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Morty: You know, you were right about the universe. It's a crazy and chaotic place.
Rick: Well, you know, maybe that's why it could use a little cleaning up every now and then, you know. This one's wrapped up neat and clean because we did it Morty style.

Despite many bleak moments, Rick and Morty leaves room for many bright ones.

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    Season 1
"Nothing wrong with just a little bit of horseplay every now and then, little fella."note 
  • When Morty was having trouble with a knife-wielding bully named Frank, Rick arrived and protected him by immediately freezing Frank. It was a little much, considering it killed Frank, but it's easy to see that Rick cares about Morty's safety.
  • Rick's rambling at the end of the pilot can be considered pretty heartwarming. You can see most of it on the Quotes page.
    • As long as you don't think about what having adventures with Rick 'forever and forever' would entail.
  • A small one, but Rick wanting to bomb humanity and save Morty and Jessica so that they could start over as Adam and Eve is — by Rick's standards, certainly — a nice gesture.
  • Rick gives Morty a heartwarming speech about experiencing new things and facing them head on, even if you're scared. Well, until he spots an arachnid monster behind Morty and runs like hell.
  • After Morty falls down the cliff, Rick chastises him about not turning on his gravity-defying shoes and returns to get the seeds. When Morty calls him out on being callous and not caring about his broken legs, Rick genuinely looks concerned before opening up a portal, leaves Morty alone and crying out in pain for a few seconds, then returns with a serum that completely fixes Morty's legs without any further complaint.

Lawnmower Dog

  • Even if it is just a dream, Snuffles, the family's now-sentient dog, is completely willing to give up his kingdom if it means saving Morty's life.
  • Also from "Lawnmower Dog", Rick and Morty helping Scary Terry (the Freddy Krueger pastiche) through what was probably a recurring nightmare, restoring his confidence and repairing his relationship with his (also scary) wife. Watching Terry wake up and smile warmly at the sight of Rick and Morty is just adorable.
    • Then even after everything, Rick still chooses to hang out with Terry in The Stinger. Being a real friend to the guy.

Anatomy Park

  • It's quick, but you can see that Beth and Summer are genuinely supportive and happy for Jerry's parents' unorthodox new relationship, seeing that they are happy with their polyamory. Beth is even considerate enough to not ask for information they don't want to give when Jerry keeps prying to get the details out of them.
    Beth: Whatever it is, it's beautiful, Leonard, and we support you.
  • After Morty's quick thinking saves the group from Gonorrhea, Annie hugs him, making Morty chuckle awkwardly. The whole group, even Poncho, smile at this. It's a small moment, but it's still nice.

M. Night Shaym-Aliens!

  • "M. Night Shaym-Aliens!" shows that despite his insane, dark and alcoholic tendencies, you do NOT mess with Morty just to get to Rick. Even if Morty turned out to be a very thorough hologram.
    Rick: They've been trying to con me for years. But they made a big mistake this time Morty! They dragged you into it, and now they're gonna pay!
    • One could argue that, since Rick clearly knew the entire time that Morty wasn't real, his statement above is more heartwarming in that he's telling the aliens that trying to use Morty to manipulate him was their biggest mistake and thus why he chose, rather than just trick them like he normally does, he's going to kill them. They can try and screw with him all they want but creating a bastardized version of Morty? That means you're dead.
    • In that same episode we saw Rick and Morty playing around with the crystals, with Rick clearly enjoying himself.
    • During the final confrontation with Prince Nebulon, what was the one detail of his whole ordeal in the simulation which threw Rick into a blind rage?
    Rick: You simulated my grandson's genitalia? You diabolical sons of bitches!
  • After Rick and Jerry escaped the simulation, Rick was actually being nice to Jerry and comforting Jerry when he sees how depressed he is that the best day of his life was all a simulation.
  • In The Stinger, Rick comes into Morty's room late at night, more drunk than usual. After making sure Morty's real and not a simulation, he tells him he's a good kid, and promptly passes out on the floor with a smile on his face.

Meeseeks and Destroy

  • In "Meeseeks and Destroy" when Rick silently realizes Morty was nearly raped by an anthropomorphic jelly bean and throws the bet.
    • And the fact that he comforts Morty when he realizes what happened and the fact that he doesn't ask Morty what happened, knowing he doesn't want to talk about it.
    • Just beforehand, he sees the rather disheveled Mr. Jellybean exiting the same bathroom Morty had been in. There is a subtle look on Rick's face as he puts two and two together that suggests that the thought going through his head is "I'm gonna kill this sonovabitch horribly." He might be a horrible person and role model, but do not mess with his family.
    • That along with the fact Rick goes out of his way to make sure Morty won the bet and gave their adventure a happy ending.
      • A small moment, but while Morty was fighting off Mr. Jelly Bean in the bathroom, Rick slowly starts to have a good time at the bar; having a few drinks, doing karaoke, and even winning some schmeckles (to which he later uses to give the poor village to help Morty win the bet). And when Morty comes back from the bathroom, he immediately apologizes for his negative attitude from earlier and notes that he's having a great time.
      • Not to mention the fact that Rick reopens the portal just to shoot Mr. Jelly Bean with a laser gun.
    • Another nice moment occurs when, as a reward for saving the village, Morty actually receives kisses on the cheeks from two girls. He even happily laughs about it!
  • The facial expression of the Meeseeks who helps Beth become a more complete woman. The episode offers a couple of very clear shots on his heartwarming smile.
    • And then the rest of the episode crosses into Nightmare Fuel...
  • Beth helps Jerry defeat the Meeseeeks by helping him with his golf swing. She then whispers "I love you" to him.
  • This is the first mention of the fact that Jerry got Beth pregnant when they were 17. Considering how often teenage baby daddies abandon girls they impregnate that was actually very big of him to take responsibility for Summer and remain with Beth, even though their relationship tends to be rather wishy-washy.
    Jerry: still thinking about taking that trip?
    Beth: Jerry, look. We don't have a perfect marriage, but I'm not going anywhere. When we were in that freezer, I realized the Meeseeks are like the guys I went to highschool with, willing to say anything to "complete their task."
    Jerry: Was I one of those guys?
    Beth: The difference is you didn't disappear afterwards.
    Jerry: Well...I got you pregnant.
    Beth: Yeah...

