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Moments pages are Spoilers Off. You Have Been Warned.

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  • An out-of-show example, [adult swim] premiered an entire episode of Rick and Morty three days before it aired on Instagram... in about 110 individual 15-second clips. This is the first show to do so period, and it's probably one of the finest (and most elaborate) displays of viral marketing ever.
  • Rick & Morty getting their own Simpsons Couch Gag. A huge honor.
  • The show getting to use multiple licensed songs is pretty awesome, considering that several years before, when The Venture Bros. wanted to use Rozalla's "Everybody's Free (To Feel Good)" in the Season 2 premiere, it cost a huge chunk of that entire season's budget just to afford that one song. It really shows how far Adult Swim has come. Similarly, being one of the first AS shows able to use the word "shit" unbleeped is pretty cool, too.
  • The show is one of the highest-rated IMDB shows ever.
  • Rick Sanchez. Is he a sociopath? Yes. Is he willing to use his family for his own selfish reason? Also, yes. Is he a beyond awesome Gadgeteer Genius who has nearly Seen It All. Hell yeah.
  • Morty Smith. During the course of the series, he becomes increasingly more mature and observant, to the point of becoming arguably one of the smartest and self-aware characters in the show. In season 3 we see him become more badass to the point were he stand up to Rick.

    Season 1
Anatomy Park
  • Morty showing he's smarter than he looks, and coming up with the idea to destroy the gonorrhea virus by igniting Reuben's intestinal gas in "Anatomy Park".
  • Jerry gets a minor one in "Anatomy Park." When he goes around collecting the family's electronics, Summer doesn't want to give him her phone. His response: "Put it in the stocking, Summer, or I'm joining Facebook." Summer gasps and puts the phone in the stocking without hesitation. The smile Jerry has as he says it is what really makes it awesome.

M. Night Shaym-Aliens!

  • "M. Night Shaym-Aliens!" has one for Rick. The aliens have just managed to trick Rick into giving them the recipe for concentrated Dark Matter through a long, complex Batman Gambit. They send Rick and Jerry back home, while the aliens begin to make the Dark Matter. Suddenly, BOOM! Revealing that Rick did not gave them the correct formula at all.
    Jerry: What happened back there?
    Rick: Why don't you ask the smartest people in the universe, Jerry? (drinks from his flask) Oh yeah, you can't. They blew up.
  • Rick knowing from the first moment that he's in a simulation, that Morty is a fake, and that the aliens are trying a multi-level simulation fakeout.

Meeseeks and Destroy

  • He gets another moment of awesome in "Meeseeks and Destroy", where before finally going home, he shoots and kills the giant, sentient Jelly Bean who tried to rape Morty in the tavern bathroom. As stated on the heartwarming page, Rick may have questionable principles, but if you ever, ever mess with or hurt his grandson, he will end you.
    • Props to Morty himself, who beats the perverted freak to a pulp beforehand.
    • It gets even more awesome after taking The Stinger into consideration, where it's revealed that the Jellybean King had a box full of inappropriate and disturbing pictures of children, implying that Morty was by no means the first child he tried to rape/molest/etc. So not only did Rick kill the thing that tried to rape his grandson, he also put an end to a corrupt ruler who abused his power in order to harm children.
    • It pales in comparison to everything Rick and Morty did during the episode, but Jerry pulling himself together (with Beth's help) and demonstrating his improved golf game to the murderous Meeseeks certainly seemed epic. (Thanks in no small part to the music that accompanied it).

Rick Potion #9

  • 80% of everything Jerry says and does during the episode. With a crowbar.
    Mantis Monster: Who are you?
    Jerry: My name's Mr. Crowbar. And this is my friend, who is also a crowbar.
    Mantis Monster: That's stupid.
    Jerry: [brains him with a crowbar] Yeah, well, look where being smart got you.
  • Rick calling out Morty for wanting to have a Love Potion in the first place. Considering forcing someone to fall in love with you just because you're in love with them is very creepy, and this is one of the few shows to actually address that (instead of acting like love potions are only bad if they go wrong). Even if you take into account that Rick created the potion and was fine with giving it to Morty, the speech itself hits some salient points on the very nature of the love potion trope. Morty admits to his mistake, but points out that just because he's at fault, that doesn't mean that Rick himself is absolved from all blame and that he still needs to clean up after himself.

Raising Gazorpazorp

  • Rick going full Papa Wolf when the male Gazorpazorpians attack Summer, gunning them all down in the span of a few seconds. He later keeps them away from Summer with one hand while repairing his portal gun. Despite clearly being annoyed at Summer's actions, he seems to have the same protectiveness that he does for Morty: mess with his grandchildren, and he will END you.
  • When it becomes clear that they can't just leave, Rick goes to Plan B: take over the planet. And treats it like it's a minor nuisance that he has to go through the hassle.

