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It's the. It's The. It's the Rick Dance

Rick and Morty has a plethora of good songs, including both original music and pre-existing tracks, to both set the show's darker scenes and make funny scenes funnier.

Original Songs

  • The actual score of the show isn't anything to sneeze at, either. Highlights include the main theme and the cue that plays when Jerry evaporates the Meeseeks by perfecting his golf game in "Meeseeks and Destroy".
  • "Goodbye Moonmen", the David Bowie pastiche written around Jemaine Clement's signature Bowie impression.
  • Though it's played for (surreal) laughs, "Head Bent Over, Raised Up Posterior" is strangely compelling. Possibly due to its marking Morty's triumphant return as he decides to stand with Rick and defend his planet from the Cromulons.
  • "Human Music" from "M. Night Shaym-Aliens" is absurdly awesome; Jerry doesn't find anything weird about the station being literally called "Earth Radio", the song title, nor the fact that it consists of a handful of basic beeps over and over again.
    Jerry: Hmm. Human Music. I like it.
  • "Big Trouble in Little Sanchez" uses several songs to move the plot along.
    • Tiny Rick creates a catchy guitar song off the top of his head that not only gets everyone dancing, but helps Summer realise Old Rick is actually trapped inside Tiny Rick and he needs their help to get out.
      "Let me out, what you see is not the same person as me, My life's a lie, I'm not who you're looking at. Let me out, set me free. I'm really old, this isn't me. My real body's slowly dying in a vat. Is anybody listening, can anyone understand? Stop looking at me like that and actually help me. Help me! Help me I'm gonna die!"
    • At the school dance Tiny Rick creates a new dance, this time for Morty to realise that Tiny Rick is acting weird and to go get Summer to help Rick.
  • At the beginning of the "Auto-Erotic Assimilation", Rick, Morty and Summer jam out to a song apparently called "Love Connection Experience". Youtuber Jinx RLM created a complete track just by extrapolating from the brief snippet they sing.
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  • "Alien Jazz Rap" from "The Wedding Squanchers" is a laid-back and catchy tune, though the audience doesn't get to hear the whole song, unfortunately.
  • "Rattlestar Ricklatica" gives us Snake Jazz — snakes hissing like jazzy cymbals.

Songs used

Season 1

  • "Look On Down From The Bridge" by Mazzy Star at the end of "Rick Potion #9" as Morty tries to process having just destroyed the planet, only to jump into a new reality where the only difference was that he got to bury his own alternate self.
    "I can't be the same thing to you now,
    I'm just gone, just gone."
  • "Seal My Fate" by Belly, at the end of "Rixty Minutes", which plays as Jerry & Beth reconnect after seeing how their alternate reality versions only wanted each other despite their riches and fame.
    "And when you breathe,
    You breathe for two,
    And if you think you've finally found the perfect light,
    I hope it's true."
  • The use of Gerry Rafferty's "Baker Street" in "M. Night Shaym-Aliens!" Just after Rick and Jerry escape the simulation, Jerry makes a snide remark about how Rick is now one of the "dummies". Moments later the con artist aliens mix in his "dark matter formula" and explode. Rick then snarks back to Jerry before the song and Rick's a capella of the tune fades the show out.
  • "For The Damaged Coda" by Blonde Redhead plays over the end of "Close Rick-Counters of the Rick Kind" as the Council of Ricks figure out that the dead Rick was a mere puppet, followed by the shot of Evil Morty walking away. It makes a surprise re-appearance at the end credits of "The Rick-Lantis Mix-Up". Apparently, this particular tune is Evil Morty's Leitmotif.
    "Find your name do it all the same equally,
    signal when you can't breathe no more."
  • "X Gon' Give It To Ya" by Dm X, the beatdown music Bro Rick and Bro Summer use against the Devil, the skinhead, the WBC protester, the bully, and the dog abuser.
    "X Gon' give it to ya!
    <what!> Waiting for you to get it on yo own?
    X Gon' deliver to you!"