Rick Potion #9

  • Horrifying as the episode was, it’s still heartwarming that Jerry and Beth’s marriage was saved... even if it WAS in an apocalyptic world that Rick and Morty had to abandon.
  • If Rick's casualness about abandoning his Cronenberged earth and moving to another one at the end of "Rick Potion #9" can be taken as an implication that he's done it before, this is the first time he's taken Morty with him. He could just as easily have left him to his fate.
    • Notice that Rick makes sure to take them to a reality that is exactly the same as their old one, save that the two of them are dead. He could have found one where Beth never married Jerry, or where ... but he chose one closest to their reality to make it easier on Morty.
  • Rick's opinion on love is really pessimistic but it's based on his own experiences. He tells Morty to focus on science instead of finding love because he doesn't want Morty to have to go through the pain of a bad marriage.
    • Though not exactly stated, it can be implied that Rick was very much in love with Beth's mother, though their marriage failed, it was still there.
  • Although the immediate juxtaposition with their gruesome deaths makes it all the more jarring, the fact that the Rick and Morty that get replaced share their last few moments together, bonding and smiling after a successful adventure is a bit heartwarming in itself.

Raising Gazorpazorp

  • In "Raising Gazorpazorp", when Rick and Summer were about to be executed for treason against the Gazorpazorpian women, Rick wishes he could have been a better grandfather to Summer.
  • While Rick is trying to fix the portal gun so they can go home, a male Gazorpazorp comes in and menacingly approaches Summer before Rick wards him off with a gun. Then he tells Summer to wear the burka he found so he can fix the machine in peace, and taken out of context the dialogue sounds surprisingly normal, with Rick bickering with his granddaughter about her clothes.
  • In the cold opening, Morty tries to convince Rick to purchase the sex-bot. Rick doesn't relent until Morty brings up the possibility that Rick will pass on and he'd won't have a souvenir of their time together.
    • And after everything he has put Morty through, the sex-bot is deserved. Even he knows that.
  • Jerry and Beth's discussion of Morty's ownership of the sex-bot, which shows their different parenting styles without making either of them seem like the butt of the joke.
    Jerry: Rick, why would you let Morty bring that thing into our house? ... Well, I'm intervening.
    Beth: Intervening with puberty? You'll turn him into Ralph Fiennes from Red Dragon.
  • Morty immediately takes to (the very unexpected) Morty Jr. without the slightest reluctance and does the best he can to be a good father. Even after the little ingrate writes a fraudulent tell-all book about their relationship, Morty's still worried about him.
    • The fact that the family are quick to protect Morty Jr. from Rick.
    • When Morty Jr. screws him over, Beth comforts Morty.
      "It's a thankless job. You did the best you could."
      • Morty's not even mad about the tell-all book. He's just concerned with Morty Jr.'s health.

Rixty Minutes

  • A small one, but when Morty chooses to watch TV shows from alternate universe while Jerry, Beth, and Summer fight over the device that lets them see their own alternate lives, Rick tells him he's proud of him before changing the channel so they can continue watching TV together.
    • It's bigger than that. Look at how excited Rick was to show them interdimensional cable. While the rest of the family doesn't care Morty clearly does. Other than one moment when Morty asks too many questions about Bill Murray, Rick and Morty have a blast the entire episode. It's probably the happiest the two have ever been in the entire series. Ricky's happy smile as they watch Ant-In-My-Eyes sells it.
  • Morty and Summer bonding.
  • Beth and Jerry spend much of the episode watching a reality where they both seem to have better lives and their dreams fulfilled, due to Beth getting an abortion and the two of them splitting up, and decide to get divorced when the alternate movie star Jerry has a breakdown and shows up at Beth's door, admitting he loves her, hates his movie star life and spends all his time thinking about what could've been if he had talked her out of the abortion. Which causes both versions of Beth and Jerry to reconcile, and it's all very sweet and heartwarming.
  • From the same episode, the entire family sharing family time (even Rick looking like he's enjoying himself by the end) in The Hamsters-In-Peoples'-Butts Dimension.
  • Rick calls Beth "Sweetie". It's shown many times that he isn't above cursing at the family or insulting them, particularly Morty and Summer, and Jerry he has no respect for but he is never seen doing that to her. His daughter seems to be the only member of the family he doesn't insult and one of the only humans period that Rick actually shows respect.

Something Ricked This Way Comes

  • While Rick does end up quitting on it, there's something weirdly heartwarming about him opening Curse Purge Plus and screwing the curses over to make them beneficial to their owners.
  • Summer rescues Mr. Needful from suicide:
    Summer: It's not fair! Everyone in this town got something they wanted from you. Even Rick! I was your only friend, and I get nothing?
    Mr. Needful: Okay, I'll give you one thing. Name it.
    Summer: I want to help you.
    • And then when Needful turns on her after she helps him restructure his business. She comes home after crying and tells Rick what happened, he in an actually nice tone comforts her and says "Sorry". Especially after what bitch Summer was to Rick, he was still nice to her and willing to help her get revenge. Rick and Summer bond by working out, bulking up, and beating the hell out of him. And then move on to beating up all kinds of bullies and jerks.
    • The episode also shows that Rick's jerkassery is at least partially a facade. After he burns down his new business and goes home, he immediately looks for Morty to take him on an adventure, then for everybody else, clearly wanting company to the point of asking his "butter-fetching" robot to watch a movie. When Morty does come home, Rick actually restrains himself to avoid sounding too excited.
  • Jerry telling the angered Plutonians that he loves Morty, even if they're not listening to him.
  • Rick was actually willing to help Morty with his science project, even if his reply was simply "Whatever". For someone who's always condemning school and homework, he actually was taking an interest in Morty's education beyond simply having him available to help him with his own science projects. He even let Morty have his "butter passing" robot to take to the science fair and get him an A.
  • When Jerry makes it clear he wants to help, Beth sends Morty a text while adding that she thinks it's a good idea. Despite the text being a little insultingnote , the context is sweet. Beth knows what Jerry's really going through and wants him to feel better, and she knows Morty will understand too.
  • Despite initially refusing, Rick does take Summer to work.
  • When Rick and Mr. Needful get into a slapfight, Summer gets inbetween them to stop them fighting - both Rick and Mr.Needful go out of their way not to hit Summer.
  • Morty telling Jerry that while he may not be as smart as Rick, he is a genius at being his dad.

