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I turned myself into a pickle, Morty! BOOM! Big reveal, I'm a pickle! What do you think about that? I TURNED MYSELF INTO A PICKLE! I'M PICKLE RIIIIIICK!
Rick and Morty is a show filled with memorable lines and scenes which have inspired a tremendous amount of memes.

To be fair, you have to have a high IQ to understand Rick and Morty memes:

  • Imitating Rick's speech mannerisms and verbal tics in general, especially him inserting "Morty" into every sentence and burping a lot.
  • "I’m gonna need you to take these seeds into the bathroom. And I’m gonna need you to put them waaaay up inside your butthole Morty."
  • The completely ad-libbed ending of the first episode ("RICKANDMORTY.COM! A HUNDRED TIMES RICK AND MORTY!") has reached such memetic status that Roiland expresses regret and embarrassment about it on the DVD commentary.
  • After becoming super-intelligent, Snuffles/Snowball wakes up Summer during the night and asks: "Where are my testicles, Summer?"
  • Scary Terry's excessive use of the word "Bitch" could rival Jesse Pinkman's.
  • The Mr. Meeseeks have become a major source of laughs for the fanbase for several reasons:
    • Their speech patterns, like starting every sentence with "Look at me" and/or "I'm Mr. Meeseeks".
    • The Sanity Slippage they experience as their life goes on for too long: "Why did you rope me into this?" "'Cause he roped me into this!" and "Existence is pain to a Meeseeks!"
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  • Human music.
  • The cheap AI the Zigerians use for their simulation in order to distract Jerry:
    *snap* Yes!
    Slow down!
    Lookin' good!
    My man!
  • "Why do you party?" "To get riggity-riggity-WRECKED, SON!"
  • Pretty much all of the improvised comedy segments from "Rixty Minutes" and "Interdimensional Cable 2: Tempting Fate".
    • Out of all of these, the sheer nonsense of the Plumbus has proven so endearing to the fans that it's become customary to respond to any mention of it with equally nonsensical terms, such as giving fictional advice on use of plumbuses. An example from at least three youtubers:
      Bren7080: Actually, many knock-off plumbi are made from bazargalorp, because it's cheaper and easier to use. The bad part is, extra schleem is needed, and instead of glackzendos, you need fenzockers. It also comes out of the regindgas very sloppily, and cheaply.
      Captain Derp: And don't forget boiling it in gumbleglush and soaking it in gulkiplyer mixed with humblgashla.
      Johnny C: Really? I use spumplespap with a pinch of smoovian flimpleblurg. Really helps clean up the smump stains from the Smudburgers I buy at the local Smudkos.
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  • "What is my purpose?" "You pass butter." "Oh my god." "Yeah, welcome to the club, pal."
  • Krombopulos Michael's "Oh boy, here I go killing again!"
  • Fart's "Goodbye, Moonmen" song.
  • "Peace among worlds!" is a relatively popular one, mostly for the irony.
  • Mr. Poopybutthole, the longtime friend of the family.
  • "Get Schwifty" is one of the biggest source of memes in the show:
    • Getting schwifty.
    • Birdperson's reaction to Morty trying to abandon Rick in "Get Schwifty": "In bird culture, this is considered a dick move."
  • "I'm Tiny Rick, bitch!"note 
  • After Tammy revealed her true colors as a double-agent for the Galactic Federation, betraying Rick and killing Birdperson in "The Wedding Squanchers", it's become easy to unite the entire fanbase with a call of "Fuck Tammy!".
  • Editing the screaming sun into scenes from other works.
  • In "The Rickshank Redemption", Rick reveals that the whole time, his motive for all of his actions was... obtaining some of the limited-run promotional Mulan Szechuan McNuggets dipping sauce. Since then, the fanbase will go crazy over anything involving Szechuan sauce. It gets even better - due to the overwhelming demand, McDonald's themselves decided to give the creators a few gallons of Szechuan sauce!!!
    • The "Szechuan Sauce riots". note 
      • "i hope rick says his next favorite sauce is free healthcare sauce" note 
      • Steven Universe nonbinary saucenote 
    • The dude's reaction where he's kicking and screaming on the floor going, "REEEEEEEEE!!!! REEEEE!!!! REEEEE!!!!" has been adopted and used as either a reaction or a mockery of... you name it. Feminism, Meninism, social justice, anti social justice, politics no matter which side you are on or oppose, you pick it.
  • In the wake of the unsettling Galactic Federation propaganda videos, it's become almost memetic for people to say "Rick did nothing wrong!" in reference to season 3, episode 1.
  • Everything that has to do with Pickle Rick.
    • "I turned myself into a meme, Morty! I'm meme Rick!"
    • PICKLE RIIIIIICK haha am i right fellas?
    • Even among people who think the joke got tired really quickly, it has some life in ironic shitposting, often in the form of other characters interpreted as pickles.
    • Note that pickle Rick is a meme acknowledgement of the previous "Tiny Rick!" meme.
    • It even spawned a (poorly-made) PC game called "Piccled Ricc", which was subsequently booted off Steam.
  • Noob-Noob. Due to Rick making a heartfelt (albeit drunk) speech about Noob-Noob being his most valued friend, and an entire intergalactic party with the rapper Logic singing about the latter, he has become an Ensemble Dark Horse.
    • His catchphrase, "GOT DAMN!"
    • "Who the fuck is Noob-Noob?"
  • After "Rest and Ricklaxation" fan art depicting toxic versions of various characters have become common.
  • Don't trust the promos!note 
  • "To be fair, you have to have a very high IQ to understand Rick and Morty."note 
  • "Let's go. In and out. Twenty minute adventure!" SIX DAYS LATER...
  • "Why are you watching Adult Swim?" note 
  • That just sounds like [action] with extra steps! Explanation 
  • Do you want to develop an app?
  • "Your skills are required for a job." "You son of a bitch, I'm in." Explanation 
  • "Your boos mean nothing! I've seen what makes you cheer!" Explanation 
  • Rick tears away the wallpaper Explanation 
  • You're like Hitler, but even Hitler cared about Germany or something Explanation 
  • So WHAT if he’s the devil? At least the devil has a JOB! At least he’s active in the community! Explanation