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Nightmare Fuel / Voltron: Legendary Defender

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Haggar toying with one of Shiro's worst fears.

It may be a reboot of a merchandise driven 80's franchise, but damn if this show doesn't have some seriously scary moments.

Warning: Spoilers Off applies to Nightmare Fuel pages. Proceed at your own risk.

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  • Basically everything in the Galra Empire runs off of Nightmare Fuel as much as it does Quintessence. These crazy bastards have had 10,000 years of unfettered rule over the universe, and in all that time they've;
    • Eradicated and enslaved countless alien races, to the point that some of them can't even comprehend the idea of living outside the iron grip of the Empire.
    • Discovered a way to drain the very life force from entire planets at once to fuel their armadas, essentially killing entire biospheres as easily as we would fill up at a gas station.
    • Betrayed the Alteans and eradicated them down to a man, to the point that only Allura and Coran are left of an intergalactic space-faring empire.
    • Zarkon personally stole the Black Paladin's Bayard as he used to be the Black Paladin before the war erupted.
  • Whatever the Galra did to Shiro during his imprisonment has left some very real and lasting psychological scars, to the point that he is prone to slipping in and out of PTSD-like flashbacks. And yes, he can slip into these even while piloting the Black Lion.
  • Shiro's Galra right arm is a source of this for him In-Universe, since it inextricably links him to the Galra in a way that he can't simply shake off. It sucks even worse since, due to the Black Bayard having been lost with the last Black Paladin, he has to rely on something he hates to fight effectively.
  • There are many, many scenes involving Galra robots-soldiers-guards, where they're literally torn apart and their arms used to open doors, or being cut in half at the torso, or their heads being torn off. Imagine those robots being actually alive.
  • The Lions of Voltron. We know they are good but they are not human. Sentient and possess their own consciousness, certainly, but not human. Alfor even theorized they're still evolving. We still don't know their mindset regarding the bonds with the Paladins; we can say that the humans bonded with the lions but we don't know for sure if the lion really reciprocated or just chose them because they possess the qualities the lions can see. The lions certainly don't act like soulmates to their Paladins, seeing the bigger picture and chose the Paladins to befit the qualities they see and thus formation, old and new. Alfor called them beasts and Zarkon called them machines. When and how Allura and Coran started to call them lions in the first place? It's understandable about the Earthlings because the existence of lions is well-known. Alfor didn't even know that the Lions could form Voltron until then. They're utterly terrifying because we don't know enough about them.
    • On top of that, Shiro and Keith had to prove themselves to Black, and Keith had to pass Red's judgement at first, too. While the other three seem a bit friendlier with their paladins, there's still the way that Blue completely cuts off Lance once Red decides to accept him. At best it makes them seem finicky despite how much the bond between the lions and paladins are played up, and the lions could be argued to run on some kind of Blue-and-Orange Morality.
    • Perhaps another point to add is that the lions are not obligated to one person like soulmates and there is always thought that the lions could be fond of more than just their current pilot. There is only one case of Paladins and this is new territory for the new ones as well as those who thought they knew about the lions like Allura, Coran, and the Galra.
  • Pidge is tiny and while more athletic than The Smart Guy tends to be, is probably still very fragile in comparison to her teammates. It's no wonder it took the guys so long to get comfortable with letting her go off on her own.


Season 1

     The Rise of Voltron  

  • Shiro trying to be peaceful with the Galras who take him and the Holts as prisoners. He regains consciousness as he's being dragged down a hallway passing by the cells where someone mutters, "They brought in another one." Shiro manages to glance to the side to see a window that reveals layers of prison cells, and all he can do is widen his eyes on horror as the scene cuts to black.
  • The situation that the Paladins find themselves in after Lance activates the Blue Lion is pretty terrifying when you give it a thought; they're millions of light years from Earth, have been told that they are the last best hope for the universe lest it all be subsumed by the Galra Empire, and they currently have no means of returning home. They all manage to take it surprisingly well, but their obvious homesickness is apparent. And now that they've all been spread across the universe due to the wormhole destabilizing, they're completely alone in a vast universe that they know next-to-nothing about.
  • Keith getting shot out of the Galra ship after ejecting the sentries. He looks around terrified as the camera zooms in on his frantic eyes and his breathing sounds panicked. The Red Lion decides to fly in and save him at the last minute, but his expression makes it look like he's wondering if he was going to die out in space.

     Return of the Gladiator  

  • The freed prisoner's recount to Pidge how Shiro became the Champion and what he did to their brother. After a while, some wonder if Shiro even remembers what he did in the ring.
  • Pidge stubbornly refusing to leave the Galra ship until she got the data that could possibly lead to her family. Had Shiro not been there, Pidge definitely wouldn't have survived.

     Fall of the Castle of Lions  

  • Lance realizing that the Rover he met was a bomb and his immediate reaction was to push Coran out of the way. The way the dust clears after the explosion and you see Lance limply laying on the floor makes you realize the stakes that the new paladins are facing against the Galra empire.
    • Doubly so if you grew up with the original Voltron and its Never Say "Die" policy. This is a new Voltron for a new generation, and it is not going to be pulling its punches.
  • Keith realizing too late that the Galra made a diversion at the Arusian village, so when he and Allura sprint back to the castle, the particle barrier closes them off. Keith screams in frustration as he pounds his fist onto the barrier.

     Tears of the Balmera  

  • It was only a moment, but one can only imagine how Pidge was taking the death of Haxus. This was the first time she actually took a life, and no one can just shake that off.
    • When she contacts Sendak, he briefly shocks Shiro and threatens to hurt him more if she didn't comply to surrender.
  • The poor Balmera, a living creature that provides crystals for the Balmerans is being harvested and ravaged, with no way of recovering without an equal exchange.


     Return to the Balmera  

  • Rax telling Hunk that because Shay helped him, she was taken away from their family, the one thing he wanted to protect. He then adds that there was no way of them knowing where Shay was, but all then can conclude was that she could "be gone for good".


  • Haggar's new Robeast Drazil, it has so many eyes that it's a little unnerving to look at it.
  • As the Balmera takes out Drazil by growing crystals around it, one crystal grows through the Robeasts eye.

     Crystal Venom  

  • Lance and Keith had some pretty horrible things happen to them during this episode. Lance almost gets cryo-genically frozen and then nearly shot of an airlock had Keith not been there to save him. Keith also had to fight for his life against a training robot on a level he couldn't beat yet. If the two get suspicious of the castle even after the AI was destroyed, no one can really blame them.
  • Sendak's Break Them by Talking speech to Shiro. It's one of the worst episodes of PTSD Shiro had displayed yet, and his voice shakes as he looks completely traumatized. Then Sendak pulls a Nightmare Face before Shiro ejects him from the ship in a panic, and he's still shaking when the other paladins catch up with him.
  • Allura having to destroy the AI of her father in order to save the castle, and she had to let go of one of the few things that reminded her of Altea forever.