Close Rick-Counters of the Rick Kind

  • "Close Rick-Counters of the Rick Kind" has C-137 (the main one) Rick thanking Beth for cooking food, and telling the other Ricks to leave Morty alone.
    • The other Ricks at the C-137 house compliment Beth over her intelligence and skills.
      • The Ricks becoming giddy over Beth mimicking their signature belch-talking.
    • In spite of what evil!Rick says it's clear enough that Rick does care about Morty from how he cries when he remembers moments he's had with him, including picking him up when he was a baby.
      • Plus, Baby!Morty looks very happy to see his grandfather.
    • C-137 Rick commenting that he, being the "Rick-est Rick there is" would logically have the "Mortiest Morty". It's a backhanded thank you, but it clearly meant a lot to Morty.
    • Then Jerry bonding with doofus!Rick, and smiling when he sees him outside in The Stinger. This moment gets ruined later on.
      • Doofus!Rick just is a CMOH in himself. Out of all the Ricks, he is the only one who is actually nice enough to give Jerry the time of day, spends the day with Jerry, and actually gives Jerry encouragement which Jerry returns. It reaches the point where when he has to leave, Doofus!Rick is visibly saddened and Jerry actually cries. Their interactions in that episode are full of W.A.F.F.... only to be ruined by Main!Rick in The Stinger.
      • Especially the scene with Doofus Rick telling Jerry that even though the R2-D2 collector coins everyone mocked him for buying might not actually be worth anything, Jerry obviously likes them, and that's what really matters.
      • Doofus!Rick's indications of being every bit as smart as the other Ricks are straight-up charming because of all the little moments where he shows he's got just as much wisdom to go with it. There's something really heartwarming about a Rick who can display his genius intelligence and be honest about Jerry's worthless coins without being a complete dick about it, to the point that it might be a Crowning Moment of Awesome for Rick-kind in general.
  • After proving his innocence, the council of Ricks apologize and offer him a voucher for a free replacement Morty. Rick tells them not to do that in front of Morty but takes the coupon behind Morty's back. It shows he at least cares enough about Morty to not want to do that in front of him.

Ricksy Business

  • When Rick tries to put up a Jerk with a Heart of Jerk act at the end, it's obvious from the expressions on Morty and Summer's faces that they are not fooled at all.
  • Bird Person informs Morty that Rick's catchphrase "Wubba Lubba Dub Dub" actually means "I am in great pain, please help me". By the end of the episode, before pulling the aforementioned act, he says to Morty and Summer that he's got a new catchphrase: "I love my grandkids".
    • To be fair, about three seconds later, he says he was kidding and that his new catchphrase is "I don't give a fuck". Although, as said above, Morty and Summer don't seem fooled or dismayed at all, and they all end Season 1 dancing happily with Rick while he shouts at the audience and dances along with them.
  • After hearing what Bird Person told him, Morty decides he'd rather keep going on adventures with Rick and wakes him up so he can pause time and they can clean up the house before his parents arrive. The following montage of the three of them cleaning, pulling pranks and stealing a TV together is just adorable and it even prompts Morty to notice Rick hasn't said "Wubba Lubba Dub Dub" the whole time.

    Season 2
Even Rick Sanchez needs friends.

A Rickle in Time

  • In one of the many singularities when one Morty's time-stabilizing collar breaks and he falls into the endless void, that time's Rick jumps in after him and uses his own working bracelet to ensure that Morty, and by extension all the other Mortys in each singularity, will be saved, knowing he and all the other Ricks in the various singularities will be trapped there and will cease to exist as a result. His potential last words are incredibly heartwarming:
    Rick: I'm okay with this. Be good, Morty. Be better than me.
    • Not to mention that Rick gave Morty his time-stabilizing collar without a second's hesitation.
      • To add on to this, when Rick gives Morty his collar the timeline doesn't split again, meaning that Rick was absolutely certain about saving Morty's life over his own.
    • Even more so when you look at the whole situation. 63 Ricks and Mortys are arguing about how much they hate each other, but when the remaining Morty's life is in danger (more so than the other Mortys faced with oblivion anyway) Rick dives after to save him. And if the conditions were right, any of the other 63 Ricks would have done the same despite the bickering you see them do.
    • Plus, Rick knows he would never abandon Morty to die. The other 63 Ricks are positive Morty would be the one with the problem, meaning they're undoubtedly aware that the remaining Rick could activate his collar and save himself leaving Morty to die; however, they're completely confident that they'll both be dead. The reason why? They're absolutely certain that Rick would never save his own life over Morty's, meaning even worst case scenario Rick will try to save him until they both die rather than bail. They're likely thinking about all of this while their grandson they're certain they're sacrificing themselves for is telling them how they never want to see him again. Keeping up the argument by saying that they'll never see anything again is probably a front to accept their fate.
  • After Rick unfreezes time, a neighbor named Mr. Benson falls off of his roof, hitting the ground at full force since Summer neglected to place a mattress under him as Rick had told her. He is later seen being taken into an ambulance, seemingly unconscious. At the end of the episode the camera pans out, and Mr. Benson can be seen in a wheelchair, smiling as he accepts a bouquet of flowers from his visitors.
  • Jerry manages to trick the vet clinic and the hunter who tried to take the deer by having the Cold Stone employees pretend to be the Cervine Institute so Beth could continue the surgery and save the deer's life.
    • Afterwards, when they return home, Jerry pokes fun at everyone's time collars, which sends Beth into giggling fits.

Mortynight Run

  • Rick teaching Morty how to drive. He even seems quite proud of Morty doing this.
  • The whole reason for the Jerry Daycare is because the Ricks realized that Jerrys usually get themselves killed within minutes off of Earth. Kind of a sweet thing of them to do just to keep them safe. Heck one of the "Reasons for dropping off" is if the Earth is under siege. And knowing Rick's utter dislike for Jerry, instead of making it a Hellhole Prison the daycare is filled with everything that Jerry actually enjoys doing. Even the Jerrys that are stuck there don't seem to be that bummed out about it.
    • And even the obvious Fridge Horror here (that the Ricks just keep Jerrys alive at any cost for the sake of their Beths) is proven untrue. Every Jerry has the privilege of leaving on their own terms, even if it gets them killed in the dangerous outside world. Surely at least one Rick could find the means to actually trap the Jerrys if they wished it, so this is presumably on purpose. It's surprisingly considerate of Rick to give Jerry a little more freedom even if it could mean inconveniencing himself.
    • Jerry encountering Beth's second husband, Morty's and Summer's stepfather, from an alternate timeline. He assures Jerry that he raises Morty fine and that there's no replacing Jerry as a father to Morty.
  • Jerry mentions how this is the "Eighth to the last straw". He's actually willing to give Rick chances and tolerate his behavior.
  • After saying he's out when Morty gives him the option to bail, Rick comes back not two minutes later to save Morty's life and sticks with him for the rest of the episode despite being incredibly angry over having to do so. No matter what he acts like, Rick does genuinely love Morty.
  • After giving Morty shit for trying to save Fart, Rick commends Morty for sticking to his guns. Doubles as a Tear Jerker since Morty actually kills Fart, unbeknownst to Rick.
  • Think about the Blipz and Chitz thing for a bit. Selling weapons to an assassin to get money to go to an arcade is reprehensible behavior, but for Rick, it's actually rather sweet - he just wanted to take his grandson to an arcade and spend a whole day there. He's super excited to introduce the place to Morty, and later two alternative versions of them that did spend a whole day there are seen giving each other fist bumps and having had a hell of a time. Rick's sarcastic "Must be nice" almost sounds a little bitter that they didn't get to do that.
    • It's even sweeter when you notice, thanks to a minor detail in the intro, that the Rick and Morty we follow through the episode are actually alternate versions of "our" Rick and Morty. The titular Rick and Morty from dimension C-137? They are the one sharing said fist-bump!
    • Rick's continuous references to the Roy game (most obviously the insults to Morty about the carpet store) really show that he was annoyed that they couldn't just hang out for the rest of the day.