Rixty Minutes

  • The writers get one for the Turbulent Juice advertisement. They seriously managed to make an ad that honestly could go either way as to what it's advertising.
    Rick: Sex Sells, Morty.
    Morty: Sex sells what? Was that a movie, or like, does it clean stuff?
  • Morty gets a pretty great speech to talk Summer out of running away after she discovers she was an unwanted pregnancy.
    Morty: That out there? That's my grave. [...] On one of our adventures, Rick and I basically destroyed the whole world, so we bailed on that reality and we came to this one, because in this one, the world wasn't destroyed, and in this one, we were dead, so we came here, and we buried ourselves, and we took their place. And every morning, Summer, I eat breakfast 20 yards away from my own rotting corpse.
    Summer: So... you're not my brother?
    Morty: I'm better than your brother. I'm a version of your brother you can trust when he says "don't run". Nobody exists on purpose, nobody belongs anywhere, everybody's gonna die. Come watch TV?

Something Ricked This Way Comes

  • Summer calls Rick out on his lazy jerkass behavior and saying how he doesn't do anything except make gadgets and mooch off the family.
  • At the end of the episode, Rick and Summer bulk up and beat up the Devil, who scammed Summer out of her money. And then they beat up some bully who pants/pushed ice cream to someone, a person pulling a dog harshly, a neo-nazi, and a WBC protester at The Stinger, all to the sweet tune of DMX's X Gon' Give It to Ya.
  • Rick uses his intellect to rid all of the cursed objects of their curses, making a business out of it and causing the Devil, the owner of the store to try and kill himself. He drives the Devil to suicide, then responds: [happy] Seriously? [concerned] Holy crap. [happy again] Holy crap!

Close Rick-Counters of the Rick Kind

  • In "Close Rick-Counters of the Rick Kind" Evil!Rick turns out to be a Controlled Cyborg Rick manipulated by an Evil!Morty: the awesomeness was that he was able to outsmart all the Ricks from the council of Ricks.
  • Morty leading the whole army of Mortys to set free the tortured Mortys and to defeat Evil!Rick.

Ricksy Business

  • Rick and Summer's party was a huge hit. Everyone on-screen was fine with all the aliens and Earth teenagers hanging out together except for Summer, who thought she would be embarrassed, and Morty, who was against the whole concept of a party to begin with. The party continues off-screen, too.
  • Beth saving Jerry from getting raped at gunpoint by Lucy.

    Season 2
A Rickle In Time
  • Rick makes a reference to Redgren Grumbholdt and Morty and Summer laugh awkwardly. Rick then immediately tells them that there's no Redgren Grumbholdt and that they should be thinking for themselves rather than following a crowd.
  • When one of Morty's potential selves accidentally desyncs the possible Ricks, what do the Ricks do? Put their time crystals onto a gun and get into a cross-temporal firefight with themselves, only ending when all the Potential Mortys knock out all the Potential Ricks, resynching the timeline.
  • 1/64th of the Ricks performing a Heroic Sacrifice to save Morty, then managing to subvert it by getting lucky and saving himself anyway.
  • Jerry of all people ends up getting one in the B-Plot by cashing in on a favor from a local Cold Stone Creamery for a couple employees to pose as being from an organization dedicated to saving deer in order to con a hunter and his lawyer out of ownership of an injured buck and managing to arrange it so that Beth could ultimately be the one to save its life.
  • Rick manages to outsmart the Time Cop alien using simple logic to turn its own fourth-dimensional nature against itself. By following the fact that the alien experiences all parts of their timeline simultaneously, and infinitely, they will eventually do every conceivable action, which includes turning around and not looking at him. The alien agrees with that logic and turns around, at which point Rick smacks him with a hammer.
    Rick: OK, now hear me out on this. You're immortal, right? Which means your life is infinite. Well then that means there's a 100% chance that you will eventually do everything, INCLUDING turning around to look behind you.
    Time Cop: I cannot argue with that. (turns around)
    Rick: (proceeds to attack Time Cop)
  • Rick beating the shit out of the Time Cop, a four-dimensional entity that exists outside of time, or rather inside all of time, by simply rupturing the timeline into 32 uncertain copies and ganging up on him with himself.
  • Meta-Example, but how many shows do you know that can explain and visualise the concept of quantum uncertainty in a way that makes sense and is interesting to watch? Kudos to them for being able to break down an exceedingly complicated realm of science to the level where a casual viewer can understand and laugh at it. Not only that, but think about the amount of extra effort that had to be done to make subtle differences between the multiple time fractures? Morty and Summer were drawn in opposite places for one, plenty of others have varying expressions and even entire movements, culminating in having to render up to 64 realities at once.
  • After being mistaken for Rick and getting the testicle-cop beating meant for him, Albert Einstein messes with time just to spite them.