     Collection and Extraction  

  • The Galra Druids, led by Witch Haggar, live and breathe this. Aside from Haggar, none of the ones seen onscreen speak and they can disappear and re-appear in a cloud of smoke at will. They're practitioners of serious Dark Magic that can manifest as pitch-black bolts of lighting, and combined they were able to rob a planet of its Quintessence (a process that normally takes years) in a matter of minutes.
    • The creepiness of the regular Druids is perhaps best shows when Keith is spying on one in the penultimate episode as it renders raw Quintessence down into fuel. All it does after completing its task is turn its head to face Keith, pulls a Quizzical Tilt, vanishes in smoke, and then appears directly behind him.
    • At the moment when Keith calls Pidge for an extraction, he looks afraid. This is Keith. And he's afraid and he knows that he can't win this fight against the Druid.

     The Black Paladin  

  • Keith has never sounded so terrified when the Red Lion gets beaten out of commission by Zarkon. As the Galra Emperor quickly charges forward to deal the finishing blow, Keith desperately begs for his lion to move again while thrashing helplessly at the controls.
  • Shiro's fight with Haggar is definitely this as she begins to mess with his head, cackling and toying with him. When Dark Shiro appears holding the Paladin by the throat, Shiro is rendered helpless as he gets slowly,slowly dragged into black sludge. One can only imagine how terrified he was when he was trapped, unable to see anything but darkness and hear Haggar's voice.

Season 2

     Across the Universe  

  • Shiro being tossed around like a rag doll by the creatures on his planet. They could have done a lot worse if Keith hadn't shown up.
  • The Galra commander Prorok is being blamed for the reason Voltron got away and knowing Zarkon, he does not take failure well. As he's being pulled away by soldiers, Haggar comments that he'd be questioned about everything he knows and face a Fate Worse than Death.
    • Thace, who was then given the title of Commander and realizes the problems his new position would bring. If they ever find out he was the one who sabotaged the controls...

     The Depths  

  • The way the mermaids keep repeating: "All is safe and warm" is one of the few hints that the kingdom is under hypnosis.
  • It's terrifying to imagine how many mermaids were eaten by the dragon in the Baku Garden with the Queen under its hypnosis. Blumfump did mention that their numbers were dwindling, but how many before Lance and Hunk came...?
    • Poor Florona, she was probably still under mind-control when she was sent into the garden.
    • Blumfump estimates that the number is somewhere in the hundreds. It really makes one wonder how long this has been going on...
  • Hunk under mind control and brutally beating Lance up, like throwing him against the castles walls and tossing his friend around like a rag doll. Think of how much more damage he could have done if they were on land.
  • The Queen was also under the mind-control, but who's to say that she may or may not have been fully aware of what she was doing to her people?
  • The Baku ate the merpeople and probably turned that into the food that the kingdom consumed. When you think about it long enough, the episode gets even creepier.

     Shiro's Escape  

  • Shiro having a dream of how he escaped from the Galra. He has tried to brush his problems off to the others as nothing, but the terror he experienced has scarred him for life.
    • As Shiro wakes up from his cyropod to the team, it transitions to Prorok's point of view as he gets turned into a Robeast by Haggar to fight Voltron. Indeed, a fate worse than death.
  • Ulaz sacrificing himself by entering the Robeast and opening a space pocket. The image of the Robeast slowly crushing into itself is pretty terrifying on its own.

     The Ark of Taujeer  

  • The aliens on the planet plead for the Galra to not take anymore from them or they would die on the planet, but the Galra commander brushes them off and says if they lasted this long surely they would survive this. Had Voltron not arrived, those aliens would most likely be dead.
  • Keith's nightmare full-stop. He now knows where his blade comes from, but the thought plagues him so much his dream shows Red not accepting him as its Paladin and him wearing Galra armor. What scares him awake is looking at Zarkon in the reflection of his knife growling that he can find him anywhere.
  • When their ship explodes, Keith and Allura are screaming as they are shot out into space and desperately grab onto each other or else drift apart.

     Space Mall  

  • Depsite the goofiness of the episode with that paladins, Shiro's fight with Zarkon is definitely a 180 flip from that. As the Emperor of the Galra easily knocks Shiro around in the astral plane, he tells him that if either of them were to perish here, so would their physical bodies.

     The Blade of Marmora  

  • Keith's suit creates a virtual mindscape that shows someone's greatest hopes and fears. He sees Shiro telling him to just give up and return the knife to the Mamorans. Keith tells him he needs to find out who he is and Shiro responds, "Then you've chosen to be alone" and walks away. Keith's greatest hope is to see Shiro, the one person he cares for, but it also shows his fear of Shiro abandoning him.
  • Haggar beginning her interrogation of a Galra soldier suspected of being the traitor in their ranks. He's strapped to a chair, surrounded by Druids as Haggar steps up and raises her hand, creating a small sphere of black energy.
    Haggar: I am going to ask you some questions. I will know if you lie.
    • For extra creepy, beyond Thace watching worriedly from around the corner, we don't see anymore of the interrogation, or the soldier, afterwards.

     The Belly of the Weblum  

  • Anyone who doesn't like the idea of going inside a creature's intestines or the thought of being eaten alive is definitely not going to like the Weblum.
  • How long had the stranger been stuck inside the Weblum? Long enough that their ship had become almost encased in the beast's guts.

     Beta Traz  

  • What kind of torture did Slav go through that probably caused him to be afraid of just about everything?
    • Made worse by the fact that we meet an Alternate Universe Slav in Season 3, who is more bold than his "main" self, and even a bit Crazy Is Cool. Whatever happened to him in Beta Traz clearly screwed him up big time.

     Stayin' Alive  

  • The Robeast on the Balmera was already creepy enough in its design. That factor is multiplied by ten when it reappears without its head.
  • Just as Keith is headed towards the castle, the Robeast fires its beam at the Black Lion which it dodges. However, that beam nearly grazed Keith and luckily he's sent somersaulting backwards, but if he had been a few more inches to the right...
  • The Yellow Lion is back online, but then the Robeast grabs onto it and prepares to fire at close range.
  • The way Pidge's vines wrap around the Robeast is pretty creepy if you stare at it long enough.