Auto Erotic Assimilation

  • In the beginning, Morty, Summer, and Rick are just having fun singing along to the radio in his spaceship.
  • When the aliens start attacking each other, Morty and Summer immediately run and hide behind Rick, because they know he'll protect them. Aww!
  • For an alien hive-mind, Unity is actually a very pleasant life form. Taking over an entire planet stopped hair-trigger race wars, turned around the lives of several citizens and even social classes like prostitutes and hobos, and it even cares enough about others that it not only doesn't assimilate guests but also saves Morty and Summer when it's purged from an entire city's worth of hosts that immediately went back to assaulting each other.
  • After Unity blew up the town, Rick expressed concern for his grandkids before he thought about his drink. For Rick, that's really something.
  • Seeing Rick having a good time with Unity, even if it's brief. Rick did have real feelings for it and was crushed when it dumped him.
  • Rather than having a messy breakup with Rick, Unity leaves a series of letters for him and even signs the letter with "Yours and Nobody else's".
  • Rick gives up his pursuit of Unity when Morty reminds him that they are supposed to be going to the movies.

Total Rickall

  • The Nintendo 3DS memory. Even if it's an obvious fake, it's so very cute and heart-melting to see Rick out of all people, normally apathetic to others, so excited and full of life for each family member owning a 3DS and playing Nintendo games with each other.
  • Doubles as a family-wide Crowning Moment of Awesome when Morty realizes that the mind parasites can only create good memories and that any real person would have both good and bad memories of another real person, because that's what real people have of each other, as opposed to characters from sitcoms. The entire family, save for Jerry, remembers each other's horrible memories of each other and uses that as the crux to unite together as a single family, and weed out the infiltrators.
    • Furthermore, after trying to convince the family for most of the episode that they are infested with parasites, and about to be executed for potentially being a parasite, it isn't Rick that figures out how to save the day. It's Morty. MORTY figured out something RICK couldn't. And Rick, in a roundabout way, acknowledges that fact before helping Morty to save the family and take down the parasites.
  • Jerry's friendship with Sleepy Gary. Even though it ended up resulting in more pain for Butt-Monkey Jerry, for a fleeting moment it was heartwarming to see Jerry, whose regular romantic situation is a strained marriage, having a mutually intimate relationship.
  • Beth shooting Mr. Poopy Butthole only for it to reveal that he wasn't a parasite at all is a massive Tear Jerker, but it does make just a few things Heartwarming in Hindsight. The implication is he's such a Nice Guy that Beth simply can't remember a single bad thing about him and his interactions and being on such good terms with Rick, unlike for example Pencilvester, were totally genuine.
  • Rick saying to Jerry that he doesn't like his "unemployed genes" in his grandchildren. Even if it is a nasty comment, it shows Rick does care for his grandchildren and doesn't like the possibility that Jerry's loser tendencies could ruin them too.

Get Schwifty

  • After Rick and Morty see what's happening on TV, they head to the Pentagon to help the government fight off the threat because Rick knows what it is and how to deal with it. For Rick, who cares so little about earth and humans, that's really something.
  • Morty is brought into Bird-Person's home, and sees that the wall is filled with photos of Bird-Person's adventures with Rick. Unlike Gearhead earlier in the season, Bird-Person stresses to Morty that he has a real friendship with Rick, and tells Morty to have faith in his grandfather. The best bit of all? One of the key photos on Bird-Person's wall is of a smiling Rick holding a baby Morty in his hands.
  • Bird-Person was willing to give Morty's family a home and jobs should they escape.
    • Related to that, Bird-Person seems rather fond of Morty (possibly due to Rick?) and sees him as a friend.
  • Rick and Morty hugging each other after winning the game show.
  • The fact that Tammy and Bird-Person are still in a relationship after at least six months where at first it was suggested they were just going to do a One Night Stand. Turns into a Tear Jerker by the Season Finale, though
  • How worried Rick is about Morty after Morty ran off.
  • The President hugging Rick and laughing "I love this man!" after Rick reveals his watch doesn't really turn people into snakes.
  • Rick telling Ice T that he can't just "float around space forever, not caring". Coming from the guy who proclaimed (and was known for) not caring last season, it's a touching bit of dialogue that shows Rick's character development.
  • Jerry admits fully in public that he is with Beth because he loves her and not just because of the kids. Beth also admits this too.
  • Water-T's father admitting that he loves his son with his dying breath, followed by Water-T heading off to "crunch the numbers" as a way of avenging him.
  • The Cromulons, the floating heads, declare Earth their final winner and conclude their show after 988 seasons. Not only does this make Earth their final winner for what they consider to be the planets with the best talent, it also means that no other planets will be destroyed by them, saving countless lives.

The Ricks Must Be Crazy

  • Just like Auto-Erotic Assimilation, the episode opens up with Rick spending quality time with his grandkids. Where he took them to a universe that not only made a film of their favorite TV show but also to the best ice-cream of the multiverse.
  • The car's final defense mechanism: it offers to use its extremely intelligent AI to write a peace agreement between the humans and the telepathic spiders, in exchange for Summer's safety. A nice change of pace after the sheer Nightmare Fuel of its previous methods.
  • With the car's ability to poke fun at Summer's valley girl accent, we see the AI has its own personality in a sense, and its sense of humor wouldn't feel entirely out of place being used by Rick. One could argue the measures the car takes protecting the person inside are what Rick would tell it to do to protect him, which displays his level of sociopathic disregard for human life as he programmed it to have, but one could also argue that when given the command "Keep Summer safe" that means that everything the car does is what Rick finds perfectly acceptable if it means protecting Summer. Given that Rick has murdered in cold blood for Morty in the past, (and shoved the equivalent of a robot's testicles down their robot throat after they betrayed him), killing a man sneaking up to her alone in a car, then paralyzing a man from the waist down for further escalating the situation wouldn't be out of place. Horrifying but heartwarming. In fact, the progression between the car and Summer mimics Rick's with his grandkids, starting callous and pathological then making a greater effort to make them feel more comfortable with the solutions used to get out of difficult situations when they grow visibly distressed.

