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And this was after the "ear kiss" incident.

  • During the finale of Island Heather rips Justin's shirt off in order to distract Gwen. It works, but also affects Owen, who stops to stare dreamily took longer to snap out of it than Gwen did.
    • In Action, the usually non-affectionate Justin hugs Owen excitedly after he escapes elimination, they continue hugging until they realize that the other contestants are staring at them, at which point they immediately pull back in embarrassment.
  • In the first episode of World Tour, Izzy asks Owen and Noah to dress her up as a mummy, she leaves and then Ezekiel comes in, also dressed as a mummy, Owen mistakes Ezekiel for Izzy and leans forward to try and kiss him.
  • Owen gets so caught up in the excitement of forging an alliance with DJ and Duncan that he ends up kissing them on their foreheads.
  • Justin in general makes everyone (guys included) lose any and all composure they once had.
  • In the "Island" special, Justin manages to obtain a plane and fly it so he could gain a birds eye view on who has the million dollar case. When Chris states "Now how the heck did he get the keys to the plane", the scene pans over to Chef, who is showing an attracted mood while looking at a photo of Justin, which has a heart and the symbols XOXO written on it and when Chef stops looking at the photo to response to Chris' question, Chef quickly puts the photo in his pocket while happily stating "I don't know", which implies that Justin bribed Chef with the photo in exchange for the plane keys.
  • Cody and Noah in the episode, "The Big Sleep", ended up sleeping next to each other. The next morning, Noah accidentally kisses Cody on the ear in his sleep. Both awake and begin screaming. Not to mention Cody wakes up first, smiles at Noah, and only begins screaming a few seconds after he realizes Noah is. You can bet fans lapped it right up.
    • In the next episode, there's also a more subtle scene, there's a part where Noah talks to Heather and Cody is just staring and smiling at Noah in the background, at first it's not a big deal, since all the Gophers are looking at him, but then after Noah finishes talking and looks down at his book again, everyone else turns back to watch the game, but Cody just keeps staring at Noah and smiling.
    • Much later, when Izzy is teasing Noah for this, he emphatically denies this ever happened. This is of course coming from the guy who deadpans consistently even when falling to what would presumably be his death. The Sarcasm Failure that occurred when Trent confirmed it didn't help.
    • They did it again in the Action special. Only this time, Noah's head was in Cody's lap. Not to mention the position they're sleeping is an exact replica of Duncan and Courtney's famous Sleep Cute pose; the aforementioned couple is even lying nearby in said pose to prove it. And when the two are woken up by Chris' helicopter they don't scream or spring apart as comedy demands, instead they just stay where they are and look alarmed at being woken up so suddenly.
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    • In Slap Slap Revolution we get this interesting exchange:
      Noah: (snickers) Cody's got a tiny sausage!
      Cody: At least I have a sausage!
  • Justin and Noah. When the cast bus falls off a cliff in the Action special, Justin is hugging Noah.
    • Additionally, there was that crack about "so we meet again" from Noah to Justin in the Island special, which seemed odd considering they'd never interacted before. This, combined with the fact that Justin and Noah are two contestants frequently thought to be gay by the fan base, inspired a lot of theories that the two had a thing at Playa Des Losers.
  • Duncan and Noah. Duncan seemed a liiiittle too happy about holding onto Noah's lip in the first episode.
    • And his only other interaction with Noah was pantsing him in the Island special. Not just pulling his pants down, but pulling them completely off, and then staring at them for a few seconds.
  • Alejandro seems to try a little harder than usual to impress Noah. Alejandro's "What say you?" in the Japan episode is blatant flirting, not to mention the fact that Alejandro called him, "my little porpoise" in Newf Kids on The Rock and Noah looked just a bit too pleased when Alejandro offered him a hand. And in the The Am-AH-Zon race, they were sleeping next to each other. Not to mention the Foe Yay as of, "I See London...".