     Best Laid Plans  

  • Thace getting tortured by the Druids, the pain he must be going through is unimaginable.
  • The way the Druids go out was definitely not a pleasant experience.


  • The shots that show each Paladin floating up in their seats after getting hit by Haggar's magic. They almost appear lifeless.
  • How horrified Shiro sounded when the Castle of Lions takes a blow from Zarkon, and Allura's scream can be heard over the communication channel. He lost his team from Kerberos, almost lost the paladins, and now he believes they lost Allura and Coran who were like family.
  • Allura discovering Haggar is an Altean. She always considered her own race to be peaceful and respectful, but to find that image shattered will have her conflicted. Just like the Galra, she finds out not everything she knows is distinctly black and white.
  • Antok, one of the few Blades we get to meet is killed off by one of Druids via a beam of magic through his chest.
  • One of the things Keith feared the most is Shiro leaving him alone, at the end of this episode Shiro is nowhere to be found in the Black Lion.
  • The last line of the season, spoken by Haggar to the remaining Galra commanders:
    • The Paladins defeated Zarkon, but it doesn't matter because surprise-surprise, he has a son. A successor who can take the throne, at least temporarily, and continue to lead the Empire. The Paladins were pinning all of their hopes on the fact that defeating Zarkon would end the Galra threat, and never realizing that there was someone else who could lead them instead. And now the Paladins are short their leader as well.

Season 3

     Changing of the Guard  

  • Kolivan's speech about how much of the universe the Galra's have conquered and notes that they could easily rule for another ten-thousand years if they wished.
    • It's even lampshaded, as all of the guests are clearly terrified, and Lance remarks that's not exactly how he would have started the meeting. Granted, Kolivan quickly makes it more motivational, but it's still a scary thought.
  • The way Ezor just appears out of nowhere, clearly eavesdropping on Throk and Haggar's conversation and then vanishing again. It makes one wonder if this is how Lotor gets all of his information.
  • After rallying the audience of the coliseum and sparing Throk's life, Lotor tells one of his generals to toss Throk onto one of the ice planets and leave him to rot. Throk isn't killed but he's essentially banished to a post in the middle of nowhere.

     Red Paladin  

  • How quickly Lotor's Generals retake the planet Puig Voltron had recently freed the episode before.
    • Acxa orders the others to "take prisoners" and to "kill no one". Which means they were holding back the entire time they were taking back the planet. Imagine how much damage they could have easily caused if they weren't given the orders to not harm the inhabitants.
  • Narti possessing the leader. It's just... unsettling. Especially the way he just falls to the ground afterwards, too exhausted to move himself.
    • Her introduction is a surprisingly creepy moment as well. Two rebels catch sight of her from atop a building. After letting her cat scope them out, she disappears from the street below. The rebels stand to fight, but there's nothing... until she appears out of nowhere next to them and attacks.
  • Pidge's realization that the team had been set up, making her, Hunk, and Keith scramble to take on all the cruiser ships while also holding off for Lance.
  • The main battle of the episode, as Lotor tries to account for all of the Lions, is a nasty one for the Paladins:
    • In Keith, Hunk and Pidge's perspectives, they've had to go charging onto battle....only to realize that they're a man down from their already-depleted group of four, and they're forced to hold off Lotor's forces as a trio. For Keith especially, forced to head up the mission in a role he actively resents, realizing that one of his team hadn't followed the group into a battle that they were already unprepared for must have been a kick to the ribs. No wonder he sounds so furious through the comms.
    • Meanwhile, Lance is stranded in Blue's hangar with a Lion that is refusing to co-operate with him, all the while hearing his teammates screaming through his helmet. Red takes her sweet time clarifying the situation (and Blue is precisely no help at all), and meanwhile he's desperate to get out there with his team while being physically unable to join them. If Blue and Red's silent treatment had lasted any longer, Lance may have heard his own team being slaughtered over the comm system while he was absolutely powerless to help them.

     The Hunted  

  • Acxa tells Zethrid that the reason Lotor hadn't shot any of the paladins yet was because the gas reacted to light and would explode. Cue the moment the paladins all group up and start to fire at Lotor.
  • Allura's face as Lotor's ship flies around looking for her like a predator stalking its prey. This is her first time flying a lion and she's practically terrified.
    • Not just practically - she is terrified. Allura is basically trapped, alone, and stuck in a lion that she knows next to nothing about. Lotor could have very easily captured or killed her right there, and she wouldn't have been able to do anything about it. Allura was very lucky that Blue started trusting her when it did.
  • The planet itself is impressively hostile and sinister, with low light, jagged rock formations and a foggy atmosphere. You really get the feeling that anything that blunders into its terrain is doomed.

     Hole in the Sky  

  • When they enter the ship, all you can hear is the paladins' breathing. It's enough to get you on edge.
  • Lance goes over to a bulk of armor and when he removes its helmet, it reveals an Altean skeleton with accompanying Scare Chord. That's the closest the show has gotten to an explicit death.
    Lance: (sees the skeleton) AGHHHHH!!! THOSE AREN'T EMPTY!
  • It's even worse if you think of it from Allura's perspective: she'd been excited to see more Alteans, and then had to see a rotting skeleton of one of her own people. And then, considering the ship's position in the wormhole and the video they watch, it's highly probable that these are people from her own reality. It's a nasty Jump Scare as is, but it gets even worse with Fridge Horror taken into account.
  • Going from what Zethrid said, Lotor had sent out small fleets towards the portal to see whether or not they would be able to go through it. None of them did.
  • Out of all the unsettling things in this episode, the Altean researcher is probably the creepiest. He always looks cheerful, his glasses shine ominously when he inspects the comet and he's extremely insistent that the Noncogs were not "slaves", they are simply drained of the will to fight.
  • The Altean researcher is angry at the Guns of Gamora for always ruining their plans and declares that he was going to probe Slav's mind for every last rebel coordination he could find. Unfortunately, that's something that has already happened to the Slav in our reality.
  • Sven jumping in front of the blast for Lance, just like he did before in the 80's.
  • The alternate reality Alteans being almost as extreme as the Galras for the sake of "peace" for the universe.
  • Just at the episode ends and it looks like Voltron is taking a huge victory, the Galra appear out of nowhere and take the crystal from the alternate reality that could make a weapon as strong as Voltron.