Big Trouble In Little Sanchez

  • The whole reason Rick put his mind into Tiny Rick. He felt bad for insulting Summer at breakfast and wanted to help his grand-kids kill the vampire while spending time with them. He even uses his popularity to get his grand-kids noticed by their crushes. Grandfather of the year right there.
  • Summer reveals that Tiny!Rick killed the vampire. When she's confronted with that, she simply screams that she loves him and it was for his own good.
  • Morty beating up Tiny!Rick for insulting Summer.
  • Despite his annoyance with Beth's and Jerry's marriage, Rick does take it upon himself to drop them off at marriage counseling and even picks them up.
    • As monstrous in appearance and personality as it is, "Judgmental Monster Bitch" Beth represents how strong and smart Jerry thinks his wife is. It would be a compliment to her if it wasn't so evil and vicious.
    • It's important to note that, unlike every other demonized mythologization, "Monster Bitch" Beth and "Spineless Worm" Jerry never try to hurt each other. Even at their worst they can't imagine physically harming each other.
      • Even better: those mythologues are each made from the other's perceptions. It's not that they can't imagine physically hurting each other, it's that each of them can't imagine the other would hurt them. They may be co-dependent but it implies a lot of trust on Jerry's part since a) he's apparently aware of how dangerous Bethcould be, and b) he knows how how much she idolizes Rick. Beth might think Jerry is too weak to be physically aggressive with her, but the fact that the Beth-mythologue doesn't even think of harming the Jerry-mythologue is almost certainly a reflection of Jerry's trust.
      • The therapist notes that they are co-dependent on one another. As crazy as they make each other (and everyone else around them) they really can't function without each other.
    • Beth and Jerry deciding to stick it out with their marriage until Morty finishes high school, and maybe even beyond that.
  • A freed Rick calling out on Morty for not being the one to figure out the issue of Tiny Rick. It's easy to miss, but he is indirectly complimenting Summer for saving the day.
    • Even so, he does forgive them for that.

Interdimensional Cable 2: Tempting Fate

  • Everyone, including Rick, getting horrified at Jerry being brutally gunned down. This is probably one of the few displays of concern Rick ever had for his son-in-law.
    • And everyone being relieved when Jerry wakes up in his hospital bed safe and sound.

Look Who's Purging Now

  • Rick and Morty just cruising along space for no other reason than to just have a good time together.
  • It looks like Rick and Morty are going to get revenge on Arthricia for stealing their spacecraft. But instead of killing her like Morty's bloodlust commands them to, Rick hears her out, and helps her take out the aristocrats who have been orchestrating the purge Hunger Games-style. That's an amazing bit of empathy from a guy who claims to not care about anything.
  • Rick lying about the candy bar causing increased aggression to make Morty feel better.

The Wedding Squanchers

  • Rick triggers the messaging creature to capture Jerry and take him to Bird Person's wedding in order to give himself an excuse to attend without admitting he wants to be there for his best friend. He only attends whilst appearing to be kicking and screaming but he makes sure he'll be dragged there.
  • Rick gives a legitimately heartwarming speech about how happy he is for Bird Person and Tammy, and seeks to open himself up to others to maybe have some happiness back in his life. Unfortunately, it all goes south immediately after.
  • Rick calling Beth 'sweety'. It sounds minuscule, but remember this is Rick we're talking about. And he's still dealing with one of the worst events he's ever seen dealt with (not to mention stressed and terrified in the immediate situation). And yet he still indulges in that small kindness. It shows Rick's great love for his daughter, one of the only humans he shows respect for.
  • Morty implies that the reason he and Summer tolerate Rick so much is so that he'll stick around for their mother's sake.
  • Morty, Summer, and Beth revealing that they all love Rick, and are willing to live a life on the run forever if it means being together with him. When questioned about if they really would be OK with this by Jerry, they reply "Yes" without a second's hesitation.
    • Morty's response is especially heartwarming because Jerry asks his family the same question that Morty asked Bird Person in "Get Schwifty" (namely, why should they do for Rick when he would never do anything nice for anybody else?). It shows Character Development for Morty and Rick when he proves Jerry wrong.
  • Jerry was expressing concern for destroying his children's futures and for hurting Beth by spending a life on the lam with Rick.
  • Rick turns himself into a Galactic Federation prison so his family can live a normal life on Earth. Despite how much he tries not to care about others, he will truly put his friends and family above all else.
    • Further, rather than simply turn himself in, he calls in a tip to the Federation in Jerry's name, in order to secure a deal for his family.
  • Morty telling Rick he shouldn't say "Fuck you" to his own granddaughter (Summer).
  • The fact that the Federal Alliance keeps their word and allows the Smith family to return to Earth with no problems.
  • After being unemployed for over a season, Jerry finally got a job.
  • The Stinger in which Mr. Poopy Butthole returns. While he's still suffering from the injury of his previous appearance, he seems to be well on the road to becoming his old chirpy self again.

