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Recap / Rick and Morty

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Rickaps of the episodes of Rick and Morty.

For other media see the franchise page.

All spoilers are unmarked.

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    Season 1 (2013-2014)
"The outside world is our enemy, Morty! We're the only fehh-friends we got, Morty! It's just Rick and Morty! Ruh-ick and Morty and their adventures, Morty! Rick and Morty forever and forever, 100 years, Rick and Morty... some... things!"
Rick Sanchez

  1. "Pilot"
  2. "Lawnmower Dog"
  3. "Anatomy Park"
  4. "M. Night Shaym-Aliens!"
  5. "Meeseeks And Destroy"
  6. "Rick Potion #9"
  7. "Raising Gazorpazorp"
  8. "Rixty Minutes"
  9. "Something Ricked This Way Comes"
  10. "Close Rick-Counters Of The Rick Kind"
  11. "Ricksy Business"

    Season 2 (2015)
"Okay, so let me get this straight. For the rest of your lives, no matter how much it hurts you, no matter how much it destroys our children's futures, we're gonna do whatever Rick wants, whenever he wants?"
Jerry Smith

  1. "A Rickle In Time"
  2. "Mortynight Run"
  3. "Auto Erotic Assimilation"
  4. "Total Rickall"
  5. "Get Schwifty"
  6. "The Ricks Must Be Crazy"
  7. "Big Trouble in Little Sanchez"
  8. "Interdimensional Cable 2: Tempting Fate"
  9. "Look Who's Purging Now"
  10. "The Wedding Squanchers"

    Season 3 (2017) 

    Season 4 (2019-2020)
"You know what shy pooping is? It's a pointless bid for control. You want to take the one part of life that you truly think is yours and protect it from a universe that takes whatever it wants. It took my wife, it clearly took something from you. We can spend our lives fighting that, or we can choose to be free."

  1. "Edge of Tomorty: Rick Die Rickpeat"
  2. "The Old Man and the Seat"
  3. "One Crew Over the Crewcoo's Morty"
  4. "Claw and Hoarder: Special Ricktim's Morty"
  5. "Rattlestar Ricklactica"
  6. "Never Ricking Morty"
  7. "Promortyus"
  8. "The Vat of Acid Episode"
  9. "Childrick of Mort"
  10. "Star Mort Rickturn of the Jerri"

    Season 5 (2021)
"Do you know what the Central Finite Curve is? They built a wall around infinity. They separated all the infinite universes from all the infinite universes where he's the smartest man in the universe. Every version of us has spent every version of all of our lives in one infinite crib built around an infinite fucking baby. And I'm leaving it. That's what makes me "evil"—being sick of him. If you've ever been sick of him, you've been evil, too."
Evil Morty

  1. "Mort Dinner Rick Andre"
  2. "Mortyplicity"
  3. "A Rickconvenient Mort"
  4. "Rickdependence Spray"
  5. "Amortycan Grickfitti"
  6. "Rick and Morty's Thanksploitation Spectacular"
  7. "Gotron Jerrysis Rickvangelion"
  8. "Rickternal Friendshine of the Rickless Mort"
  9. "Forgetting Sarick Mortshall"
  10. "Rickmurai Jack"