     The Journey  

  • Shiro having PTSD flashbacks of his previous time in captivity.
    • When Shiro has to close the wound on his leg with his Galra hand, the scream he gives is enough to tell you how it felt.
  • Shiro thinks he sees Ulaz and weakly calls out to him. The only problem is, the Galra he's looking at is nothing like Ulaz.
  • The skeleton that Shiro takes shelter in is of a huge creature, and he even runs his hand over the bones wondering how it died.
  • Haggar's spy is sent out to keep tabs on Lotor. He of course catches onto this and allows his generals to "greet" their guest. When Lotor confronts the witch about this, he throws the commander's prosthetic arm towards her and nothing more.
  • Shiro logging his days and makes note of when he ran out of food, then water, then his fuel, and then finally his oxygen. He even accepts the fact that he was dying, will most likely be lost in space forever and never catch up to his friends.
  • Shiro's situation deserved a closer look: He was allowed to escape, he had a flashback of his vegetable self and a Galra officers smugly noted that "Phase 3" has begun. The whole thing reeked of Manchurian Agent and Paranoia Fuel.
  • The implications behind Project Kuron in general. If Shiro's being cloned, is the Shiro who reunites with the Paladins a clone or the real one? If he's a clone, then there's loads of Paranoia Fuel potential, as mentioned above. If he is the real one, then why didn't Black take him back? And how many Shiros do the Galra scientists have? Even if the various fan-theories surrounding this get proven wrong, there's clearly something weird going on here, and it's disturbing to think about.

     Tailing a Comet  

  • Narti using Throk to force him to shut down the base so they could steal the teleduv. He sounds so out of it, and when she's done she twists her hand and he immediately passes out.
    • Throk telling Haggar that he didn't give up the coordinates to the base. He looks extremely weak and exhausted, like the life has been sucked out of him. She says that she believes him... but he still had to pay for his failure. Cut to seeing the back of Haggar as she tortures a screaming Throk, while Lotor can be seen grinning in the hallway.
  • Lotor has turned the comet they stole from the other reality into a ship, and it's so powerful that one shot from its cannon can easily destroy the particle barrier around the castle of lions.
    • Had Voltron not been as sturdy as it was... The ion beam could have done so much damage. Even Shiro told the group that if they were going to attack the cargo ship, they would have to "deal with the consequences".

     The Legend Begins  

  • Seeing exactly what caused Zarkon to fall into madness. The Quintessence may have been a good source of fuel but prolonged exposure caused him to become insane.
    • Not just Zarkon, but his wife Honerva as well. When she falls ill and is confined to her bed, she rants about quintessence and Voltron. The way her eyes seem to bug out is rather unsettling. And this is before we get the confirmation that she's actually Haggar.
    • This raises some terrifying implications about quintessence in general. While before their deaths, Zarkon and Honerva were a bit of a Noble Bigot and had a very For Science! attitude, respectively, they were still decent people. If quintessence can twist them into becoming as ruthless as they are in the present, then it could easily do the same to anyone else.
  • One has to wonder how Galra citizens who were taking shelter on planets with Alteans felt after their emperor, who was presumed to be dead, comes back and tells them that the destruction of their home planet was all due to Alfor and the Alteans. Coran even says that many Galra took up arms to avenge their planet.
  • Zarkon coldly taking out his right-hand man Alfor on a bridge fight as the planet around them burns. No doubt Alfor took his last stand against his best friend on planet Altea.
    • What's worse is that when a brief scene shows the possible fate of the other paladins. Trigel is supporting Blaytz, who still has one sword in his hand as the two are surrounded by Galra soldiers. Gyrgan however, is nowhere to be seen in any of those flashes.
  • Finally the last scene of the season reveals ZARKON LIVES.

Season 4

     Code of Honor  

  • Near the beginning, Keith barely jumped onto Kolivan's ship after turning around to get Regris. Kolivan angrily tells Keith that it would have been better to leave Regris behind because all members were prepared for that outcome.
    • Keith attempting to turn back to stop Regris' Heroic Sacrifice only to be pulled away by Kolivan. You can hear the agony in Keith's voice as he watches Regris' back just before the ship explodes.
  • Shiro sitting in Black and hearing the other paladins screaming over the intercoms as they try to fight off a horde of cruisers that are taking away supply ships. Since Keith wasn't there to pilot Black, they were all struggling and barely holding out.
  • Keith's Marmora suit ripping when he's out in open space. You can hear the air hissing out and it's not hard to imagine what would have happened to him if he didn't make it to Kolivan's ship in time.
  • While maybe more of a tearjerker, if Keith's vlog took place before season 4 began, he comes to the conclusion that he's afraid of getting close to others out of a fear of being abandoned and pushes them away as a result. So when he returns to the group after his mission and finds them all glaring at him, he tries to explain only to get cut off by their anger at him not showing up when they needed him the most. The way he resigns himself and decides it would be better to stay with the Blade, is probably something he never wanted to happen.


  • Te-osh's death, it'll probably leave a deep scar in Pidge's mind of what happens to the people in the rebellion, and no doubt what could happen to Matt.
  • Pidge breaking down when she believed Matt was dead. She had spent a year believing and searching for her family, and to come upon his supposed gravestone was enough to have her fall to her knees and scream. She had really believed at that point that she lost her only brother.
    • The buildup to the scene is very unnerving as well. Pidge comes across a monument in honor of all of the rebels who'd died, and she runs down the hallway it creates while the tracker she got from Te-osh gets stronger. It then cuts out to a huge field of tombstones, and Pidge gets visibly more desperate the closer she gets to Matt's.
  • Who had sent that bounty hunter after Matt? Who else is out trying to get him in the past year? Matt was probably fearful enough to fake his death just to get the bounty hunters off his back.

     Black Site  

  • The beginning of the episode shows Haggar seeing her real face for the first time in ten-thousand years, but she looks more horrified than awed.
  • Throk claiming that he can't remember who came to his base, but knew it had something to do with Lotor. While we know that Narti can posses people, we don't know what kind of other affects her powers may have.
  • As Narti passes by Haggar, the witch looks down on the general while her eyes begin to glow. The camera focuses in on Narti, and you can hear faint whispers going on in her head. Whether this was Haggar's influence, or Narti's actual thoughts, no matter what it's still creepy to hear.
  • Lotor realizing that he had been tracked as the Galra fleet attack his ship. He turns around with his sword out and kills Narti.
    • It's possible that Narti had no idea what was going on, or that she was being used by Haggar to spy on Lotor. So when Lotor pulls his blade out, turns on her... who know what her final thoughts were as she was killed by someone she had trusted.
    • The suddenness of it can be quite the shock as well, to say nothing of the fact that this is one of the very few actual death scenes shown on-screen. And then, we don't directly see the top half of Narti's body afterwards, so we can't say if it was just one stab wound or something worse.
    • It might have been something worse. From the way Haggar's window splits from Lotor's strike, he might have bisected Narti.
  • Narti's death having an effect on Zethrid and especially Ezor. For all they knew Lotor, someone whom they considered a friend, had suddenly turned against them, and they were actually no more than pawns in his mind.
    • Zethrid and Ezor are very visibly uncomfortable/depressed after Narti's death, and it almost makes you wonder if they were not only upset over their friend's death, but also wondering if they were next.