    Season 3
The Rickshank Redemption
  • While he says it during a manic taunting rant, Rick declares that while he and Morty will still go on adventures and Summer will sometimes join them now Beth will also join them now that she and Jerry are getting a divorce. It's nice that Rick is going to include Beth in the fun (well, his definition of fun, anyway).
  • The entire reason Morty tries to convince Summer to let go of Rick is because he admits he cares about her, even though she is not the Summer from his original universe, even choosing to protect her over the original version when he brings her to said original universe to show how destructive Rick can really be.
    • The same goes for Rick, he admits (or doesn't dismiss the idea) that he loves Summer despite there are infinite number of alternate versions of her by saving her from the Council of Ricks.
    • The extent to which Morty cares about and loves Summer in this episode is really sweet; even though she's not his "original" Summer, she's still his sister, and even though a lot of it was because he was overwhelmed by everyone yelling at him and Rick berating him, once again, he's willing to shoot Rick in the head, seemingly killing him just to protect her in a standoff.
    • And similarly, Summer's Big Sister Instinct for Morty. She tells the Council of Ricks that they can do whatever they want to her, but Morty is to be left unharmed. It doesn't work because the siblings are dealing with a bunch of Ricks (minus the heart of gold that their Rick has), but it's sweet to see Summer defending her brother.
    • While Morty not seeing the note on the fake gun Rick gave him to "shoot" him is a jab at Morty's intellect, it also suggests that Rick gave Morty a way out for being so easily deceived.
  • Just how deep Summer's love for and faith in Rick. She is the only person who never bashes Rick leaving the family and spearheads the effort to rescue him.
  • It's subtle, but when Rick's about to destroy the Galactic Federation, his grandchildren have two ideas: Summer suggests that he'll set all their nukes to target each other. Morty suggests reprogramming all their military portals to disintegrate their entire space fleet. Apparently, Rick appreciated the Hoist by Their Own Petard nature of these plans, putting his hands on Morty and Summer's shoulders saying (without a hint of sarcasm) "Good pitches, kids. I'm almost proud."
  • Even though Summer, Beth, and Jerry from Morty's original universe were left behind in the Cronenberged universe, they survive and have each other, and seem perfectly content with their lives. In particular, Jerry has finally gained confidence and masculinity, and both he and Beth are deeply in love.

Rickmancing The Stone

  • Summer going to visit Jerry, giving him a souvenir, and a well-deserved hug.
    • Even though it's played as a joke, Summer making idle chitchat with Jerry about the hookers around his motel. She cares enough about him to actually have a conversation with him.
  • Morty bonding with Armothy.
  • Rick calling Summer "Summ-Summ."
  • Despite being the cause of Beth's divorce with Jerry, (which is the root of her unhappiness in this episode), Rick is uncharacteristically gentle and concerned around Beth, referring to her with affectionate terms like "sweetie" and taking steps to try and help her adjust to life without Jerry. Remember that this is Rick, who is normally an unrepentant jackass even to his own grandchildren who doesn't coddle ANYBODY, but he never once is rude or nasty to Beth. He may be partially faking it, especially as it's partially his fault and it's to his benefit if she gets over Jerry, but some of it is no doubt genuine.
  • While a small throwaway gag, robot Morty exclaiming he wants to REALLY experience things, due to growing past his pre-programmed existence, and how he deeply loves his mother. Doubles as a tear-jerker when his pleas to be alive are overridden, and he is destroyed.

Pickle Rick

  • Even though it comes on the heels of a grueling "The Reason You Suck" Speech delivered by Dr. Wong at Rick and Beth, and the both of them seem trying to ignore the incredibly valid flaws she pointed out in both of them, it is kinda nice seeing Rick asking Beth if she'd like to drop off the kids and get a drink alone. It's the first time Rick's shown wanting to actually spend time with his daughter, and Beth is clearly excited about it. Maybe either Dr. Wong's speech or Jaguar advising Rick to tell his daughter he loves her had some effect on Rick after all.
    • Rick also apologizes to Beth for lying to her in the first place.
  • Rick going out of his way to help Jaguar escape and attempt help save his daughter. Keep in mind that this didn't concern Rick at all and he could have easily just killed Jaguar and leave.
  • Bit of Fridge Logic but Jaguar showing up to save Rick and Morty from Concerto in The Stinger, in a world that is very much not earth, implies Jaguar may have found a way to cross timelines after all. Which means he may be able to find one where his daughter's still alive.

Vindicators 3: The Return of Worldender

  • The reason this whole adventure even happened was that Morty invoked his "Morty gets to choose every 10th adventure" card. Rick is reluctant, but the fact that he even does this for his grandson is an adorable gimmick for a grandfather to use, especially for someone like Rick.
  • Despite his contempt for almost all of the Vindicators, Rick says he likes Noob-Noob the most and even sounded a bit disappointed that he wasn't coming on the mission with the rest. Subverted later At the party, where Rick seems to have forgotten who Noob Noob is.
  • When facing the final puzzle challenge, Rick posits that the solution to the question of what the Vindicators have that he doesn't is Morty himself, since he must have been subconsciously jealous of Morty's admiration of them and fear that Morty would abandon him for the Vindicators.
  • In a very easily missed moment, when one of the Vindicators is yelling at Morty, Rick stands by looking unimpressed... until the Vindicator directly insults Morty by referring to him as "that learning disabled kid we do photo-ops with", at which point Rick scowls.

The Whirly Dirly Conspiracy

  • The fact Rick actually took Jerry on an adventure because Morty asked him to. It shows he cares enough about Morty and doesn't entirely hate Jerry since he was willing to do so. Even admitting that Jerry should catch a break for once.
    "Jeez, you really do need a win."
    • And, though the location of the episode - a place where nobody can die - is kind of screwed up, it was for the best that Rick took Jerry there. He went somewhere that he was sure someone Morty cared about wouldn't get hurt. Considering what happened in Return of Worldender, this means a lot.
  • Seeing Rick and Jerry bonding with each other.
  • Rick actually apologizing to Jerry for helping cause the divorce between Beth and Jerry. This is Rick actually apologizing and to Jerry of all people.
  • Rick reading Jerry the riot act for 'ruining Beth's life'. In a family that is canonically uncomfortable with declaring love and pride in each other, with Rick as the source of that discomfort, hearing him furiously declare that Beth was his daughter and indirectly praising her intelligence by saying that she "had options" is pretty sweet. It's more than just disgust at Jerry, though there's plenty of that. It's personal outrage and righteous indignation at the man Rick, likely rightfully, thinks ruined his daughter's chances at a better life. While Rick is hardly blameless in his daughter's dysfunction, it's still oddly sweet.
    • There's also a strong undercurrent of Tough Love to his dressing-down, by telling Jerry a blunt and painful truth about himself that he didn't want to hear, but most definitely needed to hear. Rick sees him as unworthy of marrying Beth because of his weakness and self-pity, no question, but he also makes the implicit point that these are flaws Jerry is capable of fixing. The best part is that Jerry gets that, and at the end he pledges to do better from then on.
      • Also, despite Rick laying into Jerry about "shooting 20ccs of liquid dreamkiller into my daughter", he's never said anything like that about Summer herself. We know that she partly feels like she's the reason her parents are unhappily married, but Rick has never blamed her for the situation or implied things would be better without her. He may be a dick to Summer sometimes, but she's still his granddaughter and he loves her, he's just not happy about how she came to be conceived or that she has Jerry's genes.
  • Beth turning herself into a giant, inside-out monster to help Summer feel better. The girl Ethan dumped Summer for is so touched by this that she ditches him on the spot to go call her mom.
    • It's a bit hard to notice, but by paying attention, it's possible to understand that Beth says to Summer "You're beautiful" before they hug.
  • Morty using the machine to disfigure Ethan after Ethan made Summer feel insecure about her body. He even refers to Rick as his grandpa for once.
  • Beth actually being a good mother and spending time with her children. We hardly ever see her spend anytime with them, let alone be a good mother to them.