Mortynight Run

  • Everything about Krombopulos Michael. He is a ledge-running, wall-leaping, murder-loving CMOA. He sneaks into a prison and kills five guards, unarmed, and without breaking stride for more than the instant it takes to break each guard's neck.
  • Rick returning after walking away from Morty's attempt to save Fart and killing twice as many guards as Michael did with his portal gun and spaceship. He makes a dynamic entrance by creating a portal inside a guard aiming at Morty, then using two portals to first flood the room with water, then create a plug to drain the guards away.
  • When Gearhead betrays Rick, Rick kicks Gearhead in the crotch, pulls out his crotch gears, pulls off his face gears, and the replaces them with the crotch gears. In other words, he tore Gearhead's balls off then fed them to him. The sight of this makes the Gear-People police vomit uncontrollably.
    Rick: I wanna make two things clear to everybody in this room. Never betray me, and it's time to go.
  • When Morty realizes the true nature of Fart, he kills him to prevent an entire universal genocide of carbon based life forms. Even though Morty could have avoided doing it and saved the innocent lives of around a hundred carbon-based life forms if he just stayed at Blips and Chitz. The fact that he, a "mere kid", was able to trick a telepathic Reality Warper into getting distracted enough to kill him is one helluva feat, "Shaggy Dog" Story or not. Rick must be really rubbing off on him.
  • Fart getting Rick and Morty out of trouble by murdering hundreds of gear people through manipulating just one person into suicide is as impressive as it's horrifying.
  • The song "Goodbye Moonmen" is an example itself, being possibly the catchiest and most moving song about mass-genocide ever written.

Auto Erotic Assimilation

  • While looking for their weed whacker, Beth and Jerry discover Rick's subterranean lair in the garage, containing a large, slug-like alien chained to the wall. This leads to them quarreling over Rick's motives regarding the "prisoner" along with Beth's relationship with her father. The argument becomes so heated that the alien rips its chains out of the wall and steals a translation device, before proceeding to let loose on the couple in an epic "The Reason You Suck" Speech.
    Blim Blam the Korblok: Um, first of all, hello. Uh, my name is Blim Blam the Korblok. Second of all, cards on the table, I'm a murderer that eats babies, and I came to this planet to eat babies. However, I am also carrying a highly infectious disease that I suppose you could call "Space-AIDS" as you put it. And Rick did chain me up so that he could attempt to cure it. At the same time, Rick's motivation to cure my disease was not to save my life or anyone else's, but to patent and sell the cure for billions of Blemflarcks. But you know the reason why I ripped my chains out of the wall? And do you know why I'm never coming back to this planet? Because the two of you are the fucking worst! You both hate yourselves and each other, and the idea that it has anything to do with Rick is laughable. I'd laugh, but I'm biologically incapable - that's how alien I am. And even I'm sitting here listening to the two of you and being like, "What the fuck?!" So, good luck with your shitty marriage, and tell Rick I'm sorry he has to deal with either of you. Blim Blam out! *Translation Device Drop*
  • A meta one; props to the staff for managing to convey Rick's familiarity with hive minds, Unity in particular, by having him very effortlessly hold conversation with Unity while the various bodies in it's system go about their business with neither of them missing a beat.
  • Beth did anger Jerry for spinning it to his credit but she did have a point how impressive it was that Rick managed to build an entire underground lair himself without anyone noticing, aside from causing a $6,000 electric bill.

Total Rickall

  • Morty figuring out how to tell who's a mind parasite. Parasites can only create good memories. If there's any bad memories, the person is real. This leads to the family going on a shooting spree, killing all of the parasites.
    • The ensuing slaughter is enhanced by the family members remembering the horrible memories of each other, and using that as the crux to unite together in a Crowning Moment of Awesome that also doubles as a Crowning Moment of Heartwarming. Furthermore, after trying to convince the family for most of the episode that they are infested with parasites, and about to be executed for potentially being a parasite, it isn't Rick that figures out how to save the day. It's Morty. MORTY figured out something RICK couldn't, Rick's Knew It All Along moment afterward notwithstanding.. Maybe being around the Rickiest Rick is starting to rub off on the Mortiest Morty, and prove that Morty can be competent given the right motivation. Either way, it's a victory that even Rick acknowledges, in a roundabout way.
    • The parasite shooting spree also gives Summer the chance to deliver what may be the line of the episode:
      Tinkles: Summer, I've always loved you!
      Summer: Yep. (Boom, Headshot!)
    • To put things in perspective, even Rick couldn't bring himself to kill his favorite parasite, Pencilvester. Summer outsociopathed Rick!
  • Probably one of the best parts of the episode is that it was intended to be a Take That! towards Family Guy's cutaway gags.
  • The ending reveals that Beth had no negative memories of Mr. Poopy Butthole... not because he was a mind parasite, but because he was just that nice a guy.

Get Schwifty

  • Rick's sunglasses. They make him look so badass.
  • Rick and Morty head to the pentagon to help against the giants heads attacking earth.
  • When the Earth gets disqualified due to the missile launch, Ice-T comes backs just in time to block the plasma ray that is about to destroy Earth, and convinces the heads to let Rick and Morty play their song. Their performance is so good that the heads declare it the pinnacle of musicality and cancel their Planet Music show after 988 seasons. This incidentally saves a lot of planets from being disintegrated in the future.
  • In The Stinger, Ice-T returns from his exile, and is returned to his original form: Water-T. Then the Numericons attack Alphabetrium, and Water-T runs out, Guns Akimbo and ready to kick some ass.

