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Recap / Rick And Morty S 1 E 5 Meeseeks And Destroy

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Season 1, Episode 5:

Meeseeks And Destroy
Written by Ryan Ridley
Directed by Bryan Newton

Morty: Adventures are supposed to be simple and fun.
Rick: Oh, yeah, Morty, yeah. Yeah, that that that's real easy to say from the sidekick position. But but, uh, how about next time... you be in charge, and then we'll talk about how simple and fun it is?

After Morty is traumatized (again), he refuses to go on any more adventures with Rick because they're not "simple or fun". Rick dares Morty to come up with a better adventure. However, the rest of the family needs Rick's help, so Rick gives them a Meeseeks box. A box that summons a blue man (named Mr. Meeseeks) to do tasks for them.

This episode contains examples of:

  • Amusing Injuries: One scene involves the Meeseeks fighting each other, causing a lot of these.
  • Attempted Rape: Morty is almost raped by King Jellybean, but finds just enough strength to fight him off. Rick realizes what happens when Morty, beat up and shaking, leaves the toilet, with King Jellybean eventually leaving as well. It ends with Rick murdering King Jellybean in revenge.
  • Bar Full of Aliens: "The Thirsty Step", built under one of the steps of the giants' Courthouse. It is visited by all sorts of weird fantasy creatures, including Mr. Jellybean.
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  • Berserk Button: Like the episode before it, this one shows that if you want to stay alive, you leave Rick's grandchildren alone.
  • Big Red Button: Morty has to press one in the Action Prologue.
  • Break the Cutie: Morty is almost raped in a bathroom. The whole thing is played extremely seriously.
    • Jerry has a more humorous example, if still a little sympathetic. Beth and Summer completed their tasks fairly quickly, but Jerry struggles with his (knocking two strokes off his golf game). Not only does he anguish about it, but so does his Meeseeks.
  • Broken Pedestal: Lampshaded, discussed, and intentionally averted. The two who discover compromising photos of King Jellybean after his death decide to Destroy the Evidence to protect the public's perception of him.
    Village Leader: Wait; Destroy it. Our people will get more from the idea he represented, than from the jellybean he actually was.
  • Catchphrase: "Wubba lubba dub dub," Rick's catchphrase, is introduced in this episode.
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  • Cry into Chest: Morty does this to Rick after he is almost raped in the bathroom. Rick comforts him by offering to take the schmekles he won to the villagers, so Morty would win the bet.
  • Death Glare: Rick pulls one off when after King Jellybean comes out of the bathroom, beat up and Rick realizes what happened.
  • Death Seeker: Existence is painful for a Meeseeks. The only way for Mr. Meeseeks to die is for them to complete their tasks. They'll do anything they can to finish their job.
  • Door Focus: After Rick and Morty exit the fantasy world via portal hole, the camera lingers on the spot where the door disappeared. Sure enough, it reopens for a lethal shot from Rick's gun.
  • Double Standard: Rape, Male on Male: Openly defied, seeing how King Jellybean's Attempted Rape of Morty is played dead-serious in the scene itself and Rick's reactions to it, culminating in Rick murdering King Jellybean in revenge.
  • Everybody Laughs Ending: Parodied at the end of the episode.
  • Fictional Currency: Schmekles.
  • Fiery Coverup: Compromising photos of King Jellybean are burned in the tag in an attempt to uphold the pedestal.
  • Homage: The concept of the Meeseeks, a creature brought into existence for the purpose of a single task who then self-destructs when said task is done, is borrowed from Scud the Disposable Assassin. Co-creator Dan Harmond wrote several issues while the comic's creator Rob Schrab had been a writer on Harmond's Community.
  • Impossible Pickle Jar: Jerry's inability to open a jar results in Rick giving him the Meseeks box, sparking the B-plot of the episode.
  • Institutional Apparel: Rick and Morty dressed in bright orange prison suits.