Rest and Ricklaxation

  • What kicks off the episode? Rick treating himself and Morty to a day spa vacation after a particularly harrowing adventure.
  • Healthy Rick telling Healthy Morty he's proud to be his grandfather, and the latter responding that he loves Rick.
  • The first few seconds of Toxic Rick's appearance tells you two things: one, he's an asshole, and two, Morty is extremely important to him. The first thing he does on gaining consciousness is to call out to and find Morty, and includes him in his initial brag as if they were one and the same.
    Toxic Rick: It takes more than that to kill Rick and Morty, motherfucker!
  • For a certain degree of heartwarming, considering that the 'healthy' versions of them aren't without flaws: Rick's idea of non-toxicity is essentially behaving like Morty on a good day, and vice versa.
  • Both Toxic Rick and Healthy Rick almost immediately stop fighting as soon as Beth enters the room. It seems regardless of their state, both sides still care about her.
  • Admit it. You were also happy the moment you saw Morty finally on a date with Jessica.
  • Toxic Rick gets a moment when Healthy Rick shoots Toxic Morty:
    Rick: Morty, not that I give a shit, but are you okay?
    Toxic Morty: Jesus Christ, it hurts!
    Toxic Rick: Quit your bitching, you're gonna be fine! Grandpa's here.
    • Together with this, we now have definite proof that Rick does care for his grandson (even if he considers said care an "irrational attachment.")
  • Even after Rick gets himself back to normal, he still thinks a for a bit about himself from Toxic Rick's behavior.
    "Man, I really overthink shit when I'm angry."
  • It's mentioned off-handedly, but after Healthy!Morty ran off to start a new life, Rick was so upset he kept drunk dialing Jessica about it.
  • Jessica's line to Morty at the end, indicating they've possible struck up a friendship at least:
    Jessica: Morty... it's good to have you back.

The Ricklantis Mixup

  • Although the audience never gets to see it, the titular adventure actually goes very well for both Rick and Morty, a stark contrast to most of their adventures where one or both of them suffer.
    • And to add to that, there is none of the strain or conflict in their relationship that has become more prevalent in more recent episodes, harkening back to their earliest episodes.
  • Cop Rick is one of the nicer Ricks who actually tries to do the right thing and even turns himself in when he violates various codes. It just goes to show that there are decent Ricks out there besides Doofus Rick.
  • Cop Morty, despite being corrupt and possibly having had his previous partner murdered, actually stands up for Cop Rick and keeps him from being killed by Big Morty and his thugs.
  • Factory Rick sending the brainwashed Simple Rick "to a better place". Yes, he was using him as a guinea pig and the better place turned out to be the Blender Dimension, but he clearly felt sympathy for him.
  • ...And on a related and somewhat twisted note, Simple Rick's memories. Here's the Rick who prioritized his daughter over science and his own genius, a Rick in a million.
  • Slow Rick, a.k.a. Tall Morty, a developmentally disabled Rick kept in Morty class. Teacher Rick is surprisingly polite to him despite how Ricks usually treat those dumber than themselves.
    Slow Rick: Did I gradgitatate this time, yet?
    Teacher Rick: Anything's possible, Slow Ri—I mean, Tall Morty.
  • Even though the ending is a The Bad Guy Wins case with the fact that the Morty that won the presidency is actually the Evil Morty from "Close Rick-counters of the Rick Kind", the fact that various alternate Ricks are seen carrying banners that say "I'm proud of my grandson" and the Mortys seem pretty optimistic is genuinely sweet to see.
  • At the beginning of the special intro, a Rick can be seen carrying a Morty on his shoulders.

Morty's Mind Blowers

  • While entirely misguided and resulting in an innocent man committing suicide, it is still kind of sweet to see Principal Vagina defending Morty and attacking Mr. Lunis when he believes he's a pedophile.
  • In one of his mind blowers, Morty is ready to kill an alien because said alien nearly killed Jessica.
  • When Beth immediately chooses Summer over Morty, the former gives the latter a sympathetic look that shows she isn't pleased with what Beth did either.
  • Rick was quite kind for taking Jerry's worst memories, letting him forget about Sleepy Gary and his "best day ever" (which was a bad simulation) and how he was responsible for Gobo's death.
  • When Morty has his freakout over true level and begins crying Rick holds him gently and strokes his head, telling Summer to go on without them and that he'll make sure Morty is okay before quietly reassuring Morty everything will be alright.
  • When Rick and Morty are approached by what Rick thinks is an evil warlord, Rick immediately tells Morty to get behind him.