  • Chris and Chef Hatchet have become increasingly chummy over the course of the show. Two very prominent examples are during "Camp Castaways" when Chef cradles Chris in his arms for no other reason than he can and in "The Chefshank Redemption" when Chris basically tries to ask Chef out but gets rebuked.
    • Chris's wallpaper is a photo of him getting a massage from Chef.
    • In "Jamaican Me Sweat" they spend the first part of the episode bickering Like an Old Married Couple. This was not the first time Chris and Chef bickered like this as they did it in "Mutiny on The Soundstage". In that episode, Chris and Chef decide to not only split up as friends and switch places in terms of jobs, but Chris behaves like a depressed wife who got divorced.
  • Noah and Owen's moments in "I See London", most notably the beginning and the end, where we get this line:
    Owen: I'd like to top his honor roll!...D-Did that sound creepy?
    • Owen saying that he'd win the game for Noah definitely qualifies as a Heartwarming Moment.
    • While they are just friends, it should be noted that Owen seemed to be more distraught over the loss of Noah than the loss of Izzy, his girlfriend. While Izzy may have gotten a whole song dedicated to her, Owen was worried about Noah up until he himself was eliminated!
    • "I See London" is rife with Ho Yay, not just from Noah and Owen, but also with the Les Yay between Gwen and Courtney, and with the aforementioned Foe Yay between Noah and Alejandro.
  • In "Sweden Sour" when Duncan and Alejandro are repetitively sucking up to Owen to win over his loyalty. Chris gets so annoyed he says: "You both love Owen! It's beautiful."
    • Also from Chris, in the same episode: "Owen, if this were a Valentine's Day dance, you'd have a very difficult decision to make."
  • In "Walk Like an Egyptian - Part 1",'' Alejandro can't turn his charm off, even when he's helping Tyler.
    • They continue to have odd moments throughout the series, particularly the "pull your headband over your eyes and trust my instincts" bit in "Jamaica Me Sweat".
  • In "African Lying Safari", when escaping quicksand Duncan hugs Alejandro around his shoulders and lays directly on top of him, not to mention they stay like that for quite a while and Duncan doesn't seem to mind the position.
  • "Rapa-phooey" provided the show's most prominent Ho Yay example yet: Cody sappily staring up at Alejandro and hugging him around the waist... while sitting in his lap, He then spends the entire episode sucking up to Alejandro, Heather even outright points out that he's fallen for him, and Sierra later calls Alejandro a, "homewrecking husband stealer" for it.
    • Even Alejandro himself seems to acknowledge Cody's hug as Ho Yay.
    Alejandro: Can we get up now before anyone sees us?
    • Sierra talks about how everyone on the plane is dating, she then mentions that Chef and Chris aren't, the only reason being, "Chef isn't really Chris' type".
  • In the episode "Hawaiian Style" Harold gushes about Cody.
    "Cody's a deer. And not just for his big blue eyes and tiny tail."
  • Chris called Harold and Duncan's relationship in Action a 'love fest.'
  • "African Lying Safari" has Ezekiel lying on top of Duncan, both of them fast asleep from the tranquilizer gun.
  • The relationship between Lindsay and Beth. They went on vacation together to paris and were seen holding hands while jumping off a tower to get on a horse in "3:10 To Crazy Town".
    Beth: I'll miss your fruity lip goop!
  • Heather and Leshawna show a lot of serious Foe Yay towards each other as they frequently bicker Like an Old Married Couple with it clearly being shown in the series premiere during the diving challenge and it also showed in the cooking challenge. They even ending up holding hands after Heather dragged Leshawna off the tower while Heather was falling towards the horse in "3:10 To Crazy Town"
  • In the episode "If You Can't Take The Heat", Heather orders Beth to switch places with Leshawna during the cooking challenge and while Beth tries to walk over to where Heather ordered her, Leshawna blocks Beth from walking and places her hand on Beth's chest.
  • Heather attaches another cable to Gwen's skirt during the rock climbing portion of the trust challenge and uses the cable to rip off Gwen's skirt completely to reveal her underwear while enjoying it.
