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Ho Yay / Rick and Morty

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This wouldn't be the first time either of them has had homoerotic feelings.

Ho Yay in Rick and Morty.

  • In the pilot episode, Morty falls asleep in class and dreams about being able to fondle Jessica's breasts as Jessica is the girl he has a crush on. It later revealed that he is actually fondling someone unconsciously but it turns out that the person being fondled in the chest is Morty's own teacher Mr. Goldenfold who is noticeably not entirely displeased.
  • In the episode "Rick Potion #9", Morty acquires a love potion that Rick created to use on Jessica but the potion gets attached to the flu virus resulting in everyone except those related to Morty to become attracted to him including the guys.
    • Its most blatant in the scene where Jessica sneezes on Brad when Brad sees Morty dancing with Jessica as Jessica was Brad's girlfriend. The sneeze causes Brad to contract the love potion laced flu virus and it results in him becoming attracted to Morty, continuously gushing over him until Brad gets dragged out of the gym.
  • In the episode "Total Rickall" Jerry goes into a memory involving a man he befriended named Sleepy Gary. That memory involves Jerry and Gary on a yacht watching the sunset and planning to go see the new star wars movie by the lakeside. Jerry drops the beer bottle he was holding and he tries to grab it while Gary does the same thing, which results in Gary realizing his feelings for Jerry. Jerry and Gary kiss for a long period of time afterwards with Jerry asking in a romantic tone "what are we doing".
    • As it turns out, the memory was false and Gary was actually a parasite. What is interesting, however, is that unlike several parasites had prior, Sleepy Gary does not use this memory as a means to create any additional parasites.
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  • The main plot of Auto Erotic Assimilation consists of Rick rekindling a romance with a hive mind that has assimilated the population of an entire planet of humanoid aliens since last they met, Justin Roiland confirmed that Rick is pansexual after this episode.
  • Half of the plot of "Interdimensional Cable 2: Tempting Fate" involves Jerry agreeing to donate an organ of his to a male alien civil rights leader, Shrimpley Pibbles. However, the organ Jerry agrees to donate to the leader is his own penis. The doctors say that they have the technology to make the organ into a heart for Pibbles.
    • During Pibbles' surgery, Jerry decides to hold the entire operating staff hostage and his demands are a bit suggestive
      Jerry: I want you to cut off my penis and put it in that man's chest.
      • In that same scene involving Jerry holding the alien doctors hostage, he holds a gun that looks a bit phallic shaped and points it the head surgeon who is male and all of the aliens in the hospital think that its a gun when in reality it isn't. This is confirmed by Beth who reveals that the "gun" Jerry is holding is a highly advanced sex toy called the XP-90-XS.
      • Even more convincing is when after being convinced that his gun is actually a sex toy, Jerry decides to pull down his pants and runs towards Pibbles, before being gunned down by the bodyguards.
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  • During the wedding reception in "The Wedding Squanchers" Rick makes a toast to Birdperson and Tammy and during that toast, Rick claims that Birdperson is his primary best friend. The next scene after this shows Squanchy removing a bracelet from his wrist that says "Rick's BFF" in disgust.
  • In "The Rickshank Redemption" Rick is forced into his own subconscious by the Galactic Federation with agent Cornelius Daniel being the interrogator. When Daniel asks Rick to go through some memories, Rick asks if the agent either wants to see the memories of Rick's first boner or the moment he discovered interdimensional travel. Daniel responds to this question by making a weird purring noise along with stiffing his mandible and he admits that he is aroused but doesn't admit which memory he is aroused to.
  • "Vindicators 3: The Return of Worldender" features Rick making huge compliments towards Noob-Noob and respecting him admirably. This is most blatantly shown in the last stage of Rick's SAW trap towards the Vindicators where he drunkenly creates a ride contraption with it ending with a video message towards Noob Noob telling him of how much he respects Noob-Noob and he admits this on a television, which behind it featured a contraption of cardboard pieces that have a giant rainbow painted on them. This whole things looks as if its a video love letter towards Noob Noob and the rainbow is basically a symbol of gay pride. Even more hilarious was that the person who ended up receiving this message was Morty.
    • A weird bit of Les Yay could be seen in the episode as well through the affair between Million Ants and Supernova. Even though Million Ants is seen as male, he is basically a colony of ants and their queen mainly function as Million Ants' brain. Taking that into account it looks as if the colony's queen was in love with Supernova.
    • And right when the vindicators and Rick and Morty enter Worldender's throne room, they see all of Worldender's dead male minions in several sexual positions.
  • (pictured above) In "The Whirly Dirly Conspiracy", the juxtaposition of lion Rick biting into antelope Jerry's neck and Rick and Jerry fighting naked looks like a case of Interplay of Sex and Violence mixed with Belligerent Sexual Tension.
  • During the climax of "Rest and Ricklaxation", Father Bob and everyone else on Earth gets toxified by Toxic Rick, causing everyone to go into a heap of violence and debauchery. When Healthy Rick foils Toxic Ricks scheme and reabsorbs him, a montage is shown of the effects of the toxification reversing and during the montage, the toxified Father Bob is seen licking the bare chest of another man before the detoxification makes him realize what he's doing and pull back in embarrassment.
  • In "Morty's Mind Blowers", there's an image of Mr. Poopybutthole proposing to Morty, who is crying tears of happiness, though the memory being removed implies that:
  • “The Old Man And The Seat” had a plot featuring Jerry and Glootie partnering up to invent an app called Lovefinderz. However the app has people constantly changing dates, some of which are not heterosexual. It’s not long until the app wreaks Ho Yay havoc and Summer get included when she randomly dates a girl because of the app’s suggestion.
  • Rick and Balthromaw, Morty's new dragon, accidentally soul-bonding after a wild night out. Both are moaning throughout the entire process, and it's played out like they're straight-up having sex. Especially when Morty and Summer walk in on them in the middle of it.
  • In "Never Ricking Morty" Rick rants for a while about his fondness for Morty, ending up demanding he "give grandpa a kiss, on the lips if you want to... some cultures do that." (Morty opts for the forehead).
  • In Mort Dinner Rick Andre Rick's nemesis, the Namor expy Mr. Nimbus, invites Beth and Jerry over for a threesome and in the stinger when they arrive he implies that he's slept with Rick at least once in the past.
  • In "Rick And Morty's Thanksploitation Spectacular" after a scene showing Rick and the President preparing for confrontation and showcasing their several countermeasures against each other, the Vice President outright tells the President "Jesus Ever-Loving Christ! Why don't you two just fuck and get it over with?!" and further berates him for ignoring the rampaging Statue of Liberty and "using the War Room to measure dicks with [his] alcoholic, sci-fi boyfriend."