     The Voltron Show!  

  • Coran's mental state slowly deteriorating as the episode progresses. It's scary to see his usual comic relief-self taking these shows to the utmost extreme.
    • Watching his facial expressions get more and more twitchy as the episode goes on can be funny at first, but it gets pretty creepy by the end.
    • And then there's the way he starts shifting back and forth between his usual personality and the new one towards the end, begging Bi-Boh to help him. It gives off a lot of And I Must Scream vibes.
    • Worst of all is that Coran never tells Bi-Boh what's going on. Bi-Boh just jumps over, reaches into his brain, and grabs the insect. Bi-Boh's seen this more than once...
  • It's very unsettling to see the creature that comes out of the "Pill" he was given crawl into his ear.

     Begin the Blitz  

  • Ezor talking with Zethrid and Acxa about whether or not they should trust Lotor anymore. Whatever bond they had with him was immediately broken the moment he killed Narti.
    • Even Acxa who is arguably the most steadfast in her loyalty to Lotor begins to question herself when Ezor points out Narti had trusted Lotor once, and to look at where that lead her.
  • As the Galra cannon fires on the rebels, it wipes out one third of their forces in one hit!
  • After Lotor's attempt to pass through realities fail, Ezor and Zethrid tell Acxa that they should take him out now before he does it to them. Acxa quietly walks towards Lotor, points her gun at him and says, "For Narti" as she shoots him. Lotor would have trusted these women with his life, and now they have turned on him.
  • Any squeamish person would not have liked how Lotor broke out of his chains by dislocating his shoulders.
    • What makes this all the more frightening, was how prepared Lotor seemed for that situation, like he knew exactly what do to break out of his chains. Like he had practiced this many times before.

     A New Defender  

  • Haggar's plan on Naxzela. She turned the entire planet into a bomb big enough to destroy everything within a ten system radius, and were it not for Lotor's interference, she would have destroyed Voltron. Let me repeat that. She came within a few minutes of destroying Voltron, the castle of Lions, and a large chunk of the coalition in one swoop.
  • Coran tells the group that since he's so far away it'll take him a while to even reach Naxzella. Without Allura with him, they can't open womrholes anymore, and had something happen to the paladins, Coran wouldn't even be there to witness it.
  • Allura attempts to harness the energy from Naxzela's core, but it's so powerful that it nearly drags her into it. If the other paladins hadn't been there, she would have been gone.
  • Keith attempting a Heroic Sacrifice by flying his ship towards Haggar's shield, closing his eyes and grimacing as he braces himself for impact despite Matt's protests for him not to do it.
    • The paladins could only hear Keith over the intercom, imagine what would have happened if Lotor arrived later just after Keith sacrifices himself.

Season 5

     The Prisoner  

  • Matt continuing to fall down to the planet's surface, and his jet pack isn't working. Anyone afraid of heights is likely going to feel extremely uncomfortable in this episode.
    • The fact that he's reluctant to let go of Beezer, even once he's safe on the ground, makes it worse. Watching him get shaken up over it really makes it sink in that Matt could've died right there.
  • When Matt's group begin to infiltrate the base, all of the sentries are either sliced in half, or laying in pieces on the ground. Since they don't know what happened yet, it's... very, very eerie.
  • The prisoners all terrified of the group, while they don't seem to be hurt like the people on Olkari or Balmera, it takes Matt speaking up to calm them down.
  • Watching Matt run down the hall, desperately searching for Sam, is incredibly nerve-wracking to watch.
  • While the end of the episode confirms that Sam is in Zarkon's grasp, to the Holt's, they lost their father.

     Blood Duel  

  • The fact that Zarkon knew he can use Sam Holt as leverage to get the paladins off guard and have Lotor's warnings about his father not honoring his agreement go on deaf ears. Had Pidge not let her emotions get the best of her, they may have realized too late that the Sam being sent to them was a hologram.
  • After delving deeper into her past, Haggar comes to find that Lotor is her biological son. But when she sees him grow from a baby into a child, his eyes are glowing a creepy yellow, and instead of happily running to her, he seems to give her a look of disdain before running away from her.
    • Also, was Haggar pregnant after she and Zarkon got revived from the Rift? How did that affect Lotor?
      • Or worse, she was pregnant even before going into the rift, poisoning herself and her child while exposing herself to so much quintessence. No wonder Zarkon went to such desperate measures to save his wife, he was also trying to save their child.
      • The flashback makes Zarkon sound worried about whether or not Lotor would survive the birth as well, and although the Galra doctors assure him they can, it seems to back up this idea...
      • On that note, the fact that Lotor was born after his parents returned from the rift, but Haggar still doesn't remember him for a while. Did she give birth while comatose? Was she awake at the time, but the Quintessence still screwed with her head for a bit? Neither option is very good to think about.
  • When Haggar learns about Zarkon's attempt to retrieve Lotor, she immediately contacts her research team and orders them to initiate Operation Kuron Stage Four. While it's still unclear whether he's a clone or brainwashed, but the next time we see Shiro, it's revealed that he gave the Black Bayard to Lotor.
  • Lotor killing Zarkon with a piece of nearby shrapnel. This time, Zarkon's dead for good and his hand shakily clutches the Black bayard before it shifts back into the regular paladin's bayards. You can hear him give a haggard breath just as the lights on his armor finally go out.


  • Haggar's creepy laugh as she toys with her would-be-assassins, and murders them as the screen turns black. She then approaches the commander, shifting herself to look like one of his men before going in to kill him too. While Haggar may not be a Galra, she's not one you want to fight.
    • Also, she's spying on the paladins this time, and if Lotor ever finds out who her new puppet is...
  • Sendak is back, and you can only imagine what he went through after the events of Crystal Venom.

