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While the show generally manages to avoid this by having Mordecai and Rigby hardly have any affecionate moments, it still shows up.

  • Mordecai and Rigby do a Security Cling to each other in "Don"
  • Mordecai being awfully defensive of Rigby in "Eggscellent" gives off this vibe
  • Mordecai, Benson and Rigby all saying "I love you" to each other in "Blind Trust"
  • Benson and Pops tend to have these moments sometimes, because they tend to work together a lot and quite a few situations result in Benson holding Pop's hand or trying to protect him.
    • The closeness of their relationship was really evident in the finale, when, after Pops dies, Benson is the one who places flowers on his grave.
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  • Benson has a hilarious moment in "Dodge This" in which he, drunk (ate?) on chicken wings and suffering from a concussion from dodgeball, leans in really close to Mordecai and whispers very loudly, "I like you better than all of the guys."
  • Not in the animation, but issue #13 of the Regular Show comic book has the short story Mordecai and ....
  • In "Hello China", a couple of Benson's female students hold hands as they're leaving class, though in Chinese culture this can be romantic or platonic.
  • Andy, (the Baby Ducks' older brother) is seen in the finale with two people in his spaceship's cockpit. One male, one female and the male has his arm around Andy.
  • In Rigby's Body, we get this exchange from Skips and Rigby:
    Skips: "We tried it the nice way, now we do it the Skips way." [BOOM BOOM]
    Rigby: [looks as though he dropped the soap]

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