The Ricks Must be Crazy

  • While also being incredibly disturbing, the ship's methods of dispatching potential threats to Summer's safety are brutal and awesome. The first thing it does is to dice a man into bloody chunks using a laser, Cube-style, then, after Summer tells the ship not to kill anyone it takes her literally and incapacitates a perceived threat by rendering him paraplegic. As the episode progresses the ship's methods get nastier and more amazing.
  • Morty manages to basically take over the tree people in just a few months. Even Rick seems impressed. Morty then uses his authority to force Rick and Zeep to fix the situation at spearpoint.
    Morty: I don't care what it takes. You two are putting aside your bullshit, and working together to get us back home!
    Rick: No can do, Morty. I just can't.
    Zeep: I just don't see how I can—
    Morty: Ro ro donoga! (tree people draw their weapons on Rick and Zeep) You're smart; you'll figure it out.
  • Zeep. He isn't an alternate version of Rick (although they still got similar personalities) and yet he's just as smart as Rick.
  • Being stranded in the teenyverse doesn't stop both Rick and Zeep from being able to create weapons from wood and stone solely to spite each other within seconds. Plus, months later, Zeep and Rick are hunting food and fighting each other using mechs made from the same materials. The ensuing mech duel is sadly brief, but is pretty amazing.
  • The final brawl between Rick and Zeep. It's short, but Rick reminds us he's a badass with some Good Old Fisticuffs and a couple of one-liners. The moment is pictured in this folder.
    Morty: Don't do it.
    Rick: You quit school, but you still got some learning to do.
    [after winning]
    Rick: Class dismissed.
  • Just the fact that Rick created his own universe. Talk about Sufficiently Advanced Technology.
  • As bizarre as it was, Morty transforming into a car was pretty awesome.

Big Trouble in Little Sanchez

  • Tiny Rick, Morty, and Summer casually murdering Coach Feratu and his vampire army.
  • Jerry actually managed to save the day (and possibly the universe) through his determination and resourcefulness. His attempt to rescue Beth from an amped up alien version of herself causes her to create a battalion of hyper-idealised masculine clones of her husband through the mythologisation device. The ensuing battle royale climaxes with Jerry slapping the device onto one of his clones, creating a god-like psychic doppelgänger of Beth that eradicates her bestial counterpart. He realised that Beth's idealised image of himself would think of her as a perfect goddess, and so created one. Jerry saves Beth and even gets a small shot at her ego in the process.
  • Morty taking a page out of Real Rick's playbook and successfully kicking Tiny Rick's ass.
  • Summer delivering the coup de grace by forcing Tiny Rick to listen to an Elliot Smith song, completely destroying his resolve.
  • Subtle but Bill Cipher's cameo was pretty cool and done in Gravity Falls' style even.

Look Who's Purging Now

  • For the first half of the episode, Rick and Morty are stranded on a hostile planet with countless aliens out to kill them. Rick and Morty (mostly Rick) are able to fend them off with all sorts of improvised weaponry. Then they get advanced suits of power armor...
  • Morty kills the man who runs the lighthouse after getting tired of his insults. After that, he just goes totally insane and starts purging. For someone who is normally such a passive character, it's pretty awesome seeing him stand up for himself for once, even if he takes it too far.
  • Rick and Arthricia completely decimating the rich people who organized the Purge in the first place. And then dancing in their blood once they're done to "Feels Good" by Tony! Toni! Toné!.
    Rick: Here's the deal, I'm not here to judge. I'm just a guy from another planet. But this girl is one of your poor people, and I guess you guys felt like it was okay to subject her to inhuman conditions because there was no chance of it ever hurting you. It's sort of the sociopolitical equivalent of, say, a suit of power armor around you? But now things are evened out so... Arthricia?
    Arthricia: (walks up, severs the leader's head, and starts killing them all)

The Wedding Squanchers

  • Rick and Squanchy fighting off the federation at the reception.
  • Beth stabbing Tammy's robot "mom" in the eye and kicking her out of the flying van just as the latter was about to attack Summer.
  • Rick turning himself over to the Galactic Police so his family can live on Earth, and is taken by the federation and into his cell without so much as flinching. The guards look up his record, which continuously scrolls screen after screen of crimes, enough to make the guards turn to each other in amazement.
  • A minor one, but throughout the party, Jerry angers Beth with his terrible socializing. He does however get along with Squanchy, even mastering his Smurfing to get a laugh out of him, compared to Beth's complete fail to grasp the language.
  • A minor one — Summer not taking Rick's Never My Fault bullshit and making it known that he was the reason that Tammy befriended her.
  • A rare one for Jerry, when he calls his family, most especially Beth, for constantly making excuses for Rick's behavior and for all the crap he's put them through. The fact that he actually finally got Beth to own up to her own selfish reasons for doing so can count as a small victory on his part. And then "The Rickshank Redemption" happens, revealing that Jerry deciding to grow a spine (and even suggesting turning Rick in) is what led to Rick getting Beth to divorce Jerry.

