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  • Almost everything Lance says is hilarious.
  • Towards the end of the 2nd episode, Keith attempts to guide the Black Lion, running out of power and getting pulled into Arus' gravity, close enough to the battle with the Robeast to help the rest of the team... and ends up crash landing right through the Robeast's face! Also a Moment of Awesome.
  • Lance: Form, Blazing... Guns?
    • Hunk's reaction to Yellow Voltron's weapon is pretty spectacular as well.
      Hunk: Form Blazing Something! *Yellow Voltron creates a pair of balls on chains* I have wrecking balls! *said wrecking balls grow spikes* Make that wrecking maces!
      • His over-the-top enthusiasm throughout is pretty hilarious.
        Hunk: Told ya we'd be breakin' stuff!
      • Actually, that entire episode is a series of Funny Moments , from Hunk and Pidge rocking the air guitars when Coran walks in to Pidge and Allura cracking up over "the Hunkyard." Really, Hunk's as good at this as Lance, if not more so.
      • Hunk launching his new grill through the roof of the Castle. Pidge dryly tells him it's on their radar screen.
        Pidge: I told you not to cook with jet fuel!
      • And another Hunk clique from the third episode:
        *Looking at a spider Robeast covered in web*
        Hunk: Should we poke that thing?
        All of the Rest: NO!
      • And later Allura gives the command to "poke it!" when they attack.
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  • In "Hungry for Voltron" Allura tries to teach Larmina cultural tolerance and has her imagine how she'd react if someone insulted Arus at a football game. Cue larmina's Imagine Spot of her beating up an entire section of the opposing team's fans until she's standing on top of a pile of their bodies! Knowing how formidable Larmina is, she probably could take out that many people.
  • After Allura gets captured by Lotor in "Joyride to Doom" and Larmina asks where she is, Hunk informs the others of her capture and says that he'll go save her. What makes it funny is that he says it in this incredibly BORED tone, as if this is a routine chore, and if anyone's watched the original Voltron series, they'd know that back when the group first fought Lotor rescuing Allura from him was a routine chore.
  • Daniel's at the beginning of "Flash Forms a Go": "Do you know how long it takes for you to form Voltron? Thirty-six seconds! Do you really think the Robeast is going to be standing around just waiting for you?" This troper had to pause the DVR for a minute because she was laughing so hard.
  • And at the beginning of "Dark Blue," we have Maahox waiting on Lotor, who's taking a dip in a Haggarium spa, solely out of the goodness of his heart. Two lines stand out from their conversation: "You are my everything, sire," and "Would you like a neck rub as well?" These lines would ooze with Ho Yay were it not for the deadpan delivery of the former line—and the fact that Lotor was practically growling at him for having projects more important than gathering Haggarium—and the strangling gesture Maahox makes with his hands while saying the latter.
    • From the same episode, when Keith asks the Drule commander to stand down, said commander opens fire on the team after a With Due Respect greeting. What makes the moment is Lance snidely telling Keith that he respects him and Keith's equally sarcastic 'touching'.
  • When Wade has Keith captured in "Wanted and Unwanted" he brags about how he wanted to see Keith's face when he realized Wade was one step ahead of him. Cut to Keith not looking any different.
  • Allura and the Blue Lion are separated from the team, but they form Voltron anyway:
    Keith: Form, feet and legs...
    Hunk: Uh, leg.
    Keith: Right. Form, arms and body...
    • And from the same episode, Wade says he has a plan for the captured Allura, Coran, and Larmina. Larmina replies that she wants a plan involving a feet and a butt. Short to say, it hilariously happens as the blue lion finally joins the team and forms the leg.
  • Larmina's powers seem to be EXPLOSIONS.
  • Maahox, with Sven's infant son.
    Maahox: (Observing the baby with his robot eye) Aw, he has your eyes.
    Baby grabs the eye, and sticks it in his mouth.
    Allura: Now, it seems he has your eyes.
  • In "Clash of the Lions" Pidge warns that Wade is close to tapping into more of Voltron's potential; when Wade forms a giant whip...
  • At the end of "Inside the Music" Pidge dances the Robot... while he's piloting Green Center Voltron. Keith incredulously calls him on this.
  • In "Gary" Keith decides to "hug it out" with the titular monster which then proceeds to kiss Voltron.
  • Keith and the robo-taxi in "Dradin, Baby, Dradin." Also, pimped-out Black Lion. If that doesn't Cross the Line Twice...
    • Keith has shades, fuzzy dice in the cockpit, a big grin on his face...and has said Black Lion with flames on the side doing a pimp-strut. (He finally was able to show he had fun in the series.) Though one wonders if this wasn't a Call-Back to Megas XLR: Megas had flames on it's side, and Duchess's mecha at the end of her first appearance was pimped-out in flames. Though her mecha gets cleaned up the second appearance.
  • The debut of Blue Center and its weapon, the Titanic Trident.
    Allura: Very Poseidon! ...Or is it Neptune?
    Keith, Lance, and Allura: NOT NOW, PIDGE!
  • "Predator Robeast" is essentially Lance waging an all-out snark war on the rest of the team. Actually, make that a siege.
    • When Vince manages to pave a way out for Keith:
    Keith: "I'm clear. Allura, can you hear me? I'm heading your way."
    Lance: "Oh, sure. You get to be the chivalrous one. Allura, I would've come for you first if I didn't have a mechanical goat-bull-thing standing on my head."
    Allura: (light chuckle) "I'm touched by your intentions."
    • After Daniel and Larmina help Hunk escape from a Robeast:
    Hunk: "Let's go get Pidge."
    Lance: "So I'm the bottom guy on the priority totem pole. I'm gonna be reassessing my relationship with all of you."
    • Once Allura and Pidge are in the clear:
    Lance: "Oh, you're all free?" (dodging rocks hurled at him by a Robeast) "That is so fantastic because Red and I are having a blast down here, so if there's no one else to save, you should come join us, y'know, hang out."
    Keith: (grinning) "On our way."
    (Voltron Force is preparing to launch)
    Lance: "Red Lion, on the prowl."
    (shot of Allura, silent, swimming through the ocean depths in Blue Lion)
    Hunk: (playing metal over Yellow Lion's stereo system) "Da-na-na-nuh-na-na-na-nuh! Na-da-naa! Da-na-na-nuh-na-na-na! Naaaah!!!"
    Pidge: "Green across the board!"
    Keith: (sigh) "Can't anyone just launch?"

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