  • Gwen and Courtney had their moments in World Tour, prior to the events of "I See London" and "Greece's Pieces".
    • "Heroes Vs Villains" even had Gwen giving flowers to Courtney (although Courtney was allergic to them) apologize for kissing Duncan, of course. Seriously, Gwen seems more interested in get Courtney's forgiveness that her relationship with Duncan in All-Stars.
    • Gwen outright states that the only reason she decided to participate in All-Stars was to make up with Courtney, and she's devastated because she doesn't think it will happen. Courtney's defenses slip for a moment after she overheard this.
    • In "Suckers Punched", again. Gwen and Courtney have to fight each other in the challenge but refuse to do so due to their reigniting friendship. Chris then uses various clips of Duncan and Gwen kissing to anger Courtney enough so that she attacks Gwen. Gwen fights back and the two girls end up battered and bruised. Gwen eventually admits she only wanted to make things better with Courtney, and Courtney responds that she had gotten over Duncan and never truly missed him after World Tour but had actually missed Gwen. They then collapse to their knees out of exhaustion and embrace each other, saying that they're "friends forever".
    • In "You Regatta Be Kidding Me", Gwen saves Courtney from falling in the water. Courtney thanks her, exclaiming "I almost got my hair wet!" They then start complimenting each other's hair, leaning closer and closer to each other with huge smiles on their faces, before being interrupted by Chris.
    • In "Sundae, Muddy Sundae", the way Courtney looks at Gwen is the exact same way she looks at Duncan in the Action intro.
  • Sadie and Katie are extremely close and are seen hugging quite a lot in Island. In "The Sucky Outdoors", they each have a moment of gushing over how pretty the other girl is. They also bicker Like an Old Married Couple on occassion with it being prominent in " The sucky outdoors"
  • Mutant shark Fang has a lot of Foe Yay with Scott in Revenge of The Island and All Stars. Fang continues to beat Scott around even after getting his tooth back from Scott.
  • An odd moment of Ho Yay occurs between Jo and Lightning in "A Mine Is A Terrible Thing To Waste" as Jo and Lightning have different genders as Jo is a girl and Lightning is a boy. However, Lightning constantly mistakes Jo for a boy and when Jo admits while in a deadly situation that she has never kissed a guy, she gets Mistaken for Gay by Lightning as he says "Hey man, it's cool. Lightning doesn't judge".
    • Lightning's habit of mistaking people for having the opposite gender is not limited to Jo as in the first episode, he saves Cameron from drowning and tells him "I'll save ya little girl" with Cameron telling Lightning that he is a boy.
  • The first episode of Total Drama All-Stars has a moment in the jail where a prisoner makes a kissy face at Chef.
  • In "Evil Dread", Jo tells Gwen not to try to kiss her.
  • During the Boney Island egg hunt Challenge, Mike and Zoey steal an egg that belonged to Larry, the male mutant venus fly trap. Mike takes the egg and tries to put the egg in the basket for the Heroic Hamsters but the egg hatches on him, resulting in several of Larry's offspring being born. One of the offspring has a head that greatly look like Chris' head and when Chris sees this, he starts whistling innocently.
  • In All-Stars, Mal calls Alejandro a "handsome jerk".
    • Especially notable because Heather (Alejandro's love interest) has called him the exact same thing.
  • In Pahkitew Island, Topher seems a bit obsessed with Chris. Sure, he says it's just because he wants the hosting job, but some of the compliments make you wonder...
  • Although, this was done more for Rule of Funny, in one challenge, Dave had to give a kiss to a person seated beside him. Although Sky was sitting on the other side of him, the first person he looked over at was Shawn...who promptly bolts.
  • Jasmine and Samey seem to be a very popular pairing, since it seems like Jasmine was the only one (besides Shawn) to ever encourage and be nice to Samey.
  • When the giant spider in Finders Creepers captures Scott and Sam, they are the only two contestants to be wrapped up together, tightly and on top of one another. This causes Sam to comment that he is "definitely overstimulated".


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