has been bothering me for a while. Did the Paladins murder Kuron by having Allura transfer Shiro's consciousness into his body?
    • The clone body was already dead.

     Pidge, you're wasting everyone's time. Just tell him already!! 

  • Pidge's crush on Lance is all but confirmed in season 7, when after calling Yelmor's "kinda cute", she explains "in a disgusting, hideous way, like you Lance". Yes, Katie would get annoyed with Lance flirting with pretty much every female alien, but as the seasons go on it seems more and more like she's annoyed with him ignoring her for aliens. An Allura, Lance, Pidge love triangle could get very messy.
    • I'm confused. I have not noticed ANY evidence of Pidge crushing on Lance. Maybe there is evidence and I've just missed it, but there is definitely not enough for it to be "all but confirmed."
    • This is more of a shipping complaint, not a headscratcher. Pidge never demonstrates any sort of romantic attraction to any characters on screen, and any shipping hinted at in the show itself usually ships Pidge with Hunk, i.e. her father saying they Pidge and Hunk remind him of himself and Colleen when they were dating.

     Allura's time loop immunity 

  • Was it ever explained why Allura wasn't affected by the time loop in the season 2 premiere but Coran was? Or why the mice kept changing species?
    • They don't give a solid explanation, but she was inside the energy field that surrounds the wormhole station when they entered the time loop. That's the only difference between her and the others on the bridge at the time.

    Coran's time skip immunity 

  • Near the end of The Way Forward Acxa reveals that 3 years have passed since the Paladins were seen or heard from, despite it being less time for them while fighting Lotor in the quintessence field. Coran was outside the field, how is he apparently not affected by this passage of time!?
    • If you're already 600+ decaphebes old, the Altean equivalent of middle age, another three probably don't matter. When he gets the Slipperies, he "corrects" himself mentioning being young to youngish. He's likely on the low side of middle age for an Altean.
    • That's no excuse not to inform the Paladins of such things though, he should have been worried sick upon not hearing from them in 3 years!
    • Axca said that she and the others witnessed the battle, then the explosion caused by the Castle of Lions, then there was nothing around afterwards. It was most likely the explosion (and their proximity to it) that pushed them into the future, meaning that he was as unaware of the time jump as they were.

     Whatever happened to Rolo 

  • After Rolo and his friends help Pidge and Matt on a mission to find their father, he seems to vanish from the series. Aside from a cameo in "The Feud!" Rolo seems to have just vanished. Did he die or something?
    • There is an Inferred Holocaust that happens during the 3 year time skip, wherein most of the Blades are hunted down along with the majority of the rebels. It's possible that Rolo and his crew either died or went into hiding.

     Paladins stranded on Altea? 

  • We know Pidge used green to wormhole to Altea, then the lions leave after Coran and the Paladins talk. How are they getting back home? Or perhaps, if Vehicle Voltron is made, their first mission will be to pick up the original paladins>
    • Pidge says her dad managed to make a teleduv. With a functional teleduv creating wormholes, all you need is a ship to go through it. Interstellar communications seems to be on par with theoretical ansible technology, so it's just a matter of making sure Slav doesn't try any of his 'upgrades'.

     What's the deal with the Lions in the finale? 
So everyone's gathered on the anniversary of Allura's sacrifice, having dinner in her honor on the restored Altea. Then in the middle of the night, Blue activates on her own and wakes up Lance first, then the others. For a brief moment, I thought the transreality properties of the lions meant that Allura was about to come walking out of Blue and join them. But instead, the other four lions all roar and fly up into the sky leaving Blue sitting there. Where did they go? Why did they go? Why did Blue stay behind? Just...what the heck was up with that?
  • Blue is seen with the others in the final shot, flyibg towards a vaguely Allura shaped nebula. Some theorize that the lions have gone to look for her, now that the universe is at peace.
  • Or that, since the universe is at peace, the universe's mightiest weapon is no longer needed. The Lions are going away to await the day Voltron may be needed once more, but until then, Voltron can rest, his work is done.

    New Alteans get a slap on the wrist? 
  • Going after Voltron is one thing since Honerva scapegoated Voltron for killing Lotor — that part was true— and skimming over the specifics. But the Robeasts commit interplanetary genocide on multiple occasions, and everything's okay because their leader gets pangs of conscience after dozens of worlds are destroyed? Suddenly, they get no investigation or even a governmental hearing about the Alteans' culpability in Honerva's goals? Sure, it's not what Allura or Coran would have wanted, but the Alteans still committed genocide, even if Honerva used them. There isn't a reset button on the lives they took.


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