    Season 3

The Rickshank Redemption

  • One for Adult Swim for airing the premiere on repeat for April Fools 2017. Until it interrupted premieres for Samurai Jack and Dragon Ball Super.
  • Rick gets one for the entire episode. His plan to escape from the Federation via body-surfing and get high clearance, destroying the Council of Ricks by teleporting their Citadel into the Federation prison which they screwed up his attempt to access, then using the chaos to kill the council and dismantle the entire Federation by making their currency worthless. No wonder he's considered the smartest being in the universe.
    • Rick making up an elaborate tragic backstory involving the loss of a second wife and daughter, just to trick the mind-reading goverment agent into uploading a hijacking virus into the simulation database, allowing Rick to escape.
    • Both Morty and Summer make some pretty good Rick-like guesses for Rick's plan to destroying the galactic goverment. Summer guesses he's going to reprogram their nukes to target each other, and Morty thinks he's going to make their hyperdrives disintergrate their ships when used. Rick even tells them so.
      Rick: Good pitches kids! I'm almost proud. But watch as Grandpa topples a galactic empire by changing a 1 to a 0!
  • Summer's first awesome moment of the episode is to dig up the long-dead Rick of her universe to get his portal device to try and rescue Rick. This one is in response to Morty's brutal take-down of Rick's reputation for being able to figure a solution to any problem, by reminding Beth that Rick has abandoned his family before when it was convenient, and that the only version of her grandfather never to leave her is the one buried in the backyard. To hammer his point home, Morty takes Beth to Rick and Morty's original universe, where Rick's actual granddaughter lives in the Cronenberged wasteland that Rick left in his wake two seasons before.
  • Summer gets another one by telling the entire Council of Ricks to go collectively fuck themselves when they want her to denounce Rick. Morty also gets one in the scene as he reaffirms his belief in Rick and reminds the council what they have to fear.
    Morty: If you think my Rick's dead, he's alive. And if you think you're safe, he's coming for you!
  • When one of the Council Ricks holds Summer hostage, Rick seemingly slides back into his usual asshole ways and tells his counterpart that they have basically infinite grandkids, so holding one hostage means nothing to him. This angers Morty and the two end up in a huge argument that ends with Morty SHOOTING RICK IN THE HEAD. However, it turns out this was a Batman Gambit by Rick; he'd given Morty a fake gun just in case this situation arose. Though, Morty didn't know this; he hadn't read the note Rick put on the gun.
  • The fact that all of Rick's actions weren't just to destroy the Federation and the Council of Ricks but to get Beth to divorce Jerry as revenge for Jerry attempting to sell him out to the Federation. He happily informs Morty that he's usurped Jerry as head of the family and now he and Morty (and sometimes Summer and/or Beth) will be able to go on even crazier and darker adventures. And if Morty tries to say a word no one will believe him.
    • Of course, he follows this up by saying his master plan is to find a discontinued McDonald's dipping sauce, so it's unclear how much of his rant is him just making stuff up.
    • This in itself becomes a little bit of awesome, since finding said discontinued sauce became a meme days after the episode aired. To the point that McDonald's sent an ENTIRE JUG of the sauce to Justin Roiland with a personalized, Rick and Morty-related message on the label.
  • The way Rick defeats the Galactic Federation: He changes the number one to the number zero, thus rendering any form of currency that the Galactic Federation has worthless.
  • On a meta-level, how about the fact that Rick, since he knows he's in a show, proved the audience that they were wrong about him? After the Season 2 finale, there were fans who speculated that Rick would get help in his escape from the Federation's prison. The top possibilities were that Morty and family would send the Butter Passing Robot to do the job (though no one ever explained how a little robot like that would be able it). Other believed that Unity would find out about Rick being in prison and break him out by taking over the guards. But what does Rick do? He breaks out on his own using his own genius and without any help. Not even Morty and Summer being in the episode helped out in his plan. If they had stayed home, Rick would have gotten the job done after taking over the body of his alien interrogated in the brain analyzer, both Summer and Morty wouldn't have been brought to the Citadel. Essentially, Rick showed the audience he could solve the problem on his own without the help of any outside help.

