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  • The opening theme song that was recorded by for the first four seasons is a simple yet catchy hip hop tune.
  • James L. Venable's entire score for the original four seasons. Honestly, with all the other sounds telling the story, you won't miss dialogue.
  • The beautiful music in the first episode (briefly reprised in "Young Jack in Africa") during young Jack's travels to many different countries, training and learning under many different masters, with instruments and textures seamlessly shifting to match the current country and teacher.
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  • "Rave in the Forest," in which Venable briefly departs from his typical "symphonic music with some electronic elements" style and does full-on techno. And it is glorious.
  • The opening for "Jack and the Three Blind Archers" is also pretty cool. Sounds a little like something from Red Alert with the marching/stomping going over into the beat and all.
  • The music throughout "The Scotsman Saves Jack" is utterly fantastic, especially in the travel montages, combining an epic "swashbuckling" feel with the Scotsman's bagpipes in equal measure. The Sirens' song in particular is hauntingly beautiful.
  • Similarly to the Sirens, the score throughout the Spring segment of "The Four Seasons of Death" is almost achingly beautiful, and expertly invokes the mystery, wistfulness, and longing that define Jack's journey.
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  • The pitch-perfect noir score for "Tale of X-9" is one of Venable's finest hours, and has been proven to make people cry.
  • The absolutely epic music in "Robo-Samurai vs. Mondo-Bot" when Jack, inside the Robo-Samurai, is marching out of the ocean to face the Mondo-Bot, is as brassy, bombastic, and magnificent as any Humongous Mecha show has ever had, and gets an appropriately glorious reprise in the final season when the Mondo-Bot smashes through the wall of Aku's fortress.
  • The downright frightening and intimidating music that plays as Aku attacks the Emperor's kingdom in "The Birth of Evil". The music combined with the scene itself truly showcases how scary Aku can really be.
  • The Omen's theme is incredibly creepy and disturbing.
  • Some of the music for the trailers counts as this, such as Carpenter Brut's "Hang 'Em All" and "Division Ruine" from the main trailer and Lorn's "555-5555" for the teaser to Episode 3. Special mention goes to Chris Devoe's remix of the main theme for the promo of episode 2.
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  • Tyler Bates' hauntingly beautiful "Ecstasy of Gold"-esque cue from the scene of Jack hiding in the tombs.
  • The soundtrack that plays when Jack and Ashi ride the sea serpent back to land is also very pleasant to listen to.
  • "Samurai Drop!", the Ravers' heartfelt tribute to Jack for saving their people so many years ago.
  • The rousing bagpipe chorus that heralds the Scotsclan's arrival to give Jack's allies their second wind.
  • The track playing during Jack’s training montage in “Jack Learns to Jump Good” has a pretty good rhythm to it.
  • The sweetly beautiful melody that closes the end of the series.

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