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  • Tang and Pigsy’s relationship - often being paired together as father figures for MK, their constant bickering, the odd bit of flirty banter and generally shown to be very close and familiar with each other despite their disagreements - definitely gives off the vibe of an old married couple to the fans.

  • Sandy and Pigsy have known each other a long time, as shown in pictures on Pigsy’s photo board in Sweet N’ Sour - and in a reply on Twitter, one of the animators working on the show leans into the implication that the two used to date.

  • It didn’t take much for people to start shipping Monkey King and Macaque after the latter’s debut episode. The intensity of their fight and the sheer amount of tension between them implied that the history there is a lot more...personal, which of course ends in them be interpreted as bitter exes.
    • Shadow Play confirmed a lot of people’s suspicions about the nature of their relationship, having it be revealed that the two were indeed close once, in a shadow puppet play that the bitter, scorned Macaque created showcasing his feelings of heartbreak and betrayal over Wukong (supposedly) leaving him behind. When in disguise speaking to MK later on, he indirectly refers to himself as Wukong’s “beloved” friend, and to an alternate outcome where they lived “happily ever after” together.

  • In the episode Game On, MK plays a VR game that was created by Monkey King himself, a close look at some of the abilities offered within the in-game store shows Monkey King appearing to be on a date with someone who is depicted to be explicitly male - which to many is a rather tantalizing hint that Monkey King is into men.

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