Pickle Rick

  • Rick, as an immobile talking pickle, gets washed into the sewer. He then proceeds to make himself limbs using cockroaches he kills with his teeth, make Powered Armor out of scavenged bone and muscle from rats, and then go on a killing spree inside a diplomatic compound. He even goes toe-to-toe with some sort of super-soldier.
  • We have Dr. Wong, the therapist the family needs to see and she was able to read them like a book. She proceeded to call out Beth for her unhealthy relationship with Rick and how both would rather "die than be bored" and thus why they put little effort into maintaining their relationship. All without raising her voice or seeming even remotely annoyed by Rick and Beth's hostile behavior. That is definitely awesome. Her being unfazed by Rick being a pickle and such also gets her brownie points.
    Dr. Wong: Why didn't you want to come here?
    Rick: Because I don't respect therapy. Because I'm a scientist. Because I invent, transform, create and destroy for a living, and when I don't like something about the world I change it. And I don't think going to a rented office in a strip mall to listen to some agent of averageness explain which words mean which feelings has ever helped anyone do anything. I think it's helped a lot of people get comfortable and stop panicking, which is a state of mind we value in the animals we eat, but not something I want for myself. I'm not a cow. I'm a pickle. When I feel like it! So... You asked...
    Dr. Wong: Rick, the only connection between your unquestionable intelligence and the sickness destroying your family is that everyone in your family, you included, use intelligence to justify sickness. You seem to alternate between viewing your own mind as an unstoppable force and as an inescapable curse. And I think it's because the only truly unapproachable concept for you is that it's your mind within your control. You chose to come here. You chose to talk—to belittle my vocation. Just as you chose to become a pickle. You are the master of your universe, and yet you are dripping with rat blood and feces. Your enormous mind literally vegetating by your own hand. I have no doubt that you would be bored senseless by therapy, the same way I'm bored when I brush my teeth and wipe my ass. Because the thing about repairing, maintaining, and cleaning is, it's not an adventure. There's no way to do it so wrong you might die. It's just work. And the bottom line is some people are okay going to work, and some people... Well, some people would rather die. Each of us gets to choose.
    (Rick glowers at her silently)
    • While her "The Reason You Suck" Speech to Rick is still no less a tearjerker, it is still somewhat cool that, even if Rick ignores her, Dr. Wong actually might have out-smarted Rick.
    • It's also awesome that someone, who almost certainly doesn't have Rick's raw staggering I.Q., has his number in terms of personality. She's basically told Rick the ultimate truth: that he isn't as complicated as he thinks he is, and that his refusal to try and change himself for the better is one of, if not the most significant source of his and his family's misery. Rick didn't even have a single retort to cut her down, because as a scientist, he simply cannot deny the truth. He can ignore it, or forget about it, but he can't deny or refute it.
  • Rick and his new ally JAGUAR taking down a sinister agency. Jaguar in particular is doing it to rescue his daughter while Rick just stumbles upon the organization in his pickle form.
  • Despite the episode putting her complete dependence on Rick on display, Beth does at least get one moment of defiance. When Rick denies turning into a pickle to avoid therapy, Beth calls his bluff and sabotages the blatant timed device to grant him the antidote to the transformation, essentially leaving him to stew as punishment.

Vindicators 3: The Return of Worldender

  • Rick killing Worldender while blackout drunk and setting up his test-of-character traps in Worldender's lair to one-up the Vindicators.
  • Morty throughout the whole adventure is basically an inversion of The Load, being the only one who figures out how to get past all of the traps and actually make a successful effort to do so, all the while being treated as The Load by the Vindicators and Rick, the former of whom are too busy infighting and proving Rick right to be the heroes that Morty looked up to.
  • When confronted with a neutrino bomb made by Rick while black-out drunk, Morty is more annoyed than anything at having to disarm it, noting there's a 40% chance it's just a dud.
    Rick: Wait, Morty how many—?
    Morty: Too many, Rick! Too many.
  • Morty brutally (and constantly) calling out Rick in this episode for his asshole behavior. This line in particular:
    Rick: Thank you, I appreciate it, Morty. I knew you were sucking the Kool-Aid out of the Vindicator's dick, so the fact that I was right must be pretty hard to admit.
    Morty: Yeah, it is. You know why Rick? Because when you're an asshole, it doesn't matter how right you are, nobody wants to give you the satisfaction!
  • How does Rick destroy 2 turrets? By using a complex robot to plug their barrels and ammo deposits, so when they shoot at Rick, they fill up with their own ammo and explode violently. It's the high-tech equivalent to Finger in a Barrel, and Rick hops in front of the guns with his arms outstretched like a Looney Tunes character when he's ready for them to fire.

The Whirly Dirly Conspiracy

  • Morty giving Beth a harsh but needed speech on how her trying to please Rick is doing more harm than good.
    Morty: I tricked Rick into taking Dad on an adventure because I thought I could get a break from this kind of shit! But no! Like father like goddamned daughter! You wanna be like Rick!? Congratulations! You're just as arrogant and just as irresponsible! {...} Kissing Rick's ass isn't going to keep him around, Mom. But it will help you lose everyone else!
  • Rick calling Jerry out on the fact that his and Beth's marriage was doomed long before Rick moved in.
    Jerry: You self-righteous piece of shit! You took my family!
    Rick: I took your family!? Who took more when you shot 20 CC's of liquid dream killer into my daughter? She was Rick's daughter, Jerry! She had options!
    Snake: (while eating Jerry) Oof!
    Rick: That all ended because she felt sorry for you! (snatches an alien fly from the air and crushes it) You act like prey, but you're a predator! You use pity to lure in your victims! It's how you survive! I survive because I know everything, that snake survives because children wander off, and you survive because people think "Oh, this poor piece of shit! He never gets a break! I can't stand the deafening silent wails of his wilting soul! I guess I'll hire him, or marry him!"
  • Morty figures out to work Rick's tech on his own and...
    Morty: You made my sister cry, Ethan. You messed with her body image.
    Ethan: Look. Morty, I—
    Morty: Shhh. Careful Ethan. (Death Glare) Your s'more is burning... (Turns on the Morphizer)
  • Jerry gets one by earning Rick's respect. After two seasons of getting shit on it's quite an accomplishment.
  • Jerry deciding not to use his bruises to get pity from Beth and his kids. He actually took Rick's criticism to heart and takes a step towards improving himself.
  • Jerry gets another when Risotto Groupon has grabbed him and is taunting him by telling him that Jerry is only going to pretend to fight back so he can say that he did. Jerry responds by biting Risotto as hard as he can, causing Risotto to drop him.
  • When going through a security checkpoint Rick is found to have cybernetics and gets his intellect dampened, which reduces him to barely being able to speak and makes him incapable of negative emotion. Jerry trolls Rick while he's in this state and actually escapes consequences for antagonizing Rick.

