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  • It happens often between Jonesy and Jude. They've been Mistaken for Gay, they've kissed, and another time they reenacted the pottery scene from Ghost (keeping it PG-rated...sort of) in the episode Unhappy Anniversary.
    • It's also happened between Jonesy and Wyatt a few—like in "Date and Switch," when a group of girls mistakes them for a gay couple that's breaking up.
  • Most fans are set that there's something between Jen and Caitlin. Sometimes happens in canon if you look hard enough.
    • In "Pillow Talk" Caitlin says Jen has the cutest booty in the mall.
    • This exchange from "Role Reversal":
      Caitlin: Well, I'm looking forward to it. It's not like I'm asking a boy out because I'm unattractive and desperate.
      Jen: Wait a sec, I've asked out plenty of boys! Do you think I'm unattractive and desperate?
      Caitlin: You're definitely not unattractive... (Beat) ...or desperate!
  • Nikki and Caitlin. For example, see "Fish And Make Up".
  • Tricia and Caitlin: Of the Foe Yay variety. Seriously, Tricia's whole character revolves around Caitlin and how to make her life miserable. The brief time that Caitlin stopped working at the Lemon suddenly Tricia dumped her other friends to get back with Caitlin.
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  • In "J is for Genius" Jen develops a crush on the temp boss Jane.
  • It's very subtle, but there's a moment in "The Journal" when everyone (except for Jude) is reading Jen's diary to the entire mall. During all of these embarrassing reveals, Jen is revealed to have made a bar graph about Caitlin and Nikki's butts. She says that Caitlin's is the "highest" and Nikki's is the "roundest". She would not have known that if she wasn't checking them out...
  • "Role Reversal" has Nikki befriend her new co-worker Jean and the two become really close. Nikki allows Jean to call her "Nik", which is what Jonesy calls her. Jean gives Nikki her passport as a gift to follow her dreams, and placed a hand on Nikki's knee. The rest of the gang think Jean is crushing on Nikki. Nikki doesn't believe it, until she noticed Jean placed a hand on Nikki's shoulder. So Nikki tries to find out whether or not she is a lesbian. Jean knows what she's saying and says she's indeed a lesbian and already has a date for the Sadie Hawkins dance (assuming Nikki was trying to ask her out). In the end, Nikki thinks Jean is "just too darn cool".


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