Season 2

  • "Auto-Erotic Assimiliation" has "Do You Feel It?" by Chaos Chaos, a peppy little tune about a co-dependent relationship that plays during Rick's failed suicide after Unity dumps him.
    "Gotta find my way,
    Away from this place,
    Can you take me now?
    I-I want it, I want it real.
    Are you afraid of me now?"
  • Summer using the haunting "Between The Bars" by Elliot Smith to force Tiny Rick to come to his senses and want to go back to being old again.
    "Oh god, what is life? How can someone so talented die so young? What is being young? I'm not young, I'm old. I'm, I'm gonna die. my body isn't real. Summer, Morty, it's me, Rick. Regular Rick! ... I need you to connect the blue one to my left temple and the red one to why doesn't anyone really like me."
  • The heartbreaking use of Nine Inch Nails' "Hurt" during the climax of "The Wedding Squanchers" as Rick turns himself in to the Galactic Federation.

Season 3

  • "In The City" by Eagles is the perfect music backdrop to the introduction of the rebuilt Citadel of Ricks in the "Ricklantis Mix Up", with various downtrodden Rick & Mortys trying to get through life after the Council's destruction. The episode really hammers home that the citadel is far from perfect, fitting perfectly with the lyrics of the song.
    "I know there must be somethin' better, but there's nowhere else in sight. It's survival in the city."

Season 4

  • "Don't Look Back", performed by Kotomi and written by Ryan Elder, from the fourth season finale, "Star Mort Rickturn of the Jerri". The song plays during the final scene before the credits where Rick watches a memory he deleted from his own head that reveals Beth asked him at the end of "The ABC's of Beth" to decide whether she should stay on earth or go into space, essentially asking him what kind of daughter he wanted, one like him, or one that's the opposite. Unwilling to choose, he cloned her and then intentionally mixed them up so not even he knows which one is his real daughter. The music plays as Rick realizes just how awful a father he really is and decides to just sit in the garage alone. The lyrics can be applied to either Rick or Beth, with the former interpretation being that Rick is trying and failing to forget the past to avoid dealing with his guilt, while the latter is about Beth and her clone realizing someone they used to look up to is toxic and their lives are considerably better without him.
    Don't look back, nothin' left to see,
    just leave the shadows in the past.
    If I let it go,
    can I shake this feeling?

Season 5

  • "I Am the Antichrist to You" by Kishi Bashi plays twice during "A Rickconvenient Mort". The first time is after Morty runs away from home to be with Planetina and it plays over a montage of the two falling in love. Their relationship starts off strong, only to fall apart as Planetina resorts to more extreme measures to save the planet and Morty can't reconcile his love for her with her murderous actions. The second time happens during the end credits, after Morty officially ends their relationship despite their still strong feelings for one another, and then cries in his mother's arms over losing his first real love.
    Who are you? Who am I to you?
    I am the Antichrist to you.
    Falling from the sky with grace
    Into your arms race.
  • The Battle of Blood Ridge plays during Rick's recollection of that very same battle in Birdperson's mindspace. It's Rick going to war side by side with his closest friend and also shows his nostalgia for a better time.
  • "Borrowed Time" by Tennis from "Forgetting Sarick Mortshall" is played during the cliffhanger ending after Rick "breaks up" with Morty to start adventuring with two crows instead. It both sums up Rick and Morty's relationship perfectly and juxtaposes hilariously with the ridiculousness of the situation.
    Thought we'd go on
    You by my side
    Forever, you and I
    We raised hell
    Every night
    Together, you and I
  • The haunting, Blade Runner-esque score from "Rickmurai Jack", where Rick's true story backstory is finally confirmed and we see why he's a broken, drunken mess of a man.
  • The dramatic cover of "For the Damaged Coda" that plays as Evil Morty destroys the Central Finite Curve and escapes into the greater multiverse.

Season 6

  • Night Family - Ryan Elder for the episode of the same name consists of a chilling synth soundtrack that fits the tension and action of the episode very well.
  • Rick kicking ass to "Angela", AKA the theme from Taxi, which Morty and Summer snuck onto his playlist as a joke.