     Kral Zera  

  • The Archivist. He looks even older than either Haggar or Zarkon, and has a breathing apparatus covering his mouth while his back has quintessence injectors in a container.
    • Haggar even mentions that Sendak has been alive for a millennium.
  • One Galra general steps towards the pyre and tries to grab a torch, only to be impaled from behind and then tossed aside by Ranveig.
  • Had Keith not chosen to stay behind and dismantle as many bombs as possible, Lotor would have been caught in the explosion.
    • Also, even after he explains why he's trying to disarm the bombs, his fellow Blade members aren't impressed at all as they leave him behind.
    Blade member: Then you'll die with them.
  • Sendak tells Lotor that if he were to become the emperor, he would keep Lotor as his slave. When you later find out that Lotor has been alive for a very long time, Sendak's threat is very frightening.
  • Sendak grabbing Janka with his new arm and holding over the cliff side. Janka tries to persuade Sendak into an alliance, him being the brains while Sendak provides the brawn, Sendak simply tells Janka that his fleet belonged to him now. He then releases the Galra commander, and he falls to his death.
  • While Lotor being crowned the new emperor feels like it should be a huge accomplishment, especially for the paladins, the way the camera pans away from Lotor is very unsettling. Even Voltron looks ominous, as it stands over the arena, looking menacing as smoke billows around it.


  • The way the Garrison Trio lean over to inspect the reprogrammed droid looks extremely similar to how Shiro woke up in "The Journey".
  • Lotor looking through his mother Honerva's notes, and noting that as time passed, she seemed to become increasingly unsteady. He notes that she seemed to become "paranoid" and her thoughts were less coherent than before.
  • The "super weapon" that Ranveig had been experimenting on, looks like a mutated creature who proceeds to attack Trugg and her men. Her screams can be heard as the screen cuts to black.
    Keith: We could die, and you just handed that weapon over to Trugg!
    Korlia: No, Keith. I handed them to it.
  • On Krolia's part, you can only imagine what kinds of thoughts are going through her mind when Keith pulls her blade out on her. Not only did her son somehow end up in space, but he's also with the Blade, who are people she knows very well put the mission over the individual.

     White Lion  

  • The guardian of the white hole leaves all five lions and the castle without power. Nothing the Paladins do is enough to get their lions moving again.
  • The team sitting on the bridge slowly losing oxygen as they wait for Lotor and Allura to return. The castle even announces that it's gotten down to five percent, and the Paladins are all clearly affected by it.
  • All of the tests that the two have to go through, from stopping autonomic statues, to keeping a ceiling from falling, to fighting the white lion itself.
    • Lotor chooses the wrong action, and slices the white lion with this sword. You expect something horrible to happen, but then the camera shows that he was just teleported back outside the castle. As he realizes his mistake he screams.
  • Haggar watches the paladins and later goes to Acxa, telling her to fly to the coordinates she gave her. When Acxa asks where they were going, Haggar gives a chilling answer.
    "A place I have searched for my entire life."

Season 6

     Omega Shield  

  • Dayak tells Hunk that the meaning of "Vrepit Sa" is "Killing Thrust", which was a move the Galra used during a great war.
  • Sendak appearing and destroying the radiation shield, declaring that anyone who sided with Lotor was an traitor.
  • Lance pushing Allura out of the way of an arching bolt of electricity that not only stops the Red Lion from moving, but it stops Lance as well. It's possible that Lance had died in that moment, and likely would have stayed that way unbeknownst to the rest of his teammates had Allura not gone into Red and healed him.

     Razor's Edge  

  • Had Krolia and Keith not gotten out in time, they would have been pulled in by the gravity and spaghettified like the creature on their ship. In fact, Keith gets very close to being sphagettified when he slips off one of the floating debris and is getting pulled in by the gravity.
  • The fact that their ship was destroyed, so they were out there alone, is creepy enough on its own. Keith even points out that they don't have any food or supplies, adding that it would take them years to get around the quantum abyss, and they're very lucky to run into the fish-like Turtle Island aliens.
  • One of Keith's future visions was of him facing Shiro, and gently telling the other that everything was going to be okay and they just needed to head back to the castle. However, the other is not listening to him.
  • Krolia probably assumed that her partner was still alive on Earth, waiting for her to return, but after looking through Keith's memories, she comes to find out that he had died when Keith was young. She had almost lost him once, but now she's lost him for good.
    • The look of horror on Krolia's face when the Galra scout told her that he had "neutralized" the primitive outside.
    • Also, her shocked expression upon seeing the memory mentioned above.
  • When you look at the small shack next to the house Keith and his family used to live, it's possible something had happened to the larger house, leaving Keith with nothing else but the shack, and possibly without his dad.

     Monsters and Mana  

  • Lance rolling too low to disable the traps, causing the whole group to fall towards a spike trap below.
  • The sheer fact that Shiro died twice in the game.

     The Colony  

  • Romelle's suspicions about Lotor are finally proven true after she looses her brother Bandor, who is taken away and later crashes back home. Romelle's Formerly Fit little brother is now haggard and thin, barely able to speak to his sister, but tell her that she had been right to suspect Lotor this whole time. He had been using Alteans to harvest quintessence from them.
    • Imagine how different something like this would have played out, had Romelle been a candidate instead of her brother.
  • Once Lotor and his men arrive at the crash site and he orders them to destroy the body and the evidence, he spots Romelle running away, but does not tell his men to pursue her. This is either because he's spoken to Romelle before and doesn't want to kill her, or knows that no one will believe her story, so he lets her go.
  • When Romelle, Krolia and Keith check the nearby facility, Romelle dusts off the glass and realizes in horror that the Altean in the test tube was one of her friends that had gone missing. It's not hard to imagine the fate of her parents.
  • Haggar finally gets full control of Shiro and orders him to fight his friends. His irises turn into a bright purple light.
    • He punches Hunk across the room, who then slams into Coran and just as Lance asks what's happening, Shiro punches him out as well. When he summons his bayard to take out Allura, it takes the form of Zarkon's bayard. Smash Cut to Shiro punching Allura and when he leaves carrying Lotor the princess and Romelle are laying unconscious on the floor.
  • Pidge and Krolia barely jumping out of the way in time as Ezor opens fire on them.
  • Pidge is the only paladin near Shiro and when the others tell her to take him out, she holds up her bayard and looks prepared to shoot, but her arms falter and lower as she sadly watched Shiro make a getaway with Lotor.