The ABC's of Beth

  • Rick and Beth help reunite Tommy (actually his clone) with his parents and prevent his father from facing execution for his disappearance.
  • Rick, in his own way, helping Beth deal with her identity crisis, namely her reawakened sociopathic tendencies. He offers the choice between making a clone Beth in her place while she lets her instincts loose for a while or simply sticking with the life she already has.
  • Kiara's telepathy reveals that Jerry genuinely loves his kids.
  • Jerry owning up to his desire to break up with Kiara to save Summer. His willingness to die in place of his kids (albeit who he imperiled in the first place ala Rick) actually causes them to look worried for him when he's not looking and they forgive him enough to help walk him back to his apartment.
  • While he claims it was to keep others safe from her, the sheer amount of detail and effort Rick put into ensuring Froopyland was safe and would keep Beth entertained is still quite sweet.
    • From the same scene, the fact that Beth is horrified when Rick seemingly throws himself off a cliff, even though she was calling him out at the time.
  • Despite how inappropriate they were, the fact that Rick actually made Beth all the contraptions she asked him for when she was a child, even going as far as making them as similar to children's toys for her benefit.
    • In the same root, the fact that after over twenty years, cutting off all ties with his family and abandoning at least two universes, Rick still kept all the things he made for Beth.
  • Rick saying over Jerry's answering machine that he killed Kiara's ex after he told Jerry he was coming to kill him. A small moment, but it's still nice to know that Rick is willing to protect his family.
    Rick: Looking out for ya, buddy.
    • On that same note, Kiara showing that she still cares Jerry by telling him to ignore any of her ex's calls.
  • When Beth complains that Rick is bailing on their adventure he states it wasn't an adventure as it needs several things (something to benefit him, entertaining). The last thing he mentions is Morty.
  • Rick mentioning a reason for offering to help Beth having to do with her mother, indicating some feelings he may still have for her.
  • There's something really sweet about the Ambiguous Situation at the ending. Either option has heartwarming connotations to the family and implications that it might be getting healthier.
    Beth: I don't know if I can do it...
    Rick: Then stay, and luxuriate in the life you can finally know you've chosen. My secret bonus is that no matter what you choose, you finally gonna chill the fuck out.
    • If Beth took the clone, then she has been finally freed from a life she was thrown into against her will when she got accidentally pregnant. She gets to explore and have adventures and life to her full potential of her father's likeness. The clone will be a better mom than her, as she bemoaned about lack of maternal instincts and developing into an Abusive Parent, meaning Morty and Summer will have a better mother.
    • If Beth stayed, then it might means she will grow into the role of mother and as a person, as she rejects the natural toxicity of her father that is within her and sticks to her family, with her actions in the end meaning that she is ready to be the mom Morty and Summer need her to be and also that she has achieved (or at least is attempting to achieve) peace with herself and who she is now..
      • Incidentally, when Beth asks why Rick would do this for her, Rick gives several answers, but one of them is, "Maybe I love you". This is the first time we've heard Rick say that he loves Beth out loud - perhaps Jaguar's words that he should tell his daughter that he loves her stuck with him, especially since Jaguar will never be able to do the same.
  • After Rick travels to a dimension where the pizzaria is still open,
    Beth: "What would we do without you? I love you, dad."
    Rick: "Love you too, sweetie."
The Rickchurian Mortydate
  • Rick and Morty are tasked with exterminating an alien creature that has infested the secret Kennedy Sex Tunnels under the White House. They get bored with the adventure almost immediately, and instead agree to go home. They then end up having fun playing Minecraft together, which Rick was mocking earlier, but begins to enjoy.
    Morty: You like it now?
    Rick: Gotta be honest, Morty. It's growing on me.
    Rick: Is this game popular with autistic people?
    Morty: [suspiciously] Why would you say something like that?
    Rick: Cause I'm starting to love it!
    • When they get into a spat with the President Rick looks very proud and amused when Morty is laying into him, chuckling loudly at a couple of quips Morty makes (such as the "Commander-in-Queef" comment, and smirking while Morty sarcastically says how important peace summits are and yells at the President that he sucks). Even if it signifies Morty's growing darkness and Rick's influence, it's still sweet.
      POTUS: Oh, please, Morty. You pay as many taxes as you have pubes.
      Morty: Oh, I got pubes, Commander-in-Queef. [gestures to his crotch] You wanna count 'em?
      Rick: [chortling] Commander-in-Queef!
  • After they end up screwing with the President to make a point about how he has no authority over them because they are so much more competent than him, Rick refuses to leave the Oval Office until the President takes a selfie with Morty, which he brushed off earlier. They get into a fight involving brainwashed ninja-children, satellite lasers, bubble shields, missile launches and invisi-troopers over it, all because Rick was trying to get Morty what he wanted earlier (and even after he later said that he didn't actually care that much about the selfie anymore).
  • Jerry helping Beth make peace with the possibility that she might be a clone by reminiscing over a date they had nearly two decades ago. While Beth admits that she hated that memory, it makes her realize how lucky she was to be with simple and honest Jerry. It's that moment that brings the two back together.
    • This line:
    Beth: This isn't the woman you married Jerry, because this woman loves you.
  • After making an enemy out of the President of the USA, Rick implies he wants to leave the universe and find another alternative Earth. Morty refuses to go with him, Summer encourages Rick to stay, and Beth stands up to her father by refusing to let him destroy their newly reformed, slightly less dysfunctional family. At first, it seems like Rick left, and was replaced by the polite Flyfishing Rick, who offers to help the President whenever needed. Then said Rick portals to the family and it's revealed that Rick put on a Paper-Thin Disguise to fix the problem, and decided to stay after all.
    • Summer manages to convince Rick to say by showing him her ability to fart on cue like Rick can. Especially considering how in the first season, she called him out on that.
    Flyfishing Rick: (offering his hand) Friends?
    The President: (deciding to shake his hand) Sounds good to me.
  • In general, the finale is actually pretty uplifting if you ignore the fact all of Rick's plans this season fell apart. The family is back together, and by the looks of it, they seem to be stronger. The fact that each of them had a decent amount of Character Development this season really helped them get their shit in order.
    • The Character Development is particularly poignant for Morty, who finally managed to grow a proper spine. Not only that, Morty also manages to outsmart Rick for a moment and force him to confront his family under his nose.
    • There's also some positive development for Rick, who might be finally shedding the suicidal thirst for adventure that Dr. Wong warned him about.
  • The Stinger shows Mr. Poopy Butthole fully recovered from last season and now married with a child.
    • Also hanging on the wall of Mr. Poopy Butthole's apartment, is a family photo collage that includes pictures of the main cast, including Beth, showing that he still cares for them even after getting shot by her.
  • Jerry is finally given some respect by the end, with Morty and Summer taking his side over Rick and with Beth actually standing up for him when Rick insults him.
  • That the family did want Rick to stay after everything that had happened. Summer manages to encourage this by showing him her ability to fart on command like he can.

  • Mr. Poopybutthole looks over his family album. Who'd have thought such an inherently silly little character could be so damned lovable?
    • At the end, as he walks away to join his family in the next room, he forgoes the use of his cane to do it by himself. Having him complete his physical recovery on top of being a happy husband and father is just the icing on the cake.
  • In the April's Fools "Bushworld Adventures" both Beth and Summer try to protect Morty from Rick, with the latter yelling to "leave her brother alone". Kind of sad that nowhere in the canonical series do they display this level of affection for him.
    • Rick actually likes Jerry here, calling him his "old mate".

  • When David Bowie passed away, someone used the show's song "Goodbye Moonmen" as an ode to him.
  • Dan Harmon confessing and apologising for sexually harassing Community writer Megan Ganz and her accepting his apology. Another level to this is his ugly portrayal of sexual misconduct in the show. As well as, Harmon's evident disgust with the toxic side of the fanbase for harassing the female writers of the show.
    This was never about vengeance; it's about vindication. That's why it didn’t feel right to just accept his apology in private (although I did that, too). Because if any part of this process should be done in the light, it’s the forgiveness part. And so, @danharmon, I forgive you.

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