Rest and Ricklaxation

  • The opening sequence where Rick and Morty work together to destroy an alien armada by blowing up the core of their mothership with a laser. Quickly delves into Tear Jerker territory when they have a complete breakdown afterwards, though...
  • Toxic Rick re-developing the laws of physics within the toxic environment, even though the place is a wasteland with no tools or resources, just toxic slime and monsters everywhere. Within days, he develops a faster-than-light interstellar communicator. His unhinged ranting has more than a kernel of truth to it:
    Toxic Rick: Guess who just discovered a new element?! Think you could do that, Morty? Think anyone but me could do that, ever, in a billion years?! You think if God existed, he could do it? The answer is NO. If God exists, it's fucking ME!
  • Toxic Rick and Healthy Rick fighting in the living room with all sorts of weapons and gadgets hidden throughout, such as Toxic Rick using a tiny furry critter that quickly matures into a killer beast that he sics on Healthy Rick, and a device that Healthy Rick uses to rebirth himself from Toxic Rick's corpse.
  • Healthy Rick using Toxic Rick's hidden love for Morty against him in order to get him to merge back with him.

The Ricklantis Mixup

  • The episode in general - the writers managed to create a distinctive, fleshed-out group of characters... who are all technically the same two characters, voiced by the same person proving Chuck Jones' point (as in Duck Amuck) that characterization in animation is something deeper and more invisible than mere appearance and voice. Justin Roiland's work in the episode shows his true depth of range playing multiple Ricks and Mortys, proving he can be a corrupt cop, ghetto kids, Rick as a Wide-Eyed Idealist, and a Doctor Doom/Lex Luthor style villain.
  • Against all odds and overwhelming opposition, a Morty manages to become the first democratically elected president of the Citadel by reaching out to the hearts and minds of Ricks and Mortys alike.
    • Then President Morty's true colors are revealed when he casually executes a powerful group of Ricks that claim he'll be their Puppet King and has their bodies ejected into space. He lampshades the idea of giving a sinister speech while having a drink, but then decides now is a time for action, not speeches. As the camera pans over the bodies of the Ricks and Mortys floating in space that he had killed or were killed by others throughout the episode, "For the Damaged Coda" by Blonde Redhead begins playing. Evil Morty has returned, and the Citadel is his.
      President/Evil Morty: This seems like a good time for a drink, and a cold, calculated speech with sinister overtones. A speech about politics. About order. Brotherhood. Power! But speeches are for campaigning. Now is the time for action.
    • His campaign is amazing because he more or less didn't have to do any special schemes. He took one look at the establishment after C-137 Rick toppled the Council and saw it as easy pickings and ran a competent, efficient, campaign and genuinely good public speaking skills, as well as undeniable insight into the situation of the Citadel to win.

Morty's Mindblowers

  • After years of abuse, it's incredibly cathartic seeing Morty, finally sick of Rick's shit, cut loose and physically start attacking him.
    Morty: I fucking knew it, you piece of shit! Y-y-y-y-You're a fucking asshole, Rick!
    Rick: Morty, calm down! Just relax!
    Morty: No I'm not gonna fucking relax! Come here!
  • We get to see a number of Morty's small victories that Rick has erased from Morty's mind, including Morty defeating Rick at Checkers and correcting his rather extreme misunderstanding of the phrase "taken for granted." He also manages to get Rick to fall for a distraction while he investigates the red memories, and does so after barely a second of thought without putting in any real effort.
  • Summer not only realizing almost immediately what is going on when she sees Rick and Morty in the middle of a suicide pact, but executing Rick's contingency plan to reverse the damage while casually finishing a popsicle. If only she'd remembered to follow the last step...

The ABC's of Beth

  • Even if it was basically forced out of him, it's great to see Jerry owning up to his flaws to break up with Kiara.
  • The background fight between Kiara and the monster her kind hunts.
  • Rick killing Kiara's ex offscreen. Considering what their race has shown to be capable of, it's telling how casual Rick sounds when he brings it up.
  • This reply Summer gives to Beth when the latter starts "true crime bragging" and thinks Summer's generation has never been traumatized.
    Summer: Bitch, my generation gets traumatized for breakfast.
  • Summer and Morty not putting up with Jerry's Manchild shit and telling him he needs to break up with Kiara on his own.
  • Jerry, Summer, and Morty going hunting with Kiara. Not one is panicking or traumatized, they just go for the kill.
  • Even though it technically counts as a Start of Darkness, Beth finally coming to terms with herself is a grand thing to watch.
    [Horrified] "Oh my God, I'm my father." [Again, awed] "Oh my God, I'm my father!"
    [Bloody rampage ensues]
  • There's also a more subtle moment earlier in the episode when Beth, on the basis of very limited evidence, makes a very detailed, specific and Motor Mouth deduction that is immediately proven right. Yep. She's Rick's daughter, she is.
  • Even though he has gone nuts from his time in Froopyland, Tommy still has enough sense to rightfully call out Beth on her selfish and petty behavior, and demands an apology for what she did to him. Unfortunately, it doesn't go well for him in the end...
    Beth: Oh suck it up, Princess Incest! You fell into some honey.
    Tommy: Well, tends to happen when one is pushed into honey.
    Beth: I... respect your right to believe I've pushed you.
    Tommy: Oh, do I get to have that? Is my reality a like a little side of fries? A little Kwanzai you're willing to slide my way?
    Beth: Yes, because I'm focused on saving your father's life because I'm not petty piece of shit.
    Tommy: then it should be pretty easy to say "sorry I pushed you."
    Beth: Real easy and not unnecessary since you coming home will see her dad's life whereas nothing is changed stroking your batshit crazy ego.
    Tommy: Sorry forgive me, I've been in Froopyland for quite a while: have apologies changed!?