  • Karma Houdini Warranty: King Jellybean has supposedly been using his identity to get away with molesting children for years. Not only does victimising Morty end with him suffering a No-Holds-Barred Beatdown, but Rick then later disintegrates him with his laser pistol while he is paraded by his worshippers battered and disheveled.
  • Lecherous Licking: King Jellybean licks Morty's face in the bathroom.
  • Lilliputians: Rick and Morty are these in the world of the Giants.
  • Loophole Abuse: After undergoing severe Sanity Slippage, the Meeseeks all rally under one Meeseeks who comes up with a viable solution to Jerry's golf problem. That solution?
    Mr. Meeseeks: We'll never get two strokes off his game!
    Mr. Meeseeks: No, we won't. But we will get all strokes off his game... When we kill him!
  • Motor Mouth: Dale the giant's wife when she calls 911.
    Dale's Wife: Hello? 911? Myhusbandhasbeenattackedbytinypeople HE'S DYING!!
  • Mundane Made Awesome: Jerry demonstrating his improved golf game in the restaurant. He kicks open the door, stares down the Meeseeks looking to kill him, and lands a tomato in a saucepan with his swing. Set to EXTREMELY epic music.
  • Off on a Technicality: Rick and Morty leave court as free men because they weren't read their Miranda Rights.
  • Overly Long Gag: "Well, he roped me into this!"
  • Papa Wolf: Rick ends up killing King Jellybean for what he tried to do to Morty.
  • Pet the Dog: Rick quickly realizes what happened to Morty in the bathroom and goes out of his way to make sure he wins their bet.
  • The Power of Legacy: The Stinger, where the villagers destroy the evidence of King Jellybean's true nature.
    Peasant: Our people will get more from the idea he represented, than from the jellybean he actually was.
  • The Power of Love: Jerry gets his swing right after his wife declares her love for him.
  • Pun-Based Title: On the phrase "seek and destroy".
  • Rape as Drama: Despite the silly setup that the rapist is a Jellybean and the fact that it's only an attempt, the aforementioned scene averts both Black Comedy Rape and Double Standard: Rape, Male on Male and shows just how horrifying the act actually is.
  • Reality Ensues: When the Giant slipped and dies from his head wound, his wife wants legal justice and the story changed from an adventure into a Courtroom Drama.
    • After the Meesheeks disappear, Beth and Jerry try to get their meal to go, but are instead told that they can't leave until the police arrive, since they have a lot to explain for the hostage situation.
  • Sanity Slippage: With Jerry having so much trouble with his golf game, his Meeseeks summoned another one and that one another one and so on and son. Eventually, after panicking and blaming each other, they agree to go on a murderous rampage in order to complete their task.
  • Series Establishing Moment: This is the first episode of the show to draw a line in the sand about its stance on rape jokes, that comments about it can be funny, but the act itself isn't. Rick's joke about Prison Rape is meant to be funny, but Morty getting assaulted in the bathroom isn't in the slightest.
  • Serious Business: A simple golf handicap becomes a matter of life or death when the Meeseeks drive themselves mad trying to improve Jerry's. They divide into factions over whether the solution should be to choke up or follow through, get into fights, and eventually band together to kill Jerry.
  • Sherlock Scan: Part and parcel for Rick's extreme intellect, he immediately deduces what happened to Morty in the bathroom when he sees Morty's terror and Jellybean's disheveled appearance. Rick is emphatically not thrilled.
  • A Simple Plan: Despite Jerry picking a rather simple request the Meeseeks couldn't help him with his golf, but were able to help the rather complex task of making Summer more popular at school and Beth's life more fulfilling.
  • Smooch of Victory: Morty gets kissed by two village girls at the end.
  • Stress Vomit: Morty vomits after having killed his family in the opening simulation.
  • Suddenly SHOUTING!: When Jerry says he sucks as the Meeseeks fails to teach him, the Meeseeks replies, "No, Jerry. I'm the one who SUCKS!"

"Existence is pain to a Meeseeks!"

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