     The Black Paladins  

  • Based on the past episodes, nothing in the title that has to do with the black paladin ever ended well.
  • The fact that once again, Keith went off on his own without his friends, leaving him vulnerable when chasing Shiro. Had Acxa not been so merciful to him or fell back on orders, he would have died leaving the group with no Black paladin.
  • After all of the fandoms speculations, the Shiro we know now, turned out to be a clone after Keith stumbles upon a facility filled with Shiro clones.
    • How it's shown makes it even worse. Keith touches one of the pods, and it lights up, revealing another Shiro clone... and then the rows upon rows of pods light up, revealing even more of them. While some of them may have been destroyed or killed during the fight, that still makes one wonder where Haggar was planning on sending all of them, and it can still be uncomfortable since, even if they're clones, it's similar to Shiro himself getting killed.
      • What's even worse is that Word of God confirms that all of these other clones are failed prototypes, meaning that all of those Shiros may have already been long dead.
  • Keith's vision from Razor's Edge coming true.
  • If you look closely during the fight, Keiths' eyes change into Galra eyes.
    Shiro: There's the Keith I remember!
  • Keith fighting Shiro with the younger paladin begging for his brother-figure to snap out of it. He even goes as far as to tearfully say that he loved him.
  • The moment when Shiro's arm transforms into a terrifying Arm Cannon. Shiro doesn't even appear to know what's going on and starts to scream in pain as it happens.
  • Keith summoning the black bayard and using it to cut Shiro's arm off just as Shiro was about to stab him, but only leaving a scar on his cheek.
  • The look of horror flashing across Shiro's face, it's possible that he was still aware of what he was doing to his team. He quietly mutters Keith's name before passing out.
  • The sad look on Keith's face throughout the fight, even at the end when the two are dangling over the edge with Keith barely holding onto Shiro and supporting himself, he looked ready to die with him rather than loose him ever again as they both fall into the blinding light.

     All Good Things  

  • Just by the title alone, you can't help but finish the rest of the words and see it as, "All good things must come to an end".
  • Lotor finally snapping and declaring that he was going to destroy all of his enemies, the Galra, Haggar and even Voltron. All who stand in his way is as good as dead.
    • While giving chase to an angered Allura, he declares that he would wipe her name and her father's from Altea's history until the Alteans he saved only worshiped him.

     Defenders of All Universes  

  • Lotor going mad while in the rift, the quintessence beginning to poison his mind. When he removes his helmet and his hair falls limply around him, looking up with a Psychotic Smirk, he looks uncannily like his mother.
  • Allura managing to calm her friends down when she realizes the power high they were having was affecting them horribly, since they were slowly turning into how power hungry Zarkon was and they immediately attempt to flee.
    Lotor: Poor Allura! All of the power in the universe at your fingertips, and you still fear using it!
    • The Paladins, namely the Garrison Trio, get a little too into the battle once they're hyped up on Quintessence. It's very jarring to watch the lovable goofball Lance, sweet-natured Hunk and plucky and generally level-headed Pidge succumb to such rage.
    Pidge: LET'S END THIS!
    Lance: FINISH HIM!
  • AJ Locascio does a superb job of portraying Lotor's mingled rage and pain during Allura's final attack. Despite probably suffering horribly as the quintessence courses through him, he just keeps coming forward until his ship's systems overload, fangs bared, features distorted...His final, agonizing screams are...a little too convincing.

Season 7

     A Little Adventure 
  • Being shrunken down doesn't normally seem like a terrible thing to happen, however, now that everything is literally big enough to easily crush doesn't make the situation feel any safer.
  • The fact that Shiro had a muscle degenerative disease snaps everything that's happened to him in season 1 and 2 into a new horrible perspective. The reason he was willing to sacrifice himself to save Matt? Why he pushed Keith so hard to become the Black paladin if something were to happen to him? The reason he exercised so much? All of it is because his "peak condition" wouldn't last for a few more years, and if he didn't die out in space, or something else happened, his body was going to shut down and eventually kill him.

     The Road Home 
  • The paladins haven't realized that there had been a 3 year time skip, so when they face the Galra again, they're shocked by the new technology they've acquired, especially when the group uses a komar and couple of ships look similar to Lotor's designs.
  • Since they no longer have the castle, the lions have to recharge differently, and normally the paladins wouldn't have a whole lot of trouble due to their lions being rested, but now that they're fighting on what's essentially half battery, it's a struggle.

     The Way Forward 
  • Ezor and Zethrid threatening to torture Pidge if the team doesn't answer their questions satisfactorily.
  • Acxa filling the group in on the fact that they had actually been missing for 3 years, and it shocks the group, because they just assumed they were gone for days, or weeks at the most.

     The Feud! 
  • Even though this is mostly a comic Breather Episode, the concept behind it is kind of terrifying: a cosmic being who can kidnap you while you're asleep and force you to play bizarre games with rules you don't understand, threatening to trap you in his realm for eternity if you lose.
  • The way the screen sometimes gets interference before snapping back to normal. The sound dropping along with it makes the viewer feel increasingly uncomfortable the more times it happens.

     The Ruins 
  • The sheer number of blades implanted in the wall to signify the dead Blade of Marmora agents who've died there over the last three years. It's like a vertical Field of Blades.
    • Krolia's horrified facial expression really drives it in, especially considering that she usually seems pretty stoic.
  • Although the description turned out to be not entirely accurate, listening to Macidus narrate how the Blade of Marmora agents supposedly got slaughtered is pretty uncomfortable to listen to. Partly since the audience had gotten to know them somewhat, and partly since the Paladins have suddenly lost most of their strongest allies.
  • The reveal that their host was in fact a Druid, and specifically the exact same one that fought Keith back in Season 1.
    Macidus: Your hand is looking much better.
    Keith: My... hand?
  • The whole scene of Macidus stalking around the area where Keith is hiding with Kosmo, doing a Sword Drag on the wall to intimidate the paladin. When Keith feels like Macidus' didn't spot them, he proves them wrong by teleporting near their hiding place and stabbing down with his sword. You can just feel how terrified Keith is, since he's the only one out of his group who can help his friends.
  • Seeing Kolivan hung up in chains is pretty disturbing, especially since he's just barely alive. He's still pretty weak afterwards, even after he gets saved.

     The Journey Within 
  • The fear that the team is slowly suffering from Sanity Slippage while stranded in deep space without their lions.
    • Keith lashing out at something invisible trying to take his teammates away from him, and the group having to pull him back to tell him that nothing was there.
  • Until the lions return near the end of the episode, it can also be pretty disturbing to think about Coran, Romelle, and Kosmo stuck out in space, frozen and in de-powered ships while separated from everyone else. It's unclear if they were actually conscious during that time, but it's for the best if they weren't.