The Rickchurian Mortydate

  • Morty demonstrates just how far he's come from Season 1: he considers hunting an alien pest in secret underground tunnel in the White House to be just as boring as Rick does, he gives the President of the United States a "The Reason You Suck" Speech, telling him that he has no authority over them (calling him "Commander in Queef" in the process, making Rick laugh), and later he steals Rick's portal gun to hide his mother from Rick, as Beth suspects that she is a clone and becoming self-aware, and Rick may deem it necessary to kill her. He also stands his ground when Rick wants to skip out on the current universe to find a new one after becoming an enemy of the President, and refuses to go with him, forcing Rick to fix everything by masquerading as Fly Fishing Rick and offering the President help whenever asked.
  • Rick brokers a permanent cease-fire between Israel and Palestine in one day. Moreover, he does it purely out of spite, just to show up the President. He even names the agreement "The Pretty Obvious, If You Think About It Accords".
  • Rick's fight with the President. It involves mini-mechas with machine guns, brainwashed Tyke Bomb ninja children, impenetrable shield-bubbles, rocket launchers, hologram Rick clones, satellite lasers and an invisible SWAT team.
    • The fact that the President, whom Morty made fun of earlier for being a Non-Action Guy, was one of the few people to actually hold a pretty even match against Rick.
    • He also casually mentions having imprisoned Poseidon, god of the seas in Area 51.
  • The fact that the Smith family is looking to be happier with or without Rick's influence.
  • Jerry gets one when Rick finally gives up and admits that Jerry is better at being the patriarch of the family than he is. What makes it even more awesome is that while Rick often gets what he wants through manipulating his family to his will, Jerry manages to get his family back just by being himself.
    Rick: Yeah. Yeah, yeah. You win, Jerry. You win! No amount of genius can stop your dumb mediocre vacuous roots from digging into everything and everyone around you and draining them of any ability to fend you off.
    Jerry: Well, it couldn't have been easy for you to say that. I appreciate it.

  • A fan tweeted some test footage of a fan claymation to Justin Roiland. In an example of Parody Assistance that went beyond mere Approval of God, Roiland sent the fan improv clips which the latter was able to use in a complete animation matching the tone of the original series. As of February 2016, said fan is now working on an official Rick and Morty promo for Adult Swim.
  • The cast put out an animatic of Rick and Morty reenacting a Georgia court trial transcript. And after two or so months, some mad genius (tiarawhy, to be exact) made a near shot for shot replica of the whole scene. Complete with a bit extra!
  • Nathan Fillion guest stars in the Season 3 premiere as an alien who Rick swaps minds with. Fillion does an amazing job of impersonating Justin Roiland's Rick, complete with the stutters and belches.
  • McDonalds actually went out of their way to send Justin Roiland a bottle of original recipe Szechuan Sauce. The end result of the sauce meme being a McDonalds one day Szechuan Sauce promotion was awesome if only for how incredibly insane the situation became. A handful of stores had a handful of packets, but thousands of people showed up to each store. The reaction, with near-riots starting, police having to be called, ironic and non-ironic screeching about not getting the sauce becoming viral sensations on social media combined with along with Dan Harmon being pissed at the situation & calling out McDonalds for making an "unlicensed" knock-off. This despite his show starting the situation by mentioning the sauce to begin with, and ignoring that his own show has used the likes of John Wick, Mad Max, Training Day, Stand by Me among others without any form of licensing. The sauce debacle broke the internet for days and forever cemented a large chunk of the the shows fandom as a bunch of meme-obsessed loons.
  • After Season 3, the Internet waited breathlessly for news of Season 4, with months of almost complete silence. All Justin Roiland was able to confirm was that negotiations for future episodes had become "complicated", which triggered fears that Adult Swim might be having problems with the show. And then, in May 2018, fans finally got to see why the negotiations had become so complicated: the series had been renewed...for an astounding seventy more episodes! At the show's current pace of one ten-episode season every eighteen months, that would be enough to keep Rick and Morty on the air for well over a decade!
  • Whitney Avalon, of Princess Rap Battles fame, made a fan-music video called "I'm Fine", which is basically Beth calling out Rick in musical form, shot in P.O.V. Cam and loaded with various Rick & Morty references and in-jokes. According to Avalon, choreographing the video's cast and crew was particularly challenging.


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