     The Last Stand: Part 2 
  • The Galra Invasion of Earth is Ascended Fridge Horror. Previous attacks by the Galra empire have consisted of a small number of battle cruisers attacking an already conquered planet as part of battles with Voltron. This is the first time the audience has ever seen the Galra conquer a planet first hand, and it is appropriately devastating.
  • The Garrison's weapons being absolutely ineffective against the Galra sentries that we've seen the paladins take down so easily in one or two hits can be truly terrifying when you realize how superior alien technology is to humans and what a disadvantage earth is in.

     Trial by Fire 
  • Hunk and the others looking at the ruins of Earth, especially when Hunk recognizes the torn down buildings.

     Heart Of The Lion 
  • Shiro's new arm suddenly going haywire, causing him to scream in agony as the mechanical appendage violently smacks anything near it. You'd think after all he's suffered that getting himself a new arm would be a cinch.
  • The Galra's attacking Lance and Veronica's ship, while Lance tries to call Red to him, but unlike the others, the lion isn't responding to him.
    • When they realize Lance is offline, everyone starts calling for him, and the next shot we get is Lance groggily waking up with dust blowing everywhere and his ears ringing. The first thing he does is look for his sister and when he finds her limply laying on the ground, he runs after her.
  • As one of the cruisers speeds towards Lance and is right over him, despite all of the shots he made that would have fallen normal drones or sentries, he seems to be ready to accept the fact that he might die as he closes his eyes in surrender.

     Lions' Pride: Part 1 
  • Keith waking up first and immediately starts calling for his friends, hitting the walls of his cell and asking if anyone was there.
  • While it's heartwarming in a way, the lead-up to Sanda's Heroic Sacrifice is also rather scary. She's clearly outnumbered, and when one of the huge barrage of shots hits her, it's shown in slow motion just to drive in how hopeless it seems. Then she finally dies in Keith's arms.

     Lions' Pride: Part 2 
  • The Altean mecha has the ability to drain Quintessence like the Komar, meaning that it can replicate what Haggar did to Voltron in the final fight of Season 2 with just a single stab.
  • After fishing out the parts, Allura and the Garrison find out that the mecha isn't just a mindless Robeast, it's piloted by an Altean, wearing armor similar to what Lotor's generals had.

Season 8

    Launch Date 
  • When ranting on to Romelle on how she betrayed them, Luca goes into a shock and then flatlines. It's implied that Honerva was capable of killing her instantly far away with her magic.

  • Honerva is absolutely ruthless in her search for Lotor, mind raping an unconscious soldier and vaporizing generals trying to take his place.
  • When a doctor named Haggar is sent to examine Honerva just after she came back to life after her overexposure of Quintessence, the newly-corrupted Honerva grabs the innocent woman's wrist and uses dark magic to painfully suck the life out of her. The doctor's scream of agony is really difficult to listen to.
  • Zarkon destroys an entire planet planet because Lotor chose to make peace rather than subjugate the inhabitants. This despite the fact their Quintessence production was far greater than other planets.

    Clear Day 
  • Allura's extremely unsettling dream/hallucination in what was otherwise a fairly lighthearted episode. The dark rift entity either manifests itself as or conjures images of both Lotor and Lance to manipulate Allura into releasing it. Both men she had/has feelings for whisper rather creepily in her ear from the shadows, and there's just something off about the way they talk.
    • This is never really explained, and a possibly even creepier explanation is that it's Lotor himself, somehow contacting her from beyond the grave (possibly due to having bonded with such an entity while stranded in the Quintessence field). What's scarier about this possibility is that it's likely Lotor didn't just want to make this new pact with Allura, but had to - his soul might never be allowed rest so long as Honerva is exploiting his body and Sincline mech.

    Knights of Light, Part 2 
  • Allura tapping into the Entity is represented by her suddenly gaining Black Eyes of Evil. And not just the sclara, but an entire shadowy aura around them that makes her look absolutely demonic.
  • Allura using her new powers on the spirit of the real Zarkon to restore his memories of all the terrible things he'd done for 10,000 years. Horrifyingly, what she does to him looks a lot like Mind Rape.
  • The absolutely horrifying shot of Lotor's decaying corpse. The narrative had teased viewers with the possibility that he was still alive, but he's rather abruptly and disturbingly confirmed as long dead. Fridge Horror sets in with the realization that while viewers only see his body from behind, Honerva was looking directly down into what was left of his face. Seeing the son she had searched for for so long in such a state couldn't have been good for her already dangerously fraying mind.

    The Zenith 
  • Imagine you're a citizen of Altea in one of the realities between the main one and the one Honerva was trying to reach. Especially if your reality has no Voltron or other giant mecha. You're going about your business on another typical day when suddenly this gaping dark hole appears in the sky, and an enormous mechanical thing flies out from it. It's like nothing you've ever seen. But it seems to ignore you, and quickly flies into another dark hole. It is quickly followed by a second, brightly colored mechanical monstrocity that also ignores you. But those strange holes don't disappear. And everything around you begins to disappear until there's nothing left. If you're really unlucky, you might live on the version of Altea where the first mechanical monster stops to fight the second one, while the world around you is dying. It's all gone, including any afterlife that may exist in your universe. All that's left is emptiness.
  • Alternate Zarkon had it bad, too. A strange, giant, sinster-looking machine touches down and a figure slowly walks out from it. But it doesn't seem to be a threat. In fact, it's one of the two people who are closest to his heart, whom he thought lost years ago. He takes her to his universe's Altea, where they can have a joyful reunion with their Altean friends and their son. But then little Lotor doesn't want to come and give mommy a hug. He insists that this woman is not his mother because his mother is dead. And as Alternate Zarkon attempts to smoothe things over, this Honerva begins rambling ominously about how she's killed and destroyed many to get here, and how dare they reject her after all her hard work, all while summoning some sort of dark and destructive magic in the palm of her hand. But before she can attack, the face of Voltron is seen from the ceiling window, and this Honerva recognizes the thing. It's come here chasing her. At this point, Alternate Zarkon realizes that the woman before him may look and sound like Honerva, but she's not his Honerva.
    Alternate Zarkon: *upon seeing Voltron* You brought this abomination upon us?! You are not my wife!

    The End is the Beginning 
  • The people in the different realities had their entire existences wiped out with no warning or chance to fight it. And when the realities are restored, they likely have no context to understand what happened.


  • In Pidge's issue, the team gets controlled by mushrooms that attach themselves to Lance, Hunk, Keith and Shiro's heads. They then start attacking Pidge. While she does manage to beat most of her teammates, when it came down to Shiro it gets pretty terrifying there. As he slowly walks up to her with his mechanical arm raised, it looks almost like he's lapsed back into his time as the Champion. Pidge's internal monologue also shows how helpless she feels because she couldn't